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Tuesday, 14 August


Daddy, these are the things I wish you wouldve told me before you Took your Life. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

As I sat and contemplated all of this and the loss of my own father to a tragic suicide when I was only eight years old, I began to comprehend that I was (and still am) guilty of making unfavorable choices, especially

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Monday, 13 August


America on trial "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Jon Rappoport

August 13, 2018

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These wordsSocialism and Globalismare a mystery to most people. What do they mean? Why do they matter?

They matter because, behind the mask, they indicate massive centralized power at the top of the food chain. They arent movements on behalf of the people. They arent humanitarian solutions to our problems.

The massive power I refer to consists of governments, mega-corporations, banks, foundations, and technocrats working together, colluding, cooperating, planning a future of control over the world population.

Before he was killed in the shoot-down of Korean Airlines Flight 007 (1983), Congressman Larry McDonald stated: The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.

Rep. Louis T. McFadden, Congressional Record, 72nd Congress, 1st session, June 10, 1932; McFadden served as Chairman of the United States House Committee on Banking and Currency: Mr. Chairman, when the Federal Reserve Act was passed the people of the United States did not perceive that a world system was being set up here which would make the savings of an American school-teacher available to a narcotic-drug vendor in Macao. They did not perceive that the United States was to be lowered to the position of a coolie country which has nothing but raw materials and heavy goods for export. That Russia was destined to supply man power and that this country was to supply financial power to an international superstatea superstate controlled by International bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure.

THAT is Socialism/Globalism. It isnt a revolution by and for the downtrodden.

To get a flavor of what would happen to the United States under such a system, read on:



Prosecutor: Your Honor, is there a representative of America here today?

Judge: No need to look for one. We can proceed.

Prosecutor: Very well. I wish to say that the country known as America was always a fiction.

Judge: Why?



4 Ways to Dump your Jealousy & start being Happy for People. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

If you're lucky enough to have a job you like, I am genuinely happy for you. And if you find yourself feeling jealous of others, hone in on your talents and work. If you're a little more lost, don't


15 images that prove family genetics can make wonderful similarities "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The genetics are really surprising: even if you mix the information of the father and mother, some babies look like identical copies of only one of them.

Reddit users are sharing images showing characteristic traits passing from generation to generation and some even jump generations!

1-Even the dimples are the same

2-I would not need DNA testing

3-Father and son: only the haircut has changed



Pagan Community Notes: Hank Knaepple, David Suhor, Darrin Barnett memorial and more "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Hank Knaepple [FB profile].

EVANSVILLE, Ind. George H. Knaepple III, known as Hank to the community or Greemie Orge on Facebook, died Saturday after a medical procedure went wrong. Knaepple was an active and well-known member of the Pagan Spirit Gathering and Starwood communities. He was born July 5, 1961 in Berea, Kentucky. He and his partner and wife Penny Goody were friends for 40 years, marrying nine years ago and settled in Evansville, Indiana.

For more than two decades, Knaepple and Goody have been serving as performance artists and teachers at Pagan festivals and other similar events across the U.S., including Sacred Harvest, Starwood, and PSG. Also known as the Merry Hankster, Knaepple was a celebrated community coyote trickster as well as a musician, lighting designer, and drum maker. Pagans of all ages have delighted in his playful spirit, his large bubble-making, and other forms of creative entertainment, which sometimes included a shadow puppet show.

A memorial and other celebrations of Hanks life and legacy are being planned. What is remembered, lives.

*   *   *

Suhor [GoFundMe].

PENSACOLA, Fla. Activist David Suhor was sentenced Aug. 6 for trespassing and resisting arrest during a February Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) meeting. Suhor is best known for his work in challenging local government meeting prayer practices. We first reported on his mission when he identified as Pagan and was allowed to offer a Pagan prayer before the September, 2014 meeting of the Escambia Board of County Commissioners. During that delivery he sang a prayer written by Starhawk with accompanying magical gestures. Since that point, Suhor has continued challenging local government bodies, from school boards to county commissioners, on the subject of prayer before meetings. He now now identifies as a Satanist and is a member of the Satanic Temple, which supports this type of religious freedom action throughout the country.

Suhors February arrest occurred after his...


Nothing Stays the Same: how to Ride the Wave of Change. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Nothing is fixed, and this is beautiful. This natural law is our chance to not cling to experiences, but to only enjoy their present availability. I still create a bond with what I admire, but I dont fight for its continuous presence anymore. Its absence has become as exciting as its presence. I know that for everything I lose, a lesson, a realization, or a confirmation will come to me.


Transforming your Stressed-out, Emotional, Wreck of a self into a Well-Being. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

So how do we signal to our nervous system that we are done with surviving and ready to thrive?


EXTREME IS MAINSTREAM "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I have been researching the Muslim religion for some time now. Let me establish this first, I love many people who follow the Muslim religion and consider them to be my family. Its likened to the Freemasonry cult99% at the bottom dont have a clue as to who/what the 1% worship. So, seeing this article []


Are there any obstacles to global life extension project? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

How much time is left until a global life extension project? Three years tops. Crypto-neuro-biohacking will save the world, it is already obvious.


Latest Sanctions Against Russia Show Trump Not in Control of His Administration "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

US President Donald Trump is not in control of his own administration, as evidenced by the latest round of sanctions imposed against Russia for the alleged involvement in the poisoning of the Skripals in the UK in March.

The sanctions came the same day that US Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., announced on a trip to Moscow that he had handed over a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin from Trump calling for better relations between the two countries.

For that reason, the timing appears to be suspect, suggesting strongly that Trump has his own foreign policy while the Trump administration, comprised mainly of bureaucrats referred to as the Deep State, have their own. Right now, they appear to be in control, not President Trump, over his own administration, and it is having the adverse effect of further alienating Washington and Moscow.

The neocons, led by National Security Advisor John Bolton, along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, comprise the Trump war cabinet ostensibly aimed at directing a harder line toward Syria, North Korea, Iran but also Russia.

Bolton, in particular, has been outspoken in calling for regime change in some of  these countries. Trump not so much so. In fact, he has said just the opposite. Nevertheless, their anti-Russian flair in Washington has breathed new life into the neocons who, along with the Democrats, Deep State and much of the mainstream media, have pushed the false narrative of collusion between Russia and Trump.

This persistent anti-Russian rant and repeated sanctions which have been imposed have had the effect of leading to further threats of sanctions for questionable reasons, raising the potential prospect of suspension of diplomatic ties.

Even at the height of the Cold War, relations between the US and Russia never reached such low depths as they have now. The latest sanctions affect primarily dual-use technologies which are civilian products with potential military applications. They include gas turbine engines, electronics and integrated circuits which will now be denied. Previous sanctions going back to the Obama administration, however, already imposed bans on many of these dual-use technologies.

In addition, the US has deliv...


Pesticides in Cannabis: 5 Facts "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Pesticide contamination in cannabis is a big problem.


