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Monday, 13 August


Migrant Injustice: Ben & Jerry's Farmworker Exploitation "IndyWatch Feed Food"

August 13, 2018
Michael Colby

These are harrowing times for the nearly 1,500 migrant workers laboring on Vermonts largest dairy farms. These farmworkers, predominantly from Mexico, are forced to live in the shadows, where their farm bosses harbor them in exchange for long hours, low wages, and cheap housing. Its a human rights stain on the state, allowing these migrant workers to live and be treated this way. And it continues because theres a whole lot of looking away from the deep-rooted ugliness of this system, which has been described by human rights advocates as close to slavery.

Worse than looking away, with its implicit acceptance of the exploitation, is the complicit role Vermonts dairy industry giants are playing to maximize their profits on the backs of this cheap labor. As the states near-billion-dollar-a-year ice cream and cheese corporations Ben & Jerrys and Cabot Creamery continue to pay less than the cost of production for its dairy supply, Vermonts remaining 700-or-so dairy farms are forced to cut costs at every opportunity, particularly when it comes to labor. Gone are the days when these farm jobs were filled by neighbors and...


When Clean Water Isnt Available, Make it So With a Sawyer "IndyWatch Feed Food"

As you well know, many surface water sources must be treated before drinking because they are repositories for bacteria, viruses, and a slew of parasites both microscopic and/or larger.

I have written several articles for Ready Nutrition about water purification methods, as well as methods for water storage. What were doing here is cutting to the chase to let you know about a product that will do more than just do in a pinch: it will suffice for a long, long time and work quickly and almost effortlessly.

The Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System is a compact, portable, three-part system that you can stick into a cargo pocket of your pants or shorts with ease. It can be put together and placed over a drinking vessel such as a water bottle, or you can hook up the straw that comes with it and drink directly through the filter itself. It can also be hooked up to a Camelbak water pouch. It comes with a pouch of its own that you can fill up with water and then squeeze through the filter into a bottle or other drinking vessel.

The Sawyer was invented a few years back through experimentation with kidney dialysis equipment, and they came up with a filter that uses a 0.1-micron filter that circulates the water to be filtered through fibrous micro-tubes, for a central collection of filtered water.  It works on protozoans such as giardia, bacteria such as E.coli, cholera, and salmonella, and also on more difficult organisms such as Cryptosporidium. Want the kicker for this thing?

It filters up to 100,000 gallons

If you drank 2 gallons a day, in 100 years, you would drink about 74,000 gallons. Pretty good, huh? The wh...


Steak Beef Burgers with Black Garlic Chimichurri "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A tasty twist on a traditional Argentine chimichurri salsa, using soft, treacly black garlic instead of fresh for a balsamic-like flavour.  This post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you decide to click on the links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) that helps me keep the blog running. Thank you for your support. My husband, who is from Argentina, is exasperated at me because I keep messing about with chimichurri and trying new flavour combos.  I just can't help it.  I've made rocket (arugula) chimichurri, mustard chimichurri and wild garlic chimichurri. And then, as if I thought I couldn't do anything else with...

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How Gluten (and other Prolamins) Damage the Gut "IndyWatch Feed Food"

One of the core principles of a Paleo diet is avoiding foods that contain compounds called toxic lectins. The term toxic lectin originates from the fact that lectins are a class of carbohydrate-binding proteins found in all foods (and indeed all forms of life, including humans!), but that only a subset of these are an issue for human health via food consumption (hence lectins versus toxic lectins). The lectins that are of concern have a few important properties: they are relatively stable through food preparation; they are difficult for humans to digest; they are known to interact strongly with the brush border of the intestine (which may impact cell viability and/or barrier function in addition to allowing protected transport of the toxic lectin into the body); and they are biologically active once they enter the body. There are two main classes of these toxic lectins: prolamins and agglutinins. Agglutinins will be discussed in another post.


What are Prolamins?

Prolamins are a toxic lectin that are abundant in grains, legumes, and pseudo-grains (more specifically, in the seed of the plant, which includes wheat, oats, barley, quinoa, rice, peanuts, and soy).

Gluten is the best-known example of a prolamin, the most thoroughly studied, and is also the most dangerous. Most recently, the term glutenoid has been coined to emphasize the connection between other members of this glycoprotein family and the effects of gluten. Much of the current understanding of the effect that prolamins have on the gut barrier, but also on the overall immune system, comes from studies of gluten (and more specifically, the protein component of gluten, which is called gliadin), often conducted in the context of celiac disease. Although glu...


Cold Shanghai Wontons in Peanut Sauce and Chili Oil "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Tasty pork wontons in a creamy peanut sauce and spicy chili oil all served chilled; perfect for hot summer days! As the heat continues I am bringing you some more recipes that can be served cold and this time its some cold shanghai style wontons in peanut sauce and chili oil. I am a huge...

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Your Low Sex Drive Could Be Caused by Your Liver "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Your liver could be the cause of your low sex drive, says shashi Solluna.

The liver controls the flow of sexual energy in the body.

You may never have considered that the state of your liver can have an effect on your sexuality. However, In Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has long been known that the liver controls the flow of sexual energy, or chi, in the body.

If the liver is stagnated, with the energy blocked, then sexual energy becomes tight. Read more

Sunday, 12 August


Susanne: Goodbye, gluten-free "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Its no exaggeration to say that lives are transformed by the Wheat Belly lifestyle. Look what happened to Susanne after her health was ruined by being gluten-free, reversed by following the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox.

Food manufacturers, out of ignorance or ruthless profiteering, have chosen to replace wheat and gluten with cornstarch, rice flour, tapioca starch, or potato starchamong the few foods that provoke high blood sugar and insulin more than even our favorite grain to bash, wheat. It means that people who are gluten-free and consume such garbage replacement products gain weight in visceral inflammatory fat, develop higher blood sugars and type 2 diabetes, glycate body proteins that lead to conditions such as cataracts and arthritis, develop hormonal distortions, and markedly increase risk for heart disease, cancer, and dementia. Gluten-free replacement foods are, in a word, awful.

Here is what Susanne learned by making the mistake of consuming gluten-free foods, now all reversed on the Wheat Belly grain-free lifestyle:

I started Wheat Belly in September of 2017. I figured Id give it a try to see if it would work for me. I had just looked into the Keto diet but hated the fact that you had to count micros and calories. It was the one thing that always discouraged me from starting a diet. Wheat Belly sounded like something I could stick with. After all, watching your carbs and eliminating grains and sugar seemed easy enough.

Prior to starting Wheat Belly, I was gluten free for 6 years. 6 years earlier a doctor noticed a nodule on my thyroid. He suggested I go gluten free, so I did. I found removing wheat kept my nodule from growing and kept my Hashimotos from getting worse. However, over the next several years food manufacturers started to get smart and began making new products with gluten free flours (corn, cassava, rice, potato, tapioca, etc) and thats when my issues really began to get worse.

Over those next 5 years I thought I was doing the right thing for my body. However, my weight kept...


Amazing Avocado Recipes "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Avocados are one of my absolute favourite foods and since I was thinking about them the other day I thought that I would roundup a few of my favourite recipes! Avocados are nice and cool and creamy and oh so good! They are the perfect foil for any spicy hot or salty and they are...

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