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Wednesday, 22 November


How This Portrait Was Shot and Edited, From Planning to Final Photo "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Photographer Francisco Hernandez has launched a new video series titled Behind the Shot that will document the entire process of how a photo of created, from concept to finished image. In this 12-minute video, Hernandez shares how he shot a portrait of a model named Barbie.

Hernandez originally met Barbie back in 2014 when he was just starting out. After sending out around 40 messages to photographers in search of an assistant position, Hernandez heard back from one based about an hour away. It was at the first shoot with the photographer that Hernandez met Barbie, and this is one of the portraits that resulted then:

Earlier this year, Barbie contacted Hernandez and asked if he would be able to do a portrait shoot. She suggested a location, and Hernandez agreed after taking a look at it through Google Street View. Barbie also selected her own outfit and did her own makeup.

Since he was planning to expose for the sky, Hernandez had an assistant hold a reflector to illuminate the darker shadows in the shot.

Heres what a first straight-out-of-camera test shot looked like without any lighting on the model:

After adding in the light and reflector, Hernandez found that placing the octobox 3.5 feet away was too far and didnt illuminate his subject well despite being at full power.

When Hernandez moved the octobox to about a foot away and the reflector closer as well, heres what resulted (the straight out of camera shot without the octobox cloned out from the upper left hand corner):

Hernandez boosted exposure and brought down highlights (to prevent the sky from stealing attention from the model).



On Making It as a Photographer, or: What if Your House Burned Down? "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

What if your house burned down? Have you still made it as a photographer?

3 weeks ago I was sitting, much as I do now, winding down on a Saturday evening, finding some time to write a newsletter and blog post. I had just released an image shot for Kohler, a company whose advertising I had wanted to be a part of for a long time, and wanted to write something around this image and the process to create it.

Earlier in the day, I had listened to comedian Bill Burr being interviewed on Tim Ferriss podcast. A good laugh, as always with Bill Burr, balanced by Tims prodding for life lessons.

At one point, they talked about accomplishments and the idea of making it. Bill Burr had bought a house and said to his wife I know you are not supposed to say this, but I made it!

He continues, Theres a sickness in this business of: if you think you made it, youre going to relax and then its all going to go away!

No! I tell jokes for a living and I bought a house. I MADE IT!

The stigma is that one cant, as a photographer or creative, say or admit that you have made it. The second you do, you relax and lose your drive and creativity I can so relate, and Bill Burrs thoughts lingered with me as I started writing.

Shooting for Kohler was a long time goal of mine creatively and by Bill Burrs standard of buying a house, I have made it several times over.

So have I really made it?

I settled in that evening reflecting on what I had accomplished as a photographer and the blog post shifted to words about goals and the acknowledgment of reaching them. Of pausing and being content for a moment rather than going straight into the chase of creating another image or landing the next assignment.

That was my Saturday 4 weeks ago.

That Sunday night, we were woken up by flashlights shining into our bedroom window and our neighbor shouting that the hillsides were on fire. We packed our essentials and got out.

That was October 8th.

The weeks since have been indescribable. The fires around Sonoma and Napa in California, where we live, burned more than 100,000 acres. Lives were lost and neighborhoods left in ashes. One of my best friends and 5 of our neighbors lost their homes. It is devastating.

There are many emotions around the 17 days we were in mandatory evacuation. My per...


Photoshop CC Easter Eggs: Monkey, Banana, Coffee, and Toast "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Heres a quick look at how you find each one (keep in mind that these are entirely for fun, i.e. completely useless):

Layer Monkey

While you have a document open, select Window->Layer Comps. Create a new Layer Comp.

Rename that Layer Comp to Layer Monkey 0, and youll suddenly see a cute monkey face icon looking back at you instead of the standard comps icon.

Layer Monkey! appears in English no matter what the app or OS language is, Adobe tells PetaPixel. To dismiss Layer Monkey: Rename the Layer Monkey 0 Layer Comp to any other name.

The Banana Toolbar

This easter egg is one we shared recently. First, open up the Customize Toolbar menu by either selecting Edit->Toolbar or by clicking the on your toolbar and selecting the option there.

Hold Shift while clicking the Done button, and voila! Your toolbars Edit Toolbar icon has now been replaced by a yellow banana.

To get rid of this banana, open up the same Customize Toolbar menu and hold Ctrl/Cmd while clicking on Done instead of Shift.

