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Friday, 27 October


1,200 infected with plague "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

A plague outbreak in Madagascar has infected 1,192 people since August, with 124 deaths, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Madagascars National Bureau of Risk Management and Disaster reported on Monday.

The majority of cases, 67%, were the pneumonic form of the disease, which can spread from person to person.

Plague is caused by infection with the bacterium Yersinia pestis and is typically spread through the bite of infected fleas, frequently...

1,200 infected with plague


DIY Castor Oil Packs for Health Preparedness "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

A Brief Tutorial on Using Castor Oil Packs Castor oil packs have been used for centuries for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits as a home remedy and they are still used all over the world today. One wonders how folk remedies begin, especially ones that go back in time for thousands of years and run. . . Read More


24KW Diesel Generator "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

20171026_230228. 20171026_230218. 20171026_230215. 20171026_230207. 20171026_230200. 20171026_230141. I have a a KS22344 24KW generator. It is powered by a 4-cylinder volkswagon turbo diesel vertically aligned over the alternator. The Alternator is rated 30-45KW. It's a very nice generator with very low hours and I'm interested in trades or cash and will entertain reasonable offers. Pick up in mobile, Alabama.


Survival chain saw "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

After a quick search I didn't see any posts on the subject.
If you don't have any trees or wood power line poles around you may not need a chain saw.

The first thing you need to know about chain saws is they are dangerous. Way more dangerous than a gun and will kill you the first chance they get.

Chainsawing through minor disasters up and down the east coast from 2006 to 2014 from thunderstorms and hurricanes when I was at Langley to ice storms in Maine I have discovered a few things about...

Survival chain saw


DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


According to The National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL), elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will simulate a communications interoperability training exercise across the United States on November 04-06. The announcement released on October 24 has not been widely distributed to the media, because the drill is simulating a total grid collapse and could spark public fear.

Explained by Army MARS Program Manager Paul English,

This exercise will begin with a national massive coronal mass ejection event which will impact the national power grid as well as all forms of traditional communication, including landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and Internet connectivity,

In July, we warned about the US government quietly preparing for a massive coronal mass ejection with the passage of an Executive Order Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events.

Here is snippet of section 1 of the executive order:

Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, t...



Catalonia Referendum "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Not sure if any of you have been paying attention to what is happening in Catalonia Spain. The people there are holding a vote, an independence referrendum. The issue was brought to many Americans attention when Prez Trump mentioned he stood behind the Spanish government. The referendum vote was/is being held October 1. So far over 300 people have been injured from police trying to stop the vote.

I think this is very important that people watch and follow. Please note the Scottish voted on...

Catalonia Referendum

Catalonia Fight for Independence "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Not sure if any of you have been paying attention to what is happening in Catalonia Spain. The people there are holding a vote, an independence referrendum. The issue was brought to many Americans attention when Prez Trump mentioned he stood behind the Spanish government. The referendum vote was/is being held October 1. So far over 300 people have been injured from police trying to stop the vote.

I think this is very important that people watch and follow. Please note the Scottish voted on...

Catalonia Fight for Independence


Tor is released, with small bugfixes "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Tor is released, with small bugfixes nickm October 27, 2017

Tor is the third release in the 0.3.2 series. It fixes numerous small bugs in earlier versions of 0.3.2.x, and adds a new directory authority, Bastet.

You can download the source from the usual place on the website. Binary packages should be available soon, with an alpha Tor Browser likely some time in November.

Remember: This is an alpha release,...

Tor is released, with small bugfixes


Tips Ive Learned After Years Of Trapping Animals "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I come from a family of hunters and trappers, and Ive learned that the easiest way to provide a meal for yourself is via traps and snares. Setting traps and snares grants you the luxury to take care of other survival tasks while you wait for the animal to make a mistake. Here are my ... Read more...

The post Tips Ive Learned After Years Of Trapping Animals was written by Dan Mowinski and appeared first on Prepper's Will.


How The Elite Dominate The World Part 4: They Buy Politicians, And Incumbents Almost Always Win "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse


Once we wake up to how the game is being played, then we will have a real shot at changing things. For decades, the elite have been pulling the strings behind the scenes in both major political parties. That is why nothing has ever seemed to change very much no matter which party has been in power. The agenda of the elite has always seemed to march forward, and ordinary people like us have always been frustrated that we cant seem to make a difference. But now a shift seems to be taking place. Donald Trump took on the establishment in both major parties, and he miraculously won the presidency. Down in Alabama, the elite spent more than 30 million dollars to defeat Roy Moore, and he still defeated Luther Strange.  A political awakening is taking place, and I cant wait to see what happens during the mid-term elections in 2018.

In Part I and Part II of this series, I talked about how the elite use debt as a tool of enslavement.  In Part III, I went over how the elite use the colossal media corporations they own to control what we think. Today, I want to talk about their influence in the realm of politics.

In Washington D.C., it is well understood that the game of politics is all about the money. If I win my election, and online polling suggests that there is a ton of enthusiasm for my campaign, I will be expected to spend most of my time on the phone raising money. As a freshman member of Congress, at orientation it will be explained to me that I am supposed to spend approximately four hours a day doing fundraising, and that is why the House and Senate floors are so...


Analogy Of The 20 Titanic Lifeboats "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The Titanic had just 20 lifeboats aboard when it sank April 15, 1912. From a preparedness standpoint, we can draw several practical parallels or analogies from the disaster of the Titanic and your adherence to the lessons learned will put you in a better place of readiness and safety   The Titanic was originally fitted with enough lifeboats for more than everyone on board. However the company ordered the removal of two-thirds of them claiming that the 64 lifeboats made the ship look bad. For this reason, of the 2,223 people on board, 1,517 lost their lives while only

The post Analogy Of The 20 Titanic Lifeboats appeared first on Modern Survival Blog.


How To Make a Powerful Calendula Extract to Keep in Your Medicine Cabinet (with pictures) "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Beautiful to look at in full bloom, the sunny orange calendula also known as marigold has a wealth of herbal uses that are worth learning about.

With both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the fresh petals can be infused in boiling water, then cooled to clean minor wounds and treat conditions such as mouth ulcers or sore gums. Gargling with the infusion can soothe a sore throat and rolling a ball of petals between your fingers and applying directly to insect bites or nettle stings can be really effective in numbing the discomfort.

Related: Top 27 Medicinal Plants to Learn For Survival

How To Make a Powerful Calendula Extract

Dried Petals

Its worth, however, gathering the petals and drying them in the sun, or in an airy, warm place to harness even more of the properties of these brilliantly colored flowers.  Making your own calendula tincture or resinous extract is straightforward and rewarding.  Easily stored, its a powerhouse addition to your herbal medicine cabinet.

Related: DIY SHTF Healing Salve


Youll need:

Around 50g dried calendula petals

Grain alcohol to cover between 500 700 ml



The 11 Indispensable Tools for the Better Hunting Expedition "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

by John Brown

Photo Taken by M.D. Creekmore

If you are trying to also make a better hunting experience, that requires a set of different tools. With proper preparation and forethought, it can cause far less worry if something unfortunate were to happen. The following are the item or items that will make the experience more enjoyable as well as safe.

Hunting Equipment 

This includes everything that is required when hunting. Gun, bow, orange vest or hat, permits, tripods, spotting binoculars, scopes etc.

Bag or Backpack 

No brainer, I know but a lot of thought has to go into what bag you need....

Read the whole entry... 


