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Thursday, 18 October


Recreational marijuana legal in Canada "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

CANADA The use and sale of recreational marijuana became legal Wednesday, making Canada the second nation behind Uruguay to legalize cannabis. The Cannabis Act, as it is called, was passed by the Canadian House of Common in Nov 2017 and then by its Senate in June 2018, and approved that month. Recreational cannabis became legal midnight October 17 and, according to news reports, there were shops and buyers ready and waiting.


Heathen Robert Rudachyk, who lives in Saskatchewan and has been involved in local government for years, told The Wild Hunt: It is long past time. Whether you choose to smoke it or not is and has always been a matter of personal choice. It speaks well that the federal government has seen fit to move to regulate this industry and once people realize their fears were for naught, we can relax the current restrictions.

According to a New York Times report, Rudachyks province has 51 private stores opening this week. and Alberta has 17.  Quebec reportedly has 12 government-owned stores and British Columbia will also be opting to allow government run shops.

With legalization, which is being compared to the end of prohibition, are government regulations. Cannabis, for example, cannot be sold along with alcohol and tobacco products.  The THC levels must be lower than of that found on the black market.

Buyers must be 18 years or older, and can hold or share up to 30 grams in public. People are also allowed to grow up to 4 plants in their home for personal use, but not sale.

Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted, Profits out of the hands of criminals. Protection for our kids. Today #cannabis is legalized and regulated across Canada.  The Cannabis Act was one of his campaign promises, and in June when it was approvied, he tweeted Our plan to legalize & regulate marijuana just passed the Senate.

There are now plans to develop legislation to pardon people who have been charg...

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Wednesday, 17 October


While Nestl extracts millions of litres from their land, residents have no drinking water "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

By Alexandra Shimo

Just 90 minutes from Toronto, residents of a First Nations community try to improve the water situation as the beverage company extracts from their land

The mysterious rash on the arm of six-year-old Theron wouldnt heal. For almost a year, his mother, Iokarenhtha Thomas, who lives in the Six Nations of the Grand River indigenous reserve in Ontario, went to the local doctor for lotions for the boy. It worked, for a time. But the itchy red rash always returned. Thomas came to suspect the culprit behind the rash: water or, rather, the lack of it.

Thomas, a university student and mother of five, has lived without running tap water since the age of 16. Her children lack access to things commonplace elsewhere, like toilets, showers and baths. For washing and toilet usage, they use a bucket.

It is a challenging existence, full of frustration, exhaustion and health problems, and reminiscent of life in some developing countries. But this is not the third world. It is Canada, which regularly ranks as one of the United Nations top places in the world to live. Moreover, this Native community is located in prosperous southern Ontario, 90 minutes from Canadas largest and richest city, Toronto.

Meanwhile, while Thomas and her family do without water, the beverage company Nestl extracts millions of litres of water daily from Six Nations treaty land.

Twice a week, Thomas and her husband grab jugs, pails and whatever else they have in the house, and drive 8km to a public tap to fill up. The water isnt drinkable, however, so once a week they also drive 10km to the nearest town, Caledonia, to buy bottled water to drink.

Ken Greene boils water in his home at the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario.


GOP Candidate Scott Wagner Explains Climate Change: Were Moving Closer To The Sun "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Scott Wagner, the GOP candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, explains climate change by claiming that the earth moves closer to the sun every year. Wagner, a former Republican state senator and current candidate for governor, was giving the keynote address at an event for natural gas advocates whe he suggested his novel and erroneous scientific []


Facebook Deletes Viral Video Detailing True Legacy of Christopher Columbus "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

With nothing but a vague violation of community standards note and offering no ability to appeal the decision, Facebook has once again blocked a piece of critical journalismthis time a short documentary video depicting the brutal legacy of Christopher Columbusfrom its global online platform.

The short videoproduced by Double Down Newsand titled The true legacy of Christopher Columbus: Western Civilisationfeatures author and journalist George Monbiot recounting the infamous European explorers history of subjugation and brutalization of the Indigenous people he encountered when he arrived in the so-called New World in the late 15th Century.

After being up for more than a week, and raking up more than 900,000 views, DNN co-founder Yannis Mendez says the video, a serious piece of historical journalism, was deleted by Facebook on Tuesday without warning, a specific reason, or any avenue of recourse.

In the piece, Mendez explains, Monbiot recounts the horrors of history in vivid detail. Therefore, at times, we understand the film may have been uncomfortable for some to watch. A number of visuals used, taken from the film 1492 and historical documentary footage, were graphic in nature. Facebook could have opted to put a warning screen on the video, which we would of had no problem with.

As of this writing, the video remains deleted from Facebookit was originally posted at this linkand its producers have been given no further explanation for why it was taken down. The video remains available on YouTube.

Watch [warning, some may find the footage graphic or troubling]:

In response to its deletion by Facebook, DDN, Monbiot and others appealed for people to speak out against Facebooks censorship and demanded the video be restored:


Get Your Flu Shot Or Youre Gonna Die! As The Hysteria Campaign Gears Up, Here Are Some Amazing NATURAL Flu Remedies And Preventatives "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

By Meadow Clark

The scary public relations campaigns pushing Americans to get seasonal flu shots have reached a hysterical fever pitch. Flu and flu-like illnesses include these symptoms lasting up to two weeks: fever with chills, severe body aches, sore throat, deep hacking cough, runny nose, and severe fatigue.

Should you run out and get a flu shot just in case? Or is there a perfect combo of natural flu remedies and preventatives waiting just for you?

If you are afraid of the latest flu death stats, weve got some tempered news for you and some ways you can protect yourself and your family from sickness this year.

Fear is a powerful force that drives people in droves to let strangers who dont actually care, inject thimerosal (a form of mercury) into their blood. Not to mention, the aluminum, egg, human cells, animal DNA and preservatives like MSG and spermicides like Octoxynol 10 (Triton X-100).

If you dont like the idea of lining up for a jab with ingredients like that getting past your blood-brain barrier, then be on extra guard during the propaganda barrage. Some Big Pharma brain-washing tactics include lying about death stats, lying about real flu cases versus flu-like illnesses, repetition, emotional trolling and language manipulation

Im not minimizing the severity of the flu, but I believe there are better ways to give your immune system a better chance.

And heres why its okay to be a little OCD about hygiene in todays world

Have you noticed that people simply dont take much care to be hygienic these days? Do you ever go into a public restroom and think what the heck kind of bioweapons bomb went off in here??

What happened? Are people ruder now? Were they not taught manners? Are they more apathetic?

The vaccine Pharma onslaught has conditioned sheeple to abdicate all their health responsibility. Oh well, I got my vaccineIll just leave a mess behind on the toilet seat and not wash my hands. Ill sneeze on everyone in the airplane. Ill cough with my mouth agape while I walk down this grocery aisle even though I should be at home. 

So forgive me if I run to the opposite end of the spectrum. Im overl...


Former GOP Lawmaker: Bible Says No Rape Unless Woman Screams "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Former GOP lawmaker and Christian pastor Don Boys is using the Bible to defend his claim that if a woman doesnt scream, she hasnt been raped. Boys made headlines earlier this year during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings when he defended the Supreme Court nominee by suggesting that because no one heard Dr. Christine Blasey []


How an Empath Can Keep Boundaries Even With People They Love "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

How do you set healthy boundaries with people without becoming isolated? This is an important question as empaths learn how to navigate a world full of individuals who have become used to sucking others energy instead of creating their own. If you want to become truly sovereign, learning when to give and when to protect your energy is imperative.

When it comes to boundaries we all know we need them. Depending on who you are, keeping healthy boundaries could be confusing, uncomfortable, or downright embarrassing.

