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Wednesday, 13 September


#MorningMonarchy: September 13, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Fake patients, the tip of the fatberg and replacing holy water + this day in history w/the death of Tupac and our song of the day by !!! on your Morning Monarchy for September 13, 2017.


Caffeine Free Iced Chicory Coffee Shots "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A refreshing caffeine-free iced coffee, made from chicory coffee. Dairy-free and also AIP compliant, too.  This post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you decide to click on them and make a purchase, I might receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) that goes back into keeping the blog going. Thanks for your support.  Summertime vibes.  We're in the middle of September now, but apart from a few crispy brown leaves rustling about on the ground and a slight chill early in the mornings, the weather's not that bad. It's still warm most of the time and I haven't got my winter coat out yet. This is a good sign.  And I've been sipping on this:...

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


Acupressure for Migraines "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Acupressure is a totally non-invasive treatment method that has a high success rate among migraine sufferers. It has a proven track record as a successful pain reduction technique. Acupressure is also effective in reducing both the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks.

Traditional Chinese Medicine says there are over 800 vital energy points in the human body. These points lie along meridians that run throughout the body. Chi, or vital energy, flows along the meridians and through the energy points in healthy people. Chi that is blocked or excessive near particular energy points causes pain and disease.

Acupressure massage applies pressure to these energy points in order to release chi and stimulate the bodys own healing powers. The energy points are massaged with the fingers or thumbs with medium pressure in a circular motion.

To find out about the all-natural method that can eliminate both migraine andd frequent headaches as soon as TODAY, click here!  

The easiest acupressure that migraine sufferer can learn is an all-over head massage. This technique just requires the migraine sufferer to massage the scalp as if they were washing their hair. Sit with the elbows resting on a table to prevent arm fatigue and the head resting lightly in the hands to perform head and neck acupressure.

Moderate pressure applied to the GB20 points offers the most effective relief for migraine pain. They are on either side of the neck, approximately one inch to each side of the spinal column just below where the skull and neck muscles connect.

Migraine sufferer seeking to relieve their headache and neck pain should perform deep breathing while using the thumbs of both hands to press firmly on the GB20 points for one to two minutes. If this is painful at first, you...


Fall Seasonal Eating "IndyWatch Feed Food"

The fall harvest is full of abundant versatile and frugal food choices. Fall seasonal eating provides heartier and larger produce that tends to last longer than its summer cousins. These long-lasting, weighty fruits and vegetables mean more meals at less cost and fewer opportunities for spoilage.  Fall Seasonal Fruits Apples: Please skip the standard fare []

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Dental Procedures That Are Commonly Used "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Dentistry is truly amazing. The technology that is used has come a long way over the past several decades. Any dental problem can be easily fixed so that your teeth look great. You might have an issue with your teeth that has been bothering you for a very long time. It would be in your


Tips For Overcoming A Drug Addiction "IndyWatch Feed Food"

If you find yourself struggling with an addiction of any kind, you may start to think there is no way to break it. However, with the right tools and help, any addiction can be overcome. Recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless you might feel in your situation. With the correct treatment


Join Sept. 20 Webinar on Carb Control for Weight Loss "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Childhood and adult obesity rates are alarmingly higher than they were a generation ago. Overweight makes you more likely to have conditions including heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure or diabetes. Dieting, eating a healthy low-calorie and carb diet, is hard to sustain, even if you had the motivation and dedication to start one.

On Sept. 20, we will host a webinar on The Science of Carb Control for Weight Management and Fat Loss

Click here to register

The webinar will feature Dr. Ralf Jger, FISSN, CISSN, MBA. Dr. Jger is a world-class inventor of functional foods and dietary supplements and an expert in probiotics and sports nutrition. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers, industry publications and mainstream media articles, on weight management, sports nutrition, brain, joint, heart and gut health. Having studied at the California Institute of Technology and the University of Bonn, he began his career developing new bio-active ingredients for a leading multi-national billion dollar company and advanced in his career to vice president of marketing and sales. Dr. Jger is a senior scientific advisor to Pharmachem Labs, the manufacturer of Phase 2 Carb Control.

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New Research Finds Yeast Fermentate May Ease Constipation "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A new study conducted by BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that the consumption of the proprietary yeast fermentate EpiCor results in beneficial modulation of the gut microbiome and improvement of gastrointestinal comfort and constipation. EpiCor is a natural immune strength ingredient fermentate created by a proprietary fermentation method researched, developed, and manufactured by Embria Health Sciences, LLC, of Ankeny, Iowa USA. Massimo Marzorati, Ph. D., PostDoc at Ghent University and co-founder of Predigest, the contract research organization that conducted the trial, says that the positive results with EpiCor in this study are very encouraging since an ingredient of this kind has never been evaluated for its role in gut microbiota shifts and effects on common constipation-associated symptoms.

Constipation prevalence ranges between five percent and 20 percent in the general population. There was an estimated 3.2 million visits to medical centers in the United States in 2012. Treatment can cost $1,912-$7522 per patient. Constipation not only hurts the economy, but also patients quality of life both physically and mentally. Although many rely on pro- and prebiotics to relieve constipation, the Human Gut Study Journal explains that in reality there is not enough evidence to recommend probiotics for functional constipation. Prebiotic fibers benefit gut bacteria, however often lead to bloating and gas. Because of this, people are often unable to stay on them.

The current EpiCor study was conducted after a previous in vitro study suggested that EpiCor fermentate was able to favorably modulate the composition of the gut microbiome, a trait similar to that of a probiotic.