ALG Defense Halloween Sale "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Nice sale from ALG Defense - The ACT trigger in particular is a great bargain. No affiliation, just a happy customer.
ALG Defense | Custom Triggers & Rails | Where Triggers with Tradition, Value and Regulatory Concerns are of Primary Importance


Cruising with a Dog (BR Podcast 53) "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Sure, you've seen dogs on boats. But how feasible is it, really? Can you take a dog full-time cruising? And if so, what do you need to know?


How Natural Aids Can Lessen Your Chance of Contracting the Pneumonic Plague "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Were picking up where we left off: an outbreak of Bubonic plague is occurring in Madagascar and the island of Seychelles off the coast of East Africa.  The plague turns into pneumonic plague as it migrates into the lungs and causes pneumonia and a host of other respiratory problems.  The causative organism of plague is the bacteria Yersinia pestis, and it is transmitted primarily by vectors (in this case fleas) from infected rodents to human beings.  That is the normal route of transmission for the bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death during the Middle Ages, where 1/3 of the population of Europe died.

The thing with this offshoot of the plague is that it can be transmitted just by sneezing on someone.  Airborne transmission is occurring, where droplets from the infected individuals coughs, sneezes, and mucous fluids carry the bacteria and spread it.  If a person sneezes on the wall, and later another person touches that wall with their hand?  Such contact can transmit this pneumonic plague.

In the previous article, we covered some standard pharmacological treatments for this pneumonic plague.  Now were going to over some herbal supplements you may wish to stock up on.  Why?  Well, if the plague goes out of control and theres a shortage of pharmaceutical medications, that is one reason.  Another is that if the S hits the fan, the plague will increase both in severity and in the geographic locale.  It will spread.  The symptoms of pneumonic plague are increased body temperature/fever, weakness, and severe headache, as well as coughing and sneezing.  The symptoms usually manifest within 1 to 6 days from the time the person has been infected.

The best medicine is preventative medicine.


First on the list is Garlic, also known as Allium sativum.  Garlic kills the plague bacteria.  Heres one source for your perusal:


Bombshell: Hillary Clinton And The DNC Colluded With Russia In An Attempt To STEAL The Election From Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

<<img alt="hillary-top-secret" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-39825" height="307" src="" width="550" />

Fresh off the heels of a shocking report, published by the Washington Post, that confirmed that the infamous Russia dossier was actually funded by both the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, an even more startling revelation has emerged The Clinton-DNC machine colluded with the Russians to fabricate and spread serious disinformation about Donald Trump in a failed attempt at swaying the election in the favor of Hillary Clinton.

Thats right, in a literal reverse of what the entire mainstream media has fed the American people for over a year, we now have evidence that, either wittingly or unwittingly, the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for what amounted to disinformation that came directly from Russian sources.

Obviously this may seem truly unbelievable to some, but the facts speak for themselves and there is no denying that Democrats paid a shady opposition research company to try and dig up dirt on Donald Trump who then subsequently hired former British spy Christopher Steele. Steele then openly used Russian sources for most of the serious allegations in the Russia dossier.

Clinton Lawyer Hires Fusion GPS For Disinformation

According to The Washington Post report, which was later confirmed by Politico, Clinton and DNC lawyer Marc Elias hired the opposition research (see disinformation) company Fusion GPS who then outsourced the work to former British spy Christopher Steele who eventually went on to release the Russian dossier which was chalked full of disinformation, including lurid sexual allegations against Donald Trump.

The fact that the Clinton campaign would hire Fusion GPS in the first place paints a clear picture of a campaign willing to pay for any dirt on then candidate Donald Trump whether it was true or not. This becomes even more clear when you consider the history of Fusion GPS itself.

As Breitbart reported, Fusion GPS is not some usual-usual oppo-rese...


Yellowstone Supervolcano: Updated Information And Warnings "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Yellowstone Supervolcano: Updated Information And Warnings

The volcano of Yellowstone National Park has made headlines with research that presents a possibility that this supervolcano may erupt much sooner than expected.

Yellowstone Supervolcano

According to one Fox News report: Arizona State University researchers have analyzed minerals around the supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park and have come to a startling conclusion. It could blow much faster than previously expected, potentially wiping out life as we know it.

According to National Geographic, the researchers, Hannah Shamloo and Christy Till, analyzed minerals in fossilized ash from the most recent eruption. What they discovered surprised them the changes in temperature and composition only took a few decades, much faster than the centuries previously thought.

We expected that there might be processes happening over thousands of years preceding the eruption, said Till said in an interview with the New York Times.

Yellowstone Supervolcano: Updated Information And Warnings

The supervolcano last erupted about 630,000 years ago, according to National Geographic. Prior to that, it was 1.3 million years ago, per a report from ZME Science.

If another eruption were to take place, the researchers found that the supervolcano would spare almost nothing in its wrath. It would shoot 2,500 times more material than Mount St. Helen did in 1980 and could cover most of the contiguous U.S. in ash, possibly putting the planet into a volcanic winter.

Despite the concerns, researchers state that more research needs to be done before a definite conclusion can be drawn.

Researchers state that in June 2017 the supervolcano was hit with 464 earthq...


Roll call, Irma Survivors. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Can't wait to hear from the Florida Monkeys as they come back on line.
Must admit that u-tube & cell phones actually came through. My Generac 4000 XL generator suddenly began to shut itself off after only a couple of seconds running. Thing 1's other half searched u-tube from his cell and we found a video detailing a problem with the oil sensing sensor. Disconnected the sensor wire bundle and that ended the problem. I'll need to take the generator in for a new sensor once things return to...

Roll call, Irma Survivors.


A DIY disaster kit. A twelve part series to make your own kit. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Introduction and Overview:
Before I lace this Copyrighted material into my World of the Chernyi book set, I'm posting this series here to ask for feedback and suggestions to improve what is a more than a draft, but still not quite finished. I am seeking your suggestions (and brickbats) on this 12 part series.

A DIY Disaster Kit
Table of Contents

1 Water
2. Shelter and...

A DIY disaster kit. A twelve part series to make your own kit.


Breaking: IRS Admits To Specifically Targeting Tea Party Conservatives Obama Was Going After His Political Enemies "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has won a years-long legal battle against the Internal Revenue Service in which the agency admitted that it wrongfully targeted Tea Party conservatives, during the Obama Administration, specifically because of their political viewpoints.

In issuing an apology to the clients represented by the ACLJ, the IRS admitted that it was wrong to use the United States tax code simply because of an entitys name. They also admitted the bombshell fact that this discrimination happened specifically because of the applicants political viewpoints. Keep in mind the fact that the mainstream media has spent years telling the American people that this didnt happen.

In other words, outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN, and The New York Times directly lied to their readers and viewers to protect a Democratic president whose administration was openly breaking the law.

Surprise. Surprise.

On top of an admission of guilt, the IRS apology also included:

A declaration by the Court that it is wrong to apply the United States tax code to any tax-exempt applicant or entity based solely on such entitys name, any lawful positions it espouses on any issues, or its associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint;

A declaration by the Court that any action or inaction taken by the IRS must be applied evenhandedly and not based solely on a tax-exempt applicant or entitys name, political viewpoint, or associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint; and

A declaration by the Court that discrimination on the basis of political viewpoint in administering the United States tax code violates fundamental First Amendment rights. Disparate treatment of taxpayers based solely on the taxpayers names, any lawful positions the taxpayers espouse on any issues, or the taxpayers associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint is unlawful. 


Finally, and of crucial significance, the IRS admits it targeted conservative and Tea Party groups based on their viewpoints (i.e., policy positions) and that such viewpoint discrimination violates fundamental First Amendment right...



