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Wednesday, 23 August


Blueberry Syrup "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Blueberry Syrup
One of my favourite things in the summer is all of the fresh berries and a great way to enjoy them is in a fresh homemade syrup, like this blueberry syrup! This weekend I was making a blueberry syrup and I could not resist taking some new photos to update this recipe with. Berry syrups could not be easier to make! You simply simmer some berries, in this case blueberries, along with sugar and water before straining away the solids and letting it cool. I like to use this blueberry syrup on pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc in addition to using it as a sweetener in things like blueberry lemonade or blueberry iced green tea! No matter what you use blueberry syrup in or on, it will bring the amazing freshness of summer along with that intense blueberry flavour!

Read the recipe


Omega-3 May Reduce Risk of Cardiac Deaths "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Salt Lake City, UT New results from a meta-analysis study published in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology suggest consuming EPA and DHA omega-3s could reduce the risk of cardiac deaths.

The meta-analysis, which combined data from 14 randomized, controlled trials of 71,899 people, reviewed studies that were longer than 6 months and compared cardiac deaths of those taking dietary supplements of omega-3 against control groups. The study did not review a relation between consumption of EPA and DHA from fish with cardiac deaths due to non existing trials.

The results of the meta-analysis showed a 17% reduction in risk of cardiac deaths in those who had elevated LDL cholesterol or triglycerides.

Its important to note that these results align with the conclusions in the recent Science Advisory from the American Heart Association, which states that EPA and DHA omega-3 treatment is reasonable for secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death, said Dr. Kevin Maki, lead study author and Chief Scientist for Midwest Biomedical Researchs Center for Metabolic and Cardiovascular Health. One notable feature of EPA and DHA omega-3 supplementation is the low risk associated with its use. Because of the low risk for adverse effects, even a modest benefit is clinically meaningful.

Currently the American Heart Association recommends, for American consuming seafood and or fatty fish each week, two servings (supplies 250-500 mg) of EPA and DHA per day. For those with a diagnosed heart disease, the AHA also recommends 1 gram of EPA and DHA per day.

This study is important because it explored the effects of omega-3s on a specific outcome of coronary heart disease, said Dr. Harry B. Rice, VP of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), a trade association representing approximately 200 companies worldwide active in the EPA and DHA omega-3 industry. GOED funded the study.

A number of studies in recent years have questioned omega-3 benefits in cardiovascular diseases. In order to understand the role omega-3s play in the cardiovascular system, however, research has to focus on a specific disease rather than all cardiovascular outcomes together, Rice added. This is an important nuance that this meta-analysis helps clarify.

Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 8/23/17

The post Omega-3 May Reduce Risk of Cardiac Deaths appeared first on Whole Foods Magazine.


#MorningMonarchy: August 23, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Building the blockchain, the ecstasy of Trump and the grocery store's quiet hour + this day in history w/the passion of Sacco & Vanzetti and our song of the day by Robert Plant on your Morning Monarchy for August 23, 2017.


Doctors Are Now Warning: If You Use Aluminum Foil, Stop It Or Face Deadly Consequences "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Aluminum foil, which was first introduced in the early 1900s, is currently one of the most commonly used kitchen items. It is extremely versatile too, and is used for cooking, wrapping, and even for treating some common heath issues.

However, the problem with this kitchen item is its neurotoxic nature, which negatively affects the brain function and it was even found to trigger the onset of Alzheimer`s disease.  As explained by medical expert, exposure to this metal may lead to mental decline and loss of memory, balance, bodily control, and coordination.

Additionally, it has been scientifically shown that cooking with aluminum foil impacts the bones, due to the fact that the metal accumulates in the bones and leads to loss of calcium which is of utmost importance for proper bone health. Cooking with aluminum foil was also found to cause pulmonary fibrosis and other respiratory issues.

When exposed to high temperatures through baking or grilling, the little bits of the metal end up in the food. Even if these tiny pieces are not released, adding certain spices or lemons may cause chemical leaching of aluminum.

Essam Zubaidy, a chemical engineering researcher at the American University of Sharjah, has done an extensive study which looked at the effects of aluminum on cooking. He found that a meal cooked in aluminum foil may contain up to 400 mg of aluminum.

The higher the temperature, the more the leaching. Foil is not suitable for cooking and is not suitable for using with vegetables like tomatoes, citrus juice or spices, he explains.

Specifically, this study showed that food items cooked in acidic solutions like tomato sauce or lemon juice basically took on the most aluminum. As mentioned above, adding spices increases the leaching even more. On the other hand, food items cooked in salt or alcohol took the least aluminum.

While the World Health Organisation states that 40 mg is the safe daily intake of aluminum, this study done by the researchers at the American University of Sharjah shows that the food wrapped in aluminum foil might contain more than 6 times that amount. Needless to say, ingesting this metal is such quantities is anything but safe.

To sum up, even though this simple tool is budget-friendly and helps prepare tasty meals, it is extremely bad for your brain, for your bones, and ultimately for your lungs.  Therefore, if you would like to avoid brain-related issues, problems with your bones, and ending up with a pair of unhealthy lungs, make sure you stop cooking with aluminum foil.


The post...


Heres How to Recover Your Immune System in Only 15 Seconds! Explained by a Russian Doctor "IndyWatch Feed Food"

If you find yourself constantly suffering from the flu or any colds, then that just means one thing: you immune system is weak and needs a serious boosting.

Everyone has had a weakened immune system at some point or another, but some people seem to constantly have a low immunity.

Thats why they need a way to strengthen it in order to prevent any other health-related complications.

A famous Russian doctor by the name of Sergey Bubnovkiy, one can easily boost their immune system by using a very simple trick: soaking your feet in ice-cold water!

It doesnt have to be for long, merely 10-15 seconds a day will get the job done.

Dr. Bubnovkiy also claims that such a method will also prevent any colds or flu from knocking on your door.

All you need to do is fill a basin you have at home with cold water, and add as much ice as you can gather from your freezer. The more ice you add in the basin, the better.

Your next step should be clear just place your feet in the basin and keep them there for a total of 10 to 15 seconds.

For best results, you should do this every night before going to bed.

But if you feel your immune system is super weak, you can repeat this every four hours.

The University of Virginia had conducted a recent study in which they discovered that icy water can stimulate the production of norepinephrine.

This is a natural hormone, and it plays a very important role in strengthening the immune system.

And Thats Not All

There are other health benefits this water offers, such as:

  • Eases sore muscles soaking your feet in a basin full of icy water reduces any pain in your muscles.
  • Can fight depression this is due to the cold receptors affecting your skin, which means submerging your feet in icy water will improve your mood and lower any depression symptoms.
  • Helps improve skin health this ice water therapy can prevent blood clotting, tighten the cuticles and pores and even energize the skin.
  • Shinier Hair icy water can close the hair follicles and thus give your hair more smoothness and shininess.

There you have it. In order to enjoy the multiple benefits, you should definitely make this an everyday routine! Stay Healthy!


