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Thursday, 18 January


Downgrading the ol bike to "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

As the regular readers of this blog will already know, this is kind of a big week in my imperfect little world. I was scheduled for the pulling of a failed tooth and an upcoming surgery I talked about in THIS post. So while Ive been fussing and worrying and preparing and trying to forget []

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Crocheted Cherry Blossom Heart Is Super Sweet! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

It is now the Jewish month of Shevat, so dear friends it is certainly time to start thinking about crafts for Tu B'Shevat, the holiday which celebrates the new year for the trees. Yes, really, trees have a new year's...


Coin Purse Free Pattern, Tutorial & Video a perfect beginner project "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

coin purse patternThis coin purse pattern and tutorial are a follow-up to the Leather and Fabric Handbag tutorial we posted recently.  While you certainly don't need to make this coin purse pattern from leather you can use vinyl or almost any fabric it makes a good first project for those who have Continue reading


sewing: phinney ridge comparison "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

This post is written by Brooke of Olivers Fancy.

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the french terry vs. sweatshirt fleece comparison posts this week! Im here with a cardigan post for you today: the phinney ridge comparison to be precise.

I used the Phinney Ridge pattern from Straight Stitch Designs. I made the basic form of the cardigan for my first go-round, and then I added some fun elbow patches for the second one.

First off, the french terry. I used this bamboo stretch french terry in ivory from the shop. This is a great basic french terry fabric. It is definitely a medium weight fabric, so it doesnt have a lot of drape to it, but its got a nice cozy feel.

Next the sweatshirt fleece. I used this slub knit in black which is sadly no longer in stock. But heres some other sweatshirt fleece option that would be fairly similar. This fabric seems to have a little more drape than the french terry. Which surprised me since its fleece, but I am not complaining!


Wednesday, 17 January


Elephant "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Happy new year, friends!

Once again, an entire year has passed, at the end of which I had the vague sense of having made some stuff, the actual names and details of which sadly escape me. Does that happen to you, too? The Blogger part of me feel obliged to participate in the year-end-round-up trend - you know, the Look What I Made (but have no recollection of) In Only Twelve Months! posts. The Real Person part of me, however, just wants to move on, especially since it's already halfway through January and I'm embarrassed about having slacked off and the honest truth is I just want buy some fabric and sew shorts so I can channel summer. 

But I do so enjoy looking back at old projects. And - believe it or not - I did take photos in 2017, even if most of them sat in my camera forever and then languished in my photoediting program without ever seeing the light of day. 

Until now!

So in lieu of a comprehensive 2017 ikatbag roundup, I thought I'd do a series of little Menagerie...


Crocheted Sunburst Granny Square Wrist Warmers Free Pattern "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Chunky crocheted wrist warmers are so fun to whip up and make a great winter accessory that will take you into early spring as well. And once you get the idea behind the construction of these crocheted sunburst granny square...


Repurposed Wooden Boxes Idea "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

For Christmas I bought some stars and Santas that were packed in these small and cute plywood boxes. The minute I saw them I knew they were up to a change.
What I did. I chose beautiful fabric and a decorative velvet ribbon.

I measured the little squares and cut the fabric accordingly.

Glued the bottoms with white glue and applied the fabric pieces.


sewing: waterfall raglan comparison "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

This post is written by Tiffany Judd of mamaduckmakes.

Oh, what a good fabric choice that turned out to be. It is incredibly soft, fun to work with, and was perfect for the dress version. The navy is currently out of stock but its available in several other beautiful colors in the shop here.

The versatility of this fabric means that this dress can be worn in all seasons which I love. It will pair nicely with tights for winter, sandals in summer, and whatever works in between.

I knew I wanted a contrasting ruffle, and this hokkoh cotton lawn in summer floral was begging to be matched with this french terry. Just look closely at those flowers, so beautiful!

Since the two fabrics seemed to be a match made in heaven, I couldnt stop with the ruffle at the hem. In the end, I added ruffles to the sleeves as well. It was a simple addition that made us both happy.

My daughter is a big fan of dresses, and when theyre comfy, its an added bonus so this one is a new favorite for sure.



Saving What We Love (An Art of Homemaking Post) "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly confrontational.  I feel like everywhere I turn someone is ready to fight.road rage, internet trolls, wars and controversy in the press and on the newseveryone everywhere seems to be shouting from their vantage point that they are RIGHTand competition is intense. And I have to admitthere []

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Converging Lines Cowl "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Gathered up around your neck or draped around your shoulders, the Converging Lines Cowl adds not only form and function to your wardrobe, but a bit of panache, too!

Converging Lines Cowl | Purl Soho

It may look complex, but this piece is a case of the sum being greater than its parts. The converging lines are nothing more than a once-a-round strategically placed knitting 2 together. Knitting flat for the split at the bottom, you then join into the round and gradually decrease your way to the top. Simple!

Converging Lines Cowl | Purl Soho

We credit our beautiful Season Alpaca for the lovely drape of this extra-warm and cozy cowl. Its heavy enough to ward off drafts, yet light enough to layer under (or over!) your coat.

Converging Lines Cowl | Purl Soho

A clever way to keep warm without adding bulky layers, our Converging Lines Cowl is certainly practical But super pretty, too!

Converging Lines Cowl | Purl Soho

Designed for Purl Soho by Joelle Hoverson.


  • 3 skeins of Purl Sohos Season Alpaca, 100% baby alpaca. We made one cowl in Heirloom White and one in Dove Gray.
  • US 5, 24-inch circular needles
  • US 5, 16-inch circular needles



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