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Friday, 27 October


Joint Cobra / Dr. Michael Salla Interview By Unknown Lightwarrior ~ Thursday, October 26, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


You might want to listen to this new joint Cobra / Dr. Michael Salla interview by Unknown Lightwarrior here:

The Youtube video is here:

Or read the first part of the transcript here:

The second part of the transcript will be added as soon as possible.

Victory of the Light!



Shocking Sea of Plastic and Styrofoam Captured in Pictures from Caribbean "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Recent estimates suggest that 91 percent of all plastic created for consumer use isnt recycled. Scientists studying the plastic pollution problem have been horrified by the sheer amount of the stuff in our environment. Where does it all end up? Shocking photographs taken by Caroline Power of an entire sea of plastic in the Caribbean, provide compelling visual evidence that this environmental destruction must stop.

Jenna Jambeck, a University of Georgia environmental engineer who specializes in studying plastic waste in the oceans says:

We all knew there was a rapid and extreme increase in plastic production from 1950 until now, but actually quantifying the cumulative number for all plastic ever made was quite shocking.

Jambeck also told National Geographic that this amount of pollution would break any system that was not prepared for this level of waste.

Conceptualizing the billions of tons of plastic waste in our oceans has been difficult for many of us, but Powers urges everyone to take this problem personally, and to look at their own responsibility in contributing to the problem. On Facebook, Power posted this comment with her pictures,

Sea of Plastic Caught in Photographs by Caroline Power

Think about your daily lives. How did you take your food to go last time you ate out? How was your last street food served? Chances are it was styrofoam and served with a plastic fork and then put in a plastic bag. Do you still use plastic garbage bags? Plastic soda bottles? Ziplock bags? Plastic wrap on your food?

Do you buy toilet paper that comes wrapped in plastic instead of paper? Do you put your fruit and veggies in produce bags at the grocery?

I challenge every person and every business to keep your trash for one week. Separate your organic and recyclables and keep everything else for one week. You will be disgusted how many sing...


Corey Feldman Says Someone Just Tried to Kill Him as He Plans to Name Pedophiles (video) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(AnonymousAs a veritable torrent of sexual abuse victims continues to come forward, Americans are quickly learning that Harvey Weinstein was just the tip of a depraved and disgusting iceberg that is Hollywood. After years of secrecy and gag orders, victims of Hollywoods sexual predators are setting a new norm of no longer remaining silent.
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VERY BAD DAY On Nov. 4thEMP Drill Held Same Day As Antifa Uprising Coincidence?! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

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Not So Fast: Spain Seizes Full Control of Catalonia After Region Declares Independence "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Catalonia has officially declared independence and Spain has now activated the never-before-used Nuclear Option voting 214 to 47 to approve implementation of Article 155 of the nations 1978 Constitution allowing Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to oust the Catalan government and seize control of the semi-autonomous region.

We declare the republic of Catalonia, Carles Riera of the pro-independence Candidatura dUnitat Popular (CUP, or Popular Unity Candidacy) Party declared Friday morning. This is a happy day.

That celebratory sentiment in no way extended to Spains politicians, who activated Article 155 of the Constitution to impose national rule in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the split.

I appeal for all Spaniards to stay calm, Rajoy tweeted Friday morning. The rule of law will restore legality in Catalonia.

Or, the tinderbox could ignite the region into utter chaos depending on Spains handling of its constitutional last resort to pull Catalonia back into its folds of governance.

Indeed, considering Spanish authorities now possesses the legal, constitutional impetus to depose the Catalan president, suspend its ministers, and seize control of the regions finances, law enforcement, and news media, that debate over chaos seems more one over timing than potentiality.

This unprecedented move to quash aspirations for an independent Catalonia comes after a fraught month in which...


Mom Sent To Prison After Beating Daughter For Reciting Bible Verses Incorrectly "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A Pennsylvania woman who brutally beat her daughter for failing to recite Bible verses correctly has been sent to state prison. Penn Live reports Rhonda Shoffner, 41, was sentenced by Dauphin County Judge John F. Cherry after she pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated assault, strangulation, child endangerment and making terroristic threats. Last March Shoffner []


My husband was Pablo Escobar's pilot, the CIA and DEA's best informer and now he is being played by Tom Cruise "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

...But I still don't know who ordered his execution by ELEVEN hitmen, says his widow

  • Tom Cruise plays Barry Seal in newly released American Made, an action movie about the 280lb pilot who became the Medellin cartel's top smuggler
  • In the mid-1970s Seal got involved in smuggling drugs and became entwined with the notorious Medellin cartel led by gangster Pablo Escobar 
  • Seal was nicknamed 'El Gordo' - The Fat Man- by his bosses and later became the Drug Enforcement Administration's most important witness in the 1980s 
  • He was gunned down by Colombian hitmen in 1986 after telling federal officials of the inner workings of the Colombian drugs industry
  • Now his devoted wife Debbie, 65, says she is still haunted by doubts over who ordered his death, she exclusively told
  • She said: 'Although I know who pulled the trigger I'm not 100 percent sure I know who was behind it'
  • After Seal's death there have been many conspiracy theories and misinformation from the US government that have prompted skepticism over his death 

And with three Colombian hitmen jailed over his murder in 1986, it would seem that the narrative over the notorious airman's life and death is complete.

But the one person who knew Seal best - his widow Debbie has revealed she is...


DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


According to The National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL), elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will simulate a communications interoperability training exercise across the United States on November 04-06. The announcement released on October 24 has not been widely distributed to the media, because the drill is simulating a total grid collapse and could spark public fear.

Explained by Army MARS Program Manager Paul English,

This exercise will begin with a national massive coronal mass ejection event which will impact the national power grid as well as all forms of traditional communication, including landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and Internet connectivity,

In July, we warned about the US government quietly preparing for a massive coronal mass ejection with the passage of an Executive Order Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events.

Here is snippet of section 1 of the executive order:

Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disru...


Column: The Weather magic used to combat California fires "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

California was literally on fire this month, causing a ripple effect of destruction, devastation, and death. While there were multiple fires in Northern and Southern California, the fires in the Wine Country of Sonoma County are set to be the largest in the states history.

Recent reports indicate that over 8,400 homes and buildings were destroyed, and an estimate of 42 lives were lost in the Northern California fires. News reports are currently stating that over 100,000 people have been displaced by the horror of the raging flames.


The unimaginable fires started Oct. 8, and they still are not fully contained. According to a SF Gate article, the fires are expected to be fully contained by Friday.

While most places in Northern California have seen the toxic air quality subside over the last week, many people are still living the nightmare of this traumatizing and terrorizing event. The combination of winds, dry lands, warm weather, and lots of greenery led to a fire frenzy that continued to spread at a rapid speed.

Northern California is home to many Witches, Pagans and modern Polytheists, including Sonoma County. As the country watched or heard about whole cities being demolished, many people resorted to prayers, spiritual work, and ritual to bring hope to those who needed it the most.

In California, we are not unaccustomed to magic related to weather and especially for water in our drought impacted state. During the fires, social media outlets lit up with prayers for water and practitioners implying that they are engaging in water related magic to bring some relief to the land.

It is quite conceivable that after years of weather magic, the 2017 rain season finally brought us out of the record breaking California drought.

Rain magic and other forms of weather related workings have a long history in many different cultures. Indigenous groups around the world engaged in different forms of prayer, workings, dances, and rituals to ensure the land was taken care of a...


Corey Feldmans Crowdfund to Take Down Hollywood Pedophiles Raises $100K in First 24 Hours "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Jay SyrmopoulosThe internet has spoken and they are tired of elite pedophiles in Hollywood taking advantage of childrenover $100,000 raised to fight it in just 24 hours.
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GOP Lawmaker Claims Faith-Based Programs Will Solve Opioid Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Who needs Medicare and Medicaid when you have Jesus? GOP congressman thinks faith-based programs will solve the opioid crisis. When pressed about a lack of federal funds to address the current opioid crisis in the U.S., Kentucky congressman James Comer says We have to tighten our belts and claims there are other avenues to fight []


Numerology and Spiritual Significance of November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

November is a highly sacred month in numerology and is considered one of the most meaningful points of the year.

This is because November is a number 11 month and in numerology, 11 holds the sacred vibration of creativity, oneness and higher consciousness.

In 2017, this energy is going to be further amplified seeing as it is a number 1 year, with the most significant dates being November 1, 10, 11, 28 and 29.

To understand why 11 is so powerful and sacred in numerology, it is important to look at the symbolism for the number 1 first.

Numerology of Number 1

1 represents unity and oneness. We are all connected and we are all one, and the energy of number 1 reminds us of this. Number 1 also represents new beginnings and fresh starts- it symbolises the creative process as we take that first step in a new direction.

11 is such a powerful number because it amplifies this number 1 energy and adds to it. This energy is further amplified and becomes even more potent when we have 111 or 1111.

11, 111 and 1111 also signify feelings of oneness and connection. They signify an awakening to wholeness and a rising in consciousness to more heightened states of awareness.

11, 111 and 1111 are also connected to the Divine realms, and signify that your angels and guides are supporting you.

When you see these number patterns, it is also often a sign that you are heading in the right direction, and aligned with where you are meant to be going.

These number patterns can also signify the opening of new dimensions or states of awareness.

For example, in Pagan times the ritual of Samhain (which is now celebrated as Halloween) falls on November 1st. It is believed that in the darkest hours of the morning on 1/11, the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest.

This belief is partly linked to numerology, as the date of 111 signifies the three dimensions- the Lower World, Earth and the Upper World. It was believed that on this date, beings could travel freely across all dimensions.

While 111 and 1111 can represent doorways into other portals or dimensions, these number patterns are often associated with angelic realms and places of higher consciousness.

Out of all the days in the month, November 11 is going to hold the most potent vibration, as the date 11/11/1, amplifies number 1 energy five times. This is a highly creative energy and the perfect time to think about what you want to manifest int...


How to Make a Buck on the Side. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

So before you spend another weekend slumped on the sofa, out of energy and out of money, have a work through this new infographic on how


Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Viewer Questions 11: Preparing for Ascension "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, October 25, 2017

The ascension of humanity is a concept discussed within numerous ancient religious texts from around the world. Even though these texts came from geographically isolated regions, they still show an astounding amount of congruence within their details. Among the concepts described in these texts, the procession of the equinox seems to be one of the most common.

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Mysterious light column appears in the sky over Feliciano, Argentina "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A woman from Feliciano, Argentina, witnessed a mysterious phenomenon in the sky on October 24, 2017. During her daily walk across the San Jose Park, a bright light column suddenly appeared in front of her. Some sort of glowing portal to heaven. When the sky lit up, she first thought it was a lightning. But in the picture, the woman found a light column. The pictures shown below show the mysterious light

that leaves a column in the sky. Some sort of glowing portal to heaven. Baffled meteorologists believe this strange and rare natural phenomenon occurs when a cold front meets a warm front. These two fronts dont mix because of the difference in temperature and density. When such masses of air collide together, extreme weather events can occur, including lightning and even tornadoes. READ MORE


Toxic Warning: Cleaning Can Kill You, Eventually, Unless You Use Natural Solutions "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Russel DavisA recent report has revealed that toxic chemicals commonly found in cleaning products have detrimental effects on human health. The researchers have pointed out that exposure to toxic fumes from cleaning products such as bleach, floor cleaners, fabric softeners, and detergents may increase the risk of developing respiratory issues and adverse skin conditions.
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Pastor Warns Unbelief and Comfortable Christianity Fueling Millennial Interest in Occult and Astrology "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Millennials are increasingly exploring and turning to occultic spirituality and astrology, as statistics continue showing rising numbers of nones, those who do not identify with any particular faith. This is in part due to a mindset of fear and unbelief and comfortable Christianity, some pastors say. Market Watch reported Monday that the psychic services industry grew 2 percent between the years of 2011 and

2016, an industry now worth approximately $2 billion. Also in recent years, according to Pew, the percentage of people ages 18-29 who never doubt the existence of God dropped from 81 percent in 2007 to 67 percent in 2012. Pastors who spoke with The Christian Post believe the lack of spiritual power and a comfortable Christianity in the Church has created a vacuum of sorts, and a mindset of fear has constricted the real power of the Holy Spirit. CONTINUE


Scores Of Christians Massacred in Nigeria; Terrorists Break Through Doors, Burn Houses, Destroy Churches "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Forty-eight Christians were massacred in nine days of violent attacks in Nigeria, with some of the survivors describing the terror they felt at the hands of Islamic Fulani herdsmen who broke through their doors and destroyed houses and churches. Every one of us ran to save his life, church elder Dauda Samuel Kadiya of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Zanwrua, told Morning Star News. I was shot at, but the bullet only bruised my hand. You can see the wound yourself.

The herdsmen slaughtered a total of 48 Christians in several attacks carried out in Plateau state between Oct. 8 and Oct. 17, survivors said, with believers fleeing villages and abandoning worship buildings. Some of the church buildings were destroyed by the attackers, Kadiya added. Agado Aura, 62, said he and his wife barely escaped after the herdsmen came one night from the eastern part of their Zanwrua village. READ MORE


Pastor Caught in Massive Prostitution Sting "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Houston police busted a local pastor in a massive prostitution sting. The Houston Chronicle reports First Haitian Community Church pastor Ermonte Moliere was one of 139 men netted during a 10-day operation at a massage parlor turned brothel. According to the church website:

Pastor Moliere graduated from the Theological School of Boulevard on October 15, 2004 located in Tabarre, Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he studied Theology. After working for 5 years for the Conseil National de Financement Populaire, (CNFP) he traveled to Fort Myers, Florida, in January 2010 to rejoined his wife. Once arrived in Fort Myers, Florida he started preaching the Word of God to his people. In late 2010, with Cenel Benel, he founded the church Riocher de Deliverance at Fort Myers, Florida. Pastor Ermonte Moliere is committed to winning souls for Jesus-Christ and uses preaching, and formation to provide Gods Word to help people understand how important it is to have Christ in their life.  READ MORE


Catalan parliament declares independence from Spain "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Catalan lawmakers voted Friday to declare independence from Spain but Madrid immediately moved to quash the breakaway bid in a sharp escalation of a crisis that has caused jitters in secession-wary Europe. As tens of thousands of pro-independence activists gathered outside, the regional parliament in Barcelona passed a resolution to declare Catalonia an independent state in the form of a republic.

Demonstrators broke out in ecstatic cheers and shouts of: Independence! as the vote count was announced, while MPs inside cheered, clapped and embraced before breaking out in the Catalan anthem. Urging Spaniards to remain calm as the country headed into the unknown, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy insisted that the rule of law will restore legality in Catalonia. Rajoy has called a crisis meeting of his cabinet for Friday evening, as the European Union and the United States voiced their support for a united Spain. READ MORE


6 Excuses to not Meditate (& How to Ditch Them). "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

When I first started meditating, I made plenty of excuses to not practice. Even when I resolved one excuse, I somehow managed to find another one. Honestly, I just wanted to escape my meditation practice.


Concern for Chinese Christians Grows as President Xi Becomes Most Powerful Since Communist Leader Mao "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The concern for persecuted Christians and churches in China is set to grow following the 19th National Party Congress of the Communist Party of China, a watchdog group said, with President Xi Jinping set to rule for years to come. Bob Fu, president of persecution watchdog China Aid, told The Christian Post in a phone interview on Tuesday that the clear signal from the week-long congress, which is held only twice a decade, is that the Communist government will seek to exert total control over all ares of life of Chinese citizens, extending to churches and other places of worship.

As Reuters reported on Wednesday, the Communist Party revealed a new leadership line-up without a clear successor to Xi, meaning that he is likely to continue being a top figure even beyond the end of his second term in power in 2022. Moreover, on Tuesday the party voted to enshrine Xis name and ideology into its constitution, elevating him to the level of Chairman Mao Zedong, the founder of the Peoples Republic of China. Fu noted this is the first time this has happened in many decades. READ MORE


The Silent Marriage Killer More Deadly Than Sex & Money "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(By Derek Harvey) I got the answer wrong when the seminar presenter asked what the silent marriage killer was. Would you get it wrong? Just after my wife and I got married, we attended a seminar on aiding the rehabilitation of human trafficking victims, particularly those trafficked for sex. (I wont get into all thatthats another story for another day.) In one of the presenters talks, he asked the audience

what the biggest cause of divorce was. Since I had just been through premarital counseling, I pretty much felt like an expert at marriage. I shot my hand up quickly to answer the question, and blurted out, Sex, money and communication! then looked at my wife next to me and grinned. Too easy. Wrong, the presenter barked back. Those are symptoms of the real problem. READ MORE


Historic Gathering Of Whale Sentinels Linked To Mystery Radio Bursts Prompts Russian Alert "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A stunning new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the first-ever snap combat readiness check of the nearly 400,000 troops of the National Guard of Russia (FSVNG RF) is in direct response to an emergency bulletin issued last evening by the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO) warning that a catastrophe of global proportions may be nearing for our entire planet Earth causing mass evacuation events to occur that the Federation needs to prepare for.
Source: by Sorcha Faal


The Question asked by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The film puts forth one of the most essential questions of the human experience: is love worth the trouble? Is it worthwhile to fall madly in love with someone when there is always the possibility (perhaps even the certainty) that it could end in profound heartache? Is Cupids arrow worth the sting?