In this most recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel design study, eighty subjects who suffered gastrointestinal discomfort and constipation were randomly assigned to one of two trial arms, either placebo or EpiCor fermentate. They were then placed in to two subgroups according to the severity of their symptons: severe and moderate. The subjects were administered a low dose of only 500 mg/day of EpiCor, much lower than the recommended doses for prebiotic fibers. Gastrointestinal symptom, stool frequency and consistency, and constipation-associated quality of life and general perceived stressed were assessed along with fecal samples.

Results showed that even with the low dosage, the fermentate greatly improved symptoms such as bloating, feeling of fullness, and general daily scores in the moderate subgroup. The total cohort experienced a significant increase in stool frequency as well as an improvement in constipation-associated quality of life and general perceived stress. Bacteria Bac...


Wellness Was the Total Store Experience "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Wellness was top of mind and the hot topic at the recent NACDS (National Association of Chain Drug Stores) Total Store Experience in San Diego, August 20 22.

The industry as a whole is really cleaning up its act. Nielsen reports indicate clean label foods and beverages account for 30% share of food and beverage sales and saw growth of 5.6% in dollar sales over the last five years. In fact, 51% of American households view natural as important. Personal care products with a natural label claim grew 9.1% from the previous year.

These are stats we can celebrate. The stats for wellness seekers are on the rise as well but there is more that retailers can do. According to WSL Shopper Trends, 70% of wellness shoppers rate energy being rested and physically fit to lead their daily lives as a top priority to wellness. Yet only 40% feel it. Sixty-five percent want a positive mental outlook, but only 40% achieve it. Fifty-one percent say clear glowing skin is a sign of Wellness, but only 36% feel they have it.

There were a lot of items in the exhibit hall designed to close the gap on what people want and what they feel they have.

Changing the conversation about ears

Wallys Natural is a leader in the Natural Products industry and Ear Care market and the innovative company debuted its newest product Kids Ear Scrub. Wallys Natural Kids Ear Scrub ensures the safest way to keep ears clean and the mild formula of the shampoo and soft sponge provide a gentle scrubbing action that can be done in the shower for extra convenience. Good-bye Q-Tips and hello Wallys!

iHEAR combines superior sound quality with innovative online tools and is dedicated to developing affordable and accessible hearing solutions. Their line of devices consist of virtually invisible behind-the-ear hearing devices for mild to severe hearing loss in adults with common as well as complex hearing loss profiles. With so many devices to choose from the company makes it easy for the customer by providing them with an online diagnostic test to determine what iHear device will work best for them. Do you hear what iHEAR?

Comfoors Pluggerz make it easy for musicians and music enthusiasts to enjoy what they are listening to and protect their hearing at the same time. These custom-fit hearing protectors filter out excessive noise to a safe level while keeping sound quality high. They also allow you to communicate with others without having to remove the earplugs.

A more natural smile

Oralgen Nupearl int...

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Tuesday, 12 September


William Hood Launches Investment Bank With Natural Focus "IndyWatch Feed Food"

New York, N.Y. With the aim of becoming the premier adviser to consumer goods companies in the healthy living and wellness space, investment banker William Hood has launched his own firm.

The natural products industry is going to be a huge early focal area for us, Hood told Whole Foods. Im passionate about natural products and passionate about the fundamental trends driving the growth in the industry. I really feel that larger firms are not equipped to effectively service the entrepreneurs and the growing companies within the industry.

Im looking to build relationships with entrepreneurs very early on and to be their partners, helping them with how to grow and shape their business so they are in the best position for an exit, Hood added.

William Hood & Co. will function as a division within AXIA Capital Markets LLC (ACM), a U.S. registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA, and wholly owned subsidiary of European Investment Bank AXIA Ventures Group Ltd (AVG). ACM will serve as its partner for private equity and debt capital as well as public equity and debt service.

Hood sees no end to the relentless volume of mergers and acquisitions in the natural products space and intends to represent both buyers and sellers.

The large food and beverage companies are struggling for growth with their traditional food businesses, Hood said. They are looking for growth companies to acquire. What wouldnt have been interesting 10 or 15 years ago, theyre looking at earlier in the life cycle. Its not just about the products. Its about the competency.

The larger companies are looking to communicate with millennials and a lot of the smaller companies are doing a good job at that, Hood added.

Hood plans to staff his boutique firm with executives from the natural products industry who have experience with the inner workings of growing a brand and a company.

What about the argument that its impossible to keep the magic alive after a sale?

There are examples of where it hasnt gone well and examples of what was good, he said.

At the time, people argued that Clorox overpaid for Burts Bees and now they will tell you its their best brand. Ultimately, they were able to figure it out. I think the larger companies, the strategics, are getting better and better about understanding the unique magic that drives these companies and finding ways to preserve it.

You cant take advantage of revenue and cost synergies without some level of change, he added. I think that change happens when certain individuals who drive a certain culture and magic lead the businesses.

Its a very robust market for strategic assets, he added...


Amazons 365 Brand Sales Skyrocket "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Online grocery shopping has skyrocketed for Inc. since the company purchased Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion, Bloomberg reports.

One Click Retail, which monitors sales, estimates that within one week, online sales of the Whole Foods private label 365 brand totaled around $500,000, according to Bloomberg.

The speed at which Amazon began selling Whole Foods products online would have taken months in a brick-and-mortar chain, Spencer Millerberg, CEO of One Click Retail, told Bloomberg. Only 7% of Whole Foods top 100 best-selling items remained in stock on the website, and One Click Retail believes Amazon was unprepared for how quickly the new products would sell. The Whole Foods seal of approval may have helped.

Millerberg is skeptical about whether Amazon will be able to maintain their online inventory while using the stores to reduce delivery costs.

During the first two days after the Amazon purchase, Whole Foods brick-and-mortar locations saw a 25% increase in customers, according to Foursquare Lab Inc., which compared costumers mobile location before and after Amazons investment.