Report: Trump Wanted To Be Sworn In Using Art Of The Deal Instead Of The Bible "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Trump wanted to be sworn in as president using a copy of his book The Art of the Deal, instead of the Bible, according to a former White House aide. In her new book, Unhinged: An Insiders Account of the Trump White House, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman claims that newly elected Trump []


Experts Warn That The Scariest Stock Market Signals Are Flashing Red "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

So many top professionals in the financial industry are sounding the alarm about a coming stock market crash right now.  And there certainly have been rumblings in 2018 not too long ago we had a three day stretch that was called the tech bloodbath, and during that time Facebook had the worst day for a single company in stock market history.  But we havent seen the really big crash yet.  Many have been waiting for it to happen for several years, and some people out there are convinced that it is never going to come at all.  Of course the truth is that we are in perhaps the largest stock market bubble that our nation has ever seen, and all other large stock market bubbles have always ended with a major price collapse.  So whether it happens immediately or it takes a little while longer, it is inevitable that stock prices will eventually return to their long-term averages.

Doug Ramsey, the chief investment officer at Leuthold Group, is one of those that is sounding the alarm.  Unlike price to earnings ratios, price to sales ratios are very hard to manipulate, and he has pointed out that price to sales ratios are higher than we have ever witnessed before.

In particular, when you look at the median stock price to sales ratio, it is the highest that it has ever been and it is twice as high as it was in February 2000

He also shared a chart which he claims is unfit for a family-friendly publication that shows how in terms of median price to sales ratio, the S&P 500 is twice as expensive as it was in 2000.

Overvaluation in 2000 was highly concentrated; today it is pervasive, with the median S&P 500 Price/Sales ratio of 2.63 times more than double the 1.23 times prevailing in February 2000.

To me, that number is absolutely stunning, and it shows that we have a long, long way to fall.

As I have said before, stock prices need to fall by 40 or 50 percent just to get into a neighborhood where they will begin to make sense again.

And something else that Rams...


Your life doesnt change because you read Eckhart Tolle. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

  Your life doesnt change because you read Eckhart Tolle or Pema Chodron or practice meditation or travel the world or whatever. Your life will change when you integrate what youve learned into daily, in-the-moment practice. Plenty of jerks have traveled the world and remained jerks. So lets do the tough workof opening our hearts, []


8 Things You Need to Know (But Probably Dont) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The system cannot be fixed by the system. ~Tom Morello


Mexico Citys First Elected Female Mayor Sets Her Sights on Smog "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

When scientist Claudia Sheinbaum takes office, she hopes to bring the city out of the dark.


Bayer Stock Nosedives After Jury Finds Monsanto Guilty of Covering Up Cancer Risks "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

For those whove for years been fighting Monsanto, affectionately known as the worlds most evil corporation, a San Francisco jurys decision last Friday to fine the company $289 million is earth-shattering news.


Is Your Popcorn Laced With Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

No one should be exposed to toxic chemicals in their food, particularly children.


5 Bold Practices to Point us in the Direction of our Life Purpose. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This preoccupation with life purpose---or a sense of mission---is entirely modern. We only have to cast our minds back to before the


CANNIBALISM - 21st CENTURY FINE DINING... "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The above YouTube film does seem to expose an interesting close-up of Queen E'lizard-bith II for if you look closely its as if she is examining her prey - the children before her and seeing which one would probably be the most succulent.

Is this the Carvery?

Mmm, what have we here from French Police archives

Most folk think as cannibalism as something straight out of a B-Movie or Mayan and Polynesian ancient cultures and that the practice died-out long ago.  Though many more will be shocked to see that its probably as prolific today, than it was when both Queen Mary II and her uncle King Charles II first too participated in such fine cuisine.   

Accounts of cannibalism date back as far as Biblical times and its quite obvious cannibalism was common in human societies and has been taking place since man first stepped onto earth.   Like many others, I too have had my share of fine dining, done the Ritz, Hilton, Ivy, Kettners.  So Ive tasted all types of cuisines; from sheeps eyes to testicles, insects, snake, eel and basically most kinds of meats and fish dishes from around the world.  

Sheep's Testicles

Now Ive never quite sat around a dining table and discussed what human meat would taste like, nor ever enquired for a Special Fried Leg.  Though the conversation of eating another person has on occasion come up, say following watching a film about the survivors of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, also known as the Andes flight disaster, in South America.  When on 13 October 1972 a chartered flight carrying 45 people, crashed in the Andes. Only 16 survivors were rescued on 23 December 1972.  Faced with starvation, the survivors ate some of the dead passengers who had been preserved in the snow.   

So its at times like this Ive talked about it and ques...


This Super Sleek Motorcycle Is Like Something From The Future "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Bike to the Future! Stunning ultra-sleek TMC Dumont motorcycle has record-breaking 36-inch hubless wheels and is powered by an AIRCRAFT engine

A former Formula One driver has designed an ultra-sleek new motorbike, known as the TMC Dumont, powered by a vintage 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce Continental V6 aircraft engine.

The futuristic ride has 36-inch hubless wheels the largest wheels ever made for a motorcycle according to the Brazilian creator Tarso Marques.

The wheels are fixed to the base of the rim giving the motorcycle the appearance that it is floating on the road.

Creator Tarso Marques said he has been dreaming about the design for 15 years, which he describes as the most expressive event of customisation in the world

Every aspect of the TMC Dumont was developed and manufactured in Brazil from the design of the chassis, to the colour and painting of the frame.

Describing his creation as the most expressive event of customisation in the world, Marques described the motorbike as the culmination of years of planning.

Its a special project that Ive been dreaming about for at...


Nikkis Weekly Tarot Reading: August 13-19, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Prince of Disks and Prince of Swords

We have two buddy cards this week, the Prince of Disks and Prince of Swords. Both of them are on their chariots, moving forward the best way they know how.

They are perfect cards to represent how we feel moving through this eclipse season, with different planets in retrograde, most notable Mercury. We are chugging along, not letting the intense energies of the cosmos take us down.

The Prince of Disks feels the weight of his past on his back. He feels tempted to dwell on these negativities or even reconnect with people he has cut out from his life. But he is older and wiser now. He does not get pulled into that way of thinking like he did in the past.

He instead lets his past make him smarter, choosing a more graceful path as he travels forward. He knows the pitfalls and where he can get hurt, so he decides to take different, more positive roads.

He does not see his past as a burden, but instead as his super power. His past makes him more confident and cunning. His experiences make it so he is not easily fooled.

How can we embody the Prince of Disks this week? The prince has changed his perspective on pain and trauma. He now sees them as his best teachers. How can we switch our mindsets as well?

Meditate on this idea this week. Let this perspective shift wash over you. Befriend your past and learn how to laugh and cry at the same time. Allow your past to whisper to you how to be your smartest and most courageous self.

The Prince of Swords is cutting ties with all the burdensome thoughts that have been holding him back. He is literally about to chop off the three figures before his chariot with a giant sword.

These figures represent the mental loops we get caught in that become barriers to our progress. Whether it is negative self-talk, hypochondria, or replaying the past, we all get swept up in unhealthy thoughts. The Prince of Swords wants us to stop these in their tracks.

To do this, we need to first be aware of their presence and their power over us. When we are aware of these thoughts, we can become the observer instead of the victim.

How can you observe the thoughts you are having? How can you own your power and stop the time-sucking mental loops? The Prince of Swords wants us to move from observer to master and cut off the thoughts that are doing us no good.