The post Heres How to Recover Your Immune System in Only 15 Seconds! Explained by a Russian...


Why not order your own lab tests? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Most of us already notice obvious changes in our bodies such as body weight, blood pressure, and waist circumference. During the Undoctored process you will discover that you could also benefit from tracking some important lab values. These lab values will reflect reemerging health in blood sugar levels, triglycerides, and factors that reflect risk for heart disease, stroke, and other conditions.

Here are lab values to consider tracking:

  • Fasting glucose, hemoglobin A1c, fasting insulinall reflecting blood sugar and insulin-resistance status
  • NMR lipoproteins (NMR LipoProfile) or other advanced lipoprotein testing service (see above)
  • 25-hydroxy vitamin Dan assessment of your vitamin D status
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free T3, free T4, reverse T3, thyroid antibodiesall measures of thyroid status
  • Other measures specific to your individual health concerns can be tracked also, such as a complete blood count (CBC) and ferritin if iron deficiency is suspected.

If you want to take control of your own health care and want to save some money in the process you might want to consider ordering your own testing. Direct-to-consumer blood tests are another category of empowering testing available to us. More people are becoming aware of the additional information available through such testing but not pursued by doctorsa huge swath of health measures that can yield health insights and solutions. Increased exposure to healthcare costs is also fueling the growth of home blood tests. It is common, for example, for lab testing of simple measures such as cholesterol levels, complete blood count (CBC), and electrolytesto add up to many hundreds of dollars and to now come directly out of your pocket. More advanced forms of testing can add up to thousands of dollars.



Goa A Paradise For History Lovers "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Goa was one of the most prominent trade centres in India and hence attracted merchants, seafarers and traders. The Portuguese, in particular, came to Goa and never went back. They ruled Goa for almost 450 years and hence their influence is clearly visible in the structures and the culture of the place. More popular for


5 Amazing Benefits of using Caffeine Creams for Skin, Hair and Health "IndyWatch Feed Food"

While you may know about the many benefits of drinking coffee, you probably did not know that caffeine cream also has a massive benefit on the body. Similar to other skincare and beauty products, caffeine creams can have a huge impact on your skin, hair and your overall wellness. Here are five key benefits of


Urgent Care for Chest Pain "IndyWatch Feed Food"

If your body experiences a pain, it can be considered as a signal of something is going wrong. The reasons may vary from the insignificant ones like hunger or lack of some nutrient up to the severe diseases. In any case, if you feel something aches, it means nothing good. A chest is a place


FTC Gives Amazon Green Light on Whole Foods "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Austin, TX Its clear sailing for to move forward with the purchase of Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion.

Shareholders approved the deal on Wednesday morning and a few hours later, Bruce Hoffman, acting director of the Federal Trade Commissions Bureau of Competition, said the agency had decided not to pursue an investigation further.

The FTC conducted an investigation of this proposed acquisition to determine whether it substantially lessened competition under Section 7 of the Clayton Act, or constituted an unfair method of competition under Section 5 of the FTC Act, Hoffman said. Based on our investigation we have decided not to pursue this matter further. Of course, the FTC always has the ability to investigate anticompetitive conduct should such action be warranted.

Amazons acquisition of Whole Foods Market moves one step forward as Whole Foods shareholders voted to approve a merger with the internet giant on Wednesday morning.

Now, completion of the transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. The two are preparing to seal their $13.7 billion deal, which would also mark the biggest retail deal of 2017.

The parties expect to finalize the merger during the second half of 2017. Though, a source familiar with the matter has told CNBC the deal could happen sooner rather than later.

Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 8/23/17. This story was updated after its original publication.

(WholeFoods Magazine is not affiliated with Whole Foods Market.)


The post FTC Gives Amazon Green Light on Whole Foods appeared first on Whole Foods Magazine.


Walmart, Google Unite Voices vs. Amazon "IndyWatch Feed Food"

San Francisco, CA In an effort to compete with the ever-growing dominance of, Google and Walmart are teaming to let people buy Walmart products through Google Express, the companies announced on Wednesday.

We are trying to help customers shop in ways that they may have never imagined, said Marc Lore, who became the head of Walmarts ecommerce business last year when the retailer bought Lore founded Jet to compete with Amazon, which bought his first startup company.

As Amazon has grown in breadth and scope of offerings, its become the defacto starting point for many shoppers looking to buy online. Its Alexa and Echo also allow people to order by voice.

Google and Walmart, in announcing the partnership, said they can see a time when Walmart customers reorder items they purchased by speaking to Google Home. Walmart customers will also be able to shop using the Google Assistant, artificially intelligent software in Googles Android smartphones.

The alliance would let Walmart customers link their accounts to Google, giving the search giant predictive information for what might be bought next.

One of the primary use cases for voice shopping will be the ability to build a basket of previously purchased everyday essentials, Lore said in announcing the partnership. Thats why we decided to deeply integrate our Easy Reorder feature into Google Express. This will enable us to deliver highly personalized shopping recommendations based on customers previous purchases, including those made in Walmart stores and on To take advantage of this personalization, customers only need to link their Walmart account to Google Express.

Google said it will offer free delivery to shoppers who meet minimums. In its quarterly earnings call with analysts last week, Walmart said its Q2 online sales including online grocery were up by 60% over 2016. In January, it began offering free, two-day shipping and for grocery allows customers to order online and pick up at stores.

Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 8/23/17

The post Walmart, Google Unite Voices vs. Amazon appeared first on Whole Foods Magazine.


PSA: Scales Measure Gravity, Not Health, Happiness, Success, or Effort "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Just a periodic reminder that scales measure the gravitational pull of the earth at a given moment in time - nothing else.

Scales don't measure the presence or absence of health.

Scales don't measure happiness.

Scales don't measure success.

And scales don't measure effort.

Too many people believe scales measure things other than gravity, and for some, those beliefs lead them to abandon their best efforts.

If you're ever curious about how you're doing, consider the fact that the answer to that question has to do with the doing.

Are you cooking more frequently? Minimizing your liquid calories? Decreasing your restaurant reliance? Not drinking to excess? Cultivating sleep? Exercising as much and as often as you can reasonably enjoy? Keeping a food diary of some sort?

The answer to those questions (and of course that list isn't exhaustive, nor will all questions apply to all people) are how you're doing.

Please don't confuse what you weigh with how you're doing. Though there's often overlap, they're definitely not one in the same.


14 Foods That May Help Your Sexual Performance "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Improving sexual performance comes down to improving your circulation, and diet can help.

There are plenty of reasons for enjoying a healthier diet, and just as many excuses for not. The problem comes down to the immediacy of benefits: Broccoli could add years to my life, sure, but this deep-fried ice cream is not going to eat itself. Read more


The Time Trap Escape Rooms, Reading "IndyWatch Feed Food"

So, last Thursday. We travelled back to medieval England on a secret mission, had 60 minutes shut in a room trying to solve clues and had to complete the mission before the time warp became unstable and had to go home. Welcome to Time Trap Escape Rooms, in the centre of Reading town centre.  I know what you're thinking.  This has nothing to do with food, wellness or health. What the heck are you going on about, Jo?  See? I knew it.  But it does.  Imagine you are whizzed back in a time warp to the twelfth century. Your job is to get into the castle, find the throne room and recover the crown for the rightful heir to England's throne, in the middle of all out...