Coffee & Toast

You can replace Photoshops UX color chips with icons of coffee or toast. First, open up Photoshop/Edit->Preferences->Interface.

To replace the color chips with Toast, hold Shift and Opt/Alt...


7 Ways to Enhance Eyes in Photoshop "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Heres an in-depth 28-minute tutorial from the Photoshop Training Channel that will show you how to enhance and create amazing eyes in portrait photos using Photoshop.

Each technique forms a different step to a thorough eye enhancement, but all adjustments should be made on separate layers so that your edits are not destructive.

1. Remove the Red Lines

The first step to better eyes is to remove those unwanted red lines in the whites of the eye. At this point, you can also remove unwanted eyelashes that look unattractive and obtrusive.

2. Selecting the Eyes

To make it easy to apply different adjustments to the eyes, separating them onto their own layer is ideal. With some clever selection work, you can take just the iris of the eye and bring it over to a separate layer.

3. Dodging and Burning the Eyes

Using the dodging and burning tools will allow you to bring more contrast into the iris. Darkening the tops of the iris, underneath the eyelashes, gives much more punch to the shot.

4. Adding Highlights to the Eye

The introduction of a highlight to the lower part of the iris will add that glint typical of magazine covers. After having created a moon shaped selection at the bottom of the iris, a white fill color with blur applied will lay the foundations of the highlight. Using the Overlay blend mode, it will suddenly appear much more natural and appealing.

5. Adding Contrast

Temporarily disabling your dodging/burning and highlights adjustment, a Curves adjustment layer applied to the iris layer you created before will allow you to directly apply contrast to the target area.

Normally you would see the color emphasized strongly by an adjustment of the curves, but if you only want to adjust the luminosity of the iris with your Curves tweak then that is possible too. Just select the Luminance blend mode, and youre good to go.

6. Changing the Eye Color

Not happy with your models eye color? No problem. You can change this with a simple Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. If you tick the Colorize checkbox in the dialog window, your adjustment will apply to the entire iris layer.

7. Remove Chromatic Aberration

If youre getting a purple outline around the catchlight in the eye, this can be remov...



The Germans know how to bake, and Buchteln is a perfect example of that.  I do fantasize a little about one day opening up a German Bakeryamongst my list of other things I want to be when I grow up.  I found Das Cookbook right after I came home from Germany and realized that I could not live one more day without German pretzels in my life.  No where, NO WHERE in St George sells a real, fresh German pretzel so I set out to learn how to make them and this cookbook has been a lifesaver.  Not only does it include recipes for classics like Pretzels, Buchteln and Spatzle, but it has other amazing recipes-all with a slight Californian twist SO BASICALLY THE MOST PERFECT COOKBOOK FOR ME EVER.

leftover thanksgiving ideas for cold turkey and cranberry sauce

What is Buchteln you ask?  Its magical.  Its delicious.  Its what you daydream about when you think about rolls.  Basically the Germans (I think technically the Austrians came up with these buteh) decided to just go ahead a pre-fill a sweet dinner roll with jam and then slather butter all over the outside so all you have to do is grab one and eat it as soon as their done baking.



Unexpected: Panasonic will announce something Big right before Christmas! "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

I really though that with yesterdays Leica CL release announcement we were done with product announcements for 2017. But 43rumors reports that Panasonic will give us a Christmas surprise by announced some kind of big MFT news. We dont k

The post Unexpected: Panasonic will announce something Big right before Christmas! appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

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Tuesday, 21 November


Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits: I Did a Photo Shoot in Lowes "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

A few weeks ago, a model friend of mine, Rachelle Kathleen, and I were planning to meet for a fun little photo shoot. Instead of searching out the usual beautiful locations around where we live, I had the idea to do just the opposite. I wanted to go somewhere ugly by all conventional photography standards and then see what we could do with it. Lowes seemed like the perfect option.

The point was to challenge ourselves. I wanted somewhere with horrible lighting and limited backdrops. Somewhere that made absolutely no sense for a photo shoot. Our local Lowes home improvement retail store hits all those points. Before we went in we decided on a few rules:

1. We had to work with whatever was already there. I brought in just my camera without any artificial lighting or props. She simply brought a small bag with a couple outfit options.

2. We couldnt rearrange the displays or make any big changes. In one instance (as youll see later) we moved a cart from the side of the aisle to the center, but then put it right back. Weve both spent years in the service industry, we werent about to leave the workers with a trashed store an hour before closing time on a Sunday night.

