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Saturday, 17 February


DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 415 "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 415 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Happy party weekend! Well, I know Im ready to party because I finally finished the final Part 3 of my Foot to Mouth story. Includes plenty of drama thrown in for good measure, with lots of lessons learned. I even []

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Floating Container Gardens "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Floating garden at installation

Floating garden at installation

Floating container gardens float on the surface of ponds and lakes. Floating gardens can be constructed of low cost materials such as plastic baskets and buckets tied together with twine. Here are two photos to illustrate what they can look like. The first photo shows a newly made floating garden and the next photo shows what it looks like after 2 months.
Floating garden after 2 months

Floating garden after 2 months

There are many advantages to floating container gardens such as never needing to water. If you live in a hot climate like I do then youll appreciate how difficult it can be to grow certain plants through long hot summers. The containers are filled with your favorite planting medium. If youre unsure of what to use, refer to previous articles on our blog about container gardening. Many people use free recycled containers that ordinarily get thrown away. One interesting variation is to simply put the containers in a kiddie swimming pool. If you do this be sure to use non-chlorinated water and take care not to create a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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Friday, 16 February


3D Printing TChallas Spear from Black Panther "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

After watching Black Panther, 3D print T'Challa's spear from the movie. It'll make for an excellent prop for a Halloween costume or cosplay.

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Iron Board Holder "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Here's a beautiful and accessible way to store your iron and ironing board.  This simple to build iron board holder is a very easy DIY project that is guaranteed to up the form and function in your laundry room.

So much better than a store bought hanger! 

Can you believe this iron board holder project cost less than $20 to make?  The free plans follow!

Download, build and share!

XO Ana

PS - If you love our diy iron board holder, check out our Laundry Room Tour with plans and sources and videos -

Or our brand new kitchen shelves (similar design, different use!) - plans coming soon



Moments of Beauty in a Dark Week + Best of the Web "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

This week has shown us moments of such darkness and despair that its hard to think about covering design, art, and decorative whatevers. I know that for many this website is a place to find levity and escape from the difficult realities of day-to-day life, but this week Im struggling to do much other than grieve the losses in Parkland, Florida and the feeling that weve also lost hope in so many other areas of our community. But Im going to do my best to keep moving forward, to support those who are in need right now, and to find ways to capture small moments of beauty, hope, and life.

For me, that bright spot this week belongs to the unveiling of the Obamas Presidential Portraits. Painted by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, these two very different pieces have been the topic of much discussion. I had strong feelings about both, but felt that listening to...


Buh-Bye Easement!! Meet Phase 3 of The Merc Reno, The Granary!! "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Weve kind of been keeping a secret. I literally cant believe that I am sitting here typing these words, we figured out a solution for the weird property lines and easement at the Merc!! If you remember (you can read alllll about the nitty gritty details about property lines here and the easement here) the property lines at the Merc are sort of a nightmare. The easement was almost a deal breaker for us. In fact I had sort of forgotten how distressing it was until I went back and read those posts. Im so glad that we didnt let it stop us!We had a chance to buy a portion of our neighbors property and jumped! Im not going to lie, its stressful draining our bank account for the second time in a year, and its changing our phase 2 timeline a little but it was an opportunity that we just felt really strongly about and took the leap.

For reference, This upside-down L is our property, the Merc is in the top left corner of the yellow section.

The entire west and south side of theMerc IS the property line, except for the small patch right outside our back door. As crappy as that was, the crappiest part was that there is an easement running through the east side parking lot so that the neighbor can have access to their property on the south. (The neighbors property is blue, the easement is green)

The Merc is basically an island. We tried to figure out solutions to keep our kids safe once we moved it, but because of the easement we couldnt put any gates or fencing up that blocked their access. We had sort of resolved that the back portion behind the workshop was going to be the yard and everything else was going to be left as it was.

BUUUUT as of yesterday, this is what our property looks like!! With the Merc smack dab in the middle and no easement!!



Magical Apple Cider Monkey Bread + Giveaway "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

I have been counting down the months for the release of Jerrelle Guys first cookbook, Black Girl Baking, since last autumn! Weve had a preview of the quality and beauty of Jerrelles work from her blog, Chocolate for Basil, and her Instagram account. Believe me when I say how difficult it was to choose just one recipe to share with you this week, from that amazing chocolate cake on the cover to her pop biscuits, plum chai pie, and onion and red pepper quiche. I eventually chose the Apple Cider Monkey Bread because we are still in winter when a warming cup of tea and the spices that go along with apple cider just seem to fit. A quick note to our vegan readers: Jerrelle includes vegan options for most of her recipes, so you can also enjoy her baked goods! Kristina

Why Jerrelle loves this recipe:  The first recipe I made using yeast dough was a monkey bread on Christmas. Those holiday mornings everything is desperate to be picture perfect my family is frustrated because I force them into matching red sweaters in South Florida heat and no dessert is cooked without cinnamon, so its hard not to inhale. The yeast and cinnamon from this first memory of monkey bread was triggered when I walked through the Boston Public Market and smelled yeast, cinnamon, and the tang of apples from their apple cider doughnut holes. These scents are linked in my memory now.

To win a copy of Black Girl Baking, respond in the comments section below to the following question: What baked good sweet or savory do you most look forward to during the winter months? Do you bake it yourself? Is it on a seasonal rotation at your favorite restaurant? Tell us all about it!

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Video: Using Resin to Make Faux Stained Glass "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

If you're uncomfortable working with stained glass, colored resin offers a safer alternative that achieves similar effects.

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A Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Farm near Lake Geneva "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

I spent a whirlwind week with Yannik and Delphine at their small farm near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. From harvesting plants and seeds to learning about moon cycles and living off solar power, I got to experience life in a fully functioning, off the grid home. Check out the video to see how they do it!



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