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Wednesday, 19 September


Think Tanks Emergency Rain Covers Keep Your Camera Dry in a Crunch "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Think Tank Camera has announced its new Emergency Rain Covers, simple and ultra-portable covers that can help protect your gear when the weather and/or conditions unexpectedly change.

While the company already sells a line of Hydrophobia line of rain covers, the Emergency line is much more simple and, as its name suggests, designed to come in handy in a crunch.

Available in Small and Medium sizes, the covers are designed for both DSLR and mirrorless cameras and can support a range of professional lenses. The Small can protect up to a mounted 24-70mm f/2.8 lens while the Medium can protect up to a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.

When compressed, the Emergency Rain Cover fits into a small pouch, so its easy to bring along even if rain is a distant concern, says company President and Lead Designer Doug Murdoch. It takes up so little room in your bag, yet could save your gear when a sudden downpour or dust storm hits. Every photographer who shoots outdoors should keep one tucked one away in their camera bag.

A cinchable sleeve lets you access your camera while its being protected, and an oversize window built into the cover lets you view your LCD and camera controls.

The covers are secured to your camera on both the top and bottom via the tripod mount as well as the hot shoe mount.

Non-slip adjustable straps also keep the front of the seam-sealed cover attached to lens hoods.



Leaked specs and images of the new Canon PowerShot SX70 HS superzoom camera "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Here are the leaked specs and imges of the new Canon SX70 superzoom camera: 21 million pixel 1 / 2.3 type sensor 65 times optical zoom DIGIC 8 4K video Wi-Fi Bluetooth installed Size: 127.1 90.9 116.6

The post Leaked specs and images of the new Canon PowerShot SX70 HS superzoom camera appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


Leaked image of the new Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM lens "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

First the bad news: Tomorrow Sony will NOT announce any new camera. And now the good news: Sony will announce a new 24mm f/1.4 GM and possibly a new 135mm GM lens too. The image on top shows the 24mm

The post Leaked image of the new Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM lens appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

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Tuesday, 18 September


Photographer Sues Netflix for Using His Storm Photo for Stranger Things "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

A Montana photographer has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Netflix, accusing the media juggernaut of using one of his storm photos without permission for the hit sci-fi show Stranger Things.

We first covered photographer Sean R. Heaveys complaint against Netflix back in May 2018 after he discovered a portion of his photo being used in concept art seen in the behind-the-scenes special Beyond Stranger Things.

The cloud had apparently been extracted from one of Heaveys 2010 photos, titled The Mothership:

Comparing the two images reveals the identical features of both clouds:

In his complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court in Great Falls, Heavey states that the photo was made with great effort: he hunted the storm for hours across a great distance. The photo itself was made by shooting four photos in portrait orientation and then stitching them together into the supercell panorama.

Heavey registered the copyright for the photo with the United States Copyright Office in late 2010.

The photographer also says that he subsequently found additional uses of his photo in the TV show How It Ends. Screenshots from How It Ends are included in one of the filings exhibits:



Fujifilm GFX 50R vs Fujifilm GFX 50S, Hasselblad X1D Size Comparison "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Fujirumors shared these accurate size comparisons with other medium format camera. The GFX50r will be announced next week and with a price tag of $4,500 be the cheapest and most compact medium format camera on the market. Still the camera

The post Fujifilm GFX 50R vs Fujifilm GFX 50S, Hasselblad X1D Size Comparison appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


Ride Along: Photographing a Protest in Los Angeles "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

My name is Jayrol San Jose, and I am a photojournalist based in Los Angeles. Im a professional photographer, but being new to journalism, Ive found that covering protests is a great place to start. Ive covered around 25 protests this year in the Los Angeles area. This one, in particular, was put on by Occupy I.C.E. Los Angeles.

Warning: The video above contains some strong language.

The group has been camping outside of the LA detention center since August 3, 2018, in opposition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (AK I.C.E.). This time I used to a body cam to bring you all along for the ride.

It was a very hot L.A. day, especially downtown. I biked to the metro to get to the detention center. I wasnt sure what to expect, LA is pretty tame in terms of any action that goes on during their protests so I thought it would just be a typical day on the job.

