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Sunday, 21 January


Who Are The Background People And What Is Their Role For The New Earth? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, By now, many people in this field have heard of the background people, or as Dolores Cannon calls them, the backdrop people. Dolores Cannon mentions the backdrop people in her The Convoluted Universe Book IV but goes further in depth in The Convoluted Universe Book V. []

The post Who Are The Background People And What Is Their Role For The New Earth? appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Dr. Michael Salla, 1-20-18 The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A new article by Dr. Salla includes some very pertinent references from the past, including a short video of Senator Daniel Inouye (of Hawaii) who pointed out the existence of a shadow government, aka, Deep State military (aka, the CIAs military), which, Dr. Salla concludes, was most likely responsible for the ballistic missile launches against Hawaii and Japan.

EXCELLENT ARTICLE, in my view. Well worth the read.

As always with Dr. Sallas articles, Im posting 1/3 of the article, highlighting from the full article, and linking to the original at the end.

In my January 17 article, I listed three alternative news sites referring to sources that all said that a ballistic missile was launched against Hawaii by a stealth submarine The Operation Disclosure and Public Intelligence blog sites point to an Israeli submarine as responsible, while Dr. Janda said...


Body autopsied by doctor likely not Steven Paddocks, official LVMPD report reveals "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Upon further investigation, Intellihub has determined that the body autopsied by a doctor in early October was likely not the body of the alleged gunman Stephen Paddock

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) Information listed in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments preliminary report on the 1 Oct. massacre, reveals that the body autopsied by Dr. Lisa Gavin may not be Steven Paddock at all.

According to Section VIII of the report titled Suspect Autopsy: On 10-06-17, at approximately 1625 hours,under CCOCME case 17-10064 and FBI incident number 4-LV-2215061 an autopsy was performed on the body of Paddock at the CCOCME
by Doctor Lisa Gavin.

However, the report lists the decedent Stephen Paddock as being only 73 inches tall (6-1) despite the fact that it is well know Paddock was 6-4 in height and had a much larger frame than the dead guy pictured in the leaked crime scene photographs. 215w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 490px) 100vw, 490px" />


Armed Antifa PROFESSOR Admits to Chasing Charlottesville Driver With Rifle BEFORE DEADLY CRASH! (They didn't mention that on Australian TV) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Armed Antifa PROFESSOR Admits to Chasing Charlottesville Driver With Rifle BEFORE DEADLY CRASH!

Dwayne Dixon, a University of North Carolina anthropology professor and leader of the armed Antifa group Redneck Revolt, has admitted to chasing James Alex Fields Jr. with a rifle just before he drove into a group of protesters killing Heather Heyer. 700w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" />

Dwayne Dixon via ABC News

This new re...


Antifa: The hard left's call to arms "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Antifa: The hard left's call to arms

ABC News logo ABC News 15/01/2018 0:15:00 Stephanie March

The Silver Valley chapter of Redneck Revolt in North Carolina is one of more than 30 nation-wide. ABC News/John MeesThe Silver Valley chapter of Redneck Revolt in North Carolina is one of more than 30 nation-wide. As the sun sets over rural North Carolina, Dwayne Dixon peers through black-rimmed glasses down the barrel of an AK-47.

Abandoned cars and rusted-out trailers dot the overgrown property; cows graze in a nearby paddock under the gathering shadow of pine-clad hills.

Softly-spoken and slight of build, Mr Dixon is a vegan who spends his days lecturing in anthropology at a local university.

Today he's preparing for the moment he may raise a deadly weapon on the streets of a US city.

"Guns are a tool," he says between bursts of crackling gunfire.

"You'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it."

Half a dozen of his friends watch on.

Nearby on the grass lies a small arsenal of assault rifles, handguns and body armour.

Across the range, a paper target with the shape of a human torso printed in black ink is stapled to a makeshift wooden frame. An X marks the bullseye.

His finger settles on the trigger. Shots ring out across the valley.

The rise of Antifa

Dwayne Dixon, a member Redneck Revolt, says he's not ABC News/John MeesDwayne Dixon, a member Redneck Revolt, says he's not "willing to abdicate" the responsibility for his security to the state. ...


Western Leaders Know MH-17 and Khan Shaikoun Were False Flags. When Will They Crack?   We know what happened in Khan Shaikoun, and what happened to MH17, but so do the criminal leaders who organised "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Western Leaders Know MH-17 and Khan Shaikoun Were False Flags. When Will They Crack?

  We know what happened in Khan Shaikoun, and what happened to MH17, but so do the criminal leaders who organised those events that shook the world. When will they crack?

One of the things that allows the fraud of fake news to persist as a means of invalidating dissenting points of view is the use of simplistic and emotive themes that cover for a lack of evidence. Some key examples spring to mind and are worth examining.

Take Assads use of chemical weapons. If evidence and facts were to be involved, this notion could never have existed, leave alone survived for five years without challenge in the Western world. In all the cases where this charge was made against the Syrian government, and specifically against Bashar al Assad, no evidence was presented on the origin of missiles carrying the gas, nor even evidence that it Sarin or Chlorine was present as claimed, or responsible for killing people. In fact, there was negative evidence, both physical and logica...


Military court: Ahed Tamimi and her mom to remain in prison "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Military court: Ahed Tamimi and her mom to remain in prison

Bassem Tamimi: I dont trust this court, I dont trust this legal system, all of which is built to punish the Palestinians.

By Oren Ziv

An Israeli military appeals court on Wednesday denied bail to Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian...


Chairman of Israel Medical Association and World Medical Association Opposes Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Doctors "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Prof. Leonid Eidelman

Prof. Leonid Eidelman is chairman of the Israel Medical Association and in 2017 was chosen as the next president of the World Medical Association. He opposes mandatory flu vaccinations for doctors. Image source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

In order to get a perspective on sane and rational vaccine policy, we must again turn away from the U.S. corporate media and their primary advertising sponsors, the pharmaceutical industry.

The flu vaccine is, by far, the most prosperous vaccine produced and sold in the U.S., with over 300 million doses produced annually. It is also the leading vaccine, by far, injuring and killing people as evidenced by the quarterly Department of Justice (DOJ) reports of vaccine injury and death compensations by the Vaccine Court.

As far as we know, Health Impact News is still the only news source publishing settled cases for vaccine injury and death compensations in the national Vaccine Court.

In the U.S., one cannot sue a pharmaceutical company for injuries or deaths related to vaccines.

By simply reading the U.S. corporate mainstream media one is led to believe that all doctors and medical personnel support mass flu vaccination, and believe all medical staff should be forced to receive the flu vaccine every year.

But such is not the case. As we have reported over the past several years, many doctors and nurses nationwide oppose mandatory flu vaccination for medical personnel. There are several lawsuits by individuals and unions nationwide fighting loss of employment due to refusing a flu vaccine.

Not only are there questions regarding the efficacy of the flu vaccine that would mean un-vaccinated medical personnel present no greater danger to patients than those vaccinated for influenza, there are also serious civil rights issues involved and violations of HIPAA laws in requiring medical facilities to identify who has and has not received a flu vaccine.



How to Make Your Opponents Try (and fail) to Prove a Negative "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

How to Make Your Opponents Try (and fail) to Prove a Negative

Sometimes you can prove an alleged event did happen, but you generally cant prove something did not happen. For example, if police have clear video footage of a crime in progress, several direct witnesses, and DNA evidence too, you can say they proved the defendant did the crime. But if your neighbor says an angel visited him in his bedroom at night, and there were no witnesses or physical traces left behind, you cant prove it didnt happen. All you can say for sure is that you dont have any evidence of it happening.

So if you want to drive a political opponent crazy, allege that he or she did something evil, provide no direct evidence, and force them to do the impossible: Prove it didnt happen.

Consider the Russian collusion investigation. We have seen no conclusive evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. But the mere existence of an investigation into the allegations, along with lots of Russia, Russia, Russia news coverage on tangential topics, primes us to think Where there is this much smoke, there must be fire. To escape this trap, President Trump would need to do the impossible. He would need to prove he didnt collude with Russia in some secret way that left no evidence behind. And you cant prove a negative, as the saying goes.


For two years, the Turpin siblings planned their escape (After the trip to Disneyland?) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Press conference on Turpin charges, parents accused of torture.


13 captive siblings forced to shower once a year, strangled, subject to frequent beatings: Prosecutor (Before they go to disneyland?) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

13 captive siblings forced to shower once a year, strangled, subject to frequent beatings: Prosecutor

 Prosecutors revealed grisly details in a press conference Thursday about the captive siblings case out of California.-- The brothers and sisters were subject to repeated beatings, including strangulation, and were punished by being chained up, often for weeks or months at a time, prosecutors said.-- The victims weren't released from their chains even to go to the bathroom and were only allowed to shower once a year, according to prosecutors.-- The children were rescued Sunday after a 17-year-old escaped and alerted authorities to what was happening.-- Prosecutors said the teen plotted the escape for more than two years.
The California parents accused of starving and shackling their 13 children allegedly forced them to shower only once a year, never took them to a dentist, and strangled and beat them routinely, prosecutors said Thursday.


