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Tuesday, 16 October


The great smog of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Natural and man-made factors are well on their way to making the prevalence of cancer a dystopic reality for India. Urgent interventions are needed.

Dateline, September 2018: After a heavy monsoon season, which dumped over 4,000 billion cubic millimetres of precipitation, civic authorities were severely stretched with treating flood victims and the increased cases of acute gastroenteritis, Japanese encephalitis, dengue and malaria. While some parts of the country experienced a bumper harvest, others recorded heavy flooding. Several parts in southern India and in the Indo-Gangetic plains saw 500 million people being affected by the floo. Once the flood waters receded, a heart-stopping surprise emerged. Authorities started to detect alarmingly high levels of fluoride, mercury, beta-endosulphan and heptachlor in tap and groundwater across multiple states.

October-November 2018: The winter schedule for crop burning in north India had started and thick plumes of smoke from the burning fields were asphyxiating the skies and descending like dark claws on the population across major northern Indian cities. Given cold temperatures, increased coal and wood burning had also begun. During the daytime, the intense haze cut off sunlight and made breathing difficult. At night, the roads became un-travelable and road accidents piled up unrelentingly. The Great Smog of London of 1952 paled in size and diameter compared to the area involved with smog.

December 2018: Particulate matter recorded in 2018 shot through the roof and was already 10 times higher than the previous all-time high in November 2017. National and international flights were being diverted in a chaotic ensemble that had begun to draw international attention; international businesses began evacuating families of staff; multiple embassies closed to ensure staff safety.

January 2019: A newly-released report on Indias national cancer statistics projected that the population in the country living with cancer had officially crossed 5 million and was at an inflexion point to take off sharply. The global capital of tuberculosis that India was with an incidence of 2.2 million tuberculosis cases added each year and which caused the treasury an estimated $340 billion in loss of productivity between 2004 and 2016 now had a far larger and costly health scourge cancer.

Lets hope and pray that none of these scenarios come true. Yet it is plausible that they could, at least to some extent, with natural and man-made reasons contributing to fiction becoming fact.

An errant monsoon, unchecked industrialisation which pollutes the food, water and air chain or the excessive use of pesticides and reverse boring...


Maternal fluoride levels in pregnancy are related to cognitive problems of the child "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A womans higher fluoride levels during pregnancy are associated with some ADHD symptoms in school-aged children, according to researchers at the University of Toronto, York University and other universities.

The study, published in the journal International Environment, analyzed data from 213 mother-child pairs in the city of Mexico. The monitoring started in 1994 and continued until 2005.

Our findings are consistent with a growing body of evidence suggesting that the developing fetal nervous system can be adversely affected by higher levels of fluoride exposure, said Morteza Bashash, lead author of the study.

Tap water and dental products have been fluorinated in Canadian and US communities (also milk and table salt in some other countries) with varying amounts for more than 60 years to prevent caries. In recent years, there has been a keen debate on fluoridation of water and whether this is safe for childrens developing brains.

The research team analyzed urine samples from mothers during their pregnancy and from children aged 6-12 to measure fluoride exposure in both mothers and children. It then correlated fluoride levels in the urine with the performance of children in a variety of tests and questionnaires that measure inattention and hyperactivity.

The analysis took into account other factors known to affect the development of the nervous system such as pregnancy, pregnancy, birth weight, gender, smoking history, lead exposure, etc.

Our findings show that children with elevated prenatal fluoride exposure were more likely to experience ADHD symptoms as reported by their parents. Exposure to prenatal fluoride has been more closely related to inconsiderate behaviors and cognitive problems, but not to overactivity, said Bashash.

ADHD is the most common disorder in childhood, affecting over 5% of school-age children. Symptoms often persist in adulthood and can affect everyday life. Researchers are trying to understand the causes of ADHD in order to initiate preventive strategies for risk mitigation.

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Monday, 15 October


These findings confirm that genistein has neuroprotective effects in a cell model of Parkinson's disease. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Neural Regen Res. 2018 Aug ;13(8):1375-1383. PMID: 30106049 Abstract Title:  Neuroprotective effects of genistein on SH-SY5Y cells overexpressing A53T mutant-synuclein. Abstract:  Genistein, a potent antioxidant compound, protects dopaminergic neurons in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease. However, the mechanism underlying this action remains unknown. This study investigated human SH-SY5Y cells overexpressing the A53T mutant of-synuclein. Four groups of cells were assayed: a control group (without any treatment), a genistein group (incubated with 20 M genistein), a rotenone group (treated with 50 M rotenone), and a rotenone + genistein group (incubated with 20 M genistein and then treated with 50 M rotenone). Alactate dehydrogenase release test confirmed the protective effect of genistein, and genistein remarkably reversed mitochondrial oxidative injury caused by rotenone. Western blot assays showed that BCL-2 and Beclin 1 levels were markedly higher in the genistein group than in the rotenone group. Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick end labeling revealed that genistein inhibited rotenone-induced apoptosis in SH-SY5Y cells. Compared with the control group, the expression of NFE2L2 and HMOX1 was significantly increased in the genistein + rotenone group. However, after treatmentwith estrogen receptor and NFE2L2 channel blockers (ICI-182780 and ML385, respectively), genistein could not elevate NFE2L2 and HMOX1 expression. ICI-182780 effectively prevented genistein-mediated phosphorylation of NFE2L2 and remarkably suppressed phosphorylation of AKT, a protein downstream of the estrogen receptor. These findings confirm that genistein has neuroprotective effects in a cell model of Parkinson's disease. Genistein can reduce oxidative stress damage and cell apoptosis by activating estrogen receptors and NFE2L2 channels.

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The present review summarizes the effects of genistein on biological processes in different wound healing models and selected tumours. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Ceska Slov Farm. 2018 ;67(1):3-13. PMID: 30157662 Abstract Title:  Genistein: a promising molecule modulating tumour growth and wound healing? Abstract:  Although it has been shown that oestrogen replacement therapy is able to improve wound healing, several side effects of this replacement therapy have precluded its common use in clinical practice. On the other hand, the phytoestrogen genistein (the selective oestrogen receptor modulator belonging to the group of isoflavones) has been introduced into several clinical trials to improve cancer treatment efficiency and experiments suggest its positive effect on wound healing. The main mechanisms of action, which have been elucidated so far, include induction of apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, inhibition of angiogenesis and tyrosine kinase activity as well as cancer chemoprevention and reduction of climacteric symptoms. Unfortunately, all underlying mechanism in the modulation of biological processes involved in wound healing and tumour growth are not yet fully understood. Therefore, the present review summarizes the effects of genistein on biological processes in different wound healing models and selected tumours. Key words: genistein tissue repair and regeneration carcinoma skin.

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Genistein can play its antidepressant effect through down-regulating miR-221/222 by targeting Cx43. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Psychiatry Investig. 2018 Sep 13. Epub 2018 Sep 13. PMID: 30205672 Abstract Title:  Genistein Improves the Major Depression through Suppressing the Expression of miR-221/222 by Targeting Connexin 43. Abstract:  Objective: Recent studies have indicated the possibility that genistein may improve depression via regulating the expression of miR221/222. This study is to explore whether genistein could improve depression by altering miR-221/222 levels and investigate the possible mechanisms involved in the improvement effect of genistein.Methods: The animal model of depression was established through unpredictable chronic mild stress. Nest building test and splash test were adapted to evaluate the effects of genistein on depressive symptoms in mice. qRT-PCR and western blot analysis were used to detect the expression of miR-221/222 and connexin 43 (Cx43) in the prefrontal cortex of the mice. In vitro, U87-MG astrocytes were treated with genistein and the expression of miR-221/222 and Cx43 was measured. The dual-luciferase reporter assay was used to verify whether Cx43 was a direct target of miR-221/222.Results: The behavioral tests showed that genistein could significantly reduce depression symptoms of mice, and this remission was not affected by gender. Genistein in vivo and in vitro could reduce increased levels of miR-221 and miR-222 in the prefrontal cortex of depressed mice, while upregulate Cx43 expression. Dual-luciferase reporter assay suggested Cx43 was directly regulated by miR-221/222 in astrocytes.Conclusion: Genistein can play its antidepressant effect through down-regulating miR-221/222 by targeting Cx43.

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Anti-breast-cancer activity exerted by -sitosterol-d-glucoside from sweet potato. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Agric Food Chem. 2018 Sep 19 ;66(37):9704-9718. Epub 2018 Sep 10. PMID: 30160115 Abstract Title:  Anti-breast-Cancer Activity Exerted by-Sitosterol-d-glucoside from Sweet Potato via Upregulation of MicroRNA-10a and via the PI3K-Akt Signaling Pathway. Abstract:  Breast cancer (BC) is a prominent source of cancer mortality in women throughout the world.-Sitosterol-d-glucoside (-SDG), a newly isolated phytosterol from sweet potato, possibly displays potent anticancer activity. However, the probable anticancer mechanisms involved are still unclear. This study sought to study how -SDG from sweet potato affects two BC cell lines (MCF7 and MDA-MB-231) and nude mice bearing MCF7-induced tumors. In addition, we assessed how -SDG affects tumor suppressor miR-10a and PI3K-Akt signaling in BC cells. Cell viability and proliferation were determined via MTT and colony-formation assays, and apoptosis was quantified by Hoechst staining and flow cytometry. In addition, miR-10a expression and apoptosis-related protein levels were measured. Our study indicated that -SDG exhibited cytotoxic activities on MCF7 and MDA-MB-231 cells via inducing apoptosis and activating caspase proteases in these cells. Furthermore, the experimental results in nude mice bearing MCF7-induced tumors demonstrated that oral -SDG administration at medium (60 mg/kg) or high (120 mg/kg) doses was sufficient to substantially impair the growth of tumors and to decrease the levels of CEA, CA125, and CA153 by 64.71, 74.64, and 85.32%, respectively, relative to thoseof the controls ( P

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Developer of GMO Potatoes Renounces Own Work: Warns Against Consuming GMO Potatoes "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Dr Caius Rommens. Image source.

GMO potatoes: The risks to health

Dr Caius Rommens developed GMO potatoes, but subsequently renounced his work. He explains why we should be wary of the products he created



Dr Caius Rommens developed GMO potatoes for the Idaho-based agbiotech company Simplot. The chief genetic modification he introduced was to silence the potatoes melanin (PPO) gene.

This gene, when operative, causes potatoes to discolour when bruised. The GMO potatoes do not discolour when bruised. They have therefore been marketed as bruise-resistant and are being sold without GMO labels in the US and Canada under innocuous-sounding names like Innate, Hibernate, and White Russet.

After finding that most GMO varieties were stunted, chlorotic, mutated, or sterile, and many of them died quickly, like prematurely-born babies, Dr Rommens renounced his genetic engineering career and wrote a book about his experiences, Pandoras Potatoes: The Worst GMOs.

In an interview with GMWatch, Dr Rommens discussed the risks to health posed by the GMO potatoes he created.

GMW: In your article for Independent Science News, you mention that The GMO potatoes are likely to accumulate at least two toxins that are absent in normal potatoes. Can you tell us which toxins these are and what health problems they may cause or exacerbate?