Some people are so clear about what they want, their boundaries might as well be a typewritten list of rules of engagement or like Chinas great wall. Youd have to be an army to break through them. These individuals might easily respond, No thank you, Im busy, and in the future, Id prefer you ask me by email at least three weeks in advance.

Maybe they wouldnt say it so clearly, but the desire is implied. Their further reaction to your requests for interaction might be, Do you mind not speaking in such a high voice?  Could you please stop breathing so heavily?  No, I cant help out at the school fundraiser, I have a nail appointment. Please never call me before ten or after seven.

Others are so lacking in boundaries they barely notice how foolish they look trying so hard all the time and apologizing for every step they take. They constantly walk on eggshells and try to please everyone around them to get their needs met.  Oh, sure, I think I can make that work.  Cant someone closer pick it up? No? Okay.  Oh, its okay, I used the extra thirty minutes to think about my order.

Realistically its possible to be in extremes on either end.  As with most things in life though, the middle path is the better way.  We cant be so very firm on our boundaries that we fail to extend ourselves in reciprocation and create the intimate relationships we need as human beings.  Likewise, having no boundaries is a recipe for disaster, burnout, or a total meltdown.

For those who are learning to have healthy boundaries without becoming an island, its important to remember that every day, we set the tone of our relationships.  Believe it or not, your needy friends arent needy with everyone.  Theyve just learned to lean on you because you never say no.

Value Yourself

Your time is just as important as anyone elses.

To begin the journey toward healthy boundaries, you must first welcome the mindset that you matter as much as everyone else.  Were not talking about Not just your personal value as a nebulous affirmation, but in fact, your time truly is valuable, too.  Not more than someone elses but equally so.

No matter what you want...


Self-Censorship: Where The Real Damage Is Being Done "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I was going to write another article today about a different topic, but I backed down because I didnt think I could deliver the kind of fiery, forceful, unmitigated argument it would need to be without risking getting banned from social media and blogging platforms.

The article I was planning on writing, which youll just have to imagine now, would have been titled Assange Can Leave Whenever He Wants! No, Idiot, He Cant. The feature image was going to be a screen shot of a blue-checkmarked empire loyalist named Greg Olear tweeting the infuriatingly dopey argument that Assange is free to just waltz out the embassy doors whenever he wants, so therefore he isnt actually being imprisoned by an Orwellian power establishment for publishing authentic documents about powerful people. Never mind the fact that you can say exactly the same thing about literally anyone under political asylum; they are all free to leave the political asylum theyve been granted at any time, and pointing this out is just describing the thing that political asylum is. Never mind the fact that a UN panel ruled that Assange is being arbitrarily detained by the threat of imprisonment. Never mind that the same US government which tortured Chelsea Manning is currently openly pursuing Assanges arrest because of his publications, making the assertion that hes free to leave the same as saying hes free to jump off a cliff. People dont want to believe that their government imprisons journalists, so whenever Assange is in the news you see this argument making the rounds.

It would have been a firecracker of an arti...


AREA 51: "Humans collaborate with Aliens for the construction of Space Ships" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

An American engineer who works in Area 51, decided to speak and affirm what nobody or few could imagine, that is to say, that Humans work together with alien races for the construction of spacecraft and antigravity aircraft.


Busted - Fake Video! "A Note From A Stranger On The Train Video" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Busted - Fake Video! - You may, or may not have seen the - "A Note From A Stranger On The Train" video, first released by the BBC on the @bbcthesocial Tweeter page on 5 October 2018 - that on the last count showed 2.24M views - made by a Scottish lass complaining that - what many could conceive as being a "compliment", whilst others may have taken it as a condescending gesture, - seems to be "fake".

I'm totally sick of "Fake News" and why I decided to add this to my blog-posts here, as I want it on the record because the BBC in the UK have no intention of revealing what it is I have exposed.  On closer inspection you can clearly see she is holding-up the alleged note that was written on white - 'blank' paper, yet appears to have printed lines on it instead and pretty much like the type of notepads you can buy at most stationary stores - seen below.  There also appears to have been two authors.

Then in the next shot she briefly shows us the verso of the note, which too appears to be on white 'blank' paper and where it's written "Count to 10! Then open".



Secret 'X-FILES' group in US gov believe in UFOs and want TRUTH exposed "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A GROUP of leading scientists and officials in the US government believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials and want the truth exposed, according to shock claims.


The Amazing Health Benefits of Ginseng "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

One great herbal cure comes to us in the form of ginseng.


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare.  Psalm 25:14-15


How the underhand 'magic' of the bankers kills you...... "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

How the underhand 'magic' of the bankers kills you......


A NEW friend completely bedazzled me with a standard magic trick recently. 

I innocently picked my card. He led me to believe he was on the wrong track and then a couple of slick moves later pulled out my ten of clubs.  I still have no idea how this is done but applauded rather than reprimanded him for tricking me. 

There are some tricks I dont take to so easily however the magic tricks done on a daily basis by the banks. 

You see, there are two main differences. Banks, unlike my friend, dont tell you in advance they are tricking yo...


What Is the NPC Meme? Liberals Rage at Cartoons Mocking Their Scripted Thoughts "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

What Is the NPC Meme? Liberals Rage at Cartoons Mocking Their Scripted Thoughts

NPC meme sample
16 Oct 20181287

The new NPC meme mocks leftists by depicting them as unthinking and reflexive automatons. The meme has upset the left so much that Twitter is now banning people posting it for dehumanizing speech, but its humble origins are the computer-controlled characters of limited intelligence found in most video games.

The popular NPC meme trend frames its targets as non-player characters (NPCs) who reflexively spout neo-Marxist axioms in response to real-world events. Actual NPCs are computer-controlled characters in video games with limited scripted responses given the parameters of the games in which they appear. For example, NP...


#BelieveSurvivors: Washington state has nearly 6,500 untested rape kits (#Why bother) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

#BelieveSurvivors: Washington state has nearly 6,500 untested rape kits

by DCG

Justice moves very slowly for women in Washington state.

From MSNMore than 6,000 sexual assault kits that could potentially bring justice to thousands of rape victims in Washington state have not been tested, according to the state attorney generals office.

In a Wednesday...


F-22 Raptors Stealth Fighters Damaged or Destroyed by Hurricane Michael (F22's strewn everywhere lol) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

F-22 Raptors Stealth Fighters Damaged or Destroyed by Hurricane Michael (+Video) TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The advanced F-22 Raptor stealth fighters of the US air force were damaged or destroyed at Tyndall Air Base after they took direct hit by Hurricane Michael in Florida. October, 14, 2018 - 15:06 World Comments F-22 Raptors Stealth Fighters Damaged or Destroyed by Hurricane Michael (+Video) An unknown number of aircraft, including the multibillion F-22 Raptor stealth fighters, were damaged when the devastating Hurricane Michael mauled Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, the US Air Force has confirmed. US Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek told Defense News that some jets were parked inside Tyndall's hangars due to maintenance or safety reasons, and all of those hangars were hit by one of the most intense hurricanes ever to have slammed into the shore of the United States. The Air Force was unable to identify the number of aircraft damaged and to say which models were impacted. Aerial footage showed extensive damage to the Florida base, including an upended jet on static display. Share this story:


Gary Vaynerchuks top tip on how non-profits should be marketing on social media to raise money "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Social media is a great tool that non-profits can use to gain funding and raise awareness on noble causes, but its not always easy to stand out on platforms with millions of users, where trending topics and hashtags change every day. Its also not easy to ask for donations without looking like youre right hooking.

Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, Internet personality and board member of Pencils of Promise, explains how to engage with followers on Twitter and market your non-profit to raise money.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, people who follow your organization on Twitter already have a charity component in them they have the right mindset to get involved and collaborate, and you have to create content that resonates with that.

