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Saturday, 16 June


Ending Your Era Of Normalcy: Strategies That Promote Holistic Excellence "IndyWatch Feed Food"

While normalcy is a term that has many meanings in different contexts, it typically references processes, ideologies, and/or behaviors that have become commonplace and even ritualistic in the lives of certain individuals or groups. The term normalcy typically has a negative connotation because it implies that little to no growth or expansion is taking place. []


How to Find the Perfect Fat-Burning Supplement for You "IndyWatch Feed Food"

If you are looking to lose more weight while eating less, the suggestion you should consider is to embrace fat-burning supplements. Some people believe that starving themselves is the ideal way to burn fat, but this has been proven many times that it is the worst idea you could pursue when you want to manage []


Wheat: Food from hell "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Wheat Belly has inspired a number of creative efforts over the years: the wheat belly portrait by artist Lesley Spanos; bread art; the song and video, Wheat Belly Blues, by James Winningham; and an irreverent poem.

We now add this gem of dark poetry from Prodos:

By Prodos

Oh Prince of Darkness
Your scheme is exposed
Your buns and bread rolls
Shall all be deposed!

The innocent lives
You callously take
Down your serpent of dough
Thats kneaded and baked!

Oh Satan be warned!
Now dont get me started!
Your croissants and pastries
Are the Hell youve imparted

On the feeble of spirit
And the flesh soon departed
Oh Satan be warned
Now dont get me started!

Whats next: The Wheat Belly ballet?

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Saturday Stories: Plagues, Emotional Abuse, And Being Black in America "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Triumph of Death by Bruegel the Elder
Ed Yong, in The Atlantic, with his sobering thoughts on what will happen when the next big plague hits.

Chloe Dykstra, in Medium, writes about her years of emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of her then partner.

Olga Khazan, in The Atlantic, with her masterful must read story covering why being black in America is hazardous to your health.


Vegetable Consumption Increases When Children Learn To Garden "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Most of us know by now that increasing our consumption of fruits and vegetables and limiting processed foods will lead us down a path of nutritional sustenance and health for years to come. Now studies are even suggesting that simply teaching a school-aged child about the importance of gardening and growing your own food can cause them to make the choice to eat more vegetables.

Any parent knows that children are often reluctant to eat their vegetables, especially considering the processed yet flavorful foods they are surrounded with anymore.  But teaching them to grow food in a garden can help change this trend. They cant grow a Cheeto!

In a study conducted by Parmer et al., second graders who participated in school gardening as part of a nutrition education class increased their selection and consumption of vegetables at school, compared to second graders who did not participate in gardening. In addition, students who gardened demonstrated a higher preference for the fruits and vegetables that they had sampled.  This suggests that children want to actually try the foods they grow themselves leading them to make healthier choices even at a young age.

But that isnt the only study that looked at the effects a vegetable garden can have on our children. In another study, which was conducted by Ratcliffe et al., middle schoolers with garden-based nutritional education demonstrated a higher preference for vegetables than the students who were not exposed to garden-based nutritional education. Students who gardened were also more willing to taste vegetables and increased the variety of vegetables they ate at school. Since most Middle schoolers have more freedom when it comes to making food choices than elementary school students, they often tend to eat fewer vegetables as they approach their adolescent years.

A garden for your school may serve as an effective way to increase vegetable consumption in young kids and maintain higher levels of vegetable consumption in adolescents.  If you homeschool, it could be highly effe...


TPV Podcast, Episode 304: Whats Better: Raw or Cooked Vegetables? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss the prevailing debate about whether it is better to eat veggies raw or to cook them first.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 304: Whats Better: Raw or Cooked Vegetables?

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Sarah is on summer break mode and the girls have been entertaining themselves!
    • Brace yourself: Cole turns 13 this summer!
    • Stacy and family will be transitioning into summer mode in the coming weeks.
    • Stacy is really excited about this weeks show.
      • Afterall, her original hashtag is #morevegetablesthanavegetarian.
      • Even with all the veggie-related shows weve done, there are still topics we havent covered.
  • Question from a Listener (7:40)
    • Marin asks, This podcast and you have truly changed my life for the better. Ive been a listener for 3 years and totally binged listened before that! I Have cured so many things from acne to being able to live life like a boss with RA. Really appreciated you opening up about depression and it was helpful listening to you coming off meds and it wasnt something you had to just add to this list of meds youd take forever. I wish I have the time to list all the healthy things youve helped me through! Really appreciate the cool books too and you guys sharing all the recommendations. My question is can you break down or talk about raw vs cooked foods. This came up in looking at adding more veggies and some of the reading I found (vegan based) said it was better to eat more raw than cooked veggies. Is this really true? I just kinda figured veggies were veggies. Is it really that beneficial to consume more raw than cooked? One of the rules was raw till 4. Thoughts? Thank you for all you and your teams do.
    • The bottom line is that there are benefits to both raw and cooked, so mix it...

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