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Friday, 17 November


Naomi Thompson Woman of the Present and the Future "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Ive got many a reservation about the Awards culture in todays society cue more cries about my continuing slide into miserabilism. However, I did manage a genuine smile at the news that this week Naomi Thompson was the recipient of the Woman of the Future Professions Award. Im not sure about the notion of the future as in the here and now Naomi has contributed significantly to the world of youth work as a youth worker and lecturer, as a writer, her latest book being Young People and Church since 1900: Engagement and Exclusion and, not least from our point of view, as a passionate and committed member of the IDYW steering group.


The Professions Award recognises women who are making a significant contribution in sectors such as legal, medicine, accounting and education, and who are tipped to reach the top of their field.

The judges described her as an ambitious role model for students, especially with her mixed methods research experience and focus on youth work, religion and crime.

Naomi Thompson said: I was humbled and delighted to win the Women of the Future Award after being short-listed alongside some incredible women. The judges commended my research in many areas and my journey from becoming a young parent at aged 20.

However, the award is a recognition not just of my journey but of the people who have supported me along the way, including the academics and students who suppor...


The freeCodeCamp Podcast is live. Here are 6 episodes you can binge-listen now. "IndyWatch Feed Education"

The freeCodeCamp Podcast is now live. You can go binge-listen to the first 6 episodes in Apple iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you want.

Well publish new episodes every Monday, so remember to subscribe.

You can help our podcast get up to 88 miles-per-hour by leaving us a 5-star review. 

Heres a list of the first six episodes:

Episode 1: How I went from Selling Food in the Street to Working as a Developer at Companies, Part 1Learning to Code

Art by Sebastian Navas

Listen on Apple iTunes | Listen on Google Play | Listen in browser

Episode 2: How I went from Selling Food in the Street to Working as a Developer for Top Tech Companies, Part 2The Interview

Art by Sebastian Navas

Listen on Apple iTunes | Listen on Google Play | Listen in browser

Episode 3: How I went from Selling Food in the Street to Working as a Developer for Top Tech Companies, Part 3First Week on the Job

Art by Sebastian Navas

Listen on Apple iTunes |...


Do you want to learn more about React? Lets build and then play a game. "IndyWatch Feed Education"

When I teach React to beginners, I start by introducing them to the React API. Then I have them build a simple browser game after that. I think this is a good introduction strategy, because a simple game usually has a small state and, in most cases, no data dependencies at all. Learners get to focus entirely on the React API itself. The official React tutorial is a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, which is an excellent choice.

Building simple game apps beats building abstract (and todo) apps on so many levels. I have always been against the use of abstract foo-bar types of examples, because they lack context and engagement.

Learners need to like what they are building. They need to accomplish something at the end of each phase in their learning journey. They need to make design decisions and see progress on features they can relate to.

Please note that this article is not a beginners tutorial. I will be assuming that you know the basics of React. If you are absolutely new to React, start by writing your first React component and then learn the fundamental concepts of React.

The Target Sum Game: Pick the set of challenge numbers that sum to the target 42 within 10 seconds

I named the game we are going to build in this article The Target Sum. It is a simple one: you start with a random number in the header, the target (42 in the screenshot above), and a list of random challenge numbers below that target (the six numbers in the screenshot above).

Four of the six random numbers used above (8, 5, 13, 16) add up exactly to the target sum of 42. Picking the correct subset of numbers is how you win the game.

Wanna play a few rounds? Click the Start button below:

Were you able to win? I am SO bad at this game.

Now that you know what we are going to build, lets dive right in. Dont worry we will build this game in small increments, one step at a time.

Step #1: initial markup and styles

It is a good idea...


Divergentand other stories "IndyWatch Feed Education"

We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.

This quote, from the novel Divergent, highlights why some of what I read is Young Adult fiction.

I read for truth. Truth and hope. Divergent_(book)_by_Veronica_Roth_US_Hardcover_2011

Young adult novels, regardless of genre, reflect the virtue of hope. They are not afraid to honestly portray hope as a human desire. The worlds of YA novels are not tainted by unnervng, unforgiving, unending cyncicism. For, while cynicism, exists, as in Quicksilver by R. J. Anderson, the cynicism of  a girl who is different and who learns to mistrust others, there also exists a parallel of hope . Maybe things can be different. Maybe  two people who care deeply about something bigger than each other,drawn together by a shared commitment to that common ideal or goal can describe both friendship and love.

It is this hope that marks the call to action one encounters in YA fiction. YA fiction has a strong voice. It is often writt...