3. Wed stop shooting if anyone was in the background. We didnt want to give anyone any reason to complain, so we went to a place that was completely empty of customers, and if someone did show up, we lowered the camera until they were done browsing and left the area.

Of course, if none of this was allowed we wouldve left, but as soon as we walked in an employee asked if they could help us and I asked, We were just going to take a few photos, is that okay?

He replied, Of course! I was just wondering why she was so overdressed for a trip to the hardware store!

Since they were about an hour from closing the store was almost completely empty. Anyone we did come in contact with was super friendly, if not slightly curious. We had a few people stop and watch, but thats to be expected anytime Rachelle models anywhere. The girl just cant help but stop traffic.

And this is what we got! Ive included the cell-phone pic of the actual location along with each photoset, so you can see what we were working with.

Lowes Location 1: The Paint Samples



A Nikon D850 Review for Nature Photographers "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Its finally here! My Nikon D850 review is finally finished! It took me 11 states, two countries, eight weeks, and 16,000 images to get it done, but here it is! This is a true field test loaded with real-world examples, advice, and tons of tips for getting the most from all the new features.

Yes, its a bit of a long review, but I didnt want to simply tell you about the new features I wanted to show you how to use them as well. Nothing more frustrating than a review that tells you about some amazing new feature but leaves you clueless when it comes to using it, right? Well, rest assured this will give you all that and more. So, sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy!

I also wanted to include some extras to go along with the video. These are either items that people have frequently asked about or that I referred to in the video.

D850 Bird In Flight (BIF) Settings

One of the questions I am getting a LOT is about bird-in-flight (BIF) settings. As with my other cameras, this sensor sees a lot of flying feathers, so youre in luck!

As always, keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you and thats cool we can still be friends.

Focus Mode: AF-C of course. Since I use BBAF, Im always in AF-C. However, if youre more of a shutter release shooter, youll want to make sure you remember to switch to AF-C for action or face cards full of 46MP disappointments. AF-C is the only mode that can track/follow your subject, so, if youll pardon the pun, its the only way to fly!

AF Activation: For me, its always Back Button AF. It gives you the best of both AF-S and AF-C without all the switching back and forth. Rather than ramble on, Ill refer you to this good-looking guy who did a video on the subject:



Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Share Photos in 4K High Resolution "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Facebook has just introduced the ability to share high-resolution photos on its Messenger app. This makes for a much better, and less compressed, visual user experience for the countless people who send photos to one another every day through the popular app.

Were making significant investments in how people communicate visually on Messenger, says Facebook in a statement.

Photos up to 4,096px x 4,096px in size can now be shared at their maximum resolution. According to Facebook, the new photo sizes will be shared just as quickly as before.

These comparison images show the benefit of 4K photo-sharing on the app (the quality before is on the left, and the 4K resolution is on the right):

Once you have updated your app to the latest version, high-resolution photo-sharing will happen automatically since its the new default setting.

As of today, both Android and iPhone users in the US, Canada, France, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea will benefit from the 4K resolution sharing. Other countries will be added to the rollout in the coming weeks.



Yashicas Faux Film Y35 Camera Raises $1.28 Million on Kickstarter "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

It seems that a lot of photography enthusiasts want to shoot a stripped down digital camera with pretend film rolls. The Kickstarter campaign for Yashicas new Y35 DigiFilm camera is now over, and it managed to raise a staggering HK$10,035,296 (~$1,284,559) from 6,935 supporters to bring the camera to market.

Yashica, a Japanese camera brand with a storied history, began teasing a comeback to the camera market in mid-September. Days later, it announced that it would be announcing an unprecedented camera, sparking speculation that the company might announce a serious mirrorless camera.

When the Y35 was announced on October 10th, it was instantly clear that the camera wasnt geared toward serious, advanced photographers. Instead, it was a stripped down digital camera with pretend film rolls called DigiFilm.

To change your photo format, style, and sensitivity, instead of adjusting settings in the camera, you insert the specific DigiFilm roll youd like. There will 4 basic DigiFilm rolls at launch: ISO 1600 High Speed, Black & White (ISO 400), ISO 200 Ultra Fine, and 120 Format.

After the initial announcement, Yashica unveiled two additional DigiFilms as well. The first is called Unexpected 2017 (in my fancy), which gives your photos a warm color tone and worn out look.



