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Sunday, 17 June


Free Bag Pattern the Ruffled and Ready Bag "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

free bag patternDo you remember the Made in a Snap Bag pattern? It's a cute little purse but it is small, designed as a bag for your essentials. What if you need a little more room, have a lot of essentials' or just prefer something in a different style? Well, the purse Continue reading

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Saturday, 16 June


Why Millennials Should Learn To Sew "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

millennials sewingI think millennials should learn to sew and here's why. One of the fastest growing waste products being thrown into our landfills nowadays is textile waste. In the United States alone, it is estimated that there is an alarming 3.8 billion pounds of textile waste that's being dumped into the Continue reading


Miniature Terrarium DIY "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

I recently received a lovely Miniature Terrarium DIY book in the mail the other day from Tuttle Publishing. When I paged through it, I knew that Allie, my daughter, and I had to try it. Personally, I am obsessed with plants and tiny plants in tiny containers get me even more excited! Miniature Terrariums gave READ MORE

The post Miniature Terrarium DIY appeared first on Flax & Twine.


DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 431 "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

White boho bedroom by Songbird featured on Funky Junk InteriorsWelcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 431 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific   Happy Friday, friends! Last weekend I taught at a Fusion Mineral Paint conference out of town (so fun!), which encouraged me to buy a long overdue saw. I am so estate with my new toy that Ive yet to []

The post DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 431 appeared first on Funky Junk Interiors.

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Friday, 15 June


DIY Bohemian Disc + Tassel Earrings "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Happy Friday! Today we have a super easy DIY weekend project that is as cute as a button! We are going to make boho earrings with crochet discs and tassels.
What you need:
*4 crochet discs (pattern given bellow)
*2 embroidery floss for 4 tassels
* filling
* 18 big metal rings, 2 small jump rings  and 2 earring hooks
* tapestry needle
Crochet Discs Patter...


sewing: tencel twill ensemble "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

This post is written by Jane of Buzzmills.

When I saw these enzyme washed tencel twills arrive in the shop, I couldnt wait to give them a try with my own tencel twill ensemble.

To me, they seemed so well suited for a variety of applications, from skirts and dresses to a pair of Emerson Crops and a View Ridge top.

I used the ginger color for my top and marsh for the crops. I love the way the two colors go together, but they are also so versatile to pair with many other things as well!

This fabric, as I imagined, is divine.

I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it is true. The weight is just heavy enough to be perfect for a pair of pants, but not so weighty that it feels too heavy to wear as a top. It is so soft and smooth and the drape allows the fabric to float against your skin. It is truly the perfect summertime fabric!

It is also the perfect fabric for those of you who love to sew secret pajamas!

In fact, pairing the tencel twill with these two patterns makes for a pretty fantastic pair of secret pajamas!

The View Ridge top from Straight Stitch designs is such a lovely pattern. There are three different views, a crop (sewn here), a peplum, and a longer version. I love the lines and details of this top; they add such lovely detail to a simp...


Orange Catarina Dress "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

    CATARINA DRESS DETAILS Pattern: Catarina Dress by Seamwork Fabric: Telio Viscose Rayon Challis Coral Fabric, HERE Thought on pattern:  This is actually my second time working with the Catarina Dress pattern in about a months time frame. This dress is truly the perfect silhouette for Summer! You can see all fo my thoughts on []

The post Orange Catarina Dress appeared first on The Sewing Rabbit.


Welcome To Craft Schooling Sunday! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday, thanks so much for joining me here! It is now summer folks, which means time to start realizing those creative dreams......painting, journaling, crocheting, mosaic, gardening, the works! Summer is the time to inject that carefree...


How to make a Pioneer Inspired Apron "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

This week I got to help a group of teenagers make pioneer inspired apronsthat turned out pretty darn cuteand today Ill show you how we put them together.

To make them all you need is:

*A flour sack dish towel (mine were 28 x 29)

*2 inch wide ribbon

*sewing machine




*fray check (optional)



Summer Doodling: Travel Inspired Doodles For A Travel Journal? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

I just love this summer travel themed doodle that my daughter added to her drawing journal a few weeks ago! And it is a very nice addition to my little summer doodllng series, says one proud Mama. My daughter has...