For example, an activist for Pencils of Promise explains how he biked across Canada for this cause and vlogged his entire adventure to raise awareness. This is a great way to put a noble cause in the spotlight, makes it look more real and creates growth opportunities for the future.

However, taking a step back, one thing that is missing from a lot of people who are in this world of non-profits is listening. Listening to Twitter searches and listening to what users are saying about your organization.

Listening only to the people you are following can create a sort of bubble that can disconnect you from your activists. What you have to do is be part of the discussion, search for your organization, listen to what people are tweeting about it and then jump into their conversation.

But not just any reply will do, Gary explains. Simply congratulating them for saying thanks for the money they raised and then turning the conversation back to yourself feels like right hooking. What you should do is jab into the listening...


The Secret Life of the Single Traveler. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The life of a traveler is one of immense loneliness. Its the hearing a bad song from your home country and finding yourself singing along kind of loneliness.


What Fall teaches us about Letting Go. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

There is only the beauty of true colors revealed and the awe-inspiring willingness to shed everything that no longer serves a purpose.


Im the Woman in your Life who you Didnt Know had an Abortion. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

To stand with the women who have made this extremely personal, difficult choice and with the women who might find themselves facing this decision in the future.


YouTube was down today, but the @PhillyPolice were on top of it (with a lot of humor!!) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Quite a few pointed out the @PhillyPolice having fun with the YouTube outage today. Hilarious!!



Confessions of a 50-year-old Drug Virgin. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A young guy recently tried to push me into taking ayahuasca. Like so many other attempts in the past, it turned from an invitation to an inquisition when I


Authors of the Global Warming Hoax-Club of Rome "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

" It would seem that humans need a common

motivation, namely a common adversary to organize and act together in the

vacuum; such a motivation must be found to bring the divided nations

together to face an outside enemy, either a real one or else one imagined

for this purpose". The Club of Rome works with the United Nations to

develop Policy Guidance Documents, which the U.N. uses in creating its

policies and programs. Here is a link and don't forget to read the partial

list of members of The Club Of Rome, it is very interesting and not




The NPC Question - They Live Was A Documentary About NPC's - Regressive Left is ANGRY About being called NPCs - SJWs triggered over NPC meme, demand they not be compared to fake people - Why we Call Liberals NPCs, and Hillary Destroys #MeToo with One Interview "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Fiery Elmo
Broke: We live in a society


Bestspoke: Everyone in this herd is a sheep except for me

The NPC Question - They Live Was A Documentary About NPC's - Regressive Left is ANGRY About being called NPCs - SJWs triggered over NPC meme, demand they not be compared to fake people - Why we Call Liberals NPCs, and Hillary Destroys #MeToo with One Interview


Stopping Removal for 'Justice' | The True NPC Way:


Internet Censorship Just Took An Unprecedented Leap Forward, And Hardly Anyone Noticed "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

While most indie media was focused on debating the way people talk about Kanye West and the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an unprecedented escalation in internet censorship took place

by Caitlin Johnstone

While most indie media was focused on debating the way people talk about Kanye West and the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an unprecedented escalation in internet censorship took place which threatens everything we all care about. It received frighteningly little attention.

After a massive purge of hundreds of politically oriented pages and personal accounts for inauthentic behavior, Facebook rightly received a fair amount of criticism for the nebulous and hotly disputed basis for that action.

Read Entire Article


Sea Shepherd Initiates Early Patrols to Safeguard Survival of Critically Endangered Vaquita Porpoise "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Sea Shepherd returns to the Sea of Cortez to resume patrols protecting the critically endangered vaquita porpoise for the fifth season.

San Felipe, Mexico August 20th, 2018  Sea Shepherd vessel the M/V Farley Mowat has arrived in the Upper Gulf of California in order to start Operation Milagro early this year.  In previous years, the campaign has started as the totoaba fish returns from its migration to the vaquita habitat, around early November.  Due to the critical state in which the vaquita porpoise species finds itself currently the most endangered marine mammal in the world Sea Shepherd is back earlier this season, with renewed strength to apply its proven techniques to protect the smallest porpoise in the world.

There is work to do to ensure the vaquita survives. Sea Shepherd will start removing inactive totoaba fishing gear, also known as ghost nets and we will come across occasional active nets this early in the season, said Sea Shepherd Director of Marine Operations and Campaigns Captain Locky Maclean. We are also ensuring no fishing is taking place inside the protected area and preventing poaching activities by patrolling the area with our partner agencies from the Mexican Government on-board.

The last study released showed that less than 30 vaquita were alive. Scientists have not published a new estimate in two years.

Sea Shepherd is launching Operation Milagro V, the fifth season the marine conservation group will use direct-action tactics to protect the vaquita. Milagro is the Spanish word for miracle- an appropriate name given that when the campaign began, there had been no registered vaquita sightings in two years.  Many people were saying the marine mammal was already extinct.  The Sea Shepherd team sighted and recorded a vaquita in early 2015. This happened as the Mexican government renewed its commitment to protect this endemic species and a partnership was born.

161212_MIlagro 3_P1570067

Since then, Sea...


The Polio Conspiracy: Doctor Praised for Curing Polio, Actually Created New Strains & Helped Spread the Disease "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Between World War II and the Vietnam War, doctors in the United States believed it was a good thing to medically experiment on disabled people, people in mental hospitals and prisoners of the State.

They would often say it was being done for the greater good. Plus, these people had no recourse and couldnt defend themselves legally nor sign consent.

These experiments included spraying pandemic flu virus up the noses of Maryland state prisoners. These experiments also included purposely giving mental patients in Connecticut hepatitis.

If thats not enough, in a New York hospital, doctors intentionally injected cancer cells into chronically ill people. (1)

Of course, there is the well-known Tuskegee study where U.S. health officials observed over 500 African American men in Alabama who were already suffering from syphilis and while observing and tracking them never gave them penicillin even though it was readily available then.

It was all about testing for cures, but at what cost?

The federally-funded study in 1942, where mental patients were injected with experimental flu vaccine, was co-authored by one Dr. Jonas Salk, who was given the label of polio vaccine inventor just one year later.

But true medical history now reveals that Dr. Jonas F. Salk, the father of vaccines, did not cure Polio, but actually created new strains and spread it with infected carriers.

Exposing Dr. Jonas F. Salk

For the first half of the 20th century, it was believed that Poliomyelitis virus could not be grown in tissue cultures, but then in 1954, a group of Harvard scientists, Enders, Weller and Robbins, won the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine for exactly that growing the virus in tissue cultures.

And because viruses require living tissue for their development, these scientists used Rhesus monkey kidneys, and Dr. Jonas F. Salk tested out his wild concoctions on the monkeys.

Within months, five major pharmaceutical firms helped Salk conclude that the concoction could work for humans, and the formula was handed over to Eli Lilly & Company and Cutter Labs in Berkeley, California.

Unfortunately, the formula was comprised of new strains of polio that Salk had helped create through wild experimentation, and this would soon be infecting the people that science-based medicine was supposed to be protecting from the very infectious disease they were getting injected by US doctors, and new strains of it at that. (2)

The Polio vaccine LIE worked and...


Energy Update Beetween Two Worlds "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Christy Michelle Riggs, Guest writer, Hello Friends! Welcome to October, and as we say here in Kentucky, Happy fall yall! I hope everyone had a beautiful equinox, and that the energies of expansion as we work to release any lingering fear and victim based mentalities once and for all! The universe is asking []

The post Energy Update Beetween Two Worlds appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


3 Ways Facebook is Becoming a Censorship Arm of the US Government "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Facebook has lately announced a series of major steps it would take to combat fake news and the global spread of misinformation that it says could influence elections, but the more we learn about just who it is Facebook is partnering with in this endeavor, the clearer it becomes that these initiatives are not at all designed to foster independent thought and discourse, but to ultimately ensure that public online discourse doesn't stray too far from official state narratives.