It started with Occupy I.C.E. speaking about the creation of I.C.E. after 9/11. The real fun started only moments after the speeches were done when a van exited the detention center. The protesters had decided they were going to blockade any cars trying to enter or exit the detention center that day with their bodies.

As soon as this happened, DHS officers who were watching the protest decided to step in. The protesters peacefully refused to comply with their demands and the DHS officers then attempted to physically move the protesters out of the way and start making arrests.

Its always exhilarating when people start yelling and officers start to get involved. It feels like things are about to get out of hand, and though it rarely does, it gives you that adrenaline rush we look for as photojournalists. Its fun to get right in the crowd where the action is.

I shot with a 16mm lens on my Fujifilm X-T2 for most of the day; its...


Was the Fujifilm GFX a Mistake? Should Fuji Have Gone Full-Frame Instead? "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Of all the current camera manufacturers, if you were to call me a fanboy of any of them, Fujifilm would be the most accurate. Theres good reason too: it produces some of the best cameras on the market and its commitment to offering meaningful updates, after the fact, is uniquely wonderful.

Its latest addition, the Fujifilm X-T3 is a fantastic update, offering incredible video features and image quality rivaling that of full frame. The issue is that although the companys APS-C cameras rival full-frame cameras in some respects, there is an upper limit both in regards to resolution and lenses.

To address this issue, Fuji decided on making a brilliant mirrorless medium format camera, the $5850 Fujifilm GFX 50S. Although this is a fantastic and relatively affordable camera, I believe this was a huge mistake for Fuji.

A comparison of sensor sizes: APS-C (left), 35mm full frame (center), and the 43.832.9mm medium format sensor in the Fujifilm GFX 50S (right).

The Problem with Medium Format

For the vast majority of the market, medium format is just far too niche. Medium format cameras tend to be slow, lacking in many useful features, and simply unusable for many types of photography.

The main draw of medium format cameras is image quality and considering the kind of lenses Fuji have available for their GFX, image quality is definitely an area where it performs extremely well. The lenses that Fuji has produced are astoundingly good but this is just when it comes to image quality.

Focusing is one area in which the GFX will not be able to compete with many current full-frame cameras. This is not to say the focusing system in the GFX is poor or unusable its simply that full frame cameras are significantly better at it.



iOS 12 is Out: Heres What It Means for Your iPhone Photography "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Apple just released iOS 12, the latest mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Bundled among the many new feature additions and upgrades are some significant photo and camera improvements.

First off, iOS 12 brings performance boosts across iPhones as far back as iPhone 5S. Youll find that things across the board are faster and more responsive. The built-in camera will launch up to 70% faster once you install the update.

RAW Editing

If your iPhone or iPad contains an A9 chip (found starting in the iPhone 6S), youll be able to edit RAW photos now. This functionality was previously only available in third-party photo-editing apps.

Photos for You

Theres a new For You tab in your Photos app that combines and reveals your favorite moments from Memories and your iCloud Shared Albums.

New sharing suggestions make it faster and easier to share your photos with friends and family. Once friends receive the content youve shared, theyll also be prompted to share photos and videos captured at the same time and place.

Improved Photo Search

Photos now has search suggestions that help you find the most relevant Events, People, Places, Groups, Categories, and recent searches. You can also combine multiple search terms to locate just the photo youre looking for.

Even before you start typing, youll see suggestions for recent events, people, and places, Apple says. And as you type, the results are smarter and more powerful, and you can refine them by adding multiple keywords.

Improved Import

Apple has made it easier to import photos and videos from your professional camera.

Improved Portrait Lighting

Portrait mode photos are better than ever, Apple says. Camera now generates a mask when it detects a person and intelligently and elegantly separates the person fr...


Irish Justice Minister Proposes Ban on Photos of Police on Duty "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Ireland Minister for Justice & Equality Charlie Flanagan sparked controversy yesterday by saying he would support legislation that would ban photographing the Garda (Irelands police service) in the course of their duties.

