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Thursday, 19 April


Indian Exchange Takes Central Bank to Court Over Bank Ban "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Indian Exchange Takes Central Bank to Court Over Bank Ban

The Indian bitcoin community keeps fighting for their rights to operate freely in the country like any other industry. The latest show of defiance is a petition to the court against the actions of the Reserve Bank of India by the operators of a local exchange.

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RBI Ban Unconstitutional

Indian Exchange Takes Central Bank to Court Over Bank BanKali Digital Eco-Systems, the company behind the upcoming cryptocurrency exchange Coin Recoil, has appealed to the High Court in Delhi against the recent crackdown on banks providing services to bitcoin related companies by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

According to the petitioner, the RBI directive is arbitrary and a violation of the Constitution of India and the court should therefore q...


Cryptocurrency of the Future FuturoCoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

FuturoCoin is a new cryptocurrency and already has a lot of dedicated users. Since day one, FTO was created with a purpose to become a payment method.

Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method can be tough; a long confirmation time, miner fees and only a few places which accept cryptos for their services. FuturoCoin is a solution for those problems.

We know how important for you is the time, that is why we wanted to make cryptocurrency which could become a payment method, not only by implementing FTO for payments in shops, cafs, etc. but also by creating its usability by fast transactions.

Four seconds is enough. Transfer of FuturoCoin is visible in payees wallet in no time. This is not a premium version. For us it is standard. it is not only a promise; it is our mission.


FuturoCoin since day one has a lot of users and fans, that is why exchanges, e.g., YoBit implemented FTO on their exchange platform just a few days after FTO was launched. Also, thanks to dedicated users, FuturoCoin has won cryptocurrency votes, first on SouthXchange, a few days later on CoinDeal where FTO will be introduced for trading today (18.04.2018).

However, exchanges rise only trading value of cryptocurrency; we want to create a digital asset which can be used by everyone, not only by traders. That is why we are happy to see our product in projects such as Bitcoin API.


We dont only want to create cryptocurrency for traders; we want to build a new better payment system for everyone. That is why first we want to create FuturoCoin usability and implement it in products such as Bitcoin API. In the beginning, you will be able to use FuturoCoins to pay for caf franchise services. Thanks to Verified Solutions product we hope that FTO will be used to make payments in other services with using their software.

Other services

We care about the entertainment, that is why on 16.05.2018 game Coin OFF Mine will have its premiere. It is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game, in which you can collect FuturoCoins and fight bosses to be rewarded with an even larger amount of FTOs. Thanks to AR technology, you will mine...


IBM And Salon Media Pilot Blockchain Solution For Digital Ad Transparency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

IBM and Salon Media pilot a proof-of-concept Blockchain product that aims to improve transparency and data security in digital advertising. #NEWS


Denis Dovgopoliy, Founder at GrowthUP Group: The Days of Easy Money Are Over "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Entrepreneur, Investor, Adviser, Crypto-ICO realist and Founder at GrowthUP Group Denis Dovgopoliy talks on the future of ICOs, venture funds, successful and failed projects in the world of crypto, exclusively for NewsBTC.

 Q: What do you see as the future for ICOs?

 A: Most regulators believe that tokens dont require separate legislation. Apart from specific instruments and mechanics, securities laws also specify criteria for identifying which of the instruments are regulated ones. The vast majority of ICOs from 2017-2018 meet those criteria and thus might (and will) be regulated. Lets not forget that U.S. law is extraterritorial.

We also see that the market is maturing. The days of easy money are over and serious players have entered the market. The whole ecosystem is getting more institutionalized, and a baseless idea with an unknown team behind it wont attract money anymore.

For that reason, we will see ICOs transforming in 2018-2019 and consequently finding their niche. I see them as a part of Series B funding round for startups or a bridge between early Series A and Series B. Public token sales will challenge Kickstarter and Indiegogo and are likely to serve as a way to measure product demand.

Q: Which ICOs would you mark as successful and unsuccessful, and why?

A: For me, its hard to be impartial after 12 years in VC. Attracting investment is not a measure of success. Its just an instrument. The main measure of project success is product revenue. There are several projects that had significant revenues before holding their ICO, and token sales can boost those companies. But its too early to say. In my experience, it takes 12 to 36 months to go all the way from fundraising to product/market fit. Im closely following 35 ICOs. Hopefully, some of them will show interesting results by the end of the year.

Q: You have strong connections with funds all over the globe. What do they say about ICOs with Eastern European roots?

A: Eastern Europe is not homogeneous, different countries are really different. From what I can see, Ukraine has some strong projects and pretty low scam rates. On the contrary, in Russia, there are many projects with obvious signs of a scam. As for the Baltic states, I see quite promising projects, but not large-scale ones. Probably, thats due to a local legislative experiment allowi...


Price-Stable Cryptocurrency Project Basis Raises $133 Million in Funding "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Basis, formerly Basecoin, has raised $133 million in a private placement, chief executive Nader Al-Naji revealed today. The Hoboken, N.J.-based project plans to create a stable cryptocurrency with an algorithmic central bank that will keep the price stable, something that has eluded cryptocurrency to date and limited its use as a reliable payment method. Funding

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Indian ICICI Bank Enlists 250 Corporates To Intl Trade And Finance Blockchain Platform "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

More than 250 corporates joined Indian ICICI Banks Blockchain platform for domestic and international trade finance transactions. #NEWS

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Wednesday, 18 April


Crypto Investment Firm Founder Turns Bullish on Bitcoin Cash "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

With all of the attention on the movements in the bitcoin price, now could be the time to get your hands on BTC spinoff Bitcoin Cash, one trader says. Brian Kelly, founder of Investment firm BKCM, tells CNBC the technical signs including a possible breakout are pointing to an opportunity in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Investors apparently taking his advice, with

The post Crypto Investment Firm Founder Turns Bullish on Bitcoin Cash appeared first on CCN


NEO, EOS, Litecoin, IOTA and Stellar: Technical Analysis April 19, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Nothing major from the news and today I would like us to check NEO. As we can see from the charts, buyers are rejecting lower prices and like EOS, there is accumulation going on. I will look for buy opportunities in these two pairs and trade according to our previous altcoins price forecast.

Lets have a look at these charts:

XLM/USD (Stellar Lumens)

It appears that after everything, Stellar Lumens needed all but a small nudge. It did came and the result? Well, as hard statistics shows, Stellar Lumens is one of the top performers gaining 10% in the last 24 hours. With this, it means its market cap grew to $6.4B cementing its spot at number 8. Besides the ever vibrant SE Asia liquidity and huge trading volumes, news of Novatti Payment integration was a boost. I really think Stellar Lumens buyers can build on from here.


Scam Twitter Profile Impersonates 6 Different Crypto Accounts "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Filmmaker Seif Elsbei's Twitter account has been hacked, and took on the personas of at least six different cryptocurrency developers and exchanges.


Brazils Largest Brokerage Reportedly Working on OTC Bitcoin Brokerage "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Brazils Largest Brokerage Reportedly Working on OTC Bitcoin Brokerage

The OTC bitcoin trading market appears to be attracting big banks and brokers from all over the world who wish to secure a piece of this growing pie for themselves. And the latest company that might create a brokerage specifically for the field is from the largest economy of South America. 

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XDEX OTC Brokerage

Brazils Largest Brokerage Reportedly Working on OTC Bitcoin BrokerageFinancial services firm XP Investimentos SA, operating the largest securities brokerage in Brazil, is reportedly working on a new venture in the cryptocurrency trading space. Back in October 2017 reported that the company filed a patent for the brand XP Bitcoin, as its first entry into the cryptocurrency domain. Now the brokerage has been found to be behin...


Telegrams Pavel Durov Is Using Bitcoin to Bypass Russian Sanctions "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Telegrams Pavel Durov Is Using Bitcoin to Bypass Russian Sanctions

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov is battling against Russian security forces, after they implemented a block on Monday, April 16, 2018, on the messaging app when it refused a court order to grant state security services access to its users encrypted messages, according to Reuters.

The move was initiated by Alexander Zharov, head of the Russian watchdog organization Roskomnadzor, who has blocked 18 sub-networks and various IP addresses belonging to both Amazon and Google in the process.

We have currently informed both companies that a significant number of IP addresses located in the clouds of these two services have fallen under the block due to the court ruling, Zharov commented. He further stated that Telegram has potentially been used by terrorists to coordinate attacks on both Russia and its neighbors.

But as the skies darken and defense seems like a lost cause, Durov is refusing to give up, as Telegram customers received the following notification early this morning:

For the last 24 hours Telegram has been under a ban by internet providers in Russia. The reason is our refusal to provide encryption keys to Russian security agencies. For us, this was an easy decision. We promised our users 100% privacy and would rather cease to exist than violate this promise.

Durov has since taken to his account on VK a Russian social network to explain that he is offering bitcoin grants to both companies and individuals alike that run proxy servers and virtual private networks (VPNs). He says hes happy to donate millions of dollars from his personal stash to illustrate and assist this cause, noting that both VPNs and proxy servers work against the hindrances set in place by Russian authorities.

Proxy servers operate by acting as connective tissue between clients and other servers. Normally, these clients seek information or resources from outside servers and thus link to a proxy server, which decides the best way to simplify and control the complexity of their incoming data. In additio...


Dow Jones Group Teams Up with Brave Software to Test Basic Attention Token "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Dow Jones Group Teams Up with Brave Software to Test Basic Attention Token

In a collaborative effort to test the Brave platform and its digital advertising token, the Basic Attention Token (BAT), the Dow Jones Media Group has joined up with the Brave Software team.

On April 18, 2018, the two organizations announced that they will experiment with blockchain technology in the realm of digital advertising and media publication. This entails testing the Brave browsers digital advertising platform and its native currency, BAT, across the Dow Jones Media Groups brands, which includes Barrons, the Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch.

Created by JavaScript inventor and Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, the Brave browser and Basic Attention Token work in sync to offer an alternative revenue model for digital publishers and advertisers alike. Both BAT and Brave are meant to reduce fraud from bot-generated advertising views, generate more equitable revenue for publishers and give consumers the chance to monetize their attention by being paid per ad view in BAT.

With the partnership, the Dow Jones Media Group is indicating that Braves overall mission, to deliver innovative, efficient advertising, resonates with the financial powerhouse.

Our partnership with Brave is an exciting and innovative step for Dow Jones Media Group, Daniel Bernard, Senior Vice President of Barrons, said. As global digital publishers, we believe it is important to continually explore new and emerging technologies that can be used to build quality customer experiences.

Per the partnership, Brave browser users will have access to premium content on and from the MarketWatch newsletter on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to the press release. In addition, both Barrons and MarketWatch will join the likes of the Washington Post, the Guardian and Vice to become verified publishers on the Basic Attention Platform.

Were thrilled to be partnering with Dow Jones Media Group to provide Brave users with premium content via Brave and the Basic Attention Token, said Eich in a statement. Our new model reconnects users and publishers without compromising privacy. We look forward to our users enjoying Barrons and MarketWatch premium newsletters.

The partnership is another notch in the projects belt. In mid-March, the Washington Post...


Sharing Economy Startup Origin Raises $28 Million in SAFT Sale "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Peer-to-peer economy platform Origin raised more than $28 million through a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens sale this year, filings reveal.


Consolidation in Cryptocurrency Mining Industry to Pressure the Price of Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin mining is increasingly becoming an activity for big business as the complex calculations needed to generate the virtual currency require industrial-scale capabilities. As the mining industry matures, the expected consolidation is likely to oust regular folks that use their personal computers.

Large Cryptocurrency Miners Are Taking Over the Game

Bill Tai, the chairman of Hut 8 Mining Corp., the North American arm for crypto-mining equipment provider Bitfury Group Ltd., expects only five to 10 of the largest miners to survive and be profitable.

Its totally different this year than last year. The bitcoin mining industry was this mysterious dark cottage industry, and its about to grow up and about to have elements of institutional scalability at all levels, Bill Tai told Bloomberg.

Lucas Nuzzi, a senior analyst at Digital Asset Research, says that selling bitcoins to defray operating expenses may depress the price of the digital currency, taking in account that miners hold between 20 percent and 30 percent of all Bitcoins. The concentration of mining power could launch the market into a new era, where a few players would have enough control to dictate the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

It has the potential of being dangerous from a security standpoint since a single entity could use its power in terms of hashrate to disrupt the network, Lucas Nuzzi commented.

Smaller miners buy their chips and machines from manufacturers. while industry-scale miners design and make their own hardware. Economies of scale allow them to place orders in bulk, buy electricity at a discount, and be profitable even with Bitcoin at $8,000.

We can buy and source orders of magnitude more. We can buy silicon in large quantities and commit to the electricity grid in chunk sizes. We have the cash to make the deposits and set them up, Tai added.

Smaller buyers are also facing a shortage of PC components to enhance their mining rigs. Increased demand, especially since 2017, wasnt met with a proportionate response from manufacturers, which led to prices skyrocketing.



Riot Blockchain Subpoenaed by SEC, May Be Delisted from Nasdaq "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Biotech-turned-cryptocurrency company Riot Blockchain has received a subpoena from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and may be delisted from the Nasdaq. The Colorado-based firm, which attracted headlines last year following its unexpected pivot into the cryptocurrency space, acknowledged in a new public filing that the SEC is requesting certain information from the Company

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In Apparent Exit Scam CEO Of German Startup Is Over And Out After $50 Mln ICO "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A German startup that raised around $50 mln in an ICO has thrown the Internet into confusion after its website became just a giant South Park meme saying Aannd its gone #NEWS


Kraken CEO: Crypto Exchange Won't Answer New York AG's Inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

An exchange that left New York in 2015 has been contacted by the state's Attorney General. They're not happy about it.


Unpacking the 5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

In the wake of the Pincoin/iFan ICO scams in Vietnam, we take a look at the five biggest cryptocurrency scams to date. #PANORAMA


Proposed Stable Coin Built on Ethereum Receives $133 Million in Private Investments "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A new cryptocurrency start-up has received $133 million in private investments. Intangible Labs will use the money to develop basis, a stable coin that will be built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Basis: A Coin With a Variable Supply

Intangible Labs is the brainchild of three Princeton University graduates. The company has already received investment from some rather exciting groups. Amongst them are Bain Capital Ventures, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed Foundation Capital, and Googles venture department GV. Individual contributors include billionaire Stan Druckenmiller, and former Federal Reserve Governor Kevin Warsh. The total raised so far is over $133 million.

The co-founder and CEO of Intangible Labs, Nader Al-Naji, spoke to Reuters about the decision to build a stable coin earlier today:

Volatility of cryptocurrencies has prevented their widespread adoption We are trying to build cryptocurrencies that have all the benefits of crypto but is stable.

Basis will be built atop the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The idea behind it is that it will hold its price by expanding and contracting its total supply according to varying demand for the token. This will, in theory, keep the price consistent at all times.

Al-Naji first spoke to Reuters about Intangible Labs idea for basis back in October of 2017. He told the publication that the inspiration had come to him whilst penning a post for his personal blog, Nader Theory, in June. During the post, the Princeton graduate discussed the idea of having a coin that could increase and decrease its supply according to demand. This formed the idea behind basecoin later re-branded as basis.

So far, all the funding received by Intangible Labs has been raised through private investors and venture capital groups. The company are still undecided as to whether they will hold a public sale for basis. According to Al-Naji, the current regulatory environment surrounding ICOs might mean holding one is detrimental to the startup. The decision will be made after due...


Monero Price Jumps 12% as Crypto Market Posts Recovery "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Monero, the 11th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of nearly $3.6 billion, jumped more than 12 in the last 24 hours as its price rose to $233.74. Monero, a privacy-centric currency, trails 10th place IOTA, which has a market cap of more than $4 billion. Recovering $1 Billion Monero has gained $1 billion this

The post Monero Price Jumps 12% as Crypto Market Posts Recovery appeared first on CCN


Markets Update: Broken Trendlines and Bullish Bounces "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Markets Update: Broken Trendlines and Bullish Bounces

The cryptocurrency markets have shown early signs of a bullish momentum shift following several months of heavy selling pressure. After losing upwards of 75% to 85% and forming adam-and-eve style double bottoms, many leading cryptocurrency markets have produced significant bounces over the course of the last fortnight. The markets now appear poised in open air with either a retest of recently broken descending trendlines or further bullish momentum toward 23.6% retracement areas comprising the likely next moves for price of leading cryptocurrencies.

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BTC Markets Recover by 25% From Support

The bitcoin (BTC) markets led the charge for the recent crypto bounce, forming an adam-and-eve styled double bottom after testing $6,000 USD area for the second time in 2018. The bounce saw BTC make a fourth point of contact with a long-term ascending trendline from July 2017. The recent low of roughly $6,400 comprised a 62.5% loss in value from this years highs of approximately $17,000.




Chinese Police Arrest 4 Suspects For Alleged $13 Mln Crypto Pyramid-Scheme "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Chinese police have arrested 4 men in the city Xian for an allegedly fraudulent $13 mln crypto pyramid-scheme #NEWS


A 'Yelp for Weed' Startup Is Launching Its Own Ethereum Token "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cannabis social networking company MassRoots is developing a crypto rewards token and other blockchain applications.


Blockchain-Friendly Malta Attracts Another Blockchain Company "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Blockchain-Friendly Malta Attracts Another Blockchain Company

Blockchain-based, equity fundraising platform Neufund, whose technology allows tokenization of shares and fundraising on the blockchain, is announcing that it will establish a strong presence in Malta and support Maltas rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem.

Neufund, a startup headquartered in Berlin, is the latest of many blockchain companies that have established a presence in the Mediterranean island nation, attracted by the promise of crypto-friendly regulations. Last week, cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced that it is expanding its operations to Malta. In late March, Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, also announced plans to move operations to the cryptocurrency-friendly EU member state.

[Virtual currencies] will form the base of a new economy in the future, said Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, in a recent speech.

There is huge interest in the blockchain industry from all across the globe and it has the potential to be even more beneficial to the Maltese economy than igaming, said digital economy parliamentary secretary Silvio Schembri.

An authority called the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) will be created to regulate companies that operate on blockchains and to promote Malta as a destination for these companies.

Malta is not the first European nation to promote itself as a blockchain haven and try to attract capital and talent with crypto-friendly regulations, but the fact that Malta is a member of the EU could make it more appealing than, for example, Switzerlands Crypto Valley.

Looking at Maltas vision and progress in cre...


Bank of Japan Turns Back on State-Issued Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bank of Japan Turns Back on State-Issued Cryptocurrency

The Bank of Japan has become the latest government financial institution to recognize the risks of state-issued cryptocurrencies. According to its Deputy Governor Masayoshi Amamiya, a national digital coin may jeopardize the traditional financial system established in developed countries. The Japanese central bank has no plans to issue its own crypto, he said.

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Centralized Coin to Hit Financial Stability

Digital currencies issued by central banks may have a large impact on the current financial system, the Deputy Governor of Japans central bank Masayoshi Amamiya said during a fintech conference. He told attendees, including representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Japanese Financial Services Authority (FSA), that the Bank of Japan had no immediate plans to mint its own crypto.



Big Bitcoin Heist Icelandic Thief Escapes CustodyThrough a Window "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The man allegedly behind Februarys bitcoin mining rig robbery in Iceland has escaped custody. He is reported to have fled the country on a plane alongside the Prime Minister of the nation.

Suspect Boarded a Plane to Sweden With Icelands PM

Reports suggest that Sindri Thor Stefansson fled the minimum security facility early yesterday morning. He is then thought to have boarded a plane headed for Sweden using another persons passport. The guards at Sogn open prison only announced the inmate as missing after the flight had already left.

The BBC reports that Stefansson used a window to escape from the facility in rural southern Iceland. The low-security prison is without fences and allows inmates access to their mobile phones and the internet. Presumably therefore, it was not difficult for Stefansson to arrange transportation for the 95km journey between Keflavik Airport and the prison.

The suspect then boarded a plane headed for Stockholm, Sweden along with Icelands Prime Minister. Katrin Jakobsdottir, who was travelling to the Scandinavian nation to meet with fellow Nordic politicians and Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is yet to comment on the security breach at Sogn. Despite managing to travel using another persons documentation, authorities were later able to confirm the identity of Stefansson using video surveillance at the airport.

Stefansson was being detained for his suspected role as mastermind of the mining rig robberies that occurred in February. He was one of 11 people arrested over what was dubbed the Big Bitcoin Heist.

According to reports, around 600 computer systems were taken during four separate raids on Icelandic data centres. The value of the stolen goods is over $2 million and they are still missing. At the time of the robberies, the authorities appealed to energy companies to report any surges in power that might have indicated the miners were being put to use.

In the wake of a suspected crackdown on cryptocurrency miners in China, Iceland was favoured for mining operations thanks to its abundant cheap energy and cool climate. Other areas have also experienced an uptrend in the numbers of cryptocurrency mining operations setting up there. These include...