An Obese 12-Year-Old Girl Could Be Taken From Her Mother's Care After A Doctor Raised Concerns About Her Health "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

An Obese 12-Year-Old Girl Could Be Taken From Her Mother's Care After A Doctor Raised Concerns About Her Health

An obese 12-year-old girl could be taken from the care of her mother after a doctor raised concerns about her health.
Council social services bosses have begun family court litigation and a judge is expected to make decisions in the near future. 
Detail of the case has emerged in a ruling by Judge Clifford Bellamy, who analysed preliminary issues at a private family court hearing.
Judge Bellamy, who is based in Leicester, said no-one involved could be identified.
A doctor had examined the girl a few months ago and concluded her body mass index was at a dangerously high level, said the judge.
The youngster had gone into foster care pending decisions about her long-term future.
Judge Bellamy said medical experts would give evidence relating to concerns about the youngsters obesity before decisions about where she should live were made.



Alkaline Water: Recipe that Purifies Toxins and Protects Against Cancer "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Organic Planner

Nowadays, we often consume unhealthy, processed foods, and numerous sugary and unhealthy drinks, which form an acidic environment in the body, and weaken the immune system.

The pH factor determines the environment in the body. All values below 7 are acidic, and considered to be harmful to health, while the environment in the body is alkaline if the pH value is above 7.

Therefore, the pH value is critical for the body as it may have serious consequences on the overall health.

The following recipe for an alkaline water can be of great help as it will help you maintain a healthy environment in case you cannot follow a healthy, balanced diet all the time. It will detoxify the body and prevent cancer.

This is how to prepare this miraculous drink and protect your health!
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Unlightenment: The Power of Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Gary Z McGee; The Mind Unleashed

People suffer only because they take seriously what the gods made for fun. ~Alan Watts

It turns out that enlightenment is just having a really good sense of humor. We are all merely punchlines to a terribly funny cosmic joke.

But the real question is this: what do we do about it? Do we have hard feelings about it or do we cultivate a disposition of lightheartedness? Do we take it seriously and tighten our grip or do we take it sincerely and loosen up a little? Do we curl up into a ball of existential angst and cry ourselves to sleep or do we have a sense of humor about it? Do we tremble, tremble, tremble or do we laugh, laugh, laugh?

The path to enlightenment was never meant to be easy. Its an arduously Herculean task, a painstakingly Nietzschean mission, a laboriously Promethean undertaking.

Hell, life is difficult even if youre not seeking self-improvement, Eudaimonia, or enlightenment. Its hard if youre sitting on your ass wasting your life half-alive, and its hard if youre on your feet kicking ass and living life to the fullest. The latter may be more fulfilling, but its also riskier, more challenging, and more painful.
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The Powerful Mind "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo; The Four Winds

In my work as an anthropologist who dedicated many years to investigating the healing practices of Amazon and Andean sages, I have long been intrigued by the power of the mind in accomplishing unbelievable feats, both physical and mental. Ive met and studied with sages who were able to achieve extraordinary brilliance, inner peace, and creativity.

Ive heard of Tibetan monks who are able to meditate overnight on an ice-covered mountain without freezing to death, dusting the snow from their naked shoulders as the sun rises. The full power of the mind is still not completely understood, but we witness examples of it on a regular basis.

Years ago, people saw support groups and stress management techniques as harmless adjuncts to the medical treatment of those with serious illnesses. Recently, however, research has shown that patients who use techniques such as mindful meditation not only are less stressed emotionally by their illness but also experience better physical health. This research is, in fact, showing how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions influence the health of the body.

In an issue of Scientific American, the neurologist Martin Portner describes the case of Gretchen, a participant in a study on the viability of a testosterone patch to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder, a condition in which a persons libido is so diminished that he or she feels no sexual interest or attraction. Testosterone, a hormone produced by the testes in males and the ovaries in females, is associated with sexual arousal. Gretchen had felt no sexual desire ever since undergoing an operation that removed her ovaries.
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Ouroboros - An Ancient Symbol that Survived Through Millennia "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Core Spirit

It is perhaps fitting that the ancient ouroboros marks the beginning and end of Never Ending Stories, a major exhibition currently showing at Germanys Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. Spanning multiple mediums, time periods, and fields, the exhibition explores the concept of the loop on a hitherto unseen scale.

The loop is very telling for our times, says curator Ralf Beil, and the concept of the loop has never been presented in a larger consideration of time and space. Organised into 14 thematic sections, Never Ending Stories looks at loops in not only religion and philosophy, but also modern and contemporary art, film, music and literature.

And the ouroboros is one of the most compelling, a symbol that has been the subject of awe and wonder for millennia. Literally meaning tail-devourer in Greek, it has appeared in numerous forms in a wide array of contexts and geographies. In its original and most common variation, it depicts a snake eating its own tail in a closed circle.

The ouroboros, however, isnt Greek, and certainly isnt a celebration of self-cannibalism. What, then, are its origins, and what does it signify?

Here comes the sun

The oldest-known ouroboros appeared on a golden shrine in the tomb of Tutankhamen King Tut in Egypt in the 13th Century BC, after a brief lull in traditional religion brought about by his predecessor, Akhenaten. According to leading Egyptologist Jan Assmann, the symbol refers to the mystery of cyclical time, which flows back into itself.
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Tomb of Prominent Queen and Wife of Tutankhamun Could Soon Be Unearthed "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Alicia McDermott; Ancient Origins

Egyptologists may be on the brink of making a major discovery in the Valley of the Kings they believe they are on their way to unearthing the tomb of a famous ancient Egyptian royal.

Although excavations are only in the early stages, well-known archaeologist Zahi Hawass believes that a tomb is waiting to be unearthed at the site. But if hes correct in what hes pondered to Live Science, the proposed tomb may belong to the ancient queen Ankhesenamun, Tutankhamun's wife.

Scene from gilded shrine of Tutankhamen showing him and his wife Queen Ankhesenamun. Queen hols a sistrum and menat. Source: AnnekeBart/CC BY SA 4.0

Ankhesenamun was a longstanding member of ancient Egyptian royalty. Her story begins as the third of six daughters to Pharaoh Akhenaten and his Great Royal Wife Nefertiti. Ankhesenamun married her half-brother Tutankhamun when he was just 8 to 10 years old and she was 13. It is said the couple had stillborn twins. She may have also been briefly married to Tutankhamun's successor, Ay, (believed by many to be her maternal grandfather). There have also been suggestions that Ankhesenamun may have been married to her father for a time as well.
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Death of the Petrodollar? European Central Banks Reveal Reserves Include Chinese Yuan "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

While the United States continues imperiously contending itself exceptional above all other nations, even its Western allies must recognize the sun setting fast upon American empire: European central banks revealed recently theyve already invested in Chinese yuan in some cases, dumping previously-sacrosanct petrodollars to bolster reserves with the currency sounding the first creaks in a major pivot away from the once-monolithic superpower.

China has indeed scampered to prepare for the putative coming void left when the U.S. topples from its precarious throne boasting itself dynamic and willing to play well with others as Peoples Republic President Xi Jinping vowed the nation should now take center stage in the world, Quartz reports; also noting internationalization of the yuan, or renminbi, as a goal. It continues,

Two-thirds of the worlds $6.9 trillion allocated foreign exchange reserves are held in US dollars. The yuan took a major step towards broader international adoption in 2016 when the IMF decided to include it in the basket of currencies that make up the Special Drawing Right, an alternative reserve asset to the dollar.

Still, as of the third quarter of 2017, just over 1% of foreign exchange reserves were held in yuan, according to the latest data from the IMF. Now, there are signs that this is about to increase.

This week, the Bank of France disclosed its reserves partly comprised Chinese yuan although officials declined to offer a breakdown of those reserves, nor did it indicate when the process began with Germanys Bundesbank indicating it would soon follow suit, asserting in a statement cited by Reuters...


PROOF: The LVMPD And FBI Failed To Catalog At Least One Deceased Las Vegas Massacre Victim As Death Toll Rises "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


In what can only be described as gross negligence or a massive cover-up of the truth, the F.B.I. and LVMPD have failed to record the death of at least one shooting victim killed in the massacre

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have failed to catalogue at least one deceased victim of the 1 October massacre which reportedly only left 58 people dead.

The 59th victim, who is currently unnamed by the completely botched investigation and cover-up, was shot and killed in the parking lot of nearby business during the attack.