Flanagan made the comments while a guest on RT Radio One with broadcast journalist Sean ORourke. After his comments were met with backlash on social media, the minister took to Twitter in an attempt to clarify:


SpaceXs First Space Tourist Will Pick a Photographer for a Free Moon Trip "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

SpaceX just revealed that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be its first space tourist for a trip to the moon as early as 2023, and Maezawa is planning to select a group of artists, including a photographer, for a free 5-day lunar trip with him.

Maezawa, the founder of Japans largest online fashion retailer (Zozotown), announced that he has purchased the entire SpaceX BFR (Big F***ing Rocket) flight and that hes turning it into a project called #dearMoon.

The entrepreneur will be selecting six to eight artists from around the world who represent different creative fields, and photographers are among the artists Maezawa said hes going to reach out to.

Heres the 1 hour 44 minute announcement event (Maezawa reveals his plan to invite artists at around 57 minutes in):



Photography Saved My Life "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Im going to start from the beginning. I didnt have a bad upbringing. My parents worked hard for our family and always provided for me and my sister. They taught us right from wrong, how to be kind, loving and caring. We werent rich, but we never ever went without.

You know the kind of people who never study for tests, always messing around, but ace their exams? That was me School was easy for me educationally, but difficult for me socially. I was bullied for my hair color, and I I wasnt popular by any means. It used to get the better of me but I never missed a day.

I finished school with 11 GCSEs (A Distinction in Engineering, 7-As and 3-Bs). I wanted to be an aircraft engineer. That was my dream. I left school and went straight to college to study Aeronautical Engineering in Ystrad Mynach, South Wales, UK. It was a 2-year course. Upon finishing, I was scouted, along with 6 other students for a full-time job in Nordam Europe LTD. Nordam specializes in carbon fiber bonding. This is the skin that wraps every commercial aircraft, including the engine. I was in. The dream come true.

After 4-and-a-half years working there, I started to get bored and it became monotonous. Im not saying it was a bad job it paid very well, almost too well for an 18 to 22 year old boy. All my life I had been incredibly ambitious to the point where it quickly became a curse.

Everyone loves money right? I did too I wanted the best car, I wanted the biggest house to be able to have what I wanted when I wanted it seemed normal to me. It was inevitable. Young, ambitious, passionate and driven, I needed a way to make money and lots of it. Which brings me to the next phase of my life.

My initial charge was Conspiracy to import 413 kilograms of Cannabis Resin to the UK. Let me put that into perspective. 18.5 thousand ounces. Valued at 1.7m [$2.23m by todays exchange rate]. I was sentenced to 6 years in prison, with one third off for a guilty plea.

It took me just two years to go from supplying cannabis to my friends for 10s of pounds to importation on a massive scale. My curse. Whatever I put my mind too, I had to be the best.

There was a point that made me realize just exactly what I had gotten myself into. Hooked up to a lie detector in a hotel room in...


These are the leaked images of the FIVE new Sigma lenses! "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Sigma 56mm f/1.4 DC APS-C E-mount lens Sigma is going to make everyone happy by announcing a new set of lenses. The image on tops shows the Sigma 56mm f/1.4 which will be available for MFT and Sony E-mount users.

The post These are the leaked images of the FIVE new Sigma lenses! appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


This is the 100% accurate sketch of the new GFX-50R "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Fujirumors shared these 100% accurate sketches of the new GFX-50R. Rumored specs beside the alreayd known 50 Megapixel sensor: priced around $4,500 dual SD-card slot no more cooling box EVF only 2 axis tilt screen first real life leaked image

The post This is the 100% accurate sketch of the new GFX-50R appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

Monday, 17 September


What if All Photographers Had the Same Gear? "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

What if you had the same camera, lighting and subject matter as everyone else. A groundhog day for a photographer so to speak. If we all have the same gear what would make you different?

Imagine you had no way of visually showing someone any of your work, and they ask you to describe what youre about, not your genre, but what is the essence of what youre trying to achieve? Katy Niker

This quote is something we should all think about and consider when pressing the shutter button. What is it that youre trying to achieve beyond visuals?