Big Bitcoin Heist Suspect Escapes Prison in Iceland, Flees to Sweden "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Sindri Thor Stefansson, the suspected architect behind Icelands Big Bitcoin Heist, has escaped an Iceland prison and reportedly fled for Sweden. Stefansson is one of a group of suspects in a crippling heist in which 600 computers worth millions of dollars and used for mining bitcoin and altcoins were stolen. The theft, which local media called

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Op Ed: Cryptocurrency Advertising Continues to Face Scrutiny "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Op Ed: Cryptocurrency Advertising Continues to Face Scrutiny

Public interest in cryptocurrency has led to a rush of recent advertising, mostly on social media and the internet. Much of that advertising has focused on driving consumer interest in contributing money to an Initial Coin Offering or ICO. Unlike other forms of private investment, which are off limits to all but wealthy, accredited investors, interest in cryptocurrency extends beyond Wall Street to Main Street investors and this has regulators worried. Where some see opportunity, regulators see potential fraud and abuse.

The ads that seem to have regulators most concerned are celebrity endorsements. Within the last year, DJ Khaled, Floyd Mayweather, Evander Holyfield, Paris Hilton and Jamie Foxx have all endorsed a particular ICO or cryptocurrency on social media, often in ways suggesting the potential for wealth and riches. And not all of those ICOs have gone on to success. In fact, as discussed below, the one pitched by Holyfield was shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The risks to Main Street investors has prompted regulators to rush onto the scene and begin closely monitoring efforts to market cryptocurrencies to consumers. Below are some of the more significant developments over the past several months, as well as thoughts about what may lie ahead.

SEC Targets Celebrity Endorsements

One of the earliest shots across the bow came from the SEC. While the SEC isnt exactly known for targeting celebrity endorsements on social media (the FTC usually does that), it issued a statement on November 1, 2017, urging consumers to be skeptical of celebrity-endorsed ICOs and warning endorsers that they must disclose the nature, scope, and amount of compensation received in exchange for the promotion. Failure to do so, said the SEC, would violate the anti-touting provisions of the federal securities laws.

Traditionally, the SECs tool of choice for targeting so-called pump-and-dump schemes, anti-touting laws, curtail the ability of paid promoters to influence the price of a security through endorsements. Case in point: the anti-touting provision of the Securities Act of 1933 makes it unlawful to give publicity to any advertisement or communication which describes [a] security for a consideration received or to be received without fully disclosin...


Bitcoin Mining Hardware Thief Escapes from Prison "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Sindri Thor Stefansson, the alleged culprit behind the theft of 600 cryptomining computers, escaped from prison earlier this week.


US Stablecoin Project Basis Raises $133 Mln From Major VC Firms "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Crypto project Basis raises $133 mln from big name VCs to launch a non-volatile cryptocurrency #NEWS


Salon Joins With AdLedger and IBM to Trial a Blockchain Approach to Ad Tech "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Salon Adledger IBM

A digital media pioneer, liberal news and commentary site Salon launched in November 1995 just as online news was starting to get its teeth. This was back when the internet was still ramping up. Publishers and advertisers had a simpler relationship then.

Despite its wonders, the internet has made advertising models increasingly complicated. Where advertisers and publishers once had a one-on-one relationship, todays ads go through a series of intermediaries before they reach their target audience. This opens the door to high-tech fraudsters who do things like siphon money away from advertisers by spoofing them with fake impressions. The problem has gotten so bad that, by some estimates, one third of paid-programming impressions are not viewed by actual people.

Striving to find a solution, Salon is teaming up with IBM and nonprofit AdLedger to participate a proof-of-concept permissioned blockchain for programmatic ad buying. The hope is that blockchain technology will squash out fraud by bringing transparency to the ad-tech supply chain, giving advertisers clarity in regards to where their ad dollars are going.

"This proof of concept will not only help publishers like us regain more control over our inventory, but will also illuminate where inefficiencies exist within the long and complex supply chain," said Ryan Nathanson, chief operating officer of Salon Media Group, in a press release announcing the project on April 18, 2018.

AdLedger, a non-profit research-and-development consortium, is using the trial as way to educate its members about the potential of blockchain technology and also to begin forming rules and standards around putting ad tech on the blockchain. Salon will participate in the trial project as a publisher, while IBM is taking the dual role of advertiser and technology provider. Salon and IBM are both members of the AdLedger consortium.

The project itself is being built on Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source framework for permissioned blockchains, based partly on code contributed by IBM.

To be clear, the goal is not to develop production-ready software; the goal is to really expose the potential of blockchain and show our members what it can do so they feel comfortable putting those rules and standards into place, Christiana Cacciapuoti, executive director at AdLedger, told Bitcoin Magazine.  

As she explained, at its core, the proof of concept w...


Analyst Says Cryptocurrency Trading Will Be Dominated by Wall Street "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Mainstream capital markets have introduced bitcoin futures trading in December 2017, which triggered a run towards the $20,000 highs. That may have been just the beginning as investment bankers in Wall Street announce cryptocurrency trading desks.

Wall Street to Domesticate Cryptocurrencies, Says Analyst

Barclays Plc, one of the largest banks in the UK, has recently announced it is adhering to cryptocurrency trading in response to demand from customers. The move follows Goldman Sachs lead while many within the financial services industry are still figuring out their position on cryptocurrency as a trading instrument.

The goal of trading desks at banks is to fulfill customers needs and wishes, even if that means trading cryptocurrencies, as long as they are able to comply to the corresponding regulation. Otherwise, banks will essentially fall out of the financial system. It is the job of a bank to trade whatever customers want to, and this new tradeable thing automatically becomes a financial instrument.

Banks are able to pick the instrument and provide a number of financial services, including lending, broking (connecting buyers and sellers), market-making (buying or selling directly from or to customers for the banks own account), custody (holding for safekeeping and regulatory purposes), derivatives (taking complex bets from customers), and research.

Once there is a critical mass of client expectation that a kind of stuff is financial stuff, then the banks had better start providing those services for it, according to Bloomberg View columnist Matt Levine, a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs. Demand for such services has skyrocketed as hedge funds that deal with cryptocurrencies look for banks to handle the trades, similarly to prime brokers, and serve as custodians of the assets. The buy-side is struggling to expand into crypto because they are not allowed to use unregulated exchanges for such services.

Ever since Bitcoin futures contracts emerged, which allows exposure to the price without owning cryptocurrencies, money managers have been able to enter the market with more ease. Levine believes banks may eventually domesticate cryptocurrency if there is enough demand from clients.



Pavel Durov: Im Using Bitcoin to Neutralize Russias Telegram Ban "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Russias Telegram ban officially went into effect this week, but the encrypted messaging app is fighting back against the government censors and its using Bitcoin to power those efforts. Telegram founder Pavel Durov revealed Tuesday that he has begun distributing Bitcoin grants to groups and organizations operating virtual private networks (VPNs) and other proxy

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Building Your Own Online Casino in 5 Minutes: A How-To Guide "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Online casino gambling is the biggest industry on the web right now and if youve ever wanted to build your very own online casino, now is the best time to do so!

2018 is the year for the entrepreneur and the internet adventurer, with all sorts of possibilities now available. This includes online casinos which, up until now, have always been the domain of big business. Almost everyone knows that getting into the online casino industry is extremely difficult for a number of very important reasons. Find out why here.

Why Owning and Operating a Conventional Online Casino is Impossible

The online casino industry is massive and still growing. There are hundreds upon hundreds of online casinos already operating on the web, all trying to catch the same fish from the same ocean. This is one of the reasons why online casinos offer huge bonuses to unsuspecting new players, as a way to draw them in essentially bait.

While a conventional online casino may not cost as much to run as a conventional brick and mortar casino, there are still significant costs involved. This includes all sorts of factors such as domain registration, designing and building the website, purchasing back-end software, and games from well-known online casino software providers, purchasing online security services, licensing agreements, advertising and so forth. A new online casino also requires a significant amount of operating capital, particularly in the critical first few months of operating.

Unless you are a corporate entity, have significant financial partnerships in place, or are part of a syndicate or network, owning, operating or even launching an online casino is near to impossible. At least, a conventional online casino. But what about something a bit more unconventional?

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Why Owning and Operating an Unconventional Online Casino is Easy

2018 is all about new opportunities and all things unconventional, bold and new and online casinos are no exception to this new wave of entrepreneurial thinking.

In 2017, a new concept in online casino gambling was announced to the world, the 0% house edge gambling concept. In this concept, all online casino games which usually have a built-in advantage to...


Energy Giant BP Says It's Tested 'Internal' Tokens "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

British Petroleum would consider partnering with startups that conduct initial coin offerings.


Bitcoin Cash Gains Advance 4% Above BTC "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Gains Advance 4% Above BTC

On Wednesday, April 18, cryptocurrency markets have been bouncing all around over the past twelve hours as a few coins have seen some higher gains than most. Three-day charts show bitcoin core markets took a slight dip after touching a high of $8,425 USD on April 15, as spot prices are up 2 percent today and the fiat value per BTC currently rests between $7,900-8,100. Bitcoin cash markets are on a tear and have seen a significant upswing in market action during the days trading sessions. The value of bitcoin cash is up 6.8 percent at a price of $825 per BCH.

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Cryptocurrency Market Volumes Remain Healthy

Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Gains Advance 4% Above BTC Digital currency markets are seeing some action today, after a majority of coins took a slight tumble yesterday during the early evening trading sessions (EDT). At the time of publication BTCs market value is hovering between $7,900-8,100 with a decent amount of trade volume over the past 24-hours. Daily global trade volume for BTC shows an a...


Banks and the Crypto Industry: Asia "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Everything you need to know about banks and crypto from China to Malaysia


Craig Wright Moves to Dismiss 'Shakedown' Bitcoin Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The man who claimed to be bitcoin's founder won't stand for this "attempted shakedown" in U.S. federal court.


Why You Should Invest in AirPod Tokens in Such Times of Uncertainty "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrencies and the earning potential associated with them has made it an attractive financial asset. In addition to regular day-traders and small-time crypto-investors, the interest it has garnered from renowned mainstream investors as they include them in their portfolios has further increased the demand for these digital assets. However, the global cryptocurrency market has been under a cloud of uncertainty in the recent times. The year 2018 will definitely be regarded as a year full of uncertainties and surprises. After an impressive performance by the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market has taken a nose dive at the beginning of this year.

As the market recovers, a majority of the cryptocurrencies have stayed true to their volatile characteristics by either losing value or making unpredictable gains. These violent swings have also become a cause of concern to many who are invested in the digital currencies. While there is no surety about the return on investments with conventional cryptocurrencies, AirPods own crypto-tokens (APOD) stand apart from the rest, thanks to its unique model.

Unlike rest of the market, the APOD tokens are designed to provide returns over a prolonged duration as it is backed by an actual full-fledged real-world business model. These tokens will consistently remain stable throughout, almost immune to the market turmoil.

So, Whats AirPod?

AirPod is a -capsule style- private unit which can be installed in public spaces such as airports, hotels, railway and bus stations, offices and more. They came in a sleek, ergonomic design with an ideal environment for people seeking an area to relax, sleep, or even work in private, in a public place. The units will have various features to enhance the user experience such as sound reduction technology and Wi-Fi, among others. These units are interconnected to each other over blockchain and the platform is powered by its own native ERC20 compliant APOD tokens. While the blockchain provides transparency and security to the network, these tokens act as the preferred mode of value exchange over the platform.

Heavy on Large Cap Tokens

The APOD tokens are a blessing in disguise to the crypto-ecosystem in the times of global uncertainty. As AirPod builds its own economy based on the native APOD tokens, it provides an opportunity for the token holders to enter into a Sponsorship Program that acts as a profit-share agreement with the company. Those investing in APOD can covert them to enroll into the progra...


European VC Firms Show a Keen Interest in ICOs and Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrency has been very speculative in nature for as long as most people remember. Given the recent price swings, one would expect there to be less interest in Bitcoin. In Europe, the opposite trend is forming, as VCs flock to virtual currencies en masse. Major VC firms are buying into sales of new coins and even ask investors for their blessing to do so.

The Cryptocurrency Appeal Remains

Even though 2018 hasnt been a good year for any cryptocurrency, the global interest remains in place. Even with lower prices, speculators are convinced positive things are bound to happen. Some experts claim Bitcoin will even hit $25,000 or more later this year. It will take a lot of effort before this can effectively happen. Right now, one BTC is valued at just over $8,000. It creates a great opportunity for speculators to buy into this craze.

Unlike what people may think, speculators are not the only ones interested in cryptocurrency. European VC firms are also leaning toward Bitcoin and altcoin investments. While this industry remains largely unregulated in Europe, it has attracted a lot of attention. With institutional investors now preparing to embrace Bitcoin and altcoins, the future looks pretty bright.  At the same time, this interest by European VC firms is still in the early stages.

With firms asking investors whether or not they should pursue this option, an interesting precedent is created. HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, for example, is looking to buy ICO tokens directly. This shows these firms are not necessarily buying existing and popular cryptocurrencies. ICO tokens are also appealing, albeit they bear a lot more risks in this regard. Zurich-based Lakestar has been making strategic investments in cryptocurrency since 2017.

Big and Small Firms Are Investing

What makes this trend in ...


Bitcoin Isnt a Magnet for Criminal Activity: Quebec Government "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin is not a tool for money laundering, nor is it a magnet for other types of criminal activities, the office of the Quebec governments chief scientist said in a newly-published article. Earlier this week, the office of Quebec Chief Scientist Rmi Quirion published a fact check on Bitcoin, examining the commonly-held assumption that it

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Startup To Solve Major Problems of Gig Economy By Building A Decentralized Network "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A startup comes up with an idea on how to provide pensions for Uber-drivers and lower advertising costs for Airbnb landlords #SPONSORED


Brazils Biggest Investment Firm To Launch OTC Crypto Exchange, Local Sources Say "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Major Brazilian firm XP Investimentos reportedly looking to enter crypto exchange arena. #NEWS


DasCoin: The Store of Value within the Das Ecosystem "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

DasCoin is the store of value at the heart of a wider network of component parts coming together to form the Das ecosystem. Combined with a world-class hardware infrastructure and proprietary consortium blockchain technology that is both Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) authenticated, DasCoin offers unrivaled speed, scalability, and security, with all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses of other currencies.

The minting of DasCoin is driven by NetLeaders  a community of empowerment, a new kind of network that holds the values of transparency, mutual trust and fairness at its core. And it is underpinned by WebWallet  the worlds most secure digital wallet, providing access to the global DasEcosystem platform and associated Blockchain-based services.

Talking about the business, Eberhard Wedekind, a member of the independent board of directors at DasCoin, said: DasCoin has a global business. We are not trying to throw a coin onto the market. We have taken a long time to build, grow and develop our blockchain over the last two years. We are working hard to build a complete digital asset system.

We are learning from other initiatives and merging the best elements of these to create a better-decentralized system, encompassing a more centralized approach to build a hybrid system. In the end, there will be quite a massive shake-out of all the participators in the market. The ones with strength in execution and purpose with value will succeed and its our ambition that DasCoin will be part of this group.

DasCoin many advantages including its speed of transactions, offering a six-second maximum transaction time compared to Bitcoins 10 minutes.  It is also highly scalable, with the capacity to handle more than 100,000 transactions per second.  It provides tremendous security, featuring a built-in bank-standard Know Your Customer authentication process that helps to build a verified network of users while simultaneously preventing fraud and money laundering.

Additionally, DasCoin does not rely on miners to produce the coin in the way that Bitcoin and proof of work cryptocurrencies use. Instead, each coin is minted. Members of the public can obtain Cycles by purchasing licenses through the NetLeaders websites. These Cycles are convertible into DasCoin once they join what is known as a Minting Queue. There will be a total volume of 8.5 billion DasCoin of which around 700 million have already been minted.

The four founders behind the Das ecosystem provide a powerful team with a vision and s...


Beyond the Slump: Whats Next for Bitcoin? Regulation vs Education "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Remember the DAO hack? In the first part, we discussed the role of different tokens and purposes, as its crucial to analyse how assets evolve and are perceived by investors. Besides price and volume, what else do you think people worry about the most? Regulation.  And what a day I chose to write about this

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Innosilicon With New D9 DecredMaster and S11 SiaMaster ASIC Miners "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Innosilicon just came up with two new ASIC miners, one is for Decred (DCR) and the other one is for SiaCoin (SC) joining in with other ASIC manufacturers that have already announced miners for these coins. The Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster ASIC miner is apparently capable of delivering 2.1 TH/s hashrate for mining Decred (DCR) with 900 Watts of power usage. The new Decred ASIC miner is priced at $6800 USD (54.487 LTC or 0.942194 BTC) without a power supply or shipping cost included and should start shipping from 27th April, 2018.

Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster Specifications:
Hashrate: 2.1 TH/s (+/-8%)
Power Consumption: 900W (+/-8%, normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25C temperature )
Chip Type: D9 DecredMaster ASIC
Dimensions: Single Tube, 310 mm(L)*130mm(W)*155mm(H)
Net Weight: 3.6KG
Operating Temperature: 0C85C (device junction temperature)
Network Connection: Ethernet

The Innosilicon S11 SiaMaster ASCI miner is apparently designed for Siacoin (SC) mining and should be capable of delivering 3.83 TH/s with a power usage of 1380 Watts. The price of the new Siacoin (SC) ASIC miner is currently set at $3500 USD (28.045 LTCor 0.484953 BTC) without a power supp...


Despite India Crypto Crackdown, Users Can Buy Bitcoin on P2P Exchanges Like Paxful "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Reserve Bank of Indias recent ban on financial institutions transacting with companies using or offering cryptocurrency services will certainly have consequences for the nation. However, thanks to peer-to-peer exchanges like Paxful, one of these is unlikely to be cryptocurrency usage and adoption in general.

Paxful Offers Users Exposure to Cryptocurrency Whilst Completely Bypassing the Banks

On April 5, the Reserve Bank of India issued a statement which banned the the nations banks from dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges and other similar services. Thankfully for Indias crypto enthusiasts, it didnt drop any hint of a pending government crackdown on digital currencies though.

According to Sathvik V, the CEO and founder of Unocoin one of Indias largest wallet and exchange platforms the statement will leave the legality status of Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies in Indian unchanged. He believes the RBI move is to protect people and companies from the risks associated with such volatile assets.

Whilst exchanges like Unocoin plan to continue their businesses, the fact that users will no longer be able to deposit and withdraw from exchanges directly to their bank accounts will surely impact their bottom line. However, there are other forms of exchange that will be able to provide off and on ramp services for those wishing to enter or exit the market.

Peer-to-peer exchanges such as Paxful allow users to organise trades and pay for crypto with a variety of different methods. These include PayPal, Western Union, and even various gift card sellers such as Amazon or OneVanilla. Peer-to-peer exchanges also sit more logically with the entire idea behind cryptocurrency. Surely, the antithesis of a decentralised system such as Bitcoin is using a hugely centralised institution such as a bank. The oft...


Bittwatt Launches Electricity Trading on the Blockchain with True Real Time Pricing "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Blockchain technology is not only for trading cryptocurrencies. Electricity can now be traded with the benefits of the decentralized, transparent and flexible platform.

Electricity trading is a market with big opportunities, but also big challenges. As renewable energy markets grow rapidly and start to comprise a larger share of the energy mix, more new energy systems are creating more inefficiencies. In the current system, these inefficiencies mean electricity is traded and consumed based on faulty pricing signals.

As a result of a lack of real-time electricity pricing, the power trading markets are fraught with risks. Price volatility is high. As more new players enter the market, credit risk is increasing. And Market manipulations by traders are becoming easier and represent an ongoing problem.

Real-Time Demand Response Creates Real Value for Power Traders and Consumers

The Bittwatt platform brings all energy players onto one platformthose who produce, trade, transport, distribute and consume electricity where full information disclosure and price transparency allows market participants to extract real value.

Real-time pricing allows producers, consumers, and traders of electricity to fully offset their sales and purchases of electricity at the true market value. An imbalanced power market creates waste and extra costs. On the other hand, a balanced power market based on correct pricing signals allows market participants to optimize the forecasting, production, trading, and consumption of power.

Until the BittWatt platform provided the opportunity to gather all the players onto one transparent real-time market, energy balancing faced too many challenges. These included trades that can take days to settle, congestion and blockages in power transportation grids, and faulty pricing signals that make it difficult to sell power back to the grid at the best price. These advantages are only possible in a system that integrates all the market operators. With costs minimized at each node in the electricity system, consumers have many opportunities to lower their energy bills.


Japanese Police Arrest 12 Men For Allegedly Buying $1.7 Mln In Bitcoin With Fake Fiat "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Japanese police have arrested 12 men for allegedly buying Bitcoin with almost $2 mln in counterfeit fiat. #NEWS


Crypto Privacy Tokens See Price Lift on Pornhub Deal "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Has Pornhub's decision to accept payments in verge's XVG token boosted the prospects of other privacy-focused cryptocurrencies?


Freedom is Winning in the Encryption Arms Race "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

(Garrison) At tax time in the US, as Gaurav Sangwani  of Indias Financial Express reports, many American cryptocurrency users werent interested in discussing that aspect of their lives with the Internal Revenue Service. In an early April TeamBlind survey of 2,600 people who earned money from crypto, 46% said they wouldnt be reporting those earnings to Uncle Sam. Meanwhile, per Investopedias Nathan Reiff, fewer than 100 of Credit Karma Taxs 250,000 most recent filers  had reported cryptocurrency transactions as of April 13.

Thats bad news for the IRS, but great news for America. People whose ancestors fought a revolution nearly 250 years ago on the slogan no taxation without representation are finally acquiring the weapons to fight a new revolution on a new slogan: No taxation without CONSENT.