About a year ago, I studied a research article written by som...


This is the first report to demonstrate the in vitro and in vivo anticancer activity of sweet potato greens in prostate cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Carcinogenesis. 2011 Dec ;32(12):1872-80. Epub 2011 Sep 26. PMID: 21948980 Abstract Title:  Polyphenol-rich sweet potato greens extract inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Abstract:  Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) leaves or greens, extensively consumed as a vegetable in Africa and Asia, are an excellent source of dietary polyphenols such as anthocyanins and phenolic acids. Here, we show that sweet potato greens extract (SPGE) has the maximum polyphenol content compared with several commercial vegetables including spinach. The polyphenol-rich SPGE exerts significant antiproliferative activity in a panel of prostate cancer cell lines while sparing normal prostate epithelial cells. Mechanistically, SPGE perturbed cell cycle progression, reduced clonogenic survival, modulated cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory molecules and induced apoptosis in human prostate cancer PC-3 cells both in vitro and in vivo. SPGE-induced apoptosis has a mitochondrially mediated component, which was attenuated by pretreatment with cyclosporin A. We also observed alterations of apoptosis regulatory molecules such as inactivation of Bcl2, upregulation of BAX, cytochrome c release and activation of downstream apoptotic signaling. SPGE caused DNA degradation as evident by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP-nick-end labeling (TUNEL) staining of increased concentration of 3'-DNA ends. Furthermore, apoptotic induction was caspase dependent as shown by cleavage of caspase substrate, poly (adenosine diphosphate-ribose) polymerase. Oral administration of 400 mg/kg SPGE remarkably inhibited growth and progression of prostate tumor xenografts by69% in nude mice, as shown by tumor volume measurements and non-invasive real-time bioluminescent imaging. Most importantly, SPGE did not cause any detectable toxicity to rapidly dividing normal tissues such as gut and bone marrow. This is the first report to demonstrate the in vitro and in vivoanticancer activity of sweet potato greens in prostate cancer.

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Judge who jailed fracking protesters with excessive sentence has strong ties to oil and gas firm "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Judge Robert Altham, who jailed three fracking protesters (Simon Blevins, Richard Roberts, and Richard Loizou) over their demonstration at a Cuadrilla site, may soon see his sentences overturned after it emerged that the Altham family business supplies the Irish Sea oil and gas industry. You see, J.C. Altham and Sons is part of the supply []

The post Judge who jailed fracking protesters with excessive sentence has strong ties to oil and gas firm appeared first on Health Nut News.


Anticancer effects of sweet potato protein on human colorectal cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  World J Gastroenterol. 2013 Jun 7 ;19(21):3300-8. PMID: 23745032 Abstract Title:  Anticancer effects of sweet potato protein on human colorectal cancer cells. Abstract:  AIM: To investigate the effects of proteins purified from sweet potato storage roots on human colorectal cancer cell lines.METHODS: 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay, Hoechst 33258 nuclear staining and Boyden transwell chamber methods were used to determine whether purified sweet potato protein (SPP) from fresh sweet potato roots affected proliferation, migration and invasion, respectively, of human colorectal cancer SW480 cells in vitro. The inhibitory effects of SPP on growth of human colorectal cancer HCT-8 cells intraperitoneally xenografted in nude mice and spontaneous lung metastasis of murine Lewis lung carcinoma 3LL cells subcutaneously transplanted in C57 BL/6 mice were also investigated in vivo.RESULTS: SPP inhibited the proliferation of SW480 cells in a dose-dependent manner, with an IC50 value of 38.732mol/L (r (2) = 0.980, P = 0.003) in the MTT assay. Hoechst 33258 nuclear staining further revealed inhibition of cell viability and induction of apoptosis by SPP. The transwell assay disclosed significant reduction in migrated cells/field by 8 mol/L SPP (8.4 2.6 vs 23.3 5.4, P = 0.031) andinvaded cells/field through the ECMatrix by 0.8 mol/L SPP, compared with the control (25.2 5.2 vs 34.8 6.1, P = 0.038). Both intraperitoneal (ip) and intragastric (ig) administration of SPP led to significant suppression of growth of intraperitoneally inoculated HCT-8 cells in nude mice to58.0% 5.9% (P = 0.037) and 43.5% 7.1% (P = 0.004) of the controls, respectively, after 9 d treatment. Bloody ascites additionally disappeared after ip injection of trypsin inhibitor. Notably, ig and ip administration of SPP induced a significant decrease in spontaneous pulmonary metastatic nodule formation in C57 BL/6 mice (21.0 12.3 and 27.3 12.7 nodules/lung vs 42.5 4.5 nodules/lung in controls, respectively, P

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These data suggest that occupational or residential exposure to ELF may play a role in the occurrence of meningioma. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Int J Cancer. 2011 Sep 15 ;129(6):1477-84. Epub 2011 Jan 12. PMID: 21792884 Abstract Title:  Occupational and residential exposure to electromagnetic fields and risk of brain tumors in adults: a case-control study in Gironde, France. Abstract:  The etiology of brain tumors remains largely unknown. Among potential risk factors, exposure to electromagnetic fields is suspected. We analyzed the relationship between residential and occupational exposure to electromagnetic field and brain tumors in adults. A case-control study was carried out in southwestern France between May 1999 and April 2001. A total of 221 central nervous system tumors (105 gliomas, 67 meningiomas, 33 neurinomas and 16 others) and 442 individually age- and sex-matched controls selected from general population were included. Electromagnetic field exposure [extremely low frequency (ELF) and radiofrequency separately was assessed in occupational settings through expert judgement based on complete job calendar, and at home by assessing the distance to power lines with the help of a geographical information system. Confounders such as education, use of home pesticide, residency in a rural area and occupational exposure to chemicals were taken into account. Separate analyses were performed for gliomas, meningiomas and acoustic neurinomas. A nonsignificant increase in risk was found for occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields  [odds ratio (OR = 1.52, 0.92-2.51)]. This increase became significant for meningiomas, especially when considering ELF separately [OR = 3.02; 95 percent confidence interval (95% CI) =1.10-8.25]. The risk of meningioma was also higher in subjects living in the vicinity of power lines (

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Fluoride Exposure in Pregnancy Tied to ADHD Symptoms in Kids "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Pregnant women with higher levels of fluoride in their urine may be more likely to have school-age children with certain symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), such as inattentiveness and cognitive problems, according to a new Canadian study led by researchers at the University of Toronto and York University.

The findings are published in the journal Environment International.

Our findings are consistent with a growing body of evidence suggesting that the growing fetal nervous system may be negatively affected by higher levels of fluoride exposure, said Dr. Morteza Bashash, the studys lead author and researcher at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.

The study analyzed data from 213 mother-child pairs in Mexico City who are enrolled in the Early Life Exposures in Mexico to Environmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) project. The project recruited pregnant women from 1994 to 2005 and has continued to follow the women and their children ever since.

Tap water and dental products have been fluoridated in communities in Canada and the United States (as well as milk and table salt in some other countries) by varying amounts for more than 60 years with the goal of preventing cavities.

In recent years, fierce debate over the safety of water fluoridation  particularly for childrens developing brains  has led researchers to investigate the issue and provide evidence to inform national drinking water standards.

The research team included experts from the University of Toronto, York University, the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico, University of Michigan, Indiana University, the University of Washington and Harvard School of Public Health. The team analyzed urine samples that had been obtained from mothers during pregnancy and from their children between six and 12 years of age to reconstruct personal measures of fluoride exposure for both mother and child.

The team then looked at how urinary fluoride levels related to the childs performance on a variety of tests and questionnaires that measure inattention and hyperactivity, and provide overall scores related to ADHD.

The researchers adjusted for other factors known to impact neurodevelopment, such as gestational age at birth, birth weight, birth order, sex, maternal marital status, smoking history, age at delivery, education, socioeconomic status and lead exposure.

Our findings show that children with elevated prenatal exposure to fluoride were more likely to show symptoms of ADHD as reported by parents. Prenatal fluoride exposure was more strongly associated with inattentive behavi...


As Alzheimers Drugs Continue to Fail, Researchers Search for Reasons Why Coconut Oil Cures Alzheimers "IndyWatch Feed Health"


by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

A group of New York Citys Mt. Sinai Medical School researchers set out to analyze why and how coconut oil affects Alzheimers Disease (AD) patients favorably. They acknowledged some efficacy from coconut oil, and they wanted to know more. 

Since most drug trials to develop an Alzheimers drug have failed miserably, the motivation to study coconut oil in order to understand how it positively affects AD was probably motivated by a desire to patent a new drug that could work similar to coconut oil, a natural food that cannot be patented.

Their research was based on earlier animal studies of virgin coconut oils effect on mouse models of coconut oil as well as other in vitro (lab culture) studies. The researchers also acknowledged the existence of many anecdotal testimonies of AD (Alzheimers disease) patients, such as this one.

The Mt. Sinai report was published in the journal Science Direct, Brain Research with the title: Coconut oil decreases expression of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and secretion of amyloid peptides through inhibition of ADP-ribosylation factor 1 (ARF1).

Decoding the Studys Terminology and Presenting a Summary of Its Findings

This study demands interpretations of terms used for those of us who arent biologists.

Amyloid plaque has been found postmortem in the brains of Alzheimers victims. It is a waxy substance that inhibits the brains neurotransmissions and causes neuron dysfunction and degeneration. 

Amyloid precursor protein (APP) is a protein that is linked with the development of Alzheimers disease in humans. It generates A (amyloid beta) peptides within brain cells that are responsible for forming plaques in brain tissues of Alzheimers victims....


Exposure to extremely low and intermediate-frequency magnetic and electric fields among children from the INMA-Gipuzkoa cohort. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Environ Res. 2017 08 ;157:190-197. Epub 2017 May 30. PMID: 28575784 Abstract Title:  Exposure to extremely low and intermediate-frequency magnetic and electric fields among children from the INMA-Gipuzkoa cohort. Abstract:  Detailed assessment of exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) and intermediate frequency (IF) fields is essential in order to conduct informative epidemiological studies of the health effects from exposure to these fields. There is limited information available regarding ELF electric fields and on both magnetic and electric field exposures of children in the IF range. The aim of this study was to characterize ELF and IF exposure of children in the Spanish INMA cohort. A combination of spot and fixed measurements was carried out in 104 homes, 26 schools and their playgrounds and 105 parks. Low levels of ELF magnetic fields (ELF-MF) were observed (with the highest 24-h time-weighted average (TWA) exposure being 0.15T in one home). The interquartile range (IQR) of ELF electric fields (ELF-EF) ranged from 1 to 15V/m indoors and from 0.3 to 1.1V/m outdoors and a maximum value observed was 55.5V/m in one school playground. IQR ranges for IF magnetic and electric fields were between 0.02 and 0.23T and 0.2 and 0.5V/m respectively and maximum values were 0.03T and 1.51V/m in homes. Correlations between magnetic and electric fields were weak for ELF (Spearman 0.04-0.36 in different settings) and moderate for IF (between 0.28 and 0.75). Children of INMA-Gipuzkoa cohort were exposed to very low levels of ELF-MF in all settings and to similar levels of ELF-EF compared to the range of previously reported levels, although somewhat higher exposures occurred at home. Children enrolled to our study were similarly exposed to IF in all settings.