The prince will be on your side this week, handing you his sword to help you with your attack. He wants you to keep moving in the best possible way, without the burden of pesky mental loops.

The Prince of Wands will also be on your side, encouraging y...


Kp Message 8-13-18 Im Un-following the Continually Doom and Gloom posters "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Ive just unfollowed a couple of people who usually post things with the theme, This garbage is happening and that garbage is happening, so the world is full of crap and will never get better.

So there. Each time Im finding these kinds, Im unfollowing and/or unfriending.

Thats how Im feeling right now. Yes theres lots of stuff being exposed and / or being removed, and the Light is coming in. But those who stay centered in the doom and gloom arena are not part of my arena.

Stay with the Light, baby! Were getting there!

Aloha Kp


Holy Basil Works to Reduce Stress and Defeat Cancer "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Lori Alton; NaturalHealth365

For millennia, holy basil or tulsi has been revered in the Ayurvedic medical system for its healing capabilities. Scientifically known as Ocimum sanctum, holy basil is currently earning respect from modern researchers for its abilities to alleviate the effects of chronic stress while inhibiting the growth of cancer.

Today, well focus our attention on the many health benefits of this therapeutic plant.

Holy basil is the ultimate adaptogen for every day use

To be classified as an adaptogen, a substance must strengthen the immune system, help the body function optimally during times of stress and even help prevent diseases such as cancer. Holy basil, with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing effects, does this in spades.

But, be aware: holy basil is not to be confused with sweet basil, or Ocimum basilicum, the flavorful and beneficial Mediterranean kitchen herb sold in grocery stores. Holy basil sometimes called Asian basil is a plant of Indian origin, and features some different constituents and properties.
Read more


Benjamin Fulford 8-13-18 Chinas AI Goddess and the East/West AI competition "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

New weekly report from Ben. The is the last of Bens pre-written reports while HE is finishing his annual sabbatical off the grid. I did add into the highlights, in the last half of the last sentence, as it all just sounded too dark without it.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said whoever leads in AI (Artificial Intelligence) will control the world. The Chinese took these words seriously and are investing huge sums of money in an effort to create an AI Goddess. They hope it will give them unprecedented powers and help them in their bid to form a world government, according to members of Asian secret societies. The West, for its part, is building a quantum-based financial system they hope will allow them to continue to control the main source of world powerthe international financial system.

This battle is serious, and it even led to the Chinese supercomputer Tainhe-1at one point the worlds fastestto be blown up by unknown parties on August 12, 2015 Clearly, some sort of Chinese and European Khazarian attempt to use the devaluation and the supercomputer to destabilize U.S. dollar-based Western financial system did take place and was met with a kinetic response.

Representatives of an Asian secret society explained the goals of the new Goddess project to this writer earlier this summer. As it now exists, the Goddess can i...


Mike Adams, Natural News 8-11-18 Monsanto hit with $290 million cancer liability ruling in Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide trial "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I knew this was quite important when I first read about it, but Mike Adams points out how this could possibly lead to Monsantos financial downfall. We shall see.

Found this at RMN.

A San Francisco jury found Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) liable for the glyphosate-induced cancer of Dewayne Johnson, who is dying from non-Hodgkins lymphoma Monsanto which has been responsible for the mass chemical poisoning of our world going back more than 40 years hid scientific evidence proving glyphosate caused cancer, pretending that glyphosate was as safe as salt.

This jury found Monsanto acted with malice and oppression because they knew what they were doing was wrong and doing it with reckless disregard for human life, said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., founder of the World Mercury Project. This should send a strong message to the boardroom of Monsanto.

Monsanto was ordered to pay $250 in punitive damages (for engaging in intense evil and deception), plus another nearly $40 million actual damages.

Johnsons lawyers argued over the course of a month-long trial in San Francisco that Monsanto had fought science for years and targeted academics who spoke up about possible health risks of the herbicide product, reports the UK Guardian. The news publisher goes on to report: the jury ruled that the company was responsible for negligent failure and knew or should have known that its product was dangerous...


Rothschild Greatest Scam Of All "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


SOMEHOW WE NEED TO WIPE THESE CROOKED ROTHSCHILD CROOKS OUT BY NOT PLAYING THEIR STUPID BS MONEY SCAMS. They run the govts, but they need the players (that's us, everyone on earth) to participate in their greedy games, to keep themselves 'rolling in ours, not theirs NEVER THEIRS, wealth&riches' AND THEY HAVE THE DAMN CHEEK TO EVEN THINK THAT WE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR EVER RECEIVING ANYTHING FROM THEM AFTER THEY F STOLE IT FROM US. GRRR....!!!!


Sunset from 8-8-18 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Got this on the drive home from Hapuna. Apparently the clouds were arranged by Hurricane Hector.


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  Ephesians 2:10


A Tan Is The Absolute Best Skin Protector There Is "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


As it turns out a tan is the absolute best skin protector there is and ever will be. We have evolved over millions of years a special sunscreen portfolio of several types of skin melanin of which eumelanin the black-brown pigment found in black and brown hair and brown eyes is the most common.

Eumelanin dissipates more than 99.9% of the absorbed UV radiation as heat. This means that less than 0.1% of the excited melanin molecules will undergo harmful chemical reactions or produce free radicals.[1]

Your sunscreen cant make anything close to that claim and be anywhere near as safe to use. In fact, all sunscreens pale in comparison. They tend to absorb far less UV light and generate infinitely more free radicals.

Read Entire Article


Transformation Through the Five Essences of Universal Love "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

We have experienced some incredible opportunities for major transformation over the 8/8 gateway and pre eclipse period.

Numerous possibilities, depending on where we were at, in our own journeys.

A period of what seemed like extreme chaos, projection, blame, gossip, manipulation, etc. either as the recipient or a perpetrator.

Many wondering what on earth was going on if they were the recipient of this projected chaos not realising that they just needed to make a new choice of self empowerment and letting go, basically choosing love for self, no matter what.

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Ascension Codes "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I received these codes in an email to me as an article for In5D. Honestly, Im not familiar with any of this, so Ill allow the reader/listener to discern for themselves regarding the validity of these codes. Gregg by Brooke Maureen, Guest writer, In May, I listened to a YouTube video from Beverly Nation []

The post Ascension Codes appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Angel Message For The Week #30 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Elise Cantrell, Guest writer, You will know God by getting to know yourself as you are created in the image and likeness of God. When you acknowledge the unconditional love, mercy, kindness, compassion, and wholeness in yourself, you will recognize God. If you cant find God in yourself, find God in nature. Everything []

The post Angel Message For The Week #30 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


What Is Addiction? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Whats the definition of addiction?

An addiction is a chronic dysfunction of the brain system that involves reward, motivation, and memory. Its about the way your body craves a substance or behavior, especially if it causes a compulsive or obsessive pursuit of reward and lack of concern over consequences.

Someone experiencing an addiction will:

  • be unable stay away from the substance or stop the addictive behavior
  • display a lack of self-control
  • have an increased desire for the substance or behavior
  • dismiss how their behavior may be causing problems
  • lack an emotional response

Over time, addictions can seriously interfere with your daily life. People experiencing addiction are also prone to cycles of relapse and remission. This means they may cycle between intense and mild use. Despite these cycles, addictions will typically worsen over time. They can lead to permanent health complications and serious consequences like bankruptcy.

