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Monday, 18 September


The Beauty of Car Photography: A Look Through the Eyes of Easton Chang "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Meet Easton Chang, an internationally recognized car photographer. In this 5-minute profile by SmugMug Films, get a glimpse into how Chang captures incredibly unique images of performance cars.

Chang shoots using all sorts of different techniques for his cars: panning, tracking, and aerial action shots.

Cars are much more than an inanimate object, says Chang.

Hes a car-fanatic first and a photographer second. The former was what birthed his love of being creative behind the lens to convey his passion to others.

I wanted to show the world, and online, my passion for cars and what I was seeing through my own eyes, he continues.

Every car is different. Every location is different, and the character of the car is always different.



Heres a Handy New Site That Converts iOS 11 .heic Photos to JPEG "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

iOS 11 will mean that your iPhone takes its photos in this new format rather than JPEG as we are used to in an effort to save a reported 50% in file size (with no loss of quality).

But using these new .heic files probably wont be so simple to use readily. But, from the creators of Beamr and JPEGMini, HEICtoJPG will allow you to easily convert them.

Its able to process up to 30 files at a time, and using the service is as easy as just drag and dropping.

Once converted, youre given a link to click and that will download the JPEG straight to your computer.

The best part is that the HEIC files that are converted to a JPG will then be optimized by JPEGmini, so the quality of the photo will remain the same but the size of the file will be smaller, Beamr tells PetaPixel.

HEIC files are capable of storing both single images as well as image sequences (such as photo bursts or video clips) using both lossy and lossless compression. Audio and text can also be stored alongside image sequences. The new...


How I Shot Cliff Divers with a Total Solar Eclipse "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

This is a post about photography plus trigonometry. I remember half joking with my math teachers in high school, asking why do we need to learn this? Im never going to use it in life. Fast forward to 4 months ago when Red Bull Media House calls and wants to shoot a cliff diver eclipse photo.

After doing some research, I discovered that the eclipse would be in totality at a very high point in the sky, and it would be very difficult to line up with the divers given the long focal length needed. We had to figure out the correct angle, height, and distance. Luckily I retained some of that math knowledge (and also had some help) and was able to pinpoint every position, height, and angle needed for our shot list.


We prepared for this shoot for four months. With so many moving parts and elements that need to perfectly align, preparation was definitely the key to success. We needed the perfect location with the right amount of distance of open space and it had to be in the path of totality. We also needed a spot for the divers to dive and to make sure the divers were high enough in the air to align perfectly with the sun.

After looking all over the country at different locations, we choose a farm in McMinnville, Oregon, with a large wide open field. There was a dive tank (normally used in traveling carnivals and other performances) erected in the middle of the open space, and we had it filled with 30,000 gallons of water (which was later used to water the very dry and dusty field.)

For the days leading up to the shoot, we used a range finder to map out shooting positions and tested focal lengths, dive times, and lighting.

Hanging and Controlling Lights

Im not too keen on heights and although I worked in a theater in college and I would hang lights in catwalks about 20-30 feet up, I couldnt imagine myself climbing and hoisting lights up an 85-foot tall tower. Just standing under it looking up gave me chills. So we enlisted the help of one of the amazing dive tank crew members Clark to help with rigging and hanging each one of the lights. We used Kupo Grip Super Viser Clamps to mount the lights to a pole that stuck out 2 feet so the light could be angled correctly....


Harnessing the Power of Auto-Stacking in Lightroom "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Auto-stacking in Lightroom can quickly organize a huge set of images in to more manageable stacks, which are small groups of images grouped according to their capture time. This 6-minute video from photographer Anthony Morganti shows how you can use the feature to speed up your workflow.

Auto-stacking is especially useful when you are taking burst images, like Morganti in his wildlife photography example. Normally this will result in a huge grid or filmstrip of near-identical images, which is difficult to deal with. By stacking them, you can reduce the size of the grid and quickly see which images were shot as a burst.

To enable the feature, right-click on any image in your film strip or grid and select Stacking>Auto-Stack by Capture Time.

You will get a dialog that lets you choose the time between stacks. The default shown in the above image is set to 01:00, which means that any image that was taken within a 1-minute period will be stacked.

At first, you wont see anything change. To collapse the stacks and clean up your film strip, youll need to again right click an image and this time select Stacking>Collapse All Stacks. Your film strip will instantly shrink and you will see numbers in the corner of each image indicating how many images are in the stack.

Another great use of this feature is for image bracketing, where you take a series of images within a short period in order to later combine them for an HDR. By setting the capture time period to something shorter, you can auto...


The Story Behind That Viral Distracted Boyfriend Meme Photo "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

One of the hottest memes this year is the Distracted Boyfriend, also known as Man Looking at Other Woman. It shows a man looking backward, checking out another woman while his partner gives him a disapproving look.

The photo emerged in memes earlier in 2017 before going extremely viral and peaking in August. If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, theres a good chance youve seen this meme in one form or another. Heres one example of the meme geared towards photographers:

A look at the Google Trends chart shows how the meme absolutely blew up in late August 2017:

As the craze is dying down a bit, we caught up with photographer Antonio Guillem, the man behind the original stock photo, titled Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl, to learn more about the shot and the story behind it.

Guillem is a 45-year-old professional advertising photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. For the past 5 years, he has been working 16-hour days, primarily shooting images for microstock agencies.

We are one of the top sellers microstock photographers in the world, Guillem says. 3 years and a half after we started, we were selling 1,600 photos a day.

Guillem says his best-selling photos are currently being purchased over 6,000 times every year, and this meme photo doesnt rank among his most popular work it sells about 700 times a year.