Taxation as we know it is really nothing more than the typical mob protection racket: Nice livelihood you got there be a shame if anything happened to it. And since the birth of employer withholding during World War Two, the mobsters have mostly had it easy. They rake what they want right off the top of your paycheck and encourage you to think of any partial refund as a gift.

The racket has always had two weak points, though.

One is that its dependent on a model of employment centralized workplace, lots of employees, one employer thats increasingly giving way to a gig economy in which more and more people are becoming de facto self-employers.

The other is that its dependent on an easy access to personal information that once favored the mobsters but that has likewise been breaking down since the dawn of widely available Internet access.

Since the late 1980s, Americans have been engaged in an arms race with the federal government: Our strong encryption versus their attempts to compromise that encryption. Win some, lose some, but cryptocurrency is potentially our sides decisive super-weapon.

If you thought the perpetual whining from law enforcement about encryption was about fighting terrorism, think again. Its mostly about the money. Like other mobsters, politicians and their accomplices hate the idea of their rackets coming to an end.

Government will get much smaller and much less powerful once it has to ask nicely for a share of the wealth you produce, and justify the request, instead of just taking what it wants. That day draws closer as the percentage of people using cryptocurrency and declining to tell Unc...


IBM-Backed Blockchain Trial Takes Aim at Advertising's Middlemen "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Working with IBM and Salon, AdLedger is launching a proof-of-concept to show how ad spend can be managed more transparently on a private blockchain.


Over and Out: $50 Million Savedroid ICO Makes Apparent Exit Scam "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The founders of cryptocurrency startup Savedroid appear to have exit-scammed investors following the conclusion of its initial coin offering (ICO). On Wednesday, the website for the German company unexpectedly went offline and has since been replaced by a single image the Aannd Its Gone meme, which first originated on South Park. And in case

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NordFX: The Best Broker to Work with Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The cryptocurrency economy is known for various factors which makes one lose their money, if not careful. Some of these include the volatility of the asset, cybersecurity threats and the increasing number of unreliable crypto-platforms. In such a scenario, it has become really important to choose the most reliable platforms with a good operation history to ensure peace of mind and watch the investments grow as Bitcoin and other digital assets continue to gain a strong foothold in the global economy.

The evolution of Bitcoin ecosystem has already showcased its huge potential in the economy and the earning potential it offers to the community. So, instead of missing out on the golden opportunity to reap profits by worrying about the risks, traders can use some of the best online trading and brokerage platforms like NordFX provides to have a worry-free trading an experience, just like any other financial asset. So, how does NordFX stand apart from rest of the platforms out there?

Reliable and Secure Broker with Clients Capital Protection.

It is a known fact that cryptocurrencies are designed to offer safety and act as a digital medium to furnish financial transactions. But the same cant be said about the intermediaries that facilitate such transactions as many of them operate in the online Wild West, with no regulations, licenses or adequate security measures. NordFX, a Forex brokerage firm realizes these threats faced by the users and it is committed to eliminating concerns over the safety of its clients cryptocurrency portfolio.

NordFX is a renowned international Forex broker providing trading services to both individuals and institutional consumers. The firm consistently implements cutting-edge technologies to their trading platform, continues to add a range of cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments to its offering, all these while ensuring the systems are up-to-date.

The firm is recognized as a reliable and secure broker with a unique client capital protection scheme. Since 2008, more than 1,200,000 user accounts have been created on the platform by clients from more than 100 countries. The reliability and stability of NordFX work are evidenced by the fact that the company itself has been awarded over 30 prestigious professional prizes and awards including the 2017 Best Broker to Work with Cryptocurrencies at the IAFT Awards. That is not the first, NordFX award-winning spree dates to 2010, gaining a reputation across the forex and cryptocurrency scenes, as is evident on their official website....


Investment Match-Making Platform to Bring Fairness Through Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

SPINDLE, is a rjt that m primarily t rvdng a fr ground for everyone in nvtmnt regardless of wh th r r whr they r frm. Through its advanced nvtmnt match-making ltfrm Zeta, SPINDLE intends tht vrn proactively gt nvlvd in thr own nvtmnt.  Bng a platform fr rvt nvtr nd rturrn fund, Zeta will allow ur to compare trnrnt nfrmtn about h f thr rt funds and connect drtl with t managers to help dvrf nd grw thr nvtmnt, all b thmlv. Th is md bl by th BLACKSTAR GROUP, whh w founded b xrt n th fld of finance, investment bnkng, lw nd technology. Th rdnt all tk including lnnng nd xutn f rjt.

SPINDLE tnd ut rmnnt n tht th r the vr frt nvtmnt match making ltfrm where th ntrld authority whh ud t b rrvd nd concentrated at a ntrl nt, a group f people rmvd, mkng t bl fr mr l t enjoy investing nd mngng thr t on an ul grund. This w, mr l r enabled t nj enriched lives thrugh nvtmnt and asset mngmnt, hvng bn frd frm th conventional exploitative l structure that bd on ntrlzd uthrt. In a tntll expansive dntrlzd mrkt lk SPINDLE, people r able t engage in nvtmnt and t management n an ul basis for th ur of nt nl nrng their t, but l to enjoy th nw r nd ld an nrhd dl lf, bng ndndnt nd n hrg.

How SPINDLE d this tht t records the rtr plans, htr and rfrmn with rturrn ung blockchain thnlg, nblng utmr to judg nvtmnt options based n nfrmtn that nnt b flfd. Al, customers mk direct nvtmnt using the SPINDLE urrn, that n third rt can ntrvn n th nvtmnt r. Suh nvtmnt mmdtl rrdd in the blkhn using mrt ntrt technology tht th rltnh between investors and t managers is rtd n equal trm wthut th nd for nvntnl bnk or urt companies t t as middlemen.

Blkhn are dtrbutd ledgers tht enable the exchange of value btwn parties tht nthr knw nr trut h other. Th reliably track th tt f th ntrtn while maintaining ntn r the dtb and rvdng guarantees f nfrmtnl security. Investing...


SpyCO? Facebook-Linked Cambridge Analytica Planned Its Own Coin Offering "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

SpyCO? Facebook-Linked Cambridge Analytica Planned its Own Coin Offering

Cambridge Analytica, the London-headquartered data mining firm responsible for the latest Facebook privacy scandal, has reportedly been working on launching its own initial coin offering (ICO) in recent months. The company has also been linked to helping other shady players market their tokens.  

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Privacy Dystopia

SpyCO? Facebook-Linked Cambridge Analytica Planned its Own Coin OfferingCambridge Analytica was planning an ICO in order to fund a system for storing and selling personal data to advertisers. Ironically, the system was presented as an online privacy solution that could help prevent exactly what the company specializes in doing. The effort seems to have been put on hold now that the global spotlight has been put on Cambri...


Amazon Thinks Data Marketplace Could Help Law Enforcement Keep Tabs on Bitcoin Users "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin may finally be coming to Amazon, though not in the way that most users have anticipated. According to documents filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a subsidiary of the Seattle-based tech giant has obtained a patent for a data streaming marketplace that allows users to sell or subscribe to streaming data

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US: SEC Subpoenas Biotech-Turned-Crypto Company Riot Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The newly-named Riot Blockchain company, which used to work in veterinary science, has been subpoenaed by the SEC #NEWS


Crypto Exchange Huobi Expands Beyond Asia and Looks to London "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Huobi, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China, is set to expand its business outside of Asia. The company, who is headquartered in Singapore and has recently opened a subsidiary in South Korea, has announced a plan to set up an office in London.

Huobi Exchange Plans to Open in London

Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange originally from Beijing and now headquartered in Singapore amid the Chinese ban on the industry, is setting up a plan to expand its operations in Europe. Chern Chung, Senior Business Development Manager for Europe at Huobi, said the company wants to have a presence in the city because our statistics show that London is the most active trading scene across all of Europe, according to reports.

From London, Huobi will be able to build and launch products and services for the European customer base. Additionally, the exchange wants to build strategic relationships with the global banks headquartered in the city, the worlds top financial center, despite the ongoing uncertainty Brexit is still having on the ecosystem in London.

By moving to London, the exchange operator will be exposing its business to a very respectable jurisdiction when it comes to regulatory oversight. The United Kingdom has one the most up-to-date global regulations on cryptocurrency and is not as lax as some other territories, such as Gibraltar or Malta.

Peng Hu, Vice President of the Huobi Group, is determined to open the office in London despite the advantages offered by other jurisdictions.

Not Malta, not Switzerland. Absolutely London, more precisely Britain, is the entry point for the European market for us.

The move shows Huobis commitment and determination to go mainstream, and that we are not afraid of regulation nor are we escaping regulation, Chung added.

Huobi was forced to leave the Beijing office in Q4 2017 amid the Chinese ban on cryptocurrency trading. The company moved to Singapore and has been quickly designing its global expansion plans, including offices in South Korea, the United States, and Japan.



Crypto Fraudsters Face Jail Time, Warns Philippines Securities Regulator "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Philippines SEC has issued a warning to the public to be cautious on 14 cryptocurrency investment schemes in the country.


Chinese Police Arrest Founders of Alleged $13 Million Blockchain Pyramid Scheme "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Chinas local newspaper has reported that Xian police has successfully arrested people involved in a pyramid scheme purporting to be a blockchain platform. The suspects created the DBTC platform and made it available for users from Mar. 28 to Apr. 15 this year. Almost 13,000 people registered and invested a total of 80 million Yuan

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Korean Exchange Bithumb Has Reserves Worth $6 Billion in 12 Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Korean Exchange Bithumb Has Reserves Worth $6 Billion in 12 Cryptocurrencies

One of South Koreas largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bithumb, has published its first audit report, detailing its financial performance as well as crypto reserves worth approximately $6 billion kept in 12 cryptocurrencies.

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$6 Billion Worth of Coins

South Koreas second largest cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb recently released its first public audit report.

Korean Exchange Bithumb Has Reserves Worth $6 Billion in 12 CryptocurrenciesThe exchange has 220 employees and 15 shareholders, the report details. It generated 333.42 billion won (~US$312 million) in operating revenue in 2017, a significant increase compared to the previous year of 4.32 billion won (~$4.1 million). Its net profit was 534.90 billion won (~$501 million) in 2017, up sharply from 2.51 billion won (~$2.4 million) in the previous year.

The Korea Times elaborated:



Chinas Telecom Giant Huawei Launches Blockchain-As-A-Service Platform "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Chinas telecommunications giant Huawei launches Blockchain Service, its second Hyperledger integration #NEWS


250 Corporates Join ICICI Bank Blockchain Test "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Indian private bank ICICI Bank has on-boarded more than 250 corporate firms to undertake trade finance transactions on blockchain network.


10 Wednesday AM Reads "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

My Its only Wednesday? Really!? morning train reads: Tesla CEO Elon Musks email to employees (Electrek) see also The Half-Life Of Danger: The Truth Behind The Tesla Model X Crash (The Drive)  The II300: How the Largest Asset Managers Are Bracing for Disruption (Institutional Investor)  Debunking But Bitcoin is like the early Internet! (David Gerard) see also The Bitcoin Standard

Read More

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South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Unveil Self-Regulation Guidelines "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges aim to self-regulate this industry. That decision has been known for a while now, yet the official rules were unveiled last night. This approach will help provide a more legitimate image for the different cryptocurrencies gaining traction in the region. Additionally, it will also foster a vibrant blockchain ecosystem.

South Korea and Self-Regulation

Several weeks ago, it became apparent South Korean exchanges wanted more regulation. Rather than leaving the matter in the hands of the government, an industry-wide standard is created by these companies. The main purpose is to boost transparency and counter money laundering attempts. Over the years, the illegal actions associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency have been rather numerous.

Self-regulation is rather uncommon in the world of cryptocurrency. In most cases, government officials and regulators determine the rules of play. During yesterdays press conference, 14 domestic trading platforms outlined their own set of rules. This group of platforms includes the likes of Bithumb, Upbit, OKCoin, among others. They are all part of the Korea Blockchain Association.

For now, the association will determine if these exchanges meet the new rules. Besides the 14 members, a total of nine other companies are also looking to adhere to these new guidelines. Since none of the rules are legally binding, it remains to be determined how all of this pans out exactly.  Under the new guidelines, exchanges should not see much of a change compared to how they handle things as of right now

The Changes for Exchanges to Adhere to

Regulation can come in many different ways, but it is evident South Korea plans to do things the traditional way. Exchanges need to separate the management of customers coins and their own holdings accordingly. Additionally, reporting of abnormal transactions is of the utmost importance. Similar guidelines exist in the financial sector as of right now.

Further rules include enhanced client protection, holding a minimum equity of 2 million Won, and publishing regul...


Bain, Lightspeed Back First ICO With $133 Million Basis Funding "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

There are many stablecoins, but only one that has one investor who busted a central bank and another who used to help run one. Also, Google and Bain.


Indian Cryptocurrency Startup Challenges Central Bank Ban in Court Petition "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Ahead of its planned launch of a cryptocurrency exchange, an Indian crypto startup has filed a writ petition challenging the central banks mandate of stopping banks from providing services to the sector. Deeming the recent Reserve Bank of India (RBI) policy of prohibiting banks from dealing with cryptocurrency companies as unconstitutional, Kali Digital Ecosystems has

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Yes, You Can Buy Your World Cup Ticket with Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Yes, You Can Buy Your World Cup Ticket with Bitcoin

Russian crypto-media have asked a meaningful question why World Cup tickets cant be bought with cryptocurrency. Credit card payments and bank transfers are currently accepted, but are they an option for every fan who wants to go to the stadium? And, is it really impossible to get a ticket with your bitcoin?

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Dear FIFA, Why?

Yes, You Can Buy Your World Cup Ticket with BitcoinDespite the growing popularity of both cryptocurrencies and football, in Russia and around the world, its been said that its currently impossible to buy a ticket for the Mundial with bitcoin or is it? L...


Cambridge Analytica Planned ICO Before Facebook Controversy: Reports "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cambridge Analytica reportedly planned to launch its own cryptocurrency before the controversy over its misuse of facebook data.


Bitcoin Price Defends $8K But Pullback Still in Play "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin remains on the hunt for a bullish move over $8,400 after recovering from a sharp overnight dip.


Hedge Fund Och-Ziff Exec Leaves Wall Street To Become Coinbase CFO "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Another exec has left the traditional financial sector for crypto, as Oz Managements CFO leaves to become CFO at Coinbase. #NEWS


With This Cryptocurrency, Everyone Gets Paid "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Could the blockchain be used to support local communities and build a new model for basic income? Circles thinks it has an answer, starting at a tiny cafe in Berlin.

The rise of cryptocurrency and the underlying technology of the blockchain have given rise to wide-eyed visions. Developers dream of techno-utopias where, perhaps, rent-seeking companies like AirBnB and Uber and Facebook are replaced by semiautonomous corporations built on peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptographic systems. Operating in parallel to this dream are legions of currency speculators seeking fortune on the blockchain; there are now some 1,300 cryptocurrencies. Rampant, sometimes unscrupulous investors have ushered in a new currency craze, whereby valuations fluctuate by thousands of dollars, sometimes even in the same afternoon.

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Bitcoin Rebounds to $8,100 as Verge Plummets 37% after Pump; Market Nears $350 Billion "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The bitcoin price has rebounded to $8,100 over the past 24 hours, after it dropped to $7,850 on April 17. The speedy recovery of bitcoin and strong performances of major cryptocurrencies like Monero and 0x allowed the market to climb to $334 billion, eyeing a move to $350 billion. Bitcoin Analysis Moving averages and momentum

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Litecoin Trading Arrives on South Koreas Oldest Cryptocurrency Exchange "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Litecoin has always been one of the more popular cryptocurrencies on the market. In recent months however, the currency has lost some of its appeal. With the LitePay deal falling through, a bump in the road was hit. Now that Korbit will launch LTC trading, things are looking up once again. Having the oldest Korean exchange on board is a pretty big deal for any currency.

Korbit Taps Litecoin for Trading

South Korea is the current hub for cryptocurrency-related activity. Its local exchanges generate a lot of volume every single day. With these exchanges now imposing self-regulation, the industry will continue to thrive. Korbit is one of the oldest exchanges in the country as of right now. Even so, the company needs to keep evolving like other trading platforms.

The decision to enable Litecoin trading is rather interesting in this regard. While a very popular cryptocurrency, a lot of exchanges already provide LTC trading. Especially in South Korea, Litecoin has become rather popular alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum. For Korbit, adding Litecoin at this stage is a crucial decision.

More specifically, this platform offers a lot of legitimacy to the cryptocurrency industry. While not generating the most volume, it is still a go-to solution for a lot of novice traders. Deposits for Litecoin have been enabled since last night and transactions will go live later today. For now, it remains to be seen how much volume Korbit can bring to the table in the coming weeks and months.

A Positive Development for Litecoin

This news comes at a crucial time for Litecoin as a whole. The popular cryptocurrency has seen its fair share of controversy and minor setbacks in recent months. It all began when Charlie Lee announced he sold off his LTC holdings when the currency hit a rather high value. This comment does not impact the future direction of Litecoin, but it put a lot of holders and investors on edge for a while.

To add to these woes, the ......


Debt Rattle April 18 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Franco Fontana Prague 1967   Junk Bond Market Still in Total Denial, Fighting the Fed (WS) World Trade System In Danger Of Being Torn Apart, Warns IMF (G.) Eurozone Engine Sputters as German Downturn Risk Sharpens (BBG) Bitcoin Tumbles After Mystery Whale Dumps $50 Million In One Trade (ZH) Japan

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Huawei Unveils Hyperledger-Powered Blockchain Service Platform "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Huawei has become the latest Chinese tech giant to launch its own blockchain-as-a-service platform, following on the heels of Tencent and Baidu.


Philippines Senator Wants Harsher Penalties for Cryptocurrency Crimes "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Philippines Senator Wants Harsher Penalties for Cryptocurrency Crimes

On Monday April 16, the Philippines opposition senator Leila M. de Lima asked her fellow bureaucrats to push the passage of the cryptocurrency bills she helped frame. The proposed bills aim to introduce a harsher penalty towards criminals who use cryptocurrencies during illegal activities.

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Philippines Lawmaker Wants to Speed Up Cryptocurrency Regulations

Philippines Senator Wants Harsher Penalties for Cryptocurrency CrimesTheres been a lot going on in the Philippines as far as cryptocu...


GPUs And ASICs - A Never Ending Battle For Mining Supremacy "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrency mining has become a never ending battle between GPU and ASIC mining hardware. #ANALYSIS


Police Bust Alleged $13 Million Crypto Pyramid Scheme "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Police in China have arrested the founders of a claimed cryptocurrency pyramid scheme that amassed $13 million from over 13,000 people.


Cardano Price Technical Analysis ADA/USD Remains Supported "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ADA price corrected lower from the $0.2745 level, but downsides were limited against the US Dollar (tethered).
  • There is a major bullish trend line forming with support near the $0.2400 level on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair (data feed via Bittrex).
  • The pair is likely to find a strong buying interest above the $0.2400 level in the short term.

Cardano price is placed nicely in a bullish zone against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ADA/USD downsides remain limited with supports near $0.2400 and $0.2300.

Cardano Price Support

After a nice upside move, ADA price found selling interest near the $0.2745 level against the US Dollar. The price made a short-term top near the $0.2746 level and started a downside move. It declined and moved below the $0.2700 and $0.2600 support levels. Moreover, there was a break below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.2120 swing low to $0.2745 swing high.

However, the decline was limited and the price found support near the $0.2400 level. More importantly, the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.2120 swing low to $0.2745 swing high is currently acting as a support. There is also a major bullish trend line forming with support near the $0.2400 level on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair. Therefore, it seems like the pair is well supported above the $0.2400 level. Below $0.2400, the price may test a crucial pivot region near $0.2300.

Cardano Price Technical Analysis ADA USD

The chart suggests that the price may correct a few points toward $0.2400 in the short term. However, declines are likely to be limited since the $0.2400 support is very significant. On the upside, the price faces an initial resistance at $0.2550. A push above $0.2550 could open the doors for an upside move towards $0.2700.



Bitcoin in Brief Wednesday: Pornhub? Weve Never Heard of Pornhub "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin in Brief Wednesday: Pornhub? Weve Never Heard of Pornhub

Bitcoin in Brief for Wednesday is a potpourri of quickies to get your day going: Pornhub, a website weve never heard of, has joined the crypto revolution (well, Verge at least); South Koreas loss is Switzerlands gain; bitcoin blamed for every crime under the sun; Ethereums Vitalik Buterin is accused of favoritism; and bitcoin cash (BCH) is getting a ton of love from CNBCs Brian Kelly.

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Weve Never Heard of Pornhub, Whats Pornhub?

The adult entertainment titan has announced it will now accept payments in anonymous cryptocurrency Verge (XVG), according to Hard Fork. This means now you now have the option to pay for your premium subscription without leaving any trails.

Pornhubs VP explained, Here at Pornhub, were all about convenience and security, which makes cryptocurrency an attractive form of payment for us. Weve been looking at crypto for quite some time and, while overall adoption is relatively low, we think it has gained enough steam for us to penetrate the market. Dirty birds. 