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


Pinchos de Pollo Recipe + Latin American Paleo Cooking "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A look at the upcoming Latin American Paleo Cooking book and a sneak preview recipe for Puerto Rican grilled marinated chicken kebabs, or pinchos de pollo. All paleo, gluten free and totally tasty!  This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, that helps me support the blog.  I am literally so excited.  Amanda Torres, from the blog The Curious Coconut, has been teasing everyone on social media with her new book, Latin American Paleo Cooking, and I've been so desperate to get my hands on a copy. She sent me an electronic copy to have a look at before the release date, but...

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


Obesity Can Significantly Shorten Your Life, and You Really Cant be Fat But Fit "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Two recent studies on obesity yielded some concerning findings regarding its impacts on life expectancy and heart disease.

Lets take a look at each.

Obesity and Longevity

In April, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic and New York University School of Medicine found that obesity resulted in as much as 47 percent more life-years lost than tobacco, and tobacco caused similar life-years lost as high blood pressure.

The research team found the greatest number of preventable life-years lost were due to (in order from greatest to least) obesity, diabetes, tobacco use, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Of the five top causes of death, three (diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol) are treatable with medications and lifestyle changes. Obesity and tobacco use are more challenging issues to resolve: both involve complex psychological factors.

From the press release:

To estimate the number of life-years lost to each modifiable risk factor, researchers examined the change in mortality for a series of hypothetical U.S. populations that each eliminated a single risk factor. They compared the results with the change in life-years lost for an optimal population that eliminated all modifiable risk factors. Recognizing that some less common factors might place substantial burden on small population subgroups, they also estimated life expectancy gained in individuals with each modifiable risk factor.

The reality is, while we may know the proximate cause of a patients death, for example, breast cancer or heart attack, we dont always know the contributing factor(s), such as tobacco use, obesity, alcohol and family history. For each major cause of death, we identified a root cause to understand whether there was a way a person could have lived longer.

Glen Taksler, Ph.D., internal medicine researcher from Cleveland Clinic and lead author of the study, said of the findings,

Modifiable behavioral risk factors pose a substantial mortality burden in the U.S. These preliminary results continue to highlight the importance of weight loss, diabetes management and healthy eating in the U.S. population.


Busting the Fat but Fit Myth



Fatty Liver Doesnt Show Up In Scans Until Its Too Late. Here Are 7 Early Warning Signs To Look Out For "IndyWatch Feed Food"

When fat accumulates to toxic levels in the liver, it leads to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Over time, the excessive levels of fat in the body cause inflammation, oxidative damage, and scarring of liver tissue (fibrosis).

Moreover, is also related to insulin resistance and is a considered a metabolic syndrome within the liver. This syndrome is most often caused by obesity, but it can be also a result of other factors, including the use of certain medications.

These are the early symptoms of the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease:

-Weight loss
-Swelling of our body due to the lack of protein produced by the liver
-Pain in the upper area of the abdomen
-Jaundice manifested by a yellow discoloration of the skin or mucous membrane
-Increased bruising
-Mental confusion

If you experience these symptoms, you should visit your doctor in order to treat NAFLD.

Yet, we reveal 9 natural and effective ways to relieve these signs:

Dandelion Root

This beneficial plant will help you treat inflammation and liver cirrhosis, and it also cleanses the liver.


Turmeric helps digestion and reduces the inflammation caused by NAFLD. If you take supplements, make sure you start with 450 mg of curcumin, or turmeric, daily.

Weight Loss

Weight loss will reduce the fat levels in the body. Moreover, make sure you drink enough water to cleanse the body from the toxins through the urine.

Black Seed Oil

Researchers have found that the black seed oil treats various health issues, including NAFLD.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant which treats inflammation due to NAFLD, strengthens the immune system, and supports heart health.


Resveratrol is an extract from red grapes, which has powerful antioxidant properties and thus soothes inflammation. Moreover, studies have shown that it effectively fights oxidative stress and inflammation caused by NAFLD.

Wolfberries (Goji Berries)

The traditional Chinese medicine has used these exotic berries time, as they are potent blood glucose stabilizers, antioxidants, and tumor suppressors. They were also used to heal the eyes and liver. Wolfberries rejuvenate vital enzymes and reduce the oxidative effects of NAFLD.

Milk Thistle

More than 10,000 papers have written about the beneficial effects of milk thistle, including reducing oxidative stress and inflammation from NAFLD. It is actually as effective as silybin and silymarin in reducing thes...

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Tuesday, 22 August


Gutbiotics: The Science of Optimizing the Gut Flora *Sponsored Content* "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Certainly the words probiotic and prebiotic are hot, but what do they mean and why their sudden popularity? In fact, the probiotics concept has been around for at least a century; however, in recent years is increasingly gaining popularity due to advancements in research and a growing understanding of how the gut also affects other areas of human health. There is a school of thought that says without good gut health, one cannot have overall good health. As a result, the new gut microbiome story is expanding and is not just about immune health any more. The gut health message now also includes among its growing list: cognition, mood, energy, skin health, weight management, regularity, heart and metabolic health. Helping to pave the way of this new gut health message are innovative companies like AIDP who are committed to the research of health and nutrition.

Gut health market is growing

In 2016 digestive health-positioned products grew 9% globally and reached approximately $55 billion in global retail sales. Digestive health is now the third largest product category in the worldwide health and wellness market. Furthermore, it is expected that the digestive health market will continue to grow another 38% from 2016 to 2021. [1]

Beneficial bacteria

The world is teeming with bacteria, but not all are the same bacteria that people associate with illness. Certain strains of bacteria are actually life-giving and are beneficial to human health. In a recent publication, the gut flora is estimated to contain about 0.2 kg worth or 40 trillion bacteria that line the intestinal tract and is estimated to represent up to 1,000 different species. Thats more gut bacteria cells than there are human cells by a factor of 1.3:1 [2,3]. There is strength in numbers, and so these bacteria, whether bad or good, can certainly impact the health of their human host.

Probiotics vs. prebiotics

Though similarly sounding, probiotics and prebiotics are not the same thing. Probiotics are good bacteria that keep the digestive system healthy by controlling growth of harmful bacteria and metabolizing otherwise unusable substances into beneficial nutrients for their human host. They consist of various strains from Lactobacillus which are found in yogurt and fermented foods, Bacillus which are found in soil, to Bifidobacteria which are naturally found in dairy products. Many probiotic strains are available as live culture, freeze dried culture, or spores. However, formulators should take care when designing, manufacturing, transporting, or considering long-term storage of a probiotic formula as their stability can be sensitive pertaining to temperature, water humidity, and multi-strain compatibility. Product developers should partner their proficiency with manufacturers...