Mark Weisbrot, a co-director at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, recently slammed Facebooks decision to work with US government-funded organizations as "Orwellian" especially given the fact these organizations themselves "specialize in overseas propaganda."

Thus while claiming to fight Russian, Iranian, and other propaganda these very groups will strictly enforce an official establishment Washington and NATO view of world events.

Read Entire Article


YouTube appears to be down (10-16-18, at 1600 HST; 0200 UTC) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

[Kp update 1700 HST: its back, baby!!]

No idea whats going on. Ive noticed others pointing this out. But I did see a Tweet from Team YouTube:

Team YouTube Verified account @TeamYouTube

Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues. Were working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated.
3:41 PM 16 Oct 2018


This Robotic Dance Act Is So Amazing You Will Think Its Performed by Real Robots! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Czech-born JaJa Vankova and dance partner B-Dash blew us away with this intricate pop-and-lock puppet routine as they competed at the 2017 World of Dance Tours stop in Boston.

Their choreography is unique, to say the least, and has since spread like wildfire across the internet. Its a well-crafted, insanely technical, and utterly engaging showcase of talent and entertainment. If youre like us, youll find yourself watching this piece again and again.

Prepare to have your mind BLOWN!

The puppet and the puppet master choreography by Jaja Vankova and Bdash at World of Dance Boston.

If this video blew you away then please SHARE it with your friends and family

You can also follow us on Instagram here

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YouTube Experiencing Worldwide Outage "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Do not panic... But YouTube is suffering an outage 

WAFF-55 seconds ago
Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues. We're working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed.


19 Ways to Meditate off the Cushion. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The idea of stepping away from my cushion and finding meditative stillness in the motion of the world appealed to me, and so I started paying attention.


Shakti Lifting Shiva: Women Inspiring Men Against Violence and War "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The Hindus say that without Shakti, the personified feminine life force, Shiva, who encompasses the masculine ability to act, becomes a corpse. She is the life energy that animates the male principle, and the male principle in turn animates action in the world. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The personified feminine life force (Shakti) reminds the personified masculine life force (Shiva) that we are a force of interdependent nature first and independent humans second.

What does this mean, exactly? To put it into Darwinian terms, it means that we are, first and foremost, social creatures. We need each other to survive. As such, competition has always been secondary to cooperation; otherwise we wouldnt have survived as a species.

If we wish to continue our survival as a species, it is vital that we allow cooperation to be superior to competition. This means cooperation with the environment as well (Shakti as Gaia). Shakti is here to remind Shiva of this fact. To restore the balance. To make sure he isnt pretending to be asleep.

The problem is that many people, intellectuals and nonintellectuals alike, have confused Darwins discoveries by focusing primarily on competition, and concepts like might makes right. Similar to the way the Nazis hijacked (and falsely portrayed) Nietzsches Overman concept, the modern war machine has hijacked (and falsely portrayed) Darwins might makes right concept.

This has created a dangerously lopsided view of reality: a kind of conquer-control-destroy-repeat mindset that has permeated our culture to such an extent that it has falsely convinced people that war is necessary to keep the peace and that violence is the answer to the problems we face.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Might does not make right. War is not peace (as much as the warmongers and weapons manufacturers want you to believe it). Ignorance is not strength (as much as the uneducated egoists and xenophobic nationalists want you to believe it). Freedom is not slavery (as much as the brainwashed statists and fear-filled status-quo junkies want you to believe it).

Women (and men who are in touch with their anima) have a direct line to the kind of deep wisdom thats necessary to turn the tide of the overreaching, violent war machine that outflanks us all. What Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls the Deep Knowing.

Shakti is Shivas wake-up call:

A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground. Then its finished; no matter how brave its warriors or how stro...


The Most Important Ingredient for Peaceful Relationships. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Having spent 32 years as a trial lawyer and a neutral party mediator for 20 of those, I have closely observed the negative impacts of disputes of many kinds, and experienced plenty of my own. They have convinced me of the need for people to do more than bring individual differences to an end and go their separate ways.


The Holocaust as Trauma Brainwashing in the New World Order "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

By Jonas E. Alexis and Henry Makow

Henry Makow has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982 and is the author of the best-selling book Cruel Hoax: Feminism & the New World Order. Makow grew up in a Jewish family.

Jonas E. Alexis: The Holocaust has always been used as a weapon. In fact, it has been used as a manipulation tool to seduce the masses both in academic circles and in the media. As we have pointed out in the past, Jewish historian Tim Cole of the University of Bristol, England, has written extensively on this very issue. The title of Coles study is Selling the Holocaust: From Auschwitz to SchindlerHow History is Bought, Packaged and Sold.[1]

Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein argues that there is a Holocaust Industry out there, a machine which constantly produces lies and fabrications as historical facts. The same machine is also in the business of sacking billions upon billions of dollars from banks around Europe in the name of Holocaust reparation.[2]

So there is an ideological purpose to keep the Holocaust Industry alive and well. My dear friend and colleague Henry Makow has an excellent take on this, and we are presenting his assessment below. However, we do disagree on Raul Hilberg. As I will show below, Hilberg knew very well that the main tenets of the so-called Holocaust were historically incoherent and logically worthless, but he went on to produce them anyway for ideological reasons, not for historical accuracy.



The Era of Celebrity Influence Is Over "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

If you were paying attention, and if you were able to be honest with yourself, you noticed something very interesting happen during the 2016 election. Celebrities became totally irrelevant.

by Tiffany FitzHenry

Right before our eyes, these once walking, talking, receptacles of global influence became a silly, powerless, feckless, impotent, frustrated, angry, little, mob. And we had a front row seat to all of it.

We watched, in real-time, as their worst nightmare came true; we completely stopped caring about them. And our ambivalence is clearly their kryptonite.

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Josephisms: Memes & Musings of the Dubster "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

These are some random memes I made on various topics. Some are insightful, some are ground breaking, and some are probably just dumb, but thats okay.  Enjoy some Josephisms.



No, Facebook is NOT Private Their Censorship Arm is Government Funded "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Facebook is not private. They are partnered with a NATO backed think tank to censor their platform that is funded by the US government.

by Matt Agorist

Facebook is a private company and can delete any pages they want, has been repeated ad nauseam since Alex Jones was wiped from its platform. While it is certainly true that a private company can and should be able to choose who they associate with, the idea that Facebook is private is not accurate.

For this reason, the recent purge of hundreds of alternative media sites, including the Free Thought Project, was not only questionable, but unconstitutional.

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Dave Janda 10-16-18 Trumps 4 Triggers That Are Imploding The Deep State VIDEO "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This Dave Janda presentation (short and sweet, as usual) talks about the four triggers that Trump (and the Alliance) have freaked out the deep state, and gives examples of what occurred after each of them.

The four triggers are:

  • The December, 2017 EO addressing human trafficking (allowing confiscation of their assets)
  • The Kavanaugh hearings (particularly the questions from Sen. Lindsey Graham re: military tribunals)
  • Threat of DECLAS of the FISA memo.
  • Rod Rosenstein on AF1 (message to deep state: Hes flipped)



Search your Sole: what our Shoes Reveal about our Self-Care Needs. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Take care of your feet, the doctor said, tenderly running her gloved finger over a piece of scabbed skin. I was about to dismiss the information, then she finished her thoughts: Leave the skin on if you can. You dont want to be too exposed...

Tuesday, 16 October


Theres still Time Left: heres how to Register to Vote in each State. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

"When you dont vote, youre letting other people make some really key decisions about the life youre going to live, the places youre going to live, and how its going to work out for you.