A 5-minute Practice to stop Fear from Photoshopping our Reality. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

My yoga teacher always says, Calm is our deepest seed. I think this practice allows us to glimpse the parts of us that endure beyond the physical---and all it takes is



Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations VERY HIGH | October 27th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.
Read more


Has Avoiding the Mainstream become Too Mainstream? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I have always been someone who stood out in one way or another. I have never done this on purpose though. I was exposed to both


Alt-left desecrate famous Teddy Roosevelt statue (pic) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Peaceful free speech rallies arent the only target of the violent alt-left they want to rewrite all of American history, too.

Police say the famous Theodore Roosevelt statue on the steps of the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan was desecrated with red paint last night and the group claiming credit for the stunt says this is just the beginning.

HAUNTING: This video from Hillarys past wont go away [sponsored]

Theyve promised to go after George Washington and Thomas Jeffersons legacy, too.

In a statement, the alt-left vandals calling themselves the Monument Removal Brigade cited the following statement from Trump

Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. You..

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17, 2017

cant change history, but you can learn from it.


How The Elite Dominate The World Part 4: They Buy Politicians, And Incumbents Almost Always Win "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse


Once we wake up to how the game is being played, then we will have a real shot at changing things. For decades, the elite have been pulling the strings behind the scenes in both major political parties. That is why nothing has ever seemed to change very much no matter which party has been in power. The agenda of the elite has always seemed to march forward, and ordinary people like us have always been frustrated that we cant seem to make a difference. But now a shift seems to be taking place. Donald Trump took on the establishment in both major parties, and he miraculously won the presidency. Down in Alabama, the elite spent more than 30 million dollars to defeat Roy Moore, and he still defeated Luther Strange.  A political awakening is taking place, and I cant wait to see what happens during the mid-term elections in 2018.

In Part I and Part II of this series, I talked about how the elite use debt as a tool of enslavement.  In Part III, I went over how the elite use the colossal media corporations they own to control what we think. Today, I want to talk about their influence in the realm of politics.

In Washington D.C., it is well understood that the game of politics is all about the money. If I win my election, and online polling suggests that there is a ton of enthusiasm for my campaign, I will be expected to spend most of my time on the phone raising money. As a freshman member of Congress, at orientation it will be explained...


Kp Message 10-27-17 Stay True to the Path Your Path "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Yes, I finished a cycle of missions two days ago. It covered a period of 3.5 months. It was mine to do. And it was mine to do in the manner in which I was guided to do it.

No matter what anyone else might feel think or say about it, the cycle of missions, which, yes, involved the placement of Cintamani stones at various points on the islands, was completed in perfection. That was my part. I did not consult with anyone about where to go, what to do, how to do it, when to do it. I did not collaborate with anyone about where to go, what to do, how to do it, when to do it. I followed the Guidance I received.

No matter what anyone else was doing or will do on these islands with whatever stones in whatever locations, or whether there are stones involved or not, Higher Guidance was my guide for my part. And as Ive mentioned many times before, Higher Guidance is what I followed, and will always follow (well, as best I understand it).

Some may not understand what I did, or what exactly was done, or why it was done in the way I was guided to do it, and thats 100% okay. But the Higher Guidance to me was clear. And that Higher Guidance was what I had to follow.

Staying true to the Path I was moved to follow was the only important deal for me. And thats the case with every single mission Im called...


Why Most Multivitamins End up in the Toilet and How to Really Solve a Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Derek HenryThe scenario of widespread disease has been slowly but surely infiltrating our society, and whether it was on purpose or by accident, the results have been catastrophic to every living thing on the planet. Whether it is vaccinations, depleted soils, chemically driven agriculture, prescription medications, GMOs, or treated water, we have erroneously believed those in authoritative positions either have the answers, or that they even care to give them to us.
Read more


What it Means to Pray without Religion. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The other day I was thinking about prayer and what it truly means when we say, "Ill pray for you." Or when we experience a challenge and ask someone to keep us in


10 Impossible Things We Are Expected To Believe - Through The Looking Glass - The Globalists Warped Perspective Of Their Hideous Reality Proves We Live In A Land Of Luciferian Inversion "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when the US and the West in general had some semblance of sanity, before the evil madness of the elites had spread to much of the general population. People understood that homosexuality was abnormal and unhealthy, that babies were human beings, that murder of human beings is evil, and that a persons sex is determined before birth.

Anyone objecting to Islamic terrorism and the importation of more Muslims is said to be Islamophobic, and Islamophobia is portrayed as racism. Never mind that Islam is a belief system and not a race; mere facts are irrelevant these days. In Lewis Carrolls Through the Looking Glass, Alice goes through a mirror into a strange world where everything is inverted. We have apparently done the same, but that mirror is far behind us now; the normal world we left behind is but a distant memory; and Alice is nowhere in sight.


When Alice was in Looking Glass Land she met many strange characters, including a queen who remarked: Why, sometimes Ive believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. A significant percentage of the American sheeple seem to share her sentiment. For example, here are six impossible things we are expected to believe (and many people do believe).

1. We can spend our way out of debt. No one should worry about deficit spending, the expanding national debt (now over $20 trillion), the increasing private debt, or the unfunded liabilities like Medicare. No, we can continue to fritter away billions on welfare and foreign aid, waste and corruption, and the bill will never come due.

2. Many associates of the Demonic Duo (the Clintons) have killed themselves, died in plane crashes, or been murdered by persons unknown, and the Clintons could not possibly have had anything to do with it. Vince Foster went to a park nowhere near or between his home and the WH where he worked, and shot himself with an un...


Your Emotional Constructs Are Created by Your DNA and Your Past? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Jeremy McDonald) Beyond the Imprint heralds a new paradigm of thinking within the field of mental health counsellingfar beyond the duality of our unconscious condition.

Quantum physics is beginning to replace the mechanistic world view of Newtonian Physics and is teaching us, with every new discovery, that we are intimately interconnected with our environment and everything in it. This includes the understanding that we can change what is outside of us by simply changing ourselves.

The goal of OConnells ground-breaking book is for the therapist to facilitate a safe, therapeutic experience, one in which the client is able to explore, identify and dissolve imprinting at the cellular level. Such imprinting has distorted self-identity and informed dysfunctional behavioral and relationship patterns throughout the course of ones lifetime. Only then can someone actualize their true self and increase their capacity to manifest what is truly desired.
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Secret Science Act, Supported by Future NASA Head, Could Hurt Space Research "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Dianna WrayRepresentative Jim Bridenstine is slated to be the next NASA administrator, and that means he has taken the stances in line with President Donald Trump's views. Thus, unsurprisingly, the Republican Oklahoma congressman (a Rice University graduate) has the required climate science skepticism that has become the doctrine of the Republican Party in recent years.
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Aliens Could Be Living Beneath The Frozen Oceans Of Sub-Zero Water Worlds, ex-NASA Scientist Claims "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Jasper Hamill; The Sun

Engineer and planetary scientist Alan Stern claims humanity has failed to detect the presence of alien civilisations because they are probably living at the bottom of an extraterrestrial sea.

IT'S one of the greatest conundrums in the universe.

Scientists believe it's highly likely that alien civilisations exist somewhere out in deep space - so why haven't we spotted them yet?

Now one former Nasa scientist has come forward to suggest that extraterrestrials haven't contacted Earth because they are probably living at the bottom of a frozen ocean on a distant water world.

Alan Stern, who now works at the Southwest Research Institute in Texas, gave a speech at the 2017 Division for Planetary Sciences last week to discuss the Fermi Paradox, which questions why we haven't found aliens when it's so likely that they exist somewhere in our gigantic universe.
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Heres a List of Locations for the November 4th Anti-Trump Protests "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Heres a List of Locations for the November 4th Anti-Trump Protests

October 26, 2017

November 4th is approaching quickly and that is that date that groups like Antifa, Resist Fascism, and the Revolutionary Communist Party plan to protest the Trump-Pence Regime. Theyve been meeting for months to openly plan sedition and organize what they promise will be massive protests all over the country. Dont be surprised if things become violent.

As promised, heres the list of planned events. These will be good places to avoid on November 4th.

Atlanta Saturday November 4
6:00 pm

Euclid & Moreland Ave NE
Little 5 Points/Findley Plaza, ATLANTA

Bring pots and pans, flashlights, glow sticks, lanterns, signs, banners, and everyone you know.  The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Facebook Event

Austin November 4
1:00 pm

Republic Square Park
422 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX
Facebook event page

Boston November 4
4:00 pm

Shoppers Plaza 1 Franklin Street



The plot to overthrow Americaoh thats just a fantasy "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The plot to overthrow Americaoh, thats just a fantasy

Socialism for the good of all, sponsored by the people?

Please. If you buy that one, I have beachfront condos for sale on the dark side of the moon.

I continue to expose the expansion of socialismthe revolution by and for the masses, which is in fact a plot of ultra-rich monopolists.

Echoing across 45 years, here is an excerpt from Gary Allens 1971 classic, None Dare Call It Conspiracy:

What we are witnessing is the Communist tactic of pressure from above and pressure from below, described by Communist historian Jan Kozak as the device used by the Reds to capture control of Czecho-Slovakia. The pressure from above comes from secret, ostensibly respectable Comrades in the government and Establishment, forming, with the radicalized mobs in the streets below, a giant pincer around middle-class society. The street rioters are pawns, shills, puppets, and dupes for an oligarchy of elitist conspirators working above to turn Americas limited government into an unlimited government with total control over our lives and property.

The American middle class is being squeezed to death by a viseIn the streets we have avowed revolutionary groups such as the Students for a Democratic Society (which was started by the League for Industrial Democracy, a group with strong C.F.R. ties), the Black Panthers, the Yippies, the Young Socialist Alliance. These groups chant that if we dont change America, we will lose it. Change is a word we hear over and over. By change these groups mean Socialism. Virtually all members of these groups sincerely believe that they are fighting the Establishment. In reality they are an indispensable ally of the Establishment in fastening Socialism on all of us. The naive radicals think that under Socialism the people will run everything. Actually, it will be a clique of Insiders in total control, consolidating and controlling all wealth. That is why these schoolboy Lenins and teenage Trotskys are allowed to roam free and are practically never arrested or prosecuted. They are protected. If the Establishment wanted the revolutionar...


The Oath U.S. Gun Owners/Soldiers Will Have to Take to Keep Their Weapons "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The Oath U.S. Gun Owners/Soldiers Will Have to Take to Keep Their Weapons

The time is coming if they cant be confiscated, then American gun owners will have to follow their elected politicians and congress men/women and swear their oath to the mother country of the United States.

The mother country that Americans give:

$31 billion in aid.

Allow crimes against the Palestines support by bombing other nations who have not shown such crimes against another or even their own.

Allow people from Israel to hold dual citizenships in America, which is not offered to Americans wanting to live in Israel. How is it that if you want to be a politician in the congress of the United States of America, you must swear an oath to Israel?

Israel is the mother state and first state of the United States, and that is why most of the politicians, pro sports owners, and major corporations in the U.S. are held and owned by dual citizens of Israel.

If Congressmen/women have to swear an oath gun owners your next.

Whose wars are the men and women of America fighting for? US or Israel? Former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney says every candidate for Congress has to sign a pledge to vote for supporting the military superiority of Israel. Every candidate for Congress at that time had a pledge. They were given a pledge to sign that had Jerusalem as the capital city, McKinney said in an interview with Press TV on Sunday. You make a commitment that you would vote to support the military superiority of Israel that the economic assistant that Israel wants that you would vote to provide that, she added.

McKinney said that if a candidate does not sign the pledge or perform accordingly, then you do not get money to run your campaign. The former Congresswoman said that after she made the pledge issue public the tactic changed. But this is what is done for 535 members of the United States Congress, 100 senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives have to now write a paragraph which basically says the same thing. He comments came as US President Barack Obama vowed to sustain Israels military superiority over its neighbors at the American Israel Publi...


Daily Bible Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.


This Natural Root Can Remove Fluoride From The Brain, Says Study "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Did you know? Fluoride a trace mineral which is added to certain toothpastes and the publics water supply is a neurotoxin when consumed in excess.

Despite this, it is recommended by powerful government figures and the American Dental Association (ADA). Fortunately, it seems at least one common ingredient is beneficial at clearing it out of the body and brain, and that is curcumin a component of the turmeric root.

According to the study Curcumin attenuates neurotoxicity induced by fluoride: An in vivo evidence, which was published in Pharmacognosy Magazine, the spice turmeric prevents and in some cases reverses damage caused by exposure to fluoride.

This is important, as fluoride has been proven to adversely affect peoples health when ingested not just used as a topical agent for stronger, whiter teeth.

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Spain Showdown: Catalan Parliament To Decide On Independence Tomorrow, Chaos To Follow "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Spain Showdown: Catalan Parliament To Decide On Independence Tomorrow, Chaos To Follow

Tyler Durden's picture


What Mystics & Prophets Revealed About Hyper-Dimensional Entities "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Hyper-dimensional entities have been recognized, discussed and warned about for literally millennia throughout the history of humanity.

Naturally, there are many people who scoff at the very idea of such beings, believing them to be fictitious inventions of the human mind.

However, the fact that so many cultures, traditions, religions and spiritualities have discussed the nature of these creatures, using different terms but essentially describing the same thing, gives credence to the idea that they exist.

We have been cautioned for millennia that humanity is under psychic attack by a group of energetic, discarnate beings that seed thoughts of judgement, separation, anxiety, anger and fear in order to generate loosh (negative emotional energy) that they siphon off as food.

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Mysterious Light Tube appears in the sky over Feliciano, Argentina "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Last Tuesday, October 24, 2017 a resident of Feliciano, Argentina did her daily walk in San Jose Park and took a photograph at the moment a lightning occurred.


Bombshell: Hillary Clinton And The DNC Colluded With Russia In An Attempt To STEAL The Election From Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

<<img alt="hillary-top-secret" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-39825" height="307" src="" width="550" />

Fresh off the heels of a shocking report, published by the Washington Post, that confirmed that the infamous Russia dossier was actually funded by both the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, an even more startling revelation has emerged The Clinton-DNC machine colluded with the Russians to fabricate and spread serious disinformation about Donald Trump in a failed attempt at swaying the election in the favor of Hillary Clinton.

Thats right, in a literal reverse of what the entire mainstream media has fed the American people for over a year, we now have evidence that, either wittingly or unwittingly, the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for what amounted to disinformation that came directly from Russian sources.

Obviously this may seem truly unbelievable to some, but the facts speak for themselves and there is no denying that Democrats paid a shady opposition research company to try and dig up dirt on Donald Trump who then subsequently hired former British spy Christopher Steele. Steele then openly used Russian sources for most of the serious allegations in the Russia dossier.

Clinton Lawyer Hires Fusion GPS For Disinformation

According to The Washington Post report, which was later confirmed by Politico, Clinton and DNC lawyer Marc Elias hired the opposition research (see disinformation) company Fusion GPS who then outsourced the work to former British spy Christopher Steele who eventually went on to release the Russian dossier which was chalked full of disinformation, including lurid sexual allegations against Donald Trump.

The fact that the Clinton campaign would hire Fusion GPS in the first place paints a clear picture of a campaign willing to pay for any dirt on then candidate Donald Trump whether it was true or not. This becomes even more clear when you consider the history of Fusion GPS itself.



10+ Signs You're An Option, NOT A Priority "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

You know you're an option and not really a priority when they don't want to take you out in public to bigger events like parties, weddings, or birthdays.

You're a side thing, not the real deal.

Your phone buzzes. It's 11pm on a Friday night. You're about to turn in after a quiet evening at home with a book. "Want 2 hang out?"

This is code for something, and you know exactly what it is. "I couldn't find anyone else so now I'm talking to you, Ms. Last Resort." Pass.

Their plans are spur of the moment, and while they might agree to do something you want to at a future date, they often bail on you.