Here's a video of my solar system "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Probably get some sh*t for this by "professionals" lmao


Has any one considered a second language as a survival strategy "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Many people from around the world usually have 2-3 different languages work from which gives the the advantage in the business world .
In the event you need to communicate to a fellow survivalist in your group and want to keep it private
It is customary to use an alternate language to keep other's noses out of your business.
Even sign language is a good idea, in the event you cannot/don't feel free to speak out loud.
Any thoughts ?


The coming .22 tsunami "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

With the changing political atmosphere in America, along with ammo manufacturers who have upped production to meet current demands, is it possible we will see a .22 ammunition buyers market come late spring and early summer?

Market insiders are already predicting bulk .22 to be retailing at .04c per round by October 2017 due to .22 ammo price wars. Nothing was mentioned about hoarders, scalpers, disaster profiteers, and the other 2 bit hustlers that have driven .22 ammo into the...

The coming .22 tsunami


The Plague Is AIRBORNE And Its Spreading Because People Are Literally Dancing With Corpses "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


The plague thats airborne and has killed at least 124 people in Madagascar is now blamed on dancing with corpses. This is the time of year when the dead are wrapped in sheets and paraded through the streets while others dance around the bodies.

The local tradition is said to be one of the major causes of the spread of this disease.  Since its airborne, anyone coming close to the corpse of a person who has died of the black death could themselves, catch the infection. Health officials suspect its no coincidence that the outbreak coincides with the time of year when families customarily exhume the remains of dead relatives, wrap them in a sheet, and dance with them through the streets in a sacred ritual, AFP reports.

If a person dies of pneumonic plague and is then interred in a tomb that is subsequently opened for [the ritual], the bacteria can still be transmitted and contaminate whoever handles the body, said Willy Randriamarotia, Madagascars health ministry chief of staff.

Some locals believe the whole plague is some kind of a government conspiracy, and say they have no intention of forgoing the ritual known as famadihana. They say they will continue to dance with the dead and intend to honor their ancestors. I will always practice the turning of the bones of my ancestors plague or no plague. The plague is a lie, Helene Raveloharisoa told the wire service.

Josephine Ralisiarisoa firmly believes the countrys cash-strapped government is just exaggerating the problem to get money ahead of an election next year. And it isnt that anyone is putting this past a government to lie for profits, but health officials have even warned tourist...

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Thursday, 26 October


Leftist Rosie ODonnell Is Seriously Worried That She Will Be Able To Survive Trumps Presidency "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


Rosie ODonnell said her entire essence and beliefs were shaken to the core after Donald Trump was elected president. In her first interview since his election, she also said she was in shock that he won, and she is seriously worried about her ability to survive his presidency.

The Trump-hater told W Magazine in an interview that Trumps election caused her to need to go through a lot of therapy.

I was in pure unadulterated [shock] as if I had fallen through the ice on a lake; I was underneath the water, and I couldnt even see the surface, ODonnell told the mag. It was a severe shock to my entire essence and my beliefs in the order in the world, and also the PTSD of having been an abused kid in a family. She added, I did a lot of therapy.

ODonnell also said she was in pure panic mode the week following the election but is now just devastated, disappointed, disheartened, and depressed by the reality of it. The Hollywood liberal said, I seriously worry whether I personally will be able to live through Trumps presidency. ODonnell has not been quiet about her disdain for Trump. During the election, she took to calling him mentally unstable, among other things. But Trump has added some fuel to the fire as well.

When discussing how she felt when she saw her TV say that Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States, ODonnell said:  I was there and it happened, and I felt completely unprepared. I remember that night before they were announcing who had won, I saw the Trump children with their children on TV, and they were on an Instagram or something. They were taking a video going, Grandpas gonna be the president! I literally felt such sorrow inside of me that these people were so deluded. What were they doing with this child t...


Fact: Your Chances of Surviving a Post-Collapse Urban Environment are Slim "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This guide was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at


Simply put, urban survival will be quite a bit different from survival in a remote wilderness area or even a sparsely-populated suburban area. Lets game some options, remembering that these options are general. These actions arent specific to the type of breakdown of society (external by an attack from a foreign nation, or internal from economic collapse, for examples).

So, we have our collapse. Let us X out a nuclear war/nuclear terrorist attack, as we can deal with all the other scenarios in variables without radiation to contend with. Lets identify the largest challenges faced for that high-rise apartment resident in Manhattan, or the family in the brownstone on the South side of Chicago. First, lets game the scenario:

After The Day, the city was almost completely without power. You and your wife and two children were not able to leave town. All mass transit was halted or discontinued. It has been three days, and your family has been listening to static on the radio for the most part, with campy pre-recorded disaster broadcasts that have not been helpful or informative. One of your neighbors left this morning after saying goodbye: he and his family had a boat, and they were heading out of the harbor, hoping to use one of the major rivers to make an escape.

They didnt have room to take you or yours, but you wanted to stay put and not follow your neighbors idea: that there were plenty of boats whose owners were not going to use themprobably dead following the rioting and civil breakdown. Youre beginning to think you should have listened to him. Now you can hear angry voices outside, and you go to the window. A mob has gathered at the top of your street! Theyre armed with rifles, bats, axes, machetesand there are about 500 of them. As you watch, theyre making a move toward the first house on...


Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Diminishing Petrodollar "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at


There are a few important rules you have to follow if you want to join the consortium of mainstream economic con-men/analysts. Take special note if you plan on becoming one of these very special people:

1) Never discuss the reality that government fiscal statistics are not the true picture of the health of the economy. Just present the stats at face value to the public and quickly move on.

2) Almost always focus on false positives. Give the masses a delusional sense of recovery by pointing desperately at the few indicators that paint a rosier picture.  Always mention a higher stock market as a symbol of an improving economy even though the stock market is irrelevant to the fundamentals of the economy. In fact, pretend the stock market is the ONLY thing that matters. Period.

3) Never talk about falling demand. Avoid mention of this at all costs. Instead, bring up rising supply and pretend as if demand is not a factor even worth considering.

4) Call any article that discusses the numerous and substantial negatives in the economy doom porn. Ask where is the collapse? a lot, when the collapse in fundamentals is right in front of your face.

5)  Avoid debate on the health of the economy when you can, but if cornered, misrepresent the data whenever possible. Muddle the discussion with minutia and circular logic.

6) When a crash occurs, act like you had been the one warning about the danger all along. For good measure, make sure alternative economic analysts do not get credit for correct examinations of the fiscal system.

7) Argue that there was nothing special about their warnings and predictions and that everyone else saw it coming too; otherwise you might be out of a job.

Now, if you follow these rules most of the time, or religiously, then you have a good shot at becoming the next Paul Krugman or one of the many hucksters at Forbes, Bloomberg or Reuters. A cushy job and comfortable salary await you. Good luck and Godspeed!

However, say you are one of those weird people cursed with a conscienc...


Warning: iPhone Apps Can Secretly Turn On Your Camera And Take Pictures At ANY TIME "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


A new warning has been issued to iPhone users. Apps downloaded to the smartphones can turn on the phones camera and take pictures at any time, and its doing it secretly.

Felix Krause, an Austrian developer who works for Google, built an app that was able to take pictures of its user every second and upload them, without the app or the phone ever notifying the user. He called it a privacy loophole that can be abused by iOS apps. When an app wants to access the camera, for example, to scan a credit card or take a profile picture during the set-up process, the iPhone user must give the app permission to access the camera, in the same way that apps must ask to access the camera roll, location, and contact information and to send notifications. Once allowed, it has to be turned off via the settings menu. But most dont do that.