Thats why its important for anyone who is experiencing addiction to seek help. Call 800-622-4357 for confidential and free treatment referral information, if you or someone you know has an addiction. This number is for The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Theyll be able to provide more information, including guidance on prevention and mental and substance use disorders.

What are the types?

According to U.K. charity Action on Addiction, 1 in 3 people in the world have an addiction of some kind. Addiction can come in the form of any substance or behavior.

The most well-known and serious addiction is to drugs and alcohol. Nearly 1 in 10 Americans have an addiction to both. Of the people with a drug addiction, more than two-thirds also abuse alcohol.

The most common drug addictions are:

  • nicotine, found in...


UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High-Level UN Employees "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A deeply disturbing report by the United Nations details rampant sexual exploitation of children by UN officials across the globe.

by Matt Agorist

A deeply disturbing report has finally been released by the United Nations detailing the rampant sexual exploitation of children by UN employees that is widespread, throughout multiple countries.

While pieces of the report were released previously, the full report, detailing the scope and horrifying nature of the abuse was only just released in July.

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Jordan Sather 8-12-18 My Thoughts on Filming for Comedy Central to Talk QAnon "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I enjoyed listening to Jordans experiences when he was called by Comedy Central to fly out to LA and be on a Q panel. Many coincidences involved (like them trying to put him up in the Standard Hotel), etc.


Photos Surface of 'Guardians' Director James Gunn at Pedophilia-Themed Party "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn attended a pedophilia-themed party, according to photographs surfacing online.

The Daily Callers Ian Miles Cheong appears to have been the first to find and publish the photos, seen below.

The now-disgraced Gunn was fired by the Walt Disney Co. last month after countless jokes about child rape were dug up on his Twitter account. The jokes were more than five-years-old and also mocked sensitive subjects such as AIDS, the Holocaust, Mexicans, and ass raping women.

As Breitbart News previously reported, these jokes included

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Parker Solar Probe has successfully launched "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The probe, which is on a daring mission to the Sun, will become the fastest man-made object in history.


Broomsquire sweeps into Pagan festivals "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

DEWY ROSE, Ga. Soon after Dan Donaldson and his late father, Ralph, began making arty yet functional brooms and selling them at crafts festivals in 2008, they noticed some curious customers. From time to time wed have a customer come by and sort of wave their hands near the wood and they would be in deep reverie, concentrating pretty heavily, Donaldson said. It would be a Witch trying to feel for energy from the various different broom handles, but it took us a while to find that out because most of them didnt volunteer a great deal of information. It got to the point where we could spot one by how they approached the broom as it was hanging on display.

Donaldson, an agnostic in all senses who tried other paths and just never felt called to one, said that Paganism wasnt even on our radar. I didnt know a thing in the world about it.

Dan Donaldson, the broomsquire of Dewy Rose [courtesy].

These days Donaldson, who calls himself the broomsquire of Dewy Rose after the town where he lives (really its a crossroads with a post office), is encountering many more Witches and Pagans. While his agnosticism remains intact, the bulk of his vending activities are at Pagan festivals and pride days throughout the Southeast and Midwest. He sold at the Mystic South conference in Atlanta in July, and this weekend at Merry Meet in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. His busy fall schedule is listed on his website.

The shape-shifting of Donaldsons clientele began in 2010 when he and his father, who called themselves the broom brothers, met a young woman at an arts and crafts festival in Augusta, Ga. She was very talkative and she told us she was a witch, and she explained that there were Pagan festivals and how we should sell brooms there, Donaldson said. She even invited us to apply to the Augusta Pagan Pride Day. That same year I met Heather Greene [managing editor at the Wild Hunt] at an arts and crafts festival outside of Atlanta. She bought a broom and we talked about things for awhile, and she also took my business card.

Donaldsons father passed away in 2014, shortly after Greene had invited the broom brothers to vend at the upcoming Merry Meet, the annual gathering of Covenant of the Goddess, to be held that year in Atlanta. Donaldson attended the event alone but with some hesitation. It wasnt because of anything to do with Paganism or Wicca, he said. It was because at these arts and crafts shows, some people would walk by and make jokes: A...

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Sunday, 12 August


I dont. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Idont. (yet) The cultural push toward love leaves acknowledgement of aloneness ignored. Commitment issues? Well, yeah. Losing friendships sucks. I do it regularly. When youre older, like me, 44, youve lost dozenshundredsof good friends. Things change. Jobs. Children. Marriages. Moving away. Awkward moments that lead to hurt and bad communication. Im sure theres other causes []


Preliminary Key to Freedom Meditation Report "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Although we have not reached the critical mass, important breakthroughs have been achieved. Full report will be posted next week.




US cant force trade rules on others, Germany must invest more in Iran economy minister "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

US cant force trade rules on others, Germany must invest more in Iran economy minister



Washington cannot dictate trade rules to others, Germanys economy minister said, adding that his country should be more assertive and defy American sanctions particularly by investing more in Iran.
We dont let Washington dictate [their will] on trade relations with other countries,German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier told Bild newspaper on Saturday. He said the US sanctions on Iran are one instance in which Americas neglect of its partners are clearly shown.

Therefore, Germany and other European countries should feel free to pursue improved relations with Tehran. German businesses can continue to invest as much as they want in Iran, Altmaier said, adding, however, that many companies depend on loans from banks, most of which refinance themselves in the US and it creates problems.

Altmaiers words come after the Trump administration imposed a second round of sanctions targeting Irans purchase of US dollars, despite pleas from some world powers. Earlier this year, Washington slapped Tehran with sanctions aimed at curtailing trade as well as the energy and shipbuilding industries.

These restrictions have damaged EU ties with Iran, which flourished after the milestone 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by the US. Last week, the EU responded to the latest Iran sanctions by calling on companies to disregard threats from the US. Apart from the issue of Iran, the US and Europe are locked in a dispute over tariffs on steel, aluminum, and automobiles.

With that in mind, the German minister said, the world now risks sliding into an all-out economic conflict, adding that we are just a few yards from the edge, and a global trade war would not know winners, only losers. Politicians have no right to jeopardize hundreds of thousands of European jobs that depend on US-EU trade, he stated.

We have learnt from the past that mostly customers are suffering from trade wars as goods and services are gettin...


Beautiful Pictures and Videos To Remember Robin Williams "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

It was four years ago today that actor and comedian Robin Williams left the world leaving us with a little less magic in the world than there was when he was alive.

He was 63 when he took his own life, leaving behind an impressive legacy of work and, beyond that, an incredible ability to make viewers feel an incredible array of emotions.

I decided the best to way to remember him i simply by sharing  videos and images from his life. And to let them remind you that you that despite being incredibly talented and successful beneath all of his fame and success he was a human being just like the rest of us. And just like the rest of us, he craved love and friendship and kindness, and sadly felt the world could no longer offer those things to him.

Thats something nobody should ever feel, but plenty do on a daily basis.




Mercks Mandatory Vaccine Program Backfiring Nationwide California, However, is, As Yet, Screwed Up "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


Sleazy Drug Lord Merck, through its cash strewing lobbying teams nationwide, set out the same Mandatory Vaccine legislation in about twenty States.  Now they are suffering the consequences.  Backlash.

