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Wednesday, 22 November


Parents upset after high school brings in Planned Parenthood to teach students about abortion and sex without their permission "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Well informed children, who are able to procreate, should have all the facts when it comes to learning about the ins and outs of sexual reproduction and abortion. Because abortion is a part of Western society, children should be educated about it. However, this education should come from parents or an objective entity approved by their parents to teach their children about abortion. At Schenectady High School in New York, however, parents were not given the opportunity to approve the entity who would teach their children about abortion and this has caused major backlash-especially given that this entity is the largest abortion chain in the country, Planned Parenthood. As the Daily Gazette reports, Vivian Parsons, who grew up in Schenectady, told the school board she felt her rights as a parent were ignored when the district failed to notify her about a teen pregnancy prevention assembly held the previous Thursday that involved Planned Parenthood educators. She said she should have been given a chance to keep her daughter out of the program. Parsons said she learned about the assembly from her daughter last week. "I have a right to know if this kind of stuff will be presented to my daughter," Parsons told the school board. "Not every parent is OK with an association with Planned Parenthood, regardless of content."


Speech Delays Linked To Technology Use "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Speech Delays Linked To Technology Use

Technology use, particularly handheld screens such as tablets and smartphones, could be to blame for speech delays in babies and toddlers. A study of 894 children, aged between six months and two years, found a link between the use of handheld technologies and language delays. The research, presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting, was carried out in Toronto between 2011 and 2015. Parents were asked about their childs use of handheld technologies. By their 18 month check-up, one in five children were found to be using handheld technology for an average of 28 minutes each day.

Speech Delays Linked To Technology Use

Researchers used a screening tool to identify language delays. Perhaps unsurprisingly, researchers found children who frequently used handheld screens were more likely to have delays in expressive speech. Each extra half hour spent using handheld technologies increased the risk of speech delay by 49%. This was found to be true across all income levels, irrespective of maternal education. The use of handheld technologies wasn't found to cause delays in social interactions, body language or gestures. A clinical trial is needed to assess cause and effect, but this study has highlighted the need for further research into handheld technologies. Items such as tablets and smartphones have become widely available in recent years. Once owned only by the wealthy, these items are now found in most family homes. Because they are so widely used, its important we understand more about their impact on childhood and child development. Technology is developing so quickly these items become household staples before much is understood about the impact of their use. Scientists believe children aged under two are simply unable to understand what they are seeing on a 2D screen. They might be captivated by the bright colours and flashing lights, but there is no real value for them in what theyre seeing. The...


Lawsuit: 3M contamination led to more cancer, infertility "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Minnesota's attorney general alleges that chemicals dumped by 3M Co. in the Twin Cities metro led to an increase in cancer, infertility and babies with low birth weights. The contamination caused $5 billion in health and environmental damage for which 3M should be liable, Attorney General Lori Swanson said Friday in a court filing.


Motherhood Regret Do Women Really Regret Having Children? "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Motherhood Regret Do Women Really Regret Having Children?

When I was pregnant with my first baby, there were plenty of people ready to give me advice. Most of it related to how much my life was about to change for the better once my baby was born. Theres no doubt about it. Having children absolutely changes your life. And for most women, becoming a mother is the best thing theyve ever done. We expect motherhood to be different from how life was before. We know theres going to be less sleep involved, our bodies will change, and the love we feel for our little one will buoy us up, through the long days and even longer nights ahead.

Motherhood Regret Do Women Really Regret Having Children?

The truth is, society tends to gloss over one very important thing: motherhood is a lot more than just adding another member to the family. Often we ignore the very important transition a woman makes from not being a mother, to being a mother. Its a transformation that goes unnoticed and unacknowledged, often leading mothers to question the choices theyve made. But theres something else were not talking about. Its that group of women who dont live in a post-baby bliss bubble. These are women who regret becoming mothers.