3.5 Million Active Traders: Japan Leads the Way as Cryptocurrency Activity Soars "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Recent data from Japans Financial Services Authority show a huge interest in cryptocurrency, with 3.5 million crypto traders active in the country. The survey, taken from 17 Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, shows that the most traded cryptocurrencies in Japan are BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and LTC. Most crypto traders are aged from 20 to 40 years old,

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Tax Day Came and Went but Bitcoin Slipped Back Below $8,000 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin fell below $8,000 as the US tax deadline came and went, analysts say give it a few days.

Tax Day Rally Proves to be a Bust

As the much anticipated April, 15 deadline for filing US income tax passes the forecasted rally of the cryptocurrency market was nowhere to be seen as Bitcoin once again dropped below $8,000 during trading this morning.

The trading price hovered at around $8,000 yesterday through the morning and for most of the afternoon but then fell off briskly losing $200 in just 30 minutes around 4:00 pm according to coinmarketcap.

Cryptocurrency is considered as property by the Internal Revenue Service meaning that any profits made from them are subject to the capital gains tax. US households could owe as much as $25 billion in taxes from cryptocurrency profits resulting from the tremendous rise of prices in 2017. Its been this number that Bitcoin Bulls led by Tom Lee of Fundstrat have been blaming for the slow recovery of Bitcoin since the market correction at the beginning of the year.

Lee who is a regular commentator on shows like CNBCs Fast Money and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors has said that the continued selling pressure was due in part to those who had made large profits in 2017 now needing to liquidate assets in order to pay off their capital gains tax.

Lee had hedged his bets somewhat when speaking to Bloomberg by saying that with so little positive news in the cryptocurrency market thus far in the year the tax deadline may not be enough to reverse the trend, adding that

 Regulatory headline risk is still substantial And sentiment remains awful, as measured by our bitcoin misery index, which is still reading misery.

Lee still holds to his long-term predictions of Bitcoin returning to its highest price of $20,000 by mid-summer and then going beyond through the autumn of 2018.

Bulls Still Looking for Bitcoin to Make Record Highs in 2018

Jack Tatar, co-author of Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investors Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond tends to agree with Lee that Bitc...


Strange Twists And Turns Of Nano And BitGrail Since The $150 Mln Hack "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The relationship between exchange BitGrail and coin Nano has led to a strange saga unfolding following a $150 Mln theft. #RECAP


Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP/USD Approaching Breakout "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price is consolidating in a tight range above the $0.6400 support against the US dollar.
  • Yesterdays highlighted contracting triangle with current support at $0.6450 is still active on the hourly chart (data source from Kraken).
  • The pair is likely approaching a breakout either above the $0.6900 level or below $0.6400 support.

Ripple price is preparing for the next move against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD is likely to break higher above $0.6900 if buyers take control.

Ripple Price Resistance

There was no major move above the $0.6800 level in Ripple price against the US Dollar. The price remained in a tight range above the $0.6400 support and it seems like it is preparing for the next move. The recent low was formed at $0.6473 before the price moved back above $0.6500. It traded above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $0.6821 high to $0.6473 low.

The best part is the fact that yesterdays highlighted contracting triangle with current support at $0.6450 is still active on the hourly chart. The pair is well supported above the $0.6450 and $0.6400 support levels. On the upside, an initial resistance is close to the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $0.6821 high to $0.6473 low. However, a proper break above the $0.6800 resistance is needed for further gains. Above $0.6800, the price may attempt to surpass the $0.6900 and $0.7000 resistance levels.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USD

The chart suggests that the pair is soon approaching a major break either above $0.6800-0.6900 or below the $0.6400 support. If it breaks down and clears the $0.6400 support, there could be an increase in bearish pressures. Below $0.6400, the next major support awaits near the $0.6000 level.



Yours Developer Ryan X Charles Discusses Bitcoin-Powered Social Media "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Yours Developer Ryan X Charles Discusses Bitcoin-Powered Social Media recently spoke with Ryan X Charles the creator of the social network to find out whats been happening with the platform that utilizes bitcoin (BCH) for micropayments. Charles says development is going well and the team is working on a slew of new features for its user base. Furthermore, Charles discusses why he thinks using BCH is the way to go rather than creating a native token for the platform. Additionally, the developer discusses the disintermediation of social media giants like Facebook and government regulations towards cryptocurrencies in the future.

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Our Product Started Working Really Well with Low Fees and Reliable On-Chain Transactions (BC): Can you tell our readers whats been going on with the social platform Yours since it launched?



Riot Blockchain Has Been Subpoenaed By the SEC "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Riot Blockchain has received a subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Citigroup Searches for Bitcoin Professionals to Deter Money Laundering "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Citigroup is advertising positions for Bitcoin professionals in order to beef up their in-house anti-money laundering operations.

Citi wants Bitcoin Specialists to Help Deter Crypto Crime

The New York financial services giant Citigroup has posted ads on LinkedIn searching to fill vice president and senior vice president positions that will explore the risks of criminal activity associated with cryptocurrency and other digital payment technologies. The job advertisements stress knowledge of cryptocurrency and bitcoin monitoring. Candidates with a Bitcoin Professional Certificate will move to the head of the line.

The position of senior vice president is described on LinkedIn as support the Global Head of AML Monitoring Risk Management-Emerging Risk by identifying, analyzing, and implementing AML transaction monitoring risk programs related to developments in cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, and emerging payment technologies, products, and methods,

Including the Bitcoin Professional Certificate is an unusual qualification for a position in such a venerable company. When LinkedIn was searched with the qualification as a keyword only the Citigroup ad was found.

A CPB is unlike similar-sounding qualifications like CPA or CFA as it can be had by paying $50 and taking a 75 question multiple choice test online. The CPB certificate is meant to show a level of proficiency in Bitcoin transactions not to indicate any mastery of the technology that powers the cryptocurrency.

Citis Hunt for Certified Crypto Professionals may Indicate a Change in Company Position

The LinkedIn advertisements may indicate a change of position for Citigroup who in the recent past have banned customers from making cryptocurrency purchases with their credit cards. Nor has the group joined other financial giants like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in clearing Bitcoin futures trades for clients.

Ryan Taylor, the chief executive officer of Dash Core, was quoted by Business Insider as saying;

Citi is very seriously looking at risks surrounding the nascent market for digital currencies. They are either identifying risk to eliminate certain profiles, or this could be a prerequisite to identifying new opportunities in the space at a later point,...


Brazils Biggest Investment Firm XP Investimentos to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Brazilian investment giant XP Investimentos, a financial services firm managing over $35 billion for over 500,000 clients, is reportedly going to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. According to the countrys Department of Federal Revenue, XP Investimentos has recently registered XDEX INTERMEDIACAO LTDA, whose registered capital is of about $7.3 million. Available data shows the new company

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Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH/USD Hold Key Support "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price is trading above a key support near the $502 level against the US Dollar.
  • Yesterdays highlighted crucial bullish trend line with support at $502 is intact on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).
  • There was a false downside break recently, but the pair recovered back above $500.

Ethereum price stayed in a positive zone against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD must move above the $524 level to extend gains in the near term.

Ethereum Price Support

Yesterday, we discussed about a few key supports near $500 in ETH price against the US Dollar. The price moved down recently and broke the $490 level. However, it seems like it was a false break since the price moved back above $500. A low was formed at $487 and the price moved above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $524 high to $487 low.

More importantly, yesterdays highlighted crucial bullish trend line with support at $502 is intact on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The pair is currently trading above the trend line support at $502 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. It seems like the pair is well supported above the $485-500 zone. On the upside, it is facing a few key hurdles near the $425 level. An initial resistance is near the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $524 high to $487 low. However, a break above the recent high at $424 is needed for buyers to gain control in the near term.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH USD

Looking at the chart, it looks like the price is trading in a range above $500. Having said that a daily close below $500 could be significant and it could put a lot of pressure on buyers.

Hourly MACD The MACD is currently placed in the bearish zone.



Telegram Uses Bitcoin in Effort to Thwart Russian Authorities "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Telegram Uses Bitcoin to Fund Proxies and VPNs in Effort to Thwart Russian Authorities

Recently, a Moscow court handed a win to Russian security forces. In an effort to combat terrorism, they announced Telegram would be banned immediately. The company refused to hand over user information. A day after the ban going into effect, CEO Pavel Durov announced Telegram would use bitcoin to fund proxies and VPNs as possible workarounds for Russian customers.

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Telegram Remains Defiant

Pavel Durovs Telegram channel followers were pinged early this morning, explaining For the last 24 hours Telegram has been under a ban by internet providers in Russia. The reason is our refusal to provide encryption keys to Russian security agencies. For us, this was an easy decision. We promised our users 100% privacy and would rather cease to exist than violate this promise, the companys CEO stressed.

Telegram Uses Bitcoin to Fund Proxies and VPNs in Effort to Thwart Russian Authorities

Telegram has been in c...


Significant Trade Volume Triggers Localbitcoins KYC Requirement "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Significant Trade Volume Triggers Localbitcoins KYC Requirement

According to a recent thread on Reddit, Localbitcoins traders allegedly have to verify their identity if they are trading significant volume using the peer-to-peer platform.

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Localbitcoins Error Involves Know-Your-Customer Verification

Significant Trade Volume Triggers Localbitcoins KYC RequirementBitcoin users are frantically searching other exchanges today that dont require Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification. A post on the Reddit forum /r/bitcoin on April 17 showed a picture that stated a Localbitcoins users trade volume was significant this past year, and the trader had to verify their identity in order to keep trading. The picture reads:

Error! Your trade volume has been significant in the last twelve months. Please verify your identity to continue tradi...


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 04/18/2018 Look Out for this Reversal Pattern "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price is forming a head and shoulders on its 1-hour time frame to signal a potential selloff.
  • Price already seems to be breaking below the neckline to confirm that sellers have the upper hand.
  • Technical indicators are still suggesting that the uptrend could carry on, though.

Bitcoin price formed a short-term head and shoulders pattern, which is a classic selloff signal.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is still above the longer-term 200 SMA on the 1-hour time frame to indicate that the path of least resistance is to the upside. In other words, the uptrend is more likely to resume than to reverse.

Bitcoin price has broken below the 100 SMA dynamic support, though, so selling pressure could be picking up. Price could test support at the 200 SMA dynamic inflection point around $7600 next. The gap between the two is narrowing to signal weakening bullish momentum.

The head and shoulders pattern spans $7750 to $8400 so the resulting drop could be of the same height. If the current support levels hold, bitcoin price could recover to the shoulders around $8200 or past the head at $8400.

Stochastic is pointing up to show that theres some bullish pressure left, but this oscillator is nearing overbought levels to reflect exhaustion among buyers. RSI is just starting to make its way out of the oversold region to signal a return in bullish momentum.

Market Factors

Traders had been expecting a strong rebound in bitcoin price after the tax deadline has passed, but it looks like market watchers are holding out for more clues. Sentiment has mostly been positive, coming off reports that big hedge funds are ready to place bets on the industry and the acquisition of by Coinbase.

Dollar demand has been able to stay supported in recent sessions thanks to mostly upbeat economic data and hawkish Fed commentary. Easing geopolitical tensions have also lifted US bo...


Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH/USD Remains Range Bound "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price is positioned nicely above the $720 support zone against the US Dollar.
  • There is a short-term contracting triangle forming with support at $760 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
  • The pair may continue to trade in a range before it makes the next move above $790.

Bitcoin cash price is trading in a range above $720 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD is most likely to extend gains in the near term above $790-800.

Bitcoin Cash Price Support

Recently, there was a sharp downside reaction from the $788 high in bitcoin cash price against the US Dollar. It seems like it was a false break as the price recovered back above $740. The $720 support zone acted as a strong support and the price bounce back above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $788 high to $724 low.

The price also moved back above the $750 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. These are positive signs with a close above the $750 level. At the moment, there is a short-term contracting triangle forming with support at $760 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair. The pair faces a minor resistance near the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $788 high to $724 low. A break above the $785-790 resistance area could open the doors for more gains.

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH USD

Looking at the chart, the pair seems to be trading in a range above the $720 and $740 support levels. As long as the $720 support is intact, it may rise further. A break above the $800 handle would be the key for the next move in BCH in the near term.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BC...


The New Last-Ditch Effort to Unfreeze a $260 Million Ethereum Fortune "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A new proposal for unfreezing millions in ether is easier to swallow since it's focused specifically on Parity, but it's still causing a stir.


Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.00010 BTC = 0.82 USD
1.00 USD = 0.00012 BTC

Amazon Wins Patent for Data Stream to Identify Bitcoin Users for Law Enforcement "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Amazons latest patent aims to combine data from various sources to identify cryptocurrency users for subscribers including the taxman and cops.

Bitcoin bandit makes prison break, flees Iceland on PMs plane "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The suspected mastermind of Icelands big bitcoin heist reportedly escaped from prison and fled the country on a plane that was also carrying the prime minister.


Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Top Altcoin is Stellar Lumens "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

FOMO Moments

The market correction has begun. Hopes that tax day in the US would induce more bullish momentum have faded and buying pressure has largely been exhausted. Crypto markets are retreating a little during the mornings Asian trading session, led once again by Bitcoin which has lost 1% on the day falling back under $8,000 once again. In the repetitive cycle we keep witnessing this has dragged most of the altcoins down with it, albeit marginally. One or two seem to be faring much better than the rest this morning and leading the way at the moment is Stellar Lumens.

Coinmarketcap is reporting an 11% gains for XLM during the mornings trading in Asia. Most other altcoins are marginally up or down but very few are showing double digit gains. Stellar is currently trading at $0.31 up from $0.28 this time yesterday, over the week it has gained 55% from $0.20 the same time last Wednesday. The monthly picture is even brighter with Stellar climbing over 85% from its low of $0.167 on March 18. Against Bitcoin XLM is up 12% on the day to 3920 satoshis from 3500 sats this time yesterday. Over the past week Stellar has strengthened 34% against BTC from 2925 satoshis the same time last week.

Momentum has been largely driven by general positive market sentiment for all cryptocurrencies over the past week or so. Those that had the biggest losses such as Lumens and Cardano seem to have rebounded faster as traders and investors stock up on them at low prices. A number of build challenges and hackathons announced on their Twitter feed have kept the community busy and the altcoin was recently listed on Coindirect and Buybit.

The majority of trade in Asia this morning has been on Binance which commands 30% of the total volume. South Koreans have been busy with it also as Upbit and Gopax are second and third with trade in KRW. Total XLM volume has increased over the past 24 hours by over 60% to $121 million. Stellar has remained firmly in the top ten for some time now and is currently 8th position with a market cap of $5.7 billion.

Total crypto market capitalization has remained stable over the past day and currently sits at around $326 billion. If the bears can be held off, upward momentum may continue. Other altcoins having a solid morning during Asian trading include Nem, Bytecoin and Steem.



Suspect From Iceland Bitcoin Miner Theft Escapes Prison "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A suspect in the Icelandic Bitcoin miner theft, reportedly one of the largest criminal incidents in Icelandic history, has escaped from prison. #NEWS


What and Who is Bitmain? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Mighty Bitmain

Bitmain, formally known as Bitmain Technologies Ltd., is a bitcoin miner, designer of ASIC chips, and operator of one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools headquartered in Beijing, China.

If you keep up with cryptocurrency news, youve probably heard the name Bitmain by now. Some people seem to love Bitmain, some say its evil, but what exactly is Bitmain?

A Little Background

Bitmain was founded in 2013 by Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan, right as the first Bitcoin price surge was nearing its top. A lot of companies were getting into the mining game, but Zhans ASIC designs (Ill talk about ASICs later) quickly put Bitmain on the map. Soon after, the Bitcoin price tumbled and put a lot of companies out of business. Bitmain held on.

When interest in the digital gold started to pick up again, Bitmains Antminer S5 was the best hardware available, and so became the majority favorite. And when it comes to computer hardware production, economies of scale often form.

This means that the bigger the company and more powerful their hardware, the faster the company can grow and improve. This can be seen with the major semiconductor company Intel, whose processors are running in nearly 70% of all computers worldwide. Once a lead has been obtained, its very hard to lose.

This head-start in quality and popularity gave Bitmain the boost to end up on to...


Crypto Startup Files Petition Against India's Central Bank Ban "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

An Indian startup is taking the country's central bank to court over its decision to bar banks from dealing with crypto businesses.


Amazon Granted Patent For Streaming Data Marketplace With Bitcoin Use Case "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Amazon received a patent for streaming data marketplace, that allows customers to receive real-time data of cryptocurrency transactions. #NEWS


NEO, EOS, Litecoin, IOTA and Stellar: Technical Analysis April 18, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

You can now buy porn using Verge coin, Porn Hub made this official yesterday. Of course, this is breaking the crypto-sphere and sinking Verge because investors expected more. Litecoin founder is endorsing this move. In a tweet to Porn Hub, Charlie asked them to message them about a potential deal.

This is definitely interesting because Litecoin continue to attract merchants and financial payment players to its platform. Porn is a $14B industry and so it wont be a bad addition. In general, altcoins under our focus are in the green and others as IOTA might continue to edge higher today.

Lets have a look at these charts:

XLM/USD (Stellar Lumens)

With an impressive market cap of $5.83B, Stellar Lumens continues to cement its position at the top 10 most liquid cryptocurrency in the whole. As you might be aware, Ripple and Stellar compete for the same clients and/or interest but unlike the latter, this coin is inherently meant for normal users due to its distribution nature and design. Fundamentally, there is little to talk about Stellar but price wise, traders are optimistic.

In the last 24 hours alone, Stellar Lumens is up 13 percent as I type this and as it is there is more room for upside potential. I will recommend trading with the trend and from our previous Stellar Lumens technical analysis, our short term target is at $0.40 and $0.50. Because of this bullish skew, those who are not in this trade should actively look for under-valuation in lower time frames and buy this coin.


IOTA Technical Analysis



Taklimakan Network Launches Their Platform Demo during the First Week of Their ICO "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The demo gives an overview of the projects capabilities, including a first look at what Taklimakan calls their TN Crypto 100, which is their index of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. The TN Crypto 100 will be updated bi-weekly based on traditional market capitalization metrics. The platform nomenclature will be familiar to anyone who follows or participates in trading activities in traditional markets, since performance reporting will be based on typical indicators, including Alpha, Beta, R-squared, and Sharpe ratios. The TN Crypto 100 is produced by analyzing the top 10 trading exchanges, which are chosen by trading volume in units. Metrics are adjusted every two weeks to ensure that TN Crypto 100s reported top exchanges remain as up to date as possible. The platform monitors how cryptocurrencies are functioning against market indexes and measures things like volatility and index performance.

If any of this sounds confusing, then according to Taklimakans Co-Founder Rashid Yussup this could be the platform to take a closer look at. Its meant as a resource that can get anyone at any level of proficiency reasonably up to speed on these complex topics. According to Yussup, there is no doubt that as more and more people become interested in how crypto works, there will be other apps intended to appeal to would-be cryptocurrency buyers, but those other apps tend to focus on trading and the establishment of trading terms and conditions. Our platform aims to be much more than that, by actively bringing novices together with financial analysts and crypto-mentors to help anyone who is interested in cryptocurrency increase their financial literacy level, he says. We really believe in the endless possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency to change the world, and we want to play an integral role in making them part of the mainstream, through education and meaningful collaboration on our platform.

In other words, the aim of the platform is to engage all levels of interest and expertise within the ecosystem. For instance, in mainstream trading, the so-called couch potato strategy is often recommended for people who arent particularly interested in actively playing the market. The point of the strategy is that even inexperienced players can basically rely on letting indexes do th...


Game Released 28 Years Ago Predicted Bitcoin, Reddit Post Claims "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Reddit talks about Japans Final Fantasy III game that predicted Bitcoin in 1990 by placing its symbol on the gameobject. #NEWS


Bitcoiner Runs for Mayor of Taiwans Capital "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoiner Runs for Mayor of Taiwans Capital

Hacker. Educator. Successful businesswoman. Yi-Ting Cheng, better known as Xdite, shocked the broader cryptocurrency world when she announced her campaign for Mayor of Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan. The native of China is taking a big risk by offering herself up for political leadership, but, then again, as her exclusive interview with Humans of Bitcoin examines, shes all about challenging herself.

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Xdite Runs for Mayor of Taipei City

In a recent Facebook post, Xdite explains, Most politicians [in Taipei City] have very little understanding of technology. So its really hard to make things happen by pushing them. For this and many other reasons, shes decided to throw her hat in the ring to help bring the capital city she loves of nearly 3 million people a young and forward-looking government.

I am not losing my mind, she assures admirers, I am running for mayor for one reason: to make Taipei great again. Lets make Taipei the pioneer blockchain city in Asia. Taipei has great potential to be a blockchain city. It is near Japan, Korea, and China. It is regulation friendly. Blockchain is all about a financial revolution. Taipei has the environment to make it happen.



Rockefellers join Rothschilds & Soros in cryptocurrency investing "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Despite the dramatic collapse of the crypto market this year, well-known investors have opted to buy into digital currencies, triggering a brief surge in the prices of top tokens.

Reports have emerged that George Soros is preparing to invest in digital assets, despite his earlier criticism of them. Adam Fisher, who controls macro investing at Soros Fund Management, has reportedly secured internal approval to trade the currencies.

The Rockefellers have also reportedly joined the crypto party. Venrock, the official venture-capital arm of the family, reportedly signed a partnership with Coinfund, a cryptocurrency investment fund, to back virtual tokens and blockchain business innovations.