The womans lifeless body can be seen being drug across the parking lot by several men who placed the body behind a pick-up truck while the gunfire continued.

The event was reported by Intellihubs Shepard Ambellas on Nov. 11, 2017, in the article titled Private surveillance footage reveals helicopter hovering overhead at time of Las Vegas Massacre, FBI never asked for tapeafter an excerpt of the footage aired on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

At 10:16 p.m., two men drag a fallen victim across the parking lot. The men position the victim behind a Ford pickup truck, presumably to shield themselves and the victim from taking any further incoming rounds as they attempted to give the victim medical assistance.

Later at ten-twenty-four p.m., one of the men places his shirt across the victims face and then at ten-thirty-two a man places what appears to be a blanket or towel over the body after they had given up hope, Tucker Carlson said. Police only arrive in this area for the first time around ten-forty-five p.m. when the body is still there.

The victims body was eventually was loaded into the back of a Ford Raptor pickup truck at 11:50 p.m. and taken away.

Astonishingly, between the times of 10:13 p.m. and 10:16 p.m. a good amount of debris can be seen being pushed downward and sideways in front of the camera which Carlson claims is from a helicopter hovering overh...


Credible Evidence Of A Terrorist Infiltration: Congressman Says Secret Intel Proves ISIS Connection To Las Vegas Massacre "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The site of the Route 91 music festival mass shooting is seen outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

Congress is in possession of secret intel that exposes an ISIS connection to the horrific Las Vegas Massacre, according to a surprising claim made by Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry.

Appearing on Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight, Perry described evidence he had personally seen that suggested that some sort of terrorist infiltration aided the Las Vegas Massacre. One can imagine that said terrorists either helped Paddock or were actually some of the many other shooters reported that night.

Recently, I have been made aware of what i believe to be credible evidence, credible information, regarding potential terrorist infiltration, through the southern border, regarding this event, Perry shockingly claimed.

Lets face it, twice before the attack ISIS warned the United States that they would attack Las Vegas and then after the attack claimed responsibility four times, Perry continued.

Keep in mind that this lines up with other alternative media reports regarding the Oct. 1st massacre as well as hints provided in the mainstream media. We also know that it is a conclusive fact that there was more than one shooter, according to literally dozens of eyewitnesses who have continued to come forward with what they saw that fateful night.

Interestingly, there are also reports that Stephen Paddocks girlfriend actually deleted her Facebook page an hour before police released her boyfriends name.

Infowars reports:

Alex Jones reports on new connections to ISIS found in the Las Vegas mass shooting as the feds investigate more suspects and the whole massacre cover-up narrative implodes.

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Saturday, 20 January



On the GoldFish Report No. 181- Uniting the Light Disclosure RoundTable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele, and Winston Shrout.

This exclusive RoundTable focuses on Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure, the status of disclosure, the players and obstacles in disclosure, and plans for First Contact. Videos of craft and other ET related material are shared and discussed.

For more information about James Gilliland and ECETI Ranch please visit, to learn more about COBRA and The Resistance Movement visit

To learn more about Kauilapeles Blog please visit, to follow Winstons work please visit

To receive notifications of our Reports you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at and to help support these and other programs please visit to make a donation and also you can make a donation to the links posted above.

Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing! Also, I wish to extend a great Big Thanks to Steve for doing Cobras voice modulation!



The following videos were created for educational and or general health purposes only. The content of this material strictly for research purposes, and readily available to the general public via the Internet. Viewing of the GoldFish Reports acknowledges that senders and recipients hereby agree to this disclaimer, thus releasing the source author from any and all personal liability.

Also, individuals who alter or deviate from this source material, may be exposing themselves to the full extent of law.



Both Parties May Prove Open Border Advocates as DACA Debate Looms "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

40 million people voted for Donald Trump, many of whom a few decades earlier would have been card-carrying union members.


Column: Twilight in Deity and Spirit Relationships "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In the Midwestern region of the United States, deep winter has arrived and settled in. Two blankets of snow are hugging the land and much of nature has slowed to a crawl or fallen silent. In the period between Yule and Imbolc, I often notice myself reflecting broadly on the gods and spirits whose influence recedes at this point in the wheels turning and those thoughts necessarily draw my mind to the gods and spirits in my own practice who have fallen silent. The stillness of this season seems to amplify pauses and silences in communications. The relationships that we had, have, and wish we had come into full relief in the cold stillness of winter and we feel the challenges within those relationships a little more deeply than we might in the hustle and bustle of busier seasons.


Some gods and spirits grow quiet because of natures seasons, but others grow silent as the wheels of our own being turn and our personal seasons change. Our turning personal seasons can be mental, physical, spiritual, or of another kind all together. Navigating the silences in our deity and spirit relationships and coming to terms with them is challenging.

Within religious and spiritual communities, the dark night of the soul is readily discussed. It is often characterized by a deep sense of disconnection from divinity, meaning, purpose, and sometimes self. But the radio silence between us and deity does not usually reach that level. In my experience there is a milder but still distressing state. I have experienced it several times in my work with a number of gods and spirits. At the moment, Hekate is far from me. The radio silence between us is so profound that its deafening. She and I are in a period of twilight. Communications are down but we are not disconnected in the profound sense captured by the dark night of the soul. The spiritual abyss is not looming between us. In this twilight I know that morning will come again. I can feel the promise of that morning even while I mourn the loss of her. Before Hekate, I experienced twilight with Mercurius as well.

Hekate and Mercurius have both been with me from the beginning of my journey into devotional polytheism. My first twilight period with each of them gave way to a dark night. It took time and experience to learn that there would be a natural ebb and flow in our relationships. As a mystic, that ebb...


Your Sh*t is your Blessing: the Power of owning up to our Mistakes. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The issue isnt about how to stop making mistakes; rather, it is how to work with the mistakes we make. And, believe it or not, when we work properly with our shortcomings, they minimize with time.


Fighting Fake News: Back Door Trick to Enact Censorship "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Makia FreemanFighting fake news is the new pretext given by the ruling cabal in many nations to enact censorship via the back door. Amid the rallying cries of We must fight fake news! both France (under would-be dictator Macron) and now Brazil are attempting to pass legislation to ban political content on the Web that the government deems to be fake news.
Read more


How to Wake up from the dream of our Sh*tty Day. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

It is normal to feel bogged down by challenging situations in our lives. Something bad happens, and that experience starts a chain reaction of negativity for us. Someone slights us in some way, or we fail at something, or we fall on our ass in the parking lot, and this creates a certain negative momentum to our experience that results in having a bad attitude. Once that momentum is created it becomes increasingly difficult to snap out of it and get our act together. The sad thing is, some people live their whole life like this.


Mysterious Ancient Stone Artifact found in the Sahara Desert "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This photo of this artifact was taken in the in the dry Sahara Desert and has what looks to be human figures carved into the upper round section (very weathered surface).
Photo credit - fjexpeditions


Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH | January 20th, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.
Read more


Hungary Introduces "Stop Soros" Legislation To Fend Off Illegal Migrants By "Every Means Possible" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Hungary Introduces "Stop Soros" Legislation To Fend Off Illegal Migrants By "Every Means Possible"

Hungarian lawmakers previewed a proposed legislation package aimed at stemming the flood of mass illegal migrants through "every means possible," including those who are aided by foreign funded NGOs such as the various organizations tied to billionaire George Soros.

The legislative package presented during a Wednesday cabinet meeting has been referred to as the "Stop Soros Act" by government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, in reference to the 87-year-old US-Hungarian financier who has been in a long-standing fallout with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbn.



Gilad Atzmon on Jeff Rense's Radio Show "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Gilad Atzmon on Jeff Rense's Radio Show

We spoke about Jewish Power, controlled opposition, the dystopia in which we live and more

Listen  Download Hour 3 - Gilad Atzmon - Identifying The Enemy


South Africa: Orania Schools Bursting at the Seams "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

South Africa: Orania Schools Bursting at the Seams

The Afrikaner settlement of Orania in South Africaa project which has mapped out a survival strategy for Europeans in regions overrun by the Third Worldis going from strength to strength and this year has seen its school population rise to unprecedented numbers. 768w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 760px) 100vw, 760px" width="760" height="504" />

A Facebook post made by the Oraniabeweging (Orania Movement) proudly boasts of the record enrolment at the beginning of the 2018 school year, with one of the towns two schools having to hurriedly build extra classrooms to accommodate the new pupils.

According to the Facebook post, the Orania Christelik Volkseie Onderwys (Christian Own People Education, CVO) opened with the largest number of pupils in its history this year.

For the first time, the school has more than 240 pupils. The school now employs more than 30 people, and four new staff members have had to be employed.



