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Sunday, 11 February


Surprise Pattern Giveaway: $5.75 Date Night Wristlet Pattern FREE Today Only! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Love this pattern for beginners. Simple wristlet purse with a few nice features such as a padded pocket and a place for cards too.Today's a very special day for me.  My oldest son, Mark, is turning 19 and this is a huge day for our family.  You may have come to know Mark a little as he always gets dragged in to help me model any of the men's or unisex patterns like the Continue reading


I put a new tutorial on you tube "IndyWatch Feed Craft"


I was getting ready for a costume design meeting this week and was wishing again that I could easily print all my pins from pinterest to show. There are so many reasons why having actual printed images is valuable to me. I usually do a painful saving of each image and then laying them out in another program, but this time I searched you tube and found a tutorial on how to do it in a few easy steps. No layout program needed and no individual photo manipulation!

However, it went by so fast, like lightening speed, I had to watch it about 10 times to get it. So, I made my own which goes much slower. It's still only 6 minutes, which is how long it took me to print all the images I needed for my meeting. A miracle! I mention at the end of the video this method works for Instagram too, but that's not really true. It will only print about 20 of the favorites, so not as helpful. But I only have about 9 favorites in IG so I didn't know this until later.

I took a mental health day today. Well, that's not true. Really, I have terrible head cold so I am sick. There was family craziness starting at around 2, but I was in bed from 6am-until 2pm, so, I think that's pretty good. I finished Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold and after that I watched Dries, which is a documentary about Dries Van Noten. I can tell it was good for my brain and creativity. They both are streaming on Netflix right now.

Daily life has been hard, we have head colds and fevers that won't quit, some sudden ER and doctor visits, I had surgery (no more gallbladder for me!) and then toss in a few out of town gymnastics meetsthis has all been in the last 3 weeks, so I feel like just getting dressed has been a victory for me. But, I have had a ton of help and I keep asking for help when I need it (always?) This is a huge improvement for me, in the past I usually am broken before I will asked for help.


Copper Wire Lapis Cross "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Daune Price-Hannah. (Moody, Tx) I designed this handmade custom cross. It starts with a hammered base copper frame. I use 28 gauge dead soft copper wire to form the weave on 22 gauge base wires. This process takes about 10 hours while incorporating a hand cut Lapis Cabochon by using a netting wire weave. []


Peace and Love Bracelet "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Norma I Vega. (United States) Peace and Love. My all-time favorite stone and I thought it was perfect for the days we live in! It is a carved Turquoise peace symbol and Lapis beads. I included some Bali silver and beautiful glass beads. Its my own take on the popular lariat style closure []


BOO-YAH!!! Tribal Mask Pendant "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Beverly Borwick. (Memphis, Tennessee) This great piece called out to me, and there was no release. As I tried to walk away, it continued to draw me back! Found in a Western-themed antique shop in Oklahoma City in 2015, I could not look away, mesmerized. I felt drawn to its unspoken story, compelled to []


3 Feathers Boho Necklace "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Jada. (USA) As a beginner, I didnt know where my skills were. I loved beads but was interested in metalsmith work. I would spend hours watching Youtube videos, scanning magazines, and online tutorials. Finally took the plunge and purchased several tools, metals, and stones. My favorite piece is what my husband calls 3 Feathers []


Best Way to Polish Jewelry Without a Tumbler? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Pat. (UK) I am starting to work with sterling silver wire and looking for a more professional finish. Do you have a method for polishing wire/hammered wire to shine without a mechanical tumbler, eg with wire wool? Thanks! Pat


Help First Time Teaching a Jewelry Class "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by JanMarie. (Alaska) I will be teaching a beginners class soon. I am OK with teaching, but have only taught individuals. For a class of 6 or more, I do not know what to require of my students. Should I require students to bring their own beads, findings etc.? It seems that might be a []


Copper Cuff Wooden Forming Tool? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Margie Meehan. (United States) Rena: Found your post on Pinterest about forming copper cuffs what size is the wooden dowel, that you used to form your copper cuffs around? Also is there a measuring tool, that would indicate to me the gauge of my copper sheets? Thanks, Margie Meehan Margie Meehan Tipperary Fiber []


Tissue Papered Chandelier Drop Pendants/Christmas Ornaments "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) During the month of January I worked on a project that I was inspired to do during Christmas, but being the busier season that it is, I didnt have time to do it then. What inspired me was tissue paper! The pretty, delicate pieces of wrapping that get []

Saturday, 10 February


Beginning Pieces of Wirework "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Wyllo Foxx. (Columbus Nebraska) This is my first time working with wirework. These are a few pieces Ive done so far. Thank you. Wyllo Foxx


Welcome To Craft Schooling Sunday! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday, thanks so much for joining me here! Spring is here in Northern Israel and it is time to start seriosly thinking about Purim, which is coming up in about 2 1/2 weeks. Without the stress...


Yes! You CAN make professional looking custom sewing labels! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

make your own sewing labelsThere are so many nice label shops out there, especially on Etsy.  I've been wanting to get some custom sewing labels for myself for some time now, but for wanting so many different styles, it would cost me a fortune.  Now that I know how to make them for next Continue reading


DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 414 with 2 linkups! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 414 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Hello everyone! Well, look whos up and around! And, how does the week go by so fast? I mean, one minute Im watching Season 3 of Heartland, and a short week later, its already season 5 and another party post []

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