This probably means that they found someone or something better to occupy their time.

If you were a priority to this person, yeah, maybe sometimes they wouldn't get back to you right away, but generally, you should be getting a reply back pretty quick.

If they get back to you when it's convenient, chances are, you're a convenience.

Let me guess: you make all the plans. You put in all the effort. They seem reluctant.

If that's the case, you're definitely not a priority.

And this is the biggest crock of them all. When you reach out, or when you stand up for yourself, they put you down as too needy.

Here's an idea: forget them. Delete their number. Don't respond to texts. Move on.

One of the hardest lessons we ever have to learn in life is that people aren't always as genuine as they make themselves out to be, and that you're not as big of a priority to them as you would like to think you are.

Have you ever found yourself constantly giving and giving, only for your good deeds and actions to go unreciprocated?

Having people like this in our lives is draining and unhealthy.

We all need to create relationships with people who are going to make us a priority as often as we make them a priority.

Otherwise, it's time to tell them to get lost.

Here are 13 signs that you're being put on the back burner by someone who doesn't see you as a priority:


Yellowstone Supervolcano: Updated Information And Warnings "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Yellowstone Supervolcano: Updated Information And Warnings

The volcano of Yellowstone National Park has made headlines with research that presents a possibility that this supervolcano may erupt much sooner than expected.

Yellowstone Supervolcano

According to one Fox News report: Arizona State University researchers have analyzed minerals around the supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park and have come to a startling conclusion. It could blow much faster than previously expected, potentially wiping out life as we know it.

According to National Geographic, the researchers, Hannah Shamloo and Christy Till, analyzed minerals in fossilized ash from the most recent eruption. What they discovered surprised them the changes in temperature and composition only took a few decades, much faster than the centuries previously thought.

We expected that there might be processes happening over thousands of years preceding the eruption, said Till said in an interview with the New York Times.

Yellowstone Supervolcano: Updated Information And Warnings

The supervolcano last erupted about 630,000 years ago, according to National Geographic. Prior to that, it was 1.3 million years ago, per a report from ZME Science.

If another eruption were to take place, the researchers found that the supervolcano would spare almost nothing in its wrath. It would shoot 2,500 times more material than Mount St. Helen did in 1980 and could cover most of the contiguous U.S. in ash, possibly putting the planet into a volcanic winter.

Despite the concerns, researchers state that more research needs to...


Free your Toes & the Rest will Follow: How to Reset your Health from the Ground Up. {Partner} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Distorted, "shoe-shaped feet and toes cannot function without the support of a shoe. Foot muscles become weak and tight until even walking barefoot around the house can be painful.


Horror Movie Girlfriend "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

She runs. She screams. And not much else. She is a horror movie girlfriend.


Scream Greats - Tom Savini - Master of Horror Documentary:


McGees Guillotine: Beheading the Irrational "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This post McGees Guillotine: Beheading the Irrational was created by Gary Z McGee for Fractal Enlightenment. You should consider visiting Fractal Enlightenment - ~ We Are All One for more awesome posts.

To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day. ~ Lao Tzu McGees guillotine is ...

The post McGees Guillotine: Beheading the Irrational appeared first on Fractal Enlightenment.


In5D Alternative News for October 27, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If youve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, []

The post In5D Alternative News for October 27, 2017 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


What If We Were Made Of Light? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Rainbow Ra, Guest writer, Man is a star bound to a body. ~Hermes Would our world be a far cry from our current one if we could physically see that we are light beings? Would we act any differently if we saw one anothers light essence? You are invited to join my journey []

The post What If We Were Made Of Light? appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


As The True Leaders Rise, The New Breed Begins "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Deane Thomas, Guest writer, As our consciousness shifts, there is a ripple effect that travels around the globe, in turn, this ripple is converted into an energy.  In addition, the vibrational pitch changes, in effect sending a very specific frequency to the universal highway of consciousness.  Others, who have also shifted their consciousness []

The post As The True Leaders Rise, The New Breed Begins appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Water-Powered Cars: A List Of Inventors "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Humanity is being held hostage by the Illuminati bankers who control the oil cartel.

"The number one thing that will diffuse the [Illuminati agenda] is to bring in an alternate energy source."

by David Richards, guest author

Water-powered cars have existed for years. Oil, with its attendant evils pollution, oil wars, oil spills are unnecessary.

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Breaking: IRS Admits To Specifically Targeting Tea Party Conservatives Obama Was Going After His Political Enemies "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has won a years-long legal battle against the Internal Revenue Service in which the agency admitted that it wrongfully targeted Tea Party conservatives, during the Obama Administration, specifically because of their political viewpoints.

In issuing an apology to the clients represented by the ACLJ, the IRS admitted that it was wrong to use the United States tax code simply because of an entitys name. They also admitted the bombshell fact that this discrimination happened specifically because of the applicants political viewpoints. Keep in mind the fact that the mainstream media has spent years telling the American people that this didnt happen.

In other words, outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN, and The New York Times directly lied to their readers and viewers to protect a Democratic president whose administration was openly breaking the law.

Surprise. Surprise.

On top of an admission of guilt, the IRS apology also included:

A declaration by the Court that it is wrong to apply the United States tax code to any tax-exempt applicant or entity based solely on such entitys name, any lawful positions it espouses on any issues, or its associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint;

A declaration by the Court that any action or inaction taken by the IRS must be applied evenhandedly and not based solely on a tax-exempt applicant or entitys name, political viewpoint, or associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint; and

A declaration by the Court that discrimination on the basis of political viewpoint in administering the United States tax code violates fundamental First Amendment rights. Disparate treatment of taxpayers based solely on the taxpayers names, any lawful positions the taxpayers espouse on any issues, or the taxpayers associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint is unlawful. 


Finally, a...


Corporatocratic Surveillance Just Got One Step More Invasive "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Corporatocratic surveillance (i.e. the broad spread surveillance of the public by the corporatocracy) has become even more creepy and invasive with the advent of new programs by Amazon and Walmart which allow these corporations to enter your home when you are not there.

Thats right: Amazon is rolling out a new program called Amazon Key which will launch on November 8th, 2017.

Amazon wants you to not only set up equipment to monitor yourself and your home, but also to pay $250 for their kit which includes an Amazon security camera (the Cloud Cam) and a smart lock for the privilege of doing so. This is an obvious continuation of the smart deception and smart invasion.

As usual, this corporatocratic surveillance is being sold as trendy, useful and convenient; none of the grave privacy concerns of literally handing over the keys of your house or apartment to giant corporations are addressed.

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The Spiritual Significance of Halloween "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Tanaaz; Forever Conscious

Halloween or Samhain falls on October 31st and is when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is believed to be the thinnest.

Halloween is all about celebrating the cycle of death and rebirth. In the northern hemisphere, the leaves are dying and nature is preparing for the still of winter. Just the same, in the southern hemisphere, the dormant buds are preparing to rebirth themselves and open to the start of summer.

Death and rebirth is an important cycle that is seen in nature constantly, and its also something that is mirrored within us.

We are always going through our own process of shedding, releasing and rebirthing ourselves as we travel along the journey of life.

Halloween is a time to honor the deaths that we have all experienced throughout the year. It is a time to make peace with all the things we have needed to let go of and to celebrate the cycle of the new.

In Pagan times, Samhain was celebrated as soon as the clock ticked over to November 1st, as it was believed on 1/11 spiritual activity was at its highest.
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Satanic Symbolism Is In Our Faces At London Fashion Week: The Big Takeaway "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Jeffrey Roberts; Collective Evolution

Today, the word Illuminati is so widespread and associated with conspiracy that it has become satirical in its own right. Yet even as a subject of ridicule, the prevalence of occult symbols in the mass-media is undeniable.

Take this showcase at London Fashion Week, for example.

Hosted at St. Andrew church in London, the avant-garde fashion show was the creation of Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu.

As you can see, Findikoglus display of costumes and apparel was nothing less than an ode to all things occult.

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What Mystics & Prophets Revealed About Hyper-Dimensional Entities "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Makia Freeman; The Freedom Articles

Hyper-dimensional entities

have been recognized, discussed and warned about for literally millennia throughout the history of humanity. Naturally, there are many people who scoff at the very idea of such beings, believing them to be fictitious inventions of the human mind. However, the fact that so many cultures, traditions, religions and spiritualities have discussed the nature of these creatures, using different terms but essentially describing the same thing, gives credence to the idea that they exist.

We have been cautioned for millennia that humanity is under psychic attack by a group of energetic, discarnate beings that seed thoughts of judgement, separation, anxiety, anger and fear in order to generate loosh (negative emotional energy) that they siphon off as food. In searching for what force is really behind the construction of the New World Order and the grander conspiracy, one is bound to investigate these hyper-dimensional entities, who may be the original handlers, puppet masters and mind control perpetrators manipulating the whole of mankind. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.

Beyond the Frequency Band of Normal Perception

We have to take seriously the idea that the hidden ruler(s) of this crazy world are invisible, or at least, operate from frequencies beyond normal perception. After all, no one knows exactly from where thoughts originate. If there were a force that could control which thoughts are beamed into the mind, then every single living person would be vulnerable to psychic attack.

These hyper-dimensional entities are said to be able to infiltrate your mind, make their voice sound like yours and entice you to do their bidding all with the aim of generating fear, which is their food. Are they are the gods of yore that demanded sacrifice? Are they the evil spirits that possess people? Are they the masters of trickery who continually try to keep us in fear and out of our center of power our heart? What follows is a list of 10 different traditions and cultures that describe these hyper-dimensional entities using their own terms and ideas.


FBI Releases Docs On Sandy Hook Showing Feds Visited Shooter BEFORE Massacre "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

On December 14, 2012, the world watched the news with horror as they heard the story of 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shooting 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Since that fateful day, conspiracy theories have abounded from whether or not the shooting actually took place to what Lanzas motive was.

Adam Lanza is believed to have shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, in the head at her home in Newtown, Connecticut, around 9 a.m. on December 14, before taking her car and driving approximately five miles to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he would slaughter the children and teachers.

According to reports, most of the shooting occurred in two of the schools first-grade classrooms; 14 students in one classroom, and six in the other, were murdered. Only two of the victims who were shot by Lanza both teachers survived the attack.

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Cosmic Disclosure: Encounters with Three-fingered Beings with Pete Peterson Season 8, Episode 12 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to another episode of Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host, David Wilcock. And here, again, is our special guest, Pete Peterson. Pete, welcome to the show.

Pete Peterson: Thank you.

David: We have a new series on Gaia called Unearthing Nazca. And we're discussing some really fascinating things having to do with the Nazca Plateau.
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Im pretty sure its 2017. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I was blocked from participating in student government because of my Jewish identity and my affiliations with Jewish organizations...


Retired Head of the Los Angeles FBI Tells All about Illuminati, Satanism & Pedophile Rings in the Government "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In a recent interview, Ted Gunderson, the Former Chief of the Los Angeles FBI, disclosed some pretty disturbing facts about the US government. According to him, Satanism, the Illuminati and pedophilia rings thrive within the Government.

Ted Gunderson, a now retired Chief of the Los Angeles FBI, exposed some disturbing facts the US government. Although he has risked his life by disclosing the truth, Gunderson speaks of how widespread and entrenched Satanism, the Illuminati and pedophilia are inside the Government.

Once he retired from the FBI, Gunderson has started giving presentations all over the country in order to raise awareness of the satanic ritual abuse, false flag terrorism, and MK ultra-Mind control. For more details, watch his presentation in the video below.



Energy Update Triple Energies At Once "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Anastacia-Blue Beyond, Australian Correspondent, Last night was one eye on the astrals and one eye resting lol. A main area of where we are at right now is we are shifting into A new timeline!!! Now, there is so much around about timelines shifting and then when something very specific occurs, this can []

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Cyber Hurricane: New Malware Infects Millions of Devices Worldwide "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Cybersecurity experts warn the next cyber hurricane is about to come as millions of Internet of Things devices have been infected with Reaper malware that could take down the internet.

Learn More:

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Biblical, Prophetic & Predicted -PLAGUE WARNING: 9 countries urged to prepare as black death spreads "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

What if I told you the black death bubonic plague that is spreading rapidly is biblical? What if I told you this same plague is prophetic? What if I further told you this plague was prophesied and predicted in late 2016 to hit many areas including western countries? Tune in as we prove and discuss all of this plus the reason why God has allowed this terrifying biblical plague to strike at this present time, what happens next and what we are to do about it.
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Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Predicted Black Plague Happening Now in January 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is the Word of the Lord. Jesus said, a new disease that will eat the skin, like scathe the skin will break out in western countries
God have mercy.
What if I told you the black death bubonic plague that is spreading rapidly is biblical? What if I told you this same plague is prophetic? What if I further told you this plague was prophesied and predicted in late 2016 to hit many areas including western countries? Tune in as we prove and discuss all of this plus the reason why God has allowed this terrifying biblical plague to strike at this present time, what happens next and what we are to do about it.
You do not want to miss todays Open Your Eyes People broadcast.
The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lambs Book of life?
We are an end-time church ministry and rely on the support of our viewers to help continue the Labor of the Word brought to you by these broadcasts. Please donate securely online at: or mail:
EMOAF| Evangelist Anita Fuentes
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Thank you and the Lord richly bless you as you continue to walk in His ways


The Plague Is AIRBORNE And Its Spreading Because People Are Literally Dancing With Corpses "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The plague thats airborne and has killed at least 124 people in Madagascar is now blamed on dancing with corpses. This is the time of year when the dead are wrapped in sheets and paraded through the streets while others dance around the bodies.

The local tradition is said to be one of the major causes of the spread of this disease.  Since its airborne, anyone coming close to the corpse of a person who has died of the black death could themselves, catch the infection. Health officials suspect its no coincidence that the outbreak coincides with the time of year when families customarily exhume the remains of dead relatives, wrap them in a sheet, and dance with them through the streets in a sacred ritual, AFP reports.

If a person dies of pneumonic plague and is then interred in a tomb that is subsequently opened for [the ritual], the bacteria can still be transmitted and contaminate whoever handles the body, said Willy Randriamarotia, Madagascars health ministry chief of staff.

Some locals believe the whole plague is some kind of a government conspiracy, and say they have no intention of forgoing the ritual known as famadihana. They say they will continue to dance with the dead and intend to honor their ancestors. I will always practice the turning of the bones of my ancestors plague or no plague. The plague is a lie, Helene Raveloharisoa told the wire service.

Josephine Ralisiarisoa firmly believes the countrys cash-strapped government is just exaggerating the problem to get money ahead of an election next year. And it isnt that anyone is putting this past a government to lie for profits, but health officials have even warned tourists, a source of money, to stay away from Madagascar for their own health. I...


Niara Isley: My Response to a Bogus Article Posted About Me on the Internet Recently "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) On October 24th, 2017, we posted an article entitled: RETRACTED | Under Hypnosis: 'I Was Abducted by Reptile Aliens Who Raped Me' (video), featuring the story of Niara Isley. Isley contacted us recently, alerting us to the fact that there were some misrepresentations in that article originally posted by the Mirror. She was kind enough to offer a rebuttal that we are providing below as a correction. 
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All You Need To Know About Area 51 & The UFO Cover-Up "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

For many years the Pentagon denied Area 51 despite the fact that it became known to the public that a 120-kilometer piece of the desert in Las Vegas was a base for the US Armed Forces, which was said to have carried out secret experiments


Jay-Z Caught Shapeshifting On United Airlines Flight To LAX "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Dozens of United Airlines passengers claim they saw Jay-Z shapeshift into a reptilian as the rapper and music mogul travelled between New York City and Los Angeles on Friday.


U.S. Government Targets Homegrown Violent Extremists In Broad Surveillance "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

By Aaron Kesel The U.S. government has increased its physical and digital surveillance to now include a broad definition of homegrown violent extremists in the Department


Negotiating Yourself into Good Health Habits: Expert Shares Tips for Successful Manipulation of Your Mindset "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Russel DavisSticking to a healthy eating habit is challenging for most of us as it remains to be a prospect between pros and cons, psychology expert Elliot Berkman writes in a Daily Mail article. According to Berkman, the dichotomy between good and bad habits has its roots in the Western thought and has well encompassed history in classic examples such as reason versus passion among Greeks and the concept of sin and redemption among Judeo-Christian practitioners.
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Trumps New Presidential Memo Will Normalize Drones in American Life "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

By Derrick Broze President Trumps recent decisions on drone aircraft foreshadows the increase of the technology in civilian life and military strategy. On Wednesday President


YouTube Terminated Our Unblemished Channel Without Warning "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

By Activist Post A couple of weeks ago we were surprised to find our YouTube channel completely deleted with the message This account has been


Are Your Kids Too Fragile? New at Reason "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Lenore Skenazy launches Let Grow, a non-profit devoted to promoting better policies for raising children.