The Timely Legacy of Dolores ORiordan. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Her unmistakable voice, emotionally raw and uncontainable (made famous by Zombie), was also lilting and girlish in songs about family, romance, and ev


CEO of JP Morgan Chase: ALL Cryptocurrency Will Be Under Government Control "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Matt AgoristLate last year the Chairman & CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon became the laughing stock of the crypto world when he came out railing against bitcoin and the blockchain. On Tuesday, however, he seems to have changed his mind and during an interview with Fox Business, he left viewers with an ominously cryptic messagepunn intendedon how the government will control bitcoin.
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Cosmic Disclosure: Staged Alien Abductions -- Season 9, Episode 8 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Sphere Being AllianceDavid: So in our previous episode, we started to talk about these genetic programs that have been done, including this idea of synthetic cells, synthetic biology. And you mentioned something that I think . . . It seems to come very easily to you, but it was probably difficult for a lot of people to really grasp: this idea that . . . it sounds like, from what you're saying, a very large number of clones could be manufactured by various processes.
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The white race does not exist - Tweets Ruth Dureghello, President of the Jewish Community of Rome "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The WAR on WHITEY: Schools and colleges are now teaching children to believe that being born white makes you a bad person "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The WAR on WHITEY: Schools and colleges are now teaching children to believe that being born white makes you a bad person

Image: The WAR on WHITEY: Schools and colleges are now teaching children to believe that being born white makes you a bad person

(Natural News) Parents of school-age children in Wisconsin are making their grievances known about the latest onslaught of racist curriculum to creep into the states public education system. According to reports, eighth-graders in West Bend, a northwest suburb of Milwaukee, are apparently now being taught that theyre bad people if their skin color is white, or if their families have two parents of the opposite sex who are still married.

During a recent segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson explained that students attending schools in the West Bend area, which is predominantly white, are being given so-called privilege tests during class that identify being white and having an intact family as representing undue privilege in society. Students who fall into either or both of these categories are basically being shamed by their teachers and told that theyre inherently racist, while black and brown students are being told that theyre victims who deserve special treatment in society.

Many parents are understandably outraged that this is taking place under the guise of education and with their hard-earned tax dollars. Most 12- and 13-year-olds are too young to even understand race, let alone made-up liberal concepts like white pr...


Libertarian Dream Come True: Govt Shutdown Imminent as Senate Fails to Pass Funding "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Libertarian Dream Come True: Govt Shutdown Imminent as Senate Fails to Pass Funding

After the Senate failed to get enough votes to extend government funding until February, efforts to prevent a government shutdown have all but failed.

Washington, D.C. (RT) Despite 11th-hour meetings between President Donald Trump and leaders of both parties in Congress, efforts to avert a government shutdown have all but failed. A sticking point was the status of over 700,000 illegal immigrants.

With just 1 hour and 45 minutes of federal funding remaining late Friday night, the Senate fell short of the necessary 60 votes to limit debate on the continuing resolution (CR) that would temporarily provide the government spending power until February 16.

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) waited to vote, the 50-48 tally went predictably along partisan lines mostly, with at least one D...


Exposing psychiatry as a fraud from top to bottom "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Exposing psychiatry as a fraud from top to bottom


Promoting diabolically false science, psychiatry creates a gateway for defining many separate states of consciousness that dont exist at all. Theyre cheap myths, fairy tales. (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, the deployment of psychiatrists to diagnose a person they oppose on political grounds is a tacticnot science.

In some cases, psychiatrists give favored individuals a soft landingWell, hes suffering from bipolar and he needs help straightening out his lifewhile in other cases these shrinks use their diagnoses to discredit and diminish public figureshis judgment is impaired, pay no attention to what hes saying, he needs treatment (toxic drugs).

Its the old USSR strategy, with a few cultural twists to fit the American landscape.

Its time to lay out the facts about psychiatry, to show how bankrupt this science really is.

Wherever you see organized psychiatry operating, you see it trying to expand its domain and its dominance. The Hippocratic Oath to do no harm? Are you kidding?

The first question to ask is: do these mental disorders have any scientific basis? There are now roughly 300 of them. They multiply like fruit flies.

An open secret has been bleeding out into public consciousness for the past ten years.



65 Republican Lawmakers Call For Immediate Release Of FISA Memo "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

65 Republican Lawmakers Call For Immediate Release Of FISA Memo
Posted By Chuck Ross On 8:20 PM 01/19/2018 In | No Comments

A group of 65 Republican lawmakers are calling on the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for the immediate public release of a memo alleging widespread surveillance warrant abuses by the Justice Department and FBI.
After reading the document, we were shocked and frustrated, but it has deepened our belief in the vital importance of transparency, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said in the letter, which was sent Friday night to California Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee.
We are writing to request the immediate release of this document to the public, added Gaetz.

The audience of this document should not be limited to Members of Congress the American people deserve to know the information it contains.

On Thursday, the Intelligence Committee voted along party lines Republicans supported and Democrats opposed to release a four-page memo alleging abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act under the Obama administration.
As of Friday afternoon, 129 members of Congress who are not on the House Intelligence Committee had visited a classified facility to view the document. A congressional source familiar with the situation told The Daily Caller that all members who reviewed the memo are Republicans.
Not a single Democrat, said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
It is not entirely clear what the memo alleges. While Republicans have called for the release of the document, they are prohibited from discussing specific details because it contains classified information. But it is believed that the memo touches on the FBI and Justice Departments use of surveillance warrants related to the Steele dossier and to the unmasking of Trump associates in intelligence reports by the Obama administration.

What I read, every single American needs to read. Every single American needs to know what the FBI did, and what they did should never happen in this country, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told TheDC on Thursday.
I could not be more concerned, added the Republican, who was one of the signatories on Gaetzs letter.
Notably, no Republicans from the House Intelligence Committee signed on to the letter.
Democrats were largely silent on the memo given that so few have seen it. But California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence panel, called the document a profoundly misleading set of talking points drafted by Republican staff attacking the FBI and its handling of the investigation.
Schiff voted against the memos release during a closed-door business meeting on Thursday.
Democrats claimed that the memo was put togethe...


The Lefts Attacks on White People Resemble the Same Demonization of Jews Before the Great Genocide "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(J.D Heyes) In case you havent noticed lately, the Leftist-dominated popular culture has a new boogeyman: White people.
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Heart Attack Signs You Should Know To Survive When You Are Alone "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Heart Attack Signs You Should Know To Survive When You Are Alone

Knowing heart attack signs are crucial, especially if an attack strikes you when youre alone or cant call 911. To increase your chance of survival, make sure you can recognize and identify these heart attack warning signs, so you can seek help immediately.

Heart Attack Signs | How To Prevent A Fatal Disease

Treatment within the first onset of heart attack signs and symptoms can decrease the damage to your heart and even save your life. So, what are the best ways to approach this dreadful situation? Here are the heart attack signs to keep in mind and what to do for each:


1. Chest Discomfort or Pain

Chest Discomfort or Pain | Heart Attack Signs You Should Know To Survive When You Are Alone
Experiencing chest pain is a classic sign of a heart attack. The feeling can come and go, last for a few minutes, or stay and intensify for even longer. Once you recognize this feeling, stop whatever youre doing and proceed to a safe place. Try to relax to slow down your heart rate. This will prevent further damage to the heart.

2. Difficulty in Breathing

Difficulty in Breathing | Heart Attack Signs You Should Know To Survive When You Are Alone
Having difficulties breathing may happen when having a heart attack, along with chest pain. You will feel shortness of breath and wheeze for more air. Preemptive measures, like coughing multiple times and inhaling then exhaling it very forcefully, can lessen this effect. Repeat these tactics every two-three seconds for maximum effect.

3. Weakness

Weakness | Heart Attack Signs You Should Know To Survive When You Are Alone
Try to relax your body, so as not to exert the heart and worsen the damage. If youre not allerg...