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Maternal residential proximity to sources of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and adverse birth outcomes in a UK cohort. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Bioelectromagnetics. 2014 Apr ;35(3):201-9. Epub 2014 Jan 31. PMID: 24482293 Abstract Title:  Maternal residential proximity to sources of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and adverse birth outcomes in a UK cohort. Abstract:  Studies have suggested that exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) may be associated with increased risk of adverse birth outcomes. This study tested the hypothesis that close proximity to residential ELF-EMF sources is associated with a reduction in birth weight and increased the risk of low birthweight (LBW), small for gestational age (SGA) and spontaneous preterm birth (SPTB). Closest residential proximity to high voltage cables, overhead power lines, substations or towers during pregnancy was calculated for 140356 singleton live births between 2004 and 2008 in Northwest England. Associations between proximity and risk for LBW, SGA and SPTB were calculated, as well as associations with birth weight directly. Associations were adjusted for maternal age, ethnicity, parity and for part of the population additionally for maternal smoking during pregnancy. Reduced average birth weight of 212g (95% confidence interval (CI): -395 to -29g) was found for close proximity to a source, and was largest for female births (-251g (95% CI: -487 to -15g)). No statistically significant increased risks for any clinical birth outcomes with residential proximity of 50m or less were observed. Living close (50m or less) to a residential ELF-EMF source during pregnancy is associated with suboptimal growth in utero, with stronger effects in female than in males. However, only a few pregnant women live this close to high voltage cables, overhead power lines, substations or towers, likely limiting its public health impact.

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Residential proximity to electromagnetic field sources and birth weight. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Environ Int. 2014 Aug ;69:51-7. Epub 2014 May 7. PMID: 24815339 Abstract Title:  Residential proximity to electromagnetic field sources and birth weight: Minimizing residual confounding using multiple imputation and propensity score matching. Abstract:  Studies have suggested that residential exposure to extremely low frequency (50 Hz) electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) from high voltage cables, overhead power lines, electricity substations or towers are associated with reduced birth weight and may be associated with adverse birth outcomes or even miscarriages. We previously conducted a study of 140,356 singleton live births between 2004 and 2008 in Northwest England, which suggested that close residential proximity ( 50 m) to ELF-EMF sources was associated with reduced average birth weight of 212 g (95%CI: -395 to -29 g) but not with statistically significant increased risks for other adverse perinatal outcomes. However, the cohort was limited by missing data for most potentially confounding variables including maternal smoking during pregnancy, which was only available for a small subgroup, while also residual confounding could not be excluded. This study, using the same cohort, was conducted to minimize the effects of these problems using multiple imputation to address missing data and propensity score matching to minimize residual confounding. Missing data were imputed using multiple imputation using chained equations to generate five datasets. For each dataset 115 exposed women (residing 50 m from a residential ELF-EMF source) were propensity score matched to 1150 unexposed women. After doubly robust confounder adjustment, close proximity to a residential ELF-EMF source remained associated with a reduction in birth weight of -116 g (95% confidence interval: -224:-7 g). No effect was found for proximity 100 m compared to women living further away. These results indicate that although the effect size was about half of the effect previously reported, close maternal residential proximity to sources of ELF-EMF remained associated with suboptimal fetal growth.

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Exposure levels of ELF magnetic fields in the residential areas of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Environ Monit Assess. 2018 Aug 23 ;190(9):544. Epub 2018 Aug 23. PMID: 30140955 Abstract Title:  Exposure levels of ELF magnetic fields in the residential areas of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality. Abstract:  The aim of this study was to evaluate the exposure levels of ELF magnetic fields in the residential areas of Mangaung metropolitan municipality. Fifteen residential sites were randomly selected in Bloemfontein, nine in Botshabelo and six in Thaba Nchu areas of Mangaung. Measurements were collected at the distances of 3 m, 6 m and 9 m outside electrical substations, near every corner, using a Trifield meter model XE 100. Measurements were also collected from four different corners inside substations, near barrier screening and were referred to as a distance of 0 m (reference point). The results indicated a non-significant difference among 15 residential areas; BRE1 to BRE15 and six areas; TNRE1 to TRNE6. The exposure levels were significantly high in one residential area BORE1 (0.55 T) as compared to other residential sites in Botshabelo (p

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Rachel Barcellona Writes, Why I Love Fashion Rocks Autism "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Ive been attending Fashion Rocks Autism for a long time now, and its safe to say that I love it so much! I can easily tell you that I love coming together with so many people to showcase what Im capable of, as many people with autism are.

Thats exactly what this show is about.

Fashion Rocks Autism has brought together two things that I love mostfashion and heavy metal! I love being able to walk onstage in a designer dress by Ella Pritsker Couture and then rocking out to AC/DC; thats the best! However, thats only the bare minimum. So many people are brought together to model not only clothes, but their capabilities. This is the part that I love the most, but that doesnt mean I dont enjoy other things.

I really enjoyed my most recent experience, where I modeled a lovely dress that resembled a ladybug. I felt fabulous as I sang the national anthem yet again and met so many nice people, a lot of whom really liked the radio interview I did prior to the show; which I also enjoyed.

Every time I come, year after year, I enjoy meeting new people, but I also love the food! Before singing I spotted an array of cupcakes bathing in glitter and knew I had to take a picture. The person who makes the desserts should be most proud.

If I had to pick my favorite part of the event, I would say the fashion show, just because it holds so much meaning to me. It doesnt matter if you have a disability, you have every right to get on that stage, rock out, and wear a pretty dress. At Fashion Rocks Autismyou are a star!

For more information on Fashion Rocks Autism, visit or visit the Fashion Rocks Autism and Fashion Rocks Autism 2018 Facebook pages. We hope to see you there next year!

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Nut allergy sufferer siblings told to spend 7 1/2hr flight in plane loo by Emirates cabin crew "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In April of this year, a sister and brother with life-threatening nut allergies were told by Emirates airline staff that they could spend a 7-hour flight in the toilet when cashews were served during dinner. RELATED STORY: American Airlines workers bring class action saying material in new gray uniforms made them sick Shannen Sahota, 24, and Sundeep, []

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Five More Fluoride-Condemning Studies are Published When Is It Enough? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/  Five new published studies support previous research linking fluoride to thyroid disease; ADHD; overdosing formula-fed infants and bias in government reports. Another reveals pregnant Canadians have higher urine fluoride levels in fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated areas which previous studies linked to offsprings lower IQ, reports New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF).

1) Fluoride exposure coupled with iodine deficiency is linked to thyroid disease, report researchers in Environment International (December 2018). They report that this is the first human population-based examination of chronic low-level fluoride exposure on thyroid function that considers residents iodine status.

I have grave concerns about the health effects of fluoride exposure, said lead author Ashley Malin, And not just from my study but the other studies that have come out in recent years, (quoted from Bienkowski).

2) Higher levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were associated with global measures of ADHD and more symptoms of inattention [in offspring], researchers report in Environment International (December 2018). This is consistent with a growing body of evidence linking neurotoxicity to early-life fluoride exposure, they report.

3) Significantly more infants, particularly those under six months old, will exceed the UL [Upper Limit] when consuming formula reconstituted with 0.7 ppm [fluoride] water, increasing their risk of developing dental fluorosis. (Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry, 2018).

The primary adverse effects associated with chronic, excess fluoride intake are enamel and skeletal fluorosis. (NAS 1997).

The CDC encourages the addition of fluoride chemicals into public water supplies to reach 0.7 ppm without adequately informing parents about the consequences of fluoride overexposure.

4) Organizational bias compromised the integrity of fluoride resear...


75-year-old volunteer visits animal shelter every day and naps with cats "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Natural health is my passion. And healthy emotions are part of overall, good health. So, for a healthy dose of some feel-good endorphins, check out this story! Every day, 75-year-old Terry Lauerman goes to his local animal shelter in Green Bay, Wisconsin to love on the cats in the cage-free sanctuary (for disabled cats that would be at []

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Scientists Fear DARPAs Plan to Infect Insects with GM Viruses to Place on our Crops "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Scientists Fear DARPAs Plan to Infect Insects with GM Viruses to Place on our Crops

By Markab Algedi

Again, the mad scientist division of the Pentagon, DARPA, is doing something that causes people anxiety. In 2016, a program called Insect Allies was launched by the US Department of Defense. It involves the investment of $45 million over the course of four years into creating viruses, that infect crops, supposedly to help prevent the failure of crops driven by climate change and pathogens.

The main focus of the program appears to be delivering a genetically engineered virus into a plant, that could improve crop growth by altering which genes the plants choose to express.

Lets just take a step back and think about that: the US military wants to genetically engineer viruses to infect our crops with, so we can eat virus infected, altered crops.

(Image credit: DARPA)


Now, scientists are vocally expressing their concerns about the programs potential to end up being an offensive biological weapon against the food supplies of other countries.



FB Purge: Project Launched to Save the Alternative Media by Gaining Followers on the Street "IndyWatch Feed Health"

alternative media facebook purge


By Markab Algedi

A project has just been launched to gain followers the old fashioned way for alternative media outlets affected by the massive wave of censorship.

The day before yesterday, Facebook and Twitter deleted hundreds of accounts with tens of millions of combined followers, in the most intense wave of censorship weve ever seen. Websites critical of police brutality, government corruption, war, mostly of a Libertarian or Anarchist persuasion were struck, while the mainstream media reported that it was some kind of purge against spammers. That couldnt be further from the truth.

A GoFundMe was created to support this project, which aspires to reinforce the survival of the alternative media by driving traffic to websites organically, and even handing out physical copies of aggregated news articles on the street in person.

According to the newly created Facebook page (ironically) of the Alternative Media Carrier:

The Alternative Media Carrier is an urgent reaction to the massive wave of censorship that has just been launched against the alternative media.



Creator of GMO Potatoes Reveals The Dangerous Truth "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Creator of GMO Potatoes Reveals The Dangerous Truth

The Ex-Director of J.R. Simplot and team leader at Monsanto, Caius Rommens, has revealed the hidden dangers of the GMO potatoes he created, in a wide ranging interview for Sustainable Pulse, on the same day that his book Pandoras Potatoes: The Worst GMOs was released on Amazon.

How many years did you spend working on creating GM potatoes? Was this all lab-based work or did you get out to see the farms that were growing the potatoes?

During my 26 years as a genetic engineer, I created hundreds of thousands of different GM potatoes at a direct cost of about $50 million. I started my work at universities in Amsterdam and Berkeley, continued at Monsanto, and then worked for many years at J. R. Simplot Company, which is one of the largest potato processors in the world. I had my potatoes tested in greenhouses or the field, but I rarely left the laboratory to visit the farms or experimental stations. Indeed, I believed that my theoretical knowledge about potatoes was sufficient to improve potatoes. This was one of my biggest mistakes.