[embedded content]

Kids today are tagged, surveilled, and tracked like endangered species. Is it any wonder that our college campuses now rush to provide safe spaces and panic rooms to protect young adults from speakers and materials they might find disturbing?

To discuss the changes in American childhoodand what to do about themReasons Nick Gillespie sat down with Lenore Skenazy, the author of Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry) and a contributor to Reason.

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A Spoonful Of This Miracle Plant Can Replace a Whole Serving Of Vegetables "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Moringa is a wonderful solution to a common problem created by the convenience of pre-packaged foods and eating-on-the-go mentality. The problem: People are just not eating enough vegetables and fruits. The solution: a spoonful of moringa can supplement your diet with nutrients equal to a whole extra serving of vegetables.

Sadly, considering the abundance of food available, the typical Western diet does not provide sufficient nutrients for one to stay healthy. As a result, the Western population seems plagued by chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer.

Unless youve become very conscientious about your diet, you are probably not getting enough fruits and vegetables. The rule of thumb is that for every meal, about half your plate should be filled with produce. Yet, for many people, this is rarely the case. Heres what the USDA estimates:

According to the dietary guidelines, an adult consuming 2,000 calories per day should be eating 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit per day. This is quite a leap from the typical American diet, which includes a mere cup and a half of veggies and one cup of fruit per day, according to the USDA. (source)

Moringas Nutritional Punch

The moringa tree is a popular plant in tropical and subtropical climates of Central America, Asia and India. Also called horseradish tree due to its spicy flavor, it is a very potent source of plant-based nutrition.

According to, 100 grams or 1 cup of moringa leaves has the following nutrients:

More iron than spinach (5.3-28.2 mg versus 2.7 mg in spinach), more vitamin C than oranges (120-220 mg versus 69.7 mg per orange), and more potassium than bananas (1324 mg versus 422 mg per banana).

Furthermore, a cup of moringa leaves also contains 19 percent of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin B6, in addition to 17 times more protein than milk and 10 times more Vitamin A than carrots. It is also packed with essential amino acids.

Moringa leaves can be eaten raw, and many people also dry them. In addition, moringa powder has become a popular supplement. Here is what Kuli Kuli, a producer of moringa foods and supplements, has to say about just one tablespoon of moringa powder:

Just 1 tbsp (1 single serving packet) of...


Leftist Rosie ODonnell Is Seriously Worried That She Will Be Able To Survive Trumps Presidency "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


Rosie ODonnell said her entire essence and beliefs were shaken to the core after Donald Trump was elected president. In her first interview since his election, she also said she was in shock that he won, and she is seriously worried about her ability to survive his presidency.

The Trump-hater told W Magazine in an interview that Trumps election caused her to need to go through a lot of therapy.

I was in pure unadulterated [shock] as if I had fallen through the ice on a lake; I was underneath the water, and I couldnt even see the surface, ODonnell told the mag. It was a severe shock to my entire essence and my beliefs in the order in the world, and also the PTSD of having been an abused kid in a family. She added, I did a lot of therapy.

ODonnell also said she was in pure panic mode the week following the election but is now just devastated, disappointed, disheartened, and depressed by the reality of it. The Hollywood liberal said, I seriously worry whether I personally will be able to live through Trumps presidency. ODonnell has not been quiet about her disdain for Trump. During the election, she took to calling him mentally unstable, among other things. But Trump has added some fuel to the fire as well.

When discussing how she felt when she saw her TV say that Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States, ODonnell said:  I was there and it happened, and I felt completely unprepared. I remember that night before they were announcing who had won, I saw the Trump children with their children on TV, and they were on an Instagram or something. They were taking a video g...


Fact: Your Chances of Surviving a Post-Collapse Urban Environment are Slim "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This guide was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at


Simply put, urban survival will be quite a bit different from survival in a remote wilderness area or even a sparsely-populated suburban area. Lets game some options, remembering that these options are general. These actions arent specific to the type of breakdown of society (external by an attack from a foreign nation, or internal from economic collapse, for examples).

So, we have our collapse. Let us X out a nuclear war/nuclear terrorist attack, as we can deal with all the other scenarios in variables without radiation to contend with. Lets identify the largest challenges faced for that high-rise apartment resident in Manhattan, or the family in the brownstone on the South side of Chicago. First, lets game the scenario:

After The Day, the city was almost completely without power. You and your wife and two children were not able to leave town. All mass transit was halted or discontinued. It has been three days, and your family has been listening to static on the radio for the most part, with campy pre-recorded disaster broadcasts that have not been helpful or informative. One of your neighbors left this morning after saying goodbye: he and his family had a boat, and they were heading out of the harbor, hoping to use one of the major rivers to make an escape.

They didnt have room to take you or yours, but you wanted to stay put and not follow your neighbors idea: that there were plenty of boats whose owners were not going to use themprobably dead following the rioting and civil breakdown. Youre beginning to think you should have listened to him. Now you can hear angry voices outside, and you go to the window. A mob has gathered...


This French City Is Offering Free Public Transit In A Bid To Become Sustainable "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In the small, suburban city of Dunkirk, located on the northern coast of France, only 5 percent of people typically use the bus to travel. This is expected to soon change, as Mayor Patrice Vergriete is intent on making the town both sustainable and alluring to young people, families and elderly alike. How will he accomplish this? By making all of the buses free. Vergriete told CityLab: I wanted to give back purchasing power to the families.

In 2015, the Vergriete administration tested the idea by making the weekend service free. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Ridership increased by 30 percent on Saturday and a whopping 80 percent on Sunday. Reportedly, people loved it because it saved them money and eliminated the stress of parking.

Credit: Pixabay

An additional benefit was that passengers diversified. Previously, only the poor, elderly and young students used the bus. Once the bus was free, professionals and families in other words, car owners began to ride, as well. According to Vergriete, the free option made people stop and think. The experiment proved that people will utilize public transportation if it is free and convenient to use.

Before long, Mayor Vergrietes dream will be realized. Starting in September 2018, all buses in the Dunkirk region will be completely free, seven days a week. Dunkirk will be the largest city in France to offer such a service but most definitely wont be the last.

According to Vergriete, some people are having difficulty comprehending free transportation.

They think its like magic, he said. They think its not possible, that you are a liar. You cannot pay the salaries of t...


Court Rules Bible Justifies Domestic Abuse After Man Beats Ex-Wife "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Outrage in Portugal after an appeals court cites the Bible in their decision to not punish a man after he savagely beat his ex-wife. Citing Bible verses calling for the execution of adulterous women, the court ruled that a man was justified in beating his disloyal and immoral ex-wife after she had an affair. CNN []


Anomalies in Military Records Breadcrumbs to Space Marines Service "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Dr. Michael SallaIn part 4 of this five part interview series on the covert recruitment of Michael Gerloff into a Space Marines 20 and back program, he discusses anomalies in his military documents. He believes these are breadcrumbs to his covert military service with the USMC and Army Rangers.
Read more


CIA Funding of Tech Companies "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(James HallGovernment funding of companies provides a steady stream of support for tech developing innovations. One vehicle for facilitating this relationship can be found in an entity called, In-Q-Tel. IQT describes their function as: In-Q-Tel is the independent, not-for-profit organization created to bridge the gap between the technology needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and emerging commercial innovation. We invest in venture-backed startups developing technologies that provide ready-soon innovation (within 36 months) vital to the IC mission. These technology startups are traditionally outside the reach of the IC; in fact, more than 70 percent of our portfolio companies have never before done business with the government.
Read more


Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Diminishing Petrodollar "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at


There are a few important rules you have to follow if you want to join the consortium of mainstream economic con-men/analysts. Take special note if you plan on becoming one of these very special people:

1) Never discuss the reality that government fiscal statistics are not the true picture of the health of the economy. Just present the stats at face value to the public and quickly move on.

2) Almost always focus on false positives. Give the masses a delusional sense of recovery by pointing desperately at the few indicators that paint a rosier picture.  Always mention a higher stock market as a symbol of an improving economy even though the stock market is irrelevant to the fundamentals of the economy. In fact, pretend the stock market is the ONLY thing that matters. Period.

3) Never talk about falling demand. Avoid mention of this at all costs. Instead, bring up rising supply and pretend as if demand is not a factor even worth considering.

4) Call any article that discusses the numerous and substantial negatives in the economy doom porn. Ask where is the collapse? a lot, when the collapse in fundamentals is right in front of your face.

5)  Avoid debate on the health of the economy when you can, but if cornered, misrepresent the data whenever possible. Muddle the discussion with minutia and circular logic.

6) When a crash occurs, act like you had been the one warning about the danger all along. For good measure, make sure alternative economic analysts do not get credit for correct examinations of the fiscal system.

7) Argue that there was nothing special about their warnings and predictions and that everyone else saw it coming too; otherwise you might be out of a job.

Now, if you follow these rules most of the time, or religiously, then you have a good shot at becoming the next Paul Krugman or one of the many hucksters at Forbes, Bloomberg or Reut...


Warning: iPhone Apps Can Secretly Turn On Your Camera And Take Pictures At ANY TIME "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


A new warning has been issued to iPhone users.  Apps downloaded to the smartphones can turn on the phones camera and take pictures at any time, and its doing it secretly.

Felix Krause, an Austrian developer who works for Google, built an app that was able to take pictures of its user every second and upload them, without the app or the phone ever notifying the user. He called it a privacy loophole that can be abused by iOS apps. When an app wants to access the camera, for example, to scan a credit card or take a profile picture during the set-up process, the iPhone user must give the app permission to access the camera, in the same way that apps must ask to access the camera roll, location, and contact information and to send notifications. Once allowed, it has to be turned off via the settings menu. But most dont do that.

Apple has now been urged to change the way in which iPhone apps are granted access to the phones camera after Krause boldly demonstrated how the apps can secretly record photos and videos without the user knowing. Krause said that once an app has been granted initial access, it can take photos and videos whenever it is opened up. Unlike on Mac computers, which have a small green light next to the camera when it is being used, there is no indication that an app is recording videos or taking photos, or when it sends them elsewhere.

The system works similarly with Android phones, but Krauses apps were made specifically for iPhones. Google has recently deleted several apps that surreptitiously recorded users and masqueraded as legitimate apps.


Facebook Goes Full Orwell "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Facebook Wants to Charge Publishers So That Alternative Media Is Hidden from Its User Base

Ever since the defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016, Silicon Valley firms like Google and Facebook all of who backed Hillary Clinton and ploughed huge sums of money into her losing campaign have been on a mission to try and marginalise and disappear alternative news content which runs counter to the mainstream party line.



9 Spooky Tunes to get you in the Mood for a little Lunacy. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Can you feel your palms getting a bit sweaty? Maybe your heart is starting to race... If getting a little spooked brings a smile to your face---then, you just might enjoy these creepy tunes. Go ahead...indulge your inner lunatic.


3 Ways to Clear Your Crown Chakra "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Artwork by Jan Betts

Known as Sahasrara, or the Thousand Petal Lotus, the Crown Chakra is one of the most powerful energy centers of the body.

Sitting at the top of your head, the Crown Chakra is your personal connection or life line to Source energy.

When your Crown Chakra is open and healthy, it helps you to feel connected to something greater than yourself, and it allows you to also feel guided by Divine realms.

For your Crown Chakra to be in alignment, all of your other Chakras need to be healthy and full as well. It is almost like all your other Chakras fuel the energy and potential of your Crown Chakra.

Sometimes however, the energy of your Crown Chakra does needs to be cleared. This is especially true if you feel-

  • Disconnected from Source or the Universe
  • Unloved or unsupported by life
  • Closed off from your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Depressed or upset about the situations life has brought you
  • Out of alignment with your higher path/destiny
  • Mentally foggy, confused, prone to headaches

If any of these states resonate with you, a Crown Chakra clearing may definitely help to harmonize your energy and bring you back in balance.

Here are 3 ways to clear your Crown Chakra-

1. Work on Your Lower Chakras First 

There are 7 main Chakras in the body including the Crown Chakra. For your Crown Chakra to be healthy, all your other Chakras need to be healthy as well. To support your 7 Chakras here is a quick exercise you can do-

Gently move your hand in a counter-clockwise direction then a clockwise direction over each Chakra, starting with your Root Chakra and working your way to the Crown.

Imagine cleansing away anything that is blocking the chakra using the counterclockwise motion. Then, once you feel that the energy has been cleansed, shake off your hand and follow with a few clockwise circles over the Chakra. This clockwise motion will help to seal and protect your Chakra.

Use your intuition to guide you to the duration you should spend on each Chakra. Most people will find they need roughly 20-30 counterclockwise circles and 3-10 clockwise circles- but do what feels best to you!

2. Create a Quartz Grid 

You will need four pieces of clear quartz for this. You can also use selenite or any other white/clear crysta...


Rasing up the Church from Dark Places! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(By Ricky Scaparo) In this message, we will show you how the Lord strategically goes to the darkest and lowest of places to handpick his leadership for the Church. What are the criteria that you are looking for in leadership today? Are you looking through the eyes of man or God? For the entire message watch the video below:


ALARMING! Feds Find Bizarre Results In Pacific OceanWhere Have The Fish Gone?! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

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Massive die-offs reported in Pacific Ocean Officials: No fish out there, anywhere, over a very large area Whats happening? Wheres their food? Alarming Frightening Total failure in reproduction Like nothing weve ever observed before (VIDEO)

Alarm: Feds find bizarre results in survey of Pacific Ocean Record low numbers of fish Expert: We pulled that net up, and there was not a thing in it this is really different than anything weve ever seen



How to Forgive your Big, Horrible, Silly, Failing Self. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

We have also all made "mistakes" in our lives---and by "mistakes," I mean we have all had experiences that are simply teaching us and helping us grow, but feel like "mistakes." And, we are (mostly) all extremely hard on ourselves about these things we perceive we are doing wrong in our lives.


New U.S. Ambassador To Canada Believes Both Sides Of Climate Science "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Dazed and confused: Trumps new ambassador to Canada says she believes both sides of climate change science. Kelly Knight Craft, the new U.S. ambassador to Canada, said she appreciates and respects both sides of the science when it comes to climate change,  while speaking with the CBCs Rosemary Barton. In the interview, Craft, who assumed []


Severe hailstorm strikes Argentina damaging thousands of buildings and cars "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A strong hailstorm hit the municipality of Formosa in northern Argentina late Wednesday afternoon (25). Thousands of buildings, cars, trees and boats on the Paraguay River were damaged by ice stones up to eight centimeters in diameter. National Weather Service (NMHS) issued an alert for severe weather

(wind, rain and hail) for Crdoba, part of Catamarca, Chaco, Corrientes, Formosa, La Rioja, Misiones, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero and Tucumn. In rural areas, plantations were completely destroyed, including newly germinated soybeans. READ MORE


Waylon with yoga teacher Nikki Myers on how to work with Addiction. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The 12-step program and yoga saved my lifeone is my lifeboat, the other my launching pad. ~ Nikki Myers Nikki Myers, founder of Y12SR (Yoga of 12-Step Recovery), sits down with Waylon Lewis at Elephants HQ in Boulder, Colorado and talks about her personal journey through recovery, her Yoga of 12-Steps, and how were all []


Benjamin Fulford -- October 26th 2017: Another Letter to the Editor About the Jews "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Hopefully this goes without saying, given all the disclaimers on this site, but the following opinions shared by a reader of Fulford regarding the Jews are not shared by Stillnesss in the Storm. This information is for your consideration. 
Read more


South African Pagan files religious discrimination complaint against employer "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

SOUTH AFRICA In September 2017, shop manager and Pagan Shuvey Bower-Louw lodged a complaint with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration against The Foschini Group (TFG), a South African fashion and lifestyles retailer. Bower-Louw says her previous employer discriminated against her because she is a Pagan.

Bower-Louw does not call herself a Witch. She describes herself as a Pagan seeking the Higher Self, who follows the cycles of the All Mother.

I have been privileged to have been born within a line of healers. She is a Life-Coach and owner of Healing Evolution SB .

Shuvey Bower-Louw [courtesy]

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Bower-Louw alleges that the discrimination against her religious beliefs actually started in 2014 after she was placed on suspension for two months for performing a purification ritual using incense, black feathers, and candles in the store.

