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Friday, 24 August


Canon Will Dominate Mirrorless Too "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Over the last few years, weve seen how Sony has made some pretty huge gains in the photography industry. This is especially true for the mirrorless market and plenty of photographers have switched from DSLR cameras to Sony mirrorless cameras. Even still, I predict that once Canon releases its mirrorless cameras, it will eventually dominate that industry too.

Im assuming some of you may have some snarky (and more than likely humorous) comment about how Canon might if it actually released a mirrorless camera. We can comfortably allay those thoughts because Canon has stated it will be focusing on mirrorless, even if that means its DSLR sales are cannibalized. Many of the rumors are suggesting that Canon will be releasing a mirrorless full-frame camera within the next few months and once it does, mirrorless will officially be on the road to becoming mainstream.

Although companies like Fujifilm and Sony have been doing a fantastic job producing some of the best cameras on the market, considering their actual share of the market, to some extent theyre still pretty niche. The two major manufacturers within this industry are Canon and Nikon, and Canon currently holds the largest portion.

In a recent article Sony stated that it is the number one full-frame camera supplier in the US, but context is important. Sony released its a7 III this year and Canon has not released any cameras in over a year. Also, the US is only one section of the market and not indicative of the whole industry.

Here are the reasons I believe Canon has the advantage

Dual Pixel Auto Focus

If youve used any of the new Sony cameras like the a7R III and the a7 III then youll know the current autofocus system Sony uses is significantly better than its previous versions. The focus system is not only fast and accurate, but you also have features like eye detect autofocus and face detect which are incredibly useful for many photographers.

The issue is that Sonys autofocus system is still not quite as good as Canons Dual Pixel Aut...


Photography is an Antidepressant "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

For me, photography is an escape. It offers a creative release which isnt generally available in everyday life. Those creative escapes can often be far more satisfying than just enjoying a few beers or binging Netflix.

Even if for only a minute or two in a day, its a chance to concentrate on something creative. To focus on making something beautiful, not because you have to, but because you want to. Knowing what might be the end result can put a smile on my face before Ive even got the camera out. All the aspects of photography allow you to forget about everything else; the stresses and strains of life.

You can lose yourself in exploring an area looking for a location in setting up your gear, and the rituals that come with that (we all have that certain way we like our gear set up juuust right). Unpacking the camera, selecting the right lens for the shot (maybe weighing up the pros and cons of each in your mind), focus, ISO, shutter speed. In finding the right composition, just moving that tripod leg ever so slightly.

Even the processes that go into post-processing can help de-stress and relax.

Depression and poor mental health can creep into your life without you realizing. And were all susceptible to it.

Ive always found that getting outside in the fresh air, enjoying whatever situation Im shooting, and then also focusing on the technicalities of the shot and capturing the image can really help to dampen down those negative thoughts and low feelings and almost act as a mental reset.

Photography can sometimes be a lonely experience, but I try to flip that on its head and enjoy the fact that Im in control of what Im doing, and there are no external distractions. Sitting on a hillside in the middle of the night, looking up at the stars, with the anticipation of what I might capture is such a calming feeling. It just lets me be in the moment and really appreciate what Im doing.

Returning home with tales to tell and images to share gives a huge feeling of satisfaction. I think that not being depressed doesnt have to mean youre happy and dancing around with a smile on your face, but maybe just that youre satisfied with what you have right at that moment.

About the author: Craig Skinner is a landscape, wedding, portrait, and astro photographer based in Yorkshire, Great Britain. The opinions expressed in this...


How Much Depth-of-Field Do You Get with Nikons 58mm f/0.95 Lens? "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Along with the announcement of Nikons new mirrorless Z-system was the development announcement of a 58mm f/0.95 Noct lens. The Z-mounts huge inner diameter of 55mm (the F-mount has a 44mm diameter) means more light collection capability, which enables ridiculously fast lens design. Nikons F-mount 58mm offering tops out at f/1.4.

Of course, the larger the aperture, the shallower the depth-of-field. If youve ever shot headshots with a longer lens wide open you know how frustrating it can be to nail focus on the eyes when dealing with razor-thin DOF. The sway of your body can easily mean the difference between awesome and garbage.

For non-macro photography, DOF is affected by lens focal length, aperture, circle of confusion (which is linked to sensor size), and distance to the subject. Theres a number of online DOF calculators like this one from

For a headshot (~2.11 ft/0.644 m), the DoF is 6.18mm. As a point of comparison, the average eyelash is about 10mm. At f/1.4, the DoF is 9.08mm nearly 50% greater!

For a head and shoulder shot (~3.7 ft/1.13 m), the DoF is 19.8mm, which is about a long fingernails length.

In o...