Apple has now been urged to change the way in which iPhone apps are granted access to the phones camera after Krause boldly demonstrated how the apps can secretly record photos and videos without the user knowing. Krause said that once an app has been granted initial access, it can take photos and videos whenever it is opened up. Unlike on Mac computers, which have a small green light next to the camera when it is being used, there is no indication that an app is recording videos or taking photos, or when it sends them elsewhere.

The system works similarly with Android phones, but Krauses apps were made specifically for iPhones. Google has recently deleted several apps that surreptitiously recorded users and masqueraded as legitimate apps.


Best Uses of Diatomaceous Earth and Which Brands to Buy "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

One thing that I think every prepper should have on hand is diatomaceous earth. It is inexpensive and has a ton of uses. At the same time, there are a lot of sizes and brand names out there that are very overpriced. First, lets start with a list of the uses and then I will. . . Read More


Toxic Food Is Killing Humanity And is Now A Leading Cause Of Death "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


The saying you are what you eat may have much more meaning now than it ever has in the past. Toxic food is killing humanity, and one-fifth of all deaths are now linked to processed foods.

It may not be cheap to eat good food, but its certainly better for your body. A new study compiling data from every country finds people are living longer but millions are eating wrong foods for their health. Poor diet is now a factor in one in five deaths around the world, according to the most comprehensive study ever carried out on the subject. Diet is the second highest risk factor for death, after smoking.

And millions of people globally are eating the wrong sorts of food and too much of it for good health. Eating a diet that is low in whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, and fish oils while being high in salt raises the risk of an early death, according to the huge and ongoing study Global Burden of Disease.

The study, based at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, compiled data from every country in the world and made informed estimates where there were any gaps. Five papers on life expectancy and the causes and risk factors of death and ill health have been published by the Lancet medical journal.

This is really large, Dr. Christopher Murray, IHMEs director, told the Guardian. It is amongst the really big problems in the world. It is a cluster that is getting worse. While obesity gets attention, he was not sure policymakers were as focused on the area of diet and health in general as they needed to be. That constellation is a really, really big challenge for health and health systems, he said.

The problem is often seen as the spread of western diets, taking over from traditional foods in the developing world. But it is not that simple, says Murray. Take fruit. It has...


New Poll Results: Majority Of White Americans Feel Discriminated Against "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


A new poll found that white Americans feel that discrimination against white people exists in the U.S. today.  Over half of those surveyed said that they believe white people are also facing discrimination.

Conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the new polling data found that 55% of whites surveyed believe that discrimination against white people is a part of American society.

Among whites, 19% said theyve been personally discriminated against because of their race when applying for jobs, while 11% said it occurred when applying to or while at college. Thirteen percent of whites said they experienced discrimination when being considered for equal pay or promotion at work.

If you apply for a job, they seem to give the blacks the first crack at it, said 68-year-old Tim Hershman of Akron, Ohio, and, basically, you know, if you want any help from the government, if youre white, you dont get it. If youre black, you get it.

According to NPR, income seemed to affect individual responses to the question of discrimination, with those making less money more likely to say that whites are d...


DOJ Clears FBI Informant In Clinton-Era Russian Bribery Scandal To Testify "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


Update (8:40 pm ET): The FBI informant who helped the Justice Department secure a conviction against the top official from the US subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency, but was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from testifying about Russian efforts to bribe and extort their way into possession of North American uranium assets  a process which was cleared by both Hillary Clintons State Department and Robert Muellers FBI  has as of moments ago been cleared to testify, the Justice Department announced on Wednesday evening.

The informant, who has yet to be named perhaps out of concerns about his or her life is being represented by Victoria Toensing, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former chief counsel of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Toensing joined Grassley in urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Uranium One deal, which was approved in 2011 by a committee on which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat. Around the time the deal was approved, Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking fee from a bank with ties to the Russian government, as well as millions more in charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation from entities with ties to the Russian government. Russias Tenex nuclear sales arm also secured billions in new American nuclear fuel contracts around the same time.

The Obama administration said at the time they saw no national security reasons to block the deals, one of which...


Deterrent or acceptable casualty! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Deterrent or acceptable casualty! James Walton I Am Liberty Audio player below! The importance of a deterrent goes way beyond the collapse of society. Its a concept that we all should be practicing today! No matter who you are, a physical altercation is never a good idea. There is simply too much unknown. Yet, all Continue reading Deterrent or acceptable casualty!

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Persistence and Determination for Post Collapse Survival "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Persistence and Determination. They are often crucial & critical to success. I believe that its actually the secret to success and can be applied to nearly anything, any goal, and most any situation. In todays topic Im going to apply those two words to high level preparedness and I believe that it will likewise be critical to surviving during a very difficult time of post collapse. When it becomes increasingly and seemingly very difficult (regardless of what it is) there reaches a point or threshold where it may trigger you to become discouraged, frustrated, to give up or stop. It

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The Pneumonic Plague Is Spreading: Warnings Issued to 9 Countries "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Madagascar isnt getting this epidemic of the pneumonic plague under control as everyone had hoped. In fact, the opposite seems to be true.

When I wrote about the plague less Read the rest

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Its Airborne: Officials Warn That The Black Death Plague Could Spread Rapidly "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)

Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)


The fears that the black death would spread from Madagascar have now taken hold.  As nations grapple with the outbreak of the bubonic plague, nine countries are sounding warnings that the disease is spreading rapidly.

The deadly plague outbreak that has struck Madagascars major cities has yet to peak and that could make the spread of this infection into the surrounding regions more likely. Dr. Ashok Chopra, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Texas, told The Sun Online the crisis in Madagascar had yet to peak. He also sounded the alarm to neighboring countries.  Since there are regular flights in and out of Madagascar and this outbreak has so far, been impossible to contain, other nations are now at risk.

Speaking from Madagascar, Christine South, head of IFRCs (International Federation of Red Cross) emergency operations, said: With anything like this there is a possibility that somebody could be infected and get on a plane. We have done preparedness support to some of the neighboring countries. Tourists have been warned to stay out of Madagascar until doctors can get the plague under control to prevent its spread.

The outbreak is considered a much bigger threat to the region than in previous years because it has taken on its pneumonic form. That means it is airborne and spread by sneezing and coughing.  Not only that, but the plague has a very short incubation time.  Once exposed, some people will die within 24 hours.


Experts say the epidemic could still worsen as the death toll...


Part of Nature ~ Robertson Davies "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The recognition of oneself as a part of nature, and reliance on natural things, are disappearing for hundreds of millions of people who do not know that anything is being lost. 

~ Robertson Davies 

More at
 (An all time favorite author of mine.)

Artwork from Mark Herald


How to Keep Your Gun Dry in a Flood "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

How to Keep Your Gun Dry in a Flood

Since it takes an entire lifetime to build up a personal collection of firearms, the very last thing you want is for you to lose those firearms in the event of a flood (such as from a hurricane, for example). In this article you will learn how to keep your gun dry in a flood.

Keep Your Gun Dry in a Flood

Not only are guns very expensive, but some of they may hold precious value to you, especially heirloom guns that were passed down to you from family members.

The good news is that with careful planning, you can protect your guns from flooding or a tropical storm.

Lets find out how you can now:

How to Keep Your Gun Dry in a Flood

Keeping a Log of Firearms

The very first thing you need to do is keep a collections log of each of the firearms in your possession.  You can download a free Personal Firearms Record from the ATF, which will make it super easy to keep track of your guns.

As an alternative, you can simply keep track of your guns in a weather resistant notebook.  Preferably you should keep at least one high quality photo of each gun, and then write down the manufacturer/brand, the model, the caliber, and the serial number.