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From Supermarket Rooftops to a Storied Ball Park, an Urban Farming Co. Increases Access to Local Food "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Since its inception in 2008, Green City Growers (GCG), a Certified B Corporation that installs and maintains vegetable gardens and farms within the greater Boston area, has assisted in the production of more than 175,000 pounds of organic produce, donated ... Read More


Ulstrasol Curcumin Gets Patent For Sports Benefits "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Morristown, N.J. OmniActive Health Technologies was granted a U.S. patent (Patent No: US 9724311) for the sports nutrition and performance benefits of its clinically-studied UltraSOL line of curcumin ingredients, including CurcuWIN.

The patent covers these proprietary ingredients compositions for improving muscle performance, endurance capacity and resistance to fatigue when administered in effective amounts in humans undergoing exercise, the company said.

This patent opens new opportunities for supplementation to meet current lifestyle needs. While turmeric has a long history as a traditional herb, the last few decades have seen an upsurge in research of pure forms of curcumin (the principal curcuminoid of turmeric) primarily directed towards disease conditions such as cancer and arthritis.

However, because done in diseased populations, this research could not be directly translated to the general public nor used to support claims. This patent and its supporting science addresses the evolving needs of a modern, active lifestyle further expanding on curcumins potential.

The UltraSOL line of curcumin ingredients was developed to address the issue of absorption and CurcuWIN has been shown to be 46 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin, according to research. But modern lifestyles have generated the need for ingredients that go beyond just high bioavailability to include unique benefits and attributes.

Our unique platform and composition has not only solved the poor absorption issue of curcumin but, under this patent, is now the only curcumin tested on healthy subjects with demonstrated sports and nutrition benefits to support healthy living, said Abhijit Bhattacharya, President of OmniActive Health Technologies Ltd, in a statement. The UltraSOL line of curcumin addresses the needs of a much broader population including those who are living active lifestyles.

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Fresh Market Names New CEO "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Greensboro, N.C.  Larry Appel is the new president and CEO of specialty grocer The Fresh Market, the company announced. He joins the 176-store chain with nearly 30 years of experience in retail, legal and corporate strategy.

Brian Nicholson, the companys chief financial officer who served as the companys interim CEO, will remain in his role as CFO. He had been interim CEO since Rick Anicetti resigned in July. Appel joins the chain as the supermarket industry is in a state of rapid change.

From 2002 to 2012, Appel served at Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., a 500-store southeastern United States grocery chain, in a variety of senior leadership roles including chief operations officer, chief human resources officer, head of strategy and chief legal officer. After leaving Winn-Dixie, he was CEO of Skeeter Snacks, LLC, a leading producer of natural and wholesome snacks made in a dedicated nut-free facility.

From 1997 to 2002, Mr. Appel was SVP of legal at The Home Depot, Inc., the worlds largest home improvement retailer. Mr. Appel received a B.A. from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

I am committed to reenergizing all that sets The Fresh Market apart as a great brand and retail store, Appel said. Its heritage and history provide a strong platform in continuing to define the company as a unique specialty grocer, offering best-in-class products and customer service. I plan to work with our teams to further elevate every aspect of our business all with a sharp focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience every day in every store.

The retailer has stores in 24 states across the U.S.

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Tiny Moments of Mindfulness Can Deliver Big Anti-Anxiety Benefits "IndyWatch Feed Food"

As a personal development coach with a specialty in incorporating mindfulness into real life, I work with a lot of clients who have tendencies to overthink and who are prone to generalized anxiety. And time and again, Ive seen that as they learn how to non-judgmentally observe their thoughts and redirect the mind to whats happening in their  bodies in the moment, they start to shift out of anxiety and into a more grounded and present state of mind, both in the short- and long-term.

Why? Because your body, unlike your mind, cant time travel into the future or the past. Its always firmly rooted in whats happening right now, so when you are focused on it, you cant also be dreading whats to come or re-hashing whats already happened. And what a relief that is.

But when I first talk to many of my clients about incorporating techniques from yoga and meditation into their daily lives, they initially get nervous. They typically say, Im already feeling so busy and overwhelmedhow can I possibly add one more thing to my daily to-do list?

The good news is theres no law that says you must meditate on a cushion in a quiet room for at least 20 minutes, or that the only kind of mind-body practice that counts is taking two hours out of your life to go take a yoga class. I am a firm believer in micro-practicesthings you do for perhaps just a few breaths, even in the midst of your everyday life.

When you train yourself to bring your attention back to your body here and there throughout your day, you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels in a meaningful way. Over time, practicing those in-the-moment remedies can add up to a shift in perspective that is far-reaching and long-lasting.

Whether you are stuck in traffic, getting another project piled on your plate at work, having a tense conversation with your partner, or lying awake at night, unable to sleep, you have the power to choose a path that leads to less stress.

How do you do that exactly? Below I share four techniques that anyone can do. They are goof proof. You cant be too anything for thesetoo busy, too ADD, or even too tired. All they require is that you remember them and have the willingness to actually drop the stressful thoughts youre thinking in the moment and focus on something else instead.

Feel your feet on the floor. Your feet accompany you everywhere you go and they connect you to the ground, which is a source of support and stability. Yet we spend most of our time floating somewhere above it, whether were riding in the car, lying down in bed, or curled up on the couch. Anytime you want help returning your attention to whats happening now ask yourself, where are my feet? If theyre already on the floor, place your attention on feeling their...


Calcium Supplements Dont waste your money "IndyWatch Feed Food"


Calcium supplements have no role in the Undoctored/Wheat Belly lifestyle. For years, doctors have advised people to supplement calcium to prevent bone thinning and osteoporotic fractures based on the simple reasoning that if something is lacking, taking more of it must be the solution. But clinical trials have repeatedly demonstrated virtually no benefit with calcium supplementation no slowing of bone thinning, no reduction of osteoporotic fractures.