The world is saturated with photographs and many of them are technically perfect, so what matters now? Most people rely on lighting, subject matter and/or camera gear to distinguish themselves from others. Instead of striving for something technically perfect, strive for something meaningful, personal and unique.

To achieve this, photographers need to show or expose something raw and real about themselves in their work. What can you bring to the table that would drastically set you apart from everyone else? What makes your photos unique? Or a better question to ask yourself: What makes yourself unique?

I have asked myself this question to see if I am a photographer or just another camera operator. Do you have any creative expression or an artistic vision beyond the camera gear you use? When you are honest with yourself, this question can be quite scary.

First off without gear, we wouldnt be photographers the camera is what defines our profession. Put that aside what else makes a photographer beyond gear, lighting, and subject matter? I struggled with this for a while. I boiled it down to two things: story and meaning.

What is the intention behind the photograph? That is what sets you apart from every other photographer. If you dont have a meaning or a story behind your work then you are sadly just a camera operator or an Instagram clone, pleasing microsecond engagement and likes without any lasting thought or influence.

So what is the meaning and story behind your work? Why did you take the photograph? What does it all mean, and why should I care? These are the quest...


Nikon Has Officially Left Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Nikon Brazil is no more. The division has officially announced that it has ended all of its activities in the South American country, and the news comes less than a year after it announced the end of online sales.

The Nikon Brazil homepage is now virtually blank aside from some customer service and account info next to a notice of the closure:

Canon Brazil appears to still have thriving operations and a Facebook page with over 1.1 million likes.

Despite Brazil being a massive market it has a population of around 210 million (the US is around 326 million) Nikon failed to thrive in the country. Its struggles were apparently due to both the countrys policies and its thriving gray market. Brazilian hobbyist photographer Renato Murakami weighed in with some background info when sales were shuttered in November 2017:

Not only [is the] Brazilian bureaucracy [] extremely horrible for foreign companies, [] but also theres a huge grey market of not only cameras but all sorts of electronics and other types of products to contend with.

[T]ax on electronics are around 60% of anything thats over $50. But the rule is extremely confusing. [] In the end, any end consumer buying imported products in Brazil might have to pay over double the price and wait an extremely long time to actually get what they want.

The situatio...


Photographer Says Artist Stole His Photo, Artist Claims Remix "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

South African photographer Graeme Williams was attending the opening of the Johannesburg Art Fair earlier this month when he was shocked to see his own photo on a gallery wall with credit being given to African American artist Hank Willis Thomas.

Heres what Williams saw on the wall of the Goodman Gallery:

The photo wasnt exactly Williams version: it had been remixed by Thomas. Heres the original photo Williams shot in Thokoza in 1990 during a Nelson Mandela rally:

By slightly whitening part of the image (possibly some comment on whiteness vs blackness) African American artist, Hank Willis Thomas, has attempted to make this image his own, Williams wrote on Facebook after his discovery. My unaltered image has been published and exhibited many times. In 2008, as Barack Obama sought the Presidency and raced for the position against John McCain, Newsweek magazine ran a story asking each candidate to discuss what best personified their world view. This image that I took [] was used to illustrate Obamas world view.



This is What Fujifilms Cheap Medium Format GFX 50R Will Look Like "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Fujifilm will reportedly be announcing an affordable medium format mirrorless camera called the GFX 50R on September 25th, and now new sketches are giving us a first look at the cameras physical design.

Fuji Rumors published these two sketches showing the front and back views of the camera.

The sketches were drawn by the same source that previously leaked the designs of the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X-H1 to Fuji Rumors.

The drawings confirm previous reports that the GFX 50R would be styled more like an oversized X-E3 compact mirrorless camera than the existing GFX 50S medium format mirrorless camera.



These Photos Show How Much Plastic Enters the Ocean Every 60 Seconds "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong recently came across a statistic that shocked him: Every 60 seconds, the equivalent of a truckload of plastic enters the ocean. Wanting to make a difference, Von Wong decided to toss an actual truckload of plastic into the ocean to create photos showing the magnitude of the problem.