Have the GM potatoes you helped create been approved by the FDA and EPA in the U.S. or indeed elsewhere in the world?

It is amazing that the USDA and FDA approved the GM potatoes by only evaluating our own data. How can the regulatory agencies assume there is no bias? When I was at J.R. Simplot, I truly believed that my GM potatoes were perfect, just like a parent believes his or her children are perfect. I was biased and all genetic engineers are biased. It is not just an emotional bias. We need the GM crops to be approved. There is a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed, to justify our existence by developing modifications that create hundreds of millions of dollars in value. We test our GM crops to confirm their safety, not to question their safety.


Harvard Medical School Doctor: Vaccine science is not settled "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Not all medical doctors agree with the vaccine schedule recommended by the CDC. However, while they might not agree with it, so many go along with it out of fear. They may even be unconvinced about the science of vaccines but they persist, terrified of damaging their reputation. RELATED STORY: Video: Interview with Stanford Ph.D. []

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Dont Give Up! "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Have you ever heard of Give-up-itis? No? You should, because this non-scientific term stands for a very real medical condition


14 warning signs your adrenals are burnt out and what you need to fix them "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Adrenal burnout. It means your adrenal glands are overworked, resulting in low cortisol and unbalanced hormones. If you told your doctor you suspected adrenal fatigue, youd likely be sent to an endocrinologist who may test you for Addisons or Cushings diseases, relatively rare endocrine disorders that indicate very low or high cortisol (your main stress []

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Safer than mammograms, slashes your risk by 83 percent "IndyWatch Feed Health"

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S., and with it comes the annual clarion call of pink-ribboned breast cancer awareness campaigns. National Mammography Day falls on the third Friday of October, which this year is the 19th. Chances are, youve been barraged with reminders that mammograms save lives. Unfortunately, little effort is []

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Canadian studies prompt researcher to voice grave concerns "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Last week three new studies were published on fluoride adding more weight to an already overwhelming body of evidence that fluoridation is not safe.

I have grave concerns about the health effects of fluoride said Ashley Malin, lead author of the Canadian Fluoride-Thyroid study and a researcher at the Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Published in Environmental International, the study found that the thyroid stimulating (TSH) hormone of pregnant Canadian women with low iodine was increased by fluoride. High TSH levels indicates the thyroid is not working properly. Hypothyroidism is known to cause depression, anxiety and obesity.

A second study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, found that most fluoride exposure for Canadians came from fluoridated drinking water and that pregnant women in fluoridated areas had nearly twice as much fluoride in their urine as pregnant women in non-fluoridated areas. The lead author of this study, an associate professor and researcher at York University, Christine Till, says I am certain the safety of fluoride ingestion has not been proven.

The third study, also published in Environmental International, found that children whose mothers were exposed to fluoride during pregnancy had higher rates of ADHD. This study, funded by the US Government, was carried out using the same data as the landmark IQ study, Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6-12 Years of Age in Mexico, published last year. It found IQ was reduced with increased fluoride exposure.

The fact that the Canadian women living in fluoridated areas have been found to have the same levels of fluoride as the women in Mexican, demonstrates the relevance of the IQ and ADHD studies to the Canadian population. Research in NZ shows women in fluoridated areas also have the same level as the Canadian women..New Zealanders are also known to be iodine deficient.

The cas...


Arsenic and fluoride contamination in water: Loot of exchequer exposed "IndyWatch Feed Health"

GUWAHATI, Oct 14: Arsenic and fluoride contamination in water continues to be a nagging problem in Assam. But then, this problem was the cash cow for those at the helm of affairs in the PHE Department from 2011-16, allegedly making a section of them richer with ill-gotten money.

The department had Gautam Roy as its minister for the first three years during the period from 2011-16. Sukur Ali and Chandan Sarkar led the department as ministers for almost a year each after that.

According to sources, during the period the department procured 33,600 filters worth Rs 83 crore meant for schools with an apparent purpose of ridding school teachers and students of the ill effect of arsenic and fluoride-contaminated water while in schools. However, the sinister undertone in the large-scale purchase of such filters is glaringly visible when one studies the manner of distribution of the filters. Only 39 per cent of the filters purchased were supplied to schools, and the supply was not need-based. The remaining 61 per cent of the filters had to be dumped in PHE godowns for years. This is not all. The department made a mess of the distribution of such filters among the schools in the State. Thousands of filters were supplied to schools that have no problem of arsenic and fluoride contamination and schools that are located in areas where there are no such contaminated habitations. The schools received the filters only to make them lie idle for years.

As though to cap it all, the department purchased Senco Pot filters worth Rs 25 crore only to make many of them rot in its godowns.

The irony remains that despite spending such a huge amount, arsenic and fluoride contamination in water continues to be a serious problem in the State. However, the present government in Dispur has seriously taken the problem of arsenic and fluoride contamination.

According to official records, the Hailakandi and Silchar 1 PHE divisions received as many as 1,275 and 1,350 such filters respectively even as neither of the two areas has arsenic and fluoride-contaminated habitations.

With friends like such people in the guise of ministers, who needs enemies?

*Original article online at


Media: 3 major studies on urinary F levels published Oct 10, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Following the Media:

On October 10, 2018, three significant studiestwo of which were U.S. government funded (by the National Institutes of Heath and other U.S. agencies) were published on urinary fluoride levels in the pregnant mother.

Two studies linked the urinary fluoride levels in pregnant women to ADHD and thyroid problems in their offspring.

A third study found that pregnant women in optimally fluoridated Canada have significantly higher levels of fluoride in their urine than women in non-fluoridated communities. This study also showed that pregnant Canadians had fluoride urinary levels similar to those that reduced IQ in offspring from last years Bashash et al, 2017 NIH-funded study by 5 to 6 IQ points. These findings suggest that the Bashash results from Mexico City may be applied to Canada, and probably the U.S., namely that pre-natal exposure to fluoride has the potential to lower IQ in children.

The three studies and the news articles generated:

Date Title Source
Oct 10, 2018 STUDY: Community Water Fluoridation and Urinary Fluoride Concentrations in a National Sample of Pregnant Women in Canada. By Till et al. Environmental Health Perspectives
Oct 10, 2018 STUDY: Prenatal fluoride exposure and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in children at 612 years of age in Mexico City. By Bashash et al.  Environment International
Oct 10, 2018 STUDY: Fluoride exposure and thyroid function among adults living in Canada: Effect modification by iodine status. By Malin et al....


Polio Like Illness Sweeps Across States, Some Blame Vaccines "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A paralyzing condition being called a polio-like illness by the media is spreading at an uncomfortable pace throughout the United States. NBC News claims that 26 states are reporting a potential 87 new cases of the...

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The CDCs Influenza math doesnt add up: Exaggerating the death toll to sell flu shots "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By the Childrens Health Defense team Every year at about this time, public health officials and their media megaphones start up the drumbeat to encourage everyone (including half-year-old infants, pregnant women and the invalid elderly) to get a flu shot. Never mind that more often than not the vaccines dont work, and sometimes even increase []

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7,300 Copies of How To End the Autism Epidemic Mailed to US Legislators by RFK Jr "IndyWatch Feed Health"

You read that correctly. 7,300 copies of JB Handley's best seller How to End the Autism Epidemic from Chelsea Green Publishing are now in the offices of every single legislator in the United States of America. Robert Kennedy Jr. is...


Congratulations. Your Study Went Nowhere. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From The New York Times: A modeling study published in BMJ Open in 2014 showed that if a publication bias caused positive findings to be published at four times the rate of negative ones for a particular treatment, 90 percent of large meta-analyses would later conclude that the treatment worked when it actually didnt.

This doesnt mean we should discount all results from medical trials. It means that we need, more than ever, to reproduce research to make sure its robust. Dispassionate third parties who attempt to achieve the same results will fail to do so if the reported findings have been massaged in some way.

Further, there are things we can do to fix this problem. We can demand that trial results be published, regardless of findings. To that end, we can encourage journals to publish negative results as doggedly as positive ones. We can ensure that preregistered protocols and outcomes are the ones that are finally reported in the literature. We can hold authors to more rigorous standards when they publish, so that results are accurately and transparently reported. We can celebrate and elevate negative results, in both our arguments and reporting, as we do positive ones. Unfortunately, getting such research published is harder than it should be.

These actions might make for more boring news and more tempered enthusiasm. But they might also lead to more accurate science.



Seeking Comments on APA Guideline for Depression Treatment "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From the American Psychological Association: The American Psychological Association seeks comments from all interested individuals and groups including psychologists, healthcare professionals, researchers, clients/patients and their families, APA governance members, and the general public on the draft Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Depression in Children, Adolescents, and Young, Middle-aged, and Older Adults.

This Clinical Practice Guideline focuses on recommendations for psychological, pharmacological and other common interventions for treatment of depression. This guideline is based on 10 systematic reviews that met established quality criteria. The intended users of this document include psychologists, other health and mental health professionals, students/ training programs, consumers, families of consumers, policymakers, and the public. 

Comments must be submitted by midnight, October 23, 2018, Eastern time.



Why Would Speech Professionals Deny Autistic People The Right to Communicate? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Note: Below is an excerpt from an Opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal by Ido Kedar. There is a push to deny people with non-verbal autism methods of communication like Rapid Prompt. Disclaimer? My three daughters have been to...


High Level Biodefense Govt Agency Quietly Created for the Event of a Pandemic "IndyWatch Feed Health"

High Level Biodefense Govt Agency Quietly Created for the Event of a Pandemic

By Edge Canopy

A couple weeks ago, it was revealed that the US government is currently focusing on biological warfare and supposedly, the threat that some weaponized disease, bacteria, or virus could pose to the country.

A whole new, cabinet level (high level) government agency has just been created: a steering committee that directs the HHS, Department of Health and Human Services, to take the coordinating lead pertaining to this issue, according to one article.

The article continues, Some experts are praising the broad scope of the strategy, new elements that it covers, and the high-level attention and oversight built into the plan.

The White House press briefing that describes this plan notes that this government agency will work very closely with the existing Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, connecting them more, which will surely make the governments power differential against the people more of a scary thing.

The biodefense National Security Presidential Memorandum names the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, as the Federal lead for biodefense and establishes a Cabinet-level Biodefense Steering Committee, the p...


Why a Vitamin D Test Is More Important Than a Mammogram "IndyWatch Feed Health"

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S., and with it comes the annual clarion call of pink-ribboned1 breast cancer awareness campaigns.2 National Mammography Day3 falls on the third Friday of October, which this year is the 19th.

Chances are, you've been barraged with reminders that mammograms save lives. Unfortunately, little effort is made to educate women about actual prevention. Detecting cancer has nothing to do with prevention. At that point, it's already too late.

Mammograms also have serious health risks, none of which are addressed by the conventional breast cancer awareness campaigns. Importantly, vitamin D optimization could potentially eliminate a vast majority of breast cancers, yet this key information is being completely ignored.