World Hindu Congress disrupted by political protesters "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

CHICAGO Small protests disrupted th is years World Hindu Congress held in Chicago. Protesters charged that several speakers have links to fascists and have promoted violence against Muslims in India. According to the protesters, World Hindu Congress attendees choked, kicked, and spat on them. Several Indian-American elected officials dropped out of participation. Chicago police arrested two protesters and one counter-protester.

About 2,500 people from 60 countries attended the World Hindu Congress from September 7 to 9. Organizers of the event described it as a global platform for Hindus to connect, share ideas, inspire one another, and impact the common good. Protesters objected to speakers from Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The head of RSS, Mohan Bhagwat, was a speaker at the Congress.

VHPA, RSS, and the ruling party in India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), have promoted Hinduism as an ethno-national identity. They call this ethno-national identity, Hindutva.

The charges of fascism aimed at Hindutva echo the charges aimed at the white supremacist-based practice of Odinism.

Parallels and differences exist between Hindutva and this form of Odinism. The German and Italian senses of national identity arose from their campaigns for national unification in the 19th Century. Fascism emerged in both countries after the trauma of WWI.

In contrast, Hindutva emerged out of Indias independence struggle. Two competing tendencies arose in that movement. Those tendencies have since become the two dominant political parties in India. The Indian National Congress (INC) advocated for a center-left, secular state. Mahatma Gandhi was active in the INC, which eventually became The Congress party of Nehru and Indira Gandhi (no relation).

Mohan Bhagwat, Head of RSS. [Vishal Dutta]

By contrast, RSS promoted an ethno-national Hindu India, based on Hindutva. The BJP emerged out of that tendency.

A former member of RSS, Naturam Godse, assassinated Gandhi in 1948. Godse felt Gandhi had made too many concessions to Muslims. No evidence has linked RSS to Gandhi...


Why Men are Not (the only ones) to Blame Here. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The truth that sets us free is sometimes the hardest truth of all.


October 24th Full MoonBe a Hunter, not a Space Cadet. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The full Hunters Moon comes October 24th. It marks a time when we should be stocking our spiritual pantry with the...


3 Steps to Forever Cure your Electile Dysfunction. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A prescription-strength treatment to relieve the painful symptoms of E.D., including disillusionment, hopelessness, and chronic apathy.


Which Milk Alternatives Are Worthy Of Your Consideration? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The risks of consuming pasteurized cows milk are pronounced when consuming in the long term, especially for women. Not only does pasteurized milk create imbalances in the ratios of crucial minerals, but it influences progression and rates of osteoporosis. So which alternatives to milk are there and which ones are actually healthy?

The most heavily consumed processed milks in the world all carry significant problems if we assess their toxic/nutrient balance. Cows milk is is essentially a dead liquid, devoid of any real nutritional value.

Pasteurized dairy contains too little magnesium needed at the proper ratio to absorb the calcium. Most would agree that a minimum amount of Cal. to Mag Ratio is 2 to 1 and preferably 1 to 1. So milk, at a Cal/Mag ratio of 10 to 1, has a problem. You may put 1200 mg of dairy calcium in your mouth, but you will be lucky to actually absorb a third of it into your system.

Over 99% of the bodys calcium is in the skeleton, where it provides mechanical rigidity. Pasteurized dairy forces a calcium intake lower than normal and the skeleton is used as a reserve to meet needs. Long-term use of skeletal calcium to meet these needs leads to osteoporosis.

Along with almond milk, soy milk has been one of the most popular dairy milk alternatives. Its considered higher in protein and fiber than almost any milk on the market, but these benefits are generously outweighed by the health risks which are numerous.

The old alternatives soy, rice and coconut milk are now joined on grocery shelves by alt-milks made from almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, oats, peas, flax, hemp the list goes on and on. You can even buy milk made from potatoes or bananas.

Since 2012, non-dairy milk sales in the US have risen 61 per cent, according to market research by Mintel. There is a similar trend in the UK, with plant-milk sales up a third since 2015. More than half of that is almond milk, with soy and coconut milks making up another quarter of the market.

As you might expect for the latest food trend, these milks are mostly bought by millennials, or adults younger than 35. Manufacturers appeal to that generations values by positioning the products as a healthy alternative, both for the body and the planet. But is that really...


Trump Administration Exploiting Khashoggi Disappearance to Force Saudis to Buy American "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The response of the Trump administration and many U.S. politicians to Khashoggis disappearance is largely being guided by the military-industrial complex in this case, Lockheed Martin but masquerading as a response motivated by human rights.

The disappearance and alleged murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi continues to strain relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. On Saturday, President Donald Trump warned the Saudis of severe punishment if the Saudi government was found to have been responsible for the journalists alleged murder.

The Saudi government has vocally denied any involvement even though Khashoggi disappeared within the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul and responded to Trumps threats by vowing an even stronger response if the Gulf monarchy is ultimately targeted by the United States. The exchange of threats caused Saudi stocks to sustain their biggest one-day loss since 2016 when trading opened and has brought the upcoming three-day Future Investment Initiative (FII) in Saudi Arabia much unwanted negative publicity.

However, there is considerable evidence pointing to the fact that the U.S. response to the Khashoggi affair is likely to be determined, not by any Saudi government responsibility for Khashoggis fate, but instead whether or not the Saudis choose to follow through with their promise to purchase the $15 billion U.S.-made THAAD missile system or it cheaper, Russia-made equivalent, the S-400. According to reports, the Saudis failed to meet the deadline for their planned THAAD purchase and had hinted in late September that they were planning to buy the S-400 from Russia instead.

While the U.S. response to the alleged murder of the Saudi journalist is being cast as a U.S. government effort to defend press freedom and finally hold the Saudi government to account for its long litany of human-rights abuses, there is every indication that the U.S. is not in fact seeking to punish the Saudis for their alleged role in Khashoggis apparent murder but instead to punish them for reneging on this $15 billion deal to U.S. weapons giant Lockheed Marti...


Kavanaugh Disturbed Us, but Hyde and Helms Continue to Kill Women "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

US government policies are still waging powerful influences on womens right to choose. This condition goes back now for decades.


Intuitive Astrology: October Full Moon 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

There is a calmness that occurs just before a storm is about to hit. The weather gets a bit warmer, the air gets a bit drier, and the wind quietens down so things can stabilize before the storm arises. This is the calm before the storm and perhaps Mother Natures way of protecting herself.

The October Full Moon falls on the 24th in the sign of Taurus. This earthy Full Moon is here to stabalize us, strengthen us, and help us to become aware of our triggers and our weak points, so we can find our calm whenever life brings a storm our way.

To be clear, it is not that this Full Moon is necessarily going to bring a storm our way, but it does carry some volatile energy that could stir up some stormy weather that has been brewing for sometime.

Venus Retrograde is also very active around this Full Moon, and whatever issues she has been stirring around love and relationships may come to a head as well.

Sometimes when a storm enters our lives, we tend to be reactive, we tend to get defensive, or we tend to run and hide without facing up to what is in front of us.

Sometimes these storms catch us by surprise and we have to do what is best in the moment, but other times there are warning signs that tell us the situation we are about to enter is going to be tricky or challenging.

Whenever this happens, we have to pause, we have to find our calm before entering the storm, otherwise we are going to get blown away, and when we are in this powerless state, it is more natural for our ego to take control as a way to protect ourselves.

When the ego steps in, it becomes hard to really see the truth. Instead, the focus is on survival at any costs or any means, even if it means hurting someone or saying something you dont really believe is true.

We all have triggers, we all have a combination of buttons that when pressed we cant help but react from a state of lower consciousness. It happens to us all, and it can happen often unless we take note.

In fact, all it takes is a moment of awareness, and you can become the calm, even though the storm may surge around you.

Octobers Full Moon will guide you to go within, to retreat, and to think about your calm. How often are you able to find this place in your day to day life? How often are you able to stay centered and in balance? How often are you able to surrender and allow things to take their natural course?