Never before has there been such a worldwide anti-vaccination campaign, extolling the horrors of vaccines. The Vaccine Construction, made up of Merck, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), State Public Health agencies, are, suddenly getting much more deserved scrutiny then ever before.

The cutting-edge media doesnt miss a day, revealing, and analyzing, the fake claims that Vaccines are Safe and Effective.  Vaccines are, as everyone knows, neither safe nor effective.   I think we are well on our way to shutting the whole vaccine hoax down once, and for all.

I am very pleased

The Good Part
There is so much going on nationwide, and worldwide, on the anti-vaccine issue it is hard to find a place to start describing it.  FaceBook, and Twitter are alive with it.  It is becoming THE ISSUE   the one that encapsulates the problems in America,

Mayday! Mayday Radio Broadcast
Start Time EDT
8:00AM    Introduction
8:30AM    Susans Story
9:00AM    Walter Kyle, JD
9:30AM    Freda Burell / N. Erikson
10:30AM    Sarah Shoens MD
11:30AM    April Boden
12:30PM    Majid Katme, MD
13:30PM    Adam Crabb / Gen. Lee Maddox
14:30PM     Sherri Tenpenny, DO
15:30PM    Dr. Viera Schreibner
16:3PM    Catherine Frompovich
17:30 PM    Tim Bolen
18:00PM    Lawyers Hour
19:00PM    Vinny Eastwood
20:00PM    Desiree Rover
21:00PM    Susanne Posel
22:00PM    Mike Adams
23:00PM    Round table

California, I am disappointed to say, is far behind not because of the people, but because of the leadership running the No On SB277 campaign.  There is a VERY good chance we could lose here.  There are TWO good reasons for that which I will describe below.

As a GOOD example One of the things happening is ha...


Virginia GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Defends Slavery, Confederacy "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Corey Stewart, a white nationalist and Virginia GOP Senate candidate, praises Virginia for joining the Confederacy in 1861 to protect slavery. CNN reports Stewart praised southern secession during a 2017 campaign event, claiming that the Confederates defense of slavery was the moral equivalent of the American revolution. Speaking at a campaign event in South Boston, []


Remembering Robin Williams On The Fourth Anniversary Of His Death "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

It was four years ago today that actor and comedian Robin Williams died, and left us with a little less magic in the world than there was when he was alive.

He was 63 when he took his own life, leaving behind an impressive legacy of work and, beyond that, an incredible ability to make viewers feel an incredible array of emotions.

Usually, it was laughter that he dealt out while performing. Born in Chicago on July 21, 1951, Williams started off as a stand-up comedian in 1970s San Francisco.

Although he struggled with the pressures of starting out on the circuit something that led him to start using alcohol and drugs it led to a few TV appearances, which in turn landed him the role of alien Mork on an episode of Happy Days in 1978.

From that, the spin-off show Mork & Mindy was born, in which he starred alongside Pam Dawber. It last just four seasons, but turned Robin Williams into a household name, thanks to his relatable comedic talents and his ability to effortlessly merge the absurd with the poignant.

Williams and co-star Pam Dawber in Mork & Mindy. Credit: ABC

His first major film was as the title character in 1980s Popeye, and while it wasnt perhaps his finest role, it marked the beginning of an extensive and successful Hollywood career that demonstrated his versatility as an actor.

1982s The World According To Garp, based on the novel of the same name, demonstrated Williams incredible ability to convey the full spectrum of complex human emotions effortlessly and naturally he could make you laugh and cry at the same time.

He did that throughout his career, and gave some of his most powerful performances in Good Morning, VietnamDead Poe...


Internet Causes Sleep Deprivation, and Not Just in Teens, Study Shows "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Research now shows that broadband Internet access is creating an environment that results in sleep deprivation.


Huge Cloaked Triangle Craft captured over Kansas City, Missouri "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

On Aug 8, 2018 the witness was driving south (east) on I-35 just outside of Kansas City, Missouri at 6 pm. It was a cloudy day so he was checking out the formations when he noticed a darker triangular shape, just, hanging out.
Source: via Mufon


School Gives Satanic Temple Permission To Teach Children In After School Club "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Children given opportunity to attend the Satanic clubs inaugural meeting. 

The Satanic Temple has been granted permission by a school in Portland, Oregon, to set up an after-school programme for young pupils.

The Sacramento Elementary School, which educates pupils between 5 and 10 years old, will be given the opportunity to attend the Satanic clubs inaugural meeting.

Finn Rezz, who is the main spokesperson for Satanic Temple, said that the club would focus on on science and rational thinking, whilst providing an alternative voice to Christianity and Bible-centred Good News Club.

According to the Satanic Temples After School Satan Club website, it says it has launched after-school clubs to provide an alternative to evangelical Christian organizations focused on the teachings of Jesus.

Currently, the number of After School Satan Clubs (ASSC) is limited, as the program is very new, the Temple explains.

However, ASSC has generated a massive wave of interest immediately upon being announced.

 pressAccording to The Telegraph: Across the nation, parents are concerned about encroachments by proselytizing evangelicals in their public schools, and are eager to establish the presence of a contrasting voice that helps children to understand that one doesnt need to submit to superstition in order to be a good person.

Our goal, ultimately, is to place an ASSC in every school where the Good News Clubs, or other proselytizing religious groups, have established a presence.

Sacramento Elementary is the second school in Oregon to get an After School Satan Club. The first, Nehalem Elementary School, was set up earlier this year.


Guilty on All Counts!: In Historic Victory, Monsanto Ordered to Pay $289 Million in Roundup Cancer Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is a company that has always put profits ahead of public safety, and today, Monsanto has finally been held accountable.

A California jury on Friday found Monsanto liable in a lawsuit filed by a man who alleged the companys glyphosate-based weedkillers, including Roundup, caused him cancer and ordered the company to pay $289 million in damages. (Photo: London Permaculture/cc/flickr)

In an historic victory for those who have long sought to see agrochemical giant Monsanto held to account for the powerful companys toxic and deadly legacy, a court in California on Friday found the corporation liable for damages suffered by a cancer patient who alleged his sickness was directly caused by exposure to the glyphosate-based herbicides, including the widely used weedkiller Roundup.

As Reuters reports:

The case of school groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson was the first lawsuit alleging glyphosate causes cancer to go to trial.

Monsanto, a unit of Bayer AG following a $62.5 billion acquisition by the German conglomerate, faces more than 5,000 similar lawsuits across the United States.

The jury at San Franciscos Superior Court of California deliberated for three days before finding that Monsanto had failed to warn Johnson and other consumers of the cancer risks posed by its weed killers.  It awarded $39 million in compensatory and $250 million in punitive damages.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a lawyer representing Johnson in the case, declared on Twitter, the court awarded 200 million in punitive damages against Monsanto for acting with malice and oppression.'


Kanye West Says We Must Be Fearless Enough To Break The F*cking Simulation "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

LOVE. Thats been Kanye Wests message for a few months now and I for one could not be happier, as both someone who has crossed paths with him and a fan of his earlier works, as well as someone who can truly appreciate when there is evident growth in any given individual.