Vitamin D Optimization Could Eliminate a Majority of Breast Cancer Cases

Generally speaking, research has shown that once you reach a minimum serum vitamin D level of 40 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL), your risk for cancer diminishes by 67 percent, compared to having a level of 20 ng/ml or less.4

Research shows most cancers occur in people with a vitamin D blood level between 10 and 40 ng/mL, and the optimal level for cancer protection has been identified as being between 60 and 80 ng/mL.

Vitamin D also increases your chances of surviving cancer if you do get it,5,6,7,8 and evidence suggests adding vitamin D to the conventional treatment for cancer can boost the effectiveness of the treatment.9


Weekly Health Quiz: Plants, Oxygen and Bees "IndyWatch Feed Health"

1 For optimal health, your omega-3 index should be:

  • Below 8 percent
  • As close to 100 percent as possible
  • As close to 1 percent as possible
  • 8 percent or higher

    While a general recommendation is to take 3 to 4 grams of marine-based omega-3 per day, the only way to identify your ideal dose is to measure your omega-3 index with a blood test. For optimal health, aim for an omega-3 index of 8 percent or higher. Learn more.

2 Which of the following has NOT been implicated in bee die-offs?

  • Overfeeding

    Recent research suggests glyphosate may kill bees by altering the bacterial composition in the bees' guts, making them more prone to fatal infections. Other factors implicated in bee die-offs include neonicotinoids, parasitic infestations, poor nutrition and habitat loss. Learn more.

  • Neonicotinoid pesticides
  • Glyphosate-based herbicides
  • Habitat loss

3 According to available research, to prevent one case of influenza, how many people must be vaccinated?

  • 1
  • 71

    To prevent one case of influenza, 71 people must be vaccinated. Meanwhile, one case of flu will be prevented for every 33 people taking a vitamin D supplement. Learn mo...

What Are the Benefits of Fisetin? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Research on a flavonoid called fisetin, which contributes to the pigment of fruits and vegetables like apples, cucumbers, grapes, onions, persimmons and strawberries, has been called out for its potential antiaging properties. In experiments performed on lab mice, fisetin was shown to eliminate senescent cells, which accumulate as you age and can be harmful to your body.

While fisetin was discovered years ago, it is one of many diet-derived antioxidants being increasingly investigated for its health-promoting effects. As a plant-based flavonoid, fisetin can be consumed for long periods of time without any known adverse effects. Lets take a closer look at this promising plant pigment.

What Is Fisetin?

If youve not yet heard of fisetin, you are not alone. After all, there are about 6,000 flavonoids from which to choose and each of them contributes to the colorful pigments of fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.1 Beyond their role in producing pigments, flavonoids are also antioxidants.

With the continued focus on the value of antioxidants, individual flavonoids are increasingly being recognized for the positive effects they can have on human health. Now, a study published in EBioMedicine2 suggests consuming fisetin at high levels may help you live a longer, healthier life.

In fact, the research, which involved lab mice, suggests the consumption of fisetin may extend your life by as much as 10 percent. Researchers from Scripps Research Institute, Mayo Clinic and University of Minnesota evaluated 10 flavonoids to determine their senolytic activity, calling out fisetin as the most potent.

Fisetin Is Prized for Its Role in Killing Senescent Cells

Though you may not have heard of them, senescent cells are cells that through oxidative damage and aging have lost their ability to reproduce. The study authors defined senescence as a tumor-suppressor mechanism activated in stressed cells to prevent replication of damaged DNA.3  

They note past studies involving genetic and pharmacologic approaches have shown senescent cells to play a causal role in accelerating aging and age-related diseases. In fact, before putting fisetin to the test, the scientists published research in Aging Cell in 2015 highlighting the f...

Garlic Is a Great Blood Thinner "IndyWatch Feed Health"

As you age, your arteries stiffen and continue doing so over time. It happens to virtually everyone to varying degrees, a 2012 study1 observes, and leads to more frequent physiological problems related to poor blood circulation, including an increased risk of renal impairment renal being the organs involving your kidneys, bladder and urethra, the system that regulates the passage, storage and elimination of urine as well as stroke.

In 2013, researchers reported2 following a meta-analysis on the effects of garlic on serum lipids that garlic consumption may help optimize cholesterol levels, leading to a reduced risk of coronary events.

In fact, bestselling author Dr. Michael Greger, a Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine (FACLM) and a general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition, says that you can eat less than a quarter-teaspoon of garlic powder per day, as studies found that study participants appeared to have less aortic stiffness.

We think this is because garlic seems to improve the function of the inner lining of our arteries, which helps our arteries relax. But the protective mechanisms of garlic against cardiovascular diseases are multiple, and include a combination of anti-clotting, clot-busting, antioxidant, and blood pressure- and cholesterol-lowering effects.3

In addition, Greger notes that the blood-thinning properties of garlic are so pronounced that the American Society of Anesthesiology recommends that people avoid eating garlic altogether for the week prior to undergoing elective surgery. However, if youre a candidate for surgery, you could go ahead and have your garlic, with one large stipulation: It must be cooked first.

According to Greger, the antiplatelet aggregation activity in garlic, as well as onions to a much lesser degree, goes by the wayside when its cooked. But comparing these allium vegetables, he explains in the featured video, comes with another qualification stemming from the fact that raw garlic appears to be around 13 times more potent as a blood thinner than either raw onions or the cooked form of garlic, which another study4 noted in 1999.

It should be noted that in the above-mentioned 2013 meta-analysis, the authors noted that garlic in its many raw forms could be considered not just a viable a...


A Universal Flu Vaccine: The Mad Science Solution "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Jon Rappoport

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched efforts to create a vaccine that would protect people from most flu strains, all at once, with a single shot.

Over the years, Ive written many articles refuting claims that vaccines are safe and effective, but well put all that aside for the moment and follow the bouncing ball.

Massachusetts Senator and big spender, Ed Markey, has introduced a bill that would shovel no less than a billion dollars toward the universal flu-vaccine project. You like something, it sounds good, you know nothing about the details, throw money at it.

Here is a paragraph from an NIAID press release that mentions one of several research approaches:

NIAID Vaccine Research Center scientists have initiated Phase 1/2 studies of a universal flu vaccine strategy that includes an investigational DNA-based vaccine (called a DNA prime)

This is quite troubling, if you know what the phrase DNA vaccine means. It refers to what the experts are touting as the next generation of immunizations.

Instead of injecting a piece of a virus into a person, in order to stimulate the immune system, synthesized genes would be shot into the body. This isnt traditional vaccination anymore. Its protective gene therapy.

In any such...


Chemical Conspiracy: Its Not The Food, Its The Drugs In The Food! "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Maybe its a cheat day. Maybe youre on a road trip. Maybe youre just ravenously hungry and all you can think about is having that Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, In and Out Burger, KFC or the gawdawful Dutch Bros. Something tells you it has too many caloriestoo much sugar, fat, or whatever else. Somehow, you promise yourself youll compensate with exercise or diet later onbut, thats not gonna help you overcome the drugs in your food.

Drugs in your food?! You read that right.

The real health scare today isnt excess calories, sugar, fat, or saltits the fucking chemicals tossed into our food by flavor chemists.

Im talking about man-made chemicals that cause diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, usually in that order, at accelerated speeds.   They also cause depression, prevent the body from recovering from injury and attack our memory. 

I can still remember walking into my laboratory at grad school for the first time. Instead of learning to be a chemist, I had become one. I felt a sense of excitement at the thought of finally applying my passion for chemistry to real life.

Like an astronaut admiring the dials and controls of a space shuttle, I scanned the intricate glassware designed to withstand the temperature and pressure extremes that come with the harsh environments of manipulating matter with chemistry. Hundreds of chemicals with biohazard labels were stored safely in dark brown bottles and jammed into tin cabinets. A shower and its activation cord dangled nearby in case of a chemical spilla constant reminder that chemistry doesnt give second chances.

Using the 119 elements of the periodic tableindivisible particles that form ever more complex molecules and porous substancesI was set free to yield whatever-the-hell I wanted, whether it be brighter paints, stronger soaps, better whiskey, or new medicines. Anything was possible.

At the time, I had no idea that the food industry would be using this same type of caustic laboratory environment to create addictive flavor mimics to poison our food supply. Driven by chemists known as flavorists, this newly devised chemical conspiracy has empowered the food industry to skyrocket its profitswhile fattening Americas collective waistline.


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Parents, Scientists and Doctors from Around the World Gather to Discuss How to Handle Increasing HPV Vaccine Injuries "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Kesia Lyng is a Gardasil HPV vaccine victim. She was a trial participant a Gardasil vaccine safety study in Denmark that is used to prove the vaccine is safe. But Kesia has suffered debilitating, life-changing side effects due to the vaccine. Ive had my 20s removed, ripped out. (Watch video below.)

Our Girls Are Not Rumours Getting Help after HPV Vaccination

Health Impact News

Earlier this year (2018) parents, scientists and doctors from all over the world gathered in Ireland at an IFICA conference to discuss the future of the HPV vaccine injured.

The theme was Working Together.

The Ireland Government HSE (Health Service Executive) was invited to send representatives to attend, but they refused the opportunity to speak or listen to the world-renowned experts who attended.

Instead, the HSE claims that the HPV vaccine is 100% safe and labeled parents of HPV vaccine injured children as Emotional Terrorists.

HPV victims parents emotional terrorists

As a result, victims suffering from Gardasil vaccine injuries in Ireland cannot get treatment, and must travel outside of the country to find medical help for their injuries.

Watch the full video report:

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More information about Gardasil



Parents, Scientists and Doctors from Around the World Gather to Discuss How to Handle Increasing HPV Vaccine Injuries "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Kesia Lyng is a Gardasil HPV vaccine victim. She was a trial participant a Gardasil vaccine safety study in Denmark that is used to prove the vaccine is safe. But Kesia has suffered debilitating, life-changing side effects due to the vaccine. Ive had my 20s removed, ripped out. (Watch video below.)

Our Girls Are Not Rumours Getting Help after HPV Vaccination

Health Impact News

Earlier this year (2018) parents, scientists and doctors from all over the world gathered in Ireland at an IFICA conference to discuss the future of the HPV vaccine injured.

The theme was Working Together.

The Ireland Government HSE (Health Service Executive) was invited to send representatives to attend, but they refused the opportunity to speak or listen to the world-renowned experts who attended.

Instead, the HSE claims that the HPV vaccine is 100% safe and labeled parents of HPV vaccine injured children as Emotional Terrorists.

HPV victims parents emotional terrorists

As a result, victims suffering from Gardasil vaccine injuries in Ireland cannot get treatment, and must travel outside of the country to find medical help for their injuries.

Watch the full video report:

More information about Gardasil




Harvard and the Brigham recommend 31 retractions for cardiac stem cell work "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Retraction Watch readers may be familiar with the name Piero Anversa. Until several years ago, Anversa, a scientist at Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Womens Hospital, was a powerful figure in cardiac stem cell research. For ten years, he ran everything, says Jeffery Molkentin, a researcher at Cincinnati Childrens whose lab was among the Continue reading Harvard and the Brigham recommend 31 retractions for cardiac stem cell work


Is Polio Back In The United States? Dr. Tenpenny Talks That And More "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Polio. Its been all over the news lately. So what gives? There is supposedly a new illness spreading throughout the United States that mimics polio. Texas, Iowa, and Michigan are just two states seeing the...