Coinfund has recently launched token-based financial services platform Coinlist. The company had previously initiated a number of projects, including chat messenger app Kik, which raised almost $100 million in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) last year.

We wanted to partner with this team that has been making investments and actually helping to architect a number of different crypto economies and crypto token-based projects,said David Pakman, partner at Venrock, as quoted by Fortune.

The Rothschilds, also known for their close ties to banks and other financial institutions, have stepped towards cryptocurrency trading as well. In December, the family reportedly purchased bitco...


Reuters: Cambridge Analytica Planned to Issue Digital Currency and ICO "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Last year, Cambridge Analytica was developing plans to raise money by issuing a digital currency and accompanying initial coin offering (ICO) before the firm became entangled in a scandal surrounding the misuse of Facebook users personal data, according to sources who spoke with Reuters. The British data analytics consultancy was looking to raise as much as $30 million, one of the sources said.

Cambridge Analytica: Digital Currency

Brittany Kaiser, a former employee of the firm, said Cambridge Analyticas own digital currency was intended to help people store and sell their online personal data an ironic move from a company that has been in the headlines for obtaining the personal information of up to 87 million Facebook users.

Who knows more about the usage of personal data than Cambridge Analytica? Kaiser said. So why not build a platform that reconstructs the way that works?

According to Kaiser, the effort was overseen by Cambridge Analyticas British chief executive, Alexander Nix, who was forced out of the company in March after he was caught on tape bragging about his companys approach to political work, including the use of shell companies and strategies designed to entrap opponents.

The Facebook data scandal and Nixs comments appear to have put the digital currency program, which was still in the early stages, on hold though not before Cambridge Analytica approached a firm that advises companies on how to structure and run ICOs.

Prior to the Facebook controversy, we were developing a suite of technologies to help individuals reclaim their personal data from corporate entities and to have full transparency and control over how their personal data are used, a Cambridge Analytica spokesperson said in an email to Reuters. We were exploring multiple options for people to manage and monetize their personal data, including blockchain technology.

Dragon Coin



Coinbase Has a New Chief Financial Officer "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Oz Management Chief Financial Officer Alesia Haas is Coinbase's new CFO effective Tuesday.


What Crypto Exchanges Are Saying About New York's New Inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Some of the cryptocurrency exchanges named today in the New York Attorney General's "inquiry" into the ecosystem say they welcome the move.

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Tuesday, 17 April


New York Attorney Generals Office Launches Inquiry Into Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The New York Attorney General sent letters to thirteen major cryptocurrency exchanges, asking them to disclose information on internal controls to improve transparency and accountability. #NEWS


Want to Build a Killer App for Bitcoin Cash? Look No Further "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Want to Build a Killer App for Bitcoin Cash? Look No Further

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is growing relentlessly as far as infrastructure and development are concerned. So far the decentralized cryptocurrency has gained a lot of support from various exchanges and wallet providers, while other developers are building unique protocols around the BCH chain. On the development side of things there are three pretty useful tools programmers can use to contribute to the BCH environment Flowee the BCH API platform, a BCH javascript library, and the Bitbox toolkit for bitcoin cash.

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Many people often wonder if there are any development APIs and toolkits created for the bitcoin cash network so they can help develop some neat platforms on the BCH chain. Right now there are three useful resources for developers who want to build with the bitcoin cash blockchain. The bitcoin cash community is a very open atmosphere with more than six development teams working on the protocol, and in just a few short months there has been a slew of neat apps released using the BCH chain. One particular project created by the former Bitcoin Classic developer, Tom Zander, wants to progress the growth of BCH development in an accelerated fashion.

Flowee the Easy to Use Development Hub and API for Bitcoin Cash



Survey: Almost Half of Crypto Investors Who Profited in 2017 Are Not Disclosing to the IRS "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Today, April 17th, is tax day here in the U.S, but a significant number of investors have apparently not reported gains from digital currency trading to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

TeamBlind and Credit Karma

According to a survey from TeamBlind, the anonymous messaging app popular in fintech circles, 46% of people who made money trading cryptocurrencies in 2017 have chosen not to disclose their taxable profits.

We surveyed more than 2,600 users who said they earned money from cryptocurrency in 2017, and we asked them if they are reporting their earnings on their taxes this year. Nearly half said No, according to TeamBlind.

This information comes just a few days after Credit Karma, the popular credit score website and tax platform, reported that less than 100 people had reported their crypto earnings to the IRS out of the platforms 250,000 most recent tax filers.


Bitcoin multiplied in value more than 13 times last year, while the cryptocurrency market in its entirety gained well over $500 billion in value. As a result, U.S. households likely owe $25 billion in taxes for their digital currency holdings, according to estimates from Tom Lee, head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors.

For federal tax purposes, virtual currency is treated as property. General tax principles applicable to property transactions apply to transactions using virtual currency, the agency said. According to the agency, digital currencies are liable for a tax as capital gain, meaning anyone who has taken out or paid for anything using cryptocurrencies are expected to report this information. 

Looking back, for the 2015 tax year the IRS indicated that only 802 people had included cryptocurrency gains or losses in their tax filings. That said, because of the massive differences between 2015 and 2017 with regards to the popularity of the cryptocurrency space, comparisons are difficult to draw.



Russian Govt Blocks 20 Mln IP Addresses To Ban Telegram, App Still Operational "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor tries to block Telegram app: dozens of unrelated services suffered network failures, Telegram still works. #NEWS


Data Firm at Center of Facebook Controversy Planned $30 Million ICO: Report "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cambridge Analytica, a British data analytics firm, was planning to raise as much as $30 million by issuing a new cryptocurrency through an ICO before it got swept up in a scandal surrounding the misuse of Facebook Inc. personal data, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday. Cambridge Analytica had approached a company

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Security Firm Avast Demonstrates Cryptojacking Risks to Smartphones and IoT Devices "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Global digital security firm Avast will be demonstrating the risks posed to smartphones and IoT devices by cryptojacking. The company has a stall at the RSA 2018 conference being held this week and will be performing live demonstrations mining Monero.

Cryptomining Poses Risks to More Than Just Computer Uses

The demonstration hopes to show people how malicious cryptocurrency mining can affect both their privacy and the performance of their infected devices. Ondrej Vlcek, the CTO, EVP and GM at Avast explained to Business Wire:

With the growing IoT landscape, PC users are no longer the sole victims of cryptomining malware. Now, IoT devices and smartphones are just as easily hijacked and turned into cryptomining machines and it doesnt matter if you own cryptocurrency or not.

The experiment itself invites visitors to the Avast stand to partake in a cryptomining challenge using their own mobile phones. Those involved will mine Monero on their devices. This will give them the chance to witness the affects of cryptomining in real-time. Theyll also be supplied with a power bank for when their battery inevitably gets depleted in considerably less time than it normally would.

As well as learning about the harmful affects of cryptomining on devices, users will be entered into a prize draw to encourage participation in the experiment. The winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy S9 fully kitted out with the latest Avast Mobile Security suite.

Identifying malware on mobile or IoT devices is troublesome for users. Since the software runs secretly in the background, they might attribute the decreased performance of their gadgets to faulty hardware. The increased computational demands placed on devices can result in high energy bills, poor performance, and a much shorter lifespan. It can also result in personal data breaches.

According to research done by Avast in March 2018, the risks posed by cryptomining are largely unknown by the public. They surveyed 2,300 computer users on the topic. The results found that a quarter of those polled didnt know what cryptocurrency was to begin with. A further two in five didnt know that malware could be used to mine digital currencies. Vlcek elaborated on the research and his companys experiment:

This is...


New York Attorney General Launches Inquiry Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New York Attorney General Launches Inquiry Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges

As part of an effort to protect cryptocurrency investors and bring greater transparency into how cryptocurrency exchanges operate, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent letters to 13 virtual currency exchanges requesting they disclose key information about their operations.

With cryptocurrency on the rise, consumers in New York and across the country have a right to transparency and accountability when they invest their money, the attorney general said in a statement today, April 16, 2018. Yet too often, consumers dont have the basic facts they need to assess the fairness, integrity and security of these trading platforms.

The letter was part of a Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative launched by Schneiderman to shine a light on the policies and practices of platforms used by consumers to trade virtual currencies and initial coin offering (ICO) tokens.

A Slew of Questions

In addition to the letter, the attorney general sent a three-page questionnaire to Coinbase, Gemini, Bitfinex, Poloniex and nine other exchanges asking them to disclose, among other things, information such as what banks they use, how they hold customer funds, what fees they charge, how they come up with those fees, how they move funds around, who has access to the order books, and the scope of third-party audits.

Gemini, an exchange operated by the Winklevoss twins, told Bitcoin Magazine, it applauds the attorney generals initiative and looks forward to submitting its responses to the questionnaire.

As the price of bitcoin crossed $10,000 for the first time in November 2017, reaching a peak of over $19,700 a few weeks later, a rush of new traders began entering the market. But, as many have learned the hard way, putting funds on exchanges comes with its own set of risks. Outside of the U.S., this year alone, Coincheck in Japan lost $530 million worth of NEM (XEM) in a hack; BitGrail, an Italian exchange, lost $170 million worth of Nano (XR...


Ex-Google Employees Form Blockchain Alliance As Cryptocurrencies Catch Fire "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Blockchain is sizzling amid escalating media hype about its vast potential applications in finance, supply-chain management, healthcare, and even the music business. Now, a trio of former Google executives have launched a new blockchain community whose goal is to develop and promote blockchain initiatives. The xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA) is comprised of blockchain project managers, investors, Continued

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Cambridge Analytica Reportedly Planned To Release Digital Currency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Sources say that Cambridge Analytica had consulted with a firm that advises companies on how to structure Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). #NEWS


Amazon Sees Bitcoin Use Case in Data Marketplaces "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The e-commerce giant describes how merchants and law enforcement could make a bitcoin transaction stream more valuable by splicing it with other data.


IMF Chief Envisages Large-Scale Shift Towards Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

IMF Chief Envisages Large-Scale Shift Away From Government Fiat Towards Cryptocurrency

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has dedicated her latest two blog posts on the official IMF website to cryptocurrencies. In her latest post, she outlines multiple benefits of crypto and envisages a large-scale shift away from government-issued currencies towards cryptocurrencies.

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2 Blog Posts Dedicated to Crypto

IMF Chief Envisages Large-Scale Shift Away From Government Fiat Towards CryptocurrencyThe managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, dedicated a blog post on the IMF website to the benefits of cryptocurrencies on Tuesday. This positive post follows her other post last month which she outlined the drawbacks from her viewpoint. Citing that she previously looked at the dark side of crypto-assets, including their potential use for money laundering and the financing of terrorism, Lagarde...


Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Dives Below $7,900 after New York Opens Probe into Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin price dove below $7,900 on Tuesday after the New York Attorney Generals office announced that it had opened an inquiry into the cryptocurrency exchange industry. The flagship cryptocurrency had traded above $8,000 for most of the day, with many analysts arguing it would embark on a bull run now that tax season is coming Continued

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Sharia, Taxes And Short Squeeze: Versions Behind Bitcoins $1000 Bounce "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

While the exchange rate of Bitcoin stands at around $8,157 after the weekend, its about time to sum up all the versions. #FOLLOW_UP


New Yorks Attorney General Requests Information on the Operations of 13 Cryptocurrency Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New York States Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is requesting information from 13 cryptocurrency exchanges in attempts to improve transparency and accountability and help protect digital currency investors.

The initiative is meant to complement a first-in-the-nation licensing protocol established by New York States Department of Financial Services that requires digital currency trading platforms and other firms engaged in digital currency business activities to receive approval to operate and follow certain regulatory requirements.

Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative

Today, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman launched the Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative, an inquiry into the policies and practices of platforms used by consumers to trade cryptocurrencies. As part of a broader effort to protect cryptocurrency investors and consumers, the OAG sent letters to 13 major trading platforms requesting key information on their operations, internal controls, and safeguards to protect customer assets.

As the questionnaire explains more thoroughly, the initiative seeks to increase transparency and accountability as it relates to the platforms retail investors rely on to trade digital currency, as well as to better inform enforcement agencies, investors, and consumers.

With cryptocurrency on the rise, consumers in New York and across the country have a right to transparency and accountability when they invest their money. Yet too often, consumers dont have the basic facts they need to assess the fairness, integrity, and security of these trading platforms, said Attorney General Schneiderman. Our Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative sets out to change that, promoting the accountability and transparency in the virtual currency marketplace that investors and consumers deserve.

As stated in the press release, the initiative stems from the Attorney Generals duty to protect consumers and ensure the fairness and integrity of financial markets. The questionnaires sent to the 13 exchanges ask the platforms to disclose information falling within six major topic areas, including: (1) Ownership and Control, (2) Basic Operation and Fees, (3) Trading Policies and Procedures, (4) Outages and Other Suspensions of Trading, (5) Internal Controls, and (6) Privacy and Money Laundering.



Telegram's CEO Is Using Bitcoin to Bypass Russia's App Ban "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Pavel Durov is paying network administrators in bitcoin to bypass a Russian ban on Telegram.


Philippine Senator Demands Harsher Penalties For Crypto-Involving Crimes After Local Scam "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Philippine Senator calls for tougher penalties for crypto-involving crimes, following local news of an alleged $17.2 mln Bitcoin scam. #NEWS


Data, Security, Insurance: How Blockchain Is Disrupting The Health Industry "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The potential effectiveness of Blockchain-based technologies doesnt come unnoticed by governmental bodies and private firms #ANALYSIS


SPI Solar to Host 5,000 Bitcoin Miners for Chinese VC Fund 500 IPO "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

SPI Solar to Host 5,000 Bitcoin Miners for Chinese VC Fund 500 IPO

Green bitcoin mining, using renewable energy to produce the cryptocurrency, is in vogue across the world. And while generating hydroelectric power from dams have been more widely reported recently, solar power is gaining ground, as exemplified by 500 IPO entering the space.  

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Sun-Powered Bitcoin

SPI Solar to Host 5,000 Bitcoin Miners for Chinese VC Fund 500 IPOSPI Energy Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: SPI) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, SPI Solar Inc. has signed an agreement with 500 IPO Fund for 5,000-unit contracts of Bitcoin miner hosting services. Officially based at Santa Clara, California, 500 IPO Fund is defined as a venture capital ecosystem, which consists of top venture capital firms, wealthy Chinese investors and powerful gov...


LocalBitcoins User Claims Traders Must Submit ID For Significant Volumes, Reddit Reacts "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A Reddit post alleging that personal ID is now required on LocalBitcoins for high volumes has outraged some users of the platform. #NEWS


New York Tells Cryptocurrency Exchanges to be More Transparent "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrency exchanges need to make transparency a greater priority, the New York Attorney Generals office said on Tuesday. Writing in a letter addressed to 13 cryptocurrency exchanges, New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermans office requests that companies provide information on a range of topics related to the operation of their trading platforms. Representing a technological Continued

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Korean Blockchain Association Reveals Self-Regulatory Rules For 14 Member Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Korean Blockchain Association announces self-regulation investigation for its member crypto exchanges in an effort to boost transparency. #NEWS


Tanzanian, Venezuelan, and Perus P2P Bitcoin Markets Witness Record Volume "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Tanzanian, Venezuelan, and Peru's P2P Markets Witness Record Volume

The trading volume for Tanzanian bitcoin pairings on Localbitcoins has spiked to establish a new record high this week. The sudden spike in volume has occurred after several months of increasing warnings regarding virtual currencies from Tanzanias central bank. Certain South American markets have also seen spikes in trading activity, with Peru and Vietnam also seeing record trading volume this past week.

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Record Trading Volume in Tanzania

The Tanzanian peer-to-peer (P2P) markets on Localbitcoins have exploded this past week, with the markets producing record trading volume approximately three times that of its preceding fiat-valued volume record.



Pornhub Starts Accepting Verge As Payment, Calls The Move Critical For Crypto Adoption "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The future has come, says adult entertainment site Pornhub in reference to new ability to pay for services in Verge #NEWS


PR: Energy Efficient Crypto Robotina and Dubai as a Smart City Project "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Energy Efficient Crypto Robotina and Dubai as a Smart City Project

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

The analog life is no longer appealing. We all now wish for the smart, digital life to make everything easier, less expensive to manage and convenient. In a time when weve got smartphones, smartwatches, smart fridge, smart grids, smart TV and smart homes, why cant we have a smart city?

Dubai will be blazing the trail as it becomes the first smart city running on blockchain and smart contracts. Imagine a city which is not only connected to the internet, but also smart enough to process activities like visa applications and reach intelligent decisions. For a frequent business traveler, the long wait at the embassy will become history. Robotina, a Slovenia-based company, providing comprehensive automation solutions with an IoT focus, will be playing some big roles and laying down the tracks in this innovative transformation.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a city where activities are synchronized, making transactions within and without faster, with minimized errors and most especially, secure framework.

Robotina and its decades of operation in IoT industry

In operation since the 1990s, Robotina has a track record of successful projects in the AI, machine learning and IoT industry. The company has over 50 international employees spread across offices in each continent, and rendering smart services in over 27 countries. Robotinas portfolio includes: manufacture, distribution, support and service for automation components and electronic devices.

One notable project in this regard is Robotinas strategic partnership with Imdaad as far back as 2014. The partnership tasked Robotina with the duty of implementing Imdaads Network Operations Centre (NOC) project in the agencys headquarters. Robotina was to commission the NOC project whose purpose was for remotely managing and monitoring other facilities under the operation of Imdaad. All materials and equipment needed for construction was to be supplied by Robotina.

Achieving th...


Verge (XVG) Penetrates the Adult Entertainment Industry With Pornhub Partnership "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Privacy-based cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) has announced today that theyve partnered with Pornhub. The move means that users can now pay for premium subscriptions using an anonymous cryptocurrency.

Verges Price Takes a Pounding Following Pornhub Announcement

The partnership has been teased for weeks now. Earlier in March, Verge were slated for their appeals to users to contribute $3 million to reveal the name of the company theyd be working with.

The announcement of the Pornhub partnership was initially penned for late March, it was then postponed until April 16 and finally the 17th. However, earlier today, both Verge and Pornhub officially acknowledged the deal. The Next Web reported Corey Price, Vice President of the adult entertainment website, comments on the move:

Here at Pornhub, were all about convenience and security, which makes cryptocurrency an attractive form of payment for us Weve been looking at crypto for quite some time and, while overall adoption is relatively low, we think it has gained enough steam for us to penetrate the market.

Meanwhile, the publication reported on Verges founders own take on the partnership:

This partnership represents an enormous market with a global reach that will compete with fiat currencies Its huge for Verge and were extremely excited to finally be able to announce it.

According to a Medium blog post by Verge, the privacy-centric startup will use the capital raised by the controversial funding round in March towards successfully launching payments on the Pornhub platform, marketing, and hardware wallet integration. However, Ledger Tweeted earlier that they had not yet heard of these plans:


Binance, Bitfinex and More: NY Launches Inquiry Into Crypto Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New York's attorney general is taking a closer look at some of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges.


Worlds Biggest Porn Site Pornhub Partners Verge to Accept Crypto XVG "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Verge have been hyping the announcement of their new mystery partner for days, with the initial date pushed from yesterday to today, 17 April. After recent controversy over allegations of paid price pumping and issues with the Wraith Protocol, not everyone in the market reacted well to Verge asking for a crowdfund of 75 million Continued

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Marsh and IBM Collaborate to Put Proof of Insurance on the Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Marsh and IBM Collaborate to Put Proof of Insurance on the Blockchain

International insurance broker Marsh is working with IBM to develop a commercial blockchain solution that will allow businesses to certify that the contractor they are about to hire has the proper, up-to-date insurance coverage necessary to begin work.

The solution will be built on Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source permissioned blockchain framework, using IBM Blockchain Platform, a cloud-based blockchain application development solution, Marsh said in a statement yesterday, April 16, 2018.

Insurance standards organization ACORD will provide input on the project, and Dallas-based ISN Software Corporation, which supplies contractor and supplier management services, will be the first client to use the new solution.

Marsh is aiming to solve an important problem. Businesses often hire contractors, vendors and other third parties to work for them or provide services, but before doing so, they need to know that the vendor has proper liability insurance, so the business is covered in the event something goes wrong or a vendor performs substandard work.

Typically, a client will request a certificate of insurance (COI), also known as an ACORD certificate, which is a document that has all the information on it to show a client has up-to-date insurance coverage. The problem with PDFs or paper documents is they can be faked. Documents can can also get misplaced, lost or damaged.

Blockchains, on the other hand, are nearly impossible to tamper with. By putting proof of insurance on the blockchain, parties that need evidence of insurance can ideally trust the coverage is up to date and historically correct. Marsh said it expects its blockchain solution to allow clients to speed up necessary business functions such as hiring contractors and transferring risk, while increasing coverage certainty.

Marsh sees great opportunity in leveraging blockchain technology to better serve our clients by maximizing efficiency and creating new opportunities in the insurance value chain, said Sastry Durvasula, chief digital officer at Marsh.

Sandip Patel, general manager, insurance industry, at IBM, believes that simplifying the insurance verification process is a key business enabler. This is an ideal...