Look, its difficult to say if anyone has truly gone through an awakening of sorts or not, whether it be a celebrity or our very own close friends, but it is always beautiful to see and important when others are speaking out on things many would, in fact, be fearful of speaking on, let alone on LIVE television for the world to watch and cast their judgments on.

With that said, as I scrolled through my daily feed and came across this video, I found it crucial to share.

Last night, Thursday, August 9th, on ABCs Jimmy Kimmel Live, West went on yet another one of his well-known lengthy discussions on his present mentality and perspectives on life. He spoke about how difficult it was for him to overcome the fear he initially had when wishing to come forward as a Trump supporter, and how there are two main motivating forces in this world we are living in, Love and Fear.

This is how he expressed the latter:

Just as a musician, African-American, a guy out in Hollywood all these different things, you know, everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me, West said. And then told me every time I said I liked Trump that I couldnt say it out loud or my career would be over. Id get kicked out of the black community because blacks  were supposed to have a monolithic thought, we can only like, we can only be Democrats and all. So, even when I said it right before I went to the hospital and I expressed myself, and when I came out I had lost my confidence.

So, I didnt have the confidence to take on the world and the possible backlash, and it took me a year and a half  to have the confidence to stand up and put on the hat no matter what the consequences were, he continued. And what it represented to me is not about policies because Im not a politician like that. But it represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt, no matter what anyone said, i...


8 Things You Need to Know (But Probably Dont) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The system cannot be fixed by the system. ~Tom Morello

It is of the first order of importance to remember this: the system cannot be fixed by the system. It can only be fixed by the resistance of healthy, reasonable, imaginative, knowledgeable, compassionate and non-violent individuals. It can only be fixed by people who have re-conditioned their cultural conditioning, un-matrixed the Matrix, ninjaneered their statist indoctrination, and unwashed their political brainwash.

All of this despite uncomfortable cognitive dissonance, myopic tribal affiliation, and blind nationalism.

In short: the system can only be fixed by people who have dared to take a leap of courage outside the box of the system itself, and then double-dogged dared themselves to gain knowledge that undermines the unhealthy system while proactively building a healthier system.

1.) The expansion of imperial war undermines freedom:

At the end of the cold war we could have diverted tax dollars to the quality of our lives, things like health care, education, infrastructure, eliminating poverty, and protecting against climate change. Alas, the peace dividend never happened. Why not? Because the military, and persons profiting from the military, like weapons manufacturers and their lobbyists in Congress didnt want to. Thats why. Only 8 percent of Americans polled in 2014 wanted the United States to lead the world military. But that 8 percent won out. Thats plutocracy. ~Ted Stanford, WWII Navy Veteran

If slavery is the opposite of freedom, then war is probably its inverse. Its simple: human beings cannot be free when other human beings are threatening them with guns and bombs.

To the extent that guns and bombs are necessary is only in a defense-minded sense. Otherwise, the use of guns and bombs is just cold, calculated, murderous and offensive, war. It is only necessary if the Non-aggression principle has been violated and the loss of human life is at stake. Then, and only in a defensive sense, is the use of bombs and guns necessary.

The problem with war today is that it is not defense-minded but offense-minded. It is built upon an imperialist agenda and a money-making war machine thats bolstered by a fight against phantom-terrorism that cannot be won. It seeks power and the control of natural resources, usually at the expense of innocent lives. In short: it is offensive and overreaching and not conducive to healthy and free human beings.

2.) The bloated military budget undermines freedom:

Once weapons were manufactured to fight wars. Now wars are manufactured to sell weap...


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.  Proverbs 10:30 (KJV)


Elites Mock Those Taking The Threats They've Harped Seriously "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Liberals hate no one more than those that take the implications of progressivist ideas seriously.

Advocates of that particular ideology no doubt ranked among the foremost ridiculing President Trump's proposal of a new branch of the armed forces for now referred to as the Space Force that will be dedicated to defending against threats from beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

But are not Hollywood leftists the ones making significant livelihoods promoting the message that the foremost security challenges will eventually originate from that particular operational theater?

Space-centered invasions or conflicts have been the topics of some of cinema's greatest blockbusters.

The History Channel has become so identified with extraterrestrials that one episode of South Park spoofed a documentary on the network suggesting that Thanksgiving actually commemorates a meeting between the Pilgrim forefathers and ancient aliens.

Sophisticates will sneer that Trump's Space Force is not intended to take on an unidentified flying saucer menace but rather America's own earth-based geopolitical adversaries.

Fair enough, but are not our own Progressives the ones harping what a renewed threat Russia poses and how President Trump before now did not take that particular regime seriously?

By Frederick Meekins


Kp Message 8-12-18 Stepping Back "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Im just stepping back from the blog for a day or so. Some of what Ive been posting and / or considering posting just does not resonate with my Higher Innards.

Im talking an Inner break.

Aloha Kp


This Is Why A Pisces Will Be The Most Confusing Person You'll Ever Meet "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Pisces is the little sibling of the zodiac family. Like younger siblings in every family, they can feel under-appreciated and misunderstood. They are the most fluidic and dynamic personalities around.

This constant diversity of energy and intention makes it hard for them to build strong, long lasting relationships.

They are socially nomadic as well so they frequently aren't around long enough for anyone to pierce through enigmatic aura.

Below we've dissected the Pisces and explained some of their more baffling traits. Remember that we are talking about generalities in personality here, so these are more guideline than anything else.

If nothing else it will provide a fresh perspective and those are always helpful in connecting with someone.

Empathy Is A Driving Force

Pisces are gifted with stronger empathetic reactions than the other signs. They can clearly tune into the deepest and most subtle parts of even a stranger's mind state.

This heightened sense gives them an additional social level to experience and interact with others.

The strength of the reflected emotions can be viewed as the Pisces' real emotions. This can easily cause confusion or give the appearance of mood swings.

They Can Be Oversensitive

Not just with their emotions or feelings, but their pride and confidence can be shattered by careless words spoken by a friend or loved one.

They have no defense mechanisms that dull them or protect them from their own sense's. Their survival method takes a commitment few possess.

They turn the other cheek, and call attention to your pain or root problem for this conflict. They use nonviolence, empathy, and compassion to the fullest.

When someone carelessly just hurts them, they have no way to handle it but suffer. Choose your words carefully around Pisces.

You Will Be Shocked At The Range Of Their Personality



8 Signs You Have A Real And Faithful Gentleman By Your Side "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Every woman has a type. Some women like men who are long and lean, while others prefer guys with a bit of muscle on their bones.

Some like their guys to be funny and witty, and some look for the quiet and sensitive types. The one trait that all women look for, though, is loyalty.

Relationship Advice for the Loyalty Seekers

Want to know if you are one of the lucky ones who has found a truly loyal guy? Here are eight ways you can tell that your man is faithful and devoted.

Learn how to keep your relationship alive, click here and watch this free video from relationship expert, Amy North.

1. He wants to be emotionally intimate, not just physically intimate.

When you're young, you're told that men only want one thing." That one thing, of course, is sex.

This is true for some men, who don't seem to care about the dinner or the movie. They don't put a lot of thought into dates, and you can tell that they're just waiting for the part when you get into bed.