These steps will make it easy for you to recover your guns should they become lost, and they will also make it easier for people to return them to you as well.

Protecting Your Guns from Flooding

But how can you keep your actual guns safe?  You can store your revolvers and semi-automatic pistols in a plastic vacuum sealed bag.  Also keep a personal contact information card inside each bag as well, so anybody who recovers the guns will know how to return them to.

Now take each sealed bag and store them in a water tight surplus ammo can.  You must make sure that each can is sealed and high quality so they will not leak.

For rifles and shotguns, you need to place them in garbage bags that are tied with multiple knots. Now store those inside plastic containers or plastic garbage cans, and make sure they are sealed.  Add three layers of duct tape or gorilla tape to the seal of the container so it will stake intact.

Also make sure that you store each of your guns unloaded, in the event that they are found by kids or burglars/thieves....


Efficient Butchering: 3 Tips from a Lifelong Hunter "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Butchering your own kill is the only way to make sure you get the most bang for your buck with your meat. But how do you make sure youre doing it right?

Efficient Butchering Tips to Maximize Your Kill

I have been butchering my own kills since I was a teenager. When I worked at a bar and grill at the age of 15, I was expected to butcher a whole side of beef for all the meat we could render. Now that I am an avid hunter, I always look to get the most out of every kill. It is a point of pride that we butcher our own meat. That being said, there are some simple tricks that can help anybody make the most of their kill.


1. Anatomy

Anatomy | Efficient Butchering: Tips from a Lifelong Hunter
Part of being efficient in butchering is knowing the anatomy of mammals. You need to understand that muscles come in groups. You need to know the internal organs common in any mammal as this knowledge will give you a feel of how to handle one.

The first step in butchering any mammal is to gut the carcass. This means you will open up the belly and pull out the internal organs. It is important that you do this carefully because spilling the intestine or stomach can ruin your meat. Using a knife with a gut hook is a good idea for this process. Most people start between the legs and open up the belly up past the sternum. This opens up all kinds of opportunities for more meat.

From the internal organs, you can eat the liver, kidneys, and heart. The liver and kidneys are a bit of an acquired taste, but the heart is a pure delicacy. My son and wife wait every year for me to bring home deer heart from my hunting ventures. You can also cut jus...


Hepatitis in Survival Settings "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

BASICS OF HEPATITIS There are various infectious diseases that may confront the caregiver in off-grid settings. These can affect various organs of the body, one of which is the liver. Although your skin is the largest organ you have, the liver is the largest organ that resides inside the body. It is located on the right side of your abdomen just under the lowest rib. The liver is susceptible to damage from drugs and alcohol, as well as inflammation from

[... Continue Reading]

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Wednesday, 25 October


Bad Rabbit Ransomware: This Is A Targeted Attack "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


The Bad Rabbit ransomware is spreading across Europe not long after the WannaCry and NotPetya outbreaks. But Bad Rabbit is a targeted attack with widespread implications.

A new cyber attack is affecting numerous computer systems around Europe. The new strain of ransomware known as Bad Rabbit is believed to be behind all of the trouble.  Bad Rabbit has spread to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, which is monitoring the malware, has compared it to the WannaCry and Petya attacks that caused so much chaos earlier in the year.

According to the Kaspersky Lab, the majority of victims are located in Russia, and the ransomware appears to have infected devices through the hacked websites of Russian media organizations. Interfax and Fontanka in Russia have both been hit by a cyber attack, as have Odessa Airport and the Kiev Metro in Ukraine.

Based on our investigation, this is a targeted attack against corporate networks, using methods similar to those used in the ExPetr attack, Kaspersky Lab has said. However, we cannot confirm it is related to ExPetr. According to Secure Lst,  ExPetr is a wiper, not ransomware. The dangerous aspect is the fact that it was able to infect many institutions which constitute critical infrastructure in such a short timeframe, says Robert Lipovsky, a malware researcher at...


Vegas Gunmans Brother Arrested For Child Porn; Laptop Hard Drive Missing "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

Arrested man handcuffed hands at the back

The story of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddocks family just keeps getting weirder.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting one of Paddocks younger brothers, Bruce Paddock, has been detained in North Hollywood on suspicion of crimes related to child pornography. Paddock, 58, was taken into custody Wednesday morning.

The LAPD said a man was detained in the 5300 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard on suspicion of crimes related to child pornography. However the LAPD would not reveal the name of the man. Sandra Breault, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Las Vegas, declined to say whether Bruce Paddocks detention was connected to the agencys investigation into the concert shooting.

The Paddocks father, Benjamin Paddock, was famously revealed to be a former bank robber and con man who once made the FBIs most wanted list. Paddocks family has mostly avoided the media, though his youngest brother, Eric, spoke out when reporters descended on his Florida home in the days following the shooting. Eric Paddock said he wasnt close with most of his brothers, but had once been involved in a lucrative real estate venture with Stephen. He said he was shocked to learn that his brother had been the shooter, and said his brother gave no indication that he might carry out such an atrocious act.

The 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a Las Vegas crowd of 20,000 people attending a country music festival on Oct. 1. Paddock killed 60 people, including himself, in the meticulously planned attack.

Meanwhile, police have repeatedly changed their timeline for the shooting, and MGM Resorts, the owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel, has taken efforts to stop more information about the timeline of events from leaking to the public, for fear it could face lawsuits from Paddocks victims.

* *

Separately, as the search for a motive behind the deadliest mass shooting in US history appears to have hit a wall and while the multiple changes in the timeline of events have raised questions about the effectiveness of the initial response  ...


California Wildfires Toll: 42 Dead, $1 Billion In Damages, 8400 Structures Destroyed "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


The California wildfires created one of the most devastating events in the states history. The newest updated numbers are giving us a glimpse into the peril caused in the Golden State.

Thousands of people have been, and still, remain displaced by the fires in California know all too well how dire the situation has become. Now that the fires have been almost completely contained and the extent of the damage has become much more clear, there can be a more comprehensive update of those numbers.

More than 160,000 acresor 250 square miles, have burned in Sonoma, Napa, and Solano counties, just north of San Francisco. Another 36,000 acres have burned farther north in Mendocino County. The fires are still not 100 percent contained, but firefighters are making progress. Nearly 500,000 acres have been torched in California so far this yeartwice as many acres as last year. Since October, Cal Fire has battled 250 new wildfires.

Forty-two people have died because of the fires in Northern California. This staggering number includes 23 in Sonoma County alone. All together, the Northern California fires are the deadliest in the states history. (The second-deadliest was the 1933 Griffith Park fire, followed by the wildfire in the Oakland hills in 1991.) And as of last week, dozens of people were still missing.

Somewhere near 8,400 structures have been destroyed, according to Cal Fire, the states wildfire-fighting agency. Eight insurers reported to the California insurance commissioner that about 5,500 homes were completely destroyed, and an additional 4,000 homes were partially burned. Santa Rosa alone lost 3,000 homes to the...


5 Clever Tips For Building A Good Cellar "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

When it comes to preparing for a major disaster or just surviving nowadays crisis, storing food, weapons, medicine, and other goods will be difficult in both urban in rural settings. No matter how much you may try to disguise your property, set up traps, or plan for bugging in, there is no replacement for a well hidden and well stocked survival cellar.


Individuals that currently have unfinished cellars with dirt floors or just crawl spaces under the house may be best able to make some of these modifications. Alternatively, if you cannot dig under the house safely, then you can build a cellar separate from any building and then find ways to disguise the entrance.