Crypto Market Holds Gains On News Of More Wall Street Talent And Money Moving In "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Crypto markets rebound after slight losses yesterday, as more institutional money and talent move into the industry #NEWS


CryptoKitties Isnt as Popular as You Think It Is "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Heres a question. How many active users does CryptoKitties, one of the most well-known decentralized Ethereum applications (DApps), have? The answer is probably a lot less than you think. The game, originally created by Canada-based venture studio Axiom Zen, burst onto the DApp scene last year, and in almost no time at all the game Continued

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Barclays Testing the Waters for a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Barclays Testing the Waters for a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

While the big banks are usually very skeptical of bitcoin in public, below the radar they could all already be making plans to gain a foothold for themselves in the ecosystem. The latest example is Barclays that is reportedly asking clients about a possible move into the crypto trading space. 

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Testing the Waters

Barclays Testing the Waters for a Cryptocurrency Trading DeskBritish banking giant Barclays (LSE: BARC) is supposedly considering launching a cryptocurrency trading desk. The bank is trying to figure out if there is enough demand from its clients including hedge funds, big investors and the like for it to enter this new line of business. This would make Barclays the first major bank in London to offer such a service.

Although the bank says it still has no specific plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading desk, sources have revealed it has conducted a preliminary assessment of de...


Blockchain Securities Platform Gets $28 Mln In Funding From Big Name VC Investors "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Harbors Blockchain securities tokenization nets $28 mln in new funding from big VC names #NEWS


Prosecutors: Options Seller Duped Investors With 'Worthless' Crypto "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A New York resident has been indicted on fraud charges for tricking residents into investing in worthless binary options and a proprietary token.


Sell the News? Verge Token Drops After Porn Partner Reveal "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Verge's XVG token is fast losing altitude after today's Pornhub partnership announcement.


Coinbase and other crypto exchanges get probed by New Yorks Attorney General "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has launched an investigation into cryptocurrency exchanges in the hopes of providing transparency and accountability to a marketplace that frequently operates in a black box. The AG has sent letters to 13 major virtual currency trading platforms, asking for information about their operations, internal controls, and consumer protections. Platforms

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has launched an investigation into cryptocurrency exchanges in the hopes of providing transparency and accountability to a marketplace that frequently operates in a black box.

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IMFs Lagarde Calls for Open-Minded, Even-Handed Cryptocurrency Policies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrencies are growing on IMF Chief Christine Lagarde. The bitcoin price is trading in the green again today and oddly enough may be getting some of its lift from some positive remarks from Lagarde, who is at the helm of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Her message to the world is that crypto-assets do not pose an immediate Continued

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EncryptoTel: Perhaps the Most Undervalued ICO Startup "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Application of blockchain technology has gone far beyond the financial industry. Today, many companies in a wide variety of industries are testing the potential of this innovation to streamline complex processes and transactions, making them faster, cheaper and more transparent. The telecommunications industry is no exception and industry players are now considering how blockchain can impact their businesses. EncryptoTel, an intriguing implementation of these new technologies, offers privacy-oriented encrypted audio and video calling for individuals and groups through its secure blockchain-based communications infrastructure.

EncrpytoTel: an undervalued startup

Despite this, EncryptoTel Tokens (ETT) are currently traded at a significant discount to the original sale.

EncryptoTel: Background and strategic partnerships

EncryptoTel is backed by industry veterans and professionals in the telecoms industry. The team successfully conducted their crowdsale on the Waves Platform, exceeding their target investment. They have been involved in the development of blockchain-driven cloud solutions for over six months now, creating a decentralised telecommunications infrastructure. This solution will be available for both corporate and individual users, on multiple platforms including Android and iOS.

EncryptoTel has entered into an agreement with the Russian federal telecommunications operator Mtel Ltd. regarding a strateg...


Blockchain Taps Former Goldman Exec for Institutional Investor Push "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Blockchain's new hire oversaw Goldman Sachs' relationships with institutional clients managing $1.49 trillion in assets.


Pornhub Adds Crypto Payment Option With Verge Token "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Adult entertainment website Pornhub has announced that it will begin accepting the cryptocurrency verge as payment.


Bitcoin Gaining Ground in Zimbabwe with a New Crypto Exchange and a BTC/USD ATM "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Gaining Ground in Zimbabwe with a New Crypto Exchange and an In-Office BTC/USD ATM

Just a few weeks ago, the Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange Golix gained its first national competitor when Styx24 opened its doors online. Almost simultaneously Golix introduced a Bitcoin ATM to its customers, accessible inside their offices in central Harare.

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Need US Dollar Bills In Zimbabwe? Got BTC?

Bitcoin Gaining Ground in Zimbabwe with a New Crypto Exchange and an In-Office BTC/USD ATMFew countries have seen harder times economically, fiscally, and monetarily than Zimbabwe. No wonder Bitcoin proponents have an easy time explaining Bitcoins...


Icon Shows How Startups Bypass South Koreas ICO Ban "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Foreign-Issued Cryptocurrency Allows South Korean Startups to Bypass Legislation

South Korea banned initial coin offerings (ICOs) in September 2017. Market watchers in the country have been since calling for a lift of the ICO ban in order to finance the development of blockchain projects. The ban on ICOs, however, is failing to produce the desired results as blockchain-based startups in South Korea are going around the legislation by raising money through initial coin offerings overseas.

In response, the country is reaching out to Japan and China to explore regulatory cooperation within the Asian market. South Koreas Financial Supervisory Service has also asked companies within its jurisdiction to report on their overseas ICOs.

 Icon was launched by DAYLI Financial Group and started trading on March 21 at Bithumb, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. At the launch, the operator announced an airdrop event for its customers which drove the price of the digital currency up by over 100% to the $4 area. Today, ICX trades around $2.85.

The rise of foreign-issued cryptocurrencies seemed to be inevitable for many as the market adapts to regulation by looking elsewhere to raise funds. About a dozen South Korean companies have done ICOs overseas already, including an affiliate of corporate giant Hyundai Group, one of South Koreas largest conglomerates, which has launched the Hdac coin, in Switzerland.

Medibloc, a redistribute scattered healthcare information startup, raised $21.2 mi...


Ripple Wants Governments to End Wild West Era of Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A senior Ripple official has called on British regulators to revisit their wait and see approach to cryptocurrencies and called for new rules introduced by the likes of Japan. While cryptocurrencies are commonly seen as financial instruments meant to circumvent governmental controls or oversight from central banks, Ripple (XRP) the worlds third-largest cryptocurrency with Continued

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The Art of Sedition, Contest. Ends May 31st. "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

100 years ago, during World War I, the U.S. Congress passed the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1918. Wartime censorship was broadly applied and anything that cast the government or the war effort in a negative light or interfered with the sale of government bonds could land you in jail for years. The act was [...]


Former Goldman Sachs VP Joins Crypto Wallet Blockchain To Attract Institutional Clients "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Former Goldman Sachs exec takes new role at crypto wallet as part of their strategy to attract institutional clients #NEWS


Bank Of Japan: Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Destabilize Existing Financial System "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bank of Japan will not be issuing its own digital currency for now, but says it is open to applying emerging innovations in the future. #NEWS


Card Operator Discover Joins Blockchain Trade Group "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Discover Financial Services has joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce to assist the group's mission of blockchain education and advocacy.


ODUWA COIN: The Perfect Hedge for Bitcoin Volatility "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

In the history of investing or speculation, there has been no asset with a higher degree of volatility than Bitcoin. What started out as a simple idea written on a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto has become a global phenomenon for investors from all walks of life. Even at todays price of $8000, Bitcoin has registered a gain of 266,666,566% from its low price of $.003 in March 2010.

While many have gotten rich off Bitcoin and many others have left a fortune on the table by getting out too early, others have simply stayed on the sidelines due to Bitcoins price volatility. Since January 2012, Bitcoin has crashed over 50% on five separate occasions. These extreme moves and the lack of a hedging instrument have made many mere spectators.

While we wont say the volatility will calm down, there is at least now finally a hedge for Bitcoins volatility. The solution is ODUWA COIN.

ODUWA COIN is a Nextgen cryptocurrency that offers indemnity and insurance against the volatility of the cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. This is achieved by combining Blockchain technology and insurance to give investors a way to insure themselves from losses in the cryptocurrency market.

The financial experts behind ODUWA understand investors concerns that investing in cryptocurrency is an enterprise with high risk considering its digital nature that is always prone to hackers, volatility and high uncertainty within the coin market. ODUWA aims to counter these problems through an intelligent solution, which involves selecting coins to insure, keeping a proportional reserve to the invested amount, and automated smart contracts.

The goal of ODUWAs volatility insurance offering is to protect investors, utilizing a contract, against losses in leading, high-quality cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and ODUWA COIN. The list is expected to grow in line with the platforms journey to maturity.

When investors put money into any of the cryptocurrencies that are on the platforms approved list and if they select the insurance option, then ODUWA COIN guarantees that the particular investment is covered against loss through an insurance contract, for the period stipulated in the contract. The insurance coverage comes for free to the investor, based on the understanding that, if the value of the cryptocurrency falls during the contract period, then ODUWA absorbs and covers the loss; while, at the same time, if the investment value rises, then ODUWA shares in the profit.

Investors can also choose from a range of insurance...


Dividend Tokens, Explained "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Simplicity and passive income: this is why you might wanna look into dividend tokens. #EXPLAINED


Blockchain Startups Leapfrog South Koreas ICO Ban to List Coins "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

South Koreas ban on ICOs may have slowed things down, but it hasnt completely stopped the flow of new digital coins on local exchanges. South Korean startups have not shut the door on this fundraising method, despite the ban, and are instead domiciling their initial coin offerings abroad and then listing their digital coins on Continued

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Withdraws from Japanese Market "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Withdraws from Japanese Market

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is suspending all of its services to Japanese residents. The exchange has been allowed to operate in Japan while its application with the countrys financial regulator is being reviewed.

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Kraken Pulling Out of Japan

Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Withdraws from Japanese MarketKraken announced on Tuesday the suspension of its services to Japanese residents. The exact dates for suspending trading and funding have not yet been determined, the exchange wrote, adding that tentatively the last day for deposits is around mid-May, the last day for trading is around mid-June, and the last day for withdrawals is around end-June. Kraken elaborated:

This is a localized suspension of service that only affects residents of Japan and does not impact services for Japanese citizens or businesses domiciled outside of Japan. Clients residing outside Japan who have access to our Japan banking partne...


Cognizant Teams with 14 Insurers on Blockchain Data-Sharing Platform "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cognizant has partnered with a group of Indian insurance firms to develop a blockchain solution for cross-company data sharing.


Analysts Expect Bitcoin in Bullish Mode After Tax Day "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Tax Day in the U.S. is today, April 17, and a number of analysts are bullish on Bitcoin as the much-anticipated tax deadline should trigger the next upward momentum.

Tax Day to Spark New Bullish Momentum For Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency market has been hungover ever since Bitcoin entered the futures trading market in December 2017. The downward path in 2018 removed the majority of its market cap, from about $826 billion to $330 billion today. Bitcoin had a similar fate as its market cap plunged from $324 billion to $138 billion, and its price shed $12,000, from $20,000 to about $8,000. Today, however, is Tax Day in the United States.

The IRS says cryptocurrencies constitute property, which is subject to capital gains tax. Institutional investors argue that Tax Day is the trigger of the new bullish run.

Tax-selling has been a significant factor in downward crypto prices over the past few weeks. I would expect this downward pressure to abate after tax day,

Blockchain Capital co-founder Spencer Bogart told CNBC.

The 1,300 percent upward move seen in the Bitcoin price chart should result in $25 billion in taxes for digital currency holdings in the United States, according to Tom Lee, Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors. Lee says that U.S. households captured 30% of the $590 billion capital gains from cryptocurrencies in 2017. The tax rate of 27% on a $92 billion taxable gain means that U.S. holders owe $25 billion.

On April 15, Tom Lee said that Bitcoin may be bottoming;


Many ICOs are Dubious, Downright Frauds, Says Hong Kong Regulator "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A senior official at Hong Kongs securities regulator has, once again, reminded the public to be cautious of investments in initial coin offerings (ICOs). In a speech on new technologies on Friday, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) deputy chief Julia Leung reiterated previous concerns of risks associated with initial coin offerings. While we Continued

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The Seven Pillars of ICO Investing "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

How to make sense of a fast-changing crypto market? Crypto Asset Management's Tim Enneking provides his seven core tenants for investing.


Major South Korean Crypto Exchange Coinone To Launch In Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Koreas third largest crypto exchange, Coinone, goes global with its launch of Coinone Indonesia. #NEWS


Crypto Hedge Funds Face Tough Choices on Tax Day "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Like elsewhere in crypto taxation, the rules for funds are far from straightforward, and discrepancies may lead to non-intuitive outcomes.


IMF Says Central Banks Have Needless Fears About Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has found an unexpected backer in the International Monetary Fund. The organization is asking the worlds central banks to be open-minded about digital money as they should distinguish between real threats and needless fears.

IMF Wants to Help Develop Cryptocurrency Regulation

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, took many in the financial system by surprise with a recent blog post where she seems to be on the side of cryptocurrencies when it comes to the recent overreaction by some central banks, including India and Pakistan. The IMF wants to offer its 189 members advice and serve as a forum for discussion and collaboration in the development of a consistent regulatory approach;

Policymakers should keep an open mind and work toward an even-handed regulatory framework that minimizes risks while allowing the creative process to bear fruit

With over 1,500 different digital coins and tokens in circulation, financial regulators feel pressured to allow the blockchain technology to develop while being threatened by cryptocurrency trading without the oversight of a central monetary authority. The IMFs annual spring meeting in Washington is this week included the hot topic for this year the cryptocurrency market.

According to Coinmarketcap, the total market cap among the 1568 cryptocurrencies spread in 10327 markets is over $300 billion, which is about 4.8 percent of the worlds foreign exchange reserves.

Last week, IMFs Lagarde told Hong Kongs South China Morning Post that the industry is something which is developing fast, is highly volatile, with benefits and downsides.

Firstly, the illicit use of digital currency plus abuse of consumers financial illiteracy must be guarded against. Secondly, innovations from the use of digital mechanisms need to be explored and encouraged. So its a combination of having a framework that protects, and not stifling innovation, that can lead to cost efficiency.

A preliminary assessment made by the IMF concluded that while assets tied to cryptocurrencies dont pose an immediate danger to the global financial system because their footprint is...


UK Banking Giant Barclays May Open a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

One of the worlds largest investment banks is quietly holding high-level discussions about establishing a dedicated cryptocurrency trading desk. Bloomberg reports that Barclays Plc, the second-largest bank in the UK, has begun gauging client interest in setting up a cryptocurrency trading desk. The discussions are still preliminary, sources say, and the bank is attempting to Continued

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Tax Day Bounce? Bitcoin Price Crosses $8,000 as Sell Pressure Fades "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Bitcoin price saw a moderate bounce on Tuesday, as the impending conclusion of tax season in the US suggests that an important source of sell pressure will be eliminated from the markets. As CCN reported, many analysts attributed the first-quarter sell-off in part to the fact that traders and investors were forced to sell Continued

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken to Shutter Services in Japan "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has announced it is shutting its doors for investors in Japan, citing operational costs.


Swiss Banking Industry To Be Hurt The Most By Blockchain, Says New Moodys Report "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Moodys report: less expensive cross-border transactions powered by Blockchain tech have the potential to hurt the Swiss banking industry #NEWS


A16z, Founders Fund Back $28 Million Raise for Tokenized Securities Startup "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Tokenized securities startup Harbor has secured $28 million in funding from major Silicon Valley venture capital firms.


Kraken to Suspend Trading in Japan due to Rising Costs and Low Volume "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Japan is a very important country to cryptocurrency companies. With its open-minded regulation and positive approach to cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of benefits to this region. Surprisingly, the Kraken trading platform is ceasing its service in Japan very soon. This sudden decision is the direct result of rising costs associated with offering services to local customers.

Kraken is Exiting Japan

This decision by Kraken comes as a big surprise to most cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The company is one of the few Western service providers offering services in Japan as of right now. That situation will soon change, allegedly due to rising costs of doing business in Japan. This decision is not necessarily permanent, as the company may come back in the future.

Considering how the company has been active in Japan since October 2014, Kraken had plenty of time to evaluate its position in the market. Suspending the services in Japan will let the company provide better focus on other geographical areas. Which countries those will include, remains to be determined. Kraken also confirms this temporary suspension only affects residents of Japan.

It also appears Kraken isnt the most popular trading platform in Japan. Its BTC/JPY pair accounted for 0.07% of the companys overall trading volume in the past 24 hours. The company also provides an ETH/JPY pair, which is even less popular. There are dozens of exchanges active in Japan who also provide access to both Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for the Japanese Yen.

No Impact on the Mt. Gox Process

Unlike most other exchanges, Kraken is allowed to operate in Japan without a license. As such, the company is a bit of an odd creature in the country. It is this lack of oversight which may hurt the platforms popularity as of right now. The exchange will remove its services from the country by the end of June 2018.

As is always the case, speculation runs wild when news like this is made public. Considering Krakens position in the ongoing ......


Philippines Warns Against Cloud Mining Contracts, Threatens to Jail Unregistered Solicitors "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission has advised the public against social media offers to invest in cloud mining contracts and has warned unregistered solicitors they face imprisonment under Philippines law. A government investigation has determined that certain parties offering such contracts define cloud mining as a process for acquiring cryptocurrency by using shared mining Continued

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IMFs Lagarde Counters Crypto Warnings With New Praise Of Potential Benefits "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Dont fall for crypto-euphoria but look at potential benefits, says IMF chief Lagarde. #NEWS


Support Forming? Why $7.9K Is Bitcoin's New Price to Watch "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The technical charts remain bullish for bitcoin and point to $7,900 as the key support zone.


Blockchain Platform Prepares To Test Cryptocurrency Payment System In Major Shopping Mall "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrency payments are going to be trialed in one of Europes biggest shopping malls within days #SPONSORED


Coinone Looks Beyond South Korea to Global Market in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

South Koreas third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinone, has set up in Indonesia bucking the trend of exchanges either branching out or going under in the hard knocks market.

Coinone Goes Global in Jakarta

South Korea was one of the bellwethers of the cryptocurrency market last year with one in five bitcoin transactions being handled in KRW even though it traded at a 20% plus premium.  Today though despite it still being one of the largest spaces in the market, severe regulatory practices have reduced trading to only 5 -10%  of what it was in January.

According to Business Korea the squeeze on the market since January highs has caused some Korean exchanges to either expand their service base or shutter their shops. Coinone, Koreas third largest exchange, has decided to pack up and go overseas. The company announced that on April 16 Coinone Indonesia was entering the global cryptocurrency market. Based in Jakarta the company has submitted its preliminary registration and plans to start providing services to registrants from the end of May.

Coinone announced on April 16 that the company has made its entry into the global cryptocurrency market, establishing Coinone Indonesia in Jakarta. After the first preliminary registration from this date it plans to launch the service to registrants by the end of next month. Trading will be made available in 6 cryptocurrencies initially; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Qtum.

With a population of 260 million Indonesia has the largest population in Southeast Asia and, according to a previous report on NewsBTC , INDODAX the largest Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange which is set to overtake the Indonesian Stock Exchange in investor numbers.

Indonesia Struggles With its Own Regulatory Problems

Despite the diminished trading volume in South Korea since January, a re-launch in Indonesia which is experiencing its own regulatory growing pains is a bold move for any exchange looking to expand into the global market.

Bank Indonesia announced it does not recognize any digital currency as legal tender earlier this year, compelling all parties to avoid owning, selling or trading in them. This has paved the way for the kind of regulatory struggle which has been enacted ac...


Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: The Tax Man Effect "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: The Tax Man Cometh

Bitcoin in Brief continues with the second day this week of mostly FOMO news. The biggest economy in the world faces the tax man today, as the United States and its crypto enthusiasts must atone for the sin of last years gains. Economists and market bulls are insisting that this fact caused dramatic sell offs, leading to haircuts across the board. Bulls believe, after today, prices ought to soar.

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Tom Lee on Crypto Tax

Once again, we get another chance to test the predictions of a much cited financial professional. Were, of course, focusing on cryptos favorite guru, Tom Lee of Fundstrat.

Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: The Tax Man Cometh

He was seen recently on Fast Money, making his case for why the ecosystem should prepare itself for the potential of incoming cash tsunamis, as this years US tax deadline is upon us today. I...


Giga Watt A Month Later is Still a No Go! "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A month ago we have shared our negative experience with Giga Watts Miner Hosting Services and we just wanted to update you on the topic and still warn you to stay away from their miner sales and hosting services. Our December and January batches of miners that we ave paid for back in November last year are still not deployed and not working and up until a few days Giga Watt was still selling new mining hardware for who knows when to be deployed (they have apparently stopped). Our disappointment with their services continues and it will get even worse for sure ad they are just delaying and delaying month after month

The WTT tokens are a bit better, but our disappointment extends there as well. There is still no price-varying real market for renting the tokens (you cannot use the tokens when your miners do not get deployed for month already). You still need to rent out all your tokens and you cannot rent them all even at the lowest price, so you are loosing on that as well no matter how much tokens you get you can rent maximum about 70% at the lowest price or less if you increase the price. Recently the company has risen the prices for electricity with 20% in favor of the token holders, but nothing really changes that much, at least your tokens should earn you a bit more. So we would also recommend not to go investing in WTT tokens now as well.


