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Monday, 18 September


The Refashioners 2017 Elisalex "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

This is a hard challenge. Easily the most challenging weve tackled to date.  So if youre struggling, take heart. Youre not the only one! This one has alot of us scratching our heads. (Me included btw.) And the lovely Elisalex is no exception. But shes still come out smiling   And wilth a killer skirt

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6 More Artisans Who Make Gorgeous Paper Jewelry "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

There are few things I would enjoy more than a weekend spent with fellow comrades who make paper jewelry... we would gather and share what we do and talk about how we got started and what we'll do...

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Rosh HaShana Basket Of Blessings Craft For Kids (Or Anyone!) "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year is in just a few days, so now is the time to dedicate a few hours to making wonderful cards to wish our family, friends and neighbors a wonderful new year, filled with blessings....


Rosh HaShana Kid's Card Craft: A Stuffed Fish! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Rosh HaShana is Wednesday night, so there is no time like the present to make fun cards for the new year and to keep the kids busy with crafts while you prepare for the holiday! If you are not a...


sewing: black & white shirting hadley top "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

This post is written by Jane of Buzzmills.

Hi there, Im Jane, a new contributor here at Imagine Gnats, and Im thrilled to be joining the rest of the Imagine Gnats team!

Im honestly not sure what makes me happier about this top. The pattern, shape, fitor the fact that I am wearing black and white, and loving it! Im not typically a wearer of black, but when I saw this shirting in the shop I knew itd be perfect!

Unfortunately, the black and white check shirting is out of stock, but there are two other shirtings in the shop, cherry and black, and peach and navy. The pattern calls for light to medium weight fabrics. This cotton shirting is a medium weight, and while it might not be as drapey as it would be if it were made in rayon, the structure works perfectly with this check.

The Hadley top has a center seam on both the front and back. Because of this seam I thought Id cut my fabric on the bias to add a subtle pattern play with the black and white check. This is the first time Ive done something like that. I think it turned out well, athough I did need to try twice with the front and did not do as well with the back.

Aside from the center seam detail, the Hadley top also has a variety o...


3 Ways to Make a Cape Scarf "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Can you believe it has been TWO YEARS since I posted the original cape scarf DIY? Wow, does time fly! I remember when I first posted this DIY, I was shocked at how positively people responded to it. Sure, I love what I make (or I wouldnt be making it). But you just never know []

The post 3 Ways to Make a Cape Scarf appeared first on The Sewing Rabbit.


Knit Pencil Skirt Pattern Skirt-A-Thon and Giveaway! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Today we are excited to have our first ever Skirt-A-Thon with our knit pencil skirt pattern.

This summer we quietly released our knit pencil skirt patterna pattern that we LOVE and use often for ourselvesand today some fabulous ladies from around the blogosphere have kindly sewn up our pattern into skirts for themselves and are sharing them with you today!

First up is Mie from Sewing like Mad and if you havent visited her blog you shouldshe is a garment sewing maven!  I envy her skills and how beautiful her handmade wardrobe is.

And Mie didnt make just one but three skirts as well as has a tutorial on how to turn a sweatshirt into a cardigan!!!  Genius!!!  So hop on over to her blog to check all of her amazingness out!

Next we have Bonnie from Bonnie and Blithe who in the midst of raising a busy, beautiful family still manages to put together ADORABLE outfits for herself.  Click on over to her blog to see all the cuteness!

After Bonnie comes our dear friend Audrey from over at Skirtfixation.   We cant say enough nice things about Audrey who somehow does more in one day than the average woman does in a week.  And not only did she whip up a knit pencil skirt but..


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Sunday, 17 September


Littlefly Literary Jewels "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Jewelry fashioned from books never fails to attract attention. True, that attention is occasionally not of the most flattering type, as some believe cutting apart a still-readable book is a...

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The ideal WWI figure Part IV: staying fashionable and supporting a full bust, 1910s style "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

In Part IV of The Ideal WWI Figure, lets look at how women with full busts achieved support and the fashionable silhouette of the period.