Answering these questions can only be done if you make the time to journey within. When you get there, and the answers emerge, keep pushing and ask not the Universe, not the Moon, but yourself, what you can do to maintain and increase this place of calm inside of you....


Earth Size UFO Returns To Sun Today "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

If you use the SOHO earth icon to compare, then its actually a bit bigger than earth, but I want to downsize the fear...and say its earth size.


Your Appendix Has an Immune Function "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Your appendix is found in the lower right portion of your abdomen. This small, slimy, finger-shaped organ is attached to the cecum, a small pouch that's part of the intestines (the cecum is considered to be the beginning of the large intestine) and is part of your gastrointestinal tract.3

According to scientists in France and Australia, your appendix actually plays an important role in your immunity. Published in Nature Immunology, their study showed that the appendix with the help of white blood cells known as innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) works as a reservoir for beneficial bacteria (probiotics), which are essential for good gut health and healing from infections.4

When certain diseases (or use of antibiotics) eliminate the healthy bacteria in your gut, the appendix works as a storage unit for some of these probiotics. The researchers say that these findings should make people rethink whether the appendix is "irrelevant" to their health.

Once your body has successfully fought and rid itself of the infection, the bacteria emerge from the biofilm of the appendix to recolonize your gut, bringing it back to a healthy state.5 According to Gabrielle Belz, a professor at Melbourne's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute:6

"We've found that ILCs may help the appendix to potentially reseed 'good' bacteria within the microbiome or community of bacteria in the body. A balanced microbiome is essential for recovery from bacterial threats to gut health, such as food poisoning."

Despite such findings, other recent research...


3 Most Important Turning Points During Spiritual Awakening "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Today, it is clear for almost every spiritual seeker that we live in the era of spiritual awakening. However, what is the awakening is often misinterpreted.


Judge May Overturn Decision to Hold Monsanto Accountable for Cancer-Causing Weedkiller "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Learning that a judge may overturn their historic decision to hold the chemical company Monsanto-Bayer accountable for manufacturing cancer-causing weedkillers, several jurors are demanding that their verdict in a case decided in August be upheld.

Gary Kitahata and Robert Howard are among the jurors who unanimously found that Monsanto was liable for $289 million in damages, to be paid to former school groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer after spending years using Monsantos products at his job.

In two separate letters written in recent days, Kitahata and Howard appealed to California Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanos this week after she announced her consideration of a retrial and indicated she might overturn nearly all of the damages the jury awarded to Johnson.

While Bolanos argued the plaintiffs legal team did not prove Monsanto knew about the dangers of its product, Kitihata told the the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday that the judge had a chance to raise these questions during trial and even during jury deliberations. I thought it was the jurys role to be the judge of evidence.

Kitihata and the other jurors found that Monsanto owed $250 million to Johnson in punitive damages as well as $31 million for shortening his life expectancy. Bolanos said in a public hearing last Wednesday that she may overturn both sums, leaving Johnson with $8 million. The judge is expected to reach a decision by next Monday.

In a statement to Common Dreams, Katherine Paul, U.S. national director for the Organic Consumers Union, denounced the judges consideration of a severely reduced verdict for Monsantos benefit.

Its unfortunate that the court is willing to consider overturning the verdict of 12 jurors who carefully and thoughtfully made their decision based on factual evidence, Paul said. We hope the judge in this case will not be pressured by Monsanto-Bayer, but will instead respect the jurys decision and rule in favor of public health, not corporate profits.

After a six-week trial involving testimony from medical and scientific experts, the jury found that Monsanto had sold glyphosate-based products to Johnsons school district even though it kne...


We Now Know The Government Funded Group Pushing Facebook Censorship "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Facebook has partnered with The Atlantic Council to 'stop fake news and propaganda.' This council is funded by US government agencies and massive corporations who are arms dealers and fund war and terrorism.


Global Insect Decline Now Hyperalarming According to Latest Research "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

For the last 8 years we have been receiving warnings about the loss of honey bees and other pollinator insects, but yet so far have been wholly unable to comprehend what this means to our future.


Ukrainian Su-27 crashes during war games with US, AmeriKKKan Terrorist killed "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Ukrainian Su-27 crashes during war games with US, AmeriKKKan Terrorist killed


A Su-27 fighter jet has crashed in Ukraines Vinnitsa region during exercises with the US military, killing both pilots. One of them was an American serviceman, the Ukrainian military said.

The Su-27 crashed during a simulated combat flight. The Ukrainian General Staff initially issued a statement on Facebook that mentioned the citizenships of the two pilots.

We regret to inform that according to the rescue team, the bodies of two pilots have been discovered: one is a serviceman of the Ukrainian Air Force, the other is a member of the US National Guard, it said.

However, the Ukrainian military prosecutor's office later confirmed that one of the fatalities was a US serviceman and another a Ukrainian.

The jet was reportedly taking part in Clear Sky 2018, a joint military exercise with NATO members taking place October 8 through 19 in Western Ukraine. Other participants include the US, Belgium, the UK, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania.

When advertising the drills on his Facebook page, he said NATO soldiers have a lot to learn from Ukrainians, and warned that, if Russia launched airstrikes against Ukraine, the cost would be very high.


FB Purge: Project Launched to Save the Alternative Media by Gaining Followers on the Street "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The day before yesterday, Facebook and Twitter deleted hundreds of accounts with tens of millions of combined followers, in the most intense wave of censorship weve ever seen.


Why the strongest women often feel so broken inside "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Radiating strength and confidence, she seems impervious to the stress and pressures of life. Her problems never look real, even if they are the same problems that tear you to pieces.

No matter what life throws at her- career stumbles, failed romances, family squabbles, you name it- they all roll off of her like water off of a duck's back. Somehow despite it all, she maintains an impeccable veneer of calm and contentment.

Her smile is guaranteed to light up every room she enters. Not only does she remember every special occasion, but she's the first one to show up with a beautifully wrapped and thought out gift.

She's not just the first one to volunteer, but she stays afterward to clean up and make sure everyone has a safe way home.

On the surface, her life is perfect. She has it all. Everything happens as if she planned her life down to the millisecond.

She is a role model not just for young women, but for all women. By all accounts, she is flawless.

But what people fail to realize is that she oozes power and confidence because that is precisely the persona she wants the world to see. It's because she's strong and successful.

But little do they know, that's exactly what she decides to display of her. But behind her carefully constructed wall lies a heart that is holding in the darkness she doesn't want the world to see.

Her pain is locked away, deep down in places nobody could find. And even if they did scratch the surface of her pain, there is no way they could fathom the depths of her sorrow.

After all, why would anyone think she even can feel pain when all anyone sees is energetic bliss?

The only way anyone could begin to comprehend her pain would be to see her at that moment when she collapses on the bed all alone, the darkness her only companion.

She seeks solace in sleep, but the nightmares chase away any chance of relief. Her vulnerabili...


It is Time for Liberals to Get Up Off the Mat. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Everyone loves it when an underdog breaks past their complacency and starts punching back. It is time for liberals to get up off the mat and win, and in winning, to find a sense of


Enormous V-shaped UFO hovers overhead Key Largo, Florida "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

On October 11, 2018 at a certain moment the photographer noticed an enormous V-shaped craft that moved very slowly until overhead but amazingly it was not on the radar.


Everyones Taking CBDHow do I Know if its Right for Me & How Much I Should Take? {Partner} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

"Everyones body is different and everyones body is changing. What your body needs when you first use CBD may differ from what your body needs after it has..."


Before you Vote, just Remember One Thing. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I need you to vote. But when friends ask you which side you are voting for, I need you to remember it is not a battle and that there are no sides.