Thursday, 16 November


Perhaps the tide is turning, but the struggle to stay afloat continues "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Ill resist sliding into what seems the standard youth sector account of anything it does, namely somehow that its always overwhelmingly new, innovative and inspiring. My caution aside the reports from the medley of Is the tide turning events and discussions held in the last week or so do give grounds for a measure of hope and optimism. Here are a few quotes and photos to back up a collective sense that the struggle to reclaim and reimagine a youth work freed from the shackles of neoliberal dogma is alive and even flourishing.


Chris Warren leading off the Derby debate


A great IDYW Turning the Tide Event hosted by the D2N2 Youth Work Alliance at the University of Derby today. Over 65 practitioners and youth work students in attendance....


Sanity arrives? Owen Jones in todays Guardian. "IndyWatch Feed Education"

At last!   Sanity emerges on the British Left !! Now that socialism is re-emerging as a political force that can no longer be ignored or ridiculed, the struggle for more time for leisure, family and relaxation should be linked to broader fights. Increased public ownership of the economy should be structured to create more worker []


Your code stinks. Heres what you can do about it. "IndyWatch Feed Education"


Humans stink. Its nothing to be ashamed of: it is the inevitable consequence of our animal nature.

But humans aspire to be more than animals.

Humanitys singular endeavor throughout history has been the journey to eliminate stink. Weve always hated it. Even in antiquity, we sent people on ridiculous journeys around the world in rickety sailboats, and across deserts on tiny horses, to find some remedy for it.

We have iterated for thousands of years to reach a stink-free world. From the invention of soap and toothpaste to the Yankee Doodle Candle Co. and Febrezeour soaps, candles, and sprays now give us a way to make food waste and industrial garbage smell like mountain raindrops and sugar cookies.

Mmmm! Pumpkin spice! (Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash)

And yet with each innovation, we find a new way to stink.

Like our battle between antibiotics and bacteria, we have launched an endless arms race between ourselves and our environment. Now were moving beyond the era of physical products.

With our advancement, we have brought stink along with usjust as we always have. We created the information age.

And we created information stink.

Should I drink this?

Garbage comes cloaked in a wonderful variety of smells. As a new father, a door opened for me into an undiscovered country of stink. Previously, I had only heard rumors of this world from the few parents who survived it. Rumors always accompanied by a thousand-yard stare.

Just so, there are many types of stinky information. Teenagers in central Europe write up fake news articles for social media clicks. There is always one more weird trick that doctors dont want you to know.

Today, in this article, were going past all that. Were diving into the very seams of our new information era to learn about the stinks that we Morlocks are creating in our very own products. Im talking about code smell.



Lets talk about variables and why you should use them in JavaScript. "IndyWatch Feed Education"

The main purpose of coding is to solve problems. For example, what happens when you click on a button? Thats a problem for us to solve.

So, lets begin this article by solving a simple problem.

Counting apples

If you have 4 apples and you buy 27 more, how many apples do you have? Take a second and write your answer in your text editor.

Whats your answer?

// This? 
// Or this? 
4 + 27

Both answers are right, but the second method is betterbecause youre offloading the calculation to JavaScript. Youre teaching it how to arrive at the answer.

But theres still one problem with the code.

If you look at 4 + 27 without any context from our apple problem, do you know were calculating the number of apples youre currently holding?

Probably not.

So, a better way is to use algebra to substitute 4 and 27 with variables. When you do so, youll get the ability to write code that has meaning:

initialApples + applesBought

The process of substituting 4 with a variable called initialApples is called declaring variables.

Declaring variables

You declare variables with the following syntax:

const variableName = 'value'

There are four parts youll want to take note of:

  1. The variableName
  2. The value
  3. The = sign
  4. The const keyword

The variableName

variableName is the name of the variable youre declaring. You can name it anything, as long as it follows these rules:

  1. It must be one word
  2. It must consist only of letters, numbers, or underscores (09, a-z, A-Z, _).
  3. It cannot begin with a number.
  4. It cannot be any of these reserved keywords

If you need to use two or more words to name your variable, just join the words together but capitalize the first letter of each subsequent word. This weird capitalization is called camel case.

A good example of a camel-cased variable is applesToBuy.

The value

The value is what you want the variable to be. It can be primitives (like strings and numbers) or objects (like arrays and functions).

= in JavaScript

= in JavaScript do...


[BONUS] Drive Journal Day 32 "IndyWatch Feed Education"

(AUDIO, 43 minutes) -Albuquerque, NM to Amarillo, TX (even though we weren't sure at the time of recording) -Discussing our visit with the Erwin family today and our exploration of New Mexico -overcoming stress and frustration on both legs of the trip Click HERE to download. On October 15th Brett began a road trip across ...

The post [BONUS] Drive Journal Day 32 appeared first on School Sucks Project.

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