Ingredients For Life Spotted In Ancient Meteorites That Crashed To Earth Two Decades Ago Inquistr "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Some of NASAs best and brightest discovered the interplanetary snips, snails, and puppydog tails responsible for clever chimps with smartphones. Better yet, Lorenzo Tanos lets slip the potential source of our alien sugar, spice, and everything nice. From organic compounds and water to biotic material, Alex Barasch glimpsed the memo Ordering NASA To Search For []


The Gift Of Prophecy Multo Ghost "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Many returning from the other side find themselves gifted with wild talents, and nzumel saw them manifest in her Lolo. Mingling skepticism with a very human story, its enough to make anyone want to believe. There is a third option for those brushing shoulders with the Grim Reaper, after a fashion, leading Zaria Gorvett to []


Evolution Unleashed Aeon Magazine "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Its one thing to critique evolution on religious grounds, but its a horse of a different color when Darwins babys challenged from within. Troves of data, and brave souls with and without tenure, are undermining the long-standing model of random mutations and survival of the fittest. For ages another theorys been under assault by nutcases, []


We Share A Tokoloshe Nightmare Daily Sun "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Marriages tend to cool after a few decades, but matters are compounded by the presence of a tokoloshe. Kgalalelo Tlhoaele lent a sympathetic ear to Isaac Malope and the preternaturally weird circumstances between the sheets. Sometimes strange things happen before folks get married, evinced by this Creepy Kid Linked To An Urban Legend Appearing In []


The Democrat Party Is Now Officially a Domestic Terrorism Group: DNC Deputy Chair Endorses Antifa Terror Tactics Handbook That Promotes "Kill Zones" For Conservatives and Whites "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Ethan HuffDemocratic National Committee Deputy Chair Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) was recently spotted posing in a Twitter photo with the book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, written by Mark Bray, followed by a caption he wrote stating that the racist reading material should strike fear in the heart of President Donald Trump.
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UFOs, Tesla, DeLonge, ETs, Covert Ops "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Jon RappoportI have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. Nikola Tesla, Brooklyn Eagle (10 July 1931) This is a what if story. But its also based on decades of experience analyzing propaganda and cover stories.

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The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

As information continues to emerge confirming that there was a ballistic missile attack against Hawaii that was intercepted on January 13, the investigation begins to shift from what happened, to who was responsible. In this article, I analyze various sources describing the attack, and identify the mysterious naval force that was most likely responsible for []

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My Letter To President Donald J. Trump "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

My letter to President Donald J. Trump
First, lets reminisce. I remember so well these same days of 2017. I was watching the Inaugural celebration at the Lincoln Memorial on the evening prior to Donald Trumps Inauguration. Lee Greenwood was gloriously singing his song Im Proud to be an American, and I was home alone lustily singing along with him. To my surprise the depth of my feelings about what we conservatives had done were demonstrated by my suddenly beginning to sob as I sang. Oh my gosh! We really did do it! Our long nightmare of control by Democrats was over.
I was alone again as I watched the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States the next day, very nervous for his safety during that day. But then it was completed and we did indeed have a newly inaugurated Donald J. Trump. I was watching thru


Bozell & Graham Column: The Furious Fake News of Feminist Novelists "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Since 1973, liberal feminists have celebrated the right to choose abortion without admitting the horror over 60 million lives violently and prematurely ended since the Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade. The liberals who champion abortion are far more comfortable panicking that abortion rights are always in danger, especially when Republicans control Washington.So its not surprising that a hot trend among novelists is feminist themes, like imagining the terror of abortions banned. 


The GoldFish Report No. 181 [1-16-18] UNITING THE LIGHT Disclosure Roundtable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele and Winston Shrout "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This was a fun roundtable, with this rather far-reaching and far out group. Louisa does an excellent job, in my view, along with Steve, of asking insightful questions. I was glad to be a part of this. The roundtable was recorded on 1-16-18 (even though the publish date was 1-19-18; you know, Cobra modulation and review of the modulation).

The GoldFish Report No. 181- UNITING THE LIGHT Disclosure RoundTable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele and Winston Shrout

On the GoldFish Report No. 181- Uniting the Light Disclosure RoundTable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele, and Winston Shrout. This exclusive RoundTable focuses on Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure, the status of disclosure, the players and obstacles in disclosure, and plans for First Contact. Videos of craft and other ET related material are shared and discussed.

For more information about James Gilliland and ECETI Ranch please visit, to...


Burning Impact Crater found next to Highway Torren Saltillo, Mexico "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Yet another mystery, on January 17, 2018 a burning and smoking crater has been found next to the highway Torren Saltill, between kilometers 165 and 164, in the state of Coahuila, in the northeast of Mexico.


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. James 1:2-3 (KJV)




Top right, Louise Turpin, born Louise Robinette.
Above, we see Louise Turpin (top right) who is accused of torturing her 13 children at her home in California.

Above we see Louise's mother Phyllis, (left) Louise's father Allen 'Wayne' Robinette, and Louise's sisters Teresa (on fathers lap) and Elizabeth (bottom right)
Elizabeth says that, as a child, she watched her own mother being beaten and raped.

Elizabeth, Louise, mother Phyllis, sister Teresa and father Wayne
Wayne Robinette was an itinerant evangelical Christian preacher who became a county assessor.

Princeton residents recall Turpin.



Jyotish Sidereal Horoscopes for 2018. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

2018 starts with a forceful energy, inviting in power, intensity, and emotional body waves. There is promise of big, grand, and bold changes on multiple levels.


Quick Trick for Keeping Your Feet Warm in Freezing Weather "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Are you sick of your feet freezing every time you go outside in the winter? Sometimes even multiple socks wont stop your toes from going numb, especially if theres snow on the ground. Theres a really easy way to keep your feet warmer that only costs a few dollars (if that). I learned this trick []

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The Creator Writings: Back to School "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

There will be days where everything will feel challenging.


The Illusion Of Time And Space "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Our experience of linear time is a perceptual illusion created by consciousness.


Need Motivation? 10 Genius Ways To Kickstart Your Creativity "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Following are 10 ways you can become more self-motivated.


How Walking Mindfully Can Improve Your Health "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Walking, like breathing is something we do every day so its easy to take it for granted.


24-Year-Old Yemeni Engineer Develops Micro-Biogas Plant That Converts Trash Into Fuel "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The 24-year-old invented a micro-scale biogas device that transforms trash into fuel.



Gravity has a powerful influence not only over inanimate matter but also over biological systems. Plants grow opposite to gravity and animals maintain balance against this ever present force. Balance against gravity is so important, that gait (the degree of side-to-side movement during walking) is a reliable indicator of mental decline in elderly people. But gravity also creates the pressure that slows the biological clock: in space the body grows old much faster. Even bacteria get more virulent in free space.

But surprisingly gravitational changes even regulate our mood. Roller coaster rides are popular because they manipulate the feeling of gravity. During the ride the sense of weight gradually increases, then disappears suddenly, replaced by the feeling of lightness. Gravity is simulated by an upward vertical motion. As the ride reaches its highest point, the contracted feeling of gravity gives way to weightlessness, the sense of expansion. Enjoying this transition is present in infancy. Children the world over enjoy swings and rocking in a cradlethe contracting feeling of gravity replaced by the expanding feeling of weightlessness. Even adults enjoy rocking chairs, free falls during parachute and bungee jumping.

Interaction with the outside world constantly modulates the neuronal connections (called connectome). As a consequence, the mind forms highly symmetric to the physical world. So it should not be surprising that the mind forms emotional connections analogue to the hold of gravity. As gravity constricts the body, it also affects our sense of time by shifting between temporal (emotional) gravity and its lack, negative time. Emotional gravity is a constricted feeling in the mind, whereas negative time is the expanding and energizing surprise of the new, which such an elementary need for living systems. The brainstem is a personal sensor that reacts to the temporal gravity changes of the environment by adjusting the mood. Thus, the attitude of the organism is regulated by the environment.

Although gravitational changes affect the body and the fluctuations of time affect the mind, both generate an emotional roller-coaster. Throughout history and in all cultures, the transitions from emotional gravity (tension) to emotional release (feeling of spaciousness) has been recognized as pleasurable. It is no accident that we simulate this transition in so many ways. Even crying in difficul...


Newly released Clinton emails reveal an attempt to cover over evidence that could be used against her "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The latest trove of Hillary Clinton emails points to a willful violation of classified materials by Hillary Clinton and her staff. These are the emails that Clinton tried to destroy but have been recovered. It is now apparent that this was an attempt to cover over evidence that could be used against her. This was not a privacy issue over exercise schedules and wedding preparations. 

As Written and Reported By Brooke Singman for Fox News:

A conservative watchdog group on Friday released 78 pages of new Hillary Clinton emails three of which contained classified information and others that revealed the former secretary of state knew about potential security issues with her private email server.

The State Department turned over the new emails to Judicial Watch as part of the groups Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, which is on an accelerated schedule of production ordered by U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg.


Theres a ghost haunting Elizabeth Warren as she ramps up for a possible 2020 presidential bid "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Senator Elizabeth Warren may have overloaded her political teepee with her claims of Native American ancestry. She may have overplayed this card and has never provided actual proof to her claims. Her only claim to being part Native American is a family tradition. That will not hold water in a political climate.

As Written and Reported By Annie Linskey for the Boston Globe:

WASHINGTON Theres a ghost haunting Elizabeth Warren as she ramps up for a possible 2020 presidential bid and a reelection campaign in Massachusetts this year: her enduring and undocumented claims of Native American ancestry.

Warren says now, as she has from the first days of her public life, that she based her assertions on family lore, on her reasonable trust in what she was told about her ancestry as a child.

I know who I am, she said in a recent interview with the Globe.