Sunday Times journalist, Khanyi Ndabeni, reported that TFG admitted to charging her with negligence, but denied that the disciplinary action had anything to do with her religion.

In an interview with TWH, Bower-Louw said that, after the incident, she was routinely ridiculed by company executives and she felt embarrassed and offended.

In February 2016 she approached the South African Pagan Council for assistance. The Convenor, Morgause Fonteleve, sent a letter to TFG, which read in part:

The employee feels that the repeated derisions, judgement, jokes about her spiritual walk, the humiliation she has repeatedly been subjected to during her three years in your employment, is tantamount to coercion to resignation, according to Section 186 (e) of the Labour Relations Act, 66, 1995. She now wishes to put her unhappiness and dissatisfaction in writing, as well as declare that the situation at hand has become intolerable since no steps have been taken from management side to prevent those in your employment, from desisting with their repeated violation of her freedoms, which in itself constitutes an infringement of her religious rights.

The Council suggested that the company formally address the matter with a circular that encouraged management...


Toxic Food Is Killing Humanity And Now A Leading Cause Of Death "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The saying you are what you eat may have much more meaning now than it ever has in the past.  Toxic food is killing humanity, and one-fifth of all deaths are now linked to processed foods.

It may not be cheap to eat good food, but its certainly better for your body.  A new study compiling data from every country finds people are living longer but millions are eating wrong foods for their health. Poor diet is now a factor in one in five deaths around the world, according to the most comprehensive study ever carried out on the subject. Diet is the second highest risk factor for death, after smoking.

And millions of people globally are eating the wrong sorts of food and too much of it for good health. Eating a diet that is low in whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, and fish oils while being high in salt raises the risk of an early death, according to the huge and ongoing study Global Burden of Disease.

The study, based at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, compiled data from every country in the world and made informed estimates where there were any gaps. Five papers on life expectancy and the causes and risk factors of death and ill health have been published by the Lancet medical journal.

This is really large, Dr. Christopher Murray, IHMEs director, told the Guardian. It is amongst the really big problems in the world. It is a cluster that is getting worse. While obesity gets attention, he was not sure policymakers were as focused on the area of diet and health in general as they needed to be. That constellation is a really, really big challenge for health and health systems, he said.

The problem is often seen as the spread of western diets, taking over from trad...


Full Update | Benjamin Fulford -- October 23rd 2017: Past Presidents of Bankrupt U.S. Corporation Go on Beg-athon for Godfather Bush "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Benjamin Fulford's report from October 23rd, 2017 has been updated. Click here to read the full report. 

This post serves as a notice that the original has been updated. In the above link, scroll down to where it says:

[Below is the remaining portion of Fulford's update this week]

A clear sign that the Khazarian-controlled financial system is bogus came in the release of a U.S. Corporate government deficit of $666 billion in Fiscal 2017. The real deficit for that year was closer to $1 trillion, but saying it was the satanic $666 billion was their way of flipping the bird at the world. They are bankrupt, so whatever numbers they put out are pointless.
Read more


Americans Have Never Been More Overweight Then They Are Now New Survey Finds 40% Of U.S. Adults Are Obese "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Americans have never needed to lose weight more than they do right now.  According to brand new numbers that were just released by the National Center For Health Statistics, nearly 40 percent of all U.S. adults are now officially obese.  That is an all-time record.  And as you will see below, more than 70 percent of us are officially overweight.  Of course most of the population does not even understand what is being done to them.  The elite that own our major food corporations know that eating heavily processed foods is a highway to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other deadly diseases, but they keep pushing those foods on us anyway.  The average American diet is extremely self-destructive, and it is time for a change.

If we do not change, our obesity epidemic will continue to grow even worse.  The following comes from CNN

The United States will not be escaping the obesity epidemic crisis anytime soon: Nearly 40% of adults and 19% of youth are obese, the highest rate the country has ever seen in all adults, according to research released Friday by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Since 1999, there has been a staggering rise in the prevalence of obesity, particularly in adults, without any signs of it slowing down, according to the studys lead researcher, Dr. Craig Hales, medical epidemiologist at t...


Can we have an Honest Conversation about Kids Sports? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Research shows the number of kids playing team sports is decreasing. Some blame the parent-driven focus on elite (i.e., brag-worthy) travel clubs for those as


How Mindfulness Helped me Work with Grief. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The ache was just as fresh as the day he had died. I cried long and hard as usual, but when the sadness eased a little, I decided to make


Astronomers discover Interstellar Comet or is it an Interstellar Alien Spacecraft! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

As Astronomers using the PanSTARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii spotted for the first time an unusual space object  that does not orbit the sun, researchers from Edinburgh University have said 'self replicating' robotic space probes from alien civilisations could already have arrived in our solar system according to mathematicians Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson.


Want Great Sex? Be Kind. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Kindness is the portal to self-compassion, the process of greeting ourselves with acceptance and understanding, which is necessary for experiencing e


Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations MODERATE | October 26th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.
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A Response to the Reader Comment about Raping Me. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The commenter started out by assuring me that the men in my family did in fact get aroused by the sight of me as a child. He then proceeded to graphically describe a


We Need you to Listen, but We also Need you to Speak Up. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Rose McGowan became our latest Joan of Arc by speaking up about Harvey Weinstein and was even silenced on Twitter. A flood of women took to Twitter to


New Poll Results: Majority Of White Americans Feel Discriminated Against "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


A new poll found that white Americans feel that discrimination against white people exists in the U.S. today.  Over half of those surveyed said that they believe white people are also facing discrimination.

Conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the new polling data found that 55% of whites surveyed believe that discrimination against white people is a part of American society.

Among whites, 19% said theyve been personally discriminated against because of their race when applying for jobs, while 11% said it occurred when applying to or while at college. Thirteen percent of whites said they experienced discrimination when being considered for equal pay or promotion at work.

If you apply for a job, they seem to give the blacks the first crack at it, said 68-year-old Tim Hershman of Akron, Ohio, and, basically, you know, if you want any help from the government, if youre white, you dont get it. If youre black, you get it.

According to NPR, income seemed to affect individual responses to the question of discrimination, with those making less money more likely to say that whites are discriminated against.&rdquo......


Sharia law has come to America Christian Sharia that is! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Given the rise of Christian sharia law I am now for a constitutional amendment to ban laws based on any religious scripture.


Man says he has opened a Portal in his room, "Video becomes Viral on the Internet" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A viral video on the internet is one of the deepest videos that involved portals and frequencies. The video offers several types of frequency confirmation for a city, as well as the fact that it is possible to open a portal using sound frequencies. 
There are skeptics who have said that video is no more than a farce, but the evidence and synchronicity presented have many others believing it to be true. The person who spoke about the video said they had booked a trip and went to Sedona a few days ago so they could be there on 11-11 this year.
There are some factors that may not be entirely clear when watching the video and one of them is the meaning that has 525 Hz and which two tones were used along with the question of whether there was a crystal in the speaker box that the light was passing.
There were many questions asked, including whether the person would be able to do so on a live feed on Facebook or whether they tried or failed to paste anything on the portal and if so, what and what happened? Of course, when you watch the video doubt comes to mind, of course, this is something extraordinary that the human mind is not accustomed to see.
Keep in mind however that something in the video seems to reveal only what it would be like to open a portal. The video is entitled Gateway to Sedona, and begins with the person explaining that they have opened a sound generator on a page and that the pitch is set to 528 Hz.
The video then appears on the bed where there is a loudspeaker / light into bed. He explains that he has another sound generator open in the browser and is set to 525Hz.


Ex-New Age Expert Drops Major Truth Bomb About October 31st "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

With October 31 rapidly approaching, many churches are preparing for fall festivals and trunk or treats, tried-and-true Christianized methods for celebrating Halloween. But this puts a burr in the saddle of New Age expert-turned-believer Steven Bancarz. The end of the month is about much more than a holiday with pagan roots, especially for those who claim Jesus as Lord. In a Facebook post, he writes:

The only reason we arent all Roman Catholic, the only reason we are allowed to actually read Bibles and keep them in our homes without putting our lives at risk, the reason we are able to worship Jesus in a way that is separated from government, the only reasons we have freedom to voice our disagreements with church authorities, the only reason we have pastors and not priests, the only reason we arent being burned at the stake or exiled for sharing the true Biblical Gospel is because of the Protestant Reformation that happened 500 years ago on October 31. READ MORE


DOJ Clears FBI Informant In Clinton-Era Russian Bribery Scandal To Testify "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


Update (8:40 pm ET): The FBI informant who helped the Justice Department secure a conviction against the top official from the US subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency, but was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from testifying about Russian efforts to bribe and extort their way into possession of North American uranium assets  a process which was cleared by both Hillary Clintons State Department and Robert Muellers FBI  has as of moments ago been cleared to testify, the Justice Department announced on Wednesday evening.

The informant, who has yet to be named perhaps out of concerns about his or her life is being represented by Victoria Toensing, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former chief counsel of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Toensing joined Grassley in urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Uranium One deal, which was approved in 2011 by a committee on which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat. Around the time the deal was approved, Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking fee from a bank with ties to the Russian government, as well as millions more in charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation from entities with ties to the Russian government. Russias Tenex nuclear sales arm also secured billions in new American nuclear fuel contracts around the same time.

The Obama administration said at the time they saw no national security reasons to block the deals,...


Israel warns it will take military action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Israel is willing to take military action to ensure that Iran never acquires nuclear weapons, according to the countrys intelligence minister. If international efforts led these days by US President Trump dont help stop Iran attaining nuclear capabilities, Israel will act militarily by itself, Yisrael Katz said during a visit to Tokyo, as quoted by Reuters. There are changes that can be made [to the agreement] to ensure

that they will never have the ability to have a nuclear weapon, he added. Katz has asked the Japanese government to support steps led by Trump to change the historic 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and six world powers, which the US president declined to recertify earlier this month. Iran, however, insists its nuclear program is purely for civilian purposes and has repeatedly denied developing atomic weapons. MORE


President Bush accused of sexual assault "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Multiple women have come forward and accused former President George H.W. Bush of sexual assault, saying the wheelchair-bound president groped them from behind.

The former presidents office apologized Wednesday and released the following statement

Sponsored: Did a 1934 Prophecy Predict These Earth Shattering Events?


Matt Pearce ???? (@mattdpearce) October 25, 2017

People magazine reported that actress Heather Lind said in a now-deleted Instagram post that AN incident took place while she was posing for a photo with Bush during a promotional tour for her AMC series TURN: Washingtons Spies.

Hillary MORTIFIED by her pastors secret [Sponsored]

Lind appeared alongside Bush, whos seated in a wheelchair, in a photo together at a Houston screening of the series in 2014.

Since her accusation, other women have come forward and claimed the president did the same to them.

According to reports, the president regularly tells women his


Retired Head of the Los Angeles FBI Tells All about Illuminati, Satanism & Pedophile Rings in the Government (video) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(AnonymousIn a recent interview, Ted Gunderson, the Former Chief of the Los Angeles FBI, disclosed some pretty disturbing facts about the US government. According to him, Satanism, the Illuminati and pedophilia rings thrive within the Government.
Read more


Crabs On Prozac! Apparently, Someone Had To Do It "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


If youve ever wondered what its like to be a crab and also be on Prozac, look no further. Scientists now have a detailed understanding of how the crustaceans act while doped up on the infamous anti-depressant.

The crabs drugged with Prozac were bad crabs too. At least according to the researchers who conducted the study. The researchers werent interested in finding the right dose of the antidepressant (generic name fluoxetine hydrochloride) to treat anxious or depressed crabs. They were instead interested in seeing how the drug, which makes its way into the crabs ocean home through contaminated runoff (like human urine), might affect the animals behavior, the study researchers said.

Thats pretty important research considering about 1600 people die every day from cancer. And what the researchers found wont impact anyones life in any meaningful way not even the crabs.  But nonetheless, they found that the bay shore crab (Hemigrapsus oregonensisstops hiding from its predators (someimes and maybe) when exposed to low levels of fluoxetine hydrochloride, the researchers wrote online September 30 in the journal Ecology and EvolutionSo the crabs proverbially grow a pair.  Ive seen people do this after one shot of tequila.

The changes we observed in their behaviors may mean that crabs living in harbors and estuaries contaminated with fluoxetine are at greater risk of predation and mortality, study researcher Elise Granek, a professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University, said in a statement.

Fluoxetine is a class of antidepressant called an SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, meaning it indirectly boosts the amount of mood-altering serotonin available to the brain. Its designed to affect peoples brains in a way that can alleviate depressive symptoms. But past research has shown that when a persons fluoxetine-filled waste enters waterways, it can alter the shore crabs reproductive, molting, and digestive behaviors; it may even cause the crabs to abandon their nocturnal schedule, according to the paper. ...


Anomalies in Military Records Breadcrumbs to Space Marines Service "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In part 4 of this five part interview series on the covert recruitment of Michael Gerloff into a Space Marines 20 and back program, he discusses anomalies in his military documents. He believes these are breadcrumbs to his covert military service with the USMC and Army Rangers. Click below to view video For Part 1 []

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Hollywood Crumbles as Oscar-Winning Director Suggests Cover-Up of Widespread Pedophilia "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Jay SyrmopoulosHollywood, CA In the wake of the public revelations regarding movie mogul Harvey Weinsteins repeated sexual abuse and misconduct, Oscar-winning writer-director Paul Haggis has now come forward to suggest that Hollywood is still covering up credible and serious allegations of pedophilia.
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Air Travel Could Spread Plague As Health Officials Warn Nine Countries "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)

Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)


The fears that the black death would spread from Madagascar have now taken hold.  As nations grapple with the outbreak of the bubonic plague, nine countries are sounding warnings that the disease is spreading rapidly.

The deadly plague outbreak that has struck Madagascars major cities has yet to peak and that could make the spread of this infection into the surrounding regions more likely. Dr. Ashok Chopra, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Texas, told The Sun Online the crisis in Madagascar had yet to peak. He also sounded the alarm to neighboring countries.  Since there are regular flights in and out of Madagascar and this outbreak has so far, been impossible to contain, other nations are now at risk.

Speaking from Madagascar, Christine South, head of IFRCs (International Federation of Red Cross) emergency operations, said: With anything like this there is a possibility that somebody could be infected and get on a plane. We have done preparedness support to some of the neighboring countries. Tourists have been warned to stay out of Madagascar until doctors can get the plague under control to prevent its spread.

The outbreak is considered a much bigger threat to the region than in previous years because it has taken on its pneumonic form. That means it is airborne and spread by sneezing and coughing.  Not only that, but the plague has a very short incubation time.  Once exposed, some people will die within 24 hours.



High Ranking US Government Official Blows Whistle on UFOs A Week After Leaving The Pentagon "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Arjun WaliaYes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real. (source) (source) (source)Who is this high ranking official that blew the whistle on the reality of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)? His name is Luis Elizondo, and hes the current Director of Global Security and Special Programs for the recently launched To The Stars Academy.
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Chinese residents stunned by skeletal remains of 18-meter-long Dragon "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

They say dragons are real. Or at least they are in Game of Thrones, and other science fiction movies and series.

But apparently, a group of people from China is convinced that these mythical creatures are not just a myth. Residents of a Chinese town have come across the remains of what many believe is a Dragon or at least a mysterious creature that resembles one, which measures an astonishing 18 meters in length.

The strange skeleton has two small arms that protrude from the center and a head that looks suspiciously like the skull of a cow. In addition, the bones still seem to have traces of flesh attached. The locals believe the remains of the creature is evidence that Dragons are realor at least were.

The alleged mythical creature was found in a field in the city of Zhangjiakou, in Hebei Province, in northern China.

Unlike dragons depicted in Western mythology, traditional Chinese dragons do not have wings and fly swimming in the air with movements similar to those of a snake sliding on the ground.

Images snapped by several witnesses show dozens of villagers surrounding the skeleton of the alleged creature, which looks as if it just crashed and burned straight out of Game of Thrones.

Locals are not sure what to make of the discovery.

Some say its real, others say its not.

As soon as the discovery of the Dragon skeleton popped up on social networks, users started posting their theories about the discovery.

Netizens on Chinese social networks said the skeleton may have been placed there intentionally, perhaps as props for a movie, but so far no one has confirmed nor denied these claims.

We find more details about the discovery on the website,, where users wrote that the skeleton looked like a product made from cow or sheep bones.

A user also posted a photo of locals ri...


Scientist finds Amazons legendary BOILING river "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is when Legends turn into reality.

In the Peruvian region of the Amazon jungle, hidden far from society, we find an ancient legend that tells the story of a boiling river, capable of burning any living thing that dares to swim in its waters.

