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Wednesday, 23 August


The real garden shed and fence gets cleaned up part 1 "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

As most of you already know, this little rustic shed I often feature out back isnt a real garden shed at all. It morphed from a greenhouse, and today houses firewood, while becoming a cute focal point to the backyard through a sawhorse potting bench, added shutters, and so forth. What I HAVENT really shown you []

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How I Finally Found My Personal Style At Age 36 "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

As a blogger who writes about design, one of the questions Im asked the most is to define my personal style. Ive been asked to define it using only three words or if it was an animal or, my personal favorite, if it was a food! (I said ham sandwich for some reason.)

While this question is never asked with any maliciousness, its always felt like someone poking at a bruise I didnt want anyone to see. Because for a long time Ive felt like an impostor. My personal life looks different than the things I post about here at Design*Sponge. And that seems to really upset and unhinge some people and for a while, it unhinged me, too.

A few months ago I was having a discussion with someone in the comment section here where I mentioned that I dont own most of the things that we post. Not because I dont love or support those things (I do, deeply), but because I simply dont decorate in the exact same way I post online. This upset the commenter a lot and left me wondering if I really was betraying people for not being the living embodiment of the company I run online. It made me wonder, can I love a certain style and run a brand thats known for it without actually carrying it through to my real life?

After this exchange I thought back to all of the awkward exchanges Ive had with people at work events over the years. Some people seem to visibly wither when they realize that Im not dressed in head-to-toe pink, like a human cupcake. They actually say that sometimes. I imagined youd be in some sort of hot pink tutu, like a cupcake.

I understand that theres always a bit of a disconnect when you see someone or something in real life after being introduced to it online. Ive found myself saying things like, Oh, theyre so much taller in real life! or I didnt expect them to be so quiet! Its as if hearing, theyre exactly how I thought theyd be, would be the th...


Whitneys Dining Room Tour "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Hey friends!  Happy Wednesday! Today we are walking through my dining room.  I will be linking to the plans for projects below, as well as any links I have for products!  Before that, be sure to check out the YouTube room tour video HERE or by clicking below! FREE PLANS DIY Sideboard DIY Floating Shelves {...Read More...}

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Design from A to Z: T is for Tulip "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Design from A to Z: T is for Tulip on Design*Sponge

One of the most beloved dining sets was made to untangle the mess of legs underneath tables and chairs by a mid-century design visionary who changed the landscape of home furnishings. Eero Saarinen approached furniture design as an artist creating a sculpture, with fluid shapes and curvilinear forms. He built function with beauty and gave new form to the industry by pushing the boundaries of what furniture was supposed to look like and not just tables and chairs, Saarinen studied structures large and small. In the development of the Tulip chair and pedestal table, he considered how the round form lends itself to more intimate conversation, how our legs fill the negative space underneath the surface and how often we shuffle around in our seats or cross our legs, shifting balance. His iterative prototyping process attempted to understand human behavior by testing how furniture would be used and how it would look within a space, ultimately developing timeless and adored pieces that have stood the test of over half a century of use in our homes and workspaces.

Today, were celebrating the Tulip as one of the most recognizable icons of mid-century modernism, designed to add clarity and value to our daily lives. Bethany


3D Print This Mesmerizing Kinetic Wave Machine "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

It has taken months to finally cnc mill and 3d print this idea. Here are the files to make your own!

Read more on MAKE

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Dust Bowl Era Conservationist Aldo Leopolds Beloved House "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

In 1935, the famous conservationist Aldo Leopold bought a worn out farm along the Wisconsin River to live close to the land. The homestead was his grand experiment in attempting to bring life back to Dust Bowl era terrain. Over the course of more than a decade the family of seven planted nearly 50,000 trees and today their property is a lush landscape of conifers, hardwoods and prairie.

His backyard experiment was a part of his bigger idea that we need to develop a land ethic, that is to treat nature with the same respect we would our family or our pets. He wrote in A Sand County Almanac. We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

Thank you Kirsten Dirksen for another excellent video. Aldo Leopold is one of my heroes. Search our blog for many related stories about how to restore degraded land, build soil, grow forest gardens, etc. Good farmland is now extremely scarce and expensive. With sufficient knowledge and hard work you can build up a very nice homestead on low cost, poor quality land.