The Best Alkaline Diet For Cancer "IndyWatch Feed Food"

To live a healthy life is affected by the diet we have. And the good diet is crucial.

If someone has a harsh health issue, he must do rapid changes in the diet and habits.

More and more evidence show a great link between junk foods and diabetes or arthritis. This goes the same for cancer.


As the name says, this diet has alkaline foods that diminish acidity.

Some people say the best is to remove every acidic food altogether. Why? Cancer cells die when in alkaline areas, so such foods kill cancer cells.

Most of such acidic foods make inflammation and this is 1st cause of cancer.


The inflammation starts when every damaged tissue releases out chemicals. So white blood cells make substances that divide each cell and makes it grow again for repairmen. When the wound heals the inflammation is done. This goes for such cases in a healthy person.

As far as chronic inflammation goes, this starts when there is no injury and it does not end easily. It can be abnormal in normal tissues and caused even by obesity. This can damage the DNA with time.


The modern diets are based on acidic foods and see the list below to correct this:


Acidic diet makes the pH acidic and this makes acidosis. For cancer this is perfect for thriving. So rebalance the pH with alkaline foods. Eat cruciferous veggies; cabbage, kale, broccoli and some can be eaten raw. Fruits are also healthy but eat just 3 pieces tops per day.


The HCAs and polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons of fish, meat, beef and pork are cooked on high heat. It was known that the HCAs and PAHs can be mutagenic or damaging the DNA and increase cancer risk. As to the International Agency for research on Cancer, the deli meats are the worst for colorectal cancer. With this in mind, reduce meat and get organic meats. Eat nuts, seeds, beans, lentils and peas.


The cancer gets more glucose than other cells and makes more acids. Also too much sugar stresses the pancreas and makes more insulin. This makes insulin resistance and speeds up the cancer. Also corn syrup is full of mercury that causes cancer. Cancer people must remove white sugar and corn syrup too and opt for honey or agave. This makes magnesium deficit since the sugar drains this mineral.


Spelt, rye, wheat and other grains are forbidden. Also avoid wheat since it is full with pesticides. Avoid cakes, cookies, muffins...


Clean Your Arteries By Eating These 10 Foods "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Clogged arteries are the main cause of numerous serious cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis, a form of arteriosclerosis in which the artery walls are thickened as a result of accumulation or plaque. Atherosclerosis is a life-threatening problem which often ends up fatal, which is why its important to keep your arteries clean and flexible.

The usual treatment for atherosclerosis includes the use of beta-blockers or statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs), but you should know that there are many natural ingredients which can clean your arteries and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. Here are 10 foods which will keep your arteries clean as a whistle:


Turmeric is a popular spice that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Its active ingredient curcumin has powerful cardioprotective effects and can easily reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in your arteries.


Garlic is definitely one of the most powerful natural ingredients. It works great against a variety of diseases and conditions and is especially great against cardiovascular problems. Garlic can regulate your blood pressure, your cholesterol levels and prevent the development of atherosclerosis, which is why you should add it in your diet.


Ginger is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that can prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries. The root contains compounds such as gingerols and shogaols that can clean your arteries and prevent further cardiovascular problems. According to one study, ginger can reduce triglycerides and cholesterol from your blood and is incredibly effective against atherosclerosis.

Cayenne pepper

Spices such as cayenne pepper contain a compound called capsaicin which can regulate your cholesterol levels and the risk of stroke or heart attack. According to a 2009 study, capsaicin can prevent vascular and pulmonary complications which are associated with HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) drugs.

Lemon water

Drinking lemon water in the morning is one of the best natural ways to protect your heart from damage and reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood. Lemon water can prevent oxidative damage in your arteries thanks to the high vitamin C content, while also strengthening them and restoring their flexibility.


Cinnamon is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that will regulate your cholesterol levels, which was confirmed in several studies.

Ground flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are incredibly rich in fiber, a nutrient which acts as a mop in arteries and can easily keep them clean. Flaxseeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids whi...


Drink These 4 Fresh Juices to Clean your Kidneys and Purify Your Blood Flow "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Kidneys have a role in cleaning the toxins and waste material from the blood and urine. These toxins can affect the job of kidneys and liver.

Everyone wants to save their kidneys and prevent problems. To do so, you should lead a healthy life, balanced diet, and purify your body.

Now, let us show you an easy and cheap way to make a homemade purifying beverage. This beverage will help you improve the function of your kidneys.

Anyway, you need to take care of your kidneys to get rid of the toxins, and the excess fluids from your body.

The Green Juice has the ability to help you in cleansing your kidneys. It contains nutrients and antioxidants, due to that it is very powerful to get rid of the toxins. It is very important to use these vegetables in the Green Juice: zucchini, spinach, kale, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, and celery.

Also, you can use fruits such as pears, peaches, oranges, pineapples, and apples. How to do it? Make a mixture of these components in a blender. There you have a healthy drink.

Another Recipe That Will Help You Clean Your Kidneys and Purify Your Body:

What do You Need?

  • Organic ACV
  • Some raw lemons
  • Water that is purified

How to Make it And Consume It?

Make a mixture of all the ingredients. And simply, drink this beverage for at least 4 days, and it will help you in cleaning and purifying your body.

Fresh Juice of Cranberries

The benefit of this juice is lowering the calcium phosphate. Kidney stones can be a result of excess calcium oxalate in the body.

Actually, it prevents renal infections. All you need to do is use organic cranberries sugar-free, and do not contain fake and preserving flavors.

Fresh Juice of Beet

The betaine contained in beets is very beneficial, it has antioxidant and phytochemical components, so it boosts the acidity of the urine. This juice is extremely useful for cleansing calcium phosphate, also the struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) made by the kidneys.

Fresh Juice of Lemons

How to avoid the formation of kidney stones? Drink lemon juice and the levels of the citrate in the urine will be increased, that will help. All you have to do is squeeze 4-5 lemons in one liter of cool water.

Also, if you want to have a warm beverage, squeeze a lemon in 8 ounces of warm water. Drink this in the morning, before breakfast.


The post...


5 Simple Exercises That Will Reshape Your Body in Just 4 Weeks "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Some of the most important things we need to do if we want to be completely healthy is exercise constantly and eat healthily. Healthy nutrition is something that will help you have a healthier and happier life.

The foods have to be rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but here, weve also prepared you 5 exercises that will help you get rid of the unwanted weight and be extremely healthy in only several weeks!

1. Plank
This is one of the most beneficial exercises. It helps you acquire great abs and strengthens your shoulders at the same time. Start doing a push-up. Then, turn your elbows in an angle of 90 degrees. Your body should be straight. Try to stay still for at least 60 seconds, but make sure you dont move your waist or butt.

