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Saturday, 14 July


How to Find and Photograph Bears in Yellowstone "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Yellowstone is one of the most visited parks in the United States, and for good reason. Its full of unique thermal features and one of the last great destinations for an abundance of wildlife. Even if you come for the geysers and hot springs, youll want to stay longer and keep coming back for the wildlife. Theres always a new experience, and you never know what might be waiting around the next corner.

Almost unarguably, the most sought-after species to photograph in Yellowstone are the wild grizzlies and black bears. Conservatively estimated, there are around 150 grizzlies inside the official park boundaries, and 700-1,000 in the whole greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Black bears havent been monitored like grizzlies, but they are under study currently. With 466 miles of roads in the park, a person could easily spend a lot of time driving around aimlessly in search of bears. It may seem easy when you see so many bear photos, but some people visit for many years without ever seeing a bear.

This year I kept a record of sightings beginning in April and Ive encountered 68 grizzly bears and 74 black bears. Some of those are the same bears seen on different days, but there are still dozens of unique bears. If you come at the right time of year and follow my recommendations in this article, with little bit of luck you should find yourself a bear!

When to Visit

Without a doubt, spring in Yellowstone is prime time for bears. Spring in the Yellowstone area and spring in the rest of the country are two different things, so Ill clarify. The snow starts melting and bears typically start emerging from hibernation in March and April, but hang around their dens for a while before coming down to the valleys. Roughly any time from April 1st through June 30th is going to be the highest likelihood of finding bears, both black and grizzly. The peak of reported sightings is usually right around May 15th. In summer and early fall bears will move to higher elevations and less accessible areas, though they are still around.

Photographers often have the notion that you have to be out before sunrise and after sunset to find any wildlife, but thats just not true for spring in Yellowstone. Bears are hungry after hibernating for months and some will stay out and visible for 12+ hours a day. They are often found feeding close to the roads where snow melts and grass turns green first. I typically leave with my photography...


This Time-Lapse Shows a Massive Dust Storm Sweeping Across Arizona "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

The 2018 monsoon season has arrived in the American Southwest, and on July 9th, photographer Jesse Watson drove out into the desert to capture some time-lapse stills of an approaching storm. While out, he was met by the largest dust storm he had ever seen.

Watson managed to capture some breathtaking views of the approaching haboob, which he later turned into the beautiful 30-second video above.

I checked my radar late in the afternoon and saw that storms were blowing up and heading my from Gila Bend, Watson writes. My girlfriend was cooking dinner, I ran into the kitchen and said lets go shoot, theres a haboob coming our way! So put the food on hold and jumped in my truck. Drove about an hour east of Yuma until we caught up with the massive wall of dust that was racing towards us.

Once we were upon the haboob, I grabbed my cameras and tripods to roll timelapse until the dust hit us. Then I jumped in my truck and raced ahead of the haboob to repeat the process, leapfrogging all of the way back to Yuma, AZ.

In all, Watson captured 800 photos and drove 200 miles in the course of shooting the photos seen in the video. You can find more of his work on his...


Nikon 500mm f/5.6 Spotted. Its TINY! "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Nikon announced last month that its developing an ultra-portable 500mm f/5.6 PF ED VR lens. Heres a photo of the actual lens as you can see, Nikon wasnt kidding when it said the 500mm lens is ultra-portable.

Moscow-based photojournalist Pavel Bednyakov of the newspaper Izvestia was invited to a Nikon party in Moscow yesterday as FIFA World Cup 2018 is coming to a close.

While there, the Nikon representatives showed off the first samples of the companys new 500mm f/5.6 lens, attached to a D5 DSLR.

The lens features a Phase Fresnel (PF) element in the design that allows the lens to be both light and compact since fewer lens elements are needed.

Despite its 500mm focal length, the lens is small and light enough to use hand-held in a wide variety of situations where a photographer must capture unpredictable and fast-moving subjects, including sporting events and wildlife photography, Nikon said in its announcement last month.

From his short time with the lens, Bednyakov can confirm that Nikons claim isnt misleading.

Its really small and looks like 70-200 f/2.8 with a hood, the photographer tells PetaPixel.

Pricing and availability of the lens have yet to be announced, but given that Nikon is already showing it off to photographers at parties, were guessing its not too far off now.