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Tuesday, 22 August


Quick Tip: $2 Tabletop Gaming Reaching Tool for Minis "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

DM Scotty shows you how to turn some dollar store finds into a handy tabletop gaming reacher tool.

Read more on MAKE

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A Familys Eclectic Style Transforms a Mid-Century Ranch Home "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

A Familys Eclectic Style Transforms a Mid-Century Ranch Home | Design*Sponge
When Diane and Niles Rath had their son, Balthazar, they knew that leaving their one-bedroom New York apartment was inevitable. A few years prior, Diane, who worked as a learning specialist, and Niles, a computer forensics consultant and born and raised Manhattanite, had caught the remodeling bug. They first redid a condo outside of the city, followed by a lake house that they bought as Niles first taste of country living. When it was time to find a new home, the couple knew that only a fixer-upper would do this time though, they would transform one with a two-year-old in tow!

Diane and Niles decided to search for a home in Connecticut, within easy commuting distance of the city. They hoped to find a house in an active and vibrant area, close to the water. With three lakes, an adorable town center, two major universities and a quick drive to the beach, Fairfield, CT quickly came through as the winner. The couple began actively looking for a house in town, focusing on ranch-style homes with a pool and some privacy. When they first stepped foot on the property they now call home, they didnt even have to walk through the door before knowing it was the one. The property, flanked by a small lake, had an in-ground pool, stood on a private dead-end road and most importantly it needed to be updated. With a completely fenced-in backyard, the three-bedroom house was even ideal for the familys two rescue dogs! Needless to say, it was a done deal.

Much of Diane and Niles renovation budget went into necessary constructional updates installing a new roof, windows and central air, updating electrical wiring and reconstructing the pool are just a few projects that kept the couple...


Q&A: Inspiring Your Inner Whittler With Melanie Abrantes New Book, Carve "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

If youre not yet familiar with Melanie Abrantes, she is the namesake behind the beautiful cork and wood home goods she designs. Theyre stylish, sustainable, and if youve been following her on Instagram you may have been getting glimpses of her book debuting today and her dog, Rover, with whom were more than a little obsessed! Her first book, Carve: A Simple Guide To Whittling, takes striking wood projects and teaches you how to make them at home with your own hands.

Its always exciting when one of your favorite makers announces they have a book coming out, and its even better when you realize that you could actually (hopefully) glean some of their enviable skills in the process. As someone who would admit that my hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired, Im feeling pretty optimistic about Carve! The step-by-step photos make the end result feel attainable, and the gorgeous imagery makes you feel like it wouldnt even matter if it isnt.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Melanie before she embarks on her book tour for a little Q&A about how she got her start in product design, why she wanted to share woodworking with the world, and what benefits whittling can have on us. Read along, and snag a copy of Carve as it hits stands today! Rebekah 

Photography by Melanie Riccardi 



A Two-Ton Turbo Diesel Hexapod Will Roam Maker Faire Hannover "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

At Maker Faire Hannover, you could be walking along, checking out the sights, and be approached by the largest hexapod robot in the world.

Read more on MAKE

The post A Two-Ton Turbo Diesel Hexapod Will Roam Maker Faire Hannover appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.


Creating an Image of Mars with Sheets of Rusted Metal "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Part-time screen printer Barry Abrams created a print of Mars that is made out of selectively rusted sheet metal and black ink.

Read more on MAKE

The post Creating an Image of Mars with Sheets of Rusted Metal appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.


Schoolie Interiors "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

An online image search for Schoolie Interiors (converted school buses) turned up the following results.

An online image search for Schoolie Interiors (converted school buses) turned up the following results.

Just for fun, click the following link to see hundreds of interior photos of school buses converted into beautiful tiny homes. This link may or may not be permanent. If it doesnt work then you can search for keywords Schoolie Interiors and find the same thing in an Image search such as Google Images. Depending on the search phrase you use, youll have hundreds of photos of bus conversions, van conversions, tiny houses, etc. at your fingertips.

The link above has images arranged in categories so you can browse interior images by Rustic, Hippie, Custom, etc. Copy and paste your favorites into a file for later reference. Look closely for features that you really like such as storage systems, window details, etc. This process will greatly help you come up with a practical design.