Pope shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slander "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Pope shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slander

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) Pope Francis accused victims of Chiles most notorious pedophile of slander Thursday, an astonishing end to a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country.
Francis said that until he sees proof that Bishop Juan Barros was complicit in covering up the sex crimes of the Rev. Fernando Karadimas, such accusations against Barros are all calumny.
The popes remarks drew shock from Chileans and immediate rebuke from victims and their advocates. They noted the accusers were deemed credible enough by the Vatican that it sentenced Karadima to a lifetime of penance and prayer for his crimes in 2011. A Chilean judge also found the victims to be credible, saying that while she had to drop criminal charges against Karadima because too much time had passed, proof of his crimes wasnt lacking.
As if I could have taken a selfie or a photo while Karadima abused me and others and Juan Barros stood by watching it all, tweeted Barros most vocal accuser, Juan Carlos Cruz. These people are truly crazy, and the pontiff talks about atonement to the victims. Nothing has changed, and his plea for forgiveness is empty.
The Karadima scandal dominated Francis visit to Chile and the overall issue of sex abuse and church cover-up was likely to factor into his three-day trip to Peru that began late Thursday.
Karadimas victims reported to church authorities as early as 2002 that he would kiss and fondle them in the swank Santiago parish he ran, but officials refused to believe them. Only when the victims went public with their accusations in 2010 did the Vatican launch an...


Government Shutdown Goes Into Effect, But Not For Cops And Military "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The US government shut down after politicians in Washington DC were unable to come to an agreement on how they will use the money that they have plundered from the countrys citizens. Democrats and Republicans are blaming one another as usual, but the fact that politicians can use resources and services that people need as bargaining chips is the root of the problem. Most of the disagreements center around strict immigration policies in the US that have escalated since Donald Trump took office.

As the deadline for the vote to avert the shutdown drew closer, Trump tweeted that the military and border patrol would be affected by the shutdown, but sadly we are not that lucky.

After his tweet, The Washington Post reported that a federal statute calls for the military and police to stay active during government shutdowns, which means that the worst parts of the government will remain operational. Most people wont even notice the government shutdown, aside from the many government workers who will be threatened to not get paid for their work. In 2013, the government put their workers in this position for a few weeks, but by the time they got their next paycheck the shutdown was over, so even those most affected hardly noticed that it happened.

Youre seeing across the board efforts by the administration and each of the agencies to minimize the impact of the shutdown on the American people, one White House official said on a conference call with reporters.

The Post also reported that there would be no pay gap for the military unless the shutdown extended past February 1, in which case they would continue to work without pay until that time was over. If a private employer were to place these types of sanctions on their workers they would surely be charged with federal crimes, which is extremely ironic.

Not only can the president decide who or what is an essential activity, the president can change his or her mind anytime. In the past, every president has exempted the military,...


Full story: Father Ridsdale's life of crime and the church's cover-up "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Full story: Father Ridsdale's life of crime and the church's cover-up

  • Background article, by a Broken Rites researcher

This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about how the Catholic Church shuffled a paedophile priest, Father Gerald Ridsdale, from parish to parish for three decades while he committed sexual crimes against children. Broken Rites has been researching Ridsdale since May 1993, when he famously walked to court for his first sentencing, accompanied by his support person, Bishop George Pell. Broken Rites began supporting Ridsdale's victims, resulting in four more court cases for Ridsdale between 1994 and 2017 (without the presence of George Pell).

The famous 1993 photo

On every page of the Broken Rites website (in the right-hand column), there is a photo of Father Ridsdale (with his features obscured by dark glasses and a cap) walking to the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 27 May 1993 with his support person, bishop George Pell (wearing clerical garb). This was the day when Ridsdale received his first conviction for child-sex crimes. [In 1993, Pell was an Auxiliary Bishop for Melbourne, and three years later he became the Archbishop.]

By 27 May 1993, unknown to Ridsdale and Pell, one of Ridsdale's victims had alerted the media that Ridsdale was due to appear in court that day for sentencing. Therefore, when Pell and Ridsdale approached the court building, a Channel Nine camera man obtained video footage of their arrival.

That evening, Channel Nine's news bulletin showed this footage of Father Ridsdale and Bishop Pell arriving at the court. This bulletin was v...


The William Tyrell Incident "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The kidnapping occurred on a Friday around 10.30am. It was broad daylight and whoever abducted him risked being seen from the balcony of Williams grandmothers home as well as neighbouring properties." alt="" />

William was a foster child at the time of his disappearance. Source: AAP

The details of William's time in foster care were only revealed late last year after the NSW Supreme Court overruled FACS and ordered Williams family history could be published.

His foster parents have asked not to be named to protect the identity of William's siblings. Ms Collins labelled them "strict".

Karlie and Brendan could see William for one hour every seven or eight weeks at the Macquarie Centre, she said. "The last time they saw him, William yelled Daddy, Daddy, Daddy and jumped out of the pram like a kangaroo."

Ms Collins is asking authorities to provide Brendan with the help he needs to return to "his normal self".

Schapelle Corby has used her the media circus surrounding her departure from Bali to draw attention to missing Australian boy William Tyrrell.



Be A Tree Grounding Exercise For Children To Feel Stable, Calm, And Increase Focus "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Jessica Klassen, Guest writer, (excerpt from Jessies new childrens book, The Sapling, now available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Smashwords) Trees provide the perfect example  of the importance of staying grounded to be strong. Grounding does for us what roots do for trees. When we are grounded, we feel strong and []

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Manifesting With Affirmations & Gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Meashenu, Guest writer, Manifestation is an ability we all possess and we all have the ability to change our reality. Your thoughts are constantly manifesting your reality. Once you start paying attention to these thoughts you can reprogram them to line up with the reality you wish to create. Gratitude is always an []

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Underground World News Live 1/19/18 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"|twitter&par=sharebar

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Chemotherapy Discovered to Fuel Cancer Regrowth, Researchers Reveal "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Lori Alton; Naturalhealth365

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 650,000 Americans a year undergo chemotherapy in an attempt to battle cancer. Yet this toxic treatment has a poor success rate in treating most kinds of cancer, and its benefits can be short-lived.

Making the picture even grimmer is the fact that cancer recurrence after chemotherapy is frequently deadly. Now, from the front lines of cancer research comes the disturbing news that one particular type of chemotherapy can actually lead to cancer regrowth and recurrence.

One approach to treating cancer actually creates a breeding ground for cancer stem cells

Therapy-induced senescence, often touted as a new weapon in cancer therapy, is the technique of putting cancer cells to sleep. The protocol is intended to place cancer cells in a state of arrested growth in which the cells are alive, but not dividing.

While senescence is supposed to prevent further cancerous growth, new research shows that it can serve as a sort of nursery and safe harbor for cancer stem cells the most dangerous and treatment-resistant type of cancer cells. A pair of recent studies reveals the consequences of therapy-induced senescence.
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Stimulating Electricity Through The Brain May Allow People to Lucid Dream, Study Finds "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Peace Quarters

For as long as people have been dreaming, there have been those who were able to control their dreams, which is called lucid dreaming.

According to most lucid dreaming experts, the best way is to be intentional about it and practice different methods until you can regularly control your dreams.

But, what if theres a more natural way? What if science could allow you to lucid dream without all the work?

According to Carl Jung, a professional dream analyzer, there may be a way to help people lucid dream without having to work hard at it. Unlike other dream experts who believe there is symbolism in dreams (like the presence of fleas indicating youll soon be lied to), he believed that each persons dreams should be interpreted on an individual basis.

He wrote, It should, therefore, be an absolute rule to assume that every dream, and every part of a dream, is unknown at the outset and to attempt an interpretation only after carefully taking up the context.

Throughout history, dreams have had some definitions and credit for them have had various sources. Some cultures and religions saw dreams as divine messages from powerful spiritual beings whereas other people believed that they came from our unconscious self and were therefore dark and mysterious.
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Remember CIAs Heart Attack Gun? CNN Predicts Trump Will Die From Heart Attack "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Kit Daniels;

MSM conditioning public for Trumps heart attack

CNN keeps predicting Trump will die of a heart attack, which brings to mind the CIA poison dart gun that can trigger one.

Revealed by the Church Committee in 1975, the heart attack gun is a modified 1911 that can shoot a dart with a deadly poison thats nearly undetectable which is perfect for political assassinations.

The poison was frozen into some sort of dart and then it was shot at very high speed into the person, said CIA whistleblower Mary Embree. When it reached the person it would melt inside them, and there would be a tiny red dot on their body, which was hard to detect.

There wouldnt be a needle or anything like that left in the person.
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THE IRON THRONE Egypts Great Pyramid Houses a Secret Throne Carved From an Ancient Solid Metal Meteorite, Professor Claims "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Nicola Stow; The Sun

The expert believes that the throne of the pharaoh Khufu is hidden in a chamber deep within the Ancient Wonder

A REAL-life "Iron Throne" carved from the core of a meteorite could be hidden inside the Great Pyramid, an expert claims.