Likewise, people who consume plentiful dairy products containing calcium do not have better bone health. One thing that people who supplement calcium do have is more death from heart disease. It should be a familiar theme by now: Not only has conventional advice not worked, it is responsible for causing health problems.

Calcium is an ineffective bone health supplement because just taking it orally does not mean it will go where it is needed, just as throwing a pile of bricks in the backyard does not mean that they will eventually form a nice brick patio. It may even end up where you dont want it to go, such as arteries and heart valves, just as the haphazard pile of backyard bricks trips you every time you barbecue.

People deficient in vitamin D start with low blood levels of calcium due to poor intestinal calcium absorption, but they also have elevated levels of parathyroid hormone, PTH , a pituitary hormone that extracts calcium from bones in an effort to compensate for low blood calcium, weakening bones over time. Restore vitamin D, and calcium blood levels increase due to better intestinal calcium absorption and PTH hormone levels drop, a phenomenon associated with better bone health, reduced fractures, and reduced heart attacks. So the solution is not more calcium, but more vitamin D, and calcium naturally follows.

Vitamin D is therefore a powerful control factor over calcium. When replenished, vitamin D increases intestinal absorption of calcium from food, causes calcium to be deposited in bone, and inhibits its deposition in arteries and valves. Calcium is passiv...


Top Tips for Sculpting Your Summer Body this Winter "IndyWatch Feed Food"

With winter fast approaching, you might be considering hitting the gym now to give yourself plenty of time to get in shape for next summer. Whether you have a long vacation of a lifetime planned or are looking forward to plenty of summer events with your nearest and dearest, summer bodies are made in the


Destroy Your Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags And Age Spots Completely Naturally "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Skin problems such as moles, acne or warts are a common problem for millions of people around the world. The skin is pretty sensitive to hormonal and lifestyle changes which affect its pH balance. Usually, people use expensive skin care products and treatments against warts, blackheads, acne or moles, and although some of them work, the majority are highly dangerous for the health of your skin.

The store-bought skin cleansing products are often full of chemicals which can disrupt the pH balance of your skin and cause big problems. Luckily, there are quite a few natural remedies which can resolve these problems and make your skin look better than ever!

Here are the best natural remedies for specific skin problems:


Moles affect children and adults both and represent the grouping of melanocytes (skin pigmentation cells) due to genetics or excessive sun exposure. Here are the best natural remedies that can eliminate moles:

Garlic is a powerful natural remedy for numerous health problems including issues such as moles. Mash a garlic clove and apply it on the affected area, then cover with a bandage and leave the remedy to work for up to 4 hours. Repeat the process every day for best results.

Castor oil and baking soda
Castor oil and baking soda is a powerful remedy for numerous skin problems including moles. Just mix both ingredients in equal amounts to get a paste, then apply it on your moles and cover with a bandage. For best results, leave the remedy to work overnight.

Apple cider vinegar
Soak a cotton ball in ACV and apply it on the mole, securing it nicely with a bandage. Leave the ACV to work for up to 8 hours (or overnight) and the mole will fall off sooner than you can think of.


Warts are tiny benign skin growths caused by the HPV virus. They are usually removed with cryogenic treatments, but there are plenty of natural remedies that can also help.

Banana peel
Take a banana peel and rub the inside directly on the warts every day for 2 weeks. The warts should fall off in this period.

Rub a bit of honey on your warts and wrap the affected area with bandage and you will notice the results soon.

Apple cider vinegar
ACV is effective against almost all skin problems including warts. Dab a cotton ball soaked in ACV on the wart and secure it with a bandage, then leave the remedy to work for a full day (24 hours) before putting on a new one.

Crush a few garlic cloves and apply the paste and juice on the wart,...


This Oil Is Amazing For The Growth Of Hair, Lashes, Eyebrows "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Most people overlook the benefits of this oil for the hairs all over. They think is thick and hard to handle. But this is cheap and natural and amazing for skin and hair issues. Castor oil.


This oil is good for thin hair also minimizing scars and having smooth lips.


Get cold pressed castor oil without hexane. Apply on eyebrows after you wash the face before bed.

Do this for 90 days and brows will get darker and thick.


Apply this on the head, eyebrows and lashes. This has ricinoleic acid that kills bacteria and fungi and makes new hairs grow again.

Also this works on thickness of hairs too and stops hair fall. It has 9 omega fat acids that nourish hair, skin and follicles. Castor goes deep in the pores and makes new follicles healthy.

Since castor has gloss, also makes the hair shiny and glossy.


Put 2 drops castor in the hands. Rub them and go over the hair ends but no more than 2 drops, this is really greasy. Subtle shine is ok. Apply this lightly and increase for more hair or longer hair. Also use it on the scalp to make hair grow again. Spread it melt with apricot kernel oil or coconut oil.

Pure castor is amazing for thinning hairline. Apply it on lashes to make them amazingly thick and long and prevent their shedding.


Castor helps in keloid scars and hardened tissues. It goes deep in many skin layers and softens skin and scars.

Also castor helps in white blood cells stimulation, reduces inflammation in tissues and speeds healing of wounds and scars.

Another benefit is protection of lips. Lips can regenerate fast but also get dry fast and peel. Use this oil as shine for lips and make them healthy too.

Norek Danna, founder of has a line that involves skin care, hair items and body care all natural. She offers lip balm of castor oil for shine and moisture. Her items also have Natural shine enhance shampoo without sulfate. Also Deep hydration conditioner, a form of vitamin C, MSM facial cream and natural deodorants too.