The rivers indigenous nameShanay-timpishkameans boiled with the heat of the Sun.

Now, a scientist has actually discovered the boiling river which according to many was just a myth.

The legendary river whose water literally boil is hidden in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. It was filmed by geophysicist Andrs Ruzo in a geothermal formation in Mayantuyacu (Peru), a mini-documentary produced by the Great Big Story has revealed.

When I was a child, my grandfather told me stories about a mythical golden city, hidden deep in the Peruvian jungle, says the scientist, whose childhood went by traveling between Nicaragua, Peru and the state of Texas.

Speaking about his discovery in a TED talk, Ruzo said: When I saw this, I immediately grabbed for my thermometer. The average temperature in the river was 86 degrees Celsius, not quite boiling but close enough Its not a legend.

The river travels a distance of about 6.5 kilometers, measures 25 meters at its widest point and has a depth of up to 6 meters. Despite being relatively far from the nearest volcanic center, its current feeds on the thermal waters of the area, which explains its high temperature.

Screenshot of Andrs Ruzos documentary. Credit: Youtube / Great Big Story

According to measurements, the water temperature reaches 100 degrees centigrade. The air above the river is so hot that one can feel it burning in the nose and in the lungs.

It is physically difficult to imagine so much hot water, says the scientist, adding that if you put your hand in the river, you wou...


Swiss Stonehenge found? Researchers find massive 5,000-year-old Menhir "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Have researchers just discovered the remains of a Stonehenge-like complex in Switzerland? While performing excavations near Bern, experts came across a massive three-ton menhir, believed to have been used by a prehistoric culture some 5,000 years ago.

A menhir is the simplest form of megalithic monument.

It consists of a generally elongated stone, roughly or minimally carved, placed vertically with its bottom buried in the ground to prevent it from falling.

The term menhir originated in France and was adopted by archaeologists in the 19th century.

The size of menhirs varies, from small rocks that are only distinguishable from other stones because they form part of alignments or cromlech, to some monoliths (Kerloas, Champ-Dolent, Grand Menhir Bris) which have a height of more than 10 meters.

The exact ritual meanings that inspired the rise of the Neolithic menhirs are unknown.

Menhir de Chancerons Image Credit

It is only known that they were, like other similar monuments of the time, burial constructions.

Near them, researchers usually find tombs with the remains of the deceased, and sometimes ceramics. The great megalithic structures were part of necropolises and menhirs would have played the role of tombstones linked to the commemoration and worship of ancestors.

Certain menhirs could have been tributes to divinities or, in the case of the sculpted menhirs, representations of the same.

There is a great number of Menhirs in Europe as a consequence of the historical phenomenon of Megalithism, but their geographical extension is practically universal: India, Syria, Caucasus, Crimea, Northern Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Mon...


The Rise of The Authoritarian Right And Left In Modern America "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The following is a selection from the book Manifesto of the Free Humans by John Vibes and Derrick Broze. The book is currently available in paperback and free PDF at

There are several different examples of political spectrums in use today. Most people in the U.S. measure the political parties and philosophies across a horizontal line, from liberal to conservative. Others see the political spectrum as a square with totalitarianism in the top corner and freedom in the opposing corner. We tend to disagree with most political spectrums because they misunderstand the eternal struggle of freedom versus tyranny and mistakenly believe that either the right or left side is closer to freedom, or that one is better than the other. This tyranny manifests itself as non-voluntary communism, statism, fascism, imperialism, and any other form of authoritarianism. The opposite of all these power schemes is Anarchism.

In the realm of politics, economics, and religion there exists many false dichotomies in which there seems to be a narrow field of two options to choose from. In reality, there is actually a larger set of possibilities beyond the pre-approved guidelines. In other words, you are asked to choose between black and white, leaving you to think that the only colors in existence are black, white and maybe gray, when in reality there is a whole palette of different shades and tints that are completely left out of the discussion. The statement, If youre not with us, then youre against us is a classic false dichotomy, because it only presents two options, both of which amount to violence, while completely neglecting the possibility of remaining neutral. Likewise, the traditional left/right paradigm is also a false dichotomy which forces people to choose between two seemingly different, but equally authoritarian sides.

Anarchists should not make the mistake of believing that they are a part of the left or the right. These terms are skewed beyond repair and have different meanings in different nations and at different points in history. Alliances with right and left have failed every time because ultimately the followers of the corporate political parties are still playing into the mainstream paradigm. This leaves them open to manipulation and adopting what Konkin called anti-principles. The mainstream left and right will always sell out the principled, but misguided anarchists who seek alliances with one side over the other. We should absolutely reach out to both the right and the left and attempt to bring our message to them as much as possible, but we must be careful not to sacrifice our principles. We should work to bring them towards our principled stance....


How to Get Rid of Phlegm and Mucus in Chest & Throat "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Organic Planner

We often experience some kind of obstruction in the nasal passage or throat which leads to difficulty breathing and persistent coughing. These problems occur due to increased phlegm in the lungs. Phlegm is a thick substance secreted by the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and is responsible for fighting infections such as severe colds. When it accumulates in the throat and chest, the body uses coughing to expel it. However, excess accumulation of phlegm in the lungs due to a cold, the flu, bacterial or viral infections can cause big problems.

Increased presence of phlegm in the lungs may result in fever, weakness, runny nose, persistent cough and difficulty breathing. If not expelled, the excess phlegm may block the bronchial tubes and cause much bigger problems, which are hard to treat with conventional medications. Luckily, there are some natural remedies which can reduce the amount of phlegm and treat respiratory infections easily and effectively. Here are the best of them:

Honey And Lemon

A mixture of honey and lemon can soothe your irritated respiratory tract and bring much needed relief. Honey is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent, and we can say the same for lemon as well. This tropical fruit is rich in vitamin C which will reinforce your immune system and reduce congestion easily. Heres how to prepare the mixture:
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10 mind-altering facts about the Great Pyramid missing from history books "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The Great Pyramid of Giza. The only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still stands today is one of the greatest monuments ever erected on Earth.

Located on the outskirts of Cairo, this pyramid is the largest of the three Pyramids at the Giza plateau and is estimated to have been completed in the year 2560 BC destined to guard the mummified remains of Khufu pharaoh of the fourth dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

The ancient architect who carried out the work was Hemiunu, a relative of the Pharaoh, who revolutionized the laws of physics by building what was then and well into the nineteenth century the highest building in the world.

What makes the pyramid an architectural wonder and one of the Seven Wonders of the World is the fact that each of the stones used in its construction weighs around if not more than two tons. And the Pyramid is made up of more than two million of such stones.

It is estimated that the Pyramid was built in twenty years.

As for the interior of the pyramid, it is composed of three main chambers: the Kings Chamber, the Queens Chamber, and the Underground Chamber, the latter located in beneath the surface.

It also has a space called Great Gallery and various ventilation shafts.

But all of the above we know from history, but what about some lesser-known facts?

1Did you know that base of the pyramid covers 55,000 m2 (592,000 ft 2) with each side greater than 20,000 m2 (218,000 ft2) in area? Incredible, right?

2The interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza is another fascinating fact. The interior temperature is constant and equals the average temperature of the earth, 20 Degrees Celsius (68 Degrees Fahrenheit).

3The outer mantle of the Great Pyramid of Gita is composed of no less than 144,000 casing stones, all of them highly polished and flat to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch, about 100 inches thick and weighing approx. 15 tons each.

4The Great Pyramid of Giza was once covered with amazing casting stones of highly polished limestone. These stones reflected the suns light and made the pyramid shine like a jewel....


Kants Legacy in Nineteenth-Century German Theology "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The doctrine of moral autonomy is described as the main contribution of the Enlightenment to the cultural heritage of mankind.


Daily Bible Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpents cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

2 Corinthians 11:3 (NIV)


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-23-17 Past Presidents of Bankrupt U.S. Corporation Go on Beg-athon for Godfather Bush "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Heres the full weekly report from Ben. There is quite a bit here about the collapse of the Western financial system, which may or may not occur as many predict. We have heard this before. From my own perspective, I have found it helpful to cover many bases at once, e.g. (Ive not necessarily done all of these), having local sources for food, storing a couple months of food, keeping cash on hand, silver coins, gold coins, toilet paper, etc., etc.

In the end, my own sense is that any doom and gloom type scenarios are not going to manifest, as the rising consciousness and High incoming Energies will preclude those things from happening.

I corrected what appeared to be a small error in the first paragraph of the subscriber only section.

The dragnet is slowly but inexorably closing in on the Bush/Clinton (Scherf/ Rockefeller) Khazarian mafia clan and their Federal Reserve Board printing press An interesting sign of the Khazarians desperation was the spectacle of George Bush Senior posing with four other former presidents (minus Donald Trump) of the United States Corporation as part of a beg-athon.

senior CIA source in Texas The beg-athon in Texas is pure BSThey are scamming money any...


This is America? Government-appointed guardians can sell assets of elderly without their consent "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is America? Government-appointed guardians can sell assets of elderly without their consent

Did you know that there are government-appointed court guardians who can deem senior Americans incompetent, and on that basis, are authorized to manage their assets including selling their homes and valuables and to choose where they live, whom they associate with, and what medical treatment they receive?

As recounted by Rachel Aviv for The New Yorker, thats what happened to Rudy and Rennie North on September 1, 2013. Rudy, 68, a retired broadcasting consultant, lived with his 66-year-old wife Rennie in Sun City Aliante an active adult community in Las Vegas, NV.

Rennie, recovering from lymphoma and suffering from a severe case of neuropathy, had a nurse visit five times a week to help her bathe and dress. Neither Rennie nor Rudy was diagnosed with senile dementia or had undergone any cognitive assessments.

On the morning of September 1, 2013, a stocky woman with shiny black hair knocked on the door of the Norths home, introduced herself as April Parks, the owner of the company A Private Professional Guardian. She was accompanied by three colleagues, who didnt give their names....


This Is What Happens To Your Brain After You Die "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Katherine Marko; The Alternative Daily

Ever wonder what happens when we die? Of course, you have. Its all part of the human experience. But, have you ever heard about people whove died, and then return with stories about seeing their body from above, while doctors frantically work to keep them alive? Some even claim to have seen a light at the end of a tunnel. Others, see relatives, friends and pets who have past, or luminescent figures waiting for them from beyond.

These experiences, known as near-death experiences (or NDEs), have been well-documented by prominent researchers like Dr. Raymond Moody for years. But there has never been hard proof that the mind continues to work after the body has died until now.

Your body may be dead, but your mind is still active

The concept of consciousness after death is not a new theory; its an idea thats been discussed for ages. But today mental health professionals, and even scientists and physicists, have joined the conversation.

In fact, new research now suggests that when we die, we are fully aware were dead. The claim, made by Dr. Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City, is a result of Parnia and his team studying people who suffered cardiac arrest or technically died, but were later revived. The largest-ever study on death may sound frightening, but it brings us one step closer to discovering what actually happens after we die.
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Past Lives, Soul Mates & Twin Flames: The Spiritual Root Of Your Relationships "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Tanya Carroll Richardson; Mind Body Green

As a psychic intuitive, I often receive questions from clients about their love livespast, present, and future. Was it fate that I met this person? Is the guy I broke up with last year and cant stop thinking about really my soul mate? Was I actually destined to be with my boyfriends friend, and I chose the wrong guy from the start? Why do I feel such chemistry with this woman, chemistry like Ive never felt before? Here are some general answers to the most common questions I get about the connection between Spirit and love.

1. What is a past-life lover?

Again and again, I've heard clients describe a new love by saying something like, "Ive never felt this way with another person before. There was this strong connection very early on. And the physical chemistry between us is off the charts." I believe this could signal a past-life connection, but remember, just because you had a past life with someone does not mean theyre your best romantic option in this life. The intense connection and physical spark you feel around this person is not a sign you are meant-to-be in this lifetimeSpirit has told me that the chemistry my clients are feeling is the buildup of energy between two souls over several lifetimes.

2. What makes a twin flame?

The theory here is that each soul has a "twin" soul. This twin will be the yin to your yang, so if you are an eternal optimist, your twin flame will have a strong natural pessimism. Twin flames trigger each other, and bring aspects that are hidden in the shadow (those parts of ourselves we do not want to own or heal) into the open. So if you have abandonment issues from childhood that have manifested in codependence, your twin flame will be independent and autonomous, triggering your abandonment issues and thus bringing them to the surface for healing.
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Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Touch Messages "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Whitney Hopler; ThoughtCo.

Ways Your Angel May Send Messages by Touch During Prayer or Meditation

Your guardian angel may reach out of the spiritual realm and into the physical realm to touch you while you're contacting him or her during prayer or meditation. Here are some of the different ways your guardian angel may send you a message through touch that you can feel in your physical body.

An Embrace - Angel Hug

When your guardian angel senses that you especially need encouragement, your angel may embrace you in a way that feels as if another person is there hugging you, yet no one is visible.

You may experience your angel's embrace in any of the different ways that you could experience a human embrace, with sensations such as someone holding your hand, rubbing your hair, patting you on the shoulders or back, or embracing you in a hug.

This may happen particularly if you're praying or meditating about something that is causing you great pain, such as a trauma of some kind that you've gone through.
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Albert Einstein's Secrets For Happiness Revealed As Notes Surface After 95 Years "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Mark Molloy; The Telegraph

Albert Einsteins thoughts on the secret to happiness have been revealed thanks to handwritten notes from the genius which have surfaced after 95 years.

The German-born physicist dedicated his life to science, but suggested in the notes that fulfilling a long-term ambition doesn't necessarily guarantee happiness.

His thoughts on the pursuit of happiness were revealed in the notes written for a courier he met in 1922.

Albert Einstein wrote the notes in 1922 Credit: AP

The theoretical physicist, who is celebrated for his groundbreaking theory of relativity, was on a lecture tour in Japan when the encounter took place.

He was staying at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo but did not have any change available to tip the courier.
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New security interviews to begin for fliers on U.S.-bound flights "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

New security interviews to begin for fliers on U.S.-bound flights

Bart Jansen and Ben Mutzabaugh, USA TODAY Published 9:53 a.m. ET Oct. 25, 2017 | Updated 2:07 p.m. ET Oct. 25, 2017

Qatar Airways has a gate-side check for electronics

Qatar Airways has a gate-side check for electronics larger than cellphones in carry-on bags for flights bound to the USA. Workers swab a laptop and its cord July 12 for traces of explosives before placing them in duty-free bags, which remain sealed until the passenger is aboard the plane. (Photo: Ben Mutzabaugh, USA TODAY)

Travelers on international flights to the United States may face longer check-in and boarding queues this week as new U.S. security requirements kick in.

A set of new security measures for U.S.-bound flights takes effect Thursday, part of an effort by the Department of Homeland Security to scrutinize electronics brought onboard commercial airliners.

Ahead of that deadline, at least four large global carriers said they have started new security interviews for all passengers on U.S.-bound flights. Those airlines said that has come at the request of the U.S. Other global airlines that fly to the U.S. will likely do the same.   

The changes come after a previous ban the U.S. imposed on carry-on laptops and other electronics from certain airports in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. The ban was instituted in March but was unwound by July following new U.S. security requirements.

Airlines were give...


How Consumerism is Ruining Our Lives and the World "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


Our economic system is based on consumption: The more stuff we buy, the more money moves in the economy, and hence the more the economy grows. If we stopped consuming, the economy would collapse and result in unemployment, poverty and violence.

Not surprisingly, we believe that consumerism is good for us, and theres even an entire industry the advertising industry dedicated to making us want to consume without end. Yet, as I explain in the video below, consumerism is actually ruining our lives and the world, and unless we change our way of living, were soon going to face the tremendously negative impacts of our consumer behavior.

If youd like to see more videos like this when they come out, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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How to Keep Your Gun Dry in a Flood "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

How to Keep Your Gun Dry in a Flood

Since it takes an entire lifetime to build up a personal collection of firearms, the very last thing you want is for you to lose those firearms in the event of a flood (such as from a hurricane, for example). In this article you will learn how to keep your gun dry in a flood.

Keep Your Gun Dry in a Flood

Not only are guns very expensive, but some of they may hold precious value to you, especially heirloom guns that were passed down to you from family members.

The good news is that with careful planning, you can protect your guns from flooding or a tropical storm.

Lets find out how you can now:

How to Keep Your Gun Dry in a Flood

Keeping a Log of Firearms

The very first thing you need to do is keep a collections log of each of the firearms in your possession.  You can download a free Personal Firearms Record from the ATF, which will make it super easy to keep track of your guns.