The photographer partnered with the environmental organization Greenpeace on the project and started by collecting tens of thousands of pieces of plastic. The crew then spent days tying the plastics together with old fishing line scavenged from the dumps of the Gouvia Marina on the Greek island of Corfu.

Von Wong then had extreme aerial performer Katerina Soldatou suspend herself from locations around the island while the plastic was dumped into waters below.

Here are the photos that resulted from the project:



Lumapod: A Tiny Tension-Held Tripod That Sets Up in 4 Seconds Flat "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Lumapod is a new tripod design that has caught fire over at Kickstarter, blowing past its initial $40,000 goal in just 90 minutes and currently sitting at over $250,000 raised from over 1,700 photographers.

Developed by designer Martin Grabner, Lumapod looks like a thick baton when in its compact, collapsed state.

The ultra-tiny design makes it easy to throw the tripod into a small camera bag or backpack.

When you need to stabilize a shot, simply twist the top of the Lumapod to unlock it, extend the telescoping body, pull out the legs, and voila. The Lumapod can be set up and ready to go in just four seconds.

At Lumapod, we have developed the fastest and most compact tripod in the world, says Grabner. Our patented tensioning technology means any photographer can set up a professional-quality tripod in four seconds and still carry that same tripod in their day pack.

But its not just the small size and speedy setup that has photographers excited, but also the stability thats provided by the Lumapods innovative and patented design.

The high-grade aluminum structure is supported by tension from Kevlar ropes.



Exclusive iPhone XS Photos: Our First Look at Real-World Performance "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

The new iPhone XS doesnt hit store shelves until the end of this week, but travel photographer Austin Mann got his hands on one early and has been shooting in Zanzibar to test the new and improved camera features and capabilities.

The iPhone XS and XS Max feature 12MP Dual Cameras on the rear, a 7MP TrueDepth front camera, 4K video, Smart HDR (more highlight and shadow detail), and bokeh/depth control (a slider for adjust depth of field after you shoot).

Heres an exclusive photo gallery that provides a first look at the iPhone XSs real-world photo performance (captions are by Mann).

An early morning soccer game in the western beaches of Zanzibar. Shot on iPhone XS with Smart HDR.

Our spice tour of Zanzibar was a great way to test Portrait Mode in the new iPhone XS. The Zanzibar spice tour was incredibly colorful. ...


Time Magazine Acquired by Billionaire Salesforce Founder for $190 Million "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Time magazine is changing hands. Billionaire and founder Marc Benioff and his wife Lynne have agreed to acquire the famous red-bordered publication for $190 million in cash.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the sale, which is expected to close within the next 30 days.

We are honored to be the caretakers of one of the worlds most important media companies and iconic brands, the Benioffs write in a statement. Time has always been a trusted reflection of the state of the world, and reminds us that business is one of the greatest platforms for change.

Marc R. Benioff in 2013. Photo by World Economic Forum and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Meredith Corporation, which acquired Time magazine from Time Warner in 2017, had previously announced in March 2018 just six months after its purchase that it was looking to sell not just Time, but Fortune, Money, and Sports Illustrated as well. Time received interest from over 100 parties, Meredith says, and the other three publications are on the brink of being sold as well with deals expected to be announced in the near future.

Both Time and Sports Illustrated have been venerated names in the world of pho...


Sony will announce the new 24mm f/1.4 and 135mm f/1.8 GM lenses this week. Probably no new camera :( "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Well, seems like Sony will hide their cards for a while longer. Sony will announce two new lenses on September 20and thats it. The new high End APS-C camera and the new A7sIII might be announced in one of the

The post Sony will announce the new 24mm f/1.4 and 135mm f/1.8 GM lenses this week. Probably no new camera :( appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


Canon managers interviewed by IR "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Imaging Resource interviewed a bunch of Canon managers and engeneers: About the 20mm flange distance: They said that their first consideration in choosing the flange structure was the physical ruggedness of the system, and they felt that 20mm was what

The post Canon managers interviewed by IR appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


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