The Mythical Ideal Of Motherhood

Motherhood is socially and culturally held up as the pinnacle achievement of womanhood. Therefore it's pretty hard for any woman to escape the expectation of becoming a mother at some stage of her life. The maternal myth is woven into every human culture, with figures from the Virgin Mary to the Hindu goddess Durga representing the empowering and protective nature of motherhood. Consider how women who are childless (or unmarried for that matter) have been treated historically. Thats not to mention the women who consciously decide not to have children, or the women who openly say they dislike babies and children. Our culture holds tightly to its belief all women are hard wired to become mothers. This continues, despite there being absolutely no evidence to back up this concept. In his book The Maternal Instinct: Mother Love and the Search for Human Nature, Professor Maria Vicedo-Castello reviews the history of scientific views about maternal instinct. He concludes: There is no scientific evid...


President Trump Nominates Big Pharma Pro-Vaccine Exec as Secretary of the Health and Human Services "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Alex Azar. Image source.

Editors Note: For those not familiar with my work and assume Im picking on The Trump Card and some kind of liberal, please note that I dont do politics, especially buying into the false left vs right psyop. Theyre all in bed together by now. The fact that humans still need to have someone reign over them is actually quite sad to me. Its completely against my spirits knowing. Power corrupts and will always be corrupted regardless of who is Selected as POTUS. Peace Out. A Sheep No More

by Autism Action Network

President Trump just nominated former chief lobbyist and President of the US division of drug company Eli Lilly, Alex Azar, to be the next Secretary of the Health and Human Services (HHS).

Eli Lilly is the inventor and was the primary manufacturer of thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines that is linked to autism and other neurological disorders.

READ MORE: CDC Caught Hiding Data Showing Mercury In Vaccines Is Linked To Autism 

Prior to employment at Eli Lilly, under George W. Bush, Azar was general counsel and later deputy secretary of HHS at the time the decision was made to give an expedited efficacy and safety review to Gardasil, a vaccine for human papilloma virus produced by Merck that has enormous safety issues.

As general counsel (head attorney) for HHS, Azar participated in the Autism Omnibus Proceeding that denied more than 5000 claims of vaccine injury, even though HHS settled one of the test cases that found that Hannah Polings autism was indeed caused by vaccine injury.

Azar is exactly the wrong person to head HHS. Azar must be approved by the Senate, and the Autism Action Network will be working hard to stop his confirmation.



Excessive sugar-sweetened beverage consumption impacts early childhood immune system health adversely, possibly before the development of obesity. "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

PMID:  Child Obes. 2017 Nov 17. Epub 2017 Nov 17. PMID: 29148828 Abstract Title:  Increased Cellular Aging by 3 Years of Age in Latino, Preschool Children Who Consume More Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: A Pilot Study. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Previous studies in adults and older children find that sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption increases risk for obesity and cellular aging, as measured by leukocyte telomere length (LTL).METHODS: In a previously described, San Francisco-based Latino birth cohort, where telomere length was measured at birth, we evaluate the relationship between beverage consumption (including SSB and 100% fruit juice), obesity, and LTL at 2-3 years old, as well as change in LTL from birth. LTL (T/S Ratio) was measured in 61 children (mean 2.4 years0.6 standard deviation). Multivariable linear regression models are used to ascertain beverage type and obesity as independent predictors of LTL and change in LTL.RESULTS: Mean telomere length was 1.580.20 (T/S Ratio) and mean yearly change was -0.08-0.09 (T/S Ratio). Predictors of shorter telomere length at age 2-3 included increased consumption of SSB (Beta Coeff=-0.009 95% CI [-0.02 to -0.0008]; p=0.03). Telomere length at birth was the strongest predictor of rate of attrition from birth to 2-3 years of age and males tended to have more rapid attrition.CONCLUSION: Excessive SSB consumption impacts early childhood immune system health adversely, possibly before the development of obesity.

read more

Tuesday, 21 November


Lancet retracts and replaces news story about controversial abortion drug "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

The Lancet has retracted a journalist-written piece about a controversial drug used off-label to induce abortions, and replaced it with a corrected version. In the retraction notice, the journal said it removed the information that we believe to be inaccurate. The article, first published Oct. 28, 2017, highlights Pfizers decision to withdraw the drug, misoprostol, []

The post Lancet retracts and replaces news story about controversial abortion drug appeared first on Retraction Watch.