Your man is different. He wants to know about your day. He wants to know what makes you laugh and cry, and he wants to hear all about your childhood.

When other men might tune out when the conversation starts to get real, your man invests fully and enjoys deepening the relationship.

2. He is genuinely interested in you on all levels.

Your man isn't one who tunes out whenever you start talking about something that doesn't interest him.

He listens as much as he talks and is truly interested in what you have to say. He wants to know who you are as a person and how you got to this point in your life.

3. He has told his friends all about you.

He loves you so much that he talks to your frie...


Why I Tried to Set Myself on Fire "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The desperation of an UNRWA worker: Gaza aid worker Nidal Wishah was dismissed by UNRWA. Here, he writes about why he tried to set himself on fire and why he feels like he has no future.

I am Nidal Wishah and I am 37 years old. As far back as I can remember, Ive held great responsibility. I am the eldest son. I do not remember any luxuries, even for a single day.

The responsibilities of life are too large for a child to absorb, but I did meet with some success. I made it to university and after graduating I worked on several psychological support projects before getting a job at the Red Crescent.

When I was offered a job at UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, I had high hopes that it would provide me with a steady income source and the opportunity to do important, valuable work.

Created in 1949 in the wake of the Nakba, today more than five million Palestinian refugees depend on the organisation.

Anxiety and tension

But as the years passed, my anxiety and tension grew. The pressure became so great that it felt as though my head might explode. Would my contract be renewed? Would I be a permanent employee? Would I be laid off?

I worked for UNRWA for nine years, my contract renewed twice as a temporary employee. I finally got a permanent contract last July, and Ive been on tenterhooks ever since, waiting for a full year to pass so that I would qualify for a bank loan to pay off my accumulated debt.

This July, I was fired with immediate effect, along with 125 of my colleagues. A thousand UNRWA employees in Gaza will not have their contracts renewed. The US governments decision to slash $300m in funding has taken effect.

Later that day, I tried to set myself on fire. I felt I had no future. Around me, hundreds of people protes...


Monsanto Found Guilty of Causing Cancer Victim Awarded $289 Million "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A jury in San Francisco on 10th August 2018 has found Monsanto guilty for failing to warn consumers that exposure to Roundup weed killer can cause cancer. They have been ordered to pay $289 million in damages to Dewayne Lee Johnson.

The jury has found in favor of Dewayne Lee Johnson on all claims against Monsanto and the products products Roundup Pro and Ranger Pro.

Mr Johnson filed the lawsuit back in Jan of 2016. He alleged exposure to the Roundup herbicide he sprayed while working as a groundskeeper at a local school caused him to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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Hornchurch cafe branded racist over mini Union Jack flags served with food "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Romford Recorder: PUBLISHED: 07:22 08 August 2018| UPDATED: 07:30 08 August 2018

The cafe owner has had complaints from customers saying that is is racist because of Union Jack and St George flags in their food.


Top Globalists Use Satanic Cults to Recruit New Psychopaths "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The concept of the man behind the curtain who pulls the global strings is how some conspiracy-minded people view the control mechanisms that dictate modern society. But as Mark Passio, a former occultist, explains in a new video posted to, psychopathic globalists are actually all around us, posing as everyday Joes and Janes.

Being a curious, truth-seeking person who was raised in a strict Catholic environment, Passio was ripe for the picking in terms of recruitment into satanism. At a fairly young age, he got involved in all sorts of occult activity, believing the secret knowledge it promised to be an escape from the status quo mindset of fear and control that the church taught.

Passio started to believe that all religion is designed to control people, a dogma that his satanist groomers sought to instill within him. It worked for a while, as Passio bought into the lie that he was being deprived of the full truth, which only his groomers could grant him.

The worldview that I had back then was extremely dark, Passio explained during a recent interview with What On Earth Is Happening?

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Evolution: An Ascension To Universal Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr., Guest writer, If 5D is alternative news that publishes multifarious concepts, doctrines and ideas that are not read or even known in the main stream media (MSM), why is MSM publishing terror, wars, doomsday, creating fears and announce disasters to happen to humanity? Why are esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical []

The post Evolution: An Ascension To Universal Consciousness appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


IRS to Revoke 362,000 Passports From US Citizens "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

About two and a half years ago, I told you about a particularly nasty piece of legislation that President Obama quietly signed into law towards the end of his administration.

They called it the FAST Act, which stood for Fixing Americas Surface Transportation.

Yet despite $300 billion earmarked for infrastructure repairs, they didnt manage to fix very much of Americas surface transportation.

The legislation did, however, have two major effects:

1) The FAST Act authorized the US government to plunder excess capital from the Federal Reserve which is about as stupid as thing as anyone could possibly do.

The Federal Reserve is Americas central bank; they control the value and fate of the US dollar which is still the most dominant currency in the world.

Youd think that having some excess cash on the Federal Reserves balance sheet would be viewed as wise and conservative.

But not Congress.

These guys are so broke, theyll grab every penny they can get. Even from their own central bank.

So they buried a provision into the FAST Act demanding that the Federal Reserve hand over any excess capital to the Treasury Department at the end of every calendar year.

They started doing that almost immediately, in December 2015. And in 2016. And in 2017.

This is one of the reasons why, to this day, the Federal Reserve is borderline insolvent which hardly inspires confidence.

Now, I could go on for quite some time about what an idiotic idea this was.

But believe it or not, there was an even worse section of the FAST Act one they only started implementing recently:

2) Section 32101 of the FAST Act required the US State Department to revoke or deny the passport of any taxpayer that the IRS deems to have seriously delinquent tax debt.

They define seriously delinquent tax debt as owing $50,000 or more.

Well, it took them a couple of years, but the IRS has finally started enforcing this law.

Earlier this month the IRS acknowledged that they had sent at least 362,000 names to the State Department to start revoking or denying passports.

And thats just the beginning.

The IRS is sending these names out in batches, so there will be many more to follow. They hope to be finished by the end of the yea...


Egypt's Second Sphinx Discovered Near Giza Pyramids During Road Works "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A groundbreaking discovery has been made in Egypt after a second Sphinx statue has been found near the ancient pyramids in Giza.


Maurice Joly Plagiarized Protocols of Zion (Not Vice-Versa) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The assumption is that since Protocols appeared some 40 years after Dialogue, it plagiarized the earlier work. But the Protocols actually predated Dialogue and Joly borrowed from it. In other words, far from being an anti-Semitic ruse, the "Protocols of Zion" are authentic. 

The Protocols are the basis of the New World Order which seeks to induct mankind into Satanism by "destroying every collective force not our own" (Protocols 16-4), namely race, religion, nation, and family. This is the explanation for the promotion of gender dysphoria (destroy marriage & family), migration & miscegenation (race) and globalism (nation.) Meanwhile, the church (religion) has been sabotaged and the word "God" banned from public discourse.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

It is forbidden to mention  the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (1905) without the Disclaimer that, of course, they are a "forgery" of Maurice Joly's "Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu" (1864.)

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Evidence Suggests the Moon Isnt What We Think Someone Might Have Put It There "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

"It is not out of the question that artifacts of these visits still exist, or even that some kind of base is maintained (possibly automatically) within the solar system to provide continuity for successive expeditions. 