2. Squats
This is another beneficial exercise. Position your feet at shoulder-width aside. Your shoulders should point towards down. Spread your arms to the front.
Your knees should be bent progressively and make sure your hips are front. Make sure you are lowered, but your back should be straight. Your thighs should be parallel with the ground.
Push your feet and go back to the beginning state. Squats are excellent because your core becomes strengthened, but they also build the quads, hams, and calves, as well as support the whole fat burning process.

3. Bird-Dog
Pose yourself like youre doing a plank. Extend one of your legs with the opposite arm concurrently. Your body should be balanced. Hold like that for several minutes. Go back into the starting position. Then, change sides. This is an excellent exercise that will strengthen your lower back and your abs.

4. Lying Hip Raises
First, lie on the ground. Your knees should be bent and your feet should be on the ground flat. The out to your sides should be stretched at a 45 angle. Then, squeeze your glutes. At the same time, you should raise your hips upward, tilting the pelvis.

Go back into the starting position. Repeat everything once again. This is a very beneficial exercise for your hamstrings, thighs, abs, back and glutes.

5. Push-ups
Begin with a plank pose. Your hands should be below your shoulders so that you can force your whole body up. Your legs, back and buttock should be in a straight line. Go back to the ground and repeat it once again. These are excellent for all of your body muscles. Your whole body will be strengthened.

The 4-Week Exercise Plan

Two main exercises are important for this method:

1st Workout
1 minute of plank;
1 minute of push-ups;
2 minutes of squats;
1 minute...


10 Symptoms Your Body Need Help That You Shouldnt Ignore! "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Our bodies are believed to be perfect mechanisms as they keep in check many processes that happen in the same time. There is great balance between the processes that are independent. When some of them are disrupted, our bodies send signals that indicate that the things arent running as they should.

We often neglect the signals. Recognizing these signals is very important because it prevents further issues. Here is a list of some signals that you must not ignore:

*Bleeding gums*

This is a sign of deficiency in vitamin C. To solve this problem, you need to consume veggies, fruits and garlic.

*Elbow dry skin*

Deficiency in vitamin A and C are manifested with dry skin on your elbows and that is why you need to consume vegetables and fruits like oranges, carrots, apricots and pumpkin.

*Brittle nails and hair*

This symptom indicates that you are deficient in vitamin D and calcium. You need to take more calcium and vitamin D rich foods like milk, wheat germ, whole grains, potatoes and legumes.

*Dry skin*

This signals that you are in deficiency in vitamin E. To boost these levels, you need to consume more oily fish, vegetable oils and nuts.

*Leg cramps, irritability and poor sleep*

These signs indicate deficiency in potassium and magnesium. To increase the levels of magnesium, you need to consume nuts like linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds. To boost the levels of potassium, you need to consume chard, spinach, kale and other green leafy veggies. You can get potassium and magnesium from plums, red beet and apricots.

*Desire for sour foods*

Craving for this kind of food shows that the body needs additional liver and gallbladder stimulation. You need to consume more cranberries and lemons.

*Cravings for seafood*

If you have desire for this kind of food, then you are probably deficient in iodine.

*Cravings for raw food*

Desire for this kind of food shows liver issues and gastritis. Having raw diet has been shown to relieve cramps and soothe the stomach.

*Cravings for sweets*

Cravings for this kind of food mean that the body needs glucose for energy. Reach for honey or dark chocolate as options for sweets.

*Desire for salty foods*

This can indicate inflammation or infection, especially in the urogenital system.


The post...


Am I Too Skinny? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

People living the Wheat Belly grain-free lifestyle sometimes comment that, after losing weight and experiencing the loss of appetite that accompanies this lifestyle, they are too skinny.

First of all, are you really too skinny? Or do you just feel that way seeing yourself among the most overweight population that has ever walked this planet?

Nobody disappears into nothing on this lifestyle, but there are steps you can take to halt the weight loss and look and feel terrific while enjoying all the health benefits of remaining grain-free.

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Blackout: How You Can Act Decisively If an EMP Strikes at Work "IndyWatch Feed Food"

[Editors Note: One thing is for certain if an EMP occurs while many of us are away at work, the city quickly can become a death trap. As writer, Jeremiah Johnson warns, Definitive action taken at the critical point is critical to your survival. Having a plan in place and supplies will give you that critical edge you need to survive.]


ReadyNutrition Readers, this is Part 2 of a 3-part series dealing with immediate actions to be taken in the event of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack.  You can read Part 1 here. In the last segment, we covered what you should do if youre on the road heading to or from work, or traveling.  Now we are going to detail some actions and preparations for your workplace.  Keep in mind: there will be a blending of these parts in actual practice, as to move from one locale to another, you will use the information presented in Part 1 when traveling.  All the parts should complement one another.

I also think it would be a good idea to take listed items and burn off an extra copy as a form of a checklist, as not many people have perfect memories (myself included), and it could help you out in the time of trouble and eliminate the need for guesswork.  Lets start off with a scenario.

Lets start off with a scenario.

You are an office worker in Anytown, a small midwestern city who works in a 7-story building located on the eastern 1/3 of the town.  The direction of your home from work is toward the East.  You are sitting at your desk with a window facing the west, and its about 10:00 am.  Suddenly, a flash of light catches your attention in the sky, and then it disappears.  Simultaneously, all the lights in the office go out, as does your desk computer.  No backup lights come on.  You look at your watch, and its dead.  You pick up your desk phone, and there is no dial tone.  There are murmurings from coworkers, and people are shuffling into an open area with a conference table.  You have just been hit by an EMP attack, and it appears that you have already punched out early, and probably for good.

The scenario will be played out throughout the United States.  Now is the time to act. Those who are preparedness minded must keep th...


Discover Spirulina: The Superfood and its Health Benefits "IndyWatch Feed Food"

  Discover Spirulina: The Superfood and its Health Benefits   Have you ever heard of this superfood before? Spirulina is a blue-green, super healthy pond algae (aka cyanobacteria). It is a freshwater organism that is now one of the most researched and most talked about superfoods today. Grown around the world (including countries such as Mexico, []

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Monday, 21 August


Eating Fruit On Empty Stomach "IndyWatch Feed Food"

This is quite and eye opener. Something you probably didnt know. Dr Stephen Mak treats terminal ill cancer patients by an un-orthodox way and many patients recovered. Before he used solar energy to clear the illnesses of his patients, he believes on natural healing in the body against illnesses.

As of late, my success rate in curing cancer is about 80%. Cancer patients shouldnt die. The cure for cancer is already found its in the way we eat fruits. It is whether you believe it or not. I am sorry for the hundreds of cancer patients who die under the conventional treatments.


We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. Its not as easy as you think. Its important to know how and when to eat the fruits. What is the correct way of eating fruits?



If you eat fruits on empty stomach, it will play a major role to detoxify your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities.

FRUIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FOOD. Lets say you eat two slices of bread and then a slice of fruit. The slice of fruit is ready to go straight through the stomach into the intestines, but it is prevented from doing so due to the bread taken before the fruit. In the meantime the whole meal of bread & fruit rots and ferments and turns to acid. The minute the fruit comes into contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to spoil. So please eat your fruits on an empty stomach or before your meals !