Summer Doodling: Micro Doodles Are Amazing For Those With Patience "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

I'm not exactly sure when my daughter started making micro doodles, but as you can see she has become quite accomplished at the art of very tiny doodling! Originally she started making patterns like this using post-it notes, and now...

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Thursday, 14 June


Fabric Requirements (and kits) for our Nautical Summer Quilt Along "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Hello!  Today we get to share the fabric requirements for our Nautical Summer Quilt Along!

Starting on June 26th we will be releasing a new video every Tuesday throughout the summer that will walk you through how to make two different nautical inspired quiltsand we wanted to give you time to gather your supplies so that you will be able to sew along with us!

So check out the two quilts below, gather your fabric, and get ready to have some sea worthy fun!

(And dont forget to join us next Tuesday, the 19th, for some nautical flag history and a fun giveaway!)

The first quilt in our quilt along is this traditional take on nautical alphabet flags:

It is a throw/lap sized quilt in red, yellow, blue a...


Summer Doodling: White Gel Pen On Black Paper "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Ah, yes at long last a post showing that we are actually involved in creativity around here at CJM! What can I tell you, life is busting at the seams and have been working hard on so many projects other...


vintage cookbooks and chatting about being old and stuff "IndyWatch Feed Craft"


I think I have shown this self-published cookbook before on the blog. I am too lazy to search it right now, but it deserves another post, regardless. I am still off sugar (except for very special treats, like birthdays, sometimes not my own, etc.) so I have NOT made this exciting cake, but someone should. I love the box cake/pudding idea more than the reality, which is I can never eat them. But they are so funny and joyful to me. And who doesn't want a little European Grandeur?

I just met up with some great friends, and have also been chatting with long distance friends regularly (the app voxer and audio texts back and forth are a godsend for me) and there have been some re-occiruing themes among all of us: 

  • getting old
  • feeling like our kids and growing up so fast and how different our concerns are now that they are all 12-17 from when they were younger
  • how this makes us feel old (and reliving, in silence, what we were doing at this age)
  • taking care of aging/ill/ parents while taking care of the kids and also trying to have a marriage
  • trying to clean out the house of all the kid stuff they have outgrown
  • how this makes us cry
  • crying in public for no reason
  • feeling old when thinking about saving money for retirement
  • feeling like cleaning out all the stuff in the house is too hard
  • possibly some crying again
  • feeling like we are going crazy
  • perimenopause and what the heck (crazy enters here)
  • foot/back pain 

It's so great to be able to share al these things, just to know it's not unique and we can all relate. When when say we have had a bad day, or lost it with the kids, we know how bad that can really get, and it's okay.


30 Sewing Hacks You Should Know By Heart "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

sewing hacksAre you a hacker? I am not talking about hacking on the computer here, but about a sewist who can work around with what she has on hand and sew easier and faster. Well, if you are not, its time to start hacking and here are a few tips and Continue reading

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Wednesday, 13 June


Bohemian Summer Loading "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Two years ago I started a Bohemian Summer series on the blog.
A topic that has added a charming stamp in the summer months; style that I readily turn to and continue to explore.
This year we continue to nurture the trend and channel some practical and effective DIY boho fashion and jewelry ideas, share lots of bohemian trends in home decoration and in general try to keep the flame of the bohemian spirit alive.
There is a DIY / crochet pattern for boho earrings getting ready for Friday, so do drop by. Until then, here's some boho inspiration to stir the flames up.
All respective links can be found on my boards: Bohemian Summer, Bohemian Jewelry and  Bohemian Home.


Rose Stitch Wrap "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Yes, you need a scarf this summer. It may be stifling outside, but that always means arctic temperatures and a blast of air conditioning whenever you step inside. And thats exactly when you pull your gossamer silk Rose Stitch Wrap from your bag and swing it nonchalantly around your neck. Perfect.

Rose Stitch Wrap | Purl Soho

This diaphanous little wrap may appear complicated with its intricate little stitches and sumptuous texture, but achieving the details in this lightweight beauty could not be simpler. A beginner-friendly variation on the seed stitch, the rose stitch switches it up by throwing in some knits through the back loop every other row A breeze.