Ancient huge triangular formation found in the Nevada Desert "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Its size is enormous, it measures more than 1200 meters on each side and appears to be quite old. What is this?  Source: Mufon


What (the H) is an #NPC? Jordan Sather explains (and a couple hilarious ones Ive found!) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

[Kp update: Infowars has this fascinating article about the NPC meme: New NPC Memes Crash SJW Programming, Strikes Fear in Libs.]

Well, I was wondering about this #NPC deal Id been seeing around here and there, particularly via Neon Revolt and his Gab page. Well, NPC = Non Player Character, and Urban Dictionary describes it like this:

  • A play on video games non-player character mixed with a play on The Simulation Hypothesis.
  • An NPC is seemingly a human that is unable to think objectively.
  • We exist in a simulated reality and some humans take on the role of NPCs, spouting opinions they are programmed to spout and repeating in a cult-like manner.

To me, it closely relates to what many have waked up to about the mass MSM, and how each station essentially mimics the next, and theyre all spouting the same blah blah blah as the other.


Mother Earth's Canary in a coalmine 'Hyperalarming' study shows massive insect loss" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Man-made toxicity, Monsanto, fukushima, declining magnetosphere

Place your bets...

"Insects around the world are in a crisis, according to a small but growing number of long-term studies showing dramatic declines in invertebrate populations. A new report suggests that the problem is more widespread than scientists realized. Huge numbers of bugs have been lost in a pristine national forest in Puerto Rico, the study found, and the forest's insect-eating animals have gone missing, too.

In 2014, an international team of biologists estimated that, in the past 35 years, the abundance of invertebrates such as beetles and bees had decreased by 45 percent. In places where long-term insect data are available, mainly in Europe, insect numbers are plummeting. A study last year showed a 76 percent decrease in flying insects in the past few decades in German nature preserves."

"The latest report, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that this startling loss of insect abundance extends to the Americas. The study's authors implicate climate change in the loss of tropical invertebrates.

"This study in PNAS is a real wake-up call - a clarion call - that the phenomenon could be much, much bigger, and across many more ecosystems," said David Wagner, an expert in invertebrate conservation at the University of Connecticut who was not involved with this research. He added: "This is one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read."

Bradford Lister, a biologist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, has been studying rain forest insects in Puerto Rico since the 1970s. If Puerto Rico is the island of enchantment - "la isla del encanto" - then its rain forest is "the enchanted forest on the enchanted isle," he said. Birds and coqui frogs trill beneath a 50-foot-tall emerald canopy. The forest, named El Yunque, is well-protected. Spanish King Alfonso XII claimed the jungle as a 19th-century royal preserve. Decades later, Theodore Roosevelt made it a national reserve, and El Yunque remains the only tropical rain forest in the National Forest system.

"We went down in '76, '77 expressly to measure the resources: the insect...


Kp Message 10-15-18 Remaining on Top within the Polarities "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

On Top means, above the fray(s), and it is about Energetically remaining on top (not like the dominance thing that some lower vibrationals like to fall back on).

There is obviously quite a bit of reporting on this, reporting on that, on some channels at least, that continually point out the divisions. This side is full of (racism, mysogynism, blah-blah-blah-ism), That side is lunatic central, and so on. Of course, I know this by reading this or that article, or viewing this or that video channel (almost none of it MSM). And sometimes it is just so easy (for me, at least) to get all tied up in what I know is whats really going on.

And do I really know is whats really going on? Cant say that I do, exactly, and in every arena thats playing out right now. It is actually my own sense (and I mean, deep inner sense) of what is playing out. And its kind of based on all the things Ive watched, read, or seen, over the past several months. But it is also based on what I consider is a deep, Higher Intuitive Sense about everything. And each has such a deep, Higher Intuiti...


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.  Psalm 19:14


It took a Car Crash to make me Mindful. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Simultaneously, working out stimulates mindfulness. I love the sensation of flow, connecting my mind and body, practicing my favorite sports, and feeling how my muscles react to the weight, pressure, and balance.


Bill Gates Thinks There are Too Many Africans, Calls for Population Control "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The goal of eliminating extreme poverty is among the top priorities of the global community and is the first of the UNs seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But, according to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, progress toward reducing poverty is threatened by the presence of too many poor people, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D.

Some global leaders have drawn criticism for their patronizing comments about African fertility, including French president Emmanuel Macron.

At a launch event for the Gates Foundations Goalkeepers Report, held alongside the UNs General Assembly, Macron said that Africas high birth rate is not chosen fertility, and reflects a lack of education.

Bill and Melinda Gates: Privileged white "elites" that spend billions to depopulate
 third world countries, while posing as humanitarian philanthropists.

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Doctors and Cops Among 277 Arrested in Human Trafficking, Online Prostitution Sting in Florida "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A week-long undercover sting targeting human trafficking and online prostitution in Polk County ended with 277 arrests that included doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement officers.

"That's the most we have ever arrested in the history of the sheriff's office," Sheriff Grady Judd said.

"Operation No Tricks, No Treats" started last Tuesday, October 10 and ran through Monday, October 16. During that time, undercover detectives posted fake ads or profiles online posing as prostitutes or someone who solicits prostitutes. Other detectives responded to profiles and ads posted by prostitutes.

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Synchronicity, Numbers and Angels "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Written By PFC Guest Writer Sarah Roberts,

Have you ever been thinking that you would really like to try something new, like a yoga class, and then met a new friend whose partner happens to own a yoga studio and offers you a free taster lesson?

Have you ever had a family member in the back of your mind, and then met a stranger with the same name and a hard to pin down resemblance to that family member, which prompts you to give your loved one a call and discover that they have something important to tell you?

Have you ever been struggling with some kind of inner turmoil about a big decision, and you are sitting in a public place and overhear someone say something that cuts straight to the heart of your problem and provides your with the revelation you have been seeking?

Have you ever seen the same numbers crop up repeatedly in close succession? You wake up just before you alarm at 5:55am. Your morning coffee costs $5.55, and you later receive a new phone number that ends in 555. While this could just be coincidence, you feel like it is significant in some way. Read more on angel number 555 at Numerology Sign.

Synchronicities such as these, the occurrence of meaningful coincidences, can feel a bit like magic when they happen, and in a way, they are.

Angels and Spirit Guides

Many belief systems suggest that alongside this physical plane that we inhabit as humans, there is a spiritual plane occupying the same space, but separated from us by a veil, and sometimes things pass through. Some people can see through this veil or see things that have passed through the veil, such as psychics and mediums, but most of us have developed filters that block our awareness of these things.

Many belief systems also suggest that a variety of different entities, which go by many different names, inhabit the spiritual plane. Some of these entities are concerned with the physical plane and helping those of us who dwell here, and these entities are often collectively referred to as Angels or Spirit Guide...


How I Stopped Clinging to the Past (& Worrying about the Future). "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Earlier this year, my husband and I moved from central New York to Costa Rica. I left behind my friends, my parents, my siblings and their children, my own four children, and three granddaughters I adore.


How to Stay Zen while Hustling. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

So, how can a person get their hustle on while remaining zen? In other words, is it possible to combine the emotional state of Buddha with the boss-like attitude of Jay-Z?


How to Not be Seduced by our Culture of Busy. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Being well-rested is frowned upon in our society. A rested human being is not to be taken seriously. There is a particular badge of pride that is worn in our culture when we are overburdened, overworked, and way too busy.


The Shift From Carbon Base To Crystalline Structure Bodies "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Posted by Sean Christopher, Have you been wondering lately why you seem so tired almost to the point of exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and you cant figure out why? Have you been asking yourself why youre behaving in ways, or feeling things, that dont seem []

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The Road To Transhumanism David Icke "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Genetics: Government-mandated human genetic modification in a Transhumanist Age

For the first time ever, human genetic modification will be carried out in Europe using the recently approved gene editing technology.