Thanks again to Richard for another good tip. He said schools typically sell their buses after 200,000 miles. You can buy used school buses for as little as $1,500!!! Theyre extremely strong and well built, and therefore provide an excellent platform or basic tiny house structure. The shell is complete. You just need to finish it out. This is much easier than building something from scratch. Buses come in all different sizes. Search Craigslist or similar sites to find buses for sale. Please email us your suggestions for blog posts.


Monday, 21 August


30in Bathroom Vanity "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

By Jamison Rantz

This 30 inch wide vanity was built for the house we are flipping. We wanted something simple with clean lines and a lower drawer. The cabinet is made from pre-primed Purebond plywood and the drawer box is from pre-finished Purebond plywood for that beautiful factory finish. I love working with this stuff because it not only looks great but it makes me feel better knowing that its formaldehyde-free and all sourced and manufactured in North America.

The granite was sourced from a local granite yard where they had some remnants laying around. They were able to cut and polish the edges and sink hole. They also installed the Ovalyn Sink from American Standard which has a really cool shallow bowl leaving as much space as possible in the vanity below. Then they came and installed the countertop after the vanity was secured. Finally, we had our plumber run all the plumbing and connect the sink and...


The HVAC Dilemma That Almost Ruined My Design Dreams (Seriously!!) "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Hey Hey!!!

Guys. The Merc reno is CRUISING. In my last video+post I mentioned that we had a HVAC saga to discuss. Are you ready to hear how it quite literally almost ruined all of my design plans?!

So lets start at the beginning. What is an HVAC system?! An HVAC system is your heating and air conditioning, it includes the actual units and all of the duct work and vents. Its wicked important (I dont want to live without an AC do you?!) The Merc currently has a 5 ton gas pack unit installed on both sides of the building. Were not worrying about unit #2 until phase 2 starts, so this post is all about the dilemma that we ran into with unit #1.

The unit itself is mounted on the roof close to the front of the building. When we bought the Merc, phase 1 had some exposed ductwork running in front of the massive support beam. Dont get me wrong, I love exposed ducting, and were going to use it in phase 2, but for phase 1 we decided to put it up inside the ceiling.

That plan was quickly thwarted when the HVAC guys tried to make it happen. See the roof at the Merc looks a little bit like this:

There is plenty of space at the front of the building for ductwork, but about 1/2 way through the front section there is a massive beam that has just inches on either side of it for something to run through, and if that wasnt bad enough, there is a block wall right where the roofline and ceiling pitch meet. so the only way to get to the other side of the wall (where the laundry, bathroom, and 3rd bedroom are) is to go through it or over it.

Our HVAC guys gave us 4 options for dealing with the situation.

Option 1 was to drop the ductwork and run it along the ceiling. You see this a lot in homes, especially in the basement. We had 2 options for this. 1 was to follow the path of the exposed...


An Authors Cozy Guest Cabin in Minneapolis, MN "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

An Author's Cozy Guest Cabin in Minneapolis, MN, Design*Sponge

More often than not, our Sneak Peeks focus on the homes our readers share with their children, pets and fantastic finds. While were always ber excited to take a look no matter a homes setup, its such a pleasant surprise when we get to peek at other aspects of how you all live. Take author Edward Karlow and his housemates, for example. The group calls a duplex in Minneapolis, MN home, but today theyre letting us into the rustic guesthouse that sits beyond their bedrooms in the backyard.

The space has been on the property since it was first built in 1901, and throughout its 116-year history its been a barn, a dance studio, a place to store movie props, a studio/workspace and (most recently) a garage. While their groovy, orange VW looked fabulous sitting amongst the spaces bucolic wares, the group always felt a bit guilty about parking their car on the plots original wood floors. It was just too pretty of a space for that. Convinced they could make better use of it, after 15 years of debating the topic the housemates finally agreed that it should be turned into a fully-functioning guesthouse.

To kick things off, using loose wood they found lying around the property, they worked with local carpenters to install a full kitchen, dividing walls, bedroom and even a loft space. Once construction was complete, Edward and his friends peppered in colorful, secondhand finds to infuse the space with a relaxing, retreat-like vibe. Theyve done such a good job, in fact, the group says they oftentimes find themselves wanting to spend more time here than in their actual home. And after a few scrolls through the photos below, you too will be yearning for a little getaway to this Midwestern cabin. I guarantee it. Enjoy! Garrett

P.S. You can book this charming property here.

Photography by Bob Orr...

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