Rose Stitch Wrap | Purl Soho

If your summer plans include a long drive, a lengthy flight, or regular commutes, the Rose Stitch Wrap is the perfect project for tucking into your bag. Just 2 skeins of Cattail Silk, our fingering weight 100% silk, is all it takes to knit up this delightful, delicate, defense against the air conditioner!

Rose Stitch Wrap | Purl Soho

Rose Stitch Wrap | Purl Soho

Designed for Purl Soho by Jake Canton.


Rose Stitch Wrap | Purl Soho

  • 2 skeins of Purl Sohos Cattail Silk, 100% silk. We used Porcelain White.
  • US 4, straight or circular needles


23 stitches = 4 inches in Rose Stitch pattern


Finished Dimensions: 16  inches wide x 68...


Grain sack striped faux cement pot with topiary "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

This past weekend, I taught two classes in a Fusion Mineral Paint merchant workshop local to my area. It was hosted at Homeworks Etc., a gorgeous home decor and paint store located in Cloverdale, BC, Canada. What a breath of fresh air! It was an amazing opportunity to meet merchants who turned into instant friends []

The post Grain sack striped faux cement pot with topiary appeared first on Funky Junk Interiors.

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Wednesday, 06 June


Light + Shadow Wrap "IndyWatch Feed Craft"





  • Color A: 2 skeins of Purl Sohos Field Linen, 100% linen. We used the color Queen Annes Lace.
  • Color B: 2 skeins of Field Linen. We used the color Silver Thistle.
  • US 5, 24-inch circular needles


21 stitches and 33 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch
22 stitches and 36 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch


Finished Dimensions: Approximately 20 inches wide x 78 inches long


Carry unused color of yarn up the side of the wrap by bringing the working yarn behind then under the non-working yarn every right-side row.


With Color A, cast on 105 stitches.

Set-Up Rows 1-4: With Color A, knit to end of row.

Section 1

Row 1 (right side): With Color B, knit to end of row.

Row 2 (wrong side): With Color B, k2, purl to last 2 stitches, k2.

Rows 3-8: Repeat Rows 1 and 2, ending with wrong-side row.

Rows 9 + 10: With Color A, knit to end of row.

Repeat Rows 1-10 eight more times.

NOTE: You may notice that for our sample we repeated nine times, but to be...

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Saturday, 07 April


4 Sterling Silver Rings "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Jo Ann Graham. (Beaufort SC) Each piece is carved in wax. A mold is made and then melted sterling silver is poured into mold after wax has burnt out. Each piece is then cleaned and polished. Jo Ann Graham JAG Collections


Love Amethyst "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Constantinescu Gabriela. (Ploiesti, Romania, Europe) My jewelry is a bracelet I made some time ago, when I got a piece of raw amethyst absolutely amazing, and I saw it becoming a jewelry for the zodiacal sign Aries. I dont know if I touched my goal, but I tried. After a time for thinking, I []


Time Out Earrings "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Shirley Tittle. (Jonesborough, Tenn.) I got the idea for these earrings when I found these unique bronze colored metal buttons. The buttons are shaped like gears. I made the earrings using a large metal button and a smaller metal button put together with an 8mm black jump ring. I then used a silver colored []


Springbreak Bracelet with Genuine Forget-Me-Not Flowers "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Rossella. (Italy) This real forget-me nots bracelet made with ecoresin is one of the first creations in my new collection. Flowers are preserved tridimensionally and not pressed. I love the crystal effect and it happened that a pair of ladies thought it was made of real crystal. Faceted rings and earrings are soon to []


Fuchsia Flower Earrings, a Project How-to "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Debra Lowe. (Denver, Colorado USA)   Enjoy this lovely guest tutorial by Debra Lowe! I made these little earrings as an experiment and thought I would share the finished earrings and explain how to make some for yourself. Youll need: 10 small glass leaf beads with a crossway hole at the top 4 Baroque []

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Friday, 06 April


How Do I Remove the Silver/Gold Coloring from Inexpensive Jewelry to Reveal the Copper Underneath? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Melanie Shigeoka. (Nanaimo BC Canada) I love copper jewelry (actually anything copper) and I see so many beautiful rings and bracelets that after wearing for a while the silver/gold coloring wears away. I have tried so many things to try to remove it and havent found anything that works. Does anyone know what I []


