Emotions ran high in Edgartown this week over a recent board of health decision to move forward with a plan to add fluoride to town water.

At a meeting Tuesday, members of the water commission and some town residents continued to call for the board of health to rescind its vote, amid heated questions about the process.

Opponents are circulating a petition calling for water fluoridation to be placed on the ballot at the town election this spring.

Petitioners stood outside the Old Whaling Church before a special town meeting Tuesday to gather signatures.

The issue was discussed at a water commission meeting a few hours earlier, which was attended by two of the three board of health members, the town health agent, a handful of residents and selectman Art Smadbeck.

The board of health is scheduled to take up the issue again at a meeting next Tuesday.

The board voted in October to take steps to fluoridate the town water supply, following a process dictated by state law. Residents have 90 days after notice of the vote to gather a petition, signed by 10 per cent of voters, to bring the issue to a binding town vote.

Fluoride has been added to public water since the 1940s to prevent tooth decay. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 75 per cent of people in the United States receive fluoridated public water. On the Vineyard, Oak Bluffs is the only town that adds fluoride to water.

In Edgartown the board of healths decision sparked debate at a meeting last week. Discussion centered on whether there was another option to bring the issue to a town vote and concerns that fluoridation would go through without town residents weighing in. Health agent Matt Poole and board members Harold Zadeh and Dr. Garrett Orazem have said they are doing their jobs in protecting public health, and that they followed state law and what they thought was the best process to bring the issue to a town vote.

Board of health representatives also said they support the petition initiative, saying that their vote to pursue fluoridation was the first step and they welcome a binding town vote.

Mr. Poole said Tuesday that the board is waiting for more information from town counsel and the D...