It will be used to try and treat a debilitating blood disorder that lowers the bodys hemoglobin production. This red hemoglobin protein carries and delivers oxygen to the bodys tissues.

This means mainstream medicine is now venturing into uncharted territory, with human genetic modification. And therell be more and more excuses to do it because, as Ive been pointing out on this UK speaking tour, the plan is to, and I go into in detail in the new book, the plan is to completely transform the human body until it is a synthetic, rather than biological, entity.

And, knowing that it is the means to understand why so many things are happening in the world, that appears to be very, very, very strange, and why is it happening.


All can be explained once you realize they want to transform the human body into a synthetic form.

Talking of which, and this is one of the things explained by them:

Parents are told to stand down as vulgar sexual acts (are) taught in the classroom.


Leftist teachers (who are leftist, in other words progressive teachers, but again theyre just puppets of that which tells them what to do) have continued to push their pro-LGBT agenda onto students, and its worse than ever before.


Angry parents have often chosen to opt their children out of the sex ed classes, which regularly teach vulgarity and promiscuity to students.


But one school took extreme...


UN Peacekeepers Caught Running Massive Child Sex Ring Not One Person Jailed "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In a blow to victims of human trafficking worldwide, a massive child sex ring was exposed in Haiti involving international peacekeepers with the United Nations as well as other high-level officials from around the world and no one is going to jail.

by Matt Agorist

For years, UN peacekeepers, their high-level commanders, and other personnel from around the globe came to Haiti for sex with boys and girls as young as 12.

I did not even have breasts, said a girl, known as V01 Victim No. 1, according to a report out of the Associated Press.

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The Illusion of a Free Market Economy. "DEA Grants Pharmaceutical Company Monopoly on Medical CBD" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

GW Pharmaceuticals sounds like it is in a prime position to be acquired by the new mega corp of Bayer/Monsanto as they are rumored to be bullish on cornering the Cannabis ( & Hemp) market.

"But that is not the case. The DEA decision applies only to FDA-approved drugs, meaning they have just granted GW Pharmaceuticals a monopoly on plant-derived CBD (hemp-derived CBD is no longer restricted). The DEA said as much in a statement to NBC affiliate WTHR:

What this does not do is legalize or change the status of CBD oil products, DEA spokesperson Rusty Payne said. As of right now, any other CBD product other than Epidiolex remains a Schedule I controlled substance, so its still illegal under federal law.



Dauntless Dialogue 10-15-18 Declassifying the Secret Space Program (VIDEO & article) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Very much enjoyed, and resonated with, Adams presentation about the SSP, and the soon to release movie, Above Majestic.

Perhaps the largest, most expensive, and least understood collection of classified projects is loosely colloquially referred to as the Secret Space Program, or the SSP. In recent years, several credible whistleblowers have stepped forward to disclose the highly advanced technologies and the highly compartmentalized systems used by the SSP.

The Secret Space Program actually refers to a collection of up to ten disparate off-world programs operating with unique objectives and financed by various groups, including taxpayer and corporate funding. According to whistleblowers, there is a faction, referred to as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), which is a shadowy association of private interests developing advanced technologies for galactic trade with extraterrestrials.

This timeline represents an introduction the Secret Space Program subject. However, this overview barely scratches the surface of the vast and dynamic cover-up. For more information on this subject check out the Breakaway series on this channel where I i...


Sophia Love 10-2-18 The Removal "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Thanks to SZ who emailed this to me. I finally realized there was an article linked to this, so here it is.

As many others from intuitive and/or channeling realms have pointed out, it is Donald J. Trump who has come into this time to do what is necessary to lead the planet out of bondage and, yes, Drain the Swamp. This is another which comes via Sophia Love. I enjoyed reading this one.

Sophias questions and remarks are in italics.

I am from a galaxy beyond yours. I am here now because of the removal. It interests me [removal] Of chains a herculean effort is being undertaken to remove them. Not by one man or woman, as in the Hercules legend, which by the way is more than legend, but led by one being.

Begun, and just about completed as of this point, by the actions of one being. Your earth has waited many eons for such a being This being is, of course, the USA President, who does so without payment. How much more of a sign is necessary?

He came to undue [undo] the slave system and to save the planet finally, once and for all, from its bondage by money. He does so without money as incentive. This is pure intent, which sends the strongest message to the chain layers.

He is unstoppable because the force to keep him in place until the chains are gone is so much greater t...


Clownworld - UK - Pizzas must shrink or lose their toppings under Government anti-obesity plan "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Pizzas must shrink or lose their toppings under Government anti-obesity plan 

Pizzas must shrink or lose their toppings under Government plans to cap the calories in thousands of meals sold in restaurants and supermarkets.

Pies, ready meals and sandwiches will also be subject to the new proposed calorie limits, in a desperate bid to tackle Britains obesity crisis.

Under the draft proposals, a standard pizza for one should contain no more than 928 calories - far less than many sold by takeaways, restaurants and shops.  And the recommendations suggest that a savoury pie should contain no more than 695 calories.

Public Health England (PHE) said drastic measures were needed to combat Britains obesity crisis.

Their plans will see recommended limits on thousands of regularly consumed foods, including cooking sauces, soups, burgers and processed meats.

It comes as new figures show rates of severe obesity among children have risen by more than a third in just over a decade.

More than one in five pupils are obese by the time they leave primary school - including around 24,000 children who are classed as severely obese.

Dr Alison Tedstone, PHE chief nutritionist, said the threat to childrens health had been decades in the making.

Earlier this week officials met with retailers, manufacturers, including Dominoss pizza, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Macdonalds and KFC to discuss proposed calorie caps on thousands of popular foods.



Stranger than fiction folks:" 'You Couldn't Make This Up': A Bunch of Mops, Cleaners, and Trash Bags Delivered to Saudi Consulate Ahead of Khashoggi Murder Probe" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This sounds like a scene from a Tarantino flick lol!

This illustrates very well how all powerful and above the law Mohammad bin Salman and his regime in Saudi Arabia believe they are.

Curious to see how POTUS Trump plays his next move on this board.

"As one reporter joked, "the way to preserve the integrity of a possible crime scene and bolster confidence in the investigation is to bring in a bunch of cleaners through the front door before the detectives arrive."




Leaked 49-page Memo Documents: George Soros is Behind Social Media Censorship "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Media Matters founder David Brock [and the former boyfriend of James "PizzaGate" Alefantis] is pushing for the destruction of Donald Trump [as well as free speech and the freedom of the Internet] at Soros behest.

by Alex Christoforou

A new leaked memo obtained by The Free Beacon documents how George Soros funded groups plotted with Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to eliminate conservative right wing propaganda.

The recent wave of censorship of conservative voices on the internet by tech giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Apple mirrors a plan concocted by a coalition of George Soros-funded, progressive groups to take back power in Washington from President Trumps administration.

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Finding Me when theres No More We. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I am a year and a half out from a divorce I didnt see coming. At the beginning, I thought making it through the Im not happy phase, and then the I love you, Im just not in love with you phase, and then surviving the I want a divorce phase meant I was going to be okay.

01:35 10-15-18 Hillary Clinton Releases DNA Test Results Proving Shes Only Half Lizard Person "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

First of all, Babylon Bee is a satire site. Second of all, I just was laughing at this very loudly (inside, at least). Third of all, I pass this along with all due respect to what HRC really is, what kinds of lizard and/or other ET cultures are present on Earth, and many of which may have mated with humans for very positive reasons!

Posted for humor only. Dont like it? Well, perhaps its time to Light-en up

Hillary Clinton Releases DNA Test Results Proving Shes Only Half Lizard Person

WASHINGTON, D.C.Shortly after Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test that may or may not show that she is 1/1024th Native American, failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed the results of a recent DNA test that conclusively proved she is only 50% Reptilia...

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