Sid the Sloth Etched Pendant "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Tammy Baalman. (Willis, Texas) Wanting to incorporate more etched components into some of my pieces, I created a pendant of a tribal turtle for myself and posted it online. The response was overwhelming, so I decided to create a line of cute critters. One of my favorite pieces is a baby sloth that I []


Fanred Earrings "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Joybelle Malcolm. (Atlanta, GA) I must admit this style of earrings are not mine; however, my twist is creating them with my paper beads and oh my, I love them. Hmmmis there a pattern? No, I just crocheted and the hilarious part of it is I couldnt remember the number of stitches used in []


Using an Earring Finding for a Pendant "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Kathleen Zaleski Davis. (Fiddletown, CA) Turning something that is meant to be an earring into a pendant was kind of fun to do. I had one silver earring finding on my jewelry table and was making this necklace and decided to add some beads to it and use it as a pendant. I kind []


Polymer Clay Cremation Vessels "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Sylvia. (Muskegon Michigan) One of my daughters best friends daughter passed away unexpectedly at the age of 27. They had her cremated, and my daughter wanted me to make something for her to put some ashes in that she could wear. I had made a few vessels for other friends, but I had only []


My Crow Speaks Etched Metal "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Marci Gillett. (United States) This piece was a happy accident. While preparing my metal for acid etching I had all my favorite designs ready to make pendants. As I put the Crow outline down inspiration hit and all my favorites melded together in one piece. I then finished it up with Patina or []


Its All About the Beads! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by LuElla Spears. (Toledo, Ohio) Theres just no end to the types of beads to be found! My favorites are semi-precious stone, Glass and metal. Most of my inspiration has come from a favorite movie Ill play while I work. When I sit down at my design table, I never know what the end result []


Modified to Steampunk Costume Jewelry "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Rhonda Grandee. (Blackfoot Idaho) I recently ran across some costume jewelry on sale, and thought it might be possible to turn them into steampunk pieces. Holes were drilled into the costume pendants, then watch gears and watch bodies were wired on. The octopus was also altered from a pendant to a brooch. The watch []


Back on the Pattern Wagon "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Dianne Jacques. (Vermont) While prepping for a week long visit to my daughters in Boston I knew I would need something to do. Since I cant bring my workbench with me and do metalwork, I opted to make some new Peyote stitch patterns. I also made up a cuff while my daughter was working []

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Tuesday, 27 March


Questions About Silver "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Patti Pojer. Just wondering if anyone has ideas, vendors who sell Sterling Silver chains unfinished / finished that do not come with major tarnish spending too much time cleaning and not creating! Also advise for best cleaners for .925 Sterling Silver..findings and a jewelry cleaning machine? And may I have a distinction between .925 []

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Monday, 26 March


Jewelry Made from Real Flower Petals "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Hillary Flanders. (Warner, New Hampshire) Types of flower petal jewelry- sunflowers, black-eyed susans, pansies, rudbeckias, and more as I discover varieties that work with my methods. Each petal has three layers of different clear coats with the last being UV and water proof. Some petals are painted gold on the back. Lightweight earrings with []


How to Make New Glass Pearls Look Antiqued? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Ginny How can I make new, tiny glass pearls look aged? I have a gorgeous antique Chinese bracelet that is missing a section of tiny pearls. Thanks. Ginny

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Saturday, 24 March


Colourful Silk Cord Necklaces "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) Ive been ripping silk again! I had another scarf in my drawer that I love the colours of, the shape not so much. So I decided to rip it in half lengthways, then I tied two of the ends together in a pretty way. That gives me a []


Help! Tiny Jump Rings / O-Rings Breaking "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Nonie Noordman. (Oregon) I am working on small drop stones on a bar of heavier wire. I have to use very small o rings / jump ringsgold plated and silver plated. How do you make the o rings last longer than the first wear without breaking apart? They are really too small to solder. []


Add Some Wire to Your Life "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Shirin. (Boston, VA) I started as a wire wrapper and with time expanded on the techniques I now use in my jewelry making. No matter what new things I try, though, I always incorporate wire wrapping into most of my designs. I think it adds a certain curious element forcing people to have a []

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Wednesday, 21 March


Jewelry Frame Challenge Pendant "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Elizabeth Reid. (Rockville, MD) In a recent issue of Lapidary artist Noel Y. had an article about making a copper pendant/framed/3D picture out of a single piece of copper. She demonstrated a dog and said she challenged her students to make other things in the frame using her 1 piece technique. So I did []