The Angry Congressman: Tim Murphys Lack of Insight "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

In chalking up a mass shooting to mental illness, Trump is ripping pages from another Republicans playbook. For years, before Trump was ever elected, no one wanted to draw a link between mental illness and capacity for violence in black Sharpie more than Pennsylvania congressman Tim Murphy did.

Thought leaders lambasted Murphy last month for his anti-choice voting record after it was revealed that he urged his mistress to consider abortion during a pregnancy scare. He voted for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the same week the country learned he would have preferred to eliminate his own unborn child.

But these pundits missed the most spectacular part of Rep. Murphys hypocrisy and it has nothing to do with abortion or reproductive rights.

Along with the fact that Murphy is not pro-life, more news spilled about the man who represents Pennsylvanias 18th congressional district and revealed that hes unmoored. Murphys not unstable; hes way more than that. His chief of staff, Susan Mosychuk, in a memo about her boss, wrote that he was hostile, erratic . . . angry, aggressive and abusive as well.

The same memo describes the congressman driving in a downpour while texting and watching Youtube videos on his ipad. And, in petulance that seems excessive even for a politician, he pushed papers to the floor and then ragingly required his staff to pick them up. All these antics emanated from the expert author of the book The Angry Child.

Those allegations of dangerous behavior and the licensed psychologists lack of insight into his own actions are enough to commit him, involuntarily, to psychiatric treatment under the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. The bill was passed by the House last summer after being championed by Rep. Murphy for years as his signature legislation after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in December 2012.

The Helping Families billwhich effectively eliminated the old standard of being a danger to others or self in order to be involuntarily committedwas Murphys promise to the country that his profession could eliminate unfathomable massacres, despite scientific evidence that people diagnosed as mentally ill are more likely to be...


On Vaccines, Adjuvants and Autoimmunity "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Immunologists survey the research and its not reassuring

Add one more item to the growing stack of published medical literature linking vaccines to the current explosion of autoimmune diseases from skin afflictions to neurological disorders. A paper published in October 2015, the journal Pharmacological Research is an international team of immunologists roundup of current findings on vaccine-induced disease -- and their conclusions are in sharp contrast to public healths safe and effective mantra that denies any such connection.


RETIRING FROM BIRTH "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

I have many loves in my life.  I love my family and caring for them.  I love creating through photos, design and video.  I love baking and cooking.  And you guys, I love childbirth.  Birth has become so important to me.  Working in birth has felt important and worthy and fulfilling.  Writing about what childbirth looks like, assisting Cyndi in the delivery of babies, being a labor support and doula for women and photographing birth all felt like my calling in life.

This blog, my photo work, my life plans all revolved around childbirth.  I put all of my eggs in the birth basket and felt like I was right where I needed to be.


The question wasnt if I was going back to school to become a midwife, but when.  During my difficult pregnancy with Fox I would lay in bed and plan my triumphant return to work assisting, photographing and writing about all things birth.  Daydreaming about finally getting to have my own homebirth kept me going while pregnant.  I really loved this work I felt so called to do.

And then after Foxs delivery and my exhausting pregnancy I put off returning to work.  I referred out my birth photo clients and told Cyndi I wasnt quite ready.  I started re-certifying in Neonatal Resuscitation and moving forward to getting the ball rolling and then everything with Stella happened.