"Because of weathering and the possibility of detection and interference by the inhabitants of the Earth, it would be preferable not to erect such a base on the Earths surface. The Moon seems one reasonable alternative. Forthcoming high resolution photographic reconnaissance of the Moon from space vehicles particularly of the back side might bear these possibilities in mind." Carl Sagan (source)

Controversy has surrounded the Moon for a very long time, we have leaks, research and information from some very credible sources who have, over a span of decades, been relaying to the public that our Moon is not what we think it is, and that theres also some type of extraterrestrial presence on the Moon.

One example would be the testimony of Colonel Ross Dedrickson, who was responsible for maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the United States, he had a long stint with the US Atomic Energy Commission, you can view his obituary here.

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9-11 Explained Finally! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Those with road runner experience will understand! (Thanks to GF and SR for sharing this!)


Editorial: Plagiarism, Fraud, and Illegal Sharing of Art "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Pagan Perspectives

In recent weeks, a round of discoveries were made concerning the uploading and sharing of digital versions of occult books. The collection, in this case, resided in a closed Facebook group named Free Occult Books. Since the group was discovered and reported by members of the watchdog collective Pagans Against Plagiarism (PAP), the groups administrators appear to have made the group secret; it is no longer easily accessible, and the corresponding Dropbox account is either now private or removed.

The reported 900+ books, however, which are listed in a PDF file posted in PAP, are still allegedly being shared in violation of copyright laws.

Screenshot of groups Facebook banner, featuring art stolen from the computer game Guild Wars 2 [H. Greene, original art copyright Arenanet.]

The Free Occult Books Facebook group is not the first site to illegally offer digital books, nor will it be the last. Over the years, TWH has reported on other similar cases. In August 2017, we reported on a now-removed Facebook group called The Wiccan Circle (not related to the current group of the same name), which contained over 6000 digital book titles. When interviewed by journalist Terence P. Ward, group founder and administrator Rick Hannas, also known as Lord Thallus, was unapologetic, stating that other people were doing the same thing. Why not him?

Suppressing all urge to wax on about friends, bridges, and lemmings, I must admit that Thallus is correct in his statement. Other people are doing the same thing. But does that make it right? As the old saying goes, two wrongs, or in this case, 6000 or more, dont make a right.

As of publication, the administrators of the newly discovered Free Occult Books group have not responded directly to interview questions. One of its members, who is listed as an admin, said she was not actually an administrator and was not human. She said this after stating several times that PAP members were harassing her about book uploads in her group and that they had made a terrible mistake.

Im still unclear on who or what runs the group, and why.



Separating The Fruit From The Rind "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Fruit From The Rind

Living life through recollections of the past
Misty moon shadows and I stand aghast
Visions like these can never last
Just lash me to that flowing mast!

A prisoner of a vast frothy sea
That boils beneath the deck and me
A salty breeze that tries to set me free
Despite the past that persists tormentingly,

From the vague distance I hear
A familiar voice from the past so clear
Beckoning me like a phantom that comes too near
Shifitng shapes into what you can never be my Dear,

The past walks behind me I can hear foot falls
So gentle yet there like a distant rain squall
Washing clean the blood from emotions mauled
Until once again that familiar voice of the past calls,

I see in the mirror dark clouds in brush strokes of gray
Just another patch of reflection on this somber day
Living with the ghosts of the past they say
Things were not really meant to be this way,

Mary Mary you left our lives behind
Thought I could always anticipate your kind
But in truth I was really just flying blind
Anguish always separates the fruit from the rind.


Once Again You Will "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Once Again
When we first me you seemed so gentle and true
Like an angel descended from a sky of blue
That was before I began to see through you
But I forgave and I forgave until we were through,

You probably feel the same when you think of me
Sorry, you were wrong my little honey bee
Sometimes you brought sweetness before stinging me
Sometimes there were simply stormy seas,

Divorce and separation like a bitter disease
Like a hot day without a cooling breeze
But for a lonely man it's just a gentle tease
He begins by pleading then he's crying on his knees,

Can't get to the cure because we deny what's real
it's all about what we choose to see and feel
And for some of us it's about finding a better deal
Forgetting about the past and tearful appeals,

Oh my little honey bee you've flown so far away
With God knows who where you'll finally want to stay
Then that game will start over you like so much to play
Until once again you're heart will stray.


By Candle Light "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Candle Light

Sometimes in the thick of the night I gaze at the moon
No one here but I seem to hear a distant tune
No lover in my arms in this month of June
In my dreams it all seems to unwind too soon,

Impressions of my life in this lonely room
Can't see through the darkness and the gloom
But I'm sure somewhere there's an ancient tomb
Where the buried bodies are of the bride and groom,

Singing all alone into the darkness of the night
Without a warm body or the flicker of candle light
How could this be? All the coldness of a winter bite
Disturbing those fading memories of delight,

Was it all an illusion when she called you to her bed?
Now you're like a lingering ghost so full of dread
No answers from the past that echo inside your head
Just the dampness you feel from where you bled,

And when she calls you into the woods so dreary and dark
She becomes a Banshee and you've been kissing tree bark
Now you're just an old man making his way through the park
Wishing you and your mate were aboard Noah's Ark.

Saturday, 11 August


Exit From The Matrix: The individual and the reality machine "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Jon Rappoport

August 11, 2018

Technocratic mystics believe (or pretend to believe) that hooking up brains to a super-computer Cloud will bring on a miracle:

Humans will have instantaneous access to truth, facts, and bottom lines on any subject under the sun. The connection will be automatic.

Putting aside the vast neurological problems in achieving this fantastical state, the whole assumption is cockeyed, because censorship is actually the guiding principle.

We will tell you everything you need to know and exclude everything we decide you shouldnt think about.

In other words, the brain-Cloud hookup is major media to the nth degree. Piles of nonsense, deception, omission, lies, and official stories. Mind control.

No need for tech giants like Google and Facebook to de-list, hide, and warn about dangerous information. It will be erased.

If thats a miracle, its diabolical.

The brain-Cloud connection would constitute a Reality Machine in action, turning out reams of fabricated falsities, thereby building a landscape of perception which is a self-referential bubble.

You would see the shapes of a society that has been created for you.

Estimates of the approaching power of computers are based on their capacity to process information; nothing more. Its absurd to infer a computer that can process faster than the human brain will be possessed of greater truth. Is a plane whose payload is bombs more truthful than a Piper Cub?

No, something else is going on here. The preposterous utopia of brain-computer merge is a front and a cover for the agenda of turning humans into machines. In that regard, the brain would be the Holy Grail. Make it into a slave that produces a chosen reality of perception and thought

At that point, the individual would go the way of the dinosaur. Which is the whole point of technocracy.

As I keep saying, in any plan that seeks to encompass the whole human race, the individual is the wild card. He has the capacity to see through false realities; and more than that, he can, on his own, invent new unforeseen realities of startling dimensions. This power may be latent, but it is there.

Some 50 years after my collaboration with an extraordinary healer in New York, Richard Jenkinswhom I write about in my book, The Secret Behind Secret SocietiesI assembled my collection, Exit From The Matrix...

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