As an alternative, you can simply keep track of your guns in a weather resistant notebook.  Preferably you should keep at least one high quality photo of each gun, and then write down the manufacturer/brand, the model, the caliber, and the serial number.

These steps will make it easy for you to recover your guns should they become lost, and they will also make it easier for people to return them to you as well.

Protecting Your Guns from Flooding

But how can you keep your actual guns safe?  You can store your revolvers and semi-automatic pistols in a plastic vacuum sealed bag.  Also keep a personal contact information card inside each bag as well, so anybody who recovers the guns will know how to return them to.

Now take each sealed bag and store them in a water tight surplus ammo can.  You must make sure that each can is sealed and high quality so they will not leak.

For rifles and shotguns, you need to place them in garbage bags that are tied with multiple knots. Now store those inside plastic containers or plastic garbage cans, and make sure they are sealed.  Add three layers of du...


Kp Message 10-25-17 Just because I can does not mean that I will "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is not about any particular item that has been a part of my life and my lifes mission here on this planet. But it definitely does connect with missions in general, and/or lifes works.

Many times, I realize that we each have many talents, individually and collectively. Personally, as an educated (so to speak) in the traditional university systems in chemistry, and as a (for a period of several years) self-realized music type recording and performing person, I would likely do either of those quite proficiently, if I chose to do so (in a full- or part-time kind of way).

But I dont.

Bottom line, its the Higher Guidance, or Higher Path, kind of thing. I am here to follow the Higher Guidance for what I do, and BE, and that is all. No matter what the prior talents (so-called) and resultant successes (so-called) I may have had, and demonstrated, they are not the paths of my Higher Guidance of today of this moment. And the Higher Guidance of this moment is all that matters in this moment.

So I usually avoid involvements in other peoples ideas, projects, groups, things, and all that (at least in these particular now moments...


Water-Powered Car Inventor Dies in A Restaurant Screaming 'They Poisoned Me' "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Did you know that water-powered cars have existed for years? If you didnt, its probably because they havent been given proper media coverage. 

Whats even odder, their inventors were either intimidated into ceasing their work, or died under mysterious circumstances.

Among the latter was Stanley Meyer, a US inventor who designed a water fuel device, claiming that any car fitted with it could run purely on water.

It was believed that this vehicle could run across the USA on 22 gallons of water. Meyer specifically emphasized that tap water, purified or salt water could be used as fuel for the engine.

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In5D Alternative News for October 26, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If youve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, []

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Empaths And Energy Sensitives: Learn To Clear Your Energetic Field "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Summer Garner, Guest writer, Youve heard of Sage, possibly even Palo Santo. But what is this for and is it really necessary? Lets dig into why clearing your energy is so important. There are a large sum of us on this planet who come in with a high attunement to energy. Certain astrological []

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Legendary Rapper Says Male Musicians Have to Perform Sex Acts to Make It in Music "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Legendary rapper, RA the Rugged Man has been calling out the depraved monsters in the music industry for years, and now he's hitting even harder.

by Matt Agorist, guest author

If you are looking for bubble gum radio music about bitches, hoes, cars, and jewelry, then RA The Rugged Man is not for you.

However, if you are looking for hard-hitting beats behind even harder hitting truth rap music guaranteed not to ever make it to the radio but that influences far more people despite its censorship, then look no further.

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Why Are We Here? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Gayle Seibert Hammond, Guest writer, Good morning dear hearts. Have you ever asked yourself why are you here? What am You doing with your life? Well I am here to suggest to you that you chose to be here. You chose your parents, gasp, what? You also chose your siblings, your extended family, []

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Mt Rainier Volcano is beginning to RUMBLE Seismographs very active! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"



October 23, 2017: Mt Rainier in Washington is showing signs of increased activity. Seismographs on the north side of the 14,000ft volcano show tons of activity. #MrMBB333 SUBSCRIBE for UPDATES


171025 Klauea Cintamani Closure Mission 6 Post Ceremony Visitor "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is first time female Nene has ever appeared after a mission. I take it as a strong sign of confirmation, and connection with Divine Feminine.

Filed under: energies ...


Corey Feldman Arrested Just Days After Speaking Out On Hollywood Child Sexual Abuse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Child sexual abuse has been one of Hollywoods dirtiest and biggest secrets for a long time. One of the brave survivors who have come forward to share their experiences with the public is Corey Feldman, a former child-star.

Amidst all of the Harvey Weinstein scandals, Feldman chose to bring more attention to his child sexual abuse allegations in Hollywood, as sexual violence is extremely common in Hollywood and affects not only an astonishing number of women, but many men and children as well.

Feldman tweeted multiple times late last week explaining that although he will not name anyone elses abuser, he would love others to come forward.

For the record: I will not be going on a talk show to disclose names of my abuser or anyone elses abusers. So please stop asking me to do so, he tweeted.

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TOXIC FOOD is killing humanity: One-fifth of global deaths now linked to processed junk food and toxic ingredients "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A new study conducted at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington( and published in The Lancet medical journal finds that a shocking 20 percent of global deaths are caused by toxic foods, junk foods, processed foods and harmful food ingredients. In essence, the study reveals that the toxic food industry is now about as dangerous as Big Tobacco.

As covered in The Guardian:

The study, based at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, compiles data from every country in the world and makes informed estimates where there are gaps Diet is the second highest risk factor for early death after smoking. The problem is often seen as the spread of western diets, taking over from traditional foods in the developing world.

In other words, all the toxic food ingredients, processed foods, junk foods and fast foods that weve been warning you abou...


Moldy Seeds, Moldy Crops & Wiped out Vineyards in Europe (475) ~ Adapt2030 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"



When looking for trends of repeating history, we need to focus on two areas the grand solar minimum and the 3rd year of losses in a row, which will be 4th year of losses next year as we get deeper into the cooling. The Wolff Minimum in the 14th century saw moldy crops and mass migration form Scandinavian countries, but today crops are again moldy and seed supply in Finland is gone. Maunder Minimum France and Germany saw wheat and vineyards decimated from frost. We see the same again today as vineyards are scaled back to 1940s production levels from frost and cold damage. The trends are clear but who is paying attention? Grapes and wind production wiped out in France, lowest level in 80 years


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Unprecedented! 3 Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups in SHOCK North Korea War Move "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is way more serious than what were being told. USS Nimitz has joined USS Theodore Roosevelt dubbed the Big Stick and USS Ronald Reagan in the western Pacific. It is unprecedented for three aircraft carriers to be in the region at one time and according to military analyst could be a sign of imminent war. This comes on the heals of U.S. reports placing nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert, a new HUGE North Korea nuclear test and current war games happening now. You do not want to miss the updates and what the bible has to say about all this in todays broadcast.
The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lambs Book of life?
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EMOAF| Evangelist Anita Fuentes
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Thank you and the Lord richly bless you as you continue to walk in His ways


George Bush Sr. Apologizes for Groping Actress, Says it Was Attempt at Humor "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Published on Oct 25, 2017

President George H.W. Bush is apologizing after he was accused of groping an actress. Heather Lind says during a 2014 photo-op, the former president sexually assaulted me while I was posing for a picture, she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side, she added. In the image, his left arm is out of sight at a private event in Houston for the show Turn: Washingtons Spies, in which Lind starred.


Boston Marathon Bombers Aunt Says FBI Set Up Her Nephew and She Has PROOF "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Matt AgoristOn April 15, 2013, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, alongside his brother Dzhokhar, would become the infamous murderers in the Boston Marathon Bombings. According to the official reports, the duo blew up two homemade pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line at the marathon.
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Covert Disclosure of Anti-gravity Rectangle Weapons Platforms by USAF Special Operations "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Dr Michael SallaOn the morning of October 23, my long-time source JP (a pseudonym) was once again instructed to look up into the sky by a nearby covert operative where he saw a rectangle platform shaped UFO. He used his camera phone to take five photos of the UFO. He then noticed that he had missing time and when he tried to recall what had happened, he had memory flashes of being inside the flying rectangle he had just photographed.
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Waylon asks an expert about differences between Eco Mattresses, Frames, Bedding vs. Conventional, & Why Mattress in a Box is Bad. {Partner} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A post shared by Elephant Journal (@elephantjournal) on Oct 19, 2017 at 6:25pm PDT People dont think about itthey eat organic, they exercise, but they dont realize that a third of their lives is spent on a toxic mattress. ~ Clay Phipps Most mattresses are made of 100% petrochemicals combined with other toxic chemicals. Sleeping on []


BIG Lights Out Drill Planned for November 4th-6th "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will conduct a communications interoperability training exercise November 4-6, once again simulating a very bad day scenario. Amateur Radio and MARS organizations will take part.

This exercise will begin with a national massive coronal mass ejection event which will impact the national power grid as well as all forms of traditional communication, including landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and Internet connectivity, Army MARS Program Manager Paul English, WD8DBY, explained in an announcement.

During the exercise, a designated DOD Headquarters entity will request county-by-county status reports for the 3,143 US counties and county equivalents, in order to gain situational awareness and to determine the extent of impact of the scenario. Army and Air Force MARS organizations will work in conjunction with the Amateur Radio community, primarily on the 60-meter interoperability channels as well as on HF NVIS frequencies and local VHF and UHF, non-Internet linked Amateur Radio repeaters.

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Sick of the "flat Earth" nonsense pervading the movement. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I blame Eric Dubay most of all for this.  This "flat Earth" nonsense has soooo many people fooled.  It's a psy-op, designed to make truthers look ridiculous, and it's also designed to marginalize any genuine research into the fake moon landings, which we know are fake.  It is so pernicious, and it seems to appeal mostly to die-hard Christians who believe in a "firmament of the sky."

Flat Earthers cannot explain why the sky changes color to shades of yellow, orange and red at dawn and dusk.  Their ridiculous theory claims the moon and the sun are only a few miles up.   Haven't these people ever used a telescope?   Moreover, they cannot explain why every heavenly body visible from Earth is spherical, yet somehow Earth is not.    They also cannot explain the Coriolis force, which can be proven by flushing a toilet in the Northern Hemisphere and flushing another one in the Southern Hemisphere.   The whirlpools formed when water drains spin opposite directions in the Northern Hemisphere vs. the Southern Hemisphere.   Lastly, if the Earth were flat, I'd be able to stand on the beach in Cape May, NJ with a telescope, point it eastward out over the ocean, and have a clear view of Lisbon, Portugal.   And the idea of us being surrounded by a giant ice wall in Antarctica is completely nuts.  

Just because NASA lied about the moon landings does NOT mean the Earth is flat.



Attn, London Reasonoids! Nick Gillespie Speaking at Battle of Ideas, 10/28-29 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Ill be appearing on three panels during the Battle of Ideas, a London event organized by the Institute of Ideas. It takes place this Saturday and Sunday, October 28 and 29. As Claire Fox, the IoIs director puts it:

The Battle of Ideas festival aims to bea uniquely open forum, where you can meet your enemy, listen to opinions you have never heard before, argue back, and even occasionally change your mind. We promise no off-the-shelf answers. More modestly, we bring together a vast range of international speakers to kick-start passionate, serious-minded discussion and public conversations with free-thinking, inquisitive, opinionated attendees. Between us all, we will try and untangle everything from the bastardisation of political language to understanding what makes modern America and Brexit Britain tick beyond the headlines. Since 2005, the festivals slogan has been FREE SPEECH ALLOWED, a crucial rebuttal to todays climate of offence-taking.


What to do when Youre under Psychic Attack. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Youll likely experience a breakthrough, some tears, and face new choices to make about your life after going through this process.


Samhain Ritual October-November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Samhain or Halloween is all about celebrating the eternal part of life, the never ending cycle of death and rebirth that we all follow.

It is also a time to honor your departed loved ones, and to remember that even though they are not with you physically, they are very much present in spirit.

Samhain is also the perfect time to reflect on all the things you have have had to let go of this year, whether it be relationships, a job, or a way of life, and to celebrate the new energy that will eventually take its place.

When something is released from our lives, we actually enter a highly creative vibration which can really help us to manifest all that we desire.

This ritual is designed to help you-

  • Honor the real, eternal You
  • Send blessings to loved ones who have departed
  • Manifest a new vision for yourself

This ritual is best done after sunset on October 31st and before sunrise on November 1st.

 Samhain Ritual 2017

You will need:

  • Sage or another smudging tool
  • A plate of nature- include a small bowl of water, nuts/seeds/fruit, flowers, crystals or any other objects that you wish
  • 3 White candles
  • Pen and paper


1.) Set up your ritual first by placing the plate of nature in the center with the three candles in front of it in a straight line. Keep your pen and paper off to the side but somewhere you can easily reach it.

2.) Start by smudging your aura and surroundings using the sage. Once you have done that, start smudging the items for your ritual too. As you smudge repeat the following or write your own-

I ask my guides and angels to cleanse my body, my aura and my surroundings. I ask my guides and angels to restore me to my highest vibration. I ask my guides and angels to protect me while I work.

3.) Light the candles and take a few deep breaths in and out to still your mind. Place your hand over your heart and focus your attention on the flame of one of your candles. Allow the dancing flame to relax and calm your mind.

4.) When you feel ready, close your eyes and imagine a beautiful ball of white light radiating from your heart. Get this visual clear in your mind and then allow it to grow stronger and stronger. Visualize the light covering your entire body, then the room, then your house, the street, the neighbourhood, the country and so on.

5.) Now see this light beaming up straight out of the earth all the way to the...


7 Ways to Cultivate Wonder in an Effed-Up World. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Everythingyou, me, the Earth at one time began. How weird and wonderful is that?

Wednesday, 25 October


Threats to Digital Wealth Point to Need for Tangible Backup "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

By Stefan Gleason Recent high-profile cyber security breaches at Equifax and other financial institutions highlight the perils of an all-digital economy. When wealth can be


Astrology for the Soul October 25, 2017 ~ Kaypacha Lescher "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"



Weekly Mantra:

The more we share the deeper we go, And the more the truth is revealed. The more we stay without turning away, The more our wounds can be healed.


Ah yes, such is the state of affairs these days as reflected through the stars and planets. I didnt mention it in the report but I feel that there is something coming through now with Lilith poised before the galactic center. Something to do with timeless truth juxtaposed with contemporary or hip truth/s. Were at the turning of the ages and it is a time of revolution where we may be exposed to some revolting stuff! As the old structures, beliefs, moral codes, and belief systems are questioned, challenged, and discarded by many, both external and internal chaos can ensue. It is up to each of us as individuals now, not as sheep following a shepherd, to hone our own moral compass to the highest expression of our Self. Injoy your journey! Signup for the NPA Community here: End music here:


Corey Feldman's TRUTH Campaign Please help us uncover the TRUTH through Coreys story in a film of his life. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Corey Feldman's TRUTH Campaign
Please help us uncover the TRUTH through Coreys story in a film of his life.
Courtney Mitchell
Los Angeles, United States


Las Vegas shooters brother busted for child pornography possession "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The brother of Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock was busted Wednesday for possession of child pornography, law enforcement sources said.

Bruce Paddock was arrested on Laurel Canyon Blvd. in Los Angeles, the sources said, and charged with possession of more than 600 images of child porn in 2014.

"LAPD is conducting an investigation in North Hollywood for child pornography," a police source said.

Meanwhile, ABC News reported that a laptop computer recovered from the Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock stayed was missing its hard drive.


BREAKING: Stephen Paddocks Brother Arrested For Child PornIn Hollywood "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Matt AgoristBruce Paddock, brother of the Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, was just arrestedin Hollywoodby a swarm of LAPD and FBI, for child porn charges.
Read more


Jeff Sessions Says MS-13 Is a Major Player in the Narcotics Trade. The DEA Disagrees. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday that a gang called La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, will now be a priority for the Justice Departments Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces.

These inter-agency task forces all have one mission, Sessions said this week at a gathering of the International Association of Chiefs of Police this week. To go after drug criminals and traffickers at the highest levels.

Historically, MS-13 has not trafficked drugs at the highest levels. Founded in the 1980s by El Salvadoran immigrants in Los Angeles, the groups original purpose was to protect other El Salvadoran refugees of the countrys 1980s civil war (in which the U.S. played an ugly role) from Southern California street gangs. It has since evolved into a more sinister and violent organization. But according to the Drug Enforcement Administration and other groups, MS-13 is still a small fry in the drug trafficking business.


I hope this revelation doesnt lead to the law of gravity being repealed. That might cause us all to float up into outer space. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Profile image
By Moonbattery (Reporter)
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Like mathscience is inherently racist:

Sara Giordano, who left the field of neuroscience to become a Womens Studies professor at UC-Davis, opened up about her f...