Dear Sony: Thank You For the Mirrorless Camera Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

The mirrorless camera industry is about to blow up and we have Sony mirrorless to thank for this. This is how they achieved their massive success.

This is the story of how one company built an industry from the ground up leaving everyone else behind.

Sonys mirrorless camera success is much like the success of Apple in the late 90s. Apple had been focusing on the professionals, creating hardware and software for the top professionals in the world. They built the best computers and the most powerful software, a strategy that worked, but only partially. In 1997, few people were buying Apple products, and they were failing. At the same time, Microsoft created groundbreaking success by creating things for the masses.

Apple sold tens of thousands of products, Microsoft sold millions.

But in 1997, things changed. Apple launched their consumer computer and leapt feet-first into the consumer world. Why sell 100,000 very expensive pro computers when you can sell 15 million fairly expensive almost-pro computers? Apples new products were nearly all the things professionals wanted but packaged for consumers. And this changed the game.

Apple Changed the Game

In 2001, Apple dictated another industry. We stopped hearing about portable music devices and instead, we just spoke about Apples iPod. They dominated the industry and Sonys infamous Walkman just disappeared into dust. 6 years later in 2007, they hit a home run with the iPhone.

Smartphones had been around, but they were only really used by business professionals. Apple delivered to the consumer and they delivered fast. Later, with the additions of products such as the iPad and the Apple Watch, other companies struggled to keep up.

Apple had flipped the trend they had learned that the consumer was king and they capitalized.

Each product having almost yearly updates allowed for huge revenue growth, which funded research and development and most importantly quick feature upgrades and releases. This put them on top. If youre not an Apple fan, keep watching theres more to come.

Its About the Looks

Everything Apple put out looked cool and sleek, and they created hype and desire. The products themselves looked so great...


Zeiss is Teasing a New Camera: Rumors Say Its a Fixed-Lens Full-Frame "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Zeiss is best known for its lenses these days, but the iconic German brand may be planning a big jump back into the world of cameras. It has been posting teaser images of a mysterious new camera, and reports say well soon be seeing a Zeiss-branded fixed-lens full-frame camera.

sonyalpharumors reports that Zeiss posted its first teaser earlier this week on the Chinese social media service Weibo:

There is still something missing in Zeisss product line and the photography community, the translated text says, according to SAR. Its time for more Zeiss. Time for a new Zeiss milestone.

Yesterday, the company followed up with a second teaser image that reveals a little more of the cameras apparently curvy design.

sonyalpharumors is hearing that the camera will be officially announced before the Photokina trade show in Germany in late September. The camera is said to be a fixed-lens (possibly an autofocus 35mm f/2 lens) full-frame camera thats based on Sonys camera technology possibly the RX1R II. Price-wise, the camera may cost around $3,000.

Were about a month away from Photokina, so we&...


This Corn Maze is a Kodak Camera "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Want to get lost in an old Kodak camera? Long Acre Farms in Western New York is celebrating the 130th anniversary of the Kodak Camera by designing its giant corn maze to look like a camera from above.

You know we all think of, maybe, Im pretty sure its worldwide, to think of capturing a memory with a Kodak camera and given that thats our neighbor right here in Rochester this seems like an appropriate theme, owner Joan Allen tells WXXI News.

It takes less than 30 minutes to drive the 17 miles between the farm and Kodaks headquarters in Rochester, New York.

The farm says this years design is an old camera with a big flash and a hand with a finger over the shutter button. Film strips are seen along the edges of the design.

Youll be able to start exploring the Kodak camera corn maze starting September 15th.

(via WXXI News via DPReview)


Nikon vs Sony vs Fuji size comparison "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

CameraSize added the new Nikon Z cameras in their databaase and we can play around with some comparisons. And Photoksu posted the image on top showing the size of the three mounts. Nikon Z preorder links: Nikon Z7 at BHphoto,

The post Nikon vs Sony vs Fuji size comparison appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


Zeiss is seriously teasing a new camera launch! "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

In the midst of the Nikon news storm Zeiss keeps teasing the launch of a new camera. SAR reports: Announcement before Photokina This is a fixed lens Full Frame camera It uses Sony tech (probably RX1II based).

The post Zeiss is seriously teasing a new camera launch! appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


First images of the new 24-70mm f/2.8 and 14-30mm f/4.0 Z prototype lenses "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Thanks to Dpreview and we can finally see the real images of the new 58mm f/0,95 lens and the first images of the 24-70mm f/2.8 and 14-30mm f/4.0 prototype Z lenses. Dpreview writes: Also not quite ready for primetime

The post First images of the new 24-70mm f/2.8 and 14-30mm f/4.0 Z prototype lenses appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

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