Professor Giulio Magli of Milan Polytechnic believes the throne of the pharaoh Khufu is concealed in a secret chamber deep within the Ancient Wonder.

Throne from space: Professor Giulio Magli claims a throne carved from the core of a meteorite could be hidden inside the Great Pyramid

Ancient Egyptians are known to have used meteoritic iron in artifacts such as King Tuts dagger, which was unearthed by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.

Explaining his incredible theory, Dr Magli said: "There is a possible interpretation, which is in good agreement with what we know about the Egyptian funerary religion as witnessed in the Pyramids Texts. "In these texts it is said that the pharaoh, before reaching the stars of the north, will have to pass the gates of the sky and sit on his throne of iron."
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Christian Homeschoolers Plead Not Guilty In Torture Case "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Christian homeschoolers in California accused of torturing their 13 children plead not guilty, and are held on bail of $12 million each. David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were placed under arrest earlier this week after police found their 13 children emaciated and shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in []


Thanks to New Digital Imaging Tool, Hidden Egyptian Paintings Have Finally Been Revealed "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Art can reveal so much about a culture. Sadly, many of the masterpieces created throughout the centuries have been lost due to erosion and the passing of time. On a positive note, not all is lost. To determine what our ancestors painted on rocks and engraved into stone, researchers from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, developed a new imaging technique. The technology has allowed them to re-examine Egyptian art and find details that were lost over the years.

In their paper, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, the researchers describe a technique called DStretch. With this tool, they were able to analyze paintings found at Beni Hassan, an ancient Egyptian cemetery located near the city of Minya. Egyptologists have not realised [DStretchs] potential in helping us to examine and record ancient wall paintings, Dr. Linda Evans told IFLScience.

The technique was first developed in 2005 and allows digital images to be enhanced. After the remnants of paint and engravings are analyzed by three bands of RGB color, the intensity and saturation of them are improved. Essentially, the images are stretched then mapped back to normal. The resulting product reveals artwork similar to what the original looked like.

Credit: Evans et al

Artwork from Beni Hassan, which has been carved into the walls near tombs, contains scenes from daily life, such as farming, hunting, and fishing. Because the artwork is multi-colored, researchers had a difficult time determining the shades of red, brown, blue, green, black, and white used. Using DStretch, the researchers found a drawing of a herd of pigs, as well as a hoard of bats.

The most surprising outcome of the DStretch study has been the confirmation of new images of animals that are incredibly rare in Egyptian art, said E...


What I have Learned from my Mistakes. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

At the end of the day, as long as we live, we still have time to make things better.


Getting Arrested for Singing a Song? Only in Holocau$t Land "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Getting Arrested for Singing a Song? Only in Holocau$t Land

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.
Monika Schaefer Arrested & Indefinitely Detained in Germany

(GLARING Hypocrisy) On June 17, 2016, Monika Schaefer, a native-born Canadian citizen of German parents, posted the above brief video to YouTube entitled Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust. Yesterday, January 3rd, Monika was arrested in Munich, Germany for hate speech. Weve just received, via email, the below open letter from Alfred Schaefer, Monikas brother. Were publishing the whole of Alfreds letter, verbatim, with his express permission.

Dear Friends,

Monika Schaefer was arrested on January 3 2018 in the very heart of Holocaust country while attending, as an observer, the bizarre inquisition hearings against the courageous Sylvia Stolz. This trial was for illegal words that Sylvia Stolz had spoken at the Anti Censorship Coalition (AZK) in Switzerland in 2012. The twisting nonsensical accusations of the inquisition was beyond bizarre. What the snake that calls itself the State Prosecutor did, will be something that will amuse future generations when studying the witch trials of 2018.

45 minutes into the inquisition the State Prosecutor snake called for a surprise break, which was then used to arrest my courageous sister Monika. The only thing Monika did was watch quietly as the inquisition was dealing with Sylvia Stolz. These people have us under close observation and figured it was a good opportunity to demonstrate their power, and intimidate us.

Another snake masquerading as a State Prosecutor accompanied by 3 heavily armed thugs handcuffed Monika and dragged her away. When my sister protested that she is a free person from Canada and had done nothing wrong, the State Prosecutor snake told her, if you wanted to stay free you should have stayed in Canada. (Welcome to Holocaust country...


Monika Schaefer, in German Maximum Security Prison "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Monika Schaefer, in German Maximum Security Prison

canadian in geman jail 300w, 768w, 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px" />

A Jasper, Alta., woman, infamous for denying the existence of the Holocaust, has been arrested in Germany, according to Bnai Brith Canada.

Monika Schaefer was arrested in Munich earlier this month, Bnai Brith Canada, said in a statement Thursday.

The Canadian-based Jewish rights advocacy group said it is awaiting further details on why Schaefer was arrested. It praised German authorities.

Bnai Brith officials said the group had filed complaints against Schaefer with German officials because of her anti-Semitic incitement.

Holocaust denial is a criminal offence in Germany. Under Germanys Incitement to Hatred laws, those found guilty of denying the Holocaust could face a maximum of five years in prison.

German officials should be commended for taking action against Holocaust denial, said Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of Bnai Brith Canada, in a statement.

We will continue to work, even across borders, to ensure that racism and bigotry find no haven in Canada.

CBC News has spoken with Munich police but has been unable to corroborate reports of Schaefers arrest, or what charges may be involved.

Schaefer was reportedly arrested during a recess in the trial of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer on trial for Holocaust denial, according to a post on the right wing German blog

Police commen...


How Buddhism can Curb our Animal Instincts. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Natural selection's only object for most men is to warp our perceptions in whatever way it can to propel us toward getting our genes into the next generation. Buddhist teachings and practices, particularly that of meditation, will help right those perceptions.


#QANON Updates for January 19th & 18th "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Enerchi) Here the some of the latest QANON postings for January 18th and 19th. One of the posts from QANON suggest #massarrests of public government officials are forthcoming due to the FISA MEMO.
Read more


Shock! The Pope Is Now Openly Attacking Child Sexual Abuse Victims For Slander "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


Pope Francis is now attacking the credibility of child sex abuse victims in a shocking move made at the end of a trip to Chile in which he had hoped to heal the wounds of said abuse.

Thats right, Pope Francis ended his trip by publicly defending a bishop who victims have accused of covering up widespread pedophilia in the country.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Francis made the shocking comments in a discussion about Rev. Fernando Karadima who has been found guilty of sexually abusing a slew of minors as a member of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis accused victims of Chiles most notorious pedophile of slander Thursday, an astonishing end to a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country.

Francis said that until he sees proof that Bishop Juan Barros was complicit in covering up the sex crimes of the Rev. Fernando Karadima, such accusations against Barros are all calumny.

The popes remarks drew shock from Chileans and immediate rebuke from victims and their advocates. They noted the accusers were deemed credible enough by the Vatican that it sentenced Karadima to a lifetime of penance and prayer for his crimes in 2011. A Chilean judge also found the victims to be credible, saying that while she had to drop criminal charges against Karadima because too much time had passed, proof of his crimes wasnt lacking.


The Karadima scandal dominated Francis visit to Chile and the overall issue of sex abuse and church cover-up was likely to factor into his three-day trip to Peru that began late Thursday.

Karadimas victims reported to church authorities as early as 2002 that he would kiss and fondle them in the swank Santiago parish he ran, but officials refused to believe them. Only when the victims went public with their accusations in 2010 did the Vatican launch an investigation that led to Karadima being removed from ministry.

The emeritus archbishop of Santiago subsequently apologized for having refused to believe the victims from the star...

Friday, 19 January


Mainstream Media Tries To Ignore BOMBSHELL FISA Abuse Memo As Illegal FBI And DOJ Spying On Trump Campaign Set To Be Exposed! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


A bombshell FISA abuse memo that not only could end the Mueller investigation but also could contain direct evidence of illegal FBI and DOJ spying on the Trump campaign, in order to help Hillary Clinton, is set to be released in the coming days, according to multiple media reports.

Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared on Fox News this morning to reveal his belief that the memo will be released in the coming days and will send shockwaves throughout Washington D.C.

Infowars reports:

The classified Department of Justice memo is suspected to contain evidence of illegal FBI and DOJ spying on the Trump campaign at the behest of Hillary Clinton.

According to journalist Sara Carter, the memo is so explosive that it could lead to the end of Robert Muellers Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.

Numerous lawmakers are calling for the document to be publicly released, with Rep. Steve King describing it as worse than Watergate.

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who previously asserted that people will go to jail over the memo, suggested that the release of the document is on the horizon.