Trump Pastor Claims Women Sexually Assault Men By Dressing Provocatively "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

American Taliban: A Christian pastor who often spoke at Trump rallies argues women who dress provocatively commit sexual assault against men. In a ridiculous bit of Jesus inspired misogyny, Carl Gallups, a conservative Christian pastor who spoke at Trump campaign rallies during the 2016 election, argues that women are sexually assaulting men by dressing in []


Rand Paul Hints About Seth Rich: Possible That Leaked DNC Emails Were Given to WikiLeaks By Insider "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

On Wednesday's broadcast of FOX & Friends, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) weighed in on Sen. Flake's (R-AZ) decision to retire, Mueller's Russia probe and the 'Trump dossier' that the Clinton campaign bought.

"It amazes me that for a year the Democrats have been whining and whining and whining saying they lost because of the Russians - now it really looks like it was their centrifuge, their ideas, theyre buying this dossier," Paul said. "But also you know there are rumors that the leaks that went to WikiLeaks on all the Clinton emails came from the Democrats as well. So its kind of funny, everything they blamed on Republicans it looks like maybe they were the ones responsible for it."

Paul said he, as a 2016 candidate for president, had nothing to do with the Trump dossier that was initially funded by a Republican.

"It wasnt me, but I

Rand Paul Hints About Seth Rich: Possible That Leaked DNC Emails Were Given to WikiLeaks By Insider


Bad Rabbit Ransomware: This Is A Targeted Attack "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The Bad Rabbit ransomware is spreading across Europe not long after the WannaCry and NotPetya outbreaks. But Bad Rabbit is a targeted attack with widespread implications.

A new cyber attack is affecting numerous computer systems around Europe. The new strain of ransomware known as Bad Rabbit is believed to be behind all of the trouble.  Bad Rabbit has spread to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, which is monitoring the malware, has compared it to the WannaCry and Petya attacks that caused so much chaos earlier in the year.

According to the Kaspersky Lab, the majority of victims are located in Russia, and the ransomware appears to have infected devices through the hacked websites of Russian media organizations. Interfax and Fontanka in Russia have both been hit by a cyber attack, as have Odessa Airport and the Kiev Metro in Ukraine.

Based on our investigation, this is a targeted attack against corporate networks, using methods similar to those used in the ExPetr attack, Kaspersky Lab has said. However, we cannot confirm it is related to ExPetr. According to Secure Lst,  ExPe...


Harvey Weinsteins Downfall Marks the Rise of Sexual Equality: New at Reason "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

As disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein half-asses his way through sex-addiction rehab, more and more women, ranging from Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo to former teen star Molly Ringwald, keep coming forward with stories about his abusive and sometimes criminal behavior. Even his brother and longtime business partner Bob Weinstein has disowned him, calling him indefensible, crazy, and remorseless.

But the Weinstein story is not just about the end of a career. Its about the end of an era.

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What Is The Baseline Of Prepper Fitness? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Of the myriad of preparedness topics, one that is often shunned is that of prepper fitness.  It is easy to see why.  Fitness is hard work and with busy lives that border on frantic, we barely have time to go to work, do our chores, spend time with our families, then crash as our head hits the pillow each night.  Physical fitness?  Whats that?  And why is that important?

In the latest think piece from contributor Richard Broome, we ask that question within the context of a disruptive event and SHTF.  Going beyond that, we ask a few questions in our quest to establish a baseline of fitness.

All you have to do is hike ten miles with a twenty or thirty pack on your back to realize that fitness is indeed an important part of prepping.  This article is going to make you ponder, no doubt, but beyond


I am not Here for your Suffering. {Poem} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I am here to see you as a mirror in which my roots are reflected and shaken by your grounded


Weekly Planetary Astrology Forecast October 24-30 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Hillory Skott, Guest writer, October 24 -30 2017 The Sun is now in transformative Scorpio. It will slide up next to abundant Jupiter in Scorpio this week giving us depth of purpose and clarity of intention. The darkness is brought to light. Which is good for finally healing things which have been difficult []

The post Weekly Planetary Astrology Forecast October 24-30 2017 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Jeff Flake Is a Casualty of Collectivist Conflict "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Stop what youre doing right now, and look at the political chatter in your Twitter feed. I would put chances near 100 percent that you will soon see examples of both right-of-center trolling, which Ill loosely define here as saying something designed specifically to irritate and/or outrage the sensibilities of the dominant media/entertainment/Democratic culture; and also left-of-center boundary-drawing, in which a moralist will define virtue or acceptability in such a way that a right-of-center person of interest will inevitably find himself on the outside looking in.

I found these two examples within 60 seconds:

One couple gave Russia our secrets out of ideological commitment. The other sold Russia our uranium for bribes. Which is worse?

Dinesh DSouza (@DineshDSouza) October 24, 2017

Is welcoming lawless bigot Roy Moore into the Senate GOP caucus a good way to strike back at Trumpism, Senators?



Vegas Gunmans Brother Arrested For Child Porn; Laptop Hard Drive Missing "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

Arrested man handcuffed hands at the back

The story of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddocks family just keeps getting weirder.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting one of Paddocks younger brothers, Bruce Paddock, has been detained in North Hollywood on suspicion of crimes related to child pornography. Paddock, 58, was taken into custody Wednesday morning.

The LAPD said a man was detained in the 5300 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard on suspicion of crimes related to child pornography. However the LAPD would not reveal the name of the man. Sandra Breault, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Las Vegas, declined to say whether Bruce Paddocks detention was connected to the agencys investigation into the concert shooting.

The Paddocks father, Benjamin Paddock, was famously revealed to be a former bank robber and con man who once made the FBIs most wanted list. Paddocks family has mostly avoided the media, though his youngest brother, Eric, spoke out when reporters descended on his Florida home in the days following the shooting. Eric Paddock said he wasnt close with most of his brothers, but had once been involved in a lucrative real estate venture with Stephen. He said he was shocked to learn that his brother had been the shooter, and said his brother gave no indication that he might carry out such an atrocious act.

The 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a Las Vegas crowd of 20,000 people attending a country music festival on Oct. 1. Paddock killed 60 people, including himself, in the meticulously planned attack.

Meanwhile, police have repeatedly changed their timeline for the shooting, and MGM Resorts, the owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel, has taken efforts to stop more information about the timeline of events from leaking to the public, for fear it could face lawsuits from Paddocks victims.

* *

Separately, as the search for a motive behind the deadliest mass shooting in...


Benjamin Fulford -- October 24th 2017: Emergency alert "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Benjamin FulfordEmergency Alert:

Murderer and drug dealer Richard Armitage and criminal Michael Green (berg) will be at the Teikoku Hotel in Tokyo, Japan between 8:30 and 13:15 on Friday October 27th,
Read more


How Drones Helped Hurricane Harvey Rescue Efforts "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Harvey smacked into the Texas Gulf Coast as a category 4 hurricane. It all but destroyed the town of Rockport and ravaged the countryside south to Corpus Christi and north


The Fire Egg Gateway Of Change "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Sanna, Guest writer, Blessings! We have entered new unknown territory. The heightened accelerated jump we are in can be shaky or steady, depending on each and everyones own experience. Do whatever is true for you in your heart and youll be just fine! The New Moon opened a huge gateway that is unique []

The post The Fire Egg Gateway Of Change appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Canary Islands Face Possible Volcano Eruption, Elevated Tsunami Alert "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

After a year that has seen concern about potential voicano eruptions in Iceland, Italy and Bali, volcanologists on the Canary Islands have been asked to work out whether the island of La Palma is facing an imminent eruption.

Learn More:

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Hanford Update: 31 Workers Test Positive for Contamination "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Thirty-one Hanford nuclear reservation workers inhaled very small amounts of radioactive material after a take-cover order for a contamination spread June 8.

Learn More:

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House Committees Announce Investigation Into Hillarys Approval Of Russias Uranium One Deal "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Zero HedgeToday is shaping up to be a fairly bad day for Hillary Clinton. Just moments after the House Judiciary and Oversight committees announced an investigation into Comeys handling of the Hillary email investigation, the House Intelligence and Oversight committees have also announced an investigation in the Uranium One deal which handed Russia 20% of Americas uranium reserves and landed the Clinton Foundation some $145 million in donations and a $500,000 speaking gig for former President Bill Clinton.
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Oldest known astrolabe found in shipwreck "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Marine archaeologists have discovered the earliest known example of an astrolabe navigation tool.
Once used by ancient mariners to determine the position of the Sun, the artefact was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Oman and dates back to between 1495 and 1500.


California Wildfires Toll: 42 Dead, $1 Billion In Damages, 8400 Structures Destroyed "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The California wildfires created one of the most devastating events in the states history.  The newest updated numbers are giving us a glimpse into the peril caused in the Golden State.

Thousands of people have been, and still, remain displaced by the fires in California know all too well how dire the situation has become. Now that the fires have been almost completely contained and the extent of the damage has become much more clear, there can be a more comprehensive update of those numbers.

More than 160,000 acresor 250 square miles, have burned in Sonoma, Napa, and Solano counties, just north of San Francisco. Another 36,000 acres have burned farther north in Mendocino County. The fires are still not 100 percent contained, but firefighters are making progress. Nearly 500,000 acres have been torched in California so far this yeartwice as many acres as last year. Since October, Cal Fire has battled 250 new wildfires.

Forty-two people have died because of the fires in Northern California. This staggering number includes 23 in Sonoma County alone. All together, the Northern California fires are the deadliest in the states history. (The second-deadliest was the 1933 Griffith Park fire, followed by the wildfire in the Oakland hills in 1991.) And as of last week, dozens of people were still missing.

Somewhere near 8,400 structures have been destroyed, according to Cal Fire, the states wildfire-fighting agency. Eight insurers reported to the California insurance commissioner that about 5,500 homes were completely destroyed, and an additional 4,000 homes were partially burned. Santa Rosa alone lost ...


In a democracy no one can have a right not to be insulted or offended "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In todays grievance culture, with its identity politics, the grievance lobby has succeeded in shifting the fulcrum of the human rights debate.


This Quote explains Two Possible Outcomes of Attachment (Neither is Pretty). "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Holding on tightly (to whatever this person inflicts) yields pressure. We become pressured, and so does as our object of attachment. In no time, we might find ourselves struggling to keep a certain emotion in place or keep that persons presence around. When the pressure of that expectation arises, the loss becomes inevitable. Either we lose the person, or we lose ourselves in the process.


Tesla Swiftly Installs Solar Power At Childrens Hospital In Puerto Rico "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Late September, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm that knocked out 85 percent of the islands power. Because officials said it would take at least six months to fully restore electricity, Elon Musk the co-founder of Tesla and founder of SpaceX and PayPal offered to help.

Credit: Tesla

Earlier this month on Twitter, Musk made a public offer to help rebuild Puerto Ricos energy infrastructure. Puerto Ricos governor Ricardo Rossello quickly responded, Lets talk. Finally, the Powerwall battery systems and solar panels Tesla sent have arrived and the first has been installed at a childrens hospital in San Juana, Puerto Rico.

Though ninety-eight percent of hospitals are open in Puerto Rico, electricity is only reliable in a few locations. For this reason, Governor Rossello and Musk decided to swiftly install the first microgrid project in the US territory at Hospital del Nio. Images posted to Twitter show that construction on a solar field behind the hospital has already begun. The microgrid system combines power generation often through solar panels and energy storage technology to allow an individual building or group of buildings to remain with power, even if the larger grid fails.



They Will Try To Eliminate This Video: Who, What, and Why They Want You Dead and Sick "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

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Vegas Mass Shooter Stephen Paddocks Brother Arrested on Multiple Child Porn Charges "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Police have arrested Bruce Paddock brother of alleged Las Vegas mass shooter, Stephen Paddock on child pornography charges.

Unnamed and, thus, unverified law enforcement sources told TMZ an investigation had been launched into the formers involvement with child porn prior to the horrific massacre of 58 people at the Route 91 Harvest Festival purportedly carried out by Stephen Paddock.

Bruce Paddock was arrested this morning, according to the outlet, in North Hollywood, California. TMZ reports those sources say before the shooting cops were trying to locate Bruce without success, but after his brother committed his heinous act a tip came in Bruce was living at an assisted living facility.

NBC News expounds, A felony complaint said [Bruce Paddock] had over 600 explicit images of minors in 2014 and had also swapped pornography.

He faces 19 counts of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of possession of child pornography, the complaint says.

Attention drawn to the family in the wake of the as-yet unexplained attack on 20,000 concertgoers in Las Vegas reportedly led a tipster to inform police of Bruces whereabouts in the assisted living facility.

A joint task force of the LAPD and FBI carried out the arrest, and police told TMZ pornographic images of children were found on Paddocks computer.

This isnt the first time Bruce Paddock was in trouble with the law, as the New York Post...


Monsters hold a Special Place in my Heart because of that Shared Feeling of Being Hated by Society. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The monster, however, could be anything. And now that Im older, I know that the reason why the monster could be anything is because the monster is supposed to be disgusting and terrifying---and through their transgression, they have earned their punishment. But nonetheless, along my journey into becoming an unashamedly feminist, bisexual woman with mental illness, I had these monster movies to identify with.


No Surgery For The Obese & Smokers, British Nationalized Health Care Proposes "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

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Britains National Health Service (NHS) is under fire for a proposal that would prohibit non-essential surgeries on people who are overweight or who smoke.

Patients must quit smoking for eight weeks or lose weight to qualify for non-emergency surgery at hospitals, The Telegraph reported.

The policy is designed to force patients to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, wherever possible, freeing up limited NHS resources for priority treatment, read a statement from a pair of health care organizations, East and North Hertfordshire CCG (clinical commissioning groups) and Herts Valleys.

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But others blasted the proposal.

This goes against clinical guidance and leaves patients waiting long periods of time in pain and discomfort, Ian Eardley, the senior vice president of the Royal College of Surgeons, said. It can even lead to worse outcomes


Establishment quitting the GOP? Good riddance. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said Wednesday you cant continue to just remain silent about President Donald Trumps politics and behavior.

Conservative critics responded: Good riddance

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Flake seems to have missed the memo. Americans elected Trump to shake-up the swamp, not advance the interests of establishment politicians.

The more do-nothing career GOP senators resign, the better for the president, the Republican party, and the country.

Flake blasted Trump during his announcement, invoking the 1950s demagoguery of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. There is a tipping point. I hope were reaching that tipping point, Flake told NBCs Today.

The establishment politician made the rounds of morning television news shows to talk about his decision not to run for re-election in 2018 and his impassioned speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, in which he said he could no longer be complicit with the Republican


The Spiritual Significance of Halloween "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Image Artwork by Ruth Sanderson

Halloween or Samhain falls on October 31st and is when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is believed to be the thinnest.

Halloween is all about celebrating the cycle of death and rebirth. In the northern hemisphere, the leaves are dying and nature is preparing for the still of winter. Just the same, in the southern hemisphere, the dormant buds are preparing to rebirth themselves and open to the start of summer.

Death and rebirth is an important cycle that is seen in nature constantly, and its also something that is mirrored within us.

We are always going through our own process of shedding, releasing and rebirthing ourselves as we travel along the journey of life.

Halloween is a time to honor the deaths that we have all experienced throughout the year. It is a time to make peace with all the things we have needed to let go of and to celebrate the cycle of the new.

In Pagan times, Samhain was celebrated as soon as the clock ticked over to November 1st, as it was believed on 1/11 spiritual activity was at its highest.

One of the reasons that spiritual activity is so high on this night is due to the vibrations of the date 111.

If you look at each number 1 as a pillar, you can see that the middle pillar represents the veil and being stuck between the two worlds.

The veil between the living and the dead is also said to be thinnest due to the Suns position in the deep and intuitive sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio energy is all about transformation and honoring the cycles of death and rebirth, but it also rules over the paranormal and our connection to other dimensions and portals.

Going back to the symbolism of the three pillars (111), the darkness that falls between October 31st and November 1st, allows us and other beings to travel between dimensions. This is where the tradition of the jack-o-lanterns and dressing up in costumes arose- people did it to protect themselves from any wandering spirits who could bring them harm.

Even though a portal is unlocked at this time of year, Halloween is really a celebration of Mother Nature and the ever evolving energies that live around us and through us.

As you know, energy cannot be destroyed instead, it simply shifts from one form to another, and that is exactly what we are called to honor during this sacred time.

In pagan times, important rituals were conducted on Samhain to celebrate death, the gods, the spirits and to understand the connectedness of all beings and creatures in this Universe.


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