You have heard people complaining :

Every time I eat watermelon I burp, when I eat durian my stomach bloats up, when I eat a banana I feel like running to the toilet, etc.. etc.. Actually all this will not arise if you eat the fruit on an empty stomach. The fruit mixes with the putrefying of other food and produces gas and hence you will bloat ! Greying hair, balding, nervous outburst and dark circles under the eyes all these will NOT happen if you take fruits on an empty stomach. There is no such thing as some fruits, like orange and lemon are acidic, because all fruits become alkaline in our body, according to Dr. Herbert Sheltonwho did research on this matter. If you have mastered the correct way of eating fruits, you have the * SECRET * of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight.

When you need to drink fruit juice drink only * fresh* fruit juice, NOT from the cans, packs or bottles. Dont even drink juice that has been heated up. Dont eat cooked fruits because you dont get the nutrients at all. You only get its taste. Cooking destroys all the vitamins. But eating a whole fru...


How To Remove Fibroma And Other Skin Warts All By Yourself? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Fibroma are growths on the skin, which are actually benign tumors of connective tissue. They look like small nodes and their size can vary from 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter. They usually have the same color as the skin, but they can also be lighter in color.

They are not dangerous, but their number can increase and they can become an aesthetic problem. They usually appear on the neck, the armpits, the crutches, under the breasts, the stomach and the eyelids.

However, they can also appear on other parts of the skin. In fact, almost every man has at least one fibroma, so fibromas are not rare.

Fibromas can also get inflamed, start bleeding or get bigger. Their number and size increases gradually through the years. Even though the reasons for the appearance of fibromas are not known, fat deposits contribute to their appearance.

The number of fibromas can vary from a couple to several hundreds. A doctor can diagnose a fibroma and a dermatologist can prescribe the further treatment.

Fibromas are removed usually during the winter months, when the weather is colder, there is less sun and sweating is rare.

A dermatologist usually removes a fibroma by electrocoagulation, radiosurgery or laser surgery. Only one treatment is needed, unless there are more fibromas. Then, the treatment must be repeated.

After the removal, the wound is treated with an antibiotic, usually hygiene and showers for 5 days. After the surgery, for several days, sweating and hard physical exercises should be avoided in order for the healing to be successful and with no complications.

How to use apple cider vinegar for removing FIBROMAS?

-Apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the best and most effective homemade remedies.
-It can be used for the treatment of different health issues including fibromas due to its acidity.
-Dont use apple cider vinegar near your eyes as you can irritate them.

Removing FIBROMAS with Apple Cider Vinegar!

Carefully wash the area around the fibroma with water and soap.

First, soak the fibromas in water using a cotton ball. Then, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Then, secure the cotton ball on the fibromas with a bandage. First, the fibroma will become dark, then dry and in the end it will fall out.

Due to the size of the fibroma, a scar can remain, which should be treated with aloe vera gel or English marigold cream. If the fibroma was not deep in the skin, the scar will disappear completely.


1. The vinegar should not spread on the skin near the fibroma as in can cause an irritation.
2. Dont use apple cider vinegar when the fibrom...


Benefits That Your Body Will Get When You Drink Coconut Water For 14 Days! "IndyWatch Feed Food"

The coconut water is packed with natural electrolytes and represents and an amazing source of potassium. It is actually low in carbs, which contains at least 4.2% carbohydrates. Compared to a typical sports drink could contain up to 10%.

According to a study that was conducted in the year 2002, it has said everything about the coconut water.

Most of the people are not even aware of coconut oil, as well as its numerous health benefits. Coconut water has been virtually similar structure to the blood plasma which can be found in the bloodstream of all humans.

As a result, this astonishing water has been used broadly in the past war conflicts when it was commonly used as a substitute for blood plasma because it was essential for the survival of a huge number of war casualties. The numerous wounded and injured people have been given coconut water during their terrible and prolonged battles.

In this article, we will be looking into some of the main benefits that can be obtained from consuming coconut water.

Tender coconut water contains a lot more nutrients than the mature one. It is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, as well as minerals just like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and even zinc.

Here are some of the health benefits of coconut water:

Balanced pH Levels

The pH value is a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is, and it ranges from 0 to 14. Anything that is ranging from 0 to 7 is considered acidic, 7 is neutral and from 7 to 14 is alkaline, or basic. Nonetheless, the pH value in the body of people varies greatly throughout. Some parts are alkaline and other parts are acidic. Blood, on the other hand, is always slightly alkaline, and it is extremely dangerous and there are times that it will be fatal when if it becomes acidic.


Let us know the nutritional value of Coconut water and why it is good for diabetes. Coconut water is sterile and it is really safe to consume. It is essential to remember that an individual needs to consume the water of green coconut, and not the milky thick substance, which is known as the pulp. The whitish pulp of the coconut is high in both sugar and fat.

Increased Energy

Not only is coconut water is a great substitute to any traditional energy drinks, it also boasts other health benefits such as assisting to maintain the skin in looking young and healthy, getting rid of the toxins in the body, as well as helping in cardiovascular health. Coconut water can also aid in regulating internal fluids in order to prevent dehydration, elevates metabolism in order to assist with weight loss, and encourages a healthy digestive system.



Tea "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Pukka Herbs continues to expand its large variety of tea flavors with
Womankind, Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey, Three Mint and After Dinner just to name a few. Pukka Tea is comprised of three collections, Core, Specialty and Matcha. All teas are USDA Organic, Fairwild Certified and made in England. Made from fine grade herbs.
P.O. Box 108, Westport, CT 06880,

Published in WholeFoods Magazine September 2017

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Bone and Joint "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Valensa introduces its FlexPro MD for bone and joint health. Blending ingredients such as Flexuron, Hyaluronic Acid, Phospholipid-bound Omega-3 Fatty acids and Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin. FlexPro MD addresses all facets of joint health care and comes in a small, easy to swallow pill.
2751 Nutra Lane, Eustis, FL 32726.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine September 2017

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Kiwifruit Concentrate "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Anagenix Group announces its new prebiotic, Livaux. Made from a kiwifruit powder concentrate sourced from New Zealand, the supplement supports faecalibacterium prausnitzii (F.prau). Created to help restore the microbiome in the gut, Livaux is organic and the kiwi ingredients are non-GMO.
Level 2, 10 Hutt Road, Petone 5012, Wellington, New Zealand,

Published in WholeFoods Magazine September 2017

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Capsicum "IndyWatch Feed Food"

BCFoods new capsicum product offerings include paprika, chili pepper variations (jalapeno, chipotle, ancho), chili pepper flakes, and chili powder. They can be applied to natural colorants, red sauces, seasoning blends, tortilla chips, and meat seasonings. BCFoods offers steam-treated products, a natural alternative to irradiation for microbial control.
1330 N Dutton Ave #100, Santa Rosa, CA 95401,