The Queens Weapon Ring "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Tina Murphy. (Kennewick, WA) I have wanted to make a ring like this for years but needed to develop my silversmithing skills be fore attempting it. It took me a long time to find the perfect crystal too but when I did I knew right away what I was going to do with it. []


Summer Necklaces Easy Stringing "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) Both of these necklaces are easy to make. I used Soft Flex beading wire which is my favorite as it drapes nicely and does not kink, and I like sterling silver crimps. Combination of teal shell beads, white carved pendant and designer blend seed beads from The orange necklace []

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Tuesday, 20 March


Zipper Pulls from Bead Stash "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) All of us have tons of beads just stashed away in boxes, bags etc. I had a request to make a zipper pull for a customer so I thought i would make more than one. I ended up making quite a few but here are some of my favorites. Kathy []


Wire Worked and Wrapped Beach Glass "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Linda Lohraff. (Berrien Center Michigan) I followed one of Renas tutorials for this necklace Curvy Necklace Bar (Video Tutorial). I just love the way it turned out. Copper and antique copper are very pretty in this piece along with a rare piece of red Beach Glass Linda Lohraff


Wire Dragon Flies and Tree of Life "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Linda Lohraff. (Berrien Center Michigan) I follow Renas tutorials and have a lot of fun! I made earrings out of the wire dragonflies tutorial and the wire tree of life tutorial. I absolutely love both of them! My old boss loves dragon flies. I wore a pair of the dragon fly earrings to see []


Where Can I Get Stamping Tags for Branding My Jewelry? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Anne-Marie. (British Columbia) Im very, very new to jewelry making. But I love making simple designs and want to start more seriously. I have purchased a couple of pieces of sterling silver necklaces in the past that have the jewelry makers stamped tag. I have no idea what they are really called, cant find []


Sea Glass Meets Wire Weaving "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Roze Malone. (New England) Most of my life Ive expressed my creativity through music as a classical violinist and currently as a rock-n-roll player with my band. Over the years my artistic impulses carried me in many directions besides music to include repurposing furniture, macrame, dancing, decorating, garden design, etc The inspiration for my []

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Friday, 09 March


How to Use a Loss Leader for Jewelry Sales? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Stormy. I keep hearing the words, Loss Leader. Can anyone elaborate? Is it where you have lower priced pieces of jewelry that you dont have much money invested in for materials on display to get others to walk into your booth and then they can see the higher priced, more heavily invested materials pieces? []


Where to Get Metal to Colour with Alcohol Inks? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Gaye-Lynne. (Victoria BC Canada) Where do you purchase the rectangle pieces of metal you colour with the Alcohol inks? I am in Canada. Gaye-Lynne


Pewter and Pearls for Easter and More "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) This week Ive been revamping some freshwater pearl pieces I made in the past. I ended up with two strands of pearls, one with blue glass beads incorporated into it, and one with mauve glass beads. I had taken off what was previously on them. I put them away []


Bill Schiffer Revisited "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Paula Trehey. (United States) I am in awe of Bill Schiffer designs. I purchased a box of lucite pieces and this is what I came up with. Its a pin with a magnetic closure made from multiple pieces of lucite. Paula Trehey From Here To Yesteryear


Flower Holder Necklace "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Michelle Marson. (New Hampshire) This necklace is made from a vintage silverplated knife handle, attached to a purple suede cord, closing with a hook and eye. It is filled with dried lavender that I grew myself. You could add any type of plant or flower in place of the lavender. Michelle Marson Elle Country []


Paper Bead Statement Necklace "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Joybelle F Malcolm. (Atlanta, GA) This piece was made by using magazine paper rolled diagonally on a skewer. Rolling each tube on the skewer flattens the paper tube, as I got to the end, I added another tube until I got to seven (7). Once I had that large circle, gently pushing from the []

Tuesday, 27 February


How to Make a Chain (Tutorial) and Four Ways to Use It "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Rena Klingenberg. In this tutorial Ill show you how to make a chain and four ideas for using it. This chain design is both strong and elegant. And I like creating it in two different metal colors. When I get into the rhythm of making a chain, I find it a meditative, soothing []


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