The post Is Polio Back In The United States? Dr. Tenpenny Talks That And More appeared first on Vaxxter.


The Capture of Health Freedom "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Jon Rappoport

So you start off in charge, youre an independent operator, you dont work inside the system, but then you figure out the system thinks it includes you, some moron must have slipped in that clause while you werent looking, so you go talk to him, and its a pretty congenial meeting, although he does come across like a company man, and then later on you get an engraved invitation to come to a party. The food is very good and the people seem reasonable in a sort of washed-out way, but the upshot is, you can come in out of the cold if you want to. Theyll take you in. You can sit in an office and make twice as much as you were making on your own. Thats what they tell you. The only thing is, you have to sign a piece of paper that says you were never born and youre actually a desk ornament. They assure you its just a formality and theyve signed the same paper, and look, it hasnt hurt them The Magician Awakes

When I was running for a Congressional seat in 1994, I was also in the middle of a fight to preserve access to alternative health care, against FDA attackand during that process, I was enlightened through meeting various members of the Pod People species, who had their own ideas about what health freedom meant.



What Happened When I Went Off Meds and Onto Nutrients "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Against the odds (with a 50% chance of relapse within 1-2 years, according to the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care1) and against the recommendations of my mental health team, I tapered off psychiatric medication and stayed well well, mostly. Let me put it this way: I have managed to avoid another admission to an acute psychiatric hospital ward, since my last encounter with psychiatry which was about three years ago. It hasnt exactly been a straight path, and I wouldnt encourage anyone to make a decision about discontinuing antidepressants (or any long-term medication) without consulting a health professional or without support in developing a robust alternative health and well-being plan.

Here follows a brief look into my rollercoaster journey of recovery, returning to work, having my trauma re-triggered, finding a way through, and finally living well. It no longer matters that I have not remained entirely symptom free. The fact that I have had further experiences of altered perception is no longer relevant. What does matter is that, despite having experienced distress again, I was kind enough to myself in allowing and claiming some space to heal.

Starting work again was interesting. After my first day back, last year, I did not make it home. We were being evacuated due to fires near our house. The noise from the helicopters was triggering for me. The first warning signs started with me becoming noise sensitive and feeling unsafe and monitored, like I did while being an inpatient. During that time, a helicopter had flown above the caged unit, peering down on us patients like identifying wild animals waiting to be darted, with us not knowing whether we would ever be set free. So I got scared again with these traumatic memories erupting. I was back in the cage (in my head) and I couldnt get out, the fires were getting closer, and I needed help again.

Despite the timing being right for my return to work my youngest at the time had just started school, and I felt I needed another challenge once again I found myself in a place where things were getting on top of me. I was hardly coping. What was different was that I recognised this and took steps to act. I knew what to focus on instead and continued to access people who would validate my experience. I had some clearer ideas by then of what I needed to try to do to get better and I would be able to tell others what I needed.

After a distressed phone call to Healthline, in desperation I briefly restarted the antipsychotic medication that I had left in the cupboard. I took them for two days and felt side effects that further triggered bad inpatient memories, so I de...


5 Easy Alternatives to Commercial Sports Drinks "IndyWatch Feed Health"

sports drink substitutesI have to admit that it makes me sad to see children at athletic events toting around giant bottles of commercially made sports drinks like Powerade or Gatorade.

On top of being loaded with sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, colors and a myriad of chemicals, research has demonstrated that they are damaging to teeth.

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New Research Suggests Levels Of Fluoride In Your Urine During Pregnancy Might Be Tied To ADHD Symptoms Later On "IndyWatch Feed Health"

At the end of the day, all that pregnant women want is to feel like theyre doing something right and that theyre keeping their unborn child (as well as themselves) safe. But there are so many things out there than can threaten that safety. Pregnant women are so used to hearing what they cant do and those same women need to listen to this new research that suggests levels of fluoride in your urine during pregnancy might be tied to ADHD symptoms later on in their kids lives.

Fluoride is pretty inescapable. Tap water and dental products in the United States both contain trace amounts of fluoride, according to LiveScience. Fluoride prevents tooth decay, according to LiveScience, and studies have shown that it is safe to consume and people have been benefitting from fluoride in their water for the past 70 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But people might want to watch their consumption of fluoride after reading this new study, which tied fluoride consumption in pregnancy to ADHD symptoms later on in life.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, analyzed data from 213 mother-child pairs in Mexico City, Mexico that were a part of a special project that recruited pregnant women, according to ScienceDaily. The research team analyzed urine sample from these women while they were pregnant, in addition to their kids (who are now between the ages of six and twelve).

After putting the kids through a variety of tests and questionnaires, the researchers were able to conclude that there was a link between elevated prenatal exposure to fluoride and reported symptoms of ADHD.

Dr. Morteza Bashash, lead author and researcher of the study, explained the findings in the studys press release:

Our findings show that children with elevated prenatal exposure to fluoride were more likely to show symptoms of ADHD as reported by parents. Prenatal fluoride exposure was more strongly associated with inattentive behaviors and cognitive problems, but not with hyperactivity.

But before women swear off tap water for the duration of their pregnancy, some things should be known. Its unclear how much fluoride was consumed by these pregnant women in this study or how much fluoride was found in...


FL Parents Leery of Schools Requiring Mental Health Disclosures "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From NPR: Children registering for school in Florida this year were asked to reveal some history about their mental health.

The new requirement is part of a law rushed through the state legislature after the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

The states school districts now must ask whether a child has ever been referred for mental health services on registration forms for new students.

If you do say, Yes, my child has seen a counselor or a therapist or a psychologist, what does the school then do with that? asks Laura Goodhue, who has a 9-year-old son on the autism spectrum and a 10-year-old son who has seen a psychologist. I think that was my biggest flag. And I actually shared the story with a couple of mom friends of mine and said, Can you believe this is actually a thing?

Goodhue worries that if her childrens mental health history becomes part of their school records, it could be held against them.

If my child was on the playground and something happened, she says, they might think, This child has seen mental health services. This must mean something more than it really means.



Flu Shots During Pregnancy: Insufficient Data to Inform Vaccine-Associated Risk "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Cathy Jameson Back when I was pregnant with my younger son, I asked for a flu shot. Ill never forget that day. I was about four months pregnant and going in for a check-up with my OB. Looking haggard...


Collagen for Soft Tissue Injury and Repair "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Mark Sisson, a former elite endurance athlete that qualified for the 1980 U.S. Olympic marathon trials, founder of the popular website Mark's Daily Apple and a leader in the paleo movement, was one of the first to help me understand the importance of burning fat for fuel.

Here after we cover some of the basic benefits of high-intensity interval training and strength training, previously discussed in "Primal Fitness Tips" we segue to the topic at hand, namely the use of collagen for soft tissue injuries and repair, along with a few other useful fitness tips.

"How I came to [learn about collagen] was how I arrived at a lot of my epiphanies I had a life crisis. I play ultimate Frisbee once a week, every week for the last 15 years now. But about five or six years ago, I started to develop severe Achilles' heel tendinosis.

Ultimate Frisbee is a very fast-paced game There's lots of running [and it] requires a lot of agility, a lot of side-to-side quick movement, as well as raw speed

I found over a couple of years, in my late 50s, that I was starting to get these real severe Achilles' problems. I couldn't sprint. My Achilles' were really tender. They were getting thick. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon [who] said, 'You have severe Achilles' tendinosis.' I go, 'What does that mean?' 'Well, you're screwed, basically. You can't play sports again'

An orthopedist in Southern California said, 'Well, here's what we're going to do. We're going to take the back of your heel, slit it open and scrape the Achilles' down to the raw meat. We're going to pack it up in a cast for three months, then you'll do nine months of rehab and you'll be 85 percent of where you were.' I'm like, 'No. That's not going to happen, Doc '

I went back to my house and said, 'You know, there's something I was doing wrong here.' I started to do the analysis and I thought, 'Here I am stressing my Achilles', which is attached to the calves, so I'm really stressing the calves, the plantar fascia and everything around it, on a regular basis. I'm not giving my body the raw materials it needs to recover from that stress. It is that simple.'"

Collagen for Soft Tissue Repair

Collagen-based tissue includes tendons, ligaments, cartilage and f......

How to Cook Asparagus "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Asparagus can make any meal feel a little more special, since its considered a delicacy in the vegetable world. Its among the most nutritionally balanced vegetables, as its low in fat, sodium and cholesterol, but packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals.
One of the most notable health benefits of asparagus is its high B vitamin content, particularly folate, a vitamin that promotes the production of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine this is why asparagus is known as the feel-good vegetable. Its also an excellent source of:

Vitamin K


Vitamin A

Vitamin C






For most people, the go-to method for cooking asparagus is steaming, but there are many other ways to cook this versatile vegetable it can be simmered, roasted, grilled, sauted and more. You can even eat it raw in a salad. Asparagus also complements a variety of seasonings, from simple salt and pepper to boldly flavored spicy sauces.

Asparagus Nutrition Facts

If you want to know more about the nutritional value of asparagus, take a look at the nutrition facts table below:...

Hemorrhoids: An Introduction "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Your bodys rectum and anus play major roles in temporarily storing and fully eliminating feces and other waste material from your body.1 Maintaining the health of these body parts is important; otherwise you may experience health problems that not only will hinder proper function, but cause pain and discomfort as well.

One such condition is hemorrhoids, which are enlarged and swollen blood vessels that develop in the lower portion of your rectum and anus.2

While health experts have not determined the exact cause of hemorrhoids, the Mayo Clinic notes that they may form because of an increased pressure in the lower rectum. Other risk factors linked to hemorrhoids include prolonged sitting, obesity, a low-fiber diet and constipation or diarrhea.3

How Many People Are Affected by Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids usually affect adults aged 45 to 65 years old, but young people and children may experience them as well. Men are more prone to having hemorrhoids, but women may also develop them, especially during pregnancy.4

According to a 2016 Clinics in Colon and Rectal Surgery article, at least 10 million Americans (4.4 percent of the population) report a case of hemorrhoids annually.5 Harvard Health Publications notes that around half of people aged 50 years and above have already experienced at least one or more of the usual symptoms of hemorrhoids, or have required treatment.6

You May Lower Your Hemorrhoids Risk by Employing Proper Preventive Measures

While most hemorrhoids are not life-threatening,7 they a...


Science Based Benefits of Cinnamon (Tea, Powder) + Side Effects "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Cinnamon is a tasty spice that is full of medicinal properties that can help alleviate many ailments. Cinnamon spice has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that promote good health. What is cinnamon good for? Cinnamon powder helps to protect your cardio health, prevent infection, boost your immunity, and prevent infection.