Museum Offers Free Film Digitization for Black Families "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

The National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C, is offering African American families free digitization services so that they can bring analog media into the digital age.

As part of The Great Migration Home Movie Project, the NMAAHC wants to partner with individuals and organizations across the United States to preserve their important analog audiovisual media.

16mm, Super 8, and Regular 8mm film can be digitized and then made searchable in the museums archives. Audio recordings and videotapes in Hi-8/8mm, MiniDV, 3/4 U-matic, VHS, Betacam, 1 open reel video, and 1/2 open reel video formats will also be available for digitization.

While major motion picture film and television historically lacked diverse representation, black history was instinctively being preserved in everyday home movies, says the NMAAHC on its website. Today, these personal narratives serve as an invaluable tool for understanding and re-framing black moving image history, and provide a much-needed visualization of African American history and culture.

The digitized media will become part of the Community Curation Program and be immortalized in the museums archives of African American history. Lifehacker reports that select materials will eventually become part of the Family History Center...


Editing images in Luminar. A new raw processing photo editor similar to Lightroom Brining out the color in this image from the Alvord. "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Editing images in Luminar. A new raw processing photo editor similar to Lightroom Brining out the color in this image from the Alvord.


The Sony a7R III Eats Stars: New Report "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Has Sony actually fixed its star eater issue in the new a7R III? Photographer Drew Geraci tested the camera earlier this month and found that the problem is no more, but now new reports are suggesting that the a7R III does indeed still eat stars and cause them to disappear in long exposures.

DPReview sent engineer Jim Kasson a set of star photos from the a7R III to analyze, and after analyzing the spectra and generating a series of graphs, Kasson concluded that the Sony a7R III eats stars.

It turns out that the spatial filtering, which is called the star eater algorithm because of its effect on some kinds of astrophotography, is readily identifiable by looking at Fourier transforms of dark-field exposures, Kasson writes. You dont need to shoot stars to tell whether the camera has an appetite for them.

Kasson finds that once exposure time hits 4 seconds, spatial filtering kicks in big-time.

DPReview writes that after it examined star photos shot wit...


Bus Photobombs Ruins Shot of Georgia Dome Implosion in a Hilarious Way "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

The Georgia Dome stadium was demolished yesterday after serving for decades as the home of the Atlanta Falcons NFL football team. During the event, one unlucky cameraman was on the receiving end of one of the funniest bus photobombs youll see.

The 46-second video above shows what happened to the cameraman operating The Weather Channels livestream of the event. After 40 minutes of waiting to capture the implosion for the world to see, the cameraman was horrified to see a large bus roll into the frame at the exact moment the implosion began.

No bus! Get out of the way! the cameraman screams. Bus! ****! Get out of the way bus! Are you kidding me? ****! Ugh! What the ****! ****! ****! ****!

And with perfect timing, once the stadium has completely disappeared from sight, the bus calmly rolls away with its mission accomplished.

As this video began going viral, Sports Illustrated seized on the opportunity and released its own video showing how this same MARTA bus ruined some of the greatest sports moments in recent years:

So the next time youre ready with your camera to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment, beware this MARTA bus.

(via The Weather Channel via Fstoppers)



Leica Unveils the CL, A Crop Mirrorless Camera with a Classic Design "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Leica has just announced the new CL, an APS-C mirrorless camera with a more classic design and interface, as well as the new Elmarit-TL 18 mm f/2.8 ASPH, the smallest wide-angle APS-C lens.

Leica CL

With stunning image quality even in low-light scenarios new electronic viewfinder technology and superb video capabilities, the Leica CL is the ultimate tool to capture everyday moments, all customizable to the photographers style, Leica says.

The new Leica CL sits alongside the Leica TL2 in the companys APS-C crop sensor lineup. The two cameras are similar, except the CL will be more appealing to serious photographers in a number of ways.

While the TL2 is futuristic and minimalist in its design, with a backside dominated by a large touchscreen, the CL has a more traditional Leica physical interface that features classic buttons and dials.