Choosing the Best Place for a Survival Cellar

Your survival cellar should be on high ground and as far as possible away from conduits, drains, or anything else that might cause a flood. That being said, if you are planning to live in the cellar without leaving it for weeks or months, you should try to find an area where you can easily reach an underwater stream.

Try to locate the cellar in such a way that the underground water source will not flood the cellar, yet you can still dig through and use a pipe and valve to get the water into the cellar in a controlled way. Some other places where you may be able to build something of a survival cellar include:

  • Old cave systems with well hidden entrances or areas where you have to climb down to get to the cellar area.
  • Old mine, bunker, well, and cistern sites where you can shore up the walls or build sideways.
  • Abandoned underground subways or other areas where people are not likely to look for you or your cache.

Important Things to Do

During the process of planning and building a survival cellar, it is very important to think about what you will use the cellar for and how much room you will need for each activity. Here are some things you should incorporate into each plan:

  • Make sure the structure is strong enough to build downward with disguises on each floor.
  • Be able to extend the cellar underground without needing to go to the surface or use complex tools.
  • Have multiple entrances and tunnels on and off your property.
  • Be able to supply water and remove wastes without being detected.
  • Take advantage of passive heating and cooling methods.
  • Make sure there is enough room to store food, ammunition, weapons, medicine, and other survival goods.
  • Leave enough room to grow food using hydroponics.
  • Reserve an area for growing mushrooms, edible moss, and low light...


Best Clothing To Have On Hand For SHTF "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

While clothing may seem easy to get right now or you are thinking about how much you have that you dont wear, you should be asking yourself if you have the right items in your and your families wardrobes to get you through a survival or bug out situation. In extreme circumstances having the right. . . Read More


The Importance of Google s Hummingbird Update "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The Advantages of Googles Hummingbird Update

Google is currently looking at how you search rather than just what youre looking for and this is particularly true for complex search queries. Google is attempting to receive it right for those who type in questions looking for certain answers. Google is the majority of the worlds go-to online search engine, so in regards to SEO, its important to keep on top of the changes the business makes to its much-vaunted search algorithm. Google would like to guarantee that they can offer high-quality results for the longer queries. Google would like to get to the point at which I never feel that again. Specifically, Google has mentioned that the entire query, rather than single words, is whats presently being taken into consideration. Google would scrape your website, take your information and display it to the search page.

The Googles Hummingbird Update Cover Up

Google is currently looking at how you search rather than just what youre searching for and this is particularly true for complex search queries. In an ideal world Google would really like in order to discover your intention once you type the words playing roulette in their rectangular little search box. Dont forget that Google has a huge stake in the cell market by using their Android operating system also. It cannot be lifted by Google manually, irrespective of the main reason why those links may be pointing to a site. Google isnt a content creator. Google will keep reinventing itself to supply you with all you require for an easy and intuitive experience.

Google is your very best resource tool. Google struggled to recall when any sort of important change such as this last happened. Interpreting these longer phrases, Google can no longer depend on the keywords only and offer unique results for every one of them.

Googles Hummingbird Update What Is It?

What you would like to do is build your content around the appropriate search phrases which are most used by your intended audience when theyre looking for an attorney in your specialty. Were revisiting...


Reported News on Ecology in Serbia Exposed "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Eating is an excellent thing if one wants the strength to modify the world. Wonderful whites have a reputation for this, but due to their size, that one bite can be fatal or cause significant damage. In the same way, NATO (if its made to pay) Serbia should discover solutions different to practice to date in order to generate use of waste for a resource rather than leaving it in landfills, he explained. Vermilion from China may be referred to as China Red. Freytech spokesman David Roberts stated the devices can clear all sorts of pollutants, including arsenic, and are used in over 20 countries at the moment.

The Principles of Ecology in Serbia That You Can Benefit From Beginning Today

His perspective is important for understanding and managing the elaborate future that lies ahead. It has a number of financial impacts. This would be a big element in Bulgaria joining the Central Powers in the upcoming conflict.

The British navy was the biggest and most powerful on the planet. Consistent work in this training course will be rewarded by abundant learning. I must tell you though, it is a humbling experience. We sincerely hope that well get a chance to obey you again! We have to cut across them. Cans and Bottles The quantity you may respond by recycling cans and bottles depends on which state youre residing in. Inefficient use of energy represents a significant concern in the nation.

People who want to know more about the consequences of climate change and environmental conservation may be considering studying ecology at a college or university. She possesses a few livestock. Again, we arrive at the answer involving complexity. Its very informative and its 606 pages are a true bargain for 45.00. Considering all the points above in mind, I am aware that Ill make this book readily available to all my students. Shes the author of several projects addressing the environment and people with disabilities.

Guerrilla warfare doesnt have battles in the traditional sense. Conversely, the German army was the biggest and best army on the planet. Thats the reason this territory is an excellent spot for the maturation of the tourist and recreational locations.

The mercury escapes from the cinnabar for a ga...

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Monday, 23 October


Urban Survival Combat: The Urban Battlefields of the Future "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

In October 2017 as Iraqi forces mop up in Mosul, fighting rages around Raqqa and Deir Ezzour in Syria, the United States resumes bombing ISIS strongholds near the Libyan city of Sirte, and combat continues in Avdiivka, a frontline town near the city of Donetsk in Ukraine its obvious that conflict is becoming increasingly urbanized. The battle of Mosul alone, with 1.2 million civilians in the city during the fighting, and over 100,000 combatants engaged, was not just the biggest urban battle since the World War II, but the largest of any kind, worldwide, since the start of the century. Even the war in Afghanistan, which for much of the past 15 years has been largely rural, has become increasingly urbanized in recent years. And if a conflict in Korea kicks off, nuclear or not, the heaviest destruction will almost certainly fall on the 26 million people of the Seoul-Incheon metropolitan area.

At one level, this is a trivial observation: wars happen where people live. Since April 2008, the planets population has been more urban than rural, and analysts estimate an additional three billion urban-dwellers globally by mid-century. To put that in perspective, it took all of human history, right up until 1960, to generate that same number of people across the entire planet, so this is a dramatic acceleration of urban growth that is almost certain to have implications for urban security, as well as for every other aspect of life. In other words, war has become more urbanized because everything is becoming urbaner.

At another level, though, the increasingly urban nature of conflict is generating dilemmas for the worlds armed forces, most of which prefer to avoid city fighting whenever possible. The United States and its allies who care about minimizing civilian casualties and avoiding damage to urban infrastructure have invested heavily in new technologies for precision close air support, small-diameter bombs, mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles, sophisticated intelligence and targeting systems, and vehicle self-defense suites to help forces survive and operate in cities while doing the minimum possible damage.

This was partly driven by the searing experience of urban counterinsurgency in Iraq, but also by a series of studies on likely future conflict, which showed that conflict in coastal, connected cities including megacities with populations exceeding 10 million would be an increasingly likely and demanding future challenge. Likewise, NATO is also putting significant effort into urban operations, through an ongoing multi-year experimental and research program focused on figuring out how better to fight in cities.

Even states l...

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Sunday, 22 October


The Most Important Edible Roots That Will Help Keep You Alive And Healthy In A Survival Situation "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

When hermit monk Brother Simon reappeared at the farmer Farrins market after not being seen for seven years, people thought they were seeing a ghost. After realizing that Brother Simon was, in fact, alive and well, people started asking him how he managed to survive completely off grid. I used the knowledge of our wilderness which I learned from my fatherWhen God created the world, He made it flourish with beautiful and edible plants, Brother Simon said humbly. My vow was to eat only edible roots. The past seven years have tested my understanding of my fathers lessons.