Is the Hasselblad X1D Field Kit worth $17,000? "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Chelsea and Tony trey to answer this question. My opinion is that its not worth the money. But maybe the soon to be announced X1D-100c will be way more exciting?

The post Is the Hasselblad X1D Field Kit worth $17,000? appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

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Friday, 13 July


SIMPLE BLESSINGS "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Im sitting here in my newly put together office with lovely cold air blowing on me and my heart is so full.  After not having air conditioning for a few weeks, Im just reminded once again how spoiled I usually am and how much I take for granted.  There is just nothing like being comfortable after a long period of being uncomfortable to help you appreciate comfort!

Earlier in the summer I stood in my driveway as my two girls came riding in on their bikes from their friends houses across the neighborhood and I was reminded then about how blessed we are to live in a place where my girls are safe and can ride around without me worrying too much about them.

We so often take our good health for granted and even in the case of my sweet diabetic I am so grateful that we have all the supplies we need to keep her alive and well (even if they cost as much as our house!)  The technology that we so regularly enjoy makes managing her disease so.much.easier than it was even 10 years ago.  It allows me to be able to do things like send her to nature camp, swim lessons and friends houses and not worry as much if shes ok.



Comparing the Sony a7 III and Canon 5D Mark IV for Astrophotography "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Im an avid night sky photographer that cut my teeth capturing the stars using the original Canon 6D. I shot with that camera for years until purchasing the Sony a7S (Mark I) after reading about how it could essentially see in the dark.

Using the Sony mirrorless system was a big change coming from Canon and no matter how awesome the images were, I never learned to love it.

After reading countless reviews of the Canon 5D Mark IV that touted its dynamic range and low light performance, I sold the a7S and made the leap into the new Canon flagship camera. I was not disappointed, as the new sensor was absolutely incredible for night sky photos. The resolution, dynamic range and high ISO performance was a welcome upgrade from my aging 6D and had a bigger wow factor than even the a7S I could deliver. The 5D Mark IV became my go-to camera for astrophotography.

Earlier this year, Sony announced the a7 III and it completely blew people away with the specs, especially given the price. The hype was then amplified when reviewers backed up the spec boost with amazing first-hand reviews. Sony was also well known for dominating in low light performance, so naturally, I was keen on getting my hands on the new camera and put it to the test.

I made a 2-part video series in which I put the more expensive Canon 5D Mark IV up against the cheaper Sony a7 III to see how the two compared when shooting the night sky. I tested the dynamic range, compare images at various ISOs, and tested with some really long exposure shots using a star tracker. The goal of the test was to see which camera could deliver the best results as well as delivering the most value for the dollar spent.



Hanging Out with the Photographer of Beyonces Diamonds Album Cover "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

YouTube star Karen Yeung recently visited photographer Markus Klinko, the international celebrity photographer who, among other things, captured the famous diamond portrait of Beyonce for the cover of her album Dangerously in Love. Yeung posed for similar portraits and then chatted with Klinko about the well-known Beyonce photos.

Yeungs photo shoot was done in Klinkos Bel Air house studio:

While I use top end modifiers from Broncolor and Elinchrom, with custom adapters I built, all the lights [in the video] are by Flashpoint/Godox, Klinko tells PetaPixel. I use a combination of 600Pro, and H1200 for all of my studio and location setups, and occasional use the Evolv200 as well.

Here are the resulting portraits Klinko made of Yeung:

And heres Klinkos famous album cover of Beyonce for comparison:

The Dangerously in Love album cover. Photo by Markus Klinko.

Klinko tells Yeung that back in 2003, after just finishing up an international campaign promoting...


Shooting a World First Expedition on the Essequibo River in Guyana "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

I removed the Canon C300 from its waterproof bag and attached the 24-105mm f/4.0 lens while swatting away the relentless mosquitoes. Bringing the viewfinder loupe up to my eye, my left hand flicked the power switch on, now a reflex action after shooting with this camera every day for the last three weeks. Nothing happened. Weird, I was certain Id put in a fully charged battery.

I checked the battery indicator yep, fully charged. I removed the battery, slid another one in and tried the On switch again. I noticed with a sinking feeling that, once again, nothing was happening. The camera was dead. It had survived one and a half months in the jungle of Guyana but now the daily exposure to the humid environment had proven too much.