The post This Oil Is Amazing For The Growth Of Hair, Lashes, Eyebrows appeared first on...


Hydrogen Water: Can It Really Improve Your Health? "IndyWatch Feed Food"

For a while weve been hearing reports of hydrogen water and its potential benefits to health. These testimonies certainly warrant further investigation, though several recent studies into molecular hydrogen appear to bear out some of the eye-opening claims. The therapeutic properties of hydrogen have been known for years. Not only does hydrogen the most


What Happens When You Mix Beets, Carrots and Apples. This Juice Helps In Many Diseases "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Herbal medicine bases its theories on the idea that each vegetable has a contribution to make and that combined with others like juice can serve to cure diseases or even prevent others.

Although History gives account of ancient cultures, few managed to develop a medicine as elaborate and effective as they were able to create the Chinese thousands of years ago. Many of his techniques and recipes are still used today and with excellent results.

This particular combination has many uses and benefits and today we want to transmit it all so that it becomes as popular as it was so long ago. The combination of fruits and vegetables brings together lots of vitamins and acts as a foresight agent.

Take note of all that this combination of carrot, beet and apple can do for your health:
Prevents cancer: Already in antiquity this shake was used to relieve lung cancer patients, contributing to improve the quality of life of patients. Its main attribute is that it brings together large amounts of antioxidants.

Improves skin quality: Its cleansing and antioxidant effect helps keep the skin in top condition by removing stains and pimples while delaying the effects of premature aging.

All women dream of healthy young skin that is free from imperfections. A daily glass of this preparation contributes to improve your skin.

Protect the organs: All the organs of our body are benefited with the intake of this battery of vitamins and antioxidants. This contributes to keeping them healthy and improving their functioning. It works especially on the liver, kidneys, pancreas, lungs and heart.

It improves the digestive system: This remedy is very useful in preventing ulcers because it protects the stomach walls. At the same time, it improves bowel movement by avoiding constipation.

Improves Brain Function: The antioxidants and nutrients in this beverage enhance cognitive ability and memory by making our brain work optimally.

It favors the view: All the nutrients that contribute the ingredients of this drink are healthy, but in particular the carrot that contains high doses of vitamin favors the vision and protects the health of the eyes. It is ideal for people who must work fixing the eyes for many hours on a computer or writing as it prevents eye fatigue and irritation.

It acts as a hepatic protector: The nutrients of this shake help to purify the blood and increase the production of red blood cells. This helps cleanse the liver and eliminate toxins.

It strengthens the heart and lungs: It is a very useful beverage if we want to target the functioning of the heart and lungs because the beta carotene and lut...


This Will Cleanse Your Kidneys Naturally and Effectively As No Other Remedy "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Of all aromatic herbs, parsley must be the most popular and almost never missing in a kitchen. Although parsley is native to Asia, in many European countries it is grown in temperate climates and even exported.

Parsley does not need much care and grows easily, so it is a good idea to have in our garden and even in a pot a parsley plant to keep it always fresh within reach and to be able to give a natural touch to our meals.

But it is not only good to have parsley on hand to season foods or as a salad ingredient, but also for those who have kidney problems, as it is beneficial to clean these important organs in charge of filtering liquids and cleaning the blood.

Our blood is contaminated as a result of excessive intake of red meats, eggs, alcohol, sweets and mainly processed foods, in addition to salt that seriously damages the kidneys.

Parsley comes to the rescue of the kidneys to help cleanse them and clean up these toxic wastes that do not allow them to get their work done efficiently.

What is this remedy for the kidneys?

To prepare this cleansing remedy you will need:

A handful of parsley

Water, quantity needed


Wash the parsley very well. This is important because it is an herb that usually collects insects and dirt.

Cut into small pieces the branches and add to the bowl with hot water.

Boil for 10 minutes and remove from heat.

Strain the preparation and store in a bottle in the refrigerator.


Drink a glass of this liquid in the morning on an empty stomach for 10 days to purify your kidneys.

Remember that parsley has an important diuretic effect, so you will most likely urinate during the day.

Do not stop helping with plenty of water. It is important to drink about 2 liters of water to make debugging better results.

Kidney stones can lead to pain and changes in blood pressure levels.

Try to avoid these problems in the kidneys.

Important: Parsley tea may have an abortifacient effect. It is not recommended in pregnant women.


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Making Fresh Cheese in Your Kitchen Is So Easy You Will Want To Do It Every Day "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Dairy products are many and varied and after milk, cheese should be one of the most common we can find in any refrigerator. There are different types and France and Italy are the countries with the largest production of cheeses and at the same time with greater variety.

It is an extremely nutritious food that almost everyone likes and that the Greeks called it the gift of the gods. Cheeses can be made from cows milk, goats milk, sheeps milk, buffalos milk and even camels milk. That is, cheese from any mammalian ruminant can be made.

How would you like to make your own homemade cheese? Your family will love it!

If you usually consume fresh cheese in your home, nothing better than elaborate it with your own ingredients and in the comfort of your home. This will allow you to enjoy it fresh and without having to invest much money in the elaboration, that on the other hand, will not take you more than a few minutes.

It may sound complicated to prepare homemade fresh cheese but you will see that it is not difficult at all and that you can prepare it for yourself to enjoy it whenever you want. Even using the base recipe then you can add all kinds of spices to make flavored cheeses according to your tastes and those of your family.

The cheese is made by curdling the milk and adding acids such as lemon or vinegar or bacteria that will make the milk sugars become lactic acid. This curd is an enzyme that is found particularly in the stomach of cattle, but also today is produced artificially.

To make your own homemade cheese you will need:

1 liter of pasteurized milk (sachet, bag or bottle)

Juice of a freshly squeezed lemon

100 ml natural yogurt

Condiments to taste (salt, pepper, ground pepper, etc.)

