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Saturday, 17 February


Heres How to Keep High Energy Levels While You Diet "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Having survived January, and with our thoughts often on those summer holidays to come, many will have already decided that they need to diet. Be it a New Years Resolution, or just a desire to feel better about themselves, there will be people looking to lose weight. But one major factor that defeats the goal

Friday, 16 February


Become A Member Backup "IndyWatch Feed Food"

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Violent Behavior Linked to Nutritional Deficiencies "IndyWatch Feed Food"

WASHINGTON, DC, February 16, 2018: Deficiencies of vitamins A, D, K, B1, B3, B6, B12 and folate, and of minerals iodine, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, chromium and manganese can all contribute to mental instability and violent behavior, according to the Sylvia Onusic, PhD, CNS, LDN of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

In an article published in the Wise Traditions, the Foundations quarterly journal, Dr. Onusic enumerates the nutritional factors that have led to the increase in violent behavior in America, especially among teenagers, such as the February 14 shooting at a south Florida high school that left seventeen dead and many wounded.

We can blame violence on the media and on the breakdown of the home, says Onusic, but the fact is that a large number of Americans, living mostly on devitalized processed food, are suffering from malnutrition. In many cases, this means their brains are starving.

In fact, doctors are seeing a return of nutritional deficiency diseases such as scurvy, which were declared eradicated long ago by public health officials. Many of these conditions cause brain injuries as well.

Symptoms of pellagra, for example, include anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, fatigue, headache, insomnia and hallucinations. Pellegra is a disease caused by deficiency of vitamin B3. Zinc deficiency is linked with angry, aggressive, and hostile behaviors that result in violence. The best dietary sources of zinc are red meat and shellfish.

Leaky gut and gluten sensitivities may exacerbate nutrient deficiencies. Gluten intolerance is strongly linked with schizophrenia.

Making things worse are excitotoxins so prevalent in the food supply, such as MSG and aspartame, says Onusic. People who live on processed food and who drink diet sodas are exposed to these mind-altering chemicals at very high levels. In an effort to curb child obesity, the dairy industry recently petitioned FDA to include aspartame and other artificial sweeteners in dairy beverages featured in school lunches, without appropriate labeling. Recent research has established the fact that aspartame actually leads to weight gain because of its effect on insulin.

Other ingredients in the food supply linked to violent behavior include sugar, artificial colors and flavorings, caffeine, alcohol and soy foods. The toxic environmental burden includes mercury, arsenic, lead, fire retardants, pesticides, heavy metals and Teflon. Adding psychiatric drugs to this mix puts everyone at risk.

The only solution to the mounting levels of violence is a return to real, nutrient-dense food, says Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. We must create a culture in which eating processed food is seen as uncool, and in which home cooking is embraced as a life-enhancing sk...


An Easy Homemade Rye Bread Recipe "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Everyone has their favorite type of bread, right? Its the choice you always have at a restaurant. It could be sourdough or wheat for me its always rye. Im constantly playing with and trying to perfect a homemade rye bread recipe.    Caraway Seeds or Not? I believe that many folks who are not fans []

The post An Easy Homemade Rye Bread Recipe appeared first on Homespun Seasonal Living.


One Breath Mental Health Photography Project, by Danielle Langham "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A look at a new project that aims to portray the emotions of mental health - through photography.  I've been quite open with you all about how I've experienced general anxiety and depression in the past. I began treatment for PTSD towards the end of last year, which helped me a lot, and vastly reduced my symptoms.  What I'm trying to say is that I know what it feels like to be stuck in that cycle of overthinking, doubting yourself and feeling generally trapped somewhere you don't want to be. I get it.  And when I saw the photographs taken by Danielle Langham for her project One Breath, I was blown away.  Danielle Langham, One Breath Exhibition Danielle told...

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


Sneezing Facts and Fiction "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Why do we sneeze? Dr. Joseph Mercola explains and also reveals why we should not stifle sneezes.

The tickle at the back of your nose lets you know that within seconds youll be sneezing. A sneeze is also called a sternutation. This explosive release of fluid and air from your lungs, mouth and nose is involuntary and many times your bodys response to irritants in your nasal cavity. Read more


Biological Warfare: Is Smallpox a Threat? Recent Government Activity Suggests It Is "IndyWatch Feed Food"

ReadyNutrition Readers, we have done several articles on biological weapons, as well as specific diseases that one might encounter with an attack by a so-called rogue state.  But we also know the value of a good false flag, that is an operation by a government and made to appear to be something different.  The burning of the Reichstag prior to World War II and blaming it on Marius Van Der Lubbe is one example.

In this vein, recently a vaccine for Smallpox has come to the forefront of news reports. An article from Outbreak News Today is reporting on an investigational smallpox vaccine that has successfully passed one of its clinical trial phases.  As a matter of fact, it is so successful that USAMRIID (the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) has been doing the testingand is developing this as an alternative to the current U.S. smallpox vaccine.

If approved, this vaccine will have a direct impact on improving force health protection for U.S. Soldiers and other service members who are required to be immunized against smallpox, said COL Gary Wheeler, commander of USAMRIID.

According to Paul Chaplin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bavarian Nordic, IMVAMUNE has been given to more than 7,800 subjects in 21 clinical studies, including this trial and one other Phase 3 study. He said the company plans to file a Biological License Application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration later this year.

This program has only been possible through the consistent and strong support of numerous U.S. Government agencies and demonstrates what can be achieved through a successful public-private partnership to protect the public from the deliberate release of the smallpox virus, Chaplin added.

If the disease was eradicated more than 40 years ago, then why all the concern now?

Smallpox does not exist in its natural state outside of laboratories.  It is, however, kept as a...

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