Our republic is in jeopardy if we allow this type of a palace coup environment to continue to persist and thats why Im one of the members of Congress who will be encouraging today Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to release the memo, Gaetz said.

Amazingly, the mainstream media is largely doing everything in their power to either ignore this story or downplay it completely, with anti-Trump news network CNN not even covering the bombshell as of Friday morning.

A quick scan of the networks homepage showed that they had completely ignored the story, instead opting for a plethora of anti-Trump disinformation pieces while being sure to protect their ally, Hillary Clinton.


LIVE: US President To PRESENT the FAKE NEWS Dishonest Media Awards "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Get ready, folks. Coming up soon, the Trump fake news awards. The video is counting down already. WHO will get the best awards? Will it be individua


Jordan Peterson brilliantly owns foolish social justice feminist Cathy Newman. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Jordan Peterson brilliantly owns foolish nasty feminist in epic takedown with facts logic and common sense, this is a great great interview. This is p


Texas Judge Tells Jury God Says Defendant Is Not Guilty "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Out of order: A Texas judge interrupts a deliberating jury to claim that God told him the defendant is not guilty. In Texas, Comal County Judge Jack Robison tried to convince a jury that a defendant was not guilty because God told him so. By invoking an imaginary conversation with an imaginary God, Judge Robison []


College Professor Destroys MSM Propagandist in Debate: Dr. Jordan Peterson on Male and Female Relationships, Gender Pay Gap, Campus Protests and Postmodernism "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Justin Deschamps

The issues presented in the below video are heavily sensationalized in the mainstream media, and weaponized by the propagandists against the free thinkers of our world. Corruption, prejudice, and bigotry exist seemingly everywhere in our society. In our desire for change, we mustn't be tempted to be unthinking. But this is precisely what the powers that be want us to do.
Read more


Global Warming Less Likely to Be Catastrophic, Says New Nature Study "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

That would mean more time to address whatever problems man-made climate change may cause

Alex Parfenov/DreamstimeProbably the most vexing problem in climate change science is determining how hot the planet would become if the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere doubles from it pre-industrial level of 280 parts per million. Known as equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS), the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Changes Fifth Assessment Report put the likely range of ECS as being between 1.5 and 4.5 degrees Celsius.

The current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is around 403 parts per million. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now increasing annually at about 3 parts per million. If that rate of increase keeps up, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will double by the end of the century.

As bad as an increase of 4.5 degrees Celsius


Intuitive Astrology: Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse January 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

January 31st, 2018 brings us an extremely potent Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse in the sign of Leo.

Lets first break down the meaning of the name of this Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse-

Super: A Super Moon happens when the Full Moon is closest to Earth. This Lunar Eclipse is going to be nice and close to Earth, which means visibility will be high and its energetic effects will be strong.

Blood: A Blood Moon is just another name for a Total Lunar Eclipse. This is because a Total Eclipse gives the Moon a reddish glow. Blood Moons are quite rare, and we havent had one since 2014.

Blue: A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon of the month. Whenever there are two Full Moons in a month, the second is referred to as a Blue Moon. This is also an extremely rare occurrence and makes this Eclipse particularly significant.

Phew! Just to put it into context, the last time we experienced a Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse was 150 years ago.

Whenever we have a rare celestial event such as this, we feel the energy strongly and it has the potential to cause huge ripples and waves in our lives.

Eclipses always come in cycles, and this Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is linked to the Eclipses back in February and August of 2017.

This means that whatever lessons or themes were brewing for you around that time are now coming to an end, and you will be able to bring closure and resolution to those energies.

Think back to what was stirring for you especially during the Total Solar Eclipse that happened on August 21st, 2017.

It is likely that whatever the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse brought into your life is now being wrapped up, resolved and put to rest.

When thinking back to what was stirring for you, pay attention to what was unfolding on a spiritual and emotional level, not just on a physical or external one.

2017 was a transformative year for a lot people, and perhaps the months since the August Total Solar Eclipse have allowed things to move in a new direction for you.

The January Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is not only going to help bring resolution and closure to the last half of 2017, it is also going to open and activate a new energy that we are all going to be working with until the next round of Eclipses in July and August 2018.

Eclipses often bring turning points in our lives. They are often an instig...


Who Wants a Big Gas Tax Hike? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Christian Delbert/Dreamstime.comAs the Trump administration prepares its plan on how to deliver the $1 trillion infrastructure investment that it keeps promising, some voices are calling for a steep hike in the federal gas tax.

On Thursday the Chamber of Commerce unveiled its set of infrastructure policy priorities. It included a whopping 140 percent increase in the federal gas tax, from 18.4 cents per gallon to 43.4 cents per gallon. The Chamber estimates that this will bring in an additional $394 billion in revenue over the next decade.

Its the simplest, fairest, and most effective way to raise the money we need for roads, bridges, and transit, the groups president, Tom Donahue, said in a speech yesterday. Our leaders need to stop hiding behind the fallacy that this cant be done and just go do it.

Long been a priority of American businesses interests, a higher gas tax has also attracted


SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch: Why has it been delayed? When will it launch? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

SPACEXs Falcon Heavy rocket test has been pushed back multiple times but is still due to make its debut flight in the coming weeks. But why has the launch been delayed and when is the new launch date?


These 20+ Controversial Illustrations Show Disney Characters in the Modern World [NSFW] "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

One of the reasons we, as humans, are so delighted by the imagination of Walt Disney is because the idea of finding Happily Ever After feels good. While it is possible for each individual to find a suitable significant other, secure work that pays well and affords freedom, and grow a healthy, loving family, it is rare in the modern world.

Anger, greed, fear, and selfishness have led to war, famine, suppression of freedoms, and psychological warfare being waged on the masses. As a result, most people are prone to react rather than respond, and that makes the task of creating a happy ending more challenging than ever.

Credit: Jos Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros

One individual who desires to explore this reality while, at the same time, assessing the collectives tolerance levels, is Jos Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros. The Mexican visual artist, who specializes in pop culture, imagined bright and colorful Disney characters as real-life people in the modern world. The result, as you may imagine, is disturbing and impactful.

According to Bored Panda, Rodolfo put the characters in unorthodox situations to explore the general theme of loss of innocence. Belle of Beauty and the Beast, for instance, battles an eating disorder. The princes, on the other hand, find true love with each other. Lady from Lady and the Tramp is shown as a dog, going to the bathroom. And on, and on, and on.

With the controversial artwork, Rodolfo wants to raise the issue of what would happen with our classic characters if they were flesh and blood and were confronted by a frenetic and excessive world of fame, how many of them would prove to be susceptible to the excesses of drugs, alcohol, harassment or...


How I Continued to Grow after the Worst Harassment of my Career. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Get comfortable with holding others accountable. Its not easy, but its necessary---especially as a woman. There is freedom on the other side of fear. We ha


Scientists use AI to predict when you will die with 90% accuracy "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

RESEARCHERS at Stanford University have developed a computer system that uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the death of hospital patients with an astonishing 90 percent accuracy rate.


The Office of National Drug Control Policy Is on the Chopping Block Again. Heres Why Thats Not a Bad Thing. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

ONDCP-funded ads are good for memes and little else. Photo courtesy of U.S. taxpayersPresident Donald Trump is poised yet again to slash the budget of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), Politico reports.

The plan reportedly involves moving the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) grant to the Department of Justice (DOJ), and moving the Drug Free Communities grant to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). That reshuffling makes sense (even if the programs themselves dont) as the DEA has 600 agents working on HIDTA and HHS reviews applications for Drug Free Communities. Some ONDCP staff would remain in place to consult the White House, which seems redundant in light of the expertise provided by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway. (Conway was recently promoted from talking head to leader of the White House Opioid Crisis Team, or whatever its officially called.)

Yet for some


45 Percent Of Puerto Rico Still Without Electricity, 4 Months After Storm "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Screen capture:

More than one-fourth of Puerto Rico still lacks electricity four months after Hurricane Maria struck the island.

Around 45 percent of the neighborhoods on the island still have no electric service, CBS correspondent David Begnaud tweeted on Wednesday. The current electric grid only serves 55 percent of the island even though 81 percent of the power generation has been resorted., he reported.

Electricity has been out so long that students at the Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo in San Juan jumped for joy when the lights came back on, ABC News reported. The school was without power for 112 days after Maria struck on Sept. 20, 2017.

Are You Prepared For A Downed Grid? Get Backup Electricity Today!

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and the federal government might be making the situation worse by hoarding materials needed to rebuild power lines, The Intercept


Wading through the Muck of Anxiety. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This folks, is what they call morbid obsessive compulsive thinking. Every night before I went to bed, I combed through every interaction I had and fou


Why we Should leave a Little Room to Dream. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I realized later in life that John told me his order not because he thought I didnt know it, but because when he walked into that coffee shop, he saw a lost

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