2 tablespoons of cream of cream (cream)


Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that milk should not be boxed and should not be long lasting (long life) because this can avoid the curdling process.

Place the milk over a low heat in a steel pot. When the boil begins, remove from the heat and leave the container covered for 20 minutes.

Add the lemon juice, yogurt and cream and mix gently to avoid generating air for 10 minutes.

Return the preparation to the fire until the milk is cut, that is, to form clumps of curds separated from the liquid whey.

This is the time to add salt, pepper and condiments that you have chosen.

Remove the serum as much as possible and pour the mixture into a cheese colander or gauze to drain the serum.

When the whey finishes draining you will get a c...


Why Good Hygiene and Sanitation Keeps You Safer After an Emergency "IndyWatch Feed Food"


ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, the Grand Funk were going to be speaking about today is not that of the Grand Funk Railroad, the Band.  Rather it is the funk of sweat, dirt, and grime that all of us experience firsthand throughout our existence.  I am relating it to the bush, or the outdoors/forest/jungle when you are out and about in a survival situation.  There are a few pointers here that would be good to observe, especially considering the world situation and how close we are to a war with China or North Korea.

Hygiene in the field.  So, what?  So, it may be the difference between life and death.  Everyone will recognize and concede the point that hygiene helps protect you from germs and diseases, as well as preventing the body from falling apart.  This is common sense.  But there are other reasons to keep clean that might not be clear.

When you sweat, your body uses apocrine and eccrine glands.  The eccrine secrete primarily water and salt.  The apocrine glands, on the other hand, are mostly found in the hairy areas of the bodyand these throw out (in addition to water and salt), oily secretions that have pheromones in them.  The secretions from the apocrine glands tend to be eaten and metabolized by bacterial flora on the skinand produce a hideous odor.

Im here to tell youyou can smell a stinky man a long way offseveral hundred feet when the wind is right.  Be advised: in an SHTF/collapse scenario, whether its foreign troops or neighborhood maraudersif you can smell them, they can smell you.  It is very important to clean the heaviest apocrine gland-laden areas of your bodyyour groin, armpits, buttocks.  You should wash them (a sponge bath at the minimum) at least once a day, especially after much work or physical exertion.

Deodorant is finebut not an antiperspirant.  The antiperspirants have Aluminum and Magnesium in them to keep you from perspiring.  This is not good.  You need to perspire, as the sweat removes toxins from your body, as well as cooling you off (thermoregulation).  For this reason, a mild deodorant will work well, one with some alcohol in it to help kill the germs that feed upon your sweat.  For soaps, use a clean, non-fragranced soap in the field.  I always used Ivory when I was in the service.  It is effective and doesnt stick out with a fragrance.

That last part can be detrimental, especially for you guys and gals that like to use cologne or p...

Monday, 11 September


Restaurant Made 1,000 Meals For Hurricane Victims, Hasnt Been Covered by Media. Lets Thank Them "IndyWatch Feed Food"

During hard times, it is our moral duty to be human enough and help those in need. Unfortunately, the recent Hurricane Harvey had disastrous consequences, so in the aftermath, residents, businesses, volunteers, and responders, did all possible to be of help to the others.

This was also the case with the staff at Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge in Port Arthur, TX.

Even though their efforts have not been covered by the media, Keith Nguyen, the son of Phe Nguyen, used Facebook to share the story about his father and his uncle, Binh Nguyen, who provided delicious meals in their restaurants for people who are running out of food.

He wrote:

 My dad and uncle Binh own a restaurant in Southeast Texas and they were also affected by Harvey but the media doesnt cover it. Today, them, their staff and volunteers helped create over 1000 meals for victims, first responders, and other volunteers.

He said that they deserve appreciation even though they do not expect to be patted on their backs.

My dad and uncle are both very humble about it but I believe they at least deserve recognition and appreciation for everything that they do. Their restaurant is Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge in Port Arthur, TX. If youre ever in the area you should stop by and support these hard working men, or even share their good deed on Facebook. They deserve it.

His post was shared over 244,000 times on his Facebook page alone, as well as more than 8,500 times on Love What Matters Facebook page.

People wrote:

It takes people like this to prove to all America that we have good, kind-hearted people everywhere! Thanks and God bless!

 Words cannot convey the gratitude and thanks for your great deed! We are all one!!

God bless Binh Nguyen and Phe Nguyen for their generosity. Everyone should look up the Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge when in Port Arthur, TX!!!!

The Beaumont Enterprise reported that the hard work ethic and sense of community of the brothers Nguyen was inherited from their father.  Thank you, Keith, for spreading the word and restoring the faith in humanity.

These people are worth meeting, and their restaurant is undoubtedly my next destination when in Port Arthur!


The post Restaurant Made 1,000 Meals For Hurricane Victims, Hasnt Been Covered by Media. Lets Thank The...


Scientists Confirm We Should Only Work 4 Days a Week "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Nowadays, we are all part of a charmed circle where we spend most of our time working to buy more, and in fact we ended up having less time to enjoy life.

The standard 40 hour-work is the norm in numerous companies, but it seems that it is not the secret to overall productivity. People often need a few more hours free in order to prevent fatigue, work better, and be healthier.

Therefore, a lot of employers became aware of the need of rest and adopt shorter work days in order to stimulate their employees, boost productivity, and support their well-being.

Psychologists have analyzed productivity in people and found that people can do only 4-5 hours of productive work daily. Apparently, their performance reaches its peak, then it begins to stall, and afterward, people start to suffer.

Anders Ericsson, an expert on the psychology of work, says that if you will trigger the development of bad habits if you push people beyond the time they can really concentrate maximally, and these habits will then affect the time of productive work as well.