Published in WholeFoods Magazine September 2017

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Purple Corn "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Suntava Purple Corn offers gluten-free, non-GMO, certified organic, and antioxidant-free strains of corn. Suntava Purple Corn goes against traditional corn products like corn syrup by sustaining corns natural color and refreshing taste. This ingredient is ideal in products such as crackers, popcorn, beverages, tortilla chips, baby food, and energy nutrition bars. The ingredient also has more than twice the antioxidants found in blueberries, a very antioxidant-rich fruit.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine September 2017

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Progesterone Cream "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Wise Essentials has developed Wild Yam Progesterone, a cream that provides natural progesterone topically, along with wild yam from Mexico and chaste tree, black cohosh, dong quai, vitamins A, C, and E, jojoba oil, squalane and allantoin. Available in a 3 oz. package, the product offers 22 mg of natural progesterone per 1/4 teaspoon. It is paraben-free, and free of artificial colors and fragrances.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine September 2017

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Natural Laundry "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Mollys Suds is introducing its new line of household products that are designed to be safe for both people and the environment. The line includes products such as Laundry Powder, Liquid Laundry Detergent, Wool Dryer Balls, All Sport Laundry Wash, Oxygen Whitener and Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder. All Mollys Suds products are Certified Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine September 2017

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Taro Today, Poi Tomorrow A Sustainable Local Food System Takes Root in Kauai, Hawaii "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Taro farmers are my heroes and I wanted to emulate the people I admired and respected. Farming was a big part of my life so I wanted to become a farmer, says Adam Asquith, founder of Kealia Farm, Kauai, HI. ... Read More


Supporting Those Who Need It Most "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Combing through the WholeFoods Magazine archives while writing a tribute to Stanley Jacobson, I hit pay dirt with a statement he made in 1985 during his run for the presidency of the National Nutritional Foods Association (now NPA).

This industry has been largely responsible for turning the health fad into a real way of life for mainstream America and creating the major market we all work in.

Everybodys talking about nutrition, and it is the mom and pop NNFA member stores that have created this national awareness.

Stan won the election and his efforts were instrumental to the adoption of DSHEA, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Everybodys still talking about nutrition. The advocate and educator passed on Aug. 7 and did not live to see multivitamin supplements have their latest day in Congress, but he must be smiling.

In an unprecedented confluence of events, two separate legislative initiatives are working their way through the process in Washington, D.C., aimed at helping the most vulnerable of our population benefit from the nutritional boost associated with multivitamin supplements and minerals.

The WIC Improvement Act, H.R. 3529, was introduced this summer by Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA). The Natural Products Association created a website, making it easy to write to your local congressman seeking co-sponsorship of the initiative. We encourage you to do it now and to share the link with those who share your passion for the topic.

WIC serves roughly 8 million low-income at-risk pregnant and postpartum women and their infants and children up to age 5. The bill would add multivitamins to the WIC voucher system alongside eggs, milk, cheese and cereal. It could expand the supplements reach into the so-called food deserts where fresh produce is unavailable or unaffordable.

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL), meanwhile, is expected to introduce the SNAP Vitamin and Mineral Improvement Act when Congress reconvenes in September. It would allow multivitamin-minerals to be included as an acceptable purchase category under the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program (This is what used to go by the name food stamps and is not the same as WIC).

It costs the government nothing to include supplements in SNAP. It simply gives those with limited means a chance to fulfill the nutritional needs of their families.

Why would anyone say no?



Why Natural Retailers and Brands Need to Be Social "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Advertising is all about communicating and messaging. It should be used similarly to having an intimate conversation with a friend someone you know, like and trust. Experts continually talk about the ability to target consumers. They all have different ideas on what works best.

The brands and retailers who capture and keep our attention remain relevant and top of mind. Consumers want to be talked to not at!

Some natural brands and retailers have adopted social selling capabilities that rival their mainstream counterparts. They have the greatest opportunity to build personal relationships with customers and their networks. The key is to always remain close to them. In social lingo, you need to create loyal raving fans!

Large mainstream brands and retailers spend most of their effort pushing content that typically talks at and beyond their audience. This is their Achilles heel and the greatest opportunity for natural brands and retailers. Shoppers want to know how products will best meet their needs on a personal level, from their perspective. This is key!

Retailers and brands must shift their messaging from being transactional-based to a communication strategy that is more empowering, educational and conversational. Shoppers today research products and prices online thus creating their own personal supply chains. Retailers and brands who dont make those connections will be overlooked.

Natural brands and retailers need to stay relevant in todays ever-changing world if they hope to effectively compete and survive. A strong digital strategy can provide a significant and sustainable competitive advantage. The impact can be great, including delivering a much higher ROI than traditional advertising.

An effective digital strategy develops and maintains a one-on-one trust relationship between the brand and the shopper. It has the greatest capability of influencing a shoppers network of friends and family.

Shoppers are bombarded by an overwhelming amount of information. Everyone is trying to get our attention. The marketplace is extremely overcrowded, and our attention spans increasingly shorter. Yesterdays news is continually eclipsed by todays overnight successes or the flavor of the moment.

Todays shoppers are armed with more information than at any time before in history. In many cases, shoppers are better educated than the retailers themselves because they have quick and easy access to a tremendous amount of information, typically through their smart phones.

This creates a greater need for personalization. Retailers and brands need to work together to provide educational content that makes shopping easier and more friendly. They should leverage their mutual social influence to best meet the needs of their shoppers.


Foods for Sensitive Diets "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Living with an illness that limits the foods she can eat renders journalist Debbie Galant an expert on Crohns, the chronic inflammatory bowel disease that sends her to the hospital periodically to clear out an obstruction. Shes like any of your customers seeking to spread these emergency visits as far apart as possible while enjoying a high quality of life.

The main thing is I cant eat anything hard, Galant says. So, no popcorn, raw carrots, raw celery or nuts. Im really not supposed to eat cooked corn either but sometimes I do. I find if I eat too much [of anything], I can get a bowel obstruction. My bowel resection surgery was a little more than 30 years ago, and the scar tissue from that is like a pipe thats corroded. Its basic plumbing.

I wish I could eat nuts, she adds. Instead, I scoop a spoon of various nut butters: peanut, cashew, almond or sunbutter.

Each Person Is Different
Crohns is considered an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and what triggers a flare up varies from person to person. With Crohns, inflammation can develop anywhere in the GI tract from the mouth to the anus although it most commonly occurs at the end of the small intestine.

According to the Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), about 67% of people with Crohns in remission will suffer at least one recurrence within five years (1).

Another IBD is ulcerative colitis (UC), which is limited to the large intestine the rectum and colon. Some of the main foods doctors advise people with UC to stay away from are caffeine, alcohol, dairy, carbonated beverages, and foods high in fiber. Some people with IBD can eat onions, while others cannot.

About 30% of people in remission will experience a relapse in the next year, CCFA estimates (1).

Neither Crohns nor UC is curable, but eating the right foods and avoiding others can help stem repeat hospital visits.