Leica officially announces the new CL camera and 18mm lens "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Leica finally announced the new CL camera and the 18mm pancake lens: Preorders: Leica CL at BHphoto. Leica 18mm lens at BHphoto. Reviews and hands-on: Review by Jonathan Slack. CL camera at CameraJabber. ThePhoBlographer. ePhotozine. Leica CL vs TL2 at

The post Leica officially announces the new CL camera and 18mm lens appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


RETIRING FROM BIRTH "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

I have many loves in my life.  I love my family and caring for them.  I love creating through photos, design and video.  I love baking and cooking.  And you guys, I love childbirth.  Birth has become so important to me.  Working in birth has felt important and worthy and fulfilling.  Writing about what childbirth looks like, assisting Cyndi in the delivery of babies, being a labor support and doula for women and photographing birth all felt like my calling in life.

This blog, my photo work, my life plans all revolved around childbirth.  I put all of my eggs in the birth basket and felt like I was right where I needed to be.


The question wasnt if I was going back to school to become a midwife, but when.  During my difficult pregnancy with Fox I would lay in bed and plan my triumphant return to work assisting, photographing and writing about all things birth.  Daydreaming about finally getting to have my own homebirth kept me going while pregnant.  I really loved this work I felt so called to do.

And then after Foxs delivery and my exhausting pregnancy I put off returning to work.  I referred out my birth photo clients and told Cyndi I wasnt quite ready.  I started re-certifying in Neonatal Resuscitation and moving forward to getting the ball rolling and then everything with Stella happened.



New leaked images of the Leica CL and the 18mm Elmarit lens "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

We are only few hours away from the official Leica CL announcement. And here are two leaked images of the new Leica CL. UPDATE: Leica Japan published the Leica CL and Elmarit Lens pages few hours before the announcement. UPDATE:

The post New leaked images of the Leica CL and the 18mm Elmarit lens appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

Monday, 20 November


Evening near the rim rock of Hart mountain in Lake county Oregon. "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Evening near the rim rock of Hart mountain in Lake county Oregon.


DxOMarks Pentax 645Z Review is Out After 2 Year Delay, Scores 101 "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Last month, we reported that DxOMark had reviewed the Pentax 645Z back in 2015 and given it a highest-ever score of 101 before pausing its medium format camera reviews prior to publishing any. That Pentax 645Z review is finally out, and DxOMark still has glowing things to say about the camera.

DxOMark says the 51.4-megapixel camera has extremely good image quality scores, and the large pixels on the sensor gives the camera the best low-light ISO scores ever recorded up to this point among all cameras.

Its clear from our testing that the Pentax 645Zs sensor is extremely capable, coming within a whisper of matching the performance of the Hasselblad X1D sensor (our highest-scoring sensor to date), DxOMark says. The 645Zs high dynamic range and color sensitivity make it ideally suited for capturing the types of scenes that are traditionally favored by medium-format photographers landscapes, weddings, portraits, and still lifes (commercial).

The camera is interesting to compare against the Nikon D850, DxOMark says. The Pentax has a sensor thats 1.7 times larger, but the D850 is about 3 years newer. The Nikon D850 actually stacks up well against the medium format camera thanks to Sonys sensor manufacturing prowess.

While the 645Z beats the Nikon sensor in our tests, the Nikon comes closer than you might expect, given the size difference, DxOMark says. If Sony made a medium-format sensor with the s...


The Photographer Behind Windows XP Bliss Shot 3 New Wallpapers "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Bliss, the photo used as the default wallpaper on Windows XP, is considered to be the most-viewed photo in the history of the world. The photographer behind that iconic photo has just published three new photo wallpapers, this time for smartphones.

Charles ORear captured his famous photo in 1996 in Sonoma County, California, using a medium format camera while on his way to visit his girlfriend. The photo was sent to Corbis before Microsoft purchased the photo rights in 2000, the year before Windows XP was launched.

Now, 21 years later after Bliss was shot, the airline Lufthansa recently recruited ORear to shoot the next generation of wallpapers. The project is titled New Angles of America.

I am turning seventy-six and realize how much the Microsoft Bliss photograph has meant to my life, ORear says. As the photographer of the most viewed photo in history, I have enjoyed every minute of the fame.

Likewise, I am thrilled to create for Lufthansa a sequel to the Bliss photo on smartphones so that my views of other beautiful places can continue to be enjoyed by millions of people. After all, smartphones have become the primary place for the world to see new and interesting photography. And, Im glad to be part of it.

Here are the three new photos ORear captured while visiting famous landscapes in the United States:

Maroon Bells (Colorado)

Peek-A-Boo Slot (Utah)

White Pocket (Arizona)

Heres a short video about this project that shows ORear shooting the Bliss sequels:

You can download high-resolution versions of these photos on...

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