PR: Innovative Social Network Monoreto Launches Pre-ICO "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Social Network Monoreto Launches Pre-ICO

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

On May 10, 2018, the pre-ICO of the new social network Monoreto starts. The project introduces a blockchain, which will help social network users to monetize their content and their interactions with each other. This social network can disrupt the media landscape: any user will be rewarded, and influencers will get more opportunities for development.

The revenue of social networks depends on user data: content, history of actions on the network and their interactions with each other. The developers of the network do not produce those products. They just support the platform, store user data and sell network audience to advertisers.

Although users create content and share their valuable data, they do not receive revenue and even become objects of manipulation. They miss important and interesting information from their friends in their feeds. Instead, they find ads and posts sponsored by brands. Popular authors also promote goods and services explicitly or in a hidden manner. A survey conducted by Harris Insights & Analytics (Harris Poll) shows that in the 16-19 and 20-39 age groups, 74% of people dont want to see messages from brands in their newsfeeds. Over a half (56%) of users became less active in social networks or completely left services because of excessive advertising.

The social media crisis is obvious: users are disappointed because they do not get what they want, content authors do not receive the fair reward, and advertisers pay for annoying ads, which does not sell.

Monoreto, the next generation social network, introduces an innovative solution. The blockchain technology will help to maintain the process of user interactions. Tokens of the social network will allow conducting transparent and open transactions, bound to usual actions in social networks.

First, the developers of the project care about authors of high-quality content. Post...


Crypto Exchange Giant Kraken Quits Japan Citing Rising Costs: Report "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will reportedly shutter its trading services in Japan due to rising business costs. Referencing an emailed statement from Kraken, Bloomberg is reporting that the San Francisco-based exchange operator is closing all of its services in Japan with a tentative planned exit in June 2018. However, the exchange did leave the door

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4th Pillar: Using Blockchain Technology to Solve Many of the Well-Known HR Pains "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Handling human resources presents a challenge to almost all organizations, irrespective of their size. And at this time, most businesses run the same Human Resources processes but mostly manually which makes it hard for the people in charge to comb through data stored in outdated systems. Even with the hard work, they will be left with data that lacks validity and consistency.

Even if various disparate tools that affect human capital are aligned, there is no guarantee that the data contained within them is easily accessible, shareable and visible to all relevant stakeholders.

4th Pillar is a blockchain based project that aims to harness the power of blockchain technology to disrupt the way recruitment has been managed by finding a solution in the complicated world of HR and ultimately simplifying the entire HR industry.

Drastically Reduce the Use of Paper.

The human resource and finance connecting hub, 4th Pillar (presale coming soon), is designed for both individuals and organizations. Built with over 22 years of experience in the HR industry, the 4th pillar is based on the Ethereum blockchain and teleportation service, utilizing smart contracts, wallets and IPFS protocol to solve day-to-day problems experienced by individuals and their employers. The idea is to drastically reduce the demand for paper, which is expected to put more pressure on forest ecosystems, as well as help reduce the carbon and ecological footprint.

To achieve this vision is not going to be an easy task. 4th Pillar is facing three main challenges including lack of a wallet system capable of sending multiple payments from organizations to individuals, lack of a mainstream blockchain based B2B and B2C work related sensitive document transfer, and lack of an online recruitment platform based on verified data.

The solutions to challenges are the creation of a 4th Pillar decentralized blockchain system for employers to reward and transfer FOUR tokens directly to their employees using a self-managed 4th pillar decentralized personal savings wallet. 4th Pillar will also use Blockchain and Interplanetary File Systems (IPFS) to provide efficiency in the secure transfer of valuable documents through its network directly from employer to employee. This will make room for creating a digital employee professional identity database with automated evaluation system to recruit based on verified work history.

Platform Services Sales.



Philippines Lawmaker Urges Senate to Expedite Crypto Crime Bills "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A Philippines senator is seeking to speed up the passage of legislation that would increase the penalties for crimes involving cryptocurrencies.


Crypto Exchange Kraken To End Services In Japan, Cites Rising Costs Of Business "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Kraken will be ending its services in Japan at the end of June, but has not ruled out coming back in the future #NEWS


Coinsecure Confirms Victims of Recent Hack Will be Refunded "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Crypto exchanges have different responsibilities to their clients. In the case of a hack or theft, they need to refund their customers. Coinsecure, an Indian Bitcoin trading platform, will do exactly that. The recent theft affecting several users forces the company to reimburse victims out of their own pocket.

The Coinsecure Theft Investigation

Coinsecure was recently hacked by an unknown assailant. During this theft, the company lost 438.318 Bitcoin, valued at around $3.3 million. This money has been taken from the companys Bitcoin wallet. Rumor has it this may have been an inside job by company CSO Dr. Amitabh Saxena.

Official complaints registered with police authorities clearly implicate Saxena as the culprit. It is unclear if there is any evidence to make those charges stick. With the money still not being located, the investigation will continue for some time to come. Coinsecure even announced a 10% finders fee to its community for anyone who can help recover the money in question.

Given Bitcoins lack of privacy and anonymity, finding the money should not be difficult. That is, assuming the money has not been converted to another cryptocurrency with anonymity features. Additionally, the money may have already been converted to fiat currencies. For now, the attempt to recover the funds is still in full effect.

Repaying Affected Customers

While this process takes place, Coinsecure has made it clear they will reimburse customers in one way or another. Option one is more favorable as it would result in the stolen money being returned. If that were to happen, customer balances will be corrected by the exchange automatically. The other option will work as follows:

However, if recovery of siphoned BTC is not possible, then we will apply the lock in rates as of the 9th of April, 2018. 10% of the Coin Holding Balance will be refunded in BTC and 90% will be returned in INR.



Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis ETC/USD Could Extend Gains "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ethereum classic price corrected lower after trading as high as $17.01 against the US dollar.
  • There was a break below a connecting bullish trend line with support at $16.60 on the hourly chart of the ETC/USD pair (Data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair remains supported on the downside above $15.80 and it could resume its uptrend.

Ethereum classic price is positioned in a bullish trend against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETC/USD may trade in a range above $15.80 before it makes the next move.

Ethereum Classic Price Resistance

There was a decent upside move in ETC price above the $16.00 level against the US dollar. The ETC/USD pair traded towards the $17.00 level where sellers emerged. A high was formed at $17.01 from where the price started a downside correction. It moved down and broke the $16.80 and $16.60 support levels. Moreover, there was a break below the 50% Fib retracement level of the last leg from the $15.05 low to $17.01 high.

More importantly, there was a break below a connecting bullish trend line with support at $16.60 on the hourly chart of the ETC/USD pair. However, the decline found support near the $16.50 level, which is a key pivot zone. There is also a bullish trend line on the same chart with current support at $15.80. At the moment, the price is testing the 50% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $17.01 high to $15.62 low. A break above the $16.40 level is required for an upside acceleration towards $17.00 or even higher.

Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis ETC USD

The chart above suggests that the price is positioned nicely above the $15.80 support. As long as ETC is above $15.60-80, it may trade in a range before making the next move higher.

Hourly MACD The MACD for ETC/USD is ga...


Industry Group to Bring 'Order' to Korea's Crypto Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A South Korean blockchain industry organization has proposed a self-regulatory framework to set standards for the cryptocurrency exchange industry.


Coinsecure Offers 10% Bounty on $3 Million Theft, Customer Refunds in Rupees Not Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsecure has reiterated its intention to refund customers after last weeks $3(+) million theft. A significant majority of the stolen funds could be paid in Indian fiat rupees instead of bitcoin if the siphoned bitcoins arent recovered. In a notice posted on its website over the weekend, Delhi-based crypto exchange Coinsecure

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Barclays Bank Pivots on Infection Study, Now Mulling Crypto Trading Desk "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Insiders say UKs Barclays bank may be investigating opening a cryptocurrency trading desk just a week after releasing a report comparing investors in digital assets to an infected population that would die out soon.

Barclays Investigating Crypto Trading Desk

Bloomberg has reported that Barclays bank is doing an initial assessment to gauge clients interest in the bank opening a cryptocurrency trading desk. Insiders say that the bank is sounding out a potential partnership with Goldman Sachs to create a new Wall Street-centered business.

The bank released a statement saying it had no plans to make such a move. Spokesman Andrew Smith replied in an email saying,

We constantly monitor developments in the digital currency space and will continue to have a dialog with our clients on their needs and intentions in this market, 

Given the risk and progressive manner of entering into a crypto trading partnership, this kind of move would require involvement and approval from the highest levels. Getting Chief Executive Officer Jes Staley and investment bank Boss Tim Throsby on board may not be a problem though as both have been dedicated to reviving earnings in their commercial sectors by investing in higher risk tradings.

Many analysts are calling for a major influx of commercial money into the cryptocurrency market this year but with few existing banking options for the commercial trader, this could put Barclays at the right place at the right time.

The number of hedge funds dealing in cryptocurrency have multiplied by eight times since the beginning of 2017, going from only 37 to 226 in less than a year, but have struggled to find banks to deal with. Money managers and brokers in many cases need to deal with banks because of regulations preventing them from using exchanges to hold and move investments.

If Barclays decides to make the move it will become the first major European based investment bank to open a dedicated cryptocurrency trading desk.

Barclays Pivots on Infectious Bitcoin

This announcement comes only a week after...


Bitcoin Merchant Adoption Might Just Be Accelerating In Asia "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Luxury brand Bellatorra Skin Care reports hot demand for crypto payments from both wholesale and retail customers as it expands into China and India.


Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP/USD Consolidating above $0.6200 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price corrected lower recently from the $0.7000 swing high against the US dollar.
  • There is a contracting triangle forming with current support at $0.6400 on the hourly chart (data source from Kraken).
  • The pair may consolidate above the $0.6200 pivot level in the short term before it makes the next move.

Ripple price is consolidating gains against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD must stay above the $0.6200 support to continue moving higher.

Ripple Price Range Support

After trading close to the $0.7000 level, Ripple price faced selling interest against the US Dollar. The price started a downside correction and traded below the $0.6800 and $0.6600 support levels. There was also a break below the 50% Fib retracement level of the last leg from the $0.6240 low to $0.6995 high. However, the downside move was protected by the $0.6400 support.

A low was formed at $0.6368 before the price moved back above $0.6500. It is currently trading above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.6971 high to $0.6368 low. In the short term, there could be more range moves above the $0.6200 pivot level before buyers take control. It seems like there is a contracting triangle forming with current support at $0.6400 on the hourly chart. On the upside, a break above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.6971 high to $0.6368 low may push the price towards $0.6900.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USD

Looking at the chart, the pair must clear the $0.6900 and $0.7000 resistance levels to extend gains. Above $0.7000, the price will most likely trade towards the $0.7500 level in the near term. On the downside, the $0.6400 level is an initial support. However, the most important support is at $0.6200.



Chilean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Take Banking Blockade to Appeals Court "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Chiles largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Buda, CryptoMarket (Crypto MKT), and Orionx recently applied to an appeals court to confront a banking blockade theyre currently facing. As covered by CCN, the cryptocurrency exchanges recently saw Itau Corpbanca, Bank of Nova Scotia, and the state-owned bank Banco del Estado de Chile shutdown their accounts with no proper explanation. Continued

The post Chilean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Take Banking Blockade to Appeals Court appeared first on CCN


Economists Explore Bitcoin's 'Equilibrium Price' in New Paper "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Two economists have developed a model for pricing bitcoin and other assets in decentralized financial networks.


The Government Dilemma: How To Tax Something One Pretends Does Not Exist "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Why Bitcoin Sounds Like Money to Your Government

Cryptocurrencies are often criticized for failing to replicate some of the basic functions of fiat money. Governments are always ready to warn you that you cant spend, or save, or trade, or make digital coins. This state of mind, however, is slowly but surely changing, as more benefits become apparent. Paying, saving, investing bitcoin can serve all these purposes, and sometimes that happens with approval from authorities.  

Also read: These Countries Wont Tax Your Bitcoins Too Much

Failing to Be Fiat, Proving to be Money

Policy makers and central bankers often claim that cryptos are unable to perform basic functions of fiat money means of payment, medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account. Many times, however, they acknowledge one or more of these characteristics, especially when that serves their priorities. Filling the coffers is one such priority, if not the main one, for just about any government. Taxes are the major source of budget revenues for most countries with open market economies. Last years record highs have put cryptocurrencies in the spotlight of this years tax campaign.



Cardano Climbs Higher as Binance Expands ADA Listings "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Nothing can be a better lift for a cryptocurrency than news that a major exchange will be listing it or expanding trading options. Exchanges do not come much bigger than Binance so the announcement posted on the company website an hour or so ago has given Cardano a long needed lift this morning.

Cardano is already listed on Binance but tradable only in BTC or ETH. Today the Hong Kong based exchange announced that it would be offering ADA/BNB and ADA/USDT trading pairs. BNB is Binances own coin and USDT is Tether which is pegged to the US dollar. This gives traders greater flexibility for buying and selling ADA. It is good news for any altcoin which needs to uncouple itself from Bitcoin, which is pretty much all of them.

Cardano Climbs from a Long Lull

Cardano has had a rough year, falling hard from its giddy peak of $1.26 (8650 satoshis) on January 4 to a 2018 low of $0.13 (1740 satoshis) on March 18. This represents a fall of almost 90% (80% against BTC) in less than three months. It was one of the worst performing altcoins in March.

ADA has been waiting for a boost and it has finally arrived with Coinmarketcap reporting the token trading at 24% higher on the day. Cardano has climbed from $0.21 to almost $0.27 in the past day and is trading strong in Asia at the moment. Over the week the altcoin has performed exceptionably well rising over 73% from $0.15 this time last week. Against Bitcoin ADA is up almost 25% on the day to around 3300 satoshis, the weekly gains are even better at 50% from 2200 satoshis this time last week.

South Koreans are leading the way with trade volume as Upbit is dominating with around 65% of the total trade in KRW. Binance is currently second with 20% of the volume however this i...


What is a Cryptocurrency? A Beginners Explanation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post What is a Cryptocurrency? A Beginners Explanation appeared first on 99 Bitcoins.

The term cryptocurrency is a contraction of cryptographic currency. In March 2018, Merriam-Webster announced that they would include this term in their dictionary. Their definition is as follows: cryptocurrency noun cryptocurrency  \ krip-t-kr-n(t)-s , -k-rn(t)-s \ : any form of currency that only exists digitally, that usually has no central issuing or regulating authority but [...]


Thai Regulators Asked to Ease New Cryptocurrency Taxes "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Players in Thailands crypto markets have petitioned the Finance Ministry to either delay or waive altogether a combined 22% tax burden aimed at dissuading investors from putting money into ICOs and cryptocurrency within the Kingdom.

Reformers Seek Changes in New Thai Tax Before it Takes Effect

On March 29, a royal decree was handed down to the Finance Ministry outlining new tax guidelines for the cryptocurrency market as was reported in NewsBTC. These new taxes came in the form of a 7% value-added tax (VAT) on all cryptocurrency trades plus a 15% capital gains tax. This 22% levy on cryptocurrency trading was a deliberate measure taken by military controlled Thai regulatory bodies to protect naive traders from losing their money.

Now crypto pundits are asking that the revenue department reconsider the harsh taxes. Proposing a tax policy that will encourage the growth of crypto and blockchain related companies to do business in Thailand, not send them away.

As was reported by the Bangkok Post Thuntee Sukchotrat, chief executive of Jibex, a cryptocurrency exchange owned by JIB Computer Group Co Ltd., is one of the people seeking a change in the tax policy;

Tax could be an obstacle for startups and the fund-raising process, given that startups planning to raise funds in Thailand could opt to look at other places because of stringent regulations here, he said

Jibex is on the verge of launching its cryptocurrency wallet service and will begin trading in June. In order to meet the forthcoming ICO regulations, wallet services using Thai Baht as their currency in the country must have a minimum of B200 million ($US6.4 million) registered capital in order to apply for a license through the Bank of Thailand.

New Tax Will Hurt the Future of Thai Fintech

Among those calling for a rethink on the new tax is Jirayut Srupsrisopa, a blockchain expert, and co-founder of the Thai cryptocurrency exchange Speaking to the Post he voiced his fears that this kind of regulation sends a message out to the world that Thailand isnt interested in developing its fintech sector. Srupsrisop said,...


Ethereum Price Technical Analysis Can ETH/USD Hold This? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price is trading near a major support at $495-500 against the US Dollar with positive signs.
  • There is an important bullish trend line forming with support at $500 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair must stay above the $495 support and the 100 hourly simple moving average to continue higher.

Ethereum price is holding gains against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD is currently above $500 and is eyeing an upside break in the near term.

Ethereum Price Trend

There was a minor downside reaction in ETH price after it made a new monthly high at $538.34 against the US Dollar. The price declined and traded below the $525 support to test the $500 zone. During the decline, there was a break below the 50% Fib retracement level of the last leg from the $481 low to $538 high. However, the downside move was protected by the $500 support zone and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

Moreover, there is also an important bullish trend line forming with support at $500 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The trend line support at $500 and 100 hourly SMA are strong supports on the downside. At the moment, the price is trading near the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $538 high to $497 low. To initiate a fresh upside wave, buyers need to break the $515-517 resistance area. The stated $517 level is the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $538 high to $497 low. A successful push above the $517 level will most likely take the price towards $540 in the near term.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH USD

Looking at the chart, there are many positive signs since the price is holding the $500 level and the 100 hourly SMA. A break below 100 hourly SMA may perhaps drag the price towards $480.

Hourly M...


No Plans for National Cryptocurrency, Bank of Japan Official Says "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Bank of Japan said it has no plan to issue a central bank digital currency due to concerns over financial stability.


Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Verge "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

FOMO Moments

The bullish momentum has run out of steam and buying pressure has been exhausted this morning in Asia. Crypto markets have corrected slightly and there is more red than green on the board at the moment. Bitcoin has lost almost 2% but is still just above the key $8,000 level. Altcoins have largely retracted a little bit but many of them are holding steady. As usual one is steaming off towards the moon and performing way ahead of its siblings and today that altcoin is Verge.

According to Coinmarketcap XVG went off like a rocket a few hours ago and is currently trading 18% higher on the day. Verge is currently trading at $0.10 from $0.084 this time yesterday, over the week it has posted solid gains rising around 20% in the seven day period. On the monthly chart XVG has jumped over 200% from $0.032 this time last month. Against Bitcoin Verge has climbed over 20% to 1278 satoshis from 1067 sats this time yesterday. Weekly gains have been pretty slim however as Verge traded around the 1220 satoshi level this time last week.

Many are quick to lambaste these altcoins on social media but there is no disputing the likes of Verge and Tron have been some of the better performing cryptos in recent weeks. The current momentum has come from the imminent announcement of Verges new partner today. A Medium post indicates that the official press release will be made at 10am EST.

In an unorthodox move Verge ran a crowd sale to raise funds in order to secure this new partnership however most of the 75 million XVG tokens were donated by the same company, TokenPay. This is a strong indicator as to who the new partner will be. Either way the altcoin is outperforming all of the rest during the Asian trading session this morning with the possible exception of Cardano w...


Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH/USD Targets Fresh Highs "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price declined recently, but it found support near $740 against the US Dollar.
  • There is a new connecting bullish trend line forming with support at $750 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
  • The pair is placed nicely above $740 and the 100 hourly simple moving average, which is a positive sign.

Bitcoin cash price is holding the $740 support nicely against the US Dollar. BCH/USD may continue to move higher and it could even target a fresh high above $800.

Bitcoin Cash Price Trend

After trading further higher, bitcoin cash price found sellers near $800 against the US Dollar. The price started a downside correction and traded below the $780 and $760 support levels. There was also a break below the 50% Fib retracement level of the last leg from the $721 low to $800 high. However, the downside move found support near a crucial level at $740 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

BCH buyers protected further declines, resulting in an upside move above the $750 level. It has moved above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $800 high to $742 low. However, the upside move is facing sellers near the $770 level. Moreover, the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $800 high to $742 low is also near $770. Therefore, a break above the $770 level is needed for further gains. Above $770, the price could retest the last swing high at $800. And, if buyers remain in control, the price may even break the $800 level for a new high.

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH USD

Looking at the chart above, there is a new connecting bullish trend line forming with support at $750. As long as the price is above $740-750, it remains supported.

Looking at the technical indicators:...


Lightning + NFC? The New Plan to Bring Bitcoin to Retail "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A new proposal explores the combination of the lightning network and NFC to move the layer-two bitcoin tech forward.


Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.00010 BTC = 0.79 USD
1.00 USD = 0.00013 BTC


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 04/17/2018 Another Pullback Zone to Watch "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price recently broke out of its descending channel to show that an uptrend reversal is underway.
  • Price hit resistance at $8450 and is gearing up for a pullback, possibly until the broken resistance.
  • This lines up with several inflection points, so plenty of limit orders may be located in this area.

Bitcoin price looks ready for a pullback to a key area of interest visible on the 4-hour time frame.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is still below the longer-term 200 SMA on this time frame, though, so the path of least resistance is to the downside. In other words, the selloff is still likely to resume. Then again, the gap between the moving averages is narrowing to reflect slowing bearish pressure.

Bullish pressure could kick in once an upward crossover is completed. The 100 SMA is in line with the broken channel resistance to act as an additional inflection point. The 200 SMA lines up with the 50% Fibonacci retracement level and an area of interest that might be enough to keep losses at bay.