Apparently, despite the reduced productivity due to excessive work, people also make more mistakes at work. According to the findings of a 2014 paper from Stanford University, results start to slide around the 50-hour per week mark, and people were producing less.

Additionally, the Families and Work Institute conducted a study which showed that people who feel overworked made more mistakes.

Researchers also studied nurses who worked long hours and found a link between work duration and adverse events and errors. Apparently, adverse events and error variables were linked to working more than 40 hours in the average week.

Since 2006, when Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse, decided to institute a 32 hour-work week,  back in 2006, the employees became happier and far more productive, so the company currently makes millions of dollars in revenue.

Also, in 2013, Reusser Design switched to a four-day work week and the company founder, Nate Reusser, claims that their employees perform much better now.

According to the survey published in the monthly labor review, 28 percent of respondents said that they would give up one day worth of pay for one more free day in the week.

Overworking leads to a decrease in productivity, but it also endangers health.

Japanese researchers found that workers in small and medium sized businesses who worked ten hours daily and slept only six hours per night had a 97% higher risk of depression in comparison to people who worked only six to eight hours daily.

Excessive hours of work reduce our ability to focus and we start making mistakes while working, as our mind and bodies become tired. Rest is...


Mix Bananas, Honey and Water: Cough and Bronchitis Will Disappear "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Treating chronic cough and bronchitis has always been a challenge even for conventional medicinewell, up until now.

This new natural remedy contains some of the oldest and most powerful ingredients that soothe the throat and lungs and cure coughing and bronchitis in no time!

Thanks to the mighty properties of honey and bananas, which are included in the recipe, you can use this remedy for both children and adults and enjoy its flavor as well!

Anything from sore throat, bad cough and even stomach problems can be treated with this drink.

Here is how to prepare it:


  • 400 ml boiling water
  • 2 medium ripe bananas with dots
  • 2 tablespoons of honey


First, peel the bananas and puree them with a wooden fork or spoon. Do not use metal cutlery, since the bananas tend to darken when in contact with metal.

Next, place bananas in pot and add boiled water to them. Let mixture steep for 30 minutes.

Finally, when the remedy is cooled off, add honey. You can strain mix if you prefer it transparent. It is important to add the honey last, so it doesnt lose its important properties over to the boiling water.


  • Drink 100ml of this remedy 4 times a day (total of 400ml per day).
  • This amount is sufficient for one day and you can prepare a fresh one the following morning.
  • First results come in 5 days.

Appreciate nature more and always turn to it for more beneficial remedies!


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Sleeping deeply is what many crave because it is a big problem, there are people who spend all night without being able to close their eyes because of insomnia and are unaware that one of the most effective remedies to treat this is a cup of warm milk.

It turns out that milk is extremely efficient because it enhances the effects thanks to the high content of amino acids under the name tryptophan it contains, when you ingest the milk your body transforms it into serotonin , which is the hormone of sleep.

The body functions as a clock when it produces this hormone but when it does not have it does not know what to do and therefore, deep sleep becomes a sacrifice. The other hormone that helps to sleep deep is melatonin , it when it is united with the serotonina generates better results because it helps that the rest is full.

Therefore, lukewarm milk being drunk before bedtime accomplishes this function , however it does not work perfectly at all, so it can be mixed with other ingredients to help those who do not help them this way, continue reading

Combine the following ingredients with the warm milk to sleep deeply:

Nutmeg : It has extremely powerful relaxing and sedative properties, combining it with milk will make your body sleep easily. How? In a cup of warm milk add tablespoon of nutmeg powder and drink before going to sleep.
-Cinnamon: it has a diversity of uses worldwide, is widely used in natural medicine and among its uses is to sleep, mixing it for 1 cup of warm milk with of tablespoon of cinnamon powder, this will allow you to sleep soundly .
-Saffron: Just as nutmeg contains sedative properties and promotes sleep, just adding several strands to 1 cup of milk and drinking it 15 minutes before bedtime will be enough to sleep soundly.

However, milk is not the only one that can provide these benefits because there are other drinks that help you fight insomnia, such as:

-Chamomile: it is one of the most known and above all ancient remedies for this purpose, it is not yet known what is contained in chamomile tea that makes it so effective to sleep, apparently the apigenin it contains is a flavonoid capable of reassuring the body. Bring to the boil 1 cup of water and when it reaches the boiling point, add to several chamomile flowers, then strain and sweeten it with honey preferably. Drinking it 15 minutes before bedtime will suffice.
-Valerian tea with nutmeg: Valerian is also known for contributing to rest and tranquility, you can mix both for powerful results. Measure 1 cup of water and boil the measure, when boiling add tablespoon valerian and 1 pinch of nutmeg, let stand for 10 minutes and drink 20 minutes before going to sleep....



Though wrinkles are a natural phenomenon, it is possible to delay or restrict their appearance. Commercial anti-wrinkles creams contain harsh chemicals that may have adverse side effects and procedures like facelifts or laser therapy are painful and take several months to heal.

Fortunately, natural remedies like vitamin E, lemon, coconut oil or egg white are inexpensive solutions for treating wrinkles. In this article, we will have a detailed look at vitamin E oil for wrinkles.


  • Tocopherol, a form of Vitamin E, boosts collagen production in the skin and helps it look younger, by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Damage caused by suns UV rays create harmful free radicals which tend to cause skin aging.
  • Vitamin E is a rich lipid-soluble antioxidant which neutralizes the free radicals and prevents wrinkle formation.
  • Dryness is also one of the common trigger for wrinkles. The moisturizing property of Vitamin E helps to prevent wrinkles by hydrating the skin and making it look moist and supple.
  • It supports the production of elastin, an important structural protein which is necessary for skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Due to its capability of speeding up cell regeneration, it creates an anti-aging effect, making the skin look younger and wrinkles appear lighter.
  • Vitamin E also promotes blood circulation, ensuring efficient transport of good nutrients into skin cells. This promotes collagen production and reduction of wrinkle formation.