How To Break Your Toddlers Bottle Before Bedtime Habit "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Stop Toddler Bottle Bedtime

If youre a parent whose toddler enjoys a bottle of milk before bed, youre not alone. There might be many reasons why you feel reluctant to break this habit. There are also very good reasons to do it, such as reducing your toddlers risk of tooth decay. If your toddler is a fussy eater, you might feel his bottle of milk before bed provides a bit of a safety net. Even if your toddler spends the whole day eating very little, you rely on his bedtime bottle to provide essential nutrients, such as calcium.

How To Break Your Toddlers Bottle Before Bedtime Habit

The bottle before bedtime often provides toddlers with a sense of security and comfort, making it easier for them to go off to sleep at night. Because of that, you might worry about how youll get your toddler to settle to sleep at bedtime without the bottle. Here are 7 tips from experts, to help you break your toddlers bottle before bedtime habit.

#1: Change The Routine

Paediatric dietitian, Belinda Martin, understands how parents can be reluctant to break their toddlers bottle before bedtime habit. She says Go easy on yourself and your little one when trying to cut out the bottle and dont go cold turkey. Belinda recommends changing your toddlers routine, by giving milk in a cup while he is still up and not in the bedroom. After the cup of milk is finished, move into the regular bedtime routine of bath, teeth, cuddles and bed. Dietitian Jamie Errico also recommends first offering milk in a cup, rather than removing the milk cold turkey style. This allows your toddler the option of having milk but removes the dependence on the bottle. Jamie goes on to suggest over time the milk in the cup can be offered earlier, not straight before bed (to remove the association with bedtime/sleep) and eventually dropped. Dietitian Nicole Passov, agrees changing the routine can help. Offer a small amount of milk in a cup, at the end of the evening meal, and perhaps create a new routine around bedtime. For example, after dinner, bath...


Surrogate Mum Unknowingly Gave Away Her Own Baby "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Surrogate Mum Unknowingly Gave Away Her Own Baby

One surrogate mamas ordeal has gone viral after Jessica Allen spoke up about the heartbreak of being separated from her own son after a confusing surrogacy situation. The US surrogate was believed to be carrying twins belonging to another couple. In fact, one of the babies was biologically hers, thanks to a rare medical condition. Jessica Allen became a surrogate for a Chinese couple who were hoping to have a baby. As part of the agreement, Allen underwent IVF to have a frozen embryo implanted into her uterus.

Surrogate Mum Unknowingly Gave Away Her Own Baby

When the mama of two discovered she was carrying twins, doctors assumed the implanted embryo had split in half, resulting in identical twins. It wasnt until the babies were born the mistake was realised. After the birth, the babies were quickly taken to meet their biological parents, so the misunderstanding wasnt immediately picked up. The biological parents of the babies soon realised something was wrong when their supposedly identical twins looked completely different. A DNA test revealed the second baby was in fact the biological child of the surrogate mother, Allen, and her fianc, Wardell Jasper. Though incredibly rare, it is possible for women to continue to ovulate after they become pregnant. Very rarely, a second conception occurs during a pregnancy.The phenomenon is known as superfetation, and it is so rare only a handful of cases have previously been recorded. Superfetation is more common among animals such as badgers, buffalo and panthers. Only about 10 cases of human superfetation have been documented in medical literature, showing just how rare this phenomenon is. Jessica Allen's case is likely to go down as the most memorable example. Despite not having sex with her fianc until doctors gave her the green light, Allen became naturally pregnant with her own child shortly after she conceived through IVF. The two babies in her womb were not related, and because they were conceived during different cycles, they were not exactly the same age. Somewhat surprisingly, the mistake was not easy to rectify. Allen and Jasper had to enter into a lengthy legal battle to gain custody of their child. Their baby son...


Another school hides Planned Parenthood program for 14-year-olds from their parents "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

A school district in upstate New York got caught promoting the services of Americas largest abortion provider without telling the taxpayers who send their children to school. Schenectady High School forced freshmen to participate in a teen pregnancy prevention assembly featuring educators from Planned Parenthood, which parent Vivian Parsons learned from her 14-year-old daughter, The Daily Gazette reports.

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