Brother Simon then listed 10 edible roots that he personally ate to survive.

  1. Arrowroot  As the name suggests, the plant has leaves that are shaped like arrows. Arrowroots like to grow around muddy areas. They may look small, but they actually have an extensive root system. The roots can be yellowish or white (resembling a parsnip) but with constricted rings down its length. The tubers are starchy and can help people feel full longer. Before you boil the roots though, make sure to remove the scales.
  2. Cattail  More known as the small bulrush, this rhizome grows abundantly along the temperate northern hemisphere. Youve probably seen a bunch of these plants along the edges of lakes and marshes. Most parts of the plant are edible, but Brother Simon says that the rootstock is the most nutritious and filling. He says that the rhizome can be eaten raw or boiled. The roots can even be roasted until they are black. The inside flesh is then eaten as a snack.
  3. Chicory  This plant grows quite fast, and is sometimes considered to be a weed. They are easily distinguished by their white and slightly blue flowers. Each part of the plant can be eaten, but it is recommended to boil the root before eating it. Taking chicory raw can cause some gastrointestinal issues.
  4. Dandelion  We all think of dandelions as weeds, but this backyard plant has many medicinal properties. The plant can be enjoyed in many ways; maybe you remember your own grandmother adding the flower to salads or making the leaves into a refreshing tea. The roots of the dandelion are also highly nutritious and can stave off hunger during emergencies. (Related: 14 Reasons To Become Obsessed With Dandelions.)
  5. Flowering Rush  Many botanists consider this plant to be an invasive species; thus making it a weed in many peoples eyes. Still, the small plant with bright pinkish blooms can be found near bodies of water. Once they are pulled out, they are revealed to have a thick, fleshy root which can be peeled and boiled like a potato.
  6. Garlic Mustard  Practically all parts of this...


How Prepared Are You For An Emergency? Do You Have The Right Supplies On Hand? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Critical Emergency Supplies that Can Save Your Life.

Be Prepared to Survive. What are the best emergency supplies to have on hand? How to be prepared to survive a major disaster with the right emergency supplies.

Store closures and shortages of food and water are immediate dangers following a catastrophic disaster.

They are dangers to the general public because the majority of people do not have adequate supplies of food and water and other critical emergency supplies to survive a major disaster. And we have seen several major disasters in recent years, including several big-name hurricanes striking the U.S. east coast, and wildfires, mudslides, and earthquakes in countless other regions of the country and across the globe.

Major Disasters are Becoming the Norm

Even small disasters can destroy the local power stations and put your community in a blackout lasting several days or weeks, cut off the local water supply to your community, cause food shortages (if stores have been damaged or looted). Another consequence of even just small disasters can be riots and medical emergencies.

Nightmare consequences follow catastrophic disasters

Catastrophic disasters can make it dramatically worse.

Survival and safety starts with good preparation

Protect your family now before the next disaster strikes. Nowadays, the chance of needing emergency supplies to survive an emergency is on a fast increase around the world.

Civil unrest can also follow in a disasters footsteps Today, millions of refugees around the world have been displaced by war and are flooding into Europe and being welcomed into other nations (creating a second danger in many ways due to the fact that terrorist supporters are reportedly fleeing alongside refugees). If thats not bad enough, all signs seem to be pointing to a major catastrophe striking at some point in the months or years ahead, possibly at the hands of a terrorist group with a nuclear weapon or even an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) that knocks out the power grid for good.

How Prepared are You for an Emergency? Do You Have the Right Supplies on Hand?

Do you have a lot more than three days of food and water stored up? A lot of people have a few days of extra food but very little water supplies. Thats a major disaster waiting to happen right there. In a moment we detail several...

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Saturday, 21 October


A Step by Step Guide to Starting up a Pig Farming "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Pig farming also known as piggery is another aspect of farming in Nigeria that is making smart investors and entrepreneurs huge money on daily basis. If you are into this pig farming, you sure wouldnt lack money again for the rest of your life. The reason is because Pig meet is in high demand in Nigeria and sells very very fast in the market. Another reason is that Pig reproduce in large number and grows very fast.

A single pig gives birth to as much as 15 piglets at a time, making it one of the most reproducing livestock in the world. Baby pigs is known as shoatfarrow or piglet. Male pig is referred to as the boar while female is sows. As a group they are called a herd or drove.

Despite the huge profitability of Piggery, many Nigerian are still overlooking this goldmine because of ignorance of how it works. While some dont just get the fact that it is a big business   many who engage in it do it as part time business but if you can engage in this business fully, you are sure going to smile to the bank very soon.

A fully grown Pig goes for as high as N30,000 depending on the weight. Now Imagine for a year you are able to rear hundred to maturity, you will be making  N3 Million from the sales. If you can take it higher lets say like 2,000 pigs in year, you will be making upward of N60 Million. Considering how fast pigs reproduces, it wouldnt be a very much big deal to come up with 100 pigs in a year. Then, how do you go about setting up your pig farm? Below are the important guides

If you want to see how to store the meat, click on the video below

1. Secure A Breeding Ground

Depending on how you plan to feed your pigs, a plot of land may just be okay for small scale starting but if you can acquire a large farm land (from 5 acres) that will be better so that your pig can graze in the open and retire to the pen where theyd continue feeding and playing. Land is your biggest in...


Can You Imagine What It Would Be Like To Eat Freeze Dried Food, Day After Day, Month After Month, In A Time Of Extended Disaster? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

A catastrophic disaster or major terrorist attack can cause an immediate run on banks, market crash, social unrest and food shortages leading to a Second Great Depression; either be prepared beforehand or be broke with nothing, begging for food in the aftermath.

What are the top foods to stockpile for an emergency of this level? What to grab now before its gone and before chaos erupts and while you still have access to money

What makes the best survival foods for an emergency?

Any number of catastrophic disasters could occur. A hurricane that wipes out the shoreline and devastates communities several miles inland. Or a super-typhoon that strikes an island nation, turning life upside down for cities and neighborhoods.

It could even be a terrorist attack with a WMD or the much-feared EMP that shuts down power acro0ss a nation, interrupting transportation and shipping for several weeks, resulting in widespread food shortages.

Some say these are acts of God and others say climate change; whatever is happening, its clear in recent years that a massive disaster can strike anytime and just about anywhere.

Non-perishable foods that offer the most bang for your buck

In the heat of the moment or several weeks in advance, youre going to want foods that help you meet nutritional needs, that have a high-calorie count, and of course foods likely to disappear first off store shelves.

Weight and packaging may be a factor

Which foods can you grab the most of, and get the most out of? Its important to consider calorie count, ease of use/preparation, shelf-life, and even weight factored in. Why is weight a factor? What if you and your family have to evacuate an area on foot and with nothing but backpacks and or suitcases? Youll regret having stocked up on so much canned food when you realize just how much those cans weigh. Canned food can be a part of your survival food plan though it can be the food that helps you get by the first few weeks, as long as you dont have to evacuate. With that said, the first recommended survival food is

Living without power, cars, electronics or running water may seem like a nightmare scenario but to pioneers it was just the way life was. Having the skills to survive without modern conveniences is not only smart in case SHTF, its also great for the environment. Keep in mind that the key to a s...

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How to Conserve Food For Off-Grid Survival "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

When visiting food stores, some are easily led to believe there are no upcoming food shortages.  That said, one look at meat offerings, limited produce selections, and shelves filled with the equivalent of single ration dry goods should be enough to indicate food is becoming scarcer by the day.

In addition, if you look at the price of all these subpar foods, you will also realize that something other than inflation and transportation cost is causing a rise in prices.  With that in mind, every person preparing for crisis should realize that the window for managing food supplies is closing at warp speed.