Stochastic is already indicating oversold conditions and looks ready to turn higher, drawing more buyers in. RSI, on the other hand, has plenty of room to fall so the correction could keep going for a bit longer.

Although bitcoin price is retreating from its recent climb, analysts have reason to believe that the gains could continue. For one, the second quarter of the year has historically been positive for cryptocurrencies and once the tax deadline has passed, investors could reopen their long positions.

Besides, Coinbase reportedly bought former bitcoin mining company 21 Inc, which is now known as This company has rebranded itself as a social media platform that incentivizes users to complete tasks in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards.

The deal was reportedly valued at over $100 million and reminds traders of the consistent developments in the space amid regulatory concerns.

The post...


How Monex Plans to Revive Hacked Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

How Monex Plans to Revive Hacked Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck

The hacked Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has officially been acquired by one of Japans largest online brokerage firms. Monex Group has outlined its plans of reviving Coincheck and the risks associated with the acquisition.

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Acquisition Completed

How Monex Plans to Revive Hacked Japanese Crypto Exchange CoincheckCoincheck has officially become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Monex Group on April 16, local media reported after the leading online securities firm agreed to invest 3.6 billion yen (~US$33.55 million) in the acquisition of the exchange. Monex is among Japans largest online brokerage firms, whose competitors include SBI Securities, Rakuten Securities, Matsui Securities and

In a press conference on Friday, Monex disclosed Coinchecks financials for the fiscal year ending March 31. The exchanges revenue was 980 million yen (~$9.13 million) and its net operating income was 719 million yen (~$6.7 million). Moreover, the exchange has approximately 1.7 million use...


Report: Less Than 1% of Bitcoin Used for Illegal Purposes "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrencies are regularly accused of causing deaths in a fairly direct way (as Bill Gates put it). A report released by The Foundation for Defense of Democracies found that less than one percent of Bitcoin is used for illegal purposes.

Bitcoin Not as Criminal as Some Might Think

Aaron Shamo, a 28-year-old Bitcoin enthusiast who became a millionaire since the cryptocurrency rally in late 2017, was found to be a drug dealer, according to the police. Shamo has allegedly trafficked fentanyl, a powerful opioid, which may have caused 28 fatal overdoses and is now in prison awaiting trial. He has pleaded not guilty as he faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted.

The modus operandi of the alleged drug ring used Bitcoin as the means of payment. We have switched to bitcoin payments only. Now you will enjoy a 10 percent less price tag on all products. Good part is that paying by bitcoin you can order as much as you like with no limit, said an e-mail from the dealer.

Law enforcement found six websites offering fentanyl and all of them listed Bitcoin as the preferred method of payment. Because its anonymous, its the currency of choice for these drug traffickers, said Ohio Republican Rob Portman, head of a Senate committee investigating the matter. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called the use of Bitcoin on the dark web a big problem.

Most cryptocurrency advocates dismiss the argument that Bitcoin is a problem. Blaming Bitcoin for this crisis would make as much sense as blaming the internet or cars that drug traffickers have to use, said Perianne Boring, president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

The anonymity argument is also problematic as buying Bitcoin requires real money and cryptocurrency exchanges now collect personal information from users, who also need to convert their Bitcoin back into fiat for consumer spending. At some point, Bitcoin is only as good as where you can spend it. You look at where the currency enters the mainstream financial system in order to get spent, said a Justice Department official.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a foreign policy think tank, released a report that found less than one percent of Bitcoin is used for illegal purposes and almost all of the illicit activity came from transactions on t...


Why the IRS Should Treat Crypto as a New Asset Class "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Tax pros in the cryptocurrency space are applying a hodgepodge of rules that historically have been applied to stocks, bonds and various other assets.


Marsh Insurance Firm Partners With IBM To Apply Blockchain For Proof Of Insurance "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

International insurance brokerage and risk management firm Marsh is collaborating with IBM to create the first commercial Blockchain solution for proof of insurance. #NEWS


Op-Codes and Scripting Capabilities Coming to Bitcoin Cash "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Op-Codes and Scripting Capabilities Are Coming to Bitcoin Cash

Over the past few weeks, the bitcoin cash (BCH) community has been discussing the use of op-codes with the BCH chain. The technology could allow the creation of different types of metadata implementations like colored coins and representative tokens, alongside the ability to perform smart contracts, but in a more simplified manner as opposed to ethereums solidity programming language. The subject of re-activating certain op-codes and scripting abilities has invoked some excitement from BCH proponents and this May after the bitcoin cash hard fork the community will see some new op-code features.

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Bringing Op-codes, Colored Coins, and Smart Contract Functionality to the Bitcoin Cash Network

Op-Codes and Scripting Capabilities Are Coming to Bitcoin CashBitcoin cash is forking on Tuesday, May 15 a...


Ripple Calls On UK Regulators To End Wild West Of Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Ripple urges UK regulators to find a balance between capturing risk and enabling innovation, claiming good regulations will help the crypto market mature. #NEWS


Indias Crypto Crackdown Presents Opportunity for Peer-to-Peer Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Reserve Bank of Indias recent ban on financial institutions transacting with companies using or offering cryptocurrency services will certainly have consequences for the nation. However, thanks to peer-to-peer exchanges like Paxful, one of these is unlikely to be cryptocurrency usage and adoption in general.

Paxful Offers Users Exposure to Cryptocurrency Whilst Completely Bypassing the Banks

On April 5, the Reserve Bank of India issued a statement which banned the the nations banks from dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges and other similar services. Thankfully for Indias crypto enthusiasts, it didnt drop any hint of a pending government crackdown on digital currencies though.

According to Sathvik V, the CEO and founder of Unocoin one of Indias largest wallet and exchange platforms the statement will leave the legality status of Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies in India unchanged. He believes the RBI move is to protect people and companies from the risks associated with such volatile assets.

Whilst exchanges like Unocoin plan to continue their businesses, the fact that users will no longer be able to deposit and withdraw from exchanges directly to their bank accounts will surely impact their bottom line. However, there are other forms of exchange that will be able to provide off and on ramp services for those wishing to enter or exit the market.

Peer-to-peer exchanges such as Paxful allow users to organize trades and pay for crypto with a variety of different methods. These include PayPal, Western Union, and even various gift card sellers such as Amazon or OneVanilla. Peer-to-peer exchanges also sit more logically with the entire idea behind cryptocurrency. Surely, the antithesis of a decentralized system such as Bitcoin is using a hugely centralized institution such as a bank. The oft-repeated, unofficial slogan of Bitcoin being be your own bank seems downright silly if having a traditional bank account is a prerequisite for using the system in the first place.

Whats more, peer-to-peer trading rose dramatically in China following the governments crackdown on exchanges last autumn. There is no reason to believe that the same will not happen in India too. With less draconian internet regulation, online, peer-to-peer markets like Paxful will...


Coinbase To Boost Toshi Dapp By Taking Features From Recently Acquired Cipher Browser "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Coinbase has acquired Cipher Browser Dapp to incorporate its features to its own Toshi Ethereum browser and wallet. #NEWS


BitCoin, 5G and Robotics - Endgame "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

As one can see, sometimes everything seems to connect full circle as round and round we go collectively chasing someone else's tales. I know I'm pretty tired of it; are you?


Crypto Conference for Women to Be Held in Moscow "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Crypto Conference for Women to Be Held in Moscow

A conference dedicated to raising awareness among women about cryptocurrencies is scheduled to take place in the Russian capital this month. The speakers at the event, also women, will share practical information on cryptos, blockchain technologies, and investment opportunities. The event will be live-streamed in 74 countries.

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Women Advising Women

The Crypto Conference for Women will be held on April 28-29, at the Zolotoe Koltso hotel in Moscow, where experts and entrepreneurs will tell participants what cryptocurrency is and how it works. 24 female speakers will share advice on how to start with an initial investment and recommendations on storage options. The latest developments in the crypto world will be presented to the audience, along with other useful information.



What ICO Issuers and Investors Need to Know About Taxes "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

There is little guidance from the IRS on how to treat a token offering or SAFT for tax purposes. Determining how to do so is a fact-intensive process.


Gold and The Blockchain Revisited Ann Rhefn (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Gold and The Blockchain Revisited Ann Rhefn Video smaulgld Video Source

The post Gold and The Blockchain Revisited Ann Rhefn (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Bloomberg: Barclays Asking Clients About Crypto Trading "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

According to anonymous sources, Barclays could be opening a crypto trading desk, first must determine level of client interest. #NEWS


Coinbase Acquires And Hires CEO As Chief Technology Officer "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Digital currency exchange Coinbase has acquired and appointed the companys CEO as its Chief Technology Officer. #NEWS


Chinas Position on Crypto Likely to Harden Under New PBOC Governor "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

China's Position on Crypto Likely to Harden Under New PBOC Governor

Chinas cryptocurrency markets have witnessed a number of significant events in recent weeks, including affirmation from the People Bank of China (PBOC)s new governor, which will likely intensify the countrys crackdown on cryptocurrency.

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New PBOC Governor Reaffirms Stern Position Regarding Cryptocurrencies

China's Position on Crypto Likely to Harden Under New PBOC GovernorWhilst attending a forum on monetary policy at Asia Annual Conference 2018s Boao Forum, Chinas recently appointed central bank governor, Yi Gang, indicated that the PBOCs stance regarding virtual currencies will not soften under his leadership.

Yi Gang described cryptocurrencies as offering little to contribute to Chinas economy at large, defending the governments cautious stance with regards to virtual currencies. In general, PBOC is maintaining tight supervision among virtual currency, in the meantime, the central bank is also exploring a better...

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When the Taxman Comes Knocking, Will Americans Report Crypto Gains? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

When the Taxman Comes Knocking, Will Americans Report Crypto Gains?

Cryptocurrency investors appear to be skirting their taxes. Whether keeping with cryptos anti-establishment roots or for lack of ability, American cryptocurrency practitioners are testing the IRSs tolerance for crypto tax evasion.

Tax day in the United States is tomorrow, April 17, 2018, but according to the popular tax filing service Credit Karma, few cryptocurrency holders have reported earnings or losses on their 2017 tax documents. Out of the companys 250,000 new filings, under 100 have disclosed capital gains from cryptocurrency investments, figures that are in line with the companys former reports on cryptocurrency tax documentation.

Certainly, Credit Karmas user base does not constitute the whole of Americas crypto investor populace. But it could reflect the demographics general resistance to paying taxes on their investments, and this could have something to do with the IRSs policy.

In 2014, the IRS released an official notice regarding its cryptocurrency tax policy. First and foremost, the IRS treats virtual currencies as property, subjecting them to the same capital gains taxes that affect traditional investments like stocks, bonds and real estate. These taxes are applicable to anyone who has received payment for goods and/or services in crypto (as part of a salary, for instance), as well as miners, who must account for gains as part of their income.

The tax code appears straightforward enough, but uncertainty remains. Given that the IRS treats any trade as a taxable event and the onus of reporting rests on the investor, reporting on cryptocurrency investments can seem confusing and convoluted to those untrained in accounting and finance.

Even with the tax deadline rapidly approaching in the U.S., were still seeing lots of people unsure about the proper way to prepare cryptocurrency taxes. Properly accounting for crypto-to-crypto trades, trading on multiple exchanges, and purchases made with cryptocurrency can be an overwhelming task, Chris Kovalik, founder of Cointaxes, told Bitcoin Magazine.

Kovalik finds that the IRSs policy places the burden on the taxpayer to follow and account for the governments guidance when filing taxes. Unlike other tax codes that offer standards and historical precedent, crypto investors have no touchstone for guidance....


Barclays Is Talking to Clients About Opening a Crypto Trading Desk "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A person with knowledge of the situation said all major banks are likely to be weighing the same decision.


Venezuelas Bolivar Sees 454% Inflation in Q1 as Maduro Hawks the Petro "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Runaway inflation continues to devalue the Venezuelan Bolivar (VEB), even as the countrys authoritarian government seeks to divert attention from the floundering economy by hawking its Petro cryptocurrency. According to Reuters, prices in Venezuela rose by 454 percent during the first quarter of 2018 and have swelled by 8,900 percent over the past 12 months. Continued

The post Venezuelas Bolivar Sees 454% Inflation in Q1 as Maduro Hawks the Petro appeared first on CCN


NEO, EOS, Litecoin, IOTA and Stellar: Technical Analysis April 17, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Despite moving up one spot, IOTA and the general altcoins market is sluggish. In fact, most coins are shedding and retracing. In my view, waiting until proper signals prints in NEO, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, EOS and IOTA is prudent as our altcoins technical analysis shows.

Lets have a look at these charts:

XLM/USD (Stellar Lumens)

Even though Stellar Lumens is generally up, the coin is giving back some of its earlier gains. In the last 24 hours alone, the coin is down 3.75 percent and technically, we expect further declines.

In our entry chart for example, there is a small bearish divergence pattern and with bearish stochastics turning from deep the overbought territory, bears are likely to ramp up especially if there is a breach below $0.28. Remember, this level is a minor but key support line-the middle BB.

From our Stellar Lumens analysis, our first point of support lies at March highs at $0.24 and if a stochastic buy signal prints at that level, we anticipate buyers to test $0.5 in the short to medium term.


After breaching the $1.5 mark, IOTA is up one spot up the liquidity table with a market cap of $1.58B despite losing 5 percent in the last 24 hours. Thats not a worry though...


A blockchain for farmers and co-ops: Q&A with Kora's Maomao Hu "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Blockchain has become one of those buzzwords that commands attention and carries a powerful social glow, yet in the likes of similar buzzwords that have attained such a prized status, it has lost much of its meaning. Blockchain has become a catchall term for just about any digital ledger system regardless of crucial variations in its design. With so many blockchain projects ranging from social impact initiatives to opportunistic marketing ploys, it can be difficult to discern which projects hold real potential.


What Is Ether? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

What Is Ether?

Ether is the underlying token powering the Ethereum blockchain, but it serves a slightly different purpose than bitcoin does to the Bitcoin blockchain. Although ether is traded on public markets and has displayed price appreciation similar to bitcoin, they are quite different by design. Ether is not intended to be a unit of currency on a peer-to-peer payment network; rather, it acts as the fuel or gas that powers the Ethereum network.

At the highest level, Ethereum is an open-source platform that runs smart contracts. When smart contracts are run on a blockchain, they become self-executing when certain conditions are met. The execution of smart contracts requires computational resources that must be paid for in some way: this is where ether comes in.  

Ether is the crypto-fuel allowing smart contracts to run. It provides the incentive for nodes to validate blocks on the Ethereum blockchain, which contains the smart contract code. Every time a block is validated, 5 ethers are created and awarded to the successful node. A new block is propagated roughly every 1517 seconds. Some nodes may find the correct solution to a block without having it included in the network. The Ethereum network rewards these nodes with 23 ethers.

Individuals interacting with decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform will have to pay the network in ether for the use. Developers are incentivized to create these decentralized applications because they will be paid in ether for their work. Developers are also incentivized to write quality applications because wasteful applications will be more expensive and likely will not be used as frequently as better alternatives.

Using this information, the narrative around ether becomes more clear. Its final use will most likely be abstracted by basic button clicking, but assuming Ethereum becomes widely used, ether will be rapidly moving between users and miners. Its value is directly tied to the use of the Ethereum blockchain.

Is Ether Inflationary?

The total supply of ether is not capped like the total supply of bitcoin. 60 million ether were created during the initial crowdsale, 12 million of which went to early backers and the Ethereum Foundation. Most of the money raised will be used to fund future development initiatives.

Ethers issuance model is unique in that it does not emphasize deflation like most other popular cryptographic assets. Initially, issuance of ether was capped at 18 million per year, which is 25 percent of the initial supply raised in the crowdsale. But more recently, Vitalik Buterin said that issuance...


Economist Robert Shiller Says Bitcoin Bubble May Never Burst "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Yale professor of economics Robert Shiller has changed his tune when it comes to the longevity of Bitcoin.

Shiller Starting to Come Around on Bitcoin

The noble prize winning economist has been a mainstay on programs like CNBCs Trading Nation where he has taken a harsh stance on the future of Bitcoin many times in the past. Shiller has called the cryptocurrency a fad and compared it to pyramid schemes using the cliched comparison of the tulip bulb buy up and collapse of 1637 to illustrate his point.

In the past, he has expressed his view that Bitcoin (as a representative for all cryptocurrencies) is a bubble that attracts investors because it is a good story. During a 2017 debate with crypto expert Brian Kelley on CNBC he said Its the quality of the story thats attracting all this interest, and its not necessarily sustainable whats driving the market? Its not fundamentals. Its not like this is a fundamentally important thing, this Bitcoin.

Recently though he has changed his stance or at least his conclusion. Speaking with CNBC again he still talked about Bitcoin being a fad but went beyond qualifying that with his former explanation that its glamorous by explaining that part of its appeal comes from its decentralized nature. They (investors) like the idea that this didnt come from the government. It came from some real smart computer scientist. They like that. Its a great story for todays markets.

He went on to say that though he maintains cryptocurrencies are a bubble he now concedes he may have been overzealous about its shortcomings in the past. Saying on Trading Nation

Im interested in bitcoin as a sort of bubble. It doesnt mean that it will disappear, that itll burst forever. It may be with us for a while,

Shiller continued in the same interview to say I dont mean to dismiss it. Some smart people went into these and other cryptocurrencies, which is a long way from past statements that he has made dismissing it in no uncertain terms.

Economist Sees Bubbles Instead of Value



Insurance Broker Marsh Working With IBM on Blockchain Platform "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Global insurance company Marsh is piloting a proof of insurance platform on a blockchain with IBM's help.


Tax Time is Here and Lots of Cryptocurrency Holders Dont Care "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Tax Time is Here and Lots of Cryptocurrency Holders Don't Care

In the U.S. tax season has arrived and many American cryptocurrency proponents are squirming because they have to pay for some of the gains they made last year. However, there are a lot of digital currency holders who could care less about taxes and they strongly believe that taxation is antithetical to cryptocurrencies. While there is a good portion of digital currency holders planning to file their gains and losses, many crypto-advocates dont plan to pay their tax liabilities.

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Cryptocurrency Taxes: Not Many People Pay Them

If youre a cryptocurrency enthusiast then over the past few weeks youve probably seen a lot of articles on paying cryptocurrency taxes, how to pay them, and the horror stories involved with those who have to pay taxes on every transaction because  every single one is a taxable event in the U.S. Even though lots of people believe the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) classification is unjust by defining cryptocurrencies as a property rather than a currency, people still are forced to pay for their cryptocurrency gains. Just recently theres been a multitude of reports on cryptocurrency taxation, and some of them explain that a lot of cryptocurrency proponents dont seem to care about paying their digital asset taxes.



Coinbase Buys, Gaining Top Talent in the Process "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Coinbase Buys, Gaining Top Talent in the Process

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is buying, a social network that allows users to earn digital currency by replying to emails and completing small tasks online.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong made the announcement in a blog post today, April 16, 2018. In addition to welcoming the entire team, Coinbase has made co-founder and CEO Balaji Srinivasan its first CTO. Both companies are located in the Bay Area.  

This is Coinbases fifth acquisition so far and its most substantial to date. Only last week, the exchange purchased decentralized app browser and Ethereum wallet Cipher Browser. Coinbase has not revealed how much it paid for, but to offer an idea of the companys evaluation, has raised more than $120 million in a series of funding rounds.

21 Inc began life as 21 Inc, a startup best known for creating the 21 Bitcoin Computer, essentially, a Raspberry Pi connected to a bitcoin-mining ASIC, with the idea of building bitcoin miners into devices people already use. The computer first began shipping in November 2015.

In October 2017, 21 Inc rebranded itself as and notified customers it was ending support for its Bitcoin Computer to focus on allowing users to monetize their email and social media channels instead.

Currently, pays users in bitcoin, but the company has also developed its own Ethereum-based ERC20 token, dubbed the Earnable Token, so that when people complete tasks in, they can earn rewards in tokens. The company state...


Crypto Investor Reportedly Hacked For $2 Mln On Live Stream, Internet Calls Foul "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Well-known crypto advisor and investor reports a $2 mln hack during a live stream, Twitter and Reddit users take it upon themselves to investigate the claim. #NEWS


Pipe Dream: Analysts Mull Natural Gas-Powered Bitcoin Mining Operation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A group of Wall Street analysts has a unique idea to allow shale producers in Texas oil-rich Permian Basin to profit from the massive amount of natural gas that is currently being wasted as a result of shale extraction: harness it to power a Bitcoin mining operation. Writing in a recent note to clients, a Continued

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO, EOS: Price Analysis, April 16 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The crypto markets are experiencing some uncertainty amidst bullish predictions by analysts. #PRICE_ANALYSIS


Coinsecure May Refund in Rupees, Not Bitcoin After $3.4 Million Heist "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Victims of the $3 million theft at bitcoin exchange Coinsecure will receive a refund on their stolen funds, but it may not be in BTC.


Decentralized Exchange Startup 0x Raised $775K in SAFT Sale Last Year "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Decentralized protocol 0x has raised $775,000 through a SAFT sale last year.

Sunday, 15 April


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In fact, youve probably taken some steps to prepare, but all this waiting and all the pain from holding things like gold, Bitcoin, mining shares, and even cash while the general markets have continued to melt-up and set record highs have left many investors frustrated, to say the least.

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