Canons M-i1 Mini Projector Can Beam Your Cameras Photos Wirelessly "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Canon has launched a new mini projector, the Mini Projector M-i1, that can be used to project photos and video wirelessly without needing a computer.

It measures only 105mm x 105mm x 22mm and weighs just 235 grams, but its able to project 1080p Full HD video over up to 3 meters, producing an 84-inch screen. The minimum distance for projection is 0.5 meters, which will produce a 14-inch screen.

The brightness of the screen is 701lm, and this is done using an LED light which is expected to last for around 10,000 hours of operation.

The projector will work over WiFi or Bluetooth, meaning that it can hook-up to smartphones, tablets, and even WiFi-enabled Canon cameras. This totally bypasses the need for a computer, allowing you to project photos on the fly.

Canon has targeted this new projector at a niche market that includes photographers looking to make presentations outdoors, or perhaps in conferences in open spaces where a larger projector would not be practical.

The projector will be able to read and project data stored in its embedded memory, or via a USB stick. It can be operated by a touchpad and has a built-in battery that lasts 2 hours.

You can even use the projector to charge a mobile phone, just like you would a normal battery pack.

Canon hasnt announced a release date yet, but it will be available at the Canon online store for approx...


This Photo Booth Shoots Professional Headshots for $20 "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

IRIS is a new photo booth thats designed to shoot professional portraits of professionals for only $20. Instead of looking like typical photo book snapshots, the portraits are supposed to look like they were shot by a headshot photographer with studio lighting.

You can pay for your shoot on the IRIS website before visiting a booth, or you can make your payment at the booth itself.

Once youre inside the booth, enter your email to get things rolling. The screen will then guide you with instructions and advice for posing.

Your session includes 6 different shots. You can pick one to edit afterward on the screen using professional retouching tools things like teeth whitening, blemish removal, and skin softening.

After youre satisfied with your photos, you can choose to download one high-res photo file from the IRIS website as part of your paid session. If youd like the other 5 photos as well, you can purchase them for an additional $5.

Here are some sample photos that show what the IRIS photo booth can do:



Why to Shoot 2,300 Photos Even if You Only Need 3 "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Whats the point in shooting thousands of frames when your client only wants a few? In this 10-minute video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P Morgan shares his entire process during a shoot and why he takes thousands of different shots.

If youve been commissioned on a shoot, its unlikely that your client wants to publish the thousands of images you may take. But by doing so you provide ample choice for the perfect shot that correctly fits their taste and style.

During a product shoot with a case used for transporting fishing equipment, Morgan shot 2,300 photos for his client.

He started by capturing a number of images of the subject walking away from his car with the case. Morgan captured every moment during a typical fly fishermans day, ensuring that absolutely every angle was covered.

Whats interesting is hearing how he minutely adjusts his angles and settings based on the results he is getting in the field, and that comes from constantly checking his shots on the cameras LCD.

While it may be obvious that shooting more than the single few frames youll ultimately be delivering is a good thing, the most helpful point you can take from this video is all of the different ways you can work to capture one single product effectively.


Is Zenit launching a rebranded Leica SL? "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Zenit made some noise lately because they announced they wil launch a new Leica alike mirrorless system camera in 2018. But according to USSRphoto (via Petapixel) this isnt a Leica rival. This is simply going to be a rebranded and

The post Is Zenit launching a rebranded Leica SL? appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

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Sunday, 17 September


Ep. 212: Nikon Doesnt Hate Women. Promise. and more "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Episode 212 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
Download MP3   Subscribe via iTunesGoogle Playemail or RSS!

Featured: Sony Alpha Collective member, Kathryn Dyer

In This Episode

If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to...

Saturday, 16 September


An Open Letter About Sexism, Feminism, and the Industry That I Love So Much "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

My name is Susan Stripling, and Im a wedding photographer based in New York. This is an open letter about sexism, feminism, the industry that I love so much, and everything in between

I have been a wedding photographer since 2002. I was 24 years old when I started my business.

I took out a loan to start my business. A small one. I remember the man at the bank talking to me like I was a child when I was setting up the paperwork. He told me that if it didnt work out, I could always stay home with my kids.

In 2004, an industry leader that I formerly respected kissed me on the mouth at a photography convention. I did not want that to happen. I did not ask for it. I spent the rest of the convention wondering what I had done to provoke that. I never once realized that no matter what Id said, done, or worn, it wasnt okay. I eventually told people, but I still feel strange shame about it, even thirteen years later.

In 2006, I walked into a vendor booth at a popular trade show and watched the men in the booth approach every male who walked through their area with a sales pitch, never once approaching me. When I pointed it out to the male friend I was walking with, he didnt believe me. He wasnt being cruel or accusing me of lying, he just didnt see it happen, and thought I was being too sensitive.

(I cant even tell you the number of times Ive complained to male friends or colleagues about how much I get ignored at camera stores and the like without them at least once saying Aw, that must all be in your head, that doesnt really happen. Which means that they never SAW it happen, but it would be super great if theyd just believe my word.)

In 2007, a guest at a wedding cornered me against a bandstand and shouted in my face to take a picture of my dick! He pinned me against the stage and kept shouting it. I had to go get the male photographer that I was there with to help me out of the situation.

In 2008, I stood on a small platform to speak for one of the first times ever. After talking extensively about photography in a very technical manner, the first question I was asked by a member of the audience was How do you balance your business and your personal life?

At almost every wedding I shoot, someone asks me Who watches your kids while youre at weddings? No one ever asked my ex-husband who watched his kids while he w...

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