{adinserter emp}Rather than go on hoping food prices will go down, it is important to start storing foods in ways that keep them safe and edible without using a conventional refrigerator or freezer.

One of the easiest method to do this would be drying or smoking, as they dont rely on energy and still be available when living off-grid, or in the aftermath of a major blackout.

When you want the best for your familys survival you cant just assume or hope for things to happen, you need to take action and make the right choices. Watch the below video.

1. Freezing

Fresh cleaned and packaged game and fish can be frozen for safe storage during the late fall through the winter months.

The temperature of the food must stay below 30 degrees at all times.

Use fresh packed snow or ice cut from a nearby pond or a lake to build an ice house.

Wrap the ice in sawdust or wool to slow down the melting process.

2. Coolingstep-4

Aside from longer term preservation systems, there will always be a need to keep milk, meat, or other fresh foods cool for a few days or weeks.  In this instance, evaporation based coolers are an inexpensive way to keep foods anywhere from 20 to 40 degrees below external temperatures.

How to Build a Simple Evaporation Based Cooler

To create a simple cooler start by obtaining two vessel...

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5 Ways to Prepare for an Electro-Magnetic Pulse "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Youve probably heard all about the horrible things that an EMP will do, if we are ever unfortunate enough to have an enemy set one off over the United States. (Or if we experience a Carrington-like major solar storm.)

Its actually pretty scary, especially when you take the time to consider how much we depend on electricity and electronic gadgets in our day-to-day lives. Never before has there been a society that has been so dependent on such a resource.

According to the report of the EMP Commission to Congress, a large part of the U.S. population would end up dying in the year following an EMP attack. Thats got a lot of people scared, and rightly so, especially if they dont understand EMP and how it affects electronics.

When you want the best for your familys survival you cant just assume or hope for things to happen, you need to take action and make the right choices. Watch the below video.

How Does EMP Damage Electronics?

Basically, an EMP attacks electronics in two ways. The first is a direct attack in the form of energy similar to radio waves. However, the amount of electricity provided via an EMP is enormous, when compared to the amount of electricity in the radio waves we receive from our local radio and television stations. It even makes the amount of electricity from lightning look small by comparison.

This radio wave attack will hit all sorts of electronic devices directly. The worst attacks will be on devices which have wires connected to them that can act as antennas. So, computer systems and home entertainment systems will get hit hard, due to all the cables attached to them.

Amazing Breakthrough In Compact Portable Backup Power Charges Your Phone, Laptop And Even Jump Starts Your Car!

Some small electronics, such as cell phones and MP3 players, may actually survive in th...

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Wednesday, 18 October


Back To Basics: Grinding Grains For Flour At Home "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

There are many reasons why you may want to grind your own grains at home. Making your own flour is a rewarding experience, and your product will still have all of the nutrients and flavor that commercial milling takes away. In a survival situation, you may only have access to grains, nuts and seeds and will need to know how to make your own flour from what you have.

Milling at home is also a great way to blend unique flours so that you can make baked goods with distinctive flavor, nutritional, and texture profiles. Its also amazingly simple and requires very little time.

Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard

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Equipment Needed for Grinding Grains

Many grains are easily ground just by using a food processor or even a good blender. Others require heavier equipment such as a flour mill. Other tools that can be used include the old school mortar and pestle, spice mills, manual or electric coffee grinders and small electric grinders made specifically for home milling.

What Kinds of Grains Work Best?

Traditional flours are made predominantly from wheat, barley, and rye. Corn is also up there on the list, especially for people who enjoy cornbread or corn tortillas.

{adinserter backyardliberty}You dont have to limit yourself to making flour from just grains. You can make it from nuts, seeds, beans, rice, and roots as well. These lend beautiful flavors an...

Tuesday, 17 October


Have You Considered The Wide Range Of Threats You May Have To Face In Any Given Situation? Probably Not, Even If You Think Youve Prepared For Everything That Could Come Your Way. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Are you really prepared for anything that comes your way? Here are some survival scenarios which you probably havent put much thought into.

Lets face it, just because you think you are prepared doesnt always mean you are.

Have you considered the wide range of threats you may have to face in any given situation? Probably not, even if you think youve prepared for everything that could come your way.

When preparing for a disaster you need to consider everything, even things which may not seem likely. Even the most obscure situations are worth thinking about, even if just briefly.

Many people typically focus on problems most relative to their location and situation, which is always a good thing and our recommended starting point for everyone.

But because of this, small-scale and even wide scale catastrophes can be easily overlooked or pushed aside as not gonna happen.

Here weve listed out three situations you may have overlooked. By keeping in mind even the most obscure circumstances, youll finally be equipped to face anything.

Biological/Biochemical Attack

With terrorist attacks stepping up, a biological or biochemical attack is more a possibility now than it was a decade ago. And if you live in a large city youre chances of an attack go up a great deal.

Lethal biochemical substances exist and can be procured by the willing, and maybe more readily available to those who shouldnt have them more so than you may think.

And what about a government attack? Following World War I, chemical and biological weapons were banned from warfare, but that hardly means you are safe from this devastating method of destruction. Just because most countries have agreed that biological weapons should be outlawed, does that mean everyone is going to play fair? Ask Syria.

As science and technology continue to advance year in and year out, biochemical threats become easier and easier to access at both a small and large scale.

Why They Are So Dangerous

What puts biological weapons on a whole new level is the fact that they can infiltrate an environment in many discrete and different methods. They can be airborne or injected into a host agent which spreads the weapon unknowingly, or through food and water contamination.

These weapons usually take the form of a bacteria, virus, or a toxin. Because there are many different forms and methods of contamination, just because the use of a biological weapon is apparent, finding the actual source of it can be difficult.

Additionally, in a situation of a biochemical outbreak, your air, food, and...


How To Start Your Survival Garden Indoors "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Even though you may be planning to have your survival garden mature outdoors, it will be necessary to start some plants indoors. This is especially important to consider if you are going to make use of plants that have longer growing seasons, or ones that require special care.

Depending on where you live, some plants may need to be started indoors if you are going to get enough nutrients to live on from your garden.

Best Container Types

{adinserter backyardliberty}Perhaps it can best be said that seeds will sprout in just about any kind of container. On the other side of the equation, advancing from seedling to second leaves can be a difficult process.

For example, if you use seed starter mix in containers with poor drainage, the plants will develop large, weak stems, and then die. In a similar way, containers that are too small can lead to root-bound plans as well as ones with stunted growth. Today, most gardeners prefer 1.5 inch peat pots or pellets with one seed sown per pot or pellet.

When to Plant

As with regular gardens, each plant type requires different temperatures. Depending on where you live, most crops can be started in early spring. That said, if you live in the south, some plants may need to be started as early as February. Here are 6 plants commonly used by survival gardeners and information on how and when to start them for optimal success.

Bell Pepper

Water Needs: Moist with good drainage.

Lighting: Full sunlight.

Optimal Temperature: Bell peppers require at least 70 degree temperatures to germinate. If they have flowers, the temperature should not go above 75 degrees or the flowers will fall off without making fruit.

Best Soil: Neutral pH with good organic content.

When to Transplant Outdoors: It is best to transplant bell peppers when soil temperatures will not go below 65 degrees. It is also important to harden peppers off before transplanting, as the roots get disturbed easily.

Special Notes: To help lower temperatures during the flowering stage, use removable shade canopies, straw mulch, and chilled water. Placing two pepper plants close to each other can also enable both plants to receive shade from each other.

Bush Beans


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