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Tuesday, 07 August


Building life beyond builder-grade beige "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Kamaole Beach 2 in Kihei, HawaiiWhen I ventured to Maui this last round, it was out of more need than desire. My goal was to recuperate from life for a spell, then to feel out whats next. The length of my stay helped to pave all the steps I knew I had to go through. Its my hope that I []

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Some Advice on Financing Renovation Projects "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

This post is in partnership with American Express Personal Loans.

Project. Financing. Dun dun duuuuun! What happens and what are your options when youve got a big project ahead and need some money? As were slowly ramping up to get started on Phase 2 of the Merc renovation Ive been diving pretty heavily into the financing options. If you remember when we bought the Merc we put a huge chunk down and financed the remainder of the purchase price + renovation costs through a local bank. Because of the uniqueness of the Merc property there were a lot of out of the norm things we had to do. So, as were in the planning stages of the second phase of renovation (you can see what that is here!) Im trying to figure out exactly how this is going to shake out. As a way not to add to our mortgage loan, were going to take it nice and slowly, and use an American Express Personal Loan for bigger expenses like the roof. I think the first option people go to is refinancing their house and taking equity out, but today were talking about something with no origination fees (!!) and a super quick application process!1

Who among us hasnt spent hours on Pinterest planning the perfect project? Maybe its a bathroom remodel, or a deck + pergola in the backyard. What if you find your dream vintage trailer on Craigslist!?? Sometimes even with our best DIY budgeting efforts, we still need $$.

Taking on a big project is exhilarating, and also a little daunting right?! We spend hours and hours planning for and pricing things out. Then it comes to financing. Youve found your dream floors, now how are you going to pay for them? GAH! A personal loan can be a great option to consider.



Making Milk Jug Skulls "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Turn gallon milk jugs into life-size human skulls for your next hoodoo bash.

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10 Designers Bring Stunning Innovation to NYNOW as FRESH TAIWAN "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

One of the best parts of my job is discovering new and emerging artists who are pushing the boundaries on design and adapting to modern times to create functional and useful products. A win-win for me, every time, is bringing a piece into my home that is both aesthetically striking and promotes efficient functionality, and right now Taiwan is brimming with talented designers doing exactly that.

The island of Taiwan is seeing a surge in innovative designers who are producing highly styled, high-tech products and designs that reflect their countrys culture and boundless creativity. To showcase this new era of design and manufacturing, 10 Taiwanese designers, selected by national design organization Taiwan Design Center, are heading to NY NOW in August exhibiting as FRESH TAIWAN. All 10 designers are unique in their own ways, but they all perfectly reflect the development of Taiwans cultural and creative industry while making everyday objects that are beautiful and useful. Form and function united across the board in design from coffee-making products, to chic office supplies, to homewares and e...


Best-Kept Secrets: Favorite Design Decision "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Best-Kept Secrets | Design*Sponge

Best-Kept Secrets: Favorite Design Decision | Design*Sponge

Besides the wonderful opportunity of peeking into vibrant and personally decorated homes each week, one of the things I enjoy most about the home tours here on Design*Sponge is that they essentially form a vast pool full of crea...


Using Ubiquitous Tech To Assist The Visually Impaired "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

With our functional prototype, our team was proud to win the Semifinalist round of the Google-sponsored 2018 China-US Young Makers Competition

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10 Budget-Friendly Round Dining Tables "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

We are moving onto our next project...the dining room! This room is still untouched from the day we moved in. There's no art on the walls, the light fixture has not been replaced (it's actually a fan, and not a cute one), and we are using the same furniture from our old place. I still love our old dining table, but it's too big for this dining room (plus Ian keeps bumping his head on the corners, ouch). SO we are getting a round table instead and turning this space into more of a breakfast nook. I still like a long rectangular table for when we have people over, so we are moving our old table to the back half of our living room and turning that space into our "dining room." This was my intention all along (from the first day we toured this house!), but I was going to wait until we knocked down the wall between the living room and kitchen. Well, the kitchen remodel is still a ways off, but we decided to do it anyways. It might seem weird in the meantime, but it will all make sense eventually--and this way we can get our dining spaces functioning how we want them to, while we continue to save for the kitchen.

Round dining table

I have spent the last month or so shopping for round dining tables (which will go with the Eames chairs we already own) and new dining chairs to go with the rectangular table, as well as a new chandelier to go over the table (finally!). I just pulled the trigger on the table last week, and I thought I'd share all of the options I considered in case one of you is also looking for a budget-friendly round table.

My criteria was: under $1000 (the cheaper the better), with a smooth top, and a pedestal base so we don't have to fit our chairs in between the legs. I wanted it to seat 4-6, and be no larger than 50" in diameter. I envisioned more of a simple, modern table for this space, and I wanted something that would be easy to wipe down since we'll be using it for family meals with young kids. See if you can guess which one of these we bought! As a reminder, here is what the room looks like currently.

Budget-friendly round dining tables


Monday, 06 August


The Art of Collecting: Autobiographical Storytelling "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Caitlin Kelch does not keep a journal next to her bed or tucked away in a quiet spot in her home. She prefers to walk through life with physical mementos of special moments, fond recollections and even difficult moments from which a great life lesson was learned. Since childhood, Caitlin remembers not playing with things, but counting them, categorizing them and placing them in a special box for future exhibition on a chrome coffee table with a wobbly leg. According to her, back then life felt like a series of still lifes to be experienced in person and then again through drawings, paintings or collage each of which enjoyed time in the spotlight on said coffee table with a few table lamps moved close to announce the exhibit had opened. As an only child with plenty of solo time on her hands, she learned to reimagine everyday objects and experiences at a young age.

That 1970s wobbly chrome coffee table lives on today, albeit in a new form. In her home under a 66-foot skylight dome stands an old table from a local restaurant where Caitlin spent a lot of time as a child. She remembers collecting sugar and Sweet N Low packets from the tables and making designs underneath empty tables draped with heavy white tablecloths. The sunny orange and yellow lettering on th...


A Furnished London Flat Pops with Lots of Colorful Art "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Tiffanie Delune on Design*Sponge

Tiffanie Delune on Design*Sponge

I tend to be drawn to muted hues in furniture, such as grey, blue, white, and greens. This gives me a chance to bring in lots of colors from all the art and books that line my walls. As much as I love prints in fabric, I tend to lean towards solids. Not much is different from todays home tour with London-based freelance creative producer and multidisciplinary artist, Tiffanie Delune, who mixes in art and color from her travels any chance she gets. I always buy one or two souvenirs for my home when I travel, so you can see baskets from Bali or Nigeria, a hat from Turkey, drawings from Brighton and a Grace Jones vinyl from NYC, Tiffanie shares.

Starting with a neutral slate and adding in color from her collected art and her own work was Tiffanies goal when she moved into the modest, two-bedroom, partly furnished flat with her young son, Samory. My work is influenced by my travels as much as 50s and 70s interiors vibes, she begins. I look at Picasso, Magritte, Matisse and Niki de Saint Phalle as much as I am into the contemporary art scene of Africa, Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and South Africa, in particular. I also have a deep love for fashion and Yves Saint Laurent or Jean Charles de Castelbajacs colors are often in my mind. Th...


Wood Chip Gardening: What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Back To Eden Gardening "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Many people make mistakes with wood chip gardening and then run into problems. This video would have helped me so much when I started out with Back To Eden gardening. Here is the original Back to Eden video.

I had to watch lots of woodchip gardening videos to get all the details straight, so was glad to see this excellent summary.
Back to Eden garden tour
Pre-composting wood chips
The best woodchips are ramial woodchips.

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