Myself and the since deceased C300 Mark III Ed and Charlie and the C300

I was out here shooting both photos and videos of an exceptional kayak team: Laura Bingham, Ness Knight, Pip Stewart and their guides from the Wai Wai tribe, as they attempted a world-first expedition: kayaking the Essequibo river from the source to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean. All three women had completed extraordinary expeditions and challenges before and this trip was no exception. The rainforest was certainly living up to its reputation as a destroyer of equipment, wed already lost a laptop and an iPhone. Luckily I also had the 5D Mark IV to shoot with, but it was now the only camera left with over a week of shooting still to be done.

How did I find myself here? Well, back in January Id seen this tweet from Pip:

I responded and after a few emails and Skype calls with the team, it was all organized. Peiman Zekavat, who had worked previously with Pip on her South American Tranzamazonica documentary, would shoot the first section the expedition, a difficult hike through dense jungle to find the source of the river, and I would take over to shoot the kayaking section, down-river to the sea.

Wed actually both stepped in last-minute to replace the original vid...


I Helped Judge the 2018 Audubon Photography Contest. Heres How We Did It. "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

In late 2017 Sabine Meyer, the Photography Director of the National Audubon Society, approached me to join the jury for their annual photography awards contest following an introduction by wildlife and conservation photographer Melissa Groo.

Melissa and I have served on the faculty of the Photography at the Summit Nature Workshop for the past several years, and I have nothing but respect for the advocacy work she does through her photography so I was happy to join her as a judge for the contest.

Ive written about photo contests for years, including the annual PhotoShelter Guide to Photo Contests, and Ive always been fascinated by how different organizations handle judging from year to year. Some contests annually rotate juries and offer little guidance or parameters around judging, while others have fairly static juries that retain institutional knowledge and intentionally consider their long-term raison detre.

Judges Judging. Photo by Allen Murabayashi

For Audubon, the photography contest elevates its conservation mission while also building affinity with birders and photographers. This year, the jury composed of a diverse set of individuals which made the process of judging both illuminating and fun.

  • ...


Homeland Security Says Photography Could Be a Sign of Terrorism "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Homeland Security is running a campaign to teach Americans how to recognize the signs of terrorism-related suspicious activity, and one of the signs to look out for is photography.

Heres the alert the Department of Homeland Security Tweeted on Monday:

Did you know photography and surveillance could be a sign of terrorism-related suspicious activity? DHS warns. If you notice this, be sure to report it to local authorities.

The specific warning is part of a larger new campaign called If You See Something, Say Something, which aims to train citizens in spotting warning signs and reporting those things to authorities. Heres...


Full Photoshop is Coming to the iPad: Report "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Adobe is bringing the full version of Photoshop to the iPad. Thats what a new report has revealed, stating that the move is part of Adobes new strategy to make its full software compatible across multiple devices (and to further increase its booming subscription sales).

Bloomberg first broke the news, reporting that the full Photoshop app is currently scheduled to hit the iTunes App Store for the iPad sometime in 2019, but the app itself will be announced later this year in October at the annual Adobe MAX conference.

Adobe Creative Cloud CPO Scott Belsky confirmed the development of a cross-platform Photoshop (and other Creative Cloud apps) to Bloomberg without providing a timeframe, saying: My aspiration is to get these on the market as soon as possible. Theres a lot required to take a product as sophisticated and powerful as Photoshop and make that work on a modern device like the iPad.

Since Apples MacBook lines of laptops dont feature touchscreens, full Photoshop on the iPad would also allow photographers and retouchers to move their post-processing over to their tablets and use a stylus pen such as the Apple Pencil for hands-on editing.


Leica M10-P to be announced this year "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Digicameinfo reports Leica will announce the new M10-P this year. It will have touchscreen an a new macro filter named ELPRO 52

The post Leica M10-P to be announced this year appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

Friday, 06 July


THE 4TH OF JULY 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

It was a fantastic 4th of July.  We slept in and skipped the parade.  We made puff-paint shirts.  We abandoned our hot house (our AC unit died a week ago) and swam for the day and then headed to the Miller Manor for the evening.  The Millers started the sweetest tradition of spending Independence Day at their house and we were happy to enjoy it under much better circumstances this time (2 years ago I spent the 4th on the Millers couch in-between IVs).  We realized that between the 8 of us women, we have A LOT of children.  We must be in Utah!


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