Apart from adding cinnamon spice to your food to get its health benefits, you can also drink cinnamon tea. Cinnamon tea made from a cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder is a delicious healthy drink that you can consume daily.

In this article, you will learn what science says as to the many reasons why cinnamon is good for your general health. You will also find easy recipes to make your own aromatic cinnamon tea at home.

What Is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the inner bark of trees belonging to the Cinnamon genus. Researchers say that cinnamon is one of the most popular and important spices in use today. Cinnamon has long been used in traditional medicine, and recent scientific research backs up many of these uses. (1)

Cinnamon is made by drying the inner bark from the cinnamon tree. This creates hard cinnamon sticks or rolls. Cinnamon powder is made by grinding the stick into a fine powder. Cinnamon is also available in capsules.

There are 2 main types of cinnamon that are used for medicinal and culinary purposes.

  • Ceylon cinnamon which is also called true cinnamon
  • Cassia cinnamon

The journal BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine reports that the best type of cinnamon to use is Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum). This type of cinnamon is referred to as true cinnamon and is also called Sri Lankan cinnamon. (2)

What is Ceylon cinnamon good for? True cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon) has been linked to reducing cholesterol, lowering hypertension, reducing blood glucose, and treating various infections. (2)

The other type of cinnamon, cassia Cinnamon, is generally cheaper than Ceylon cinnamon. However, cassia cinnamon tends to retain its flavor better during cooking. Other types of cinnamon used for commercial purposes are Saigon and Korintje cinnamon.

The major compound in cinnamon bark that gives it its therapeutic properties is cinnamaldehyde. (...


Bisphenol A exposure alters placentation and causes preeclampsia-like features in pregnant mice. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  FASEB J. 2018 Oct 10:fj201800934RRR. Epub 2018 Oct 10. PMID: 30303745 Abstract Title:  Bisphenol A exposure alters placentation and causes preeclampsia-like features in pregnant mice involved in reprogramming of DNA methylation of WNT2. Abstract:  Preeclampsia leads to adverse outcomes for pregnant women. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an environmental endocrine disruptor and has been shown to be positively associated with increased risk of preeclampsia in human studies. We investigated whether BPA exposure causes preeclampsia-like features in pregnant mice and the associated underlying mechanisms. Experiments were performed in animal models and cell cultures. In pregnant mice, BPA-exposed mice exhibited preeclampsia-like features including hypertension, disruption of the circulation, and the placental angiogenesis biomarkers fms-related tyrosine kinase 1 and placenta growth factor, and glomerular atrophy; urinary protein was not affected. These preeclampsia-like features correlated with increased retention of smooth muscle cells and reduced vessel areas at the junctional zone of the placenta. In addition, there were disrupted expression of invasion-related genes including increased tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases, decreased metalloproteinases, and Wnt family member WNT2/-catenin, which correlated with increased DNA methylation in its promoter region and upregulation of DNA methyltransferase (Dnmt)1. BPA exposure impeded the interaction between the human cytotrophoblast cell line, HTR-8/SVneo, and endothelium cells. BPA exposure down-regulated WNT2 expression, andelevated the DNA methylation of WNT2; these results were consistent with in vivo observations. Inhibition of DNMT in HTR-8/SVneo cells resulted in reduced DNA methylation and increased expression of WNT2. Taken together, these data demonstrate that BPA exposure alters trophoblast cell invasion andcauses abnormal placental vessel remodeling, both of which lead to the development of preeclampsia-like features in pregnant mice. Our results suggest that this phenomenon involves the epigenetic reprogramming and down-regulation of WNT2 mediated by DNMT1.-Ye, Y., Tang, Y., Xiong, Y., Feng, L., Li,X. Bisphenol A exposure alters placentation and causes preeclampsia-like features in pregnant mice involved in reprogramming of DNA methylation of WNT2.

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Prenatal bisphenol A exposure alters epithelial cell composition in the rhesus macaque fetal oviduct. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Toxicol Sci. 2018 Oct 8. Epub 2018 Oct 8. PMID: 30295897 Abstract Title:  Prenatal bisphenol A exposure alters epithelial cell composition in the rhesus macaque fetal oviduct. Abstract:  Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disrupting compound that is a pervasive environmental contaminant. Although it has been reported to affect the development of a variety of fetal reproductive tissues, data on the effect of fetal BPA exposure on oviducts were extremely limited and were only available in mice. To determine if there are adverse effects of gestational BPA exposure on fetal oviduct, we exposed pregnant rhesus macaques with female fetuses to oral or non-oral BPA during the last trimester of gestation (day 100 to term). After the treatment, fetal oviducts were collected for morphology evaluation. BPA exposure altered the percentages of different cell types (ciliated, non-ciliated, and secretory) in the fetal oviduct and resulted in a significant high ciliated cell population in the BPA-exposed fetal oviduct. The distribution of ciliated cells on the epithelium in the BPA-exposed fetal oviduct was also altered. Gestational BPA exposure reduced the expression of mucosubstance and uteroglobin in secretory cells in the fetal oviduct. A comparison of the outcome of the fetal oviduct studies with similar outcomes previously reported in the lung from the same fetuses demonstrates that BPA exhibits opposite effects in these two organs. In conclusion, the BPA-associated alterations in the fetal oviduct could potentially affect the oviduct morphology and function later in life with a negative impact fertility. The mechanisms of action of the differential response of the oviduct and lung to BPA exposure require further investigation.

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Bisphenol A exhibits cytotoxic or genotoxic potential via oxidative stress-associated mitochondrial apoptotic pathway. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Food Chem Toxicol. 2018 Oct 9. Epub 2018 Oct 9. PMID: 30312649 Abstract Title:  Bisphenol A exhibits cytotoxic or genotoxic potential via oxidative stress-associated mitochondrial apoptotic pathway in murine macrophages. Abstract:  Bisphenol A (BPA) is primarily used in production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins including plastic containers. BPA is an endocrine disruptor and supposes to induce asthma and cancer. However, so far only a few evidences have shown the BPA-induced toxic effect and its related mechanism in macrophages. BPA demonstrated cytotoxic effect on RAW264.7 macrophages in a concentration and time-dependent manner. BPA induces necrosis, apoptosis, and genotoxicity in a concentration-dependent manner. Phosphorylation of cytochrome C (cyto C) and p53 was due to mitochondrial disruption via BCL2 and BCL-Xdownregulation and BAX, BID, and BAD upregulation. Both caspase-dependent, including caspase-9, caspase-3, and PARP-1 cleavage, and caspase-independent, such as nuclear translocation of AIF, pathways were activated by BPA. Furthermore, generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reduction of antioxidative enzyme activities were induced by BPA. Parallel trends were observed in the effect of BPA on cytotoxicity, apoptosis, genotoxicity, p53 phosphorylation, BCL2 family expression exchange, caspase-dependent and independent apoptotic pathways, and ROS generation in RAW264.7 macrophages. Finally, BPA-exhibited cytotoxicity, apoptosis, and genotoxicity could be inhibited by N-acetylcysteine. These results indicated that the toxic effect of BPA was functioning via oxidative stress-associated mitochondrial apoptotic pathway in macrophages.

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Bisphenol A exposure remodels cognition of male rats attributable to excitatory alterations in the hippocampus and visual cortex. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Toxicology. 2018 Oct 9. Epub 2018 Oct 9. PMID: 30312744 Abstract Title:  Bisphenol A exposure remodels cognition of male rats attributable to excitatory alterations in the hippocampus and visual cortex. Abstract:  Bisphenol A, an environmental xenoestrogen, has been shown sex-specific adverse effects on cognitive function of rodents. However, the specific mechanisms underlying these outcomes remain elusive, limiting our understanding the differences in behavioral impairments due to BPA exposure between genders in humans. The present study chose the juvenile stage (with a stable estrogen level) as the exposure window to explore BPA effects on cognitive behaviors of male and female Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats and related mechanisms. Three dosages of BPA (0.04, 0.4 and 4mg/kg/day) were chose to make BPA-exposed models. Especially, the mid-dose for rats was close to the current reference daily limit for human exposure given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Our results showed that male but not female juvenile rats had a marked decline in spatial memoryafter 0.4mg/kg/day BPA exposure, which accompanied with downregulation of glutamate receptor (NR2) expression in their hippocampus and primary visual cortex (V1). In the high-dose BPA exposed groups (4mg/kg/day), there was not only a deficit of spatial memory, but also an anxiety-like behavior of male rats. Additionally, those rats had a significant decline in spine density of pyramidal neurons and a decreased expression of glutamate receptor subtypes (NR2 and GluR1) in the hippocampus. Importantly, such impairments in the hippocampus of male rats were associated with a decrease of glutamate receptor (NR2) expression in the V1, which could perturb the visual information inputs. To some extent, altered ER expression within their hypothalamus could contribute to the anxiety-like behavior after high-dose BPA exposure. However, the low-dose BPA exposed juvenile rats didn't present any structural and behavioral changes in our present study. Those results suggests that BPA exerts dose dependent and gender-specific effects on the cognition of juvenile animals. Our findings shed light on mechanisms underlying BPA effects on the juvenile animals.

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Chemical characteristics, antioxidant capacities and hepatoprotection of polysaccharides from pomegranate peel. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Carbohydr Polym. 2018 Dec 15 ;202:461-469. Epub 2018 Sep 7. PMID: 30287023 Abstract Title:  Chemical characteristics, antioxidant capacities and hepatoprotection of polysaccharides from pomegranate peel. Abstract:  This proposed work aimed to investigate the chemical characteristic, antioxidant capacities and hepatoprotection effect of pomegranate peel polysaccharides (PPP) on CCl-induced oxidative damage in mice. PPP was identified as the acidic heteropolysaccharides by HPLC methods. In vitro test showed that PPP had excellent reducing power and scavenging effects against free radicals. Administration of PPP (50, 100 and 200mg/kgbw) in mice before the injection of CClcould observably antagonize the increased serum alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase and hepatic malonaldehyde level in CCl-induced mice, especially administrated with 200mg/kgbw of PPP. Hepatic enzymatic activities of total superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, catalase and non-enzymatic activity of glutathione were markedly increased at high dosage of PPP, respectively. In addition, histopathological observation of liver further proved these biochemical characteristics. Therefore, it can be concluded that PPP exhibits strong protective effects against CCl-induced liver injury in mice.

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Obese rats supplemented with bitter melon display marked shifts in the expression of genes controlling inflammatory response and lipid metabolism. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Genes Genomics. 2018 06 ;40(6):561-567. Epub 2018 Feb 20. PMID: 29892950 Abstract Title:  Obese rats supplemented with bitter melon display marked shifts in the expression of genes controlling inflammatory response and lipid metabolism by RNA-Seq analysis of colonic mucosa. Abstract:  Obesity is known to induce pathological changes in the gut and diets rich in complex carbohydrates that resist digestion in the small bowel can alter large bowel ecology. The purposes of this study were to identify the effects of bitter melon powder (BMP) on the global gene expression pattern in the colon mucosa of obese rats. Obese rats were fed a high-fat diet and treated without or with BMP for 8 weeks. Genome-wide expression profiles of the colon mucosa were determined by RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) analysis at the end of experiment. A total of 87 genes were identified as differentially expressed (DE) between these two groups (fold change>1.2). These results were further validated by quantitative RT-PCR, confirming the high reliability of the RNA-Seq. Interestingly, DE genes implicated in inflammation and lipid metabolism were found to be downregulated by BMP in the colon. Network between genes and the top 15 KEGG pathways showedthat PRKC (protein kinase C beta) and Pla2g2a (phospholipase A2 group IIA) strongly interacted with surrounding pathways and genes. Results revealed that BMP supplement could remodel key colon functions by altering transcriptomic profile in obese rats.