Vitamin E can be used in different ways to treat wrinkles. It can either be used directly as Vitamin E oil obtained from capsules, or in a combination with other natural ingredients. For your convenience, we have listed the methods with a step-by-step by process below.

Note: For all the methods below, make sure you wash the affected areas of the skin with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser before application. Pat the skin dry with a soft cotton towel and do not rub too hard.

-Direct Application of Vitamin E Oil

  • Puncture two Vitamin E capsules with a clean pin and squeeze the oil out.
  • Use your fingertips to gently apply this oil on affected skin.
  • Gently massage the oil into the skin with circular motions for 3 4 minutes.
  • Leave it on overnight.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water in the morning.
  • Repeat daily before bedtime.

-Vitamin E Oil an...



It takes courage to fall in love. For a man, it is more difficult than when a woman falls in love. When a man falls in love, he is taking into account the suffering that might arrive from that person because he will open up all of himself to her. He doesnt dive in fully, but steps little by little into the world of second-guessing and ups and downs. Men know they are not born with the innate understanding of how women operate. Sometimes its just simple factors. Here are 6 reasons why men leave the woman they love:


When a man starts to feel that hes not enough, that his flaws are huge, or that he cannot be himself without judgment, he begins to find the exit door. Women tend to emasculate men by making them their projects.

Albert Einstein said, Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. Men do not change, and no one truly needs to they only need to discover who they truly are. A man can grow and mature with the help of a loving and supportive partner.


In a study conducted by the University of Florida, men experience a huge blow to their self-esteem when their female partners experience success, even when they are not in direct competition. A womans success also impacts in a negative manner how the man views the future of the relationship. If the man has not been able to attain the success he feels he deserves, this is a pivotal reason for him to leave the woman. He cannot join her in her success because he is comparing his failures.


Men can zone out a womans voice most of the time. Unfortunately, the constant nagging and belittling can take a toll in a relationship. Men may play like children, but they are not kids. They do not tolerate the constant whining and complaining. Men need to feel appreciated. Nagging forms a negative habit that eventually is ignored and avoided. It adds to negative reinforcement which becomes passive aggressive.

If he knows she is going to give him grief, he will not do it. Either way, he feels that she will complain. If there is no appreciation, there is no doing what she wants. To a man, a woman who nags is the least sexy creature on the planet.


Believe it or not, men crave intimacy just as much as women. But, if a man has to beg for it while the woman holds it hostage to get him to do things, he may leave the relationship to seek that connection with someone else.

A man will not stand by too long with a woman who will not participate in intimate encounters...


Annies John Foraker and Jennifer Garner Join Once Upon a Farm "IndyWatch Feed Food"

San Diego, CA  The fast-growing organic baby food category just got a jolt to the system. A-list celebrity Jennifer Garner and former Annies president John Foraker have joined the 2-year-old organic baby food startup Once Upon a Farm as co-founders with plans to become the next big nutrition brand for kids, the company announced.

Foraker, who becomes Once Upon a Farm CEO, left Annies in August after an 18-year run. He was the one who negotiated the companys sale to General Mills for $820 million and had been a company board member. Garner and Foraker will become co-founders along with co-founders Cassandra Curtis and Ari Raz.

Garner, who has been an ambassador with Save the Children for the last five years, will become the companys Chief Brand Officer. She told Organic Insider that as a mom with three kids and three lunches to pack daily she understands the difficulty involved with serving fresh food to young children.

Even though I have advocated for this issue in the government at both a state and national level, I understand that business drives change and wanted to find a company that could get nutritious food out to kids, Garner said in an interview. She will be involved in all aspects of the business innovating on new products, design, sales calls and marketing.

Once John and I met, everything he said rang true with me. He is so passionate and knowledgeable about all of the same things. It was clear early on that we were meant to be partners, she added.

Foraker told Organic Insider he remains an entrepreneur and this one felt perfect.

I was one of the earliest investors in Once Upon a Farm, and during that initial meeting with Jen, we just started talking about the product, the vision for the company and what got me interested in the brand I left there knowing that this was truly unique, special and not expected.

There is a lot of white space out there for healthier kids food than what is now found in the center of the store, he added. There are a lot of products in the pipeline, and were currently working on many different ideas.

Once Upon a Farm aspires to be a leading organic family food company that will fight for and support efforts to drive positive social change and food justice for the benefit of parents, kids and families, the company stated in the updated story on its website. Its with this mission that Once Upon a...


Spinach Pesto, Feta and Shrimp Tortellini "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Spinach Pesto, Feta and Shrimp Tortellini
Spanakopita (aka Greek spinach and feta pie) is one of my favourite foods and it's aways fun to use the flavours in different forms like this spinach pesto, feta and shrimp tortellini. Spinach pies are typically made with cooked spinach but for this pasta I like a fresh baby spinach that is pureed into a pesto along with plenty of fresh herbs including dill, parsley and green onions. This spinach pesto is so tasty all by itself but then it's combined with feta along with some cheese tortellini making things even better! I like to add meat to this pasta in the form of shrimp that is marinated with some Greek style flavours including lemon, oregano, garlic and olive oil. All said and done this pasta is super easy to make and it's just packed with fresh flavours and it pretty healthy to boot! This spinach pesto, feta and shrimp tortellini is one pretty amazing way to enjoy all of the flavours of Greek style spinach and feta pie in pasta from!

Read the recipe

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