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Tuesday, 17 April


Pre-Order: Meet Our New Magazine, Good Company! "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

For the past eight months, Ive been working on a project that has been, without a doubt, the hardest of my career. And its finally here and ready for pre-order. Meet our new biannual magazine: Good Company!

After the success of In the Company of Women, our publisher asked us what the next book would be. But I wanted to do something different. I didnt want to wait another two years to celebrate the stories of talented creatives. I wanted to write about more people, in more depth, and with different themes and focuses to their discussions. While the book was an overview at creative life and work, I wanted to focus on a new project that could get into more complex and long-form discussions. Enter: Good Company.



MakerBot Launches New Educator Certification Program "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

MakerBot announces new certification program for educators helping to give them the tools to create curriculum to bring 3D printing int o the classroom.

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10 Pet-Safe Houseplants "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

10 Pet-Safe Houseplants, Design*Sponge

10 Pet-Safe Houseplants, Design*Sponge

Last fall my partner and I were jonesing for a dog, so we did what every good renter does and sent our landlords a really nice email. Their reply? A definitive NO! with zero room for negotiating. Since then, weve scratched the itch by deciding on a name for our future pup (hell be called Le Mutt!) and teaching our fish Cinnamon to leap for food. The situations not ideal, but itll have to do for now.

When we do finally get to bring home Le Mutt, Ill be sure to look back on this list of tips from photographer and pet-lover, Margaret Wright. Shes generously distilled everything shes learned raising her own fur babies into a quick guide to 10 Pet-Safe Houseplants. Not only does each suggestion feature substitutes for trendy blooms that a...


Design and Construct Your Own Tiny Actuators "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Sean Hodgins takes a few moments to show a great example on how to make your own actuators.

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DIY Primitive Water Filter "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Learn how to make a no cost, simple water filter using three baskets made from vines. The baskets are filled with charcoal, river sand and pebbles to purify the water.

Ive been watching other videos on this same YouTube channel called Primitive Evolution. They show lots of interesting primitive camping/surival techniques.

There are other similar YouTube channels such as Primitive Survival Tool with interesting videos such as making a water filter tank out of bamboo and homemade lime plaster.

I agree with the commenter Anubus MaAt who states: gravel at the top, sand in the middle, charcoal at the bottom charcoal should be fine like sand. (Actually, I didnt know the characoal had to be crushed to powder. Thats why I watch similar videos from time to time.) Also, Id boil the water after filtering, and use a different container to scoop it out of the lake. You want to be extra careful if you are not native to the area. Natives often have a certain amount of resistance or adaptation to local organisms in the water and food that visitors to the area do not have. Lakes, river, streams and the groundwater nowadays is often contaminated.


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Monday, 16 April


A Bohemian Apartment In New Orleans Makes Pattern Play Look Seamless "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Liz Kamarul on Design*Sponge

Liz Kamarul on Design*Sponge

As someone that has moved, crisscross style, around the United States, I understand the personal growth and adventure that moving to a new location can bring. After college in Florida, I moved to Boston, then Seattle, San Francisco, Memphis, New York, back to my home state of Mississippi, then Los Angeles only to eventually settle back in Mississippi. Every time I moved somewhere new, I would set up a plan to explore as much of the area as possible, never sure how long Id be staying. I worked odd jobs, usually as a nanny, just to have the experience of living in different places. I never wanted to look back with regret that I missed out on something.

Liz Kamarul, a stylist and designer, along with her husband Tim, a graphic designer and graffiti artist, have had a similar journey. Based in Portland, OR for years, they decided to sell off everything they owned, hopped into an RV and traveled the country for six months straight, with their two dogs. We love starting our lives over and over again. It feels like it challenges us to grow creative...


Maker Pro News: When A Startup Demands Everything "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Read this harrowing tale of maker pros who put everything, down to their bank accounts and homes, into a startup they believed in.

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Go Big or Go Home: Large Scale Art "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Thanks to Framed & Matted and Simply Rosie Images for gifting me the products featured in this post. All opinions are my own.

If you're into home trends, you may have seen that Pinterest named "big art" as one of its top predictions for 2018  (see the full list here, if you haven't already). I feel like large scale art has already been popular for awhile...but it's a trend that I hadn't jumped on yet, for two main reasons. One, I hadn't found an art piece I loved SO MUCH that I wanted to commit to it in a big way. And two, big art typically comes at big prices. So until now, I've stuck with smaller pieces (a gallery wall in our living room, a pair of prints in our bedroom, etc.). But I really LOVE the idea of a big art piece that makes more of a statement! So when Rosie of Simply Rosie Photography offered to send me an art print from her new print shop, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out some large scale art. Rosie was actually our wedding photographer, way back when (almost 8 years ago now, crazy!!!) and her photography is beautiful. Her shop is full of lovely nature prints, from blooming flowers to graceful horses to majestic trees. I fell in love with this ocean print, and I knew it would be perfect for the blank space above our guest bed.

Go big or go home: Large scale art

Be sure to check out Rosie's print shop--you can get 20% off this print or any other ones with the promo code simplyrosie. This week only!

New art in our guest bedroom

For the frame, I worked with Framed & Matted. They do a really quality job, and you can get frames in custom sizes, not just your standard store-bought options. They have 14 different frame styles (I went with the Addison Natural) and 30 mat colors, which you can even layer if you want....


A junk shopping day with birthday girl musings with video "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Canada eggs crate, birdhouse and chicken egg basket at The Back Porch at Harrison Hot Springs, BCMy favorite kind of day in the whole wide world is an unplanned one. Can you relate? I actually had an appointment earlier on April 6th, which also just happened to be my birthday. Prepared for rain, I glanced up at the sky and the clouds parted. Shadows! Some sunshine! So without a care in []

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Tiny Hobbit House with Amazing Green Roof & Straw Bale Walls "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Video tour of an incredible underground hobbit home in Canada that is completely off-grid. It is built with straw bale walls and limestone plaster, log roof rafters and support columns, and a stunning green roof with a glass dome in the centre to bring in a lot of natural light.

The hobbit house has solar power for the lights, a single-burner propane cooktop in the kitchen, a portable solar shower and composting 5-gallon bucket toilet with sawdust in the bathroom, and a woodstove for heat.

In addition to being sustainable and off-grid, the interior design of the tiny house is quite stunning. Theyve used natural, unfinished wood for countertops, benches, a table, and more. It all adds to the feeling that your house is a part of the woods. Its minimalist living at its best.


The post Tiny Hobbit House with Amazing Green Roof & Straw Bale Walls appeared first on Natural Building Blog.

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