Meanwhile, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which goes by the name IBS, is something that can be managed with diet. Having IBS symptoms once doesnt mean they will happen again. IBS can be caused by stress, foods or hormones. The role of food in certain allergies or intolerances is not yet fully understood, but among the foods implicated for IBS are chocolate, spices, fats, fruits, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, milk, carbonated beverages and alcohol (2).

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where ingestion of gluten damages the small intestine. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, When people with celiac disease eat gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye and barley), their body mounts an immune response that attacks the small intestine. These attacks lead to damage on the villi, small fingerlike projections that line the smal...


Blueberry Zucchini Pancakes "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Blueberry Zucchini Pancakes
Fresh homemade pancakes are one of my favourite breakfasts and I am currently crushing on these moist and fluffy blueberry zucchini pancakes! Pancakes could not be easier to make! You simply mix all of the ingredients into a batter and cook them in a pan until lightly golden brown. I have added zucchini, lemon zest and blueberries to these pancakes to give them a fresh hit of summers flavours and they are simply divine! The zucchini helps keep the pancakes nice and moist and the blueberries and lemon zest add plenty of flavour! I like to top these blueberry zucchini pancakes with maple syrup and butter making them one really amazing summer breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Read the recipe


My Friend is 64 Years Old and Everyone Envies Her! She Doesnt Have Any Wrinkles. Her Skin is Beautiful and She Revealed Her Secret! "IndyWatch Feed Food"

I really think that we can all agree on one thing we all use aspirin, right? And I also think that all people around the world should have aspirin in their medicine cabinets. So, what do you think when we use aspirin? We usually take this miraculous pill when we have a terrible headache, fever or when we notice the first symptoms of cold. Aspirin is quite effective as a general pain reliever. Other people take it to help with their heart problems and to prevent blood clots from forming. The experts say that aspirin is extremely effective and useful due to its powerful ingredient salicylic acid.

There are many different medicinal uses for aspirin, but did you know that you can use this miraculous pill to improve the health of your skin as well? Yes, and trust me  youll be amazed by the results. In this article we are going to show you 3 amazing facial mask recipes, which will help you rejuvenate your skin and help you get rid of wrinkles. These mask recipes are very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the simple instructions. Heres what you need to do:

Homemade Lemon-Aspirin Mask

You will need the following ingredients:

-3 aspirins
-3 tbs. of lemon juice


Its very simple just crush the aspirins, mix them in lemon juice and mix well until you get a paste. How to use it just apply this mixture on your face and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, you need to remove it with a cold water.

Homemade Honey, Yogurt and Aspirin Mask

Note: this homemade mask is very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the simple instructions. Heres what you need to do:

You will need the following ingredients:

-5 aspirins
-2 tbs. of honey
-1 tbs. plain yogurt


Heres what you need to do first, you need to wash your face with cold water. Then, you need to soak a small cloth in clean water and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then, you need to remove the towel from the microwave, apply it on your face for 10 minutes so the pores will open up and the mask will work its way. After that, you need to dry your face and apply this mask. Leave it on for 30 minutes. After that, you need to wash your face with cold water and apply some skin moisturizer. You will notice the amazing effects just after first use.

Aspirin-Water Facial Mask:

You will need the following ingredients:

-3 aspirins
-3 tbs. of lukewarm water


Heres what you need to do just mix the aspirins in the water and make a paste. How to use it just apply this mask on your face and lea...


Health Benefits Of Spanish Plum Or Commonly Known As Siniguelas! "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Siniguelas or also known as Spanish plum is an effective and exotic antioxidant. It is a fruit that is derived from Latin America and brought to the island of the Philippines where they have planted and grown on the year 1800.

As of today, Spanish plum can be seen in various number of provinces across the Philippines. The Filipino people usually call this fruit as the food of the Gods.

This fruit contains a sweet taste and a little juicy when you eat it. Other people who eats this fruit unripe prefers to match it with a pinch of salt and vinegar.

Siniguelas contains huge number antioxidants that can make your skin look healthy, beautiful and glowing. It has also contains a lot of Vitamin C that can defend you from viral illnesses that you can get from other people such as common cold, cough and fever.

This kind of fruit is not usually being sold in the supermarkets. You can find it in the local stores in the Philippines. And you might want to try it out to enjoy its incredible taste.

People can obtain the amazing benefits from the ingredients of plum stem. Which is known as neocholorogenic acid and cholorogenic acid. This fruit also has the so called phenols that contains a lot of nutrients which are widely documented through a couple of years of study and research.

Here are the surprising health benefits that you can obtain by consuming siniguelas:

Antioxidant Protection

One of the most famous benefits that you can get in this fruit is its ability to prevent the free radicals that causes diseases in humam body. These free radicals are carcinogenic that can lead to cell destruction and will result to damages in the internal organs. The specific nutrients that this fruit is consist of can actually eliminate the superoxide anion radicals that damages fats and some neurons in the brain.

Controlling Cholesterol

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C. And has the ability to stave off oxidized cholesterol from building up in arteries which makes them harder. As a result, spanish plum has become effective in neutralizing illnesses such as hardened arteries or arthroscleorosis, asthma, osteoarthritis, colon cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Improved Iron Absorption

It improves the ability of human body to obtain bioavailable iron from the foods that we eat. Moreover, the Vitamin C that it contains can actually enhance the bodys natural ability to battle against various kinds of diseases and infection. The individuals who are suffering from lasting diseases especially the children and preganant women are the ones who really benefit from an extra dosage of Vitamin C.

Plums are Rich in Nutrients

Aside of the several numbers of...


The next Wheat Belly Detox CHALLENGE begins Wednesday, September 6th! "IndyWatch Feed Food"

The next Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox Challenge is scheduled to start Wednesday, September  6th!

Through my New York Times bestseller, Wheat Belly, millions of people learned how to reverse years of chronic health problems by removing wheat from their daily diets. Now, I have created an easy and accessible 10-Day Detox Program.

The Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox supplies you with carefully designed meal plans and delicious recipes to fully eliminate wheat and related grains in the shortest time possible. Perfect for those who may have fallen off the wagon or for newcomers who need a jump-start for weight loss, this new addition to the Wheat Belly phenomenon guides you through the complete 10-Day Detox experience.

In addition to this quick-start program, Ill teach you:

  • How to recognize and reduce wheat-withdrawal symptoms,
  • How to avoid common landmines that can sabotage success
  • How to use nutritional supplements to further advance weight loss and health benefits

The Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox also includes:

Inspiring testimonials from people who have completed the program (and have now made grain-free eating a way of life)

Exciting new recipes to help get your entire family on board

To join the Detox Challenge:

Step 1
Get the book. And read it (at least the first 5 chapters). Detox Challenge participants should be informed and active in order to get the most out of the challenge and private Facebook group. READING THE WHEAT BELLY DETOX BOOK IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE. PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK.


Barnes & Noble:


Or grab the course from Rodale.

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