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Emerging antitumor activities of the bitter melon. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Curr Protein Pept Sci. 2018 Jun 21. Epub 2018 Jun 21. PMID: 29932035 Abstract Title:  Emerging antitumor activities of the bitter melon (Momordica charantia). Abstract:  Bitter melon or bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) is a common vegetable in Asia and it is distinctive for its bitter taste. As an ingredient in folk medicine, research from different laboratories in recent years supports its potential medicinal applications with anti-tumor, anti-diabetic, anti-HIV activities in both in vitro and animal studies. In this short review, we summarize herein the recent progress in the antitumor aspect of bitter melon with a focus on the underlying molecular mechanisms. Further mechanistic studies as well as clinical trials are necessary to further verify its medicinal applications.

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Bitter melon extract might be useful for preventing and treating NAFLD. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Food Nutr Res. 2018 ;62. Epub 2018 Mar 22. PMID: 30026676 Abstract Title:  Bitter melon extract ameliorates palmitate-induced apoptosis via inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress in HepG2 cells and high-fat/high-fructose-diet-induced fatty liver. Abstract:  Background: Bitter melon (BM) improves glucose level, lipid homeostasis, and insulin resistance. However, the preventive mechanism of BM in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has not been elucidated yet.Aim & Design: To determine the protective mechanism of bitter melon extract (BME), we performed experimentsand. BME were treated palmitate (PA)-administrated HepG2 cells. C57BL/6J mice were divided into two groups: high-fat/high-fructose (HF/HFr) without or with BME supplementation (100 mg/kg body weight). Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, apoptosis, and biochemical markers were then examined by western blot and real-time PCR analyses.Results: BME significantly decreased expression levels of ER-stress markers (including phospho-eIF2, CHOP, and phospho-JNK [Jun N-terminal kinases]) in PA-treated HepG2 cells. BME also significantly decreased the activity of cleaved caspase-3 (a well known apoptotic-induced molecule) and DNA fragmentation. The effect of BME on ER stress-mediated apoptosiswas similarly observed in HF/HFr-fed mice. BME significantly reduced HF/HFr-induced hepatic triglyceride (TG) and serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT) as markers of hepatic damage in mice. In addition, BME ameliorated HF/HFr-induced serum TG and serum-free fatty acids.Conclusion: These data indicate that BME has protective effects against ER stress mediated apoptosis in HepG2 cells as well as in HF/HFr-induced fatty liver of mouse. Therefore, BME might be useful for preventing and treating NAFLD.

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Momordica charantia supplementation offers a safe alternative to reducing pain and improving symptoms among the primary knee osteoarthritis patients. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2018 Aug ;32:181-186. Epub 2018 Jun 28. PMID: 30057048 Abstract Title:  The effects of Momordica charantia (bitter melon) supplementation in patients with primary knee osteoarthritis: A single-blinded, randomized controlled trial. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Osteoarthritis is a common problem affecting the joints in the elderly, caused disability and consequently decrease the quality of life. The conservative treatment includes the usage of analgesia, but the use of herbal medicine is growing. Momordica charantia or bitter melon has been widely described to have anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects. However, its effect on reducing pain in primary knee osteoarthritis is not well studied. We aim to determine the effects of Momordica charantia in reducing pain among primary knee osteoarthritis patients.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-eight and thirty-seven primary knee osteoarthritis patients underwent 3 months of Momordica charantia and placebo supplementation respectively. Three 500mg per capsule of Momordica charantia were taken thrice daily. Rescue analgesia was allowed as needed. Pain and symptoms throughout the Momordica charantia supplementation period were assessed using Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score and EQ-5D-3L Health questionnaire, while rescue analgesia intake throughout the period of supplementation was measured using analgesic score.RESULTS: After 3 months supplementation period, body weight, body mass index, and fasting blood glucose reduced significantly in the Momordica charantia group. There were also significant improvements in Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score subscales and EQ-5D-3L dimension score, and reduction in analgesic score. The placebo group had also shown significant improvements in certain Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score subscales and EQ-5D-3L dimension score, but with increased of the analgesic score.CONCLUSION: Momordica charantia supplementation offers a safe alternative to reducing pain and improving symptoms among the primary knee osteoarthritis patients while reducing the need for analgesia consumption. These beneficial effects can be seen as early as 3 months of supplementation.

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These findings illustrate that bitter gourd leaves may be valuable for preventing hyperlipidemia and oxidative stress induced by high fat diet. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Pak J Pharm Sci. 2018 Sep ;31(5):1837-1843. PMID: 30150178 Abstract Title:  Hypolipidemic and antioxidant potential of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) leaf in mice fed on a high-fat diet. Abstract:  The purpose of this study was to investigate the antioxidant and hypolipidemic potential of bitter gourd (BG) leaf ethanol extract (LE) in mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD). Fifty mice were randomly separated into five groups with 10 animals of each group. The animals received normal diet (NC), HFD diet (HF), 200mg/kg/day LE with HFD (LLE), 400 mg/kg/day LE with HFD (MLE), 800mg/kg/day LE with HFD (HLE), respectively. After six weeks, HF group showed meaningfully (P

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Protective effects of Manuka honey on LPS-treated RAW 264.7 macrophages. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Food Chem Toxicol. 2018 Sep 3 ;121:203-213. Epub 2018 Sep 3. PMID: 30189316 Abstract Title:  Protective effects of Manuka honey on LPS-treated RAW 264.7 macrophages. Part 1: Enhancement of cellular viability, regulation of cellular apoptosis and improvement of mitochondrial functionality. Abstract:  Manuka honey (MH) is a monofloral honey from Australia and New Zealand, well-known for its healthy properties, such as antioxidant, antimicrobial and wound healing capacities. The aim of this work was to assess the phenolic composition and the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of MH, as well as its effects on cellular viability, proliferation, apoptosis and metabolism in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-treated RAW 264.7 macrophages, highlighting the molecular mechanisms involved. Up to 18 compounds were identified in MH, with gallic acid and quercetin as the major ones; MH showed also remarkable TAC. In addition, MH was able to enhance cellular viability, decrease apoptosis, promote wound healing and attenuate inflammation in a dose-dependent manner, by reducing the expression of caspase 3, p-p38 and p-Erk1/2 proteins, in macrophages stressed with LPS. In addition, it improved mitochondrial respiration and glycolytic activities, stimulating the expression of p-AMPK, SIRT1 and PGC1, counteracting in this way the deleterious effects of LPS treatment. In conclusion, one of the possible mechanisms by which MH exerts its beneficial effects could be to its capacity to improve cellular viability, promote proliferation and enhance energetic metabolism, by modulating the expressionof several proteins involved in apoptosis, inflammation, metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis.

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Pycnogenol may be a useful supplementation for the management of Behet syndrome. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Minerva Cardioangiol. 2018 Aug ;66(4):386-390. PMID: 29975020 Abstract Title:  Behet syndrome: effects of Pycnogenol supplementation during regression phases. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: The aim of this comparative registry study was to evaluate the supplementation with Pycnogenol in subjects with Behet syndrome (BS) with symptoms impairing their quality of life despite being in a remitting phase of the disease.METHODS: Thirty-four patients with a confirmed diagnosis of BS were divided into the control group (without supplement) or the active group, in this specific case using Pycnogenol (Horphag Research LTD) supplement at the daily dose of 150 mg (50 mg tid) for 4 weeks.RESULTS: All subjects receiving Pycnogenol reported a significant decrease in symptoms, such as burning/pain due to dryness and ulcerations (P

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Video: A War Democrats Cannot Hope To Win "IndyWatch Feed Health"

An isolated and desperate Democratic party is now increasingly resorting to terrorism, despite the backlash that it is causing.

You may watch this on YouTube if there are any problems watching the video at this site.


Humans Draw Energy From Each Other the Same Way Plants Do "IndyWatch Feed Health"

We all know that to grow, plants and flowers need water and light to grow. Well, what if you were told that we as humans are no different and that our physical bodies soak up the environment that surrounds us like sponges? If youve ever noticed a feeling of being uncomfortable in a specific group... View Article

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Cannabis For Pets- These CBD Treats Are Treating Pain, Stopping Seizures, And Healing Animals "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Medical CBD is an isolated compound found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant. (1) It is a non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating substance, and already has a long history of being used by humans as a non-pharmaceutical treatment for a number of ailments. It is a major contender in recent breakthrough treatments for epilepsy. (2) Research is also... View Article

The post Cannabis For Pets- These CBD Treats Are Treating Pain, Stopping Seizures, And Healing Animals appeared first on Healthy Holistic Living.

Thursday, 11 October


Parry Sound doctors supporting fluoridation misinformed, reader "IndyWatch Feed Health"

I read the Oct. 5 opinion letter by a group of local doctors trying to convince Parry Sounders to vote in favour of fluoridation in the upcoming plebiscite.

As one of the persons derogatorily labeled as a so-called expert, Id like to offer some corrections and facts in response based on science, not politics or endorsements.

Claim1: As health professionals we serve as first-hand witnesses to the impact that poor dental hygiene has on the overall health of the community.

This is an odd statement, since physicians do not practice dentistry and are not familiar with dental science.

Fact: poor dietary choices (frequent sugar intake) cause cavities. Poor dental hygiene is a not a major factor in the prevalence and severity of dental decay.

Claim 2. Cavities cost Canadians over a billion dollars a year.

Sounds impressive, but thats only $27/person/yr.

Fact: Other dental costs, including cosmetic dentistry to treat the dental fluorosis side effects of fluoridation, are 12 times higher.

Claim 3. The truth is, fluoride in drinking water has been scientifically studied for over 70 years without ever finding evidence that the low levels recommended in municipal drinking water have any negative health effects

Fact: While fluoridation has been in place for 70 years, studies have not been conducted to show safety. Our expert review panel (the National Academies of Sciences Committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water) reviewed over hundreds of studies on fluoride toxicity. See We found several problems with fluoride in drinking water because fluoride accumulates in the body, primarily the skeletal system.

Our own study (Chachra et al, 2010) published after our NAS Review of 2006 comparing the bones of fluoridated Torontonians with the bones of the non-fluoridated Montrealers showed that the people in Toronto had more fluoride in their bones and the physical properties of their bones had changed. Fluoride accumulation in bones weakens them.

But if you dont look for problems you wont find them.

There has never been a randomized, double-blinded clinical trial to see if fluoridation actually works. This kind of study is required for every drug that seek...

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