One of the most common questions I get asked about the Rilla Corset is how to wear it/what you do for bust support if you are very full busted, as it sits below the bust.

The Scroop Rilla Corset Pattern

To answer that question, lets go back to the source, and look at period accounts, illustrations, and extant examples of bust supporting garments.  There is no better way to find out how to support your bust then to see how it was actually done in period.

Woman modelling a corset, Ca. 1921, NYPL digital collection

As weve seen from looking at the figure ideals in the 1910s over the last three posts in the series, the ideal WWI bu...


Mini Backpack Coin Purse Pattern FREE and Easy! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

mini backpack coin purse patternI've had this Mini Backpack Coin Purse pattern on the back burner, so to speak, for a while and almost completely forgot about it.  It was meant to be the companion of The Small Backpack sew along and part of Daisy's wardrobe if you remember those two past projects from couple months ago. Continue reading


Making 18th Century Jumps And how they look worn! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Todays post focuses on a project that I did a terrible job of documenting (to be honest, thats been most of my projects recently). It was also completed more than three months ago, and in progress long before that. So even if I did have a lot of photos of making it, the details are a little fuzzy in my eyes.

The reason this was so poorly documented photo wise is because I filmed the whole process. And up until last month I only had one camera, which didnt let me take photos without disrupting the filming process.

This is bad news for those of you who like written descriptions, but if you are more of a visual learner the videos showing all the steps can be found on my youtube channel (here for the jumps, and here for the skirt) or down below depending on your email settings.

Now what is this project? Its my second adventure into casual 18th century costumes. If you read my posts about making this dress than you may be familiar with my fascination towards what was considered casual hundreds of years ago.

Even though that dress was considered Undress it still required getting into stays and I felt awfully formal when wearing it. I wanted to stick to the same undress theme but make something that looked and felt different.



Bead Embroidery "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Lindy Lee. (San Diego, California USA) In recent times I have been learning bead embroidery. It is complex, time consuming, and requires lots of materials. Nonetheless I am completely intrigued with the process and the results. Lindy Lee Lindy Lee Treasures


Silk Thread Jewelry "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Gita Ramachandran. (India) I got fascinated to silk thread jewelry when I found that we could create fabulous and beautiful jewelry sets using silk thread and other embellishments. Indians are fond of wearing silk costume with gold or silver accessories. Customizing the jewelry for a costume suitable for any occasion, or any festival celebrated []


Seashell Necklace "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Charlene Thiessen. (United States) I found a stash of seashells from a trip to Mexico and decided it was time to use them. (Ive had them for about 7 years!) This is a seashell that I drilled a hole in and strung it with some fresh-water blister pearls and some antiqued silver spacers. The []


Trying Out Enameling "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Kim Pernia. (Maryland) The jewelry category is getting so crowded. Its becoming more difficult to get into juried shows, and once in its hard to differentiate yourself. Ive taken up enameling to separate myself. I really enjoy the immediate satisfaction it takes less than a minute to torch enamel-and the endless challenges. Kim []

Saturday, 16 September


Dont Be Afraid of Diversity in Your Jewelry! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Linda Tenney. (Palm Harbor, FL) Theres a good amount of guidance out there for budding jewelry designers that advises you should find a niche and specialize in that area. A few popular design niches are hand-stamped/personalized, wire wrapped, and Boho/earthy. Design niches can be about the style/theme/look (Boho, minimalist, tribal/ethnic, etc.) or the materials []


How to Make Uniform Curved Wire Jewelry Components? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Sharon. (California) I could really use some words of wisdom. When I try to make multiple consistent wire curved pieces to incorporate into a single earring and its mate, I have a really hard time reproducing the identical (or close to identical) curved shapes. How do you make the same amount of curve or []


Big Dipper Mixed Media Necklace "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) I have to confess that my first idea of a title for this necklace was Roadkill Jewellery, Part 2, based on a previous submission I made to this site (Copper Wire Roadkill Jewellery)! I found